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I don’t know if I’m worth all this.

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Why does Isak have a meme face as his facebook pic? They’re even on his walls. Like, I’m just. Major secondhand embarrassment lol

jkvjkvh leave the kid olooooone 

(but also. even sort of agrees with you. one afternoon, they’re chilling on isak’s bed, their backs to the wall and isak wants to show him this funny viral video he’s seen on facebook. and even sees it, that tobey maguire meme isak uses as his profile picture. and he asks him “is this your profile picture for real?” like he’s almost outraged. and isak just shrugs, like who cares anyway. “i’m really not a fan of tobey maguire as spider-man, like…how old was he when the first movie came out? thirty? grown adults playing teenagers is lame” and isak raises an eyebrow at him “are we really doing this right now?” 

and then even sits with his legs under him, facing isak and he looks at him for a second “your face is my favorite face. honestly this is totally a wasted opportunity” and isak just sighs and shakes his head a little and says “fine, fine, i’ll change it eventually” and now even’s the one raising an eyebrow at him before he reaches for his right pocket and grabs his phone. “just to be sure” 

“eveeeeen” isak kind of pouts at him as even points his phone in his direction. “baby, loosen up” isak can’t help the smile that reaches his eyes when he hears the word. even says  “let me take, like, five. tops” and isak replies “okay, five is fine” and he puts his computer on the floor next to the bed. and then even leans in and kisses him, gentle and slow. when he pulls away, isak’s eyes are half-closed and he whispers “why’d you do that?” and even puts a hand on his cheek and the corner of his lips form a little smile before he says “i love your face after i kiss you. it’s beautiful”  

so even takes five pictures, from different angles. he lifts isak’s chin up at some point, gives him a quick kiss on the jaw. and when he’s done, he hands out his phone to isak. “which one do you like best?” and isak looks at the pictures, pondering. “hmmm, i don’t know” and then he looks at even and says “wait. come here” and even goes to sit next to isak, and isak says “i think i know which one i want”. he opens the camera app, and both he and even appear on the screen. isak leans his head toward even and even understands, does the same 

later, when isak uploads the picture, jonas is the first one to “love” it, and he comments looking good :) and mahdi also likes the picture. and then an hour later, magnus leaves a comment and it says evak <3 . isak and even don’t notice it immediately, because they’re cuddling up and watching a movie. but when isak sees it, a couple of hours later, he shakes his head and lets out a little laugh. the truth is that it actually feels nice to not have that random and meaningless meme he’s had for over a year as his profile picture, it feels nice to want to share this. and when he takes a look at the picture again, and then glances over at even, he thinks to himself yeah, this feels nice)

A New Lesson

Hello there.

 I’ll be honest and say I’ve never really posted fan fiction before, and I’m pretty terrified. However, there’s a first time for everything. *Inserts grin with too many teeth* Anyway, this fic follows feysand as little second graders and has been sitting in my computer for far too long.

 As a not so random side note, I am fully aware that it’s feysand smut week, and with eight-year-old characters, this definitely isn’t that.

“Turn to chapter 54. Today we’re reading the short story version of Beauty and the Beast,” Mr. Keir told his students.

Grumbling rolled around the rooms as students griped about how, “We should just watch the movie”.

“Oh, don’t complain. We will be watching the movie once we finish the story, but we’ll be reading it-“ he paused-“popcorn style. Now, I will not tolerate any passing. Make sure you open to…”

While the teacher droned on, Feyre Archeron subtly looked at the girl’s textbook next to her to see the picture painted at the top of the chapter. Her fingers grazed through the pages until they found the same image in her own. As a Second grader, Feyre knew she should be able to read somewhat, but no one in her house, or any teachers, had ever bothered to take the time to teach her.

The popcorn style opened with some kid named Lucien, whose hand was high in the sky. Unlike everyone else, Feyre’s eyes were never anywhere near her textbook, as they were fully focused on a blank sheet of paper next to her book. She painstakingly drew a castle in the mountains while voices around the room wove the tale of the reader-becomes-princess, one Feyre despised. She thought she was in the clear of being called on, since she was new and no one would know her name.

Her face was practically kissing her drawing when a shrilly voice called.

“Popcorn…Farrah, Philippa, Faerie.. the new girl.”

Feyre’s body stilled.

“You must mean Feyre, our newest addition. Right, Amarantha?” The teacher crooned from his desk.

“Sorry. Popcorn, Feyre,” Amarantha repeated.

Feyre whispered, “Pass.”

The teacher tsked his tongue, “I know this is your first day, Feyre, but as I stated earlier there is no passing.”

Feyre didn’t even know what page they were on. Her rudimentary drawing of the moon and some mountains showing exactly what page she was on.

She wiped her hands against her legs and swallowed to bring moisture to her dry throat.

Everyone’s eyes were on her at her silence. Flipping pages pounded through the room as Feyre desperately tried to find the right one.

She hoped that Amarantha girl would call on someone else.
Hoped the teacher would cut her slack.
Hoped everyone would stop their staring.
Hoped someone would just read for her.

“I’ll read,” Some godsend called. 

“Rhysand, it’s not your turn.”

“I know, but I really want to. Fay-re can read later.”

The teacher’s glare was full of ice, but his voice was sweet as honey, “Rhys, we must take turns, and right now it’s Feyre’s. Maybe if you’re lucky she’ll call on you when she’s done.”

There was no way Feyre would since she would never be done if she couldn’t even start.

“C’mon, it’s her first day. Give her a break.”

Feyre whipped around to see the boy defending her and stifled a gasp.

He was by far the cutest boy in the class. But even more alarming were his violet eyes staring at their instructor, with an equal amount of ire as their teacher.

No one glared at teachers like that.

The staring match between Mr. Keir and Rhys seemed relentless, until Keir finally sighed, “Just for today, Feyre, you’re off the hook. Know that this is not the norm, and you will be expected to read. And please, pretend that you’re at least following along.”

Feyre’s cheeks warmed at the accusation, but she relaxed as Rhys’s voice filled the room.

When the bell finally rang for recess, Feyre sprang from her seat. The easiest way to go unnoticed was to sit on the farthest away swing. She just hoped that no other social outcast had taken the spot. Upon initial analysis, the best seat was the one in a set of two that faced the woods, and Feyre raced to it.

As she sat on the swing, she reminded herself that she wasn’t dumb, she just never learned to read. That was the truth. But what was also true was that she couldn’t go her life being ill-tolerant, or whatever the word was for someone who couldn’t read.

Math wasn’t as bad since it was more symbol association than anything else. Which, some would argue that’s what reading was.

Someday, hopefully soon, she would learn. Yet, she just didn’t know who she would ask to teach her. She needed someone who would do it judgment free. Definitely not her sister Nesta, she was too bitter, and Elain could, except she wouldn’t hide it from Nesta, eliminating her as an option.

Lost in thought about possible tutors, Feyre nearly leapt off the swing when a voice called from behind her.

“Excuse me,” except it sounded more like, “Excuth me.”

Feyre turned to see the same boy from class waiting behind her with his hands clasped behind his back.

“Can I join you?” Rhys asked after he already seated himself next to her.

She bobbed her head yes.

“I’ve been looking for you. My friend thaid to leave you alone because of cooties, but I don’t believe in that thtupid thtuff. Or at leatht not anymore.”

Feyre didn’t know how to reply, and blurted out, “Cooties aren’t real. And you didn’t have a lisp in class. Why do you have one now?”

“Well, I don’t want Keir, or anyone else, to taunt me, so I hide it in class. I can talk faster with it, though.”

Through his hurried speech, he struggled through the words, “else”, “so”, “class" and “faster”. Feyre just nodded along as if this boy made sense.

“Anyway, I don’t think you’re shy. Or at leatht you could be. But, do you have problemth reading? Because I can help you. My adopted brother, Cathian, had this thing called,” his finger tapped his lips while the other stayed behind his back, “dinothaur anorethia, or thomething like that. He thays the letters blur together on the page. I can help you. I helped him.”

Feyre couldn’t find it in herself to mention that his lisp was only there part of the time or say she was ill-tolerant, even if she did know that he meant dyslexia when talking about his brother, and wouldn’t judge if she messed up a word too. It was too embarrassing.

She looked away.

“You don’t need to feel bad. I mean, I have a lisp. I just want to help, Feyre.”

The innocence in the way he said her name made her whisper, “I can’t read.”

There was a loud, drawn-out “oh” from behind her, and Feyre turned back around.

“I think I can thtill teach you. I brought my favorite book.”

From behind his back, Rhys pulled out Greek Mythology for Kids.

He opened to a dog-eared page. “My cousin, Mor, said that you were drawing during class, and thought you might like the story of Persephone  and Hades. She said you seemed a little bored with the whole Beauty and the Beast thing. It’s my favorite, too. Persephone and Hades that is, not Beauty and the Beast.”

Feyre brought her swing closer to Rhys’s, indicating for him to begin, and followed his fingers across the page. He enunciated each word slowly, having her repeat after him. The next day, against her doubts, he found her again. And the next day, and the next. Until every day, she not only learned to read, but to expect him, and every day the two began a new lesson.

(A/N When I wrote this, I had just finished watching Stranger Things, and fell in love with Dustin’s lisp. So that why Rhys has one. Because I think it’s adorable for the High Lord to have a little lapse in his demeanor)

Let’s play a game (M)

Namjoon x Reader x Hoseok

Anon asked: hi!! could you write something where the boys invite you over for movie night and you sit on the couch between hoseok and namjoon sharing a blanket and they both decide to finger you during the movie, trying to make you moan? omg im sorry if this doesn’t make sense I love your work btw!

A/N: ehehe~ so its FINALLY done and honestly idk how i feel about this i wanted to make it different from all the other request fic like this and it ended up kinda long in the process sooo… but anyway I really hope my beautiful anon who requested this likes it feel free to let me know what you think!((another old fic im reposting~ I promise ill be posting something new sooon))

Genre: Mature content a.k.a~ very smuty smut smut~ you’ve been warned~

Word count: 3.7K

I was at home flipping through channels trying to find something, anything, to watch that wouldn’t put me to sleep. When my phone started to ring. I set the TV remote down and stretched trying to reach my cell which was conveniently placed out of reach on the opposite side of my couch. When I finally grabbed my phone I saw Jungkook’s name light up my screen.


“Noona~” he whined out obviously wanting something.

“Yes Jungkook what’s up?”

“How come I haven’t seen you in over two months?!”

“Well I don’t know maybe the fact that we both work for a living.” I rolled my eyes at his question.

“That’s no excuse, we all miss you so we’re going to have dinner tomorrow.”

“I have a thing tomorrow I can't”

Suddenly he put the phone on speaker and I could hear all seven boys objecting and saying “Y/n you have to come please~”

I let out an annoyed sigh which seemed to make them quiet down a bit. “What time did you have in mind kook.”

Jungkook took the phone off speaker but I could still hear the other boys cheering in the background.

“8 O’clock.”

“I can’t guarantee anything but I will try to be there.”

“See ya there Noona~.”

He hung up and I let out a defeated sigh. “What a brat.” I whispered while setting my phone to the side.

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Let me tell you a story about being an out lesbian in the 90s, and how it relates to Overwatch

I went to my first lesbian bar in 1999, a day after I turned 18. 

I was so excited. I’d never been to a lesbian bar before, and as all my friends were straight I was really excited be around people like me and be with ‘proper’ lesbians. I’d seen all the movies. I’d read all the fanfic. I’d been imagining what it was going to be like: I was going to my first lesbian bar!

I dressed up. I put on my best dress - pink and blue floral print - did my makeup and my hair, and I even painted my nails. I agonised over what shoes to wear (because I thought I’d probably do a lot of dancing) but settled on heels anyway because I liked how they made my legs look. 

Then, I got in my tiny old beaten-up car and drove for an hour to Collingwood, which is where most of the lesbian venues were in Melbourne back then.

I found a park ages away and walked through the dark towards a big old pub in the middle of a suburban street. A rainbow flag was flying outside it. It was so exciting to walk underneath it and go inside. I showed the bouncer my ID (which he scrutinized because I always used to look really young), and then stepped inside my first lesbian bar!

I… didn’t get the reception I’d hoped for.

Everyone did look at me, but I quickly realised it wasn’t with warmth and welcome like I was expecting. Not at all. 

There weren’t too many people in there yet because it was reasonably early, but there was probably at least 20 and none of them looked anything like me. They all had short hair (or long hair very perfunctorily tied back), and at least half of them were wearing Blundstones, they were drinking beer and honestly looked like the roughest bunch of women I’d ever seen in my life. I could see on their faces that none of them approved of me. Their eyes dipped to my dress, my heels and especially my nails, and silently said, “Oh, honey, are you lost?” A couple of them leant in a whispered to each other - snickering and glancing at me. 

It was plain as day: I wasn’t welcome here. I turned around and rushed out again, ran to my car and burst into tears. 

I’d waited 5 years to do this, to be allowed in there. I’d come to this place to feel part of something, to feel part of the community and like I’d finally found my people. Instead, I felt rejected and isolated by the people I was expecting would welcome me with open arms. 

Because I wasn’t butch, I was treated with suspicion. Like a lesbian tourist. Just like straight people, lesbians assumed I was going through a phase and would eventually end up with a guy.

My depression got pretty bad after that. 

This suspiciousness is something that until about 10 years ago I came up against all the time: constantly needing to prove my queerness because I didn’t look like a stereotypical lesbian. For years, ‘butch’ was the only reference for real, legit lesbians. We weren’t allowed to be any other way without being punished and treated with suspicion by the lesbian community (or told we were slaves to the patriarchy, that we needed to ‘liberate’ ourselves from the oppressiveness of feminine clothing, and if we didn’t then we were still trapped in a cycle of trying to be attractive to men etc). 

Now, butch lesbians were only trying to protect themselves from all the shit they face from heterosexual society (because they still are denied their womanness today, and are still considered ‘ugly’ and a comical stereotype, even these days, and even by other lesbians) - but I was collateral damage in that. 

So when I say ‘I don’t want Zarya to be the only lesbian in Overwatch’, I hope you can see why that doesn’t come from a place of butchphobia, it doesn’t mean I don’t like her and I’m not omg super attracted to her (BECAUSE HELLO LOOK AT HER OMG), but is based on a long history of experiences where butch was the only reference available to me for how to be a lesbian. 

I recognise butch lesbians aren’t well represented in the media, but they’ve been overrepresented in my life and were a feature of me feeling very isolated in high school. So yeah, if she’s going to be gay, my personal hope based on my personal experience is that she isn’t the only lesbian, because I spent a decade of my life feeling like she was the only way I was allowed to be a lesbian. I don’t want that reflected in my favourite video game. 

I completely accept and recognise the assertion that there is low positive butch representation in the media, but please don’t delegitimize my opinion by dismissing it as butchphobia. 

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I'm an old white guy who likes the idea of cosplay but I'm not familiar with any of the series' that people generally take their cosplay characters from. Plus, like I said, I'm an old white guy so how many characters could I actually pull off anyway? And I basically have no clue where to start. Have you got any suggestions for me besides to wait for my next life and hope I come back as a hot girl?? Thanks!

People cosplay from anything and everything! Books, movies, television shows, cartoons, anime, video games and even drawings. At cons and events some people will even dress up in elaborate fashions (such as steampunk), explore other areas of costuming (such as historical or LARP), or even dress as their own original designs. There is a lot of media out there to choose from, and I am sure you can find someone who appeals to you. 

You could start by checking out the Cool Old Guy page on TV Tropes, examples are listed by genre about halfway down the page. Otherwise, think about characters you know from TV you watch, books you read and other media you enjoy. Who would you want to dress up as?

Duckie / Admin 

Ash, Meena and Johnny working part time or full time in a fast food or other retail service joint.

Mike begging them for a discount: “You remember me right? I mean, how could you even forget – anyways, we shared the spotlight back then! Why don’t ya give me a break for old times sake?”

Ash going full no-no and saying that he probably still couldn’t afford it, Johnny contemplating before letting their co-worker handle him instead, and Meena contacting her manager for his nagging behaviour.

Respect (Lance Tucker x Reader)

Originally posted by ohhseby

Prompt: Hey there! So happy and envious that you got to watch the Bronze. Wanting to get it myself. You oh so kindly asked for a Lance Tucker prompt, and, I hope I give a good one: “I have you shoved against the wall but now I can’t stop looking at your mouth.”

Also there was a request that wasn’t worded like that, but it was a great request for more Sub!Lance so how could I resist? 

A/N: SUB!LANCE MAKES A RETURN. I got done watching The Bronze last night and all it made me want to do was smack that bastard around the face then sit on it. You know. The standard reaction to a movie. Anyway! Thank you to the fabulous @minervaem and @marvelfanuniverse for their prompts! 

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[TRANSLATION] PSYCHO-PASS the Movie: Balcony Scene

This was NOT included in the movie!!

I’ve heard this has been translated already but several cute anons and some users insisted that I did it anyway and I couldn’t just ignore them or refuse. So there you have it. ^_^“

Too bad they didn’t put this in the movie. It would totally blow the fandom away. I may not be a shinkane shipper, but I genuinely enjoyed this complete version of the scene. It has a nice the-old-PP vibe to it. Especially this exchange was very nice:

“You’ve really grown up,” Kougami muttered heartily.

“Is that so?”

Tsunemori already feels embarrassed as she says this.

And the part about how, even though they finally met as fellow humans, there’s a case getting in their way. Lol. What were they thinking, leaving it out? Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy this. <3

[Illustration in full size]  [More translations]

Evening in the rebel army base. The light’s turned off in Kougami’s room. Tsunemori was using the bed, and Kougami was trying to fall asleep, lying on blankets on the floor. At any rate, it was after he had struggled through the battlefield. Once he calmed down and tried to think, he felt fatigued. The next morning Kougami planned on having a talk with Sem about their further actions.


Kougami Shinya and Tsunemori Akane. A strange, barely tangible tension drifting between the two couldn’t be brushed away. Even despite the fact that she was tired, only Tsunemori’s mind was clear of nervousness. No, was it clear just because she was too exhausted? Anyway, Tsunemori couldn’t fall asleep and left Kougami’s room.

She was looking out the window of a roofed passage.


The number of power generators seemed insufficient. The Guerillas kindled real fire instead of using lighting equipment. It was those traditional watch fires.

The night sky was beyond belief beautiful. The silhouettes of the stars were sharp as jewels. The lighting at the Guerilla camp was at any rate poor. Speaking of lighting intensity, these watch fires would be less than a tenth part of street lights used in the Tokyo metropolitan area. When the ground is dark, the sky is clearly visible.

“The sky is awesome.”

Kougami was also awake.

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Some thoughts on the new Miss Peregrine’s movie

I wasn’t sure about Asa playing Jacob at first but he looks great in the trailer. Super excited for his portrayal now.

However they switched Emma and Olive’s powers? Which really sucks because Emma’s fire fit her curious and persistent personality. Olive was meant to be a small child, as if she could easily be blown away by the wind.

They also made Bronwyn so tiny. Like, in the books she was considered the “mother” of the group, so i’m not sure how they’ll incorporate that

Fiona and Hugh are also a bit…young. I suppose they won’t be dating. Olive seems a bit old. Enoch is huge. Millard looks cute af tho, as expected.

is it just me or do the hollowgasts tentacle tongues look a bit…fake? Like…Doctor Who quality.

Anyway, i’m still excited to see the movie. I just hope Tim Burton does it justice.

The Stars Have Fallen

Genre: Drama
Pairings: Taylor/OMC, Zac/OFC, Isaac/OFC
Length: 10 Chapters(Plus an Epilogue)
Status: Completed
Author: Bethany

The Stars Have Fallen was a fic I went into knowing a Hanson was dead in it and usually I try to avoid them. Key word being try cause I always fail and read them anyway *Kanye shrugs*.

This story though was good regardless of the Hanson character death in it and the whole time I read it I kept getting this old school 90’s angsty movie vibe. Though I really had no movie in mind but just one of those old school 90’s movies.

That’s how good the plot and writing was with this story. But even if the writing was good I just found myself constantly mad at the characters and their decisions. From Zac to his parents and even Zac’s love interest. I hated a lot of the decisions they made and I think that proves how good Bethany is at writing characters who can be morally grey which I tend to think is closer to humans than characters who are always good or always bad.

In the end though The Stars Have Fallen was more like a journey between past and present as Zac came to terms with things that happened in the past and I loved the ride and the way Isaac and Zac bonded especially towards the end because it isn’t often Bethany uses Isaac a lot in her fics.

All in all I’d say this one may be one of her older fics but I think it’s one of her best….though still it isn’t my top favorite of hers.

Link: The Stars Have Fallen

  • What she says: I’m fine
  • What she means: Ok so in the fourth Halloweentown movie they’re celebrating the 1000 year anniversary of their town. But in previous movies it’s established that 100 years in Halloween town is only like 1 earth year so is Halloweentown only ten years old or is it measured in Earth years? Speaking of which if Halloweentown is 1000 years old and Aggie Cromwell was in her 20’s then when did she have Gwen. How old is Gwen anyways? In Earth years or Halloweentown years or whatever. Is Aggie Cromwell really only ten years old then??? How does age work for witches anyway? How does time work in Halloweentown seriously what the fu…

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Even if future DC movies have the ~fun~ that people think dceu needs, they're still gonna find a way to hate it anyway. At this point, it seems like no matter how good or decent DC movies are, people just don't care. They probably will say "it's only good because they're trying to copy marvel" or "there's too much fun! it's too colorful! I can't take it seriously because there's too many jokes! they should bring back the dark and gritty thing! I miss the old DC!"

I’m sadly aware of that. People move goalposts all the fucking time and They barely even try to hide it. Even now we’ve seen Them accuse Them of making JL lighter as a ‘’course correction’’ when it was always the fucking plan. These people will NEVER be happy with this universe so WB should just non-verbally tell Them to go and fuck Themselves.

Fluffy Eruri Headcanons

a balm for the chapter 72 
enclosed below are (10) of them. Use them wisely, reblog with your own, what have you. Kisses to you all~


(1) Erwin babbles in his sleep. Levi wakes up one morning, pre-dawn, grey light filtering in through the windows, and this is how he finds out that Erwin’s planning to propose to him. 

(2) Erwin leaves Sticky Notes all over the house that Levi finds when he’s cleaning. They say things like “I love you!,” “Have a good day!,” “Missing you already.” They never talk about it, but one day when Erwin opens the drawer to the nightstand on Levi’s side of the bed, he finds the notes smoothed out in a neat stack. Every single one. 

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Steelheart movie  - Fancast: Chris O’Neal as David Charleston

anonymous asked:

Hey! I guess my aesthetic is neutral colors, stormy skies, candles, and old book smell. I haven't really thought of it a lot. I love doodling and doing little crafts(is that a hobby?). I would love to go to new zealand or amsterdam one day. I want to be a writer or journalist but I also love cinematography and photography. Anyway, how was your friday? I'm glad you got rid of some of the negative people in your life! What's your favorite movie? book? food? Any quirky personality traits?- admirer

Nice answers yo. Lol. I love to write and I love photography as well😁. My Friday is going pretty good! I’m doing some cleaning rn >

Virtual Reality or Escaping our 3D Perception?

The other day as we were doing our errands we decided to go to best buy and for starters i couldn’t believe how hypnotic and brainwashing the entire experience was…We went inside for blank CDs and ended up looking at everything except the CDs lol. 

Anyway between the massive flashy screens, latest iphones, newest ultra ultra HD TVs that look like colorful candy and shiny products, we saw they had a new product called Gear VR aka Virtual Reality. 

Now I will admit I’m ridiculously old-fashioned, I barely use a cell phone, I rarely text unless I need to, I don’t own a TV, we netflix or watch movies lol. I have a computer and a tablet but that’s like it. So to experience this new gagetry was a little mindbogging as a spiritual minimalist. 

Basically it hooks up through your samsung phone and you put on these goggles where your entire perception is altered from the device. You are literally submerged into this digital experience where you can go to hawaii, swim under the sea, go to the grand canyon or wherever.  Whenever you turn your head you are swimming or walking in this world completely detached from your present reality. You could really get lost in there. 

We are officially in the future!

While part of me is impressed we have reached this level of technological advancement, I can also see the dangerous implications of something like this. With a device like this, not only are we completely escaping our physical world, we’re detaching our mind from our bodies. It creates a point of out-of body that submerges you into a totally different world. 

Now take it if someone is depressed or obsessed with a device like this. They could physically get lost in these worlds completely losing all touch with their reality. This type of device while extravagent could cause full blown insanity or detachment from our body.
 While it is pretty cool tech, I can see this as extremely dangerous in some regard because just during this small amount of time trying this device. My perception was altered, I felt very ungrounded upon return, It felt like I went to space for 3 minutes then came back to earth. It also was advised that for someone using this, they need to be sitting down instead of standing up. 

We already live in a world where people are constantly staring at TVs or cellphones do we really want to add more submersion and disconnection towards our reality? 

Now on the positive side what I found interesting is the symbolism behind this technology. The realization that as a society we have become so advanced in technology that we have created a device that literally transports your consciousness to a new dimension at will. Within seconds. 

So while the device is kinda creepy, the symbolism behind what this means is really mind-altering. 

We have created a technology that transports consciousness and shifts to a new dimension at will. Within seconds. 

Perhaps this yearning for the future is in actuality a realization that we are now officially the future we kept seeing in movies most of our lives. 

We are the future. 

The realizations of this are really outstanding for humanity! 

While I don’t agree with the need to completely disengage ourselves with virtual reality - technology. Our society has reached a peak in understanding where we are no longer settling for the old world, the old paradigm. We have reached a peak of non-compliance. 

We are starting to create and transmogrify different dimensions of consciousness and ways to create fantasies and dreams into reality. 

The real Question then becomes…when will society start catching up to this realization that these symbols are merely tools constructed within ourselves, Thoughts? 

How My Parents Met (and, consequently, why I still believe in true love)

Since my parents are visiting, it’s story time. The story I am about to tell you in 100% true and trumps any crappy romance movie Hollywood has ever spat out. It isn’t a horror story - quite the opposite actually - but I’m sharing it with you all anyway.

How My Parents Met (and, consequently, why I still believe in true love)

I am old enough now and live far enough away to actually like my parents. They are pretty nifty people, on the whole, and they did a pretty good job of raising me to be totally awesome and made of win. But when I think about how unlikely it is that they ever got together and made me (in a lab somewhere because they idea of my parents having sex is BEYOND gross), I am pretty stunned that I’m alive.

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