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I'm pretty clueless about art so I hope you don't mind my questions and that they make sense... How do you do your art? Do you use a certain computer program? The coloring in your art is so beautiful so I'm pretty curious.

hi, friend! I only use Photoshop (CS6),  let me show you how I do it:

I usually sketch stuff on paper and take a picture of it with my phone. (I could scan it, but I’m lazy) Then i just change the blending mode of the layer to make my “line art”. 

I use the Linear Light mode. (sorry, it’s in spanish)

And i change the hue to a pink tone, which is my trade mark ♥

Then I paint underneath this layer with a brush I made myself (it’s just a blend of different textured brushes)

The shading I made in the sketch and the paper texture helps create the water color look ;o  I use a lot of warm colors ♥♥ 

uh..I’m not very good at explaining. I hope this helps anyways ♥

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aa a i hope u can help me!! i was wondering if u knew how to mass/batch edit icons using a psd on photoshop?? i have 400+ and i wanna know if its possible before doing it all by hand qq

personally , i’ve never tried to do this myself so i’m not sure how well these work or if there’s alternative ways to go about it. this one looks quite in depth & they have pictures to go by as well , this one has a three part tutorial & is quite detailed as well !! you could always try & combine the tutorials since they might have different tips & tricks within them. if any of my followers know of a good tutorial to do this, please feel free to reply to this post for the anon !!

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Hi there! So I love your WCIF reply template. I'm assuming it's a Photoshop psd you have set up? Smart object maybe?? If so, do you have a tutorial on how to do that or could you briefly explain? I just started learning Photoshop and I'd love to figure out how to make nice WCIFs :) Thanks for your time! :)

I sure can! :D I chose the very basic and simple way because I didn’t want to to go to a lot of trouble over it, to be honest. It’s just a simple png I paste my preview on, nothing too fancy. ahah I had to re-write this “tutorial” three times because it was way too long each time for no reason, I hope this one will do the job. :s If there’s anything, I’m here to help, no problem! ❤️ :)

  1. Download a font you like and install it in your Font folder.
  2. Open Photoshop > file > New… Because 540 is the default size display of the dash, I prefer to use this width. Height is as you like and Transparent background to adapt to your theme color. You can use another color, of course.
  3. With the Text tool, write whatever you’d like to (I simply wrote wcif), you can change the color, size and the position as your liking. You can then double-click on the layer to add effects on your text (I used Drop Shadow).
  4. At this point, you can save your template as a .png and open it whenever you need to use it. :)
  5. For the round preview, I just open the picture I want to use, encircle what I want to show with the Elliptical Marquee Tool and copy/paste it on my template.
  6. Resize it with edit > Free Transform > W % and H % and just like the text, I double-click on the layer of the preview and add the Drop Shadow effect.
  7. Select all layers > merge layers and save as a .png tadam! :)

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can you please tell me how you're good at everything? photoshop, writing, filming, photography, what AREN'T YOU GOOD AT, BRI? TELL ME

i’m not good at everything lol. i can’t dance and do a bunch of other shit that’s escaping my mind at the moment

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in your faq u say that u use the stroke tool to get a better outline.. but what settings do u use it on? (like center inside?? multiply?)

hiya anon! only i (mod leo) use photoshop cc so i’m not sure how the others do it, but i’ll do my best to tell u my way! c:

you see how allura’s outline is a lot thinner than the rest of the lines? that’s because when i cut out the image, i try and keep what i call ‘line noise’ out of the image.

this is the ‘line noise’, that surrounds the outline in a lighter color than the actual line. this is why i always have a neon background under my work so i can see it! :D

after i cut it out, i use these settings! for the outline color, i use the eyedropper tool to pick the darkest line color out of the image, so it matches the lighting and doesn’t look too dark!

i hope this helped you! ;v;

- Mod Leo

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Since you use Photoshop do you have any advice on how to stop lagging?

i use manga studio 5 EX anon so nope no advice, sorry!