how not to do yoga


‘I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.’
-Pablo Picasso
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Shit Abled People Say #300

“Have you tried yoga??? My aunt did it when she had back pain and it cured her it’ll cure you too!!!”
My pre-calculus teacher when I told her that I have scoliosis and that makes it hard to sit in one position for very long.

I wonder how you do not see that you alone exist, living equally in everything, living completely in everything always burning but never declining.

Remember, you alone in-dwell all things always.

You were never born, you were never dead; body was never you.

You are the good in every place, at all times in and out. Why then do you run hither and thither as does a deluded spirit?
—  The Avadhuta Gita
Fitblr ask game

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  1. Favourite healthy meal?
  2. Are you a runner?
  3. Short term fitness goal/s?
  4. Long term fitness goal/s?
  5. Do you use a gym?
  6. Does your family eat healthily?
  7. Do your family/friends/partner support you trying to be healthy?
  8. Favourite fruit?
  9. Favourite vegetable?
  10. Why did you start a fitblr?
  11. What running or gym shoes do you wear?
  12. Favourite pizza?
  13. Favourite workout song?
  14. Do you workout alone or with a friend?
  15. Do you drink enough water?
  16. Do you like making smoothies?
  17. Favourite work out top?
  18. Favourite form of cardio?
  19. What time of day do you workout?
  20. How do you pass the time during cardio?
  21. How do you measure your progress?
  22. Do you do yoga?
  23. What is your favourite protein or energy bar?
  24. Breakfast or dinner?
  25. Favourite stretch?
  26. Would you drink a green smoothie?
  27. Which fitblrs inspire you?
  28. Do any ‘real life’ people know about your fitblr?
  29. Do you like team sports?
  30. What motivates you?
  31. Do you use protein powder?
  32. Do you do meal prep?
  33. Would you ever like to run a marathon?
  34. What do you eat for breakfast?
  35. What is your favourite nut butter?
  36. How long do you normally workout for?
  37. Favourite dessert?
  38. How much sleep do you get?
  39. What bad habit are you most glad you broke?
  40. What’s in your gym bag?
  41. What fitness related achievement are you most proud of?
  42. Have you tried HIIT cardio?
  43. Do you track macros?
  44. Do you track calories?
  45. Favourite fitness/health apps?
  46. Do you have a fitbit?
  47. Do you ever drink?
  48. Favourite snack?
  49. Do you like bananas?
  50. Favourite place to eat?

Since you liked the image of @nolatrees that much yesterday, I want to show you today how to do that #yoga pose. Enjoy!
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“get help if it’s that bad!” funny how im seeing a therapist and a psychiatrist, regularly doing ~relaxing~ yoga, taking the highest dose of medication i can without physically harming side effects, doing my best to maintain a routine, and every single other thing i’ve ever been told to do by doctors and i’m still not getting better! sometimes help just doesn’t fucking actually help and i wish everyone would lay off im doing my best. fuck

Really, how are you doing?

2016 was year was a hard one. I carried a lot of guilt, hurt, and resentment over situations I did not have control over. I believed I deserved to suffer and I did not deserve happiness because other people in my life were hurting. It wasn’t until recently that I realized i have no control on how other people choose to act or their feelings. I started taking care of me. I started asking myself how are you, how are you doing mentally? I’m discovering myself

We all need to ask ourselves that. Take a moment to ask yourself, how are you doing? I’m taking my mental health more seriously. Yoga and meditation really improved my mental state.

Happy Friday!

Had to capture this moment… because this was the moment where I took a step back and felt pure happiness. Happiness from being able to study something for the sole purpose of learning. Not for grades or my gpa. For myself. It’s a rare feeling to come by in this day and age (unfortunately).

So remember friends: take the time to learn something you actually want to learn. Whether it’s psychology, medicine, yoga, or how to fly a freaking plane. Do it for yourself, you deserve it!


Vinyasa Flow guided practice :] 37 minutes

Use this at home or when you’re on the go. Great for all levels.


• Start on your knees with the elbows shoulder width apart and the forearms parallel, keep the arms fixed in this position throughout.
• Spread your fingers wide, and push strongly down into the mat, as though you are pressing the ground away from you.
• Don’t let your shoulders collapse around the neck, keep lifting them up towards the waist.
• Tuck the toes under and begin to straighten the legs. Walk the feet in towards the face, aiming to get the hips come high over the elbows. The closer you can walk the feet in, the less momentum you need to get up.
• Look between the hands- keeping your eyes fixed on a spot makes it easier to balance. Kick one leg up and the other. As you progress you are trying to use less momentum and more control.
• You may start off in more of a banana shape but try to straighten out the bend once you find your balance.
• Reach the toes to the sky, squeeze your thighs towards each other. tuck the ribs in and strongly engage your core for stability. Use your fingertips as brakes as the balance shifts.
• And last but not least - ENJOY! Don’t take yourself too seriously! It’s doesn’t matter if you fall, just smile and try again! 😀

some of my best students are inflexible

how many times do yoga instructors hear “I’m not flexible enough to do yoga”

but flexible people often need strength building practices to balance their natural mobility. If you’re inflexible, a yoga class is the perfect place for you.