how nice and protective of louis and harry right

#84: When he's angry

Niall: It’s so strange, so odd; simply terrifying to see him looking like that. No smile on his lips, no shine in his eyes, just rage contained in red color spread all over his face, resulting in a vein popping out of his neck. He’s not cute anymore, once cuddly body all tensed making him look bigger. Even his hair doesn’t seem the same; not fluffy anymore, but something which looks just sharp enough to stab you. Intimidating.

Zayn: He’s always been known for his sharp features, something angel-like, making him look like a model. It’s not the same. With his eyes almost dark, jaw tightly clenched and knuckles almost white under the pressure of his tightened fist, he could be easily mistaken for a devil itself. Watch out of him when he’s angry because he could break and scream and shout until he’s finally calm again having something he’s wanted from the start.

Louis: It’s not so easy to imagine him being angry when he’s so soft and fluffy and everything what comes with that. But when something pushes him tot he edge, there’s no more smile on his face, no more shine contained in his eyes, no more brightness in his face, just pure rage waiting to be released. Somehow, his voice becomes strangely deeper, getting along perfectly with his clenched fists. Just like that, the boy you love and worship is gone under the cover of pure rage.

Liam: His temper is not short, he’s not too sensitive either, but when something pushes him to the point where it’s better not to see him, the boy you know is totally gone. With clenched jaw and tightened fists which make his knuckles turn pale color, he stands still, trying to process the whole scene. An outline of hard muscles is already visible under the thin fabric over his shirt and just like that the sweet boy is totally gone, occupied with rage.

Harry: Being the size he is and having the frame he does, it’s not too hard to imagine him all red with a vein adorning both his neck and forehead. Once he reaches the point where his entire body is tensed, you manage to see the hint of darkness in his eyes you don’t recognize as something good; he’s furious. And all of the sudden, he’s not so sweet not nice anymore, completely lost in attempt to protect someone he cares bout the most - you. 

Preference #300: He gets protective after another guy hits on you

Niall: “What is wrong with you?” you laughed, after Niall pulled you extremely close to him, and kept his arms around you. You knew the reason for it, but asked anyway. He knew it was because another guy had just hit on you, despite the fact Niall was right there, and he did not like that at all. You just wanted to hear him actually admit that. “Nothing.” “Oh come on Niall, I can tell you’re mad,” you continued, smiling softly at your boyfriend after you did, “And there’s no reason to be. Don’t worry about him.” “I’m not,” he replied honestly. Worry was not the issue. “I just don’t like someone else hitting on you. That’s all. You don’t like it when girls hit on me either.” You shook your head, still smiling. You could not deny that. It came along with being his girlfriend, but you never did quite like when girls would flirt with him directly in front of you. “No, I don’t. Anyway, why don’t we just leave? I don’t even want to be here anyway. We should go somewhere we both want to be.”

Harry: Harry typically did not get upset if other guys hit on you. He knew he could not control that, and it wasn’t his place to tell them not to think you were beautiful. If you were okay with their harmless flirting, then he didn’t care. This time though, something felt off. “I just don’t like the way he’s looking at you,” he explained, when you asked him why he was glued to your side ever since another guy had hit on you for a few minutes. “It’s fine,” you responded, having not even noticed the guy was still around anyway. He was though, and Harry just didn’t feel right about it. “You know I’m not the jealous type. I trust you, and others can hit on you all they won’t. I can’t stop that. I just feel protective this time. Okay?” You actually thought it was sweet. He really did seem so concerned. How could you be angry about that? “Okay Harry, then just stay right here. I’m not going to complain about having your arms wrapped around me all night.”

Louis: You could see the way Louis hated it, from the moment the other guy walked up to you. He was going crazy, and you just wanted to laugh the entire time. You held it together though, and tried to be nice to the other guy, who was flirting in the most obvious ways he could. This kindness meant that he talked to longer than he needed to, and Louis finally had enough. He walked up to stand beside you, and put his arm around you, “She’s taken, can you go.” The other guy made a face, before walking away. “Louis, I was fine,” you snapped, as you turned to look at him, “You don’t have to get so protective.” “I’m sorry, I just worry that one day you’ll fall for some of those stupid lines these guys tell you.” You laughed, “Louis, if you believe that, you really are crazy. I am not falling for anyone else. I already have an amazing guy. A protective one, but an amazing one.”

Liam: You told Liam how uncomfortable it made you to have other men hit on you. So when anyone did, he was always quick to get very protective. So you were not surprised, when as soon as some guy started to use some line on you, Liam was right there, protectively standing in front of you, asking the guy to leave you alone. Normally they quickly would, once they realized you were taken, but this time, the guy still wanted to talk to you. “Is this guy really your boyfriend? Come on, just talk to me.” You didn’t reply. You just felt so uncomfortable. There was a reason you told Liam, and liked him just being protective. You did not want to deal with this. “Just go please,” Liam said again, while also reaching behind him to grab your hand, to make sure you were okay. The other guy rolled his eyes, “Whatever, not even worth it.” He walked away after that, and Liam quickly turned around to look at you. “You okay?” “Fine,” you smiled, though you really were not, “I’m just glad I have you.”

Zayn: Laughter fell from your lips, as Zayn pulled you around the dance floor, getting you as far away from the other man trying to steal your attention as possible. “You know, this is the most you’ve ever danced with me. Maybe guys should hit on me from now on when I want you to dance.” Zayn did not laugh at your joke, instead he nervously looked across the room, where the other guys eyes were still on you. “I wish he would just leave you alone.” “You’re so protective,” you sighed, before kissing him quickly, “But don’t worry Zayn, I’m fine. You’re right here, and you can see that I’m fine. He wants a chance, but he’s obviously not going to get it.” Zayn did know this guy stood no chance. He trusted you enough to know that completely. He however, still did not like another guy hitting on you. “I just want to protect you.” “From a guy hitting on me?” You asked, and then just smiled. He just cared so much, and you didn’t want him to feel the need to be so protective. You wanted him to enjoy his night also. “You know what, let’s just go. We can dance elsewhere.”

Daddy Dearest--A Harry Story

Received this request (ages ago so sorry love): No problem and can I have it with me and Harry with kids I don’t care how many and me and Harry and the kids spend a day with the boys doing something :) 

“I hear someone has a….BIRTHDAY!” The door to your house flies open and Louis leads a conga line of Niall, Liam, and Zayn. Each has a brightly wrapped present in his hand. Your little son Zackary giggles and claps his hands excitedly. Harry looks elated, your youngest baby Emma cradled protectively in his arms. “Zack look! They brought you presents! How nice of them!” You whisper to him. Your son can’t stand it anymore and wriggles off the couch, his stumpy, unstable, little legs flying over the floor before Louis scoops him up in a giant hug.

“Lads! This is so wonderful of you to do…” Harry carefully transfers Zackary’s bright-eyed little sister to your arms before standing to embrace each of his bandmates. “Nonsense! A lad’s third birthday is a big event, right Zackary?” Niall laughs when Zack’s chubby hand slaps his long, lean one. “Hi boys,” You stand to greet them with a half hug, careful to protect Emma’s tiny head.

“Hi love,” Zayn kisses your cheek before kissing Emma’s forehead gently. “And how is little Emma today? Did you eat a big, big breakfast?” He coos at her. She blinks at him, his face reflected in her big eyes. “Say ‘yes we did Uncle Zayn’!” You prompt her lovingly. “Say 'we had peaches and seven whole Cheerios!’” Zayn faux-gasps. “Seven whole Cheerios? You’re growing up little girl!” He reaches out for her and you easily pass her into his waiting arms. 

Harry wraps his arms around your waist, his chin on the top of your head, and you smile at both your children being passed around their uncles’ loving arms. “So Zayn….how’s Per? Are you guys still trying?” He nods and carefully hands Emma to Liam, already making fish faces at her to make her giggle. “Yeah, we’re still trying to have a baby. We go back to the doctor tomorrow so hopefully it won’t be too long before these little guys have a cousin or two!” You smile and chat with the guys, making 'adult talk’ for too long. “Guyyyss!” Zackary whines, stomping his foot impatiently. “Oh sorry little man,” Liam apologizes to him. “Were we being too boring?” Zack nods and it makes you laugh. “What are we doing today anyway?” Zackary stumbles over the words and it makes your heart flutter at the sound.

“Wellll…..we thought we’d all go to breakfast together and then there’s a puppet show at the library later!” Louis says, leaning on Niall. “Oy get off me you!” Niall huffs, making Zack laugh. “That sounds absolutely lovely! We’ll just get them dressed and us dressed and we’ll be all ready!” You and Harry duck into your bedroom to quickly get dressed, leaving the babies with the lads before carefully dressing them for the cool February morning.

“Zackary….Zack babe do you know who else has a birthday this month?” Harry asks as he helps Zackary squirm into his pants, Zack leaning against his chest. “Who Daddy?” he asks, huffing with the effort of stepping into the corduroys. You smile into Emma’s hair as you pull the leopard hat overtop of her ears to keep them warm. “I do! We share a birthday month! High five!” Harry’s voice is freakishly high, the majority of the time his deep voice sends you spinning. Zackary slaps Harry’s palm with all the force he can muster. Unfortunately, the force of his own high five sends him reeling backwards until he falls over onto the bed. Harry dives after him and begins tickling him, leaving you bent over laughing at your beautiful family.

“C'mon you guys, let’s go eat!” You finish dressing Emma and pull Zack and Harry back into the living room, both of them still laughing like maniacs. “Are you going to eat pancakes?” Louis asks, grabbing Zack’s hand as they walk out the door. “Yeah!” Zack yells. “Chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream and bacon and biscuits and….” You roll your eyes at Louis’ laundry list of sugar-filled foods and help fit Emma into the baby sling across Harry’s chest. “You sure you want to wear her baby? I can if you want….” You offer. “Please babe, you carried her for nine whole months, let me carry her for a change! Don’t hog her!” You laugh and press a quick kiss to Harry’s lips over Emma’s furry hat before shrugging into your coat and following the lads out to your driveway.

“I hear we have a birthday today?” The server at the restaurant asks. “Right over here!” Harry proudly points to Zackary sitting next to him. Before the woman can set down the giant stack of chocolate chip pancakes with extra whipped cream and a birthday candle that Louis convinced Zackary he had to have, Zackary pipes up. “It’s not just my birthday! Daddy and I have birthdays together! We’re birthday buddies!” Your heart melts as Zack tries to push the heavy plate of pancakes towards his father. “We should blow it out together Daddy!” Harry ruffles Zackary’s hair. “If you insist buddy….ready? One….two….three!” The two of them wheeze at the same time, blowing the candle flame out. The entire table breaks out into cheers. 

“Smile boys!” You call before snapping a picture of your two favorite guys, Harry and Zackary. You laugh and blink back a few tears when you notice Zackary copied Harry’s over-the-top toothy smile. “You done good with them [Y/N],” Louis whispers from his place next to you. You smile gratefully at him and lean over to kiss Emma’s bald forehead. “Let’s take a picture of all four of you!” Liam suggests brightly, reaching for the camera before Louis yanks it away. “Excuse me Liam,” he says before peering through the lens and snapping the photo of Harry, Zackary, you, and Emma all together.