how my heart breaks

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Hey... I was wondering if you had any advice for pan/bi girls who have male S.Os, and get alienated from the LGBT community? I really need to learn how to take it in stride, I know, but it breaks my heart.

Just because you’re currently in a “straight relationship ” doesn’t make you straight. If you’re a girl dating a guy but identify as Pansexual that doesn’t make you any less pan. If you’re a your a guy dating a girl that doesn’t make you any less bi. You’re sexuality is your sexuality no matter who you date. If you’ve only ever dated the same sex but identify as Pansexual that makes you Pansexual not a lesbian/gay. If you’re bisexual and have only dated the opposite sex that doesn’t make you straight. I honestly hate when people think your current S. O defines how you feel and automatically makes you something. You’re only the sexuality that you choose to be. Not the one others assume you to be, or what you to be. They can’t define who you like or how you feel. Let them believe what they want because at the end of the day nobody knows you better than yourself. You’re always going to be valid no matter what sexuality you choose and who you date. Liking or dating someone of a different gender doesn’t make you any less you no matter what they think.


how is it possible i let the same man break my heart for the 100th time. i’m actually contemplating death. my heart is filled i can’t breathe i feel like i’m drowning i’m so heartbroken

I lied to myself. The truth is I’m still mad in love with you. I still think about you, your kisses. I miss you so much and it breaks my heart to see how you’ve moved on so easily. You didn’t deserved me, you and I both know that. I ended things with you because I wanted to make you suffer, but I’m the only one in pain. I’m the only one crying while you are smiling like if our love was just a bad memory. You broke my heart and you don’t even know that. Even if I’m the one who can’t breath right now, I’m still wondering if you’re happy wherever your are.
—  detoutetderien 

you know what also breaks my heart? how the general public in the mcu does have this awareness that tony is mentally/emotionally unstable (we know that from the media reports) but not only is that demonized, it’s also – and arguably more prominently – sold as entertainment

the public/media straight-up fetishizes tony’s trauma, honestly, you get entertainment TV reporting on a stark-funded gala like “oh but tony stark is not coming, sources hold that he’s got PTSD and has been bed-ridden for weeks! [switches to picture of tony looking disheveled during his last press conference].” in iron man 2, the whole shtick is that tony’s too unstable and self-destructive to be iron man but oh yeah everyone goes to his birthday party and cheers as he drunkenly dons armor and destroys his own home. they run closer and try to snap pictures of his assassination attempt – and mind you, the fact that pepper and happy are the single two people that are WORRIED that tony just randomly took the wheel of a formula 1 car during a professional grand-prix just fucking BLOWS MY MIND like that is damn well near-suicidal reckless self-endangerment for absolutely no fucking apparent reason other than “you know what? i wanna do it” and people watch that like it is the most fascinating spectacle ever

tony’s in the hospital visiting his comatose friend and the SECOND he steps out there are reporters all over him and RANDOM CIVILIANS with their SMART PHONES specifically pushing him for a reaction like “when are you gonna catch this guy! [shrug] just sayin’” – and this whole scene still stands as one of the best bits from IM3, possibly the whole mcu re: the treatment of tony by the media, because that’s the one time tony’s awareness of the abuse and resentment toward it reeeeeeally shows – he’s like “oh is that what you wanted” after delivering his statement and then he CATCHES THE GUY’S PHONE AND THROWS IT AGAINST THE WALL, “BILL ME” holy shit

anyway like?? it’s so messed up?? and it’s a 616 tony thing too, especially re: the media ~darling topic of The Alcoholism. tony has to deal with his trauma in front of a merciless and fetishistic audience and that’s just…. yikes :(


HUMANS S02 E04 CLIP: odi + sophie.

it breaks my heart how much Yuuri thinks Victor is some temporary presence in his life. like Yuuri thinks Victor is some blessing he doesn’t deserve - like all his time with Victor is borrowed - instead of seeing it as it truly is, which is that Victor is absurdly head-over-heels in love with Yuuri

i really hope in episode 12 Yuuri realizes that Victor’s love for him is a forever thing. Victor wants him for longer than just the skating season.

I just looked at a picture of Jin and I felt so sad like to think that he really feels so out of place in bts and unwanted seriously breaks my heart. Like he realizes how little he means to army’s and it’s really so sad because he is so beautiful, and his personality is amazing, and his is so talented and he works so so hard. This isn’t even what he wanted to do but the fact that he stuck with it and is working so hard to be here says so much about him.

Despite not getting the love or attention he deserves he still continues to work harder so that he can be an equal with his members, and now who he thinks he is which is much below them. I don’t want him to have to think any longer that all he has to offer is his looks, when he has so much more and he’s worked way too hard to just be known as beautiful face.

Please love Kim Seokjin. Even if he’s not your bias, show him as much love as you would your bias. Please dedicate one whole day to loving him and giving him your all. I can’t even begin to imagine how he really feels inside. He is more than deserving of your recognition and your love. Please let him know that he matters. Please, please, please.