how not to photoshop


you can see how i got progressively lazier with these

if these weren’t due tomorrow i would’ve definitely done more with them (especially the froot one, i love that album so fucking much and i wish i had more time lol). i was about to cut my own hair to get the hair in the electra heart one but luckily i found a decent pic of hair on the internet that i stole.

it was so easy for me to find a lettering style for the family jewels but electra heart was so hard… that font is so iconic but i wanted to do my own… and the froot one i didnt even try lmao.

i also bought a shit ton of gum to make the background for electra heart. i was gonna originally use the gum wrappers but i realize gum comes in more fun colors. 

i just came up with an idea of how to fix the froot one but im too tired to do it right now lol. maybe another time when i dont have a million different things to do.

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the size of the file it can be!! like okay 2mb (megabytes) used to be the limmit which is a bitCH when u wanna make longer or 500px/540px gifs like a so often do and u gotta trim them and cut out layers n make em super short now u can gif an actual scene of something u want even if its a big gif aND color it without it being too large a file

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Photoshop is horrible to use while making gifs, this site is way better and gives you some other special effects, it's free too :D ezgif(.)com

ooooo thank you i’ll check it out in a little bit! 

for now though im going to revel in feeling proud of myself for not punching a hole through my laptop screen while teaching myself how to use photoshop, like i have the worst temper, it’s a miracle my laptop is still in one piece. so i want to celebrate it


headcanon that the russian team is just a bunch of fucking trolls  (feat. Yuuri bc they’re all rinkmates now)


“Everything is ‘terrible?’ Don’t make me laugh. So what about me…for me, it’s been terrible since I was born.”