how old are you sir



“how old are you?”
“idk like 2000? around there”
“sir can i see ur birth certificate”
“do u want the declaration of independence?? i mean it proves my existence but im older that”
“sir please leave”


An old one but hey i wanted to share it

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Theo and i had been dating for about 3 months now but it has been a secret because my older brother Stiles hates Theo and i just don’t wanna go through all that with them. I was walking home in the rain. I could find Theo and Stiles already left so i didn’t really have a choice. When i came i saw a note from Stiles saying “i’m out i’ll be back at like 5”.

I ran up the stairs and headed straight to the bathroom i always kept my pajamas in there so i changed into those after a nice hot shower. I put on my short black shorts and a grey tight shirt and headed for my room. I didn’t even notice Theo sitting on my bed until i heard him cough. I spun around thinking it was a stranger but to my liking i saw Theo standing up.

“Hey beautiful” he said and kissed my lip.

I kissed him back and mumbled a “hey” between kisses. His hand started going to my ass before he broke the kiss

“i like these” he said referring to my shorts and i smiled. I had totally forgotten the time when me and Theo started undressing. We had never done it but we both really wanted although something was always in the way either it was Stiles being home or my dad. Once we were just about to but neither of us had a condom. Theo and i were in just our underwear and i was straddling him on the bed when we heard a knock on the door.

Before i could open my mouth to tell them to wait the door open revealing Stiles and my dad who looked horrified

“THEO” Stiles yelled making his way to the bed and pulling Theo out of my bed.

“STILES STOP” i yelled at him trying to cover myself.

“Who the hell is this” my dad said stepping and taking Theo from Stiles. I looked at them with so much anger. I knew what this looked like but they still couldn’t act like this. “

It’s my boyfriend Theo” i said sternly

“YOU CAN NOT DATE HIM” Stiles yelled from the other side of me bed “why not i” i was gonna continue but Theo cut me off

“sheriff please let me go and let me explain” Theo said pulling his arm away from my dad and putting on his pants and throwing me his shirt that i gladly put on.

“How long have you guys… Have you had… Omg what if you got pregnant… I’m losing my mind” Stiles said in bits and i got out of my bed and grabbed Theo’s hand.

“We have been dating for 3 months now.” I said not wanting to look at my dad

“have you guys…” Stiles started but couldn’t finish

“why does it matter” i asked getting angrier

“because it would be him taking my baby sister’s  innocence” he said looking right at Theo with a deadly look.

“I’M STILL A FUCKING VIRGIN” i said not waiting to have this conversation

“How old are you” my dad finally spoke up “17 sir” Theo answer him and i could see the disappointment in my father’s eyes “YOU’RE 17… THAT MY DAUGHTER SHE’S 15 THEO WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING” now he was the one yelling.

“Maybe you should go” i said while putting on my pants and giving Theo his shirt back. As Theo left i could feel my heart breaking. “Why the hell do you have to that” i asked when i knew Theo was gone

“HE’S 17 AND SUPERNATURAL” Stiles screamed he was gonna continue but my dad put a hand up signaling for him to stop

“do you love him” he asked calmly and that was the question i dreaded answering

“i… Dad i think i do”

What would probably happen if the Paladins met the Rangers

AKA Regan just so desperately wants her Voltron kids to meet her Power Rangers Kids.

  • Shiro and Jason getting along as team leaders and Shiro giving him leadership pointers but also Shiro kind of being taken aback by how young Jason is???? ‘How old are you.’ ‘18, sir.’ ‘… oh you poor child.’ 
  • Billy getting along so well with Pidge and Hunk and swapping Eltarian and Altean tech around to tinker with.
  • Pidge finds out she’s about 2 or 3 inches taller than Trini and goes fucking livid with this new information. ‘GUYS HOLY FUCK-’ ‘DON’T YOU FUCKING DARE.’
  • Kim and Keith bond over… stuff. She takes him stargazing and they bond over the silence really. 
  • Also Keith listening to Kim ramble about how much she loves Trini. ‘she’s just so cute and perfect and small and so amazing and spectacular and great and i JUST LOVE HER SO MUCH I WANT TO KISS HER CHUBBY FACE.’ ‘I know the feeling’ *thinking abt lance*.
  • Allura and Zordon bonding over the grief they’ve faced, especially with the loss of loved ones (Allura’s father and entire race and Zordon with his team mates). ‘From what you have told me about Altea, I assure you that Eltar would’ve been a loyal ally to your people, princess.’ ‘I appreciate your words Zordon, thank you.’
  • Lance and Zack becoming the bestest of best friends ever of all time. ‘Sorry Keith, but i’m sadly no longer your best friend, I’m zack’s best friend now.’ ‘Actually, Shiro’s my best friend.’ ‘RUDE.’
  • Trini low key has a HUUUUGE Crush on Allura but tries her best to keep it a secret while Zack is openly swooning over how gorgeous Allura is.
  • Zack: You guys get this cool kickass spaceship castle and we get an underground cave hole. … Wanna swap?
  • Shiro and Zordon bonding over having to look after a group of 5 year olds as space dads.
  • The rangers get HUUGE alpha vibes from Coran it’s crazy. He’s a tall, human-esq tangerine version of Alpha.
  • Zack: So black’s the leader huh??? 
  • Jason: Don’t push your luck buddy.

Feel Free to add on!

My Daughter (Tony X Daughter!Reader)

Characters: Tony Stark X Daughter!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Mention of death of a parent

Request: Hey, I absolutely love your writing, and was hoping to request something? Maybe one where Tony has a teenage daughter he didn’t know about but the mom dies, so he takes custody and introduces her around and just overall becomes a dad of a teenager? (You don’t have to if it makes you uncomfortable)

Originally posted by ayumifuru95

For Tony, it was a normal early morning, getting coffee and preparing to go to his workshop to work on his suits.

For you, it was more than a normal day. Your mother had recently passed away and you were on your way with a social worker to meet your father- the father you had never met, in hopes he’d take you in. You didn’t have high hopes to be honest.

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The Joker x Reader - “The Twins”

The Joker was the one that started calling you “The Twins”; first as a joke, just to tease you and Frost, but then it became the nickname that defined your relationship in Gotham’s underworld and not only. You are inseparable and heavens help the person trying to hurt either one of you because it won’t end up well.

“I wonder what happened here,” J grins, slowly walking around and kicking the bloody corpses on the floor with the tip of his shoe. “Good thing we didn’t come to the meeting, huh Frost?” he addresses the henchman walking by his side.

“Yes, sir. I’m glad you didn’t trust the location, something definitely went down.” Jonny stops in his tracks, noticing a faint movement from one of the bodies right in front of him. “Boss, I think someone is still alive,” he makes The Joker aware, hovering over to take a better look.

You open your eyes, barely being able to focus on the face floating on top of you. It hurts all over.

“Move it, Frost! We’re not on a rescue mission here,” J orders, passing by and continuing to head towards the exit.

Jonny wants to step away but you gather all your strength and grab his leg, wheezing:

“Don’t…don’t leave me…here.”

“What the hell, Frost?! I said let’s go!!!!” J turns around and gets annoyed seeing Jonny in the same spot.

“Don’t…leave…me…here…p-please…” you whisper and lose consciousness, your hand going limp in the pool of blood next to you.

“Oh my God, seriously?!” The Joker cracks his neck, rolling his eyes when he notices his henchman ignoring the instruction. “Everyone, I SAID OUT! Clear the place in 5!” he barks at all the other goons and walks out of the warehouse because he has better things to do than dealing with whatever the hell happened inside that building.

He goes to the front of one of the vans they came with, impatient to drive away and getting ready to create some chaos around Gotham tonight.

“Are you deaf?! Put her down!” J yells at Frost when he notices you in his arms while he struggles to get in the back of the car.

“I know who she is, sir; I thought she looked familiar.”

“I don’t care, drop her or I’ll blow your brains out!”

“It’s Y/N, Mister J, the one we use for our code red,” Frost continues at his own risk, hoping to make his boss change his mind, already pulling your body inside.

“The sniper?!” he suddenly asks, intrigued by the situation. He never saw you before in person, he just hires your services when he needs someone killed and it’s too risky to do it himself. Frost briefly met you a few times before because he is the main one dealing with his boss’s business.

“Yes, sir, her. If she doesn’t die, we can use her again, you know she never misses,” Jonny bluffs, not really knowing why he feels the urge to save you.

“I couldn’t care less if she lives or die, we can find someone else. But since…” and J starts talking louder, irritated,” …you apparently have her in the van, we’ll take her with us. You’re pissing me off!!!!” he growls, adjusting his body in the seat, trying not to explode; if Frost wasn’t so useful he would be dead by now for insubordination.

Jonny doesn’t answer since he is already walking on very, very thin ice…again.


“Relax, woman, I’m not here to kill you,” J smirks, watching you stumble to the far side of the bedroom in your tank top and shorts, looking for something to defend yourself with. You were completely out for the last 2 days, you just woke up and saw The Clown Prince of Crime himself staring you down and panicked. “Are you looking for this?” he balances your gun on his finger, letting it drop on your pillow. “Here, you can have it back. It’s not loaded, of course,” he admits.

“W-where am I , Mister J?” you pant, recognizing your famous employer and holding your side, feeling the fresh wound bleeding through the bandages. You have 4 more gun wounds in your body but you are well patched up.

“So you’re Y/N, hm?” he puckers his lips, not answering your question. “Hey, Frosty, your girlfriend’s awake!!!” he opens the door, calling out for him. Then he turns towards you again, gazing at the blood leaking through your fingers from that nasty lesion you try to cover. “You’d better hurry up before she passes out!” J chuckles, observing you strain to keep your balance.

Your vision is getting cloudy but you still spot the man that saved you, aware of whom he is:

“…Jonny Frost,” you kind of smile, collapsing on your knees.

“Go help her, knight in shining armor,” The Joker maliciously commands,” …before she bleeds all over my Goddamn carpet!”


Something definitely clicked right with the two of you. You never really spoke before or spent more than a few minutes together, but that changed once Frost decided to save you that day and take care of you until you got better. The King of Gotham kept you in his service when he found out you have more skills than he thought; he certainly needs experienced people around him. As the months went by, you proved your worth on numerous occasions and now you are one of the two personal bodyguards Mister J has. Yes, you and Frost are assigned the important task of keeping an eye on him all the time, even two when you can spare them.

The Joker was the one that started calling you “The Twins”; first as a joke, just to tease you two, but then it became the nickname that defined your relationship in Gotham’s underworld and not only. You are inseparable and heavens help the person trying to hurt either one of you because it won’t end up well.

From time to time your boss likes to be sassy and complain (actually, he is always sassy and complains):

“If you two are half loyal to me as you are two each other, I think I’ve hit the jackpot here, yes?” he sucks on his silver teeth, waiting for a reply but you are quiet. Great, he is in one of his moods again.

J looks at you and taps his cane on the marble table, continuing:

“Is it true love?” he taunts, licking his lips.

“Huh?” you ask, confused.

“IS. IT. TRUE.LOVE?”  he repeats, not letting go. Mister J can be sooo obnoxious, doesn’t have a reputation for nothing.

“Might as well be,” you reply without blinking in a feisty tone since you are a bit annoyed, hoping he won’t distinguish it with the laud background music in the club. You are lucky he didn’t.

“Did the idiot even kiss you yet?” and that evil sparkle in his blue eyes makes you answer in a heartbeat:

“It’s not like that, sir!”

“Is he blind to your, um… charms?”  He sure likes to push it, knowing there is nothing you can do about it.

Would you stop it? you think, not in the mood for his interrogation.

“Like I said, it’s not like that, sir.”

“Did he ever try to kiss you?”

Really?! Just drop it!

“No, because I am sure he doesn’t want a black eye!” you mumble, still calm since you have no option.

“Oh, your Twin is here,” The Joker puts his feet up on the table, amused to death when Jonny steps inside the VIP room. “Y/N here tells me you never tried to kiss her, Jonny boy. True or false?”

One look at your face and Frost knows: Fuck, he’s in one of his moods again!

“True; I don’t want a black eye, sir.” The swift, cheeky response makes your boss laugh with that insane, cracked, raspy voice that doesn’t make you cringe anymore, but it used to.

“I’ll be damn, you even read each other’s minds! It is true love,” he gasps, entertained to antagonize you. “How old are you, Doll?”

Why does he want to know this now?!

“37 sir.”

“Frosty too! You are indeed twins; it was meant to be,” he winks at both of you, snickering.

“Jonny’s 39, sir!” you cut his enthusiasm, pissed and fighting to conceal it.

“My, my, my, pardon me. Since I am not the one you guys share your secrets with, I only know bits and pieces,” J ironically scoffs, not happy at your correction. “Guess what, I have an assignment for you,” he switches gears and it’s so like him to do so.


The mission was a fiasco because the explosives went off sooner than expected and Frost got injured, prompting you to abandon the plan and return to the hideout, facing a very dissatisfied Joker.

Your boss is livid and charges towards you, wanting to probably hit you, but Jonny steps in front of you. Even if he’s covered in cuts and bruises, he won’t stay idle at his boss’s lashing.

“Step aside!” he hisses through his clenched jaw, unnerved his henchman dares to stay in his way.

“It wasn’t her fault,” Frost insists and you pull on his jacket, signaling him to cut it out.

“Who’s fault was it then, hm?  I wanted those guns and now I don’t have them. Who’s responsible? I sent The Twins to deal with it!” he fumes, pointing at you.

“It was a mistake, Mister J, it won’t happen again,” you walk from behind your friend, speaking up. “We’ll be more careful.”

“You better be or I’ll finish you both myself!” he threatens, storming out of the office, slamming the door so hard one of the glass ornaments on the wall falls down, shattering to pieces.

“Jerk!” you mumble, placing Frost’s hand around your neck so he can lean on you. “Let’s take you to your room, I need to take care of your injuries.”


You are afraid your boss will retaliate and you decide to sleep in Jonny’s bedroom at the hideout, guarding him all night after he passed out, exhausted from the crappy day and pain medications.

In early morning J sneaks inside because he needs the map that Frost keeps on his desk (he never cares for privacy) and realizes you are curled up in bed by your best friend with a gun in your right hand and a knife in the other, finally asleep also. That irks him.

Do they really think they could protect themselves if I really wanted to kill them?! He tils his head to the side, rolling the paper he came for. He hears the gun click behind him and he doesn’t turn around for a few seconds.
“I wouldn’t do that, Y/N,” he sighs and faces you, watching you lower the gun with a wild expression on your face. “You are fortunate I need my Twins, but you are NOT irreplaceable, got it?” he sniffles, surprising you by leaving without further action.

“What was that?” Frost mumbles, barely opening one eye.

“Nothing, go back to sleep, I got you.” He does as told, knowing you mean it; he wouldn’t really trust anybody else with his safety.


A few more months pass by and after numerous missions you finally have time to relax for the night. You plan to use the indoor pool like you always do when there is nobody left at the hideout. You like to go swim naked and enjoy the solitude for a few hours. You wouldn’t know, but a few times you thought you were the only one left there, The Joker was actually present, hidden by darkness, watching you float in the water, humming songs to yourself. He wasn’t necessarily spying on you, but since only the dim lights from the pool were on and you didn’t see him, he decided not to say anything. It wasn’t a bad view anyway.

You walk the long hallway without your clothes on, playing with your long hair, anticipating the nice time you will have. Your Twin was sent to deal with a few new possible business partners and probably will be gone for the rest of the night. You are deep in thought and almost at the edge of the pool when you finally snatch a towel and stop, disappointed:

“Oh,” escapes your lips when you see J inside the pool, resting his chin on the crossed arms he placed on the tiles reel, analyzing you. “Um, I didn’t know you’re here, sir.”

“So what if I am? This is my hideout. What, are you gonna be shy now and bail?” he mocks you, ready to have some fun on your expense since you seat there naked and vulnerable. Yeah, no, he doesn’t really know you.

“I’m never shy!” you drop the towel closer to the edge, getting in the water and swimming right in front of him.

“That’s good, I would hate for you to miss on the fun because of me,” he still tries to make you uncomfortable without succeeding.

“No worries, I’m not,” you get even closer to prove you don’t care you’re there both…naked, apparently. And you really don’t care.

“Say Doll,” and he takes your arms, wrapping them around his neck and keeping them there, really wanting to ridicule you but you have no weird reaction: you don’t try to flee or avert your eyes. “How come you don’t talk to me too much? I’m your boss.”

“You never ask me anything, Mister J,” you tell the truth, not intimidated by his enquiry.

“What’s your favorite color?” The Joker randomly asks, truly desiring to fluster you. Yeah, he wishes. Maybe if he would have taken the time to talk to you more like Frost does, he would know you better.

“Red,” you fastly reply, curious to see where this is leading.

“No, it’s green,” he scoffs.

“Red!” you narrow your eyes.

“It’s green!” he points out with one finger towards his hair.

“Red!” you insist, pointing at your bright red hair.

“You’re annoying, Y/N. I like you better when you don’t say anything.”

You smile but The Joker continues:

“So, who is your favorite person among all these fine people working in our little enterprise here, hm?”

“Frost!” you declare without hesitation and he bites his lip.

“No, it’s me, I’m the boss and everyone’s favorite.”

“It’s Frost, sir,” you reply, persistent in your stubbornness. Why does he think he can make you agree with everything he says?!




“It’s Frost,” you start to laugh when he pushes you away.

“Get out of my pool!” he grumbles, watching you swim away and obeying his request.

You get out and take your towel, stepping away.

“Who’s your favorite, Y/N?” he tries one more time, not wanting to admit things didn’t go according to his little scheme.

“FROST!” you answer over your shoulder.

“You’re fired!” he splashes the water around, starting to float .

“No, I’m not, you need your Twins, Mister J!”

“FIRED!”  and you let him have the last word because you don’t want to push it too much.


After half a year or so, your best friend almost got killed because of Mister J. Your boss sent him on a wild goose chase inside Arkham Asylum- he strongly believed they have some new secret rooms built in the basement and he needed to know for sure. Jonny and the other boys didn’t find anything but it was rough as hell to get out of there alive. You weren’t allowed to go on this mission because J “wanted to protect you”, whatever that means in his mind, and it deeply disturbed you when you almost lost your Twin.

** You tiptoe on the dark corridor, undressed because you want to go for a swim, when you change your mind and run back to your room, grabbing your knife and creeping in J’s quarters. It’s only you and him at the hideout. You left Frost at his apartment after the ordeal last night; he definitely needs to rest properly following sweep-the - place-for-nothing Arkham stupid task.

The Joker is a light sleeper so he senses your movement, distinguishing your shape in the blackness as soon as he opens his eyes. He hears you whimper.

“What’s wrong, Y/N? Did something happen?” he lifts his head from the pillow and you don’t reply, you just step on the bed, dropping on top of him, panting. He gets the wrong idea when he realizes you’re naked. “Where were you last night, hm? You never showed up! Nobody makes me wait, Princess, not even one of The Twins,” he purrs, sliding his hands down your waist.

“I waited for Jonny,” you whisper and he doesn’t have time to react when the sharp blade pierces the pillow, barely grazing his cheek without cutting it. He didn’t notice it. “If he gets murdered because of you, better make sure I’m dead too because I will kill you!!!”

“Are you kidding me?!” he slaps your side, grunting under your weight when you unexpectedly pin his hands above his head, upset and not giving a damn about the consequences. “Don’t make me mad, Doll,” he menaces, not knowing if he wants to grant your dying wish yet. “Let go, NOW!”

He senses the tears falling on his chest and you release him, ready for his reaction, whatever it may be; you just couldn’t help it.

But he doesn’t do anything; he seats under your body in complete silence and so do you. The Joker finally pulls the knife out of his pillow and takes it to your throat, nipping your skin and you don’t defend yourself at all, even if you are capable to do so.

“Don’t ever do shit like this again, do you hear me?” he grinds his silver teeth, really feeling pissed. You could have easily ended him and he didn’t see it coming, that’s what’s aggravating him the most. “DO. YOU. HEAR. ME?” he emphasizes the words, cutting your flesh a bit more.

“Yes, I hear you,” you move your head backwards, distancing a notch from the blade.

“I told you before: I need my Twins, but you are not irreplaceable, woman!” He tosses the knife on the floor and you get up, gulping, wanting to go when he stops you. “I didn’t say you can leave!”

“I don’t want to be here anymore,” you admit, holding your throat, feeling warm blood on your fingers.

“I don’t care, you’re the one that came in the first place!” J snaps at you, yanking your fingers away from your cut. “Let me see,” he leans over and turns on the lamp, inspecting the wound he inflicted on you. “You’ll live, no worries, doesn’t look that bad.” He wipes the blood, then cleans his hands on the sheet. “And stop crying, your Twin is fine! Sometimes I wonder if you’re his girl or mine. After tonight’s events, I really don’t know which is which,” he grouchily moves you off him, and you slide on your knees, reaching for a tissue that you use to wrap your neck with for a few seconds before changing it with a clean one.  

“I said you can’t leave!” J keeps you on the bed when you try to get up again. “You have to make it up to me; I didn’t kill you so you owe me!”

“I didn’t kill you either so we’re even,” you defy him, covering your breasts with your long hair, taking another tissue out of the box. He moves your hair away, switching his position to a more comfortable one closer to you.

“Don’t tell me you’re suddenly shy!” he points out, gesturing you to come by him.

“I’m never shy,” you reply, already in a bad mood and startled after all that happened in the last couple of days.

“Keep it that way,” he snarls when you cuddle next to him, looking at each other with a mixture of hate, relief and who knows what else. “Here, I’ll hold it,” he offers to keep the tissue in place and his fingers go around your neck:

“I could break it right now!”

“Jonny will avenge me,” you calmly answer, confident he really would.

“You damn Twins, I created a monster,” he pecs on your lips, tightening his grip but not strong enough to make you choke.

It’s true love,” you repeat what he always teases you and Frost with, closing your eyes.

“Probably, I’m starting to get jealous,” he whispers, shrieking the words.

“Don’t be, Mister J, The Clown Prince of Crime can’t afford that,” you place your head on his chest with his fingers still clenched on the tissue around your neck.

“Stop being sassy, Y/N, or Frost will have to try and revenge your death in the morning!”

“Yes, sir…” you agree, smiling to yourself, not being afraid of his threats. Your Twin will always have your back.

It really must be true love.

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A Love Unrequited (Part 2)


A/N: This time it’s from Jacob’s POV and the reader is not in love with him…or at least tries to pretend she’s not. It is very angsty and it leads right up to the Jack the Ripper DLC. I may do a part three depending on how well this part does. Thanks for reading.

It switches POV towards the end and it’s marked so you’ll know where.

Words: 4,611
Warnings: Angst, mentions of violence, mentions of blood

Jacob woke with a start and a pounding headache. He groaned as he rolled over only to find the other side of the bed empty again.

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Mine: Part One

A/N: Baylor is Cassian and Nesta’s adopted son and Nathaniel is Azriel and Mor’s and Leta’s son. I am really excited for you to read this! And I have so many ideas!!! Blame @throne-of-sass1623 for getting me involved in reading Omegaverse fics and for talking me into writing one ;)

Bay snuck into the library to warm up from the chill of the winter wind. He had begun to spend more and more time away from home, in desperate attempt to get away from his father. He followed the other children to the reading circle where two uniformed men were reading aloud.

The long-haired man looked in his direction and Bay froze. He was trying to remain unseen and unheard. He had just wanted to get warm and to hear a story. Not get noticed by a police officer. When the man leaned down and whispered into his partner’s ear, his hazel-gold eyes still on him, Bay backed up and ran through the library.

He could hear the officer trying to find him. He didn’t want to be found. Bay scanned the large space. He would have been able to find Bay easily if he had hidden low. Bay’s eyes locked onto the heavy oak bookshelf, his eyes traveling up. Perfect.

Bay always had been a good climber; and an even better hider. With a foot to each shelf, Bay climbed to the top of the case and pushed back into the wall with his arms around his legs. He held his breath as the police officer scanned the room.

“Where did he go,” the officer murmured. Bay watched him look around the room and froze when he thought the man spotted him. But he just shook his head and ran a hand through his dark hair. “That’s weird,” he said loudly. “I was going to offer him one of the homemade snacks we brought with us from Rita’s.” The man hummed. “Oh well, I guess we’ll have to keep the snacks out in the main room, just in case he reappears.”

His traitorous stomach growled as the officer walked out of the room. He was rather hungry and he did enjoy food from Rita’s. He hadn’t eaten since the morning before. His father had forgotten to make dinner again.

After a few minutes of internal debate, Bay carefully climbed down the bookcase to the plush carpet. Maybe if he stayed mingled with the other children, he’d be okay. He was small and fast, he could get in and out of anywhere.

Bay carefully walked down the hall, careful to not draw any attention to himself. He mixed in with the crowd as he neared the snacks. Bay’s stomach growled again at the sight of the fresh chocolate chip cookies.

The librarian looked down at him, her lips tightening as her nostrils flared, scenting him. Bay quietly took a cookie and shrunk back from her. He wasn’t on suppressants. She would know he was an Omega. “Th-thank you.”

She jerked her chin and Bay bolted, only for him to be caught around the waist before he got out of the building. Bay struggled as he tried getting out of the man’s grip. He nearly kicked himself. It had been a trap. Of course.

“Whoa, whoa,” the man said. “I’m not going to hurt you. Stop fighting,” he said in a firm voice. His scent was almost nonexistent- from suppressants- but his tone. Bay just knew. Alpha.

Bay froze where he was and looked up at the man with wide eyes. It was the same police officer from before. He seemed kind, but he had been wrong before. “What’s your name, Kid?’

Bay looked around him, trying to find an out, but he couldn’t find one. He trained his eyes to the floor in submission; but he heard a disapproving hum come from the man. Bay looked up to see the man get down to eye level with him. “My name is Cassian and I can help you.” The man’s nostrils flared and surprise lit his eyes. Bay took an involuntary step back and pressed his lips together but the man’s hands were still firmly on his shoulders, keeping him in place. “You can speak,” he said kindly. “I’m not going to hurt you. What’s your name?”

Omegas were used to being seen and not heard, especially omega children. His father preferred it when he didn’t speak. Bay thought it was because that way, he could pretend he didn’t have an Omega for a son.

 It took a few tries, but Bay got his name out. “B-Baylor Perditus, sir.”

Cassian nodded thoughtfully. “How old are you, Bay? Where are your parents?” His voice lowered, “It’s not safe for an Omega to be out alone. Especially one not on suppressants.”

 Bay’s face inflamed and he swallowed. “I’m ten and a half and my dad is at home.”

Surprise lit his eyes and Bay sighed internally. What one was, usually showed itself in their scent after one has presented. Presenting typically happened when one reached puberty. And lucky him, he presented early; at ten years old because of stress.

“Why aren’t you on suppressants?” He asked in that same low voice.

Bay snorted derisively. “My father doesn’t care about me or my safety. He would probably be relieved at the chance to be rid of me.”

A low growl tore through Cassian’s throat and Bay stiffened and slammed his lips shut. He always did have a problem with his mouth. The man stood and ran his hand through his hair and sighed deeply. “Bay.. would you be willing to come with me to the police station?”

No. This was what he was afraid of. Last thing he needed was his father to come down to the station to pick him up. It would end with either him dead or bleeding. The fear must have been present in his scent because Cassian’s face softened. “You’re not in trouble. I just want to get you some support. Maybe find you somewhere more…stable to stay?” Cassian got to eye level with him again and rose his brows and gingerly touched his cheek. “Where did that bruise come from?”

My dad. Bay swallowed and looked at him, dodging the question. “Where would I go? I don’t have any family and I sure as hell won’t go into foster care,” Bay said boldly. “I won’t let you. I’ll run first.”

Surprise flashed in Cassian’s face and he hesitated. Bay nearly gaped at him. An Alpha hesitating because of him? “I have to run things through with some people, my wife and the department and DHS, but, I would like it if you came to stay with me and Nesta.”

Bay blinked and blinked again. “B-but why?” He couldn’t have heard him right. Why would he care about him? He just met him and-

“Because. I like you.” He let out a breath and have him a small grin. “I won’t try to get your hopes up, but, I can promise you I will find you somewhere that will want you and protect you and will love you.”  Bay felt his throat thicken in attempt to keep himself calm. He blinked rapidly and looked down. Cassian lifted Bay’s chin and met his eyes. “And I would like it if my wife and I were that somewhere. Would you be okay with that?”

Here is part one. I have no clue as to how long this will be, but I am really excited to write this. Pleeaasseee leave me a comment?? XO

Bull Gets A Shave

Because of this. I also wanted to try writing in past-tense again. And I wanted some giggly, corny OTP. Even Kimani is goofy sometimes xD

Bull just wanted to look nice for the opera. That’s all he wanted.

Generally he kept his beard low, managed to shape up the sides so they matched every once in a while, but other than that he left his face alone. Not much he could do about it anyway, but at the very least he could keep himself from looking like Blackwall; Blackwall’s beard had a personality. If pressed, Blackwall’s beard could probably speak.

He hadn’t done much to himself since coming to Val Royeaux; before whisking Kimani away to the spa Vivienne had mentioned he might visit a barber she knew, passing along his information and suggesting he ask Philippe for a “woody” aftershave, whatever that meant. So he went, and Philippe was nice, even nicer when Bull dropped Ma’am’s name. He set Bull up with a ton of pillows on the floor since Bull couldn’t fit anywhere else. The man got to shaving and Bull wasn’t thinking, just liked the feel of the shaving cream and the blade on his cheeks. He wasn’t thinking about the last time he’d been clean-shaven; shit, it’d been years. Ten, maybe fifteen; he had to have been in his early twenties the last time he had a butt-naked face, and Bull was closer to forty than anything else

When Philippe handed him the mirror, Bull snorted. He definitely didn’t look like Blackwall.

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Arranged Love (The Heirs! Lee Hyoshin) Pt 2

Part 1

Type: Angst Fluff

Request: Can you do a part two to the arranged love hyoshin scenario love you ❤️

“Y/N, she kissed me” he spoke “I wouldn’t care if you didn’t kiss her the second time” you told him picking up your bag “what are you doing?” he asks. “I don’t want to see you until I have to” you tell him. His eyes drifted to the growing bump on you “where are you going to go with my son?” he asked. You had this jokingly clever plan of getting knocked up to delay his parents for a bit, it started out as a joke but it actually happened. You two were rushed into the marriage and told to keep as quiet as could. His parents had been pressuring him more about getting things prepared for his child and less on law school which helped him more and more as graduation came closer.

“He was just an excuse for your delay of law school anyways” you told him “you were the one who recommend it” he told you as you went to the door “don’t leave” he spoke “this is your apartment” he says. “I’ll leave” he said heading to the door “I’m sorry I did this, I wasn-” “just leave me alone until I say I want to see you again” you tell him as he looked down and nodded. “How’s he doing?” he asked as he opened the door to leave "he’s slightly larger but he’s very healthy” you told him as he gave a slight smile before he left. 


Hyoshin’s foot tapped on the floor as he sat in the broadcasting room as your mother had texted him hours ago about labor pains. He then shifted in his seat as he wanted nothing more than to have his phone vibrate telling him if you were doing alright or if you were actually going to birth you son. He had been waiting nearly 4 weeks for you to message him or call him something like that. Regretting everything that had happened as he had ruined a good and supportive relationship he had with you just by kissing another girl. He quickly texted his driver as he picked his bag up and started to leave the school.


Hyoshin rushed into the hospital as he came to the desk “my wife is in labor” he spoke as calmly as he could. The nurse looked him over seeing that he was in a high school uniform and raised a brow “Y/N L/N” he spoke slamming his hand on the counter. “Sir. How old are you?” she asked him “19 nearing 20. I go to Jeguk High School.Yes she’s my wife, we’ve been married 7 months. Now stop giving me judgmental looks and tell me where my wife is” he spoke in a firm voice annoyed. “She’s the second door on the left” she told him quietly as he nodded thanking her and quickly taking off. 

He knocked on the door before someone tapped his shoulder behind him “are you Hyoshin?” the nurse asked as he picked up on the small plastic tub and quickly nodded. Hyoshin turned more smiling at the little one inside it “a boy” she told him as he opened the door allowing her to go in with him behind her. “she told me she had a feeling you would come” she spoke quietly as he saw that you were asleep. “Congratulations” the nurse told him before he was left alone with the two of you. He instantly stood beside the crib smiling down at ‘Boy Lee’ as he was yet to be given a name. His hands went into the tub as he carefully he heard his son whine. Hyoshin began shushing him as he brought him close, he placed a kiss onto the newborn’s forehead “you know your mother and I had picked Jaemin as a name, what do you think?” he cooed as he sat down. “I think you look like a Jaemin. Little Lee Jaemin” he spoke bouncing him lightly. “I’ve never held a baby before you. But your mom taught me how to and now I know just how to” he continued as Jaemin whined again “alright I’ll be quiet” he laughed silently.


“What did you pick?” you asked him as you held your son “Jaemin” he spoke “the name we discussed” he continued as you nodded. “Y/N” he spoke quietly “are we alright?” he asked as you simply stroked your son’s cheek. He was by your side in seconds as your looked up at him he cupped your face and gave you a deep kiss. He put so much passion into it as he wanted you to love him more and more than before. “I want us to be okay” he whispered breathless pulling back. “I want to hold you and hold him. I want to hear you laugh. Your little hum when you cook. Your little wiggle when you do your makeup” he continues as you smile. “She was nothing and I was an idiot and nothing will make me happier than to scream it out if it meant having you back” he promised as he stared at you. “You’re an idiot” you tell him as he smiled “I made that clear” he stated as you slapped his stomach “and you were 2 hours late” you told him “I’m still in high school. I’m gonna get in so much trouble for ditching” he whined. 


Hyoshin’s phone went off as he picked it up “where are you?” Tan asked “you ditched-” “I’m at the hospital” he told Tan smiling at the sleeping boy in his arms “what are you okay?” he was asked “yeah. Just in the maternity ward” he spoke honestly. “Who was pregnant?” Tan asked as he could hear commotion on the other end. “My wife” he spoke as you looked up from your tray “wife?” “Are you going to basically repeat everything I say?” Hyoshin jokes as he looked down seeing his son’s eyes were slightly opened making him coo “ah you can meet him if you want. My son. You can” he told his friend.


You were woken up by people pouring into the room “what?” you ask as Hyoshin glanced over at you “sorry Tan called and I told him everything. He told everyone else” he says. Your eyes looked around as you came to someone who was glaring at you slightly. Rachel, you wanted to claw her eyes out more than anything but instead you decided to play her card. Grabbing Hyoshin’s tie you yanked him in for a kiss as you left hand cupped his face to show her the large rock on your finger. Looking at her the whole time as you pulled back. You smiled as he didn’t understand the affection until he saw who was here.

He just smiled as he headed over to the crib “this is Lee Jaemin, he’s what 7 hours now?” he asked you as you stretched “something like that” you tell as he lightly picked the infant up. Your son cuddled into Hyoshin as his friends surrounded to look at the little one. “Cutest thing right?” Hyoshin asks as he lightly patted his son’s butt. “I’m a daddy” he finishes as he smiled largely.


fandom: bts
pairing: min yoongi/kim seokjin
rated: g
summary: Seokjin owns a restaurant and Yoongi is the health inspector coming to inspect it.  
genre: fluff, some attempt at humor
wordcount: 758
note: for @seok-lit who thinks i’m “smooth.”

Though Min Yoongi has only been working as an health inspector for a year now, he’s managed to gain a reputation among restaurant owners as the most hard-pressed, no bullshit, old man grouchy inspector. Seokjin has heard tales of restaurants being shut down because Yoongi found a speck of dirt too close to the kitchen food. Or how the sanitizer fluids were off by half a measurement and that was an automatic failure from Yoongi.

Seokjin wasn’t sure how deep the truth ran in these stories, although he knew they had to be partially exaggerated. He’s been dealing with health inspections since he first opened Eat Jin. Seokjin gave equal attention to health and safety as much as he did his recipes and food presentation. He’s always passed inspections with no trouble. Still, when an insider tells him that Yoongi will be his inspector, Seokjin can’t help but sweat. He knows he has nothing to worry about. The lowest score he’s ever gotten on an inspection was a measly 98 out of a 100. But if he believes the horror stories, then a 98 just might put him out of business.

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How I Met Joey Drew

((Okay I know I just gave you a fanfic @ask-joeydrewstudios. But for the day your having. I thought of writing another one for you))

So after seeing the ask about How Henry and Joey met and my ask about if Henry tells Bendy stories. I’ve wondered if Bendy knew the story on how his creator met Henry, and well here is a cute and sweet outcome.

@ask-joeydrewstudios get well soon! 

Also I realized this is my first fanfic to you non-Sammie related. Don’t worry I’ll make another Samsie one for you soon

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The Phone Call With the Mother

The buzzing of his phone on the nightstand wasn’t an uncommon way for Erwin to wake up. But it was the first time an unknown number appeared for the caller ID.

He groaned, his eyes squinted. He shied away from the cracked blinds that sunlight streamed through the cracked blinds. He grabbed his phone and answered it before lying back down in bed.


A muffled whisper conversation was heard on the other line. “Ask him who he is!”

“Why don’t you do it?”

“Just ask the man!”

He cleared my throat. It was too early in the morning for this. “Hello?”

A clearer voice responded. A woman’s. “Y-yes, hello. My name is Angela Arlert. I’m calling about my son.”

Erwin’s brow furrowed before rolling onto his side. Arlert? Armin Arlert? The small blond kid that buys pot from me but can barely take a puff without coughing up a lung? It was kind of endearing though. And cute.

“Armin? What about him, Mrs Arlert?”

Erwin figured that the kid’s parents didn’t know about his little… hobby. He had sold drugs to a lot of teenagers, yet not once has he gotten a ‘concerned parent phone call’ before.

The phone shifted and a man spoke this time. “We’re very worried about our son and your number was the only one in his phone that we didn’t recognise. In fact, it wasn’t even under a name. It was under a flame emoji.”

I chuckled under my breath. A flame emoji? The kid wasn’t subtle, was he?

“So, uh, what’s your name?”

Erwin sat back up, sitting on the edge of his bed. “Erwin, sir. Erwin Smith. Look, you should really talk-”

The phone rustled again and his mother came back on the phone. “Who are you? My little Armin has never kept secrets from his mother. So why has he hidden you?”

Because I deal him drugs. “I can explain, ma’am… But I think it’s better if you ask your son.”

“It’s not like he’d tell me. If he’s hidden you this long, he will keep you a secret from me.”

She made it sound like it was my fault that her son was lying to her. Fuck, Arlert, you are in so much shit when this call is over.

“Who are you?” she demanded. “Tell me.”


“Tell me.”

“You need to-”

“Tell me.”

“I think that-”

“Tell me!”

Fuck this woman was relentless.

“Talk to your son-”

“You tell me now!”

“I’m having sex with him!”


“What?” her voiced cracked a bit.

Shit. Shit. Why did he say that? It wasn’t true. He wasn’t even sure if the kid was gay. Oh shit. Armin was going to kill him.

Erwin stood up and began pacing. “I-I mean, I shouldn’t have told you that. H-He’s not ready, to tell you, I mean.”

“You’re his lover?” his father asked.

“Uh, y-yeah. I am, but-”

“Son, how old are you?”

“25, sir,” Erwin said, masking the panic from his voice completely.

I opened the door and stormed out and into Levi’s room.

“25? You are aware that Armin is just a boy? Only sixteen.”

Erwin covered up the receiver on the phone. “Shit, Levi, you have to help me.”

Levi was straddling his boyfriend, Eren. “What the fuck, eyebrows?”

Erwin sat on the edge of the bed. “Good, Eren, you can help.”

Eren, being the curious person he is, shoved Levi off of him, despite his throbbing boner and sat next to Erwin. “What happened?”

“I’m on the phone with a client’s parents and I just told them I was his lover because I didn’t want to tell them that he was doing drugs.”

Eren nodded, gesturing to the phone. Erwin nodded and put the phone on speaker as Levi groaned, horny and mad.


Erwin responded quickly. “Hello, yes, I’m sorry, I’m just…”

He glanced up at Eren who shrugged. Erwin bit back the urge to groan. Nosey ass isn’t even going to help.

“I’m just worried that Armin will be mad that I told you this. I…”

Erwin paused again, glancing at his two friends, who, once again, had nothing to contribute.

“I don’t want him to get angry at me. And I know he will… c-can you promise me that you won’t tell him that I told you? H-he would be so mad with me and…”

Erwin felt his cheeks flush slightly at saying these sappy things. Levi was sniggering, covering his mouth the restrict the sound.

“I don’t want to lose him,” Erwin finished.

The other side of the line was silent for a few moments, before Armin’s mother spoke. “Oh, I’m so sorry… We won’t tell him, I was just worried about my son. Thank you for putting my mind at ease.”

“I’m glad too, Mrs Arlert.”

Armin’s father laughed before saying:

“Goodbye, Erwin. And I’m sorry for this formality. We just had to make sure our son wasn’t doing drugs or anything.”

The hang up tone played at the three sat in silence. Before Eren burst out laughing.

“Hahaha, oh my God, that’s fantastic!”

Levi shifted himself onto Eren’s lap, “That was pretty entertaining, Erwin. Good luck with the fall out of that by the way. Now get the fuck out.”

Levi pushed Eren backwards onto the bed and kissed him hard. Eren laughed into the kiss before pulling back. “Bye, Erwin. Have fun, who knows? Maybe he’ll sleep with you to protect his little secret.”

Erwin rolled his eyes and stood up, leaving the room.

He closed the door behind him and selecting Armin’s name in his contacts list. He held the phone to his ear as he entered the kitchen.

“Hey, Erwin. It’s rare for you to call me.”

Erwin leaned up against the bench, taking a breath in. “Yeah, so, Arlert. I’m about to tell you something that you may get mad at. Can you keep calm?”

He was quiet for a second. “Wait, what’s happening?”

“So, you’re mom called me.”

He was quiet for almost ten seconds before:


Erwin winced at his piercing voice.

“What do they know? They know I’m doing drugs? Oh God. Oh my God.”

“Armin, Armin, calm down. They don’t know you’re doing drugs.”

Armin breathed a sigh of relief, “Oh you really scared me-”

“They think we’re having sex.”

Armin took a short gasp of air in. “Fuck you. We’re meeting tonight. I’m going to give you a piece of my mind.”

Then he hung up.

Erwin groaned. Fuck, why me?


Erwin sat patiently at the edge of the meadow, looking over the fields of flowers that hit the horizon. They weren’t as pretty at night, but it wouldn’t do to be dealing drugs in broad daylight.

Erwin tapped the grass, running his fingers through it, thinking about what was about to happen. Would he be mad? Of course he would be mad. Fuck, I really needed this kid’s money.

Erwin felt a force hit the back of his head.

“Ow,” Erwin said, looking up at a very angry Armin, rubbing the sore part of the back of his head.

“I’m so pissed with you right now,” Armin seethed.

Erwin wouldn’t have even believed that the small sweet blond could get this mad. “I know, but what was I supposed to say? You’re doing drugs?”

Armin laughed bitterly, “Anything else except that you’re my fucking sugar daddy.”

Erwin stood up and faced Armin, “I’m sorry. I panicked.”

Armin stepped closer, his face way only an inch from mine. “You panicked? You panicked so much that you told my parents that I was gay? You had no right!”

Erwin stepped back from him, slightly bewildered. “Wait, you’re actually gay?”

Armin seemed to get angrier. “And what would have happened if I wasn’t? Huh? What you have done then?”

“I… I don’t know…”

Armin shoved Erwin back, hard. Enough to make the grown man trip and fall over.

“Hey!” he said. “What the hell?”

Armin straddled his chest and started batting him with open palms.

“I can’t believe you! You had no right! They had no idea until you came along! I’m so mad at you!”

“Armin, stop that,” Erwin said gently, grabbing the boy’s wrists.

It was then the boy started crying. Through heavy sobs he let out the words: “They were never supposed to know.”

Erwin gently pulled Armin down, to lie on his chest. Armin cried, his sobs muffled by Erwin’s chest. Armin beat his fists against his chest, but the blows were too weak to do any damage.

“I’m sorry, Armin. I’m really sorry.”

And he was. He had never meant to force the kid to come out to his parents. Erwin sat up, still keeping Armin against his chest. He held the boy, one arm around his waist, and the other hand stroking his blond hair.

He just held him, while he cried. For about ten minutes, they sat in the meadow, the only noise was the wind carrying away Armin’s quiet sobs.

“Armin?” he asked, gently pulling his back from his chest, but Armin held onto his shirt in a tight fist.  

“Do you know why I kept it a secret from them?” he asked.

Erwin made a questioning sound in the back of his throat.

“When I was a child, I lived with my grandfather. My parents worked overseas a lot. They wanted me to have a stable childhood. So I lived with him. One day, when I was eleven, I came home from school. I told him that I had a crush on someone in my class.”

Armin laughed bitterly, gripping Erwin’s shirt harder. “He asked me who it was, with a smile on his face. I told him, that his name was Jean. And that smile dropped straight off his face.”

Armin took in another shaky breath.

“In an instant, he was across the room and slapped me across the face. He told me that what I felt was wrong and that if I stopped it now, he wouldn’t tell my parents.”

He began to cry again. “H-he said that they-they would b-be disappointed… Hic, I-I didn’t want them to be ashamed of me! And now they know!”

Erwin wasn’t an empathic man. But something in the boy’s crying voice struck something in him that made him grip the boy tighter.


The boy angled his face away from Erwin’s chest and up to his face.

His eyes were puffy and red, his face streaked with tears, his lips shaking as he tried to breath normally.

“Listen to me, Armin. He was wrong. Your parents aren’t ashamed of you, they love you.”

Erwin spoke in soft tones, wiping the boy’s tears away. “They weren’t mad when I said it. They were relieved. They thought that you were in trouble.”

Armin let out a sob cross a laugh. “Like drugs?”

Erwin smiled at him. “Yeah, like drugs.”

Armin looked up at Erwin through wet eyelashes, his hands sliding up to rest on Erwin’s shoulders. “They really weren’t disappointed?”

Erwin moved his face closer to Armin’s and whispered, “No. They love you.”

Armin smiled through tears at him. “Thank you, Erwin.”

Erwin just smiled back at him, after a few seconds Armin’s smile dropped. Their faces were less an inch from each other, their noses touching.

“You know, I think that I’m off drugs now,” Armin whispered.

Erwin chuckled softly, “Oh really?”

Armin lips came closer to his as he whispered, “I think I have a new addiction.”

Erwin felt warm lips on his; they were soft, yet unexperienced. Erwin’s tongue ran along the boy’s bottom lip, the soft taste of salt filled his senses. Armin didn’t fight, he simply allowed entrance. Armin had never kissed someone like this before, he had kissed a few guys before, but had never been able to really let go like this.

Erwin was different than horny teenage boys, the kind that just shove their tongue down your throat. Erwin was skilled, soft and gentle yet applied pressure in all the right places. He knew how to make him feel good.

Armin’s hand slid down off his shoulders and down his chest, down to the edge of his shirt. His small hands ran along under the shirt, pressed on warm bare skin. His hands were shaking slightly from nerves and Erwin found that extremely endearing.

He broke the kiss off, leaving Armin with his face flushed red, his lips parted and his blue eyes dulled by a mist of lust. Erwin pulled his shirt up over his head before kissing him again.

Armin took the liberty to feel every inch of bare skin that Erwin had exposed of himself as he enjoyed the sensations Erwin inflicted upon him.

Erwin pulled back from the kiss and turned his head to the east, on the other side of the field, when the rays of dawn licked the horizon.

Armin placed his head back onto Erwin’s chest, watching the sunrise.

“I always love how this field looks at sunrise. It’s when it’s most beautiful,” Erwin said, pressing his lips again Armin’s head.

Armin smiled. “It is really beautiful. But this field is always beautiful, but people like you can only appreciate beauty when the light shines upon it.”

“People like me?” Erwin asked.

Armin hummed. “Yeah, people who see the world in black and white.”

Armin looked up at Erwin again. “But sometimes you need to see the world in colour to appreciate real beauty.”

And as Erwin studied Armin’s face, with the dawn’s light illuminating half his face, and the other half in shadow, Erwin realised that Armin was right. Because both halves were just as beautiful.

So this happened last night. When I was over my boyfriend's house.
  • My boyfriend: *Driving from CVS late night because of reasons*
  • My boyfriend: *Passes a stop sign*
  • My boyfriend: *Gets pulled over*
  • Cop: Do you know why I pulled you over?
  • My boyfriend: *nervously* Y-yes...I drove past a stop sign.
  • Cop: *starts writing up the ticket* License and registration please.
  • My boyfriend: *Fidgets nervously while looking for his license and registration.*
  • Cop: *Gets suspicious* What's in the bag sir?
  • My boyfriend: *Even more nervously* Uh...they're condoms sir.....
  • Cop: *Looks at him oddly* How old are you?
  • My boyfriend: 21....sir...
  • Cop: *Leans into the car, eyes shifting* On a scale of 1-10 what is she?
  • My boyfriend: *Surprised by the question* S-she's a 10 out of 10 sir. She's beautiful.
  • Cop: *laughs writing something on the ticket in big letters* Alright sir drive safer and have a good night!
  • My boyfriend: Y-yes you too! *rolls up window and drives away without getting a ticket*
  • My boyfriend: *Gets back home and tells me what happened*
  • Me: Holy shit, you got saved by a box of condoms.

itty bitty tag dump! 

Another Daughter, Another Chance

Word Count: 412
mentions of character death, angst, fluff
Parings/Characters: Gibbs x (daughter!)Reader, Tony, Ziva, Tim, Ducky, Abby, Palmer, and Jenny Sheppard (mentioned), Mentions of Gibbs x Jenny  
Author: @riversong-sam
Author notes: I know it says 9 years in the show but for this to work in my head, needed her younger.
Tagging: @cm-ncis-writings



Director Jenny Sheppard had been deceased all of three days when (Y/N) came looking for her. The agent that greeted (Y/N) walked her upstairs to Agent Gibbs. He hadn’t told (Y/N) anything when she walked in asking to see her mother, instead he took her bag hooking it on his shoulder, took her hand and walked her upstairs. The child had been away at school and had no idea that her mother was dead.
“Special Agent Gibbs?” the agent said.
He looks up from his desk. “Yes?”
The agent gestures to (Y/N) “She says she’s here to see Director Sheppard”
“Thank you I’ll take it from here” Gibbs says standing and walking to (Y/N), taking her bag from the agent, and kneeling in front of her.
“Who are you? Where’s my mom?” (Y/N) asks.
“I’m Special Agent Gibbs. What’s your name?”
“I’m (Y/N). Please Sir, where’s my mother? I want my mom.” (Y/N) says glancing up towards what she knew to be her mothers’ office.
“(Y/N) look at me.”
She turns her head obediently to look at him. She wasn’t afraid of him, which was good.
“How old are you?”
“I’m six, Sir”
Gibbs stiffens slightly but keeps his composure, as not to frighten (Y/N). Six years ago was when Jenny and he had been together.
“(Y/N), your mom… there was an incident. I’m sorry she didn’t make it.”
She looks down tearing up, and sniffs.
“She’s dead?”
“Yes I’m sorry” he says pulling her into a tight hug, to which she returns locking her arms around his neck and burying her face in the crook. (Y/N) doesn’t sob or make a big fuss like everyone expected, instead she just silently cries against Gibbs. He holds her until she pulls away and takes the necklace holding a key off her neck, and gives it to Gibbs.
“It’s mommies’ safe posit box.” she sniffs and wipes her eyes.  “Pose’ to give to you.”
“Tony, Ziva find the bank this belongs to” Gibbs orders and tosses the key to Tony who catches it, and him and Ziva get to work.
“Find anything and everything about her got it boss.” Tim says referring to (Y/N).
“Come on sweetheart let’s go see a few friends of mine.” (Y/N) nods and reaches for her bag and Gibbs gives it to her. Taking her teddy bear in his Marine Gunnery Sargent uniform out she holds it close, as Gibbs picks her up and goes to see Ducky.

Should I post more?