how my brain work

“I’ll protect you… no matter what” 

I had a “whilst washing dishes giggle fest” earlier tonight, thanks to putting two and two together.

Michael Carpenter is a descendant of Charlemagne.

Christopher Lee is a descendant of Charlemagne.

Ergo, Michael is related to Dracula, a Sith, an evil wizard and many, many, MANY more hilarious things.  

Christmas would be so damn awesome.

Why do I keep remembering the good when I know we were full of poison, my heart aches at the thought of us but yet my brain knows it’s for the best, how does that work?
—  B.L letters I never sent

Logical part of my Brain: Connie is wearing Steven’s T Shirt because she wants to wear a star like a crystal gem


Yeah this how my Brain works 😌

one of the (many) things about check, please! is…

I’ve been in a lot of fandoms.  Usually the main ship - and its characters’ feelings, together and apart - is only a small sliver of canon.  Not the point.  You have to go looking and hunting for it, and hoping, is there anything for my otp here.  (And then once in a while there is and it’s glorious.)

check, please! is actually about the fandom’s most popular otp (… not mine, but i don’t have an otp here anyway), and, I don’t know.  It’s interesting!  I’m not even in love with zimbits.

But it’s nice, that that’s what the comic is about, the ups and downs there, hopes for and worries about issues about-the-relationship!, that I’m sure will always come out well, and sweet little things <3.

Saw this comment on my Who is Prometheus post and I’m kicking it off into a separate post because my thoughts are completely off topic. But I had a lot of thoughts. 

akhilartha There is nothing wrong with Prometheus just being Clayborne’s son. It shows how a common person caught in the crossfire of Oliver’s vendetta might view. How, a common person with an obsession can achieve the impossible. It is exactly like Zemo in Civil war. A common citizen who managed to do something none of the supervillains could do. Break apart the Avengers. Tommy coming up will be too much soap opera.Tommy was one of the genuinely good guys with a solid arc. It would be a waste to bring him back as Prometheus. It also relies on people following scattered bread crumbs through five seasons. It just is improbable.

I certainly don’t mind disagreement. Especially when there’s a high probability my opinion isn’t the direction Arrow is going. lol But ya hit a hot button word for me lately: WRONG. Of course there’s nothing wrong with Prometheus being Claybourne’s son. I just don’t like it. I like other ideas better. Your reasons for liking it are great! We just don’t agree. Listen, there is no right or wrong in subjective entertainment. Simply because I am saying I don’t particularly enjoy a certain storyline doesn’t mean I am saying others are WRONG who do enjoy it.

I’m seeing this happen quite a lot lately and I find it baffling. Simply because you express either a positive or negative opinion about an aspect of Arrow or hell ALL of Arrow, doesn’t mean you are saying you are more right or wrong than those who hold the opposite opinion. You are simply expressing what YOU like or don’t like. For some reason, there are those that feel disagreement means judgment. That disagreement means you are intending to make others who hold the opposite opinion feel bad about them. That disagreement means you are saying your opinion is more valid than theirs.

Disagreement, in my opinion, doesn’t mean any of those things. It just means you disagree. And that’s okay. Disagreement is a healthy and natural byproduct of discussion and should be welcomed. ESPECIALLY when discussing something as 100% subjective as entertainment.

Everyone has a right to their opinion. Everyone has a right to express their opinion. Disagreeing with those opinions doesn’t mean you are saying people don’t have a right to them. It doesn’t mean you sare saying people don’t have a right to express them. You are simply adding another perspective to the overall discussion.

If I was the only person to LOVE Arrow that wouldn’t make me feel bad. If I was the only person to HATE Arrow that wouldn’t make me feel bad. While agreement is lovely, I don’t feel like I need my opinion to be validated by others. Ya know? My opinion just is. For better or worse. But it is, in no way, a judgment on others who hold the opposite opinion. And that’s the territory we get into when we use words like “right and wrong.” That’s the territory we get into when we assume disagreement means a person is saying they are right and others are wrong. I have reasons for what I like and don’t like, but I certainly don’t expect MY reasons to be everyone else’s.

In fact, when I send my thoughts out into the void known as the Internet, I expect disagreement more than agreement because it’s THE INTERNET. This is a vast spectrum of beliefs, tastes, culture, background, etc. We are bound to disagree because we are all, in some way, innately different.

Allow me to put it into this context: Do you like cheese? Everyone has an opinion on this matter, I’m sure, because who doesn’t? Cheese is something we all can feel quite comfortable taking a stand in. Unless of course you are neutral about the whole matter. You can take it or leave it. Also, a completely valid choice. Personally, I like cheese. I think cheese is good. There are a wide varieties of cheese I enjoy. More cheese I say. But arguing about whether or not I am wrong about cheese seems arbitrary because my reasons are subjective. Someone can have the completely opposite opinion about cheese and we are no closer to determining rightness or wrongness. Nor am I saying that because I like cheese it is somehow a judgement on you because you don’t like cheese.  

In other words, you do you.

I am, above all, a big fan of open discussion when it comes to stories because that’s how we see new and interesting perspectives, especially when we don’t agree. It just bothers me a lot when someone assumes I am insinuating “right or wrong” simply by expressing my opinion. That’s just not remotely in my thought process. We can all feel very passionately about our opinions and express that passion, but there is no reason we can’t exist in the same space. You don’t have to be right or wrong. Enjoyment of stories is not about right or wrong. It’s just about your level of enjoyment and whatever that level is… that’s completely fine. Be comfortable with your opinion. You don’t need anyone else to tell you you’re right. You don’t have to feel like you’re wrong simply because someone holds an opposing view. You have every right to feel how you feel. Television is subjective.

Alright. I’m gonna get off my soap box now. I appreciate the patience with this ramble.

  • me: I'm gonna read this 200k fanfic today..
  • brain: you are writing three tests tomorrow..
  • me: and?
  • brain: you should study!!
  • me: and?
  • brain: you don't want to fail them?
  • me:
  • brain:
  • me: fanfiction it is then
  • brain: *screams*

i feel like niall is definitely the mom friend who when ur driving somewhere and he comes to a sudden stop he instinctively reaches over the center console to brace u from jerking forward so u don’t fly thru the windshield

actually, i’m learning to love my ‘lack of social skills’ or whatever you want to call it because i don’t really see it as a lack of social skills but instead the fact that i just naturally act differently than neurotypical people. and there’s nothing wrong with that!

i may misinterpret tone and use the wrong words and come off as rude or all those other things, but i love the way my brain works and how my thoughts are so spontaneous and odd, and how i’ll just say exactly what i’m thinking.

there are times when i hate myself so so so much for my natural behaviours and it makes me sad because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with me and my social behaviour.

Inside the Writer's Mind
  • Writer: *is halfway through a WIP*
  • Brain: Whatcha doin'?
  • Writer: Working on my manuscript.
  • Brain: Oh yeah? How's it going?
  • Writer: Pretty well, actually.
  • Brain: That's cool. Hey, here's a fun thought. Why finish what you're working on, when you could START A NEW THING.
  • Writer: oh shit u right.