how not to bind a book

It doesn’t matter what your personal opinion is. It doesn’t matter if you think a big ole watermark looks bad. Or if you think the artist should be happy their work is being spread by reposts. Or if you think that it’s fan art so they don’t have a right to claim it. Or if everyone else is reposting too.

That is an opinion.

What is legally binding is COPYRIGHT. You literally have to wait something like 90 years after I’m dead before my work becomes ‘free to use’.

Copyright protects a creator. Giving them the rights to control how their art is used. Copyright means Zagtoon could tell us all to take down our gif sets/stills from their show if they felt compelled.

Trademark means they could make us take down our fan art if they choose. (Specifically if we’re making money off it)

But copyright also means Thomas Astruc himself could not take our work from the net and sell them in an art book without at least a big complex contract signing between all parties.

So if the owners of the Ladybug IP are not allowed to use our work without permission despite owning trademark, some asshole youtuber who ‘only owns their voice’ can fuck right off.

How To Keep a Diary Like Virginia Woolf

“Begin by making your own diary-books. Find some old books in a second-hand shop or a car boo sale, books with good covers and bindings. Pull out some pages and fill them with your own choice of paper. Disguise your diary inside old school textbooks, the ones that used to teach grammar. Virginia Woolf was appalled by her negligent grammar. But grammar was not the point. Practice writing with and without it. Allow yourself to move. Woolf galloped through sentences in her diary, in a haphazard way. ‘It loosens the ligaments,’ she said. Her diary was somewhere she could appear ‘slovenly’ and ‘elastic’. Not everything we jot down in our diaries needs to be carefully thought out. Put on baggy clothes. Relax your mental joints. No one but you is looking. Let your brain go loose and floppy. Let your hand lead the way. Get inside your body and find a rhythm. Bring your brain into contact with your breathing. Let go.”

Sally Bayley, The Private Life of the Diary

I didn’t mean to, but I think I’ve crafted myself a new (physical) grimoire! I’m still kinda learning how to bind books with leather and making do with the tools/supplies I have on hand, so it’s a little bit messy but I’m still proud of it! I’m especially partial to creating my own magical tools since they tend to grow with me, and I’m glad to have this joining the ranks :-) 

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Do this whenever u feel like but I'm a massive book lover and enjoy writing sooo if you could write headcanons with Odasaku bonding with his s/o through books and writing?

Ahhh this is super cute!

Probably met you in a bookstore or at a little cafe attached to one and noticed the book you were reading.

• Cue slightly flustered Odasaku fumbling with the binding of the book he was looking at while trying to figure out how to say hello without coming off as a creeper.

• After you’ve both been dating for awhile he asks to see some of the things you’ve written, and shares with you his dream of becoming a novelist. 

• Loves creating a little romantic snuggle pit in his bed for ‘reading dates’ where he has soft music playing in the background while you both cuddle and read each other’s favorite books. 

• He goes all out for these little dates because they’re his favorite. He buys and lights candles and dims the regular room lights so you both can still read but the ambiance is soft and romantic. He cooks for you and buys a fresh bouquet of roses to put on the bedside table as well.

• One of his favorite things to do when you two first started dating was lay on the roof of his apartment building looking at the stars and discussing the characters you absolutely hated in certain books. 

• Reads your favorite book to you when you’re stressed or not feeling well.

• Buys an entirely separate bookshelf so your books have a place of their own when you’re over at his apartment. It’s also his sly way of coaxing you into living with him. 

• Somehow manages to get the books you want before they hit the shelves, and he leaves them for you on his pillow when he leaves for work before you wake up.

i remember the first time i watched bungou and saw kunikida’s notebook i got really excited bc i knew how to make notebooks like that  LMAO 

i took a book making course in college and learned how to make all kinds, and the japanese stab binding was one of the first ones i learned how to make. it’s relatively simple and i like to imagine kunikida learning how to make his own instead of buying them bc it’s relaxing and methodical and i feel like he would put a lot of time and effort into perfecting his technique 

He looks up at the top shelf, and sighs. Tony runs a hand through his hair, fingers catching on several tangles and tightly wound curls. He winces, and stares at the offending curls that hang down into his eyes.

Tony likes the library. It’s calm, filled with the soothing scent of paper and leather bindings, and he gets to take as many books out as he wants, as long as he brings them back in good condition, which he always does out of fear of death.

What he doesn’t like, however, is how all of the books he actually wants are on the top shelves, where he can’t even hope of reaching. He could jump, but there’s always the chance he’ll fall and brain himself on the bookcase behind him.

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Jay Drew and the Case of the Crimes That Wouldn’t Be Solved

Jay marches into the hotel suite and throws a hat onto the table with a sulk. The hat looks like the one Sherlock Holmes has in stories despite being bright yellow: I don’t ask where he got it, or from who.

“Kiddo. Something wrong?”

“Solving crimes is really hard, Charlie!”

I resist the urge to turn on the TV. We’re on the eighth floor, so the odds are good any sirens I hear might not involve Jay. It’s at least possible that none of them do, but he has been on his own for over two hours so I wouldn’t bet money on it. I set the book I was reading aside. “Jay. You can do bindings like nothing else in the universe. How is it hard to solve crimes?”

“Lots of them don’t want to be solved at all,” he wails.

I pause. Mentally back up a few steps. “You – ask the crimes if they want to be solved?”

“It would be really rude to solve them otherwise,” he explains.

“People normally solve crimes by finding and following clues.”

“Oh! I don’t do that. Clues are just traps to throw you off guard,” he says.

“Clues are traps?”

“Like in Clue, because you end up thinking wrong-things even if they make sense cuz clues lead you away from stuff you should be really seeing and a smart criminal would leave lots of clues so they never get found at all!” He beams proudly at that logic.

“So instead you ignore clues and talk to the crime itself.” I can’t help myself. “What if it doesn’t want to talk to you?”

“Who wouldn’t want to talk to a Jay?” he asks, honestly baffled.

“What kind of crime did you try and solve today?” I ask slowly.

“I found a dead end street and I asked why it was dead and! helped make it not dead, but that wasn’t a crime so I found a wall that didn’t want to have graffiti and the graffiti didn’t want to tell me who wrote it and that was all kinds of rude-face.” He thumps down in the chair beside me.

“Ah. You might want to talk to Honcho about this?”

“But then he might solve crimes for me and – ooh! I just sensed another one,” and Jay vanishes a moment later.

I text the wandering magician. The text includes several rude and urgent words. And then I turn on the tv. The news anchor is explaining that the station can’t field any more calls or tweets at this time regarding the state of Cloverside Road. If nothing else, Jay has probably solve the crime of people not watching the local news. I send a text to the number the fae gave me over a year ago, with just the word ‘Adventures.’ They’ll pinpoint the city we’re in and send someone to cover up Jay’s enthusiasm with glamour. Hopefully.

All I can do is hope Jay doesn’t try and solve a true crime, or run into one.

yellow is an odd color. I always thought that I didn’t like it, that it was too obnoxious & happy.
I thought happiness was rainy days & being alone. maybe that was peace, & maybe peace is what I needed. but now I need to be happy, & yellow is happy.
yellow is the panera where I was supposed to have lunch with james, but the poor sleepy thing was 45 minutes late & he wouldn’t let me buy him coffee.
yellow is the binding of the book encouraging me to wander, & I did, around the store, for half an hour.
yellow is dana’s hat as I stood at the counter of the cafe where she works & we talked about how time heals all.
yellow is the lining of the clouds as I looked up at the sky & realized I don’t want to be alone anymore.
yellow is happy, & I like being happy.
—  today was a good day

During my rare book conservation training block, I stabilized various bindings from the Fales Library & Special Collections under the supervision of the Special Collections Conservator, Lou Di Gennaro. The books that I treated included The Illustrated London News, a newspaper and The Observator in Dialogue, a unique coffee house publication printed by a woman.  Each presented its own challenges. I evaluated the treatments with Lou Di Gennaro, focusing on how to regain the integrity of the binding while retaining as much of its original material as possible.

The treatment of The Illustrated London News was challenging due to its size, measuring 415 x 292 x 40 mm. First, I removed the distorted and deteriorated spine lining. Then, I re-sewed the loose gatherings onto the original linen cords in-situ using the original sewing stations. To reinforce the board-to-textblock attachment, I applied a laminate of cross-grained Japanese paper (Sekishu) to the spine with extending hinges onto the boards. Next, I toned airplane linen with acrylics to match the original covering material. Finally, I repaired the original spine piece using Japanese paper and adhered it back on.  

In the case of The Observator in dialogue, the textblock consisted of independent single folios that later were over-sewn and bound. In conversation with the Librarian for Printed Books at Fales Library, Charlotte Priddle, we discussed whether to retain the failed library binding or discard it. We decided to remove the binding and return it to its original format of loose sheets. I removed the spine lining, adhesive, and over-sewing. Then, I constructed a four-flap enclosure to hold the loose sheets and created a corrugated blue box to house the original boards and the individual sheets together.

Mission completed!

Post by Mellon Fellow Lyudmyla Bua



One of the most expensive college experiences is buying textbooks.  There are some various options that you have though.  My main point is in regards to the last option “loose-leaf books”.  Even if you usually buy used and think you save the most money possible, look at this option as it is something I have never heard of before and assume that most other people haven’t either!

What to take into consideration when purchasing/renting books:

  • How long will you keep the book (for the semester vs. forever)
  • Do you plan on marking in the book 
  • Price/Budget
  • Is the book for your major or for a general education class 
  • If you purchase used: quality of the book (markings, highlighting, tears, wear, water damage, stains, broken binding, etc.) 
  • If you purchase online: reliability of the seller (look at feedback)
  • How long will it take for you to receive your book (is it on back-order)

Purchase from the bookstore: Please don’t do this.  This is the place that you will probably spend the most on textbooks.  Unless you wish to spend hundreds of dollars more than you need to, there is no reason to purchase books at your school’s bookstore.

Purchase New:  If you want to buy a book in pristine condition, you can buy new books online via amazon.  Usually this is a cheaper option than buying through the bookstore.  This still isn’t the cheapest option but if you plan on keeping the book for future classes or for your career and you will repeatedly refer back to it, then this is a good option.  You don’t have to worry about wear/tear from previous owners and there isn’t any writing or marking in the book which is always nice. 

Purchase Used: Most of the books I have purchased throughout my undergraduate/masters programs have been used.  You can look for these books through amazon,, and other similar sites.  You can even ask around on campus and see if there is someone who is willing to sell you their old book.  Make sure to check out or ask about the condition of the book.  If there is some scuffing, is this really such a big deal?  On the other hand, if it is all marked up and written in is this going to benefit you or confuse you?  When purchasing used the main thing I pay attention to is the amount of marking that is in the book. 

Rent: This is another option for saving money on books.  The biggest flaw (in my opinion) is that you won’t be able to mark in the book.  I guess you could overcome this problem via sticky notes, but you would still have to worry about accidently spilling on the book in those late night study sessions with coffee.  I guess as clumsy as I am, this is not an option as I would consider but to each their own.  If you do this, I would put a heavy-duty book cover on the book and be very aware of liquids or other things that could damage the book. 

Loose-leaf books: This is something that I just learned about in the past month.  I figured this out via amazon.  There was a book I had to purchase for the upcoming semester that was going to cost me around $250 new or upwards of $200 used in good condition.  I don’t know about other people, but I really don’t want to spend that much on a statistics book that I probably won’t use again after the class is over.  As I was searching amazon (my preferred site for buying books) I noticed there was a copy that was posted for about $110.  My first reaction was “what is wrong with this book?” You want to be aware of cheap copies usually because there is something seriously wrong with the book when it is that cheap (usually, not always).  As I read the description I realized that it was a “loose-leaf” copy of the book.  Basically it is the textbook, but unbound and three-hole punched.  I purchased this, it came wrapped in saran wrap, and I put it in a “heavy duty binder” (because I always have at least 3 empty ones on hand.  If you love binders like I do… I have a weird binder fetish… then this is a great option for saving money!  The nice thing too is if you just need one chapter of the book, you can place it in another binder and not have to carry the entire thing to the library or across campus.  Honestly there is so much information about the previous options I listed, but I had never previously heard about this option and I don’t know how common it is.  If you love binders and want to save money though, you should seriously consider this option! Here are some pictures for all my “visual” followers.  

How I received the “book”: 

Placed in a binder:

If you have any questions, as always feel free to comment or message me! 

Happy Studying, 


After years of being asked by readers for a bind-up of these Darkest Minds novellas/side stories (“road stories,” as I call them), I’m so pleased that Through the Dark is finally here! As I say in the book’s introduction, the title perfectly encapsulates the message of these novellas–and, actually, the series as a whole: no matter how terrifying or dangerous the world may seem, there is still a place for hope in it, and the way through it is by protecting and loving one another. Happy reading! Let me know what you think of the new novella (featuring some old, familiar faces), Beyond the Night!

Draco & Harry duelling

Because their duel in The Cursed Child is ridiculous. Look at these two idiots. How would they even remember what spells did they cast at each other almost 30 years ago?

DRACO: Incarcerous

HARRY dodges a blast from DRACO’s wand.

Should I remind you this one binds the person with rope? And from what I remember from The Prisoner, it binds and gags. I knew Draco had kinks…

HARRY: Tarantallegra!

DRACO throws himself out of the way.

You’ve been practicing, Draco.

Excuse me, of course he’s been practicing, since, like, 2nd year:

Gasping for breath, Malfoy pointed his wand at Harry’s knees, choked, ‘Tarantallegra!’ and next second Harry’s legs had begun to jerk around out of his control in a kind of quickstep. 

U sure you don’t know any other spells, guys..?

DRACO: And you’ve got sloppy, Potter. Densaugeo!

HARRY just manages to get out of the way.

OH come now! Isn’t that what he tried to use on Harry in the 4th year?

For a split second, they looked into each other’s eyes, then, at exactly the same time, both acted.
‘Furnunculus!’ Harry yelled.
Densaugeo!’ screamed Malfoy.

Now, Harry, calm your gay instincts, because…

HARRY: Rictusempra!

DRACO uses a chair to block the blast.

…not only is this a Tickling Charm, it’s also what he used on Draco in their 2nd year.

Harry pointed his wand straight at Malfoy and shouted,


A jet of silver light hit Malfoy in the stomach and he doubled up, wheezing.

‘I said disarm only!’ Lockhart shouted in alarm over the heads of the battling crowd, as Malfoy sank to his knees; Harry had hit him with a Tickling Charm, and he could barely move for laughing. Harry hung back, with a vague feeling it would be unsporting to bewitch Malfoy while he was on the floor.

Really straight of you, Harry *cough* I mean noble *cough* yes. Did he want Draco on his knees again? Because Draco was already laughing throughout this whole “fight”

DRACO: Flipendo!

HARRY is sent twirling through the air. DRACO laughs.

So many deadly and serious spells, I am shocked

HARRY: Brachiabindo!

DRACO is bound tightly.

DRACO: That really the best you got? Emancipare.

DRACO releases his own binds.

Harry your kinks are showing


HARRY has to throw himself out of the way.

Mobilicorpus! Oh, this is too much fun …

DRACO bounces HARRY up and down on the table. And then as HARRY rolls away, DRACO jumps onto the table — he readies his wand, but as he does, HARRY hits him with a spell …

Draco no

HARRY: Obscuro!

DRACO releases himself from his blindfold as soon as it hits.

They’re both into BDSM and they’re totally flirting.

America is home to 5 % of the world’s population but 25 % of the world’s prisoners.

President Barack Obama
From Netflix’s documentary “13th”
Directed by Ava DuVernay

Wow! Most of the incarcerated in America are people of color, mostly black men. I’m reading a book, Bind is Apart: How Enlightened Americans Invented Racial Segregation by Nicholas Guyatt. It’s been enlightening. We don’t learn how the founding fathers grappled with what to do with Africans and Native Americans in light of the founding creed, “all men are created equal.” There was a serious effort to convince Africans to board ships and establish a separate nation in Liberia and encourage Native Americans to be subsumed into the white population through intermarriage. When those options proved to be less than viable, separate but equal was born. Obviously mass incarceration has been the means used to control, subdue, manage, (insert word of choice_______) blacks.

Janet Varney, the talented voice of Korra and all-around amazing human, forwarded Mike and me copies of this absolutely incredible book a few weeks ago. It is a collection of letters written to Mike, Janet, Seychelle Gabriel (the talented voice of Asami and similarly all-around amazing human), me, and often the extended crews of Korra and Avatar, from a community of people on the sub-reddit /r/Korrasami (my apologies if I didn’t use the correct lingo there, as I am reddit illiterate). I gather this community existed and grew throughout the run of the series, but all of these letters (peppered with charming fan art) were written in the wake of the series finale with the intention of binding them together in a book as a gift for us. The project was spearheaded by Dispari, featuring cover art by DrakyX. 

Mike and I had lunch about a week ago and discussed the book. We both said the same things: how we were completely overwhelmed and touched, and how we were taking our time going through this dense document, reading just a few of the letters each day. There really is no other way to process them. They are all so packed with such personal, powerful, touching messages, predominantly from people in the LGBTQ community, from all over the world. In fact, it is so raw and overwhelming that I don’t know if I will ever be able to fully process the impact our series has had on the many people who have reached out to us. 

I was planning on waiting until I had gotten through the entire book before posting about it, but there is a strong likelihood I will be meeting some of the contributors to this beautiful project this coming weekend at San Diego Comic Con. In that event, I want all of you to know beforehand just how moved I am by this collective gesture. I struggle to put it into words… at least ones that will come close to matching the power of what I have read so far. Some of you who wrote letters expressed a similar loss for words and difficulty distilling your feelings down to a simple letter, so I will just say what those of you said: THANK YOU. 

I wish you all love, acceptance, perseverance, and peace.


Headcanon: Rewrite the Book (has this been done?)

So you know how Natsu’s life is connected to the Book of E.N.D, which was written by Zeref. This of course means that his life is intertwined with his big bro.

So what if someone rewrote the book?

Who was introduced as an author? Lucy.

(Sure, you could say Levy could also rewrite the book. But do you really think she would? Do you think Mashima would bind Levy and Natsu together? Not likely.)

Natsu would be bound to Lucy’s life. Which would allow him to kill Zeref without dying as well. But that also means that he would only live as long as Lucy.

But would that be so bad?

And if she rewrote the book, she could change not only whose life Natsu was connected to….she could change the part where it says he has to hate Zeref.

But would she? And would Natsu want that?

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How did you get into book conservation?

Ohhhhhhh gosh okay. I’ve got a short answer and a long answer and you’re gonna get both.

The short answer: when I was 11 I read Inkheart and decided I wanted to fix old books. So I did.

The long answer: when I was 11 I read Inkheart and decided I wanted to be a bookbinder, because that’s what Mo is called in that book and while his work is much more freelance private conservation, it’s referred to as bookbinding. Which is not to say that binding is not part of conservation, it absolutely is, but conservation means many more kinds of tasks and treatments than traditional bookbinding. So I thought about that for a while but never considered it as an actual potential career until I was in my 20s and trying to figure out what I wanted to do after college, lolwhoops.

My alma mater is p much Western book central, and produces a fair number of librarians, one of whom I met at a sort of career fair. I told her I wanted to work with old books and she suggested I look into conservation. So I did and I was like holy shit this looks like everything I want to do ever. I got an internship with an archive in the town where I went to school, and I loved it. Basically as soon as I got to look at a book and go “that doesn’t look safe and protected” and got to make it safe and protected by myself with my hands, it was like pushing the happiness button in my brain. Fix a book, push the button, release positive endorphins. I ended up really enjoying the very fine, focused work that conservation requires, and I have never met a single boring person in the field yet. I also love working with historical objects, especially handwritten manuscripts. Touching something that someone made hundreds of years ago is a feeling I can’t describe, it transcends all companionship and understanding of people. Also I like talking to the objects I work with, which is nice because they don’t laugh at me.

So the moral of this story is that I love doing quiet things and touching old stuff other people aren’t allowed to touch.