how old are you again


Death gives birth to tears, tears give birth to anger, when anger turns to rancor, it opens the path for war.

If Yuuri was a stripper back in Detroit Pt 11
  • Yurio: So you didn't retire from skating after all.
  • Yuuri: Yeah, I decided to keep going. I'll definitely win gold next y-
  • Yurio: Yeah yeah whatever. Anyway what would you have even done if you didn't skate? Do you even have any other skills?
  • Yuuri: Well yeah, I uh- I had a previous job *cough*
  • Yurio: What was it?
  • Yuuri: ... How old are you?
  • Yurio: 15, asshole.
  • Yuuri: ... Ask me again in 3 years.
  • Yurio: WTF?! Why when I'm 18?!
  • Yuuri: For litigation purposes.

Peyton: I have one story. Well, Rowan, as I think everyone knows by now, is a complete klutz, right?



What Would Dating Luhan Be Like

aaah, luhan 💕💖  the reason I found kpop in the first place (one day I googled celebs born on the same day as me & this beautiful boy popped up so I decided to investigate & nearly 5 years later, I’ve never looked back)

yixing version: here

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  • first of all, he will always avidly avoid q’s about his age
  • “oh, lu, how old are you this birthday again?” you try to tease
  • before being picked up & thrown on the bed
  • and as he’s littering your neck with open mouthed kisses, you’re thinking ‘shit, was I saying something? I guess not if I can’t remember??’
  • impressing you with his rubix cube skillz
  • also, them finger skillz tho
  • sometimes wondering who luhan loves more; you or minseok
  • trying to make lu jealous by praising minseok like “wow, he looks so cool playing football” or “wow, his coffee tastes so great”
  • and luhan’s like “yeah, minseok is really great, isn’t he?”
  • you’ve even walked in on them watching tv, with luhan’s arm thrown over the back of the couch, that’s quickly removed when he sees you
  • “am I interrupting something?” you wonder
  • tbh they’re probably just watching a football game
  • or just some sport in general
  • no matter how much he adores minseok, he’ll always love you more
  • and shows it in little ways
  • like making you wear his hats
  • or complimenting your cooking since his is crap lol
  • he’s not quite ready for kids yet, but he would like them in the future. so he settles for getting a cat in the meantime
  • and to practice
  • this cat is SPOILED lemme tell you
  • he makes sure to buy her lots of treats, pets her all the time, and all around just loves her
  • which shows how good of a dad he’ll be
  • some day
  • if you’re unafraid of heights, please don’t drag him to rollercoasters or something like that. he’ll probably go to keep you happy & look “manly” but inside he’s oh so scared & terrified
  • so please don’t make him
  • but, if you’re like me, then you two will have lots of cute dates on the ground
  • because nope to heights
  • just nope
  • well, cute dates are whenever possible of course
  • as he’s always busy
  • you make special appearances on his youtube channel, most likely on ‘The Theater of Running Lu’
  • alongside your spoiled cat hahaha
  • he has so much patience
  • so fights are rare
  • but explosive when they happen, esp if he thinks he’s right
  • yet, he’s usually still the first to apologise
  • not having you by his side at night is too much for him to handle
  • his family already consider you family
  • also, side note: he smells so good
  • like, really, really good
  • the greatest
  • it’s a masculine cologne/spray type of scent that lingers when he leaves
  • 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌
  • pulls funny faces to make you laugh
  • his derp face is everything lbr
  • so if you want to annoy him just say
  • “ah, but you’re still so pretty!”
  • and find yourself once again on the bed, manly marks being left on your neck, thinking ‘was something happening before this? I don’t think so’
  • lu’s the type to be like
  • “look at my beautiful human” and show you off everywhere
  • not shy about PDA
  • it makes him feel manly
  • calls you his ‘queen/king’
  • asks your advice a lot, since he cherishes your opinion and you giving earnest opinions that are all in order to look after him, just makes him melt inside
  • night routines of brushing your teeth together then cuddling in bed with the cat at your feet
  • overall, the relationship is filled with adoration, trust and devotion
  • with a healthy dash of smut and cuddles