how old do you feel

  • Me, on a date: so how do you feel about using old memes?
  • Them: I honestly hate people using memes that have expired. It's not funny anymore
  • Me, shoving breadsticks into my purse: I came out to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now
  • Ruby Rose: What kind of Weapon would you have?
  • Weiss Schnee: Do you ever feel lonely?
  • Blake Belladonna: Who/What would you fight for?
  • Yang Xiao Long: What makes you angry?
  • Jaune Arc: How far have you come in the last year?
  • Nora Valkyrie: What's your favorite type of sweet?
  • Pyrrha Nikos: Do you believe in Destiny?
  • Lie Ren: Are you more calm, or stressed under pressure?
  • Sun Wukong: If you could be a faunus; which would you be?
  • Scarlet David: Would you want to stay young forever?
  • Sage Ayana: What are your favorite hobbies?
  • Neptune Vasilias: What are you afraid of?
  • Coco Adel: What's your fashion sense like?
  • Fox Alistair: Favorite Animal?
  • Velvet Scarlatina: What's your favorite fighting style?
  • Yatsuhashi Daichi: What's your Myers-Briggs?
  • Cardin Winchester: Favorite Insult?
  • Russel Thrush: Favorite type of bird?
  • Dove Bronzewing: How old are you?
  • Sky Lark: Favorite Color?
  • Penny Polendina: Do you feel guilty when you lie?
  • Flynt Coal: Do you play an instrument?
  • Neon Katt: Favorite Song/Artist/Band?
  • Cinder Fall: What do you desire most of all?
  • Emerald Sustrai: What have you done that you've regretted?
  • Mercury Black: Would you kill for money?
  • Neopolitan: Are you talkative or the quiet type?
  • Summer Rose: Favorite Flower?
  • Taiyang Xiao Long: Who do you miss most of all?
  • Raven Branwen: Have you ever just, left someone behind?
  • Qrow Branwen: Do you like to drink?
  • Peter Port: How Cocky are you?
  • Dr. Bartholomew Oobleck: Do you like to learn about history?
  • Professor Ozpin: What do you believe to be your biggest mistake?
  • Glynda Goodwitch: Biggest Pet Peeves?
  • James Ironwood: Have you ever misread a situation?
  • Winter Schnee: What do you feel towards your family?
  • Salem: What kind of people do you hate?
  • Roman Torchwick: Do you often like to take risks/chances?
  • Adam Taurus: Have you ever been obsessed with anything?

nope3330me  asked:

I want your art to become a Cartoon Network show.

AW Thankyou! …. Imagine the pitch though ….

“Um well see there’s lots of silent animals with feelings, also dragons, mermaids? demonic summonings will sometimes occur, everyone has cute time a giant squid turned up, also old ladies who love each other very much… How do you feel about bear astral projection? w-wait come back, I’m not finished-”

sshh he sleep

It is repetitive
the way one tries to shake
the still ribcage back to breathing
I am not the girl
you keep coming back for
there was no way to keep her
and become me too…
you have to understand
nothing will
undo the amount
of time it took
to shed her

we may look similar
but I have the new skin

—  T.L.R- to the past when it recognizes me
Birthday Boy: Tom Holland x POC

I know Toms birthday is in June, but I couldn’t resist. 

You carefully walked into the bedroom with a small piece of cake in your hand. You jumped on the bed and hovered over your sleeping fiancé. “Happy Birthday.” You sang. His eyes fluttered open and smiled, a deep pink blush covered his cheeks. “Make a wish babe.” He smiled and blew out the candle. “I also made you breakfast.”

“Thanks.” He said jumping up out of the bed. “So now that you are one year closer to being an old man, how do feel?” You joked. He picked up a grape and tossed it at you. “I feel pretty great.” He shrugged. “Oh I have your present.” You jumped up and ran back into the bedroom. “I told you, you didn’t have to get me anything love.” He groaned.

“You know I don’t listen to you.” You laughed. “You’re right about that.” He chuckled. “Here, for my birthday boy.” You handed him the large bag and kissed him on the cheek. You sat back at the table and watched him dig through the bag.

“Ah man.” He pulled out a box of fancy folded Spider-man boxers. “You shouldn’t have.” He said sarcastically. “Shut up. There’s more.”

“You got me the cologne.” He smiled. He pulled out an expensive box and opened it to see a watch. “Read the back.” You smiled. “To the love of my life, time spent with you is worth every second.” He looked up at you and smiled. “I love it.”

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Unique Pastel Asks
  • Mauve: If money or availability weren't an issue, what would your ideal wardrobe look like?
  • Lavender: What position do you sleep in?
  • Rose: How do you show your love for others?
  • Lavender: What is your love language?
  • Lilac: How do you start a conversation?
  • Wisteria: What song do you sing only when you're alone, and what memory does it bring back?
  • Periwinkle: What makes you nostalgic?
  • Sky Blue: What do you want people to say about you once you're gone?
  • Baby Blue: Regardless of how old you are, how old do you feel right now and why?
  • Mint: What traits in others do you find refreshing and/or appealing?
  • Aqua: What makes you feel supported?
  • Pistachio: Do you tend to consider yourself to be a high maintenance person?
  • Cream: What cheers you up when you're feeling down?
  • Coral: What do you prefer to be called, and do you have any nicknames that only certain people can call you?
  • Salmon: What is the strangest food you've ever eaten- would you eat it again?
  • Apricot: If you had to show someone around your hometown, what places would you take them?

when you get demoted from jedi master to padawan 

When they’d gone, Lady Sybil sat for a while staring at her hands.
(…) In many ways, she told herself, she was very lucky. She was very proud of Sam. He worked hard for a lot of people. He cared about people who weren’t important. He always had far more to cope with than was good for him. He was the most civilized man she’d ever met. Not a gentleman, thank goodness, but a gentle man.
She never really knew what it was he did. (…) He tended to drop his clothes into the laundry basket before he eventually came to bed, so she’d only hear later from the laundry girl about the bloodstains and the mud.
(…) There was a Sam Vimes she knew, who went out and came home again, and out there was another Sam Vimes who hardly belonged to her and lived in the same world as all those men with the dreadful names…
Sybil Ramkin had been brought up to be thrifty, thoughtful, genteel in an outdoor sort of way, and to think kindly of people.
She looked at the pictures again, in the silence of the house.
Then she blew her nose loudly and went off to do the packing and other sensible things.
—  From The Fifth Elephant.

anonymous asked:

Hi Jenn! I look up to your art a lot and you've been a huge inspiration to me as one of my biggest animation role models. I hope this isn't a weird question, but I was wondering how old you are? I often feel like I'm not doing well enough in art for my age, and seeing artists like you who I look up to makes me wonder how long it took you to reach the skill level you're at. Feel free to ignore this if it's something you'd rather not answer. I hope you're having a great week!

Thanks for all the kind words! I’m 22! But on that note, everyone’s experience with getting into art is different. And I don’t really think age is the best indicator of how “well we’re doing in terms of art”. I know loads of people younger than me and older than me that are fantastic artists. Some of them have been drawing their whole lives and some of them got into art as a second career. We’re all different and that’s how we get all kinds of different beautiful art! I’d like to think that as long as you’re making stuff that you’re passionate about (regardless of age), you’re already on the right track c:

Anthony ‘sure we’ll take this case immediately no we don’t need time to prepare’ Lockwood