how obama won

anonymous asked:

Idk if you've talked about this before but I was wondering if there's any anxiety about if Bernie sanders wins either the demo spot or election and what that might mean for antisemitism? Like how when Obama won, there was a sudden rise in racism

First of all, I don’t think Obama’s win caused a spike in racism. It simply made the racists go public. I think if Bernie wins the nomination and/or Presidency the same thing will happen with anti-semites. I know this is probably not going to be a popular view, but I want those fuckers to reveal themselves for what they are. I want them to show their faces in the public square and own what they are. I want the people who have been silent on antisemitism to finally acknowledge its reality in the United States.  Because if things keep going how they’ve been going over the last 20 odd years, this country is going to go the way of Europe. It’s already starting to. In some parts of the country we’re already there.