how old am i again

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Hi admin!! Hope you don't mind me asking how old you are? 😊

// Bruh, I’m old af. LOL I actually got several admin questions that I’ll lump together later. (I haven’t had time yet, sorry ;;) But yes hello, you can call me Dissu! (It’s my art nickname– long story lol) I am a ‘92 liner (hello im a dinosaur) who will forever be BTS’ noona. (I’m really a kid at heart though, so I like don’t really act my age if you couldn’t tell by now ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ LOL) I am a self proclaimed grandma and sparkling rock– so my spirit animal is pretty much Yoongi. (My hair is also dyed grey atm so it kinda fits the grandma motif, but I digress)  Though, if Jin was born earlier in the year he could have been older than me, but all of them are like my precious grandchildren tbh.

On a completely different tangent tho, if any of you guys need any life/career/school advice or just wanna talk, feel free to message (via the message feature) me! :D I can’t guarantee that I can answer everything, but I’ve had a bunch of ups and downs that I’ve gone through have left me with some life wisdom, I so if you need someone to talk to, I’m always open to chat! I just uh … may not be the fastest responder in the world. (If you also need cute dog pictures to make you happy, I will spam you with pictures of mine) (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

- <3 admin


Color doodles

As you can clearly see, i am not good with colors NOR digital painting. 

I had a bad day today, couldn’t make myself draw anything despite the big plans i had for it, so i decided to try a new approach.

Top 10 reasons why meebs should not paint and use colors…



You know it’s bad when I freeze and can’t talk to a lady.

And after trying to be funny (it was a birthday party) she asked me how old I am and I said 19 (again, being funny, it was related to the first joke) and she laughed and said “of course not!” and then I said “well 27” and she laughed again and said “really! tell me!” and I felt even older. But I didn’t even ask back. Because I froze. I suck, man.

It barely ever happens but it happens with her. Maybe it’s a good sign. Maybe it’s a good reminder.

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Listen, you have a very old post about "How to propose a girl" and she said "I won't get married until someone proposes in the 3rd technique/way". I just wanted to know if you're married now??? How old are you again??

I am not married! No one has ever proposed in that weird position to me!

And I am currently still clinging to mid-30s. :-)

The signs on their centennial
  • Aries: thinks that they won some kind of contest for outliving their friends
  • Taurus: spends the whole time saying "back in my day"
  • Gemini: "why iSN'T THIS ICE CREAM CAKE???!!!?!!?"
  • Cancer: invites their whole extended family
  • Leo: "why. are. there. people. at. my. house."
  • Virgo: "where are my hundred presents"
  • Libra: "the end is nigh"
  • Scorpio: sleeps in
  • Sagittarius: is fully clad in party clothes
  • Capricorn: spends the day telling exaggerated stories about no WiFi.
  • Aquarius: thinks they will surely die the next day
  • Pisces: "how old am I again"
  • Thank you for all your support! This is my hundredth post!