how mutual this is

bad questions 4 horrible mutuals
  • 1.Would you rather have coke snorted off your ass or snort coke off an ass?
  • 2. Who is your most fuckable mutual?
  • 3. Where is the worst place you've pissed in public?
  • 4. What is the worst thing someone has sent to you as a joke?
  • 5. How many of your mutuals have seen you nude?
  • 6. Worst drug experience?
  • 7. Best insult you've ever been given?
  • 8. Grottiest Hookup?
  • 9. Do you have ugly feet?
  • 10. How many times have you been kicked out of pubs?
  • 11. Wildest High School memory?
  • 12. Weirdest place you've gotten a root?
  • 13. Ever hooked up with a friend's ex?
  • 14. Would you hook up with someone if they still mentioned 'cheeky nandos' in 2016?
  • 15. Would you have sex with someone to spite someone else?
  • 16. Most embarrassing party memory?
  • 17. Weirdest dream you've had about a mutual?
  • 18. Would you unmatch someone on tinder for using XD?
  • 19. Pettiest thing you've done this month?
  • 20. Ever gotten #caught by your parents?

HAY HI hello going to give a bigger update tomorrow about life and all but just wanted to pop in real fast and say hi and i’m not dead! been crazy stressed over school and got sick and all that fun stuff urgh

also ps I miss everyone on here ok bye for now ;v;

Are you an mlm or wlw? Do you like posting aesthetic pictures here on tumblr dot com? Then this is the network for you!

You don’t have to be a strictly aesthetic blog, anyone who wants to interact with other sapphic and achillean people who also like reblogging pictures of nature and lipgloss is free to apply.


  • A whole bunch of new gay mutuals!
  • Selfie reblogs!
  • A group chat!

How to apply:

  • Be a wlw or mlm.
  • Fill out this application.
  • Reblog this post
  • Track the tag #gaystheticnet for more info.

Applications close November 5th. My ask box is always open if you have any questions!

tumblr is being extremely slow and uncooperative so it’s sucking my productivity right out of me. go ahead and give this a like for a dialogue-only starter from my meme tag.

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Hello! I've been reading YBIAW since Chapter 19-20 and I just want to say that absolutely LOVE the progression of Sym's attraction compared to Junkrat's, specifically how it wasn't even mutual for a time! I love how it's really after they survived the fall did Junkrat realize he hit "oh shite," levels of attraction for her and the subtle things he does to impress her (I love chapter 30 because he just DESPERATELY wants her to notice how he woshed his trashface 4 her the poor bby). A++ Fluff <3

Their attraction to one another was definitely at disparate levels for quite some time. While Junkrat has always thought she was gorgeous, his true attraction to her started around chapter 19 or so at Ilios, and skyrocketed shortly after the fall at 26. He has done small things to attract her attention (not including his playful ribbing, although that is now a direct result of affection), and I’m extremely chuffed people have taken notice.

The slow realization of their feelings has been a real joy to write, honestly. Their interactions with one another have become increasingly friendly over the course of the story, and will start to get more personal here very soon. Nothing is stiff cordiality any longer, as they genuinely enjoy one another’s presence despite denials to the contrary, and the development of their relationship will continue at a slightly increased pace.

Watching them both more or less start to unravel is a treat.

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Is it cool if I draw your blue diamond with multiple eyes concept? And how would someone become mutuals with you? You're just such a nice person.

UHHH I’M NOT COOL I PROMISE ////// But this is so nice of you omfg,,,, But of course you can draw BD, my tracked tag is #rorokolook or #rosheruuulook . And the mutual thing is complicated, I can just about keep up a conversation with the lovely ones I do have - its v hard for me,,,,,

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  • 1.Would you rather have coke snorted off your ass or snort coke off an ass?

like on one hand i don’t really want to do coke in general…but on the other hand i don’t want to have someone snort it off my ass…i really can’t decide i’m vers

  • 3. Where is the worst place you’ve pissed in public?

i don’t because i’m not an animal (and i’ve never been that drunk)

  • 4. What is the worst thing someone has sent to you as a joke?

nothing comes to mind i might come back to this

  • 5. How many of your mutuals have seen you nude?


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what's your favorite aspect to write of each pair/trio dynamic within the ot4? what's your fave aspect to write between all four of them? -- book anon, who is still recovering from this week's cliffhanger

Clarke/Raven – definitely their silliness. I can say for certain they have the most serious scene… but also I think they get some of the most lighthearted ones too.

Clarke/Octavia – the way they kind of know everything about each other, but they’re also still learning and growing from each other

Clarke/Lexa – how they work together to trust each other and find ways to work through tough situations. There’s a lot of mutual respect because of how their relationship started

Octavia/Raven – these two are so competitive it’s ridiculous, and they know it

Octavia/Lexa – that they’re just kind of in awe of each other, even after all this time

Raven/Lexa – these girls can just look at each other and know what the other is thinking

Clarke/Raven/Octavia – these three left alone will get up to no good because the closest thing they have to a voice of reason is Clarke

Clarke/Raven/Lexa – they could be perfectly content just sitting around together doing their own thing or seriously debating something in depth, no matter how ridiculous the topic

Raven/Octavia/Lexa – Lexa’s silly side tends to come out, and her competitive side

Octavia/Lexa/Clarke – I love how they balance each other out and kind of calm each other down. Just thinking about all the couch cuddle scenes, even from the beginning.

Clarke/Octavia/Lexa/Raven – I really love scenes where they kind of bounce around between each other, like the tide ebbing and flowing but in four directions… if you look at the overall flow of the present day scenes it’s the four of them coming together and pulling apart and coming back together in different configurations but also always constantly connected.

Ask me a question about one of my fics or series. It can be absolutely anything in any project and I will tell you the honest-to-goodness answer (even on the progress/plans for next chapters of current series).

Don’t hold back. Whatever you ask, I’ll answer as truthfully and as completely as possible. You can also ask about my writing as a whole, if you like.

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1 3 5 7 9 11

1.Would you rather have coke snorted off your ass or snort coke off an ass?
Tbh I dont really ever wanna try coke, so probably off my ass uwu

3. Where is the worst place you’ve pissed in public?
Probably like 2 feet away from my friend who walked up to me while I was peeing in public?? this is such a specific question omg

5. How many of your mutuals have seen you nude?
Probably like 1/5th of them because im a fuckin hoe

7. Best insult you’ve ever been given?
That I looked like Fisk from Daredevil (tbh goals af)

9. Do you have ugly feet?
Yes, no fucking doubt.

11. Wildest High School memory?
Honestly nothing big? I once stole like over 50 books from my school library because tbh I knew the students wouldnt APPRIECATE THE BOOKS AS MUCH AS I WOULD

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Choose between having no one but suga know you like him but he doesn't like you, or everyone but suga know you like him, and no one ever tells him and he likes you back?

hmmm probably the second one! The first one seems somewhat mortifying, in the second one everyone else is just watching and is pained by how blind we both are (also mutual pining is kinda cute)

I also don’t really ship myself with characters (or idols if you meant bts suga) so this wouldn’t affect me too much

Sleepover Saturday

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Do 1-8!

hi kyle love u kyle xx

1.Would you rather have coke snorted off your ass or snort coke off an ass?
- i’m insecure about my ass,,,, so i’d rather do it off someone else’s tbh !

2. Who is your most fuckable mutual?
@nxtxlla tbh

3. Where is the worst place you’ve pissed in public?
- i don’t piss in places that aren’t for pissing lol

4. What is the worst thing someone has sent to you as a joke?
- every single dick pic i have ever received and not wanted, they are all jokes !

5. How many of your mutuals have seen you nude?
- next question ! (a LOT bye,,)

6. Worst drug experience?
- weed just before having sex it was kinda scary like wow 0/10 do not recommend if he a stranger !

7. Best insult you’ve ever been given?
- honestly idk, people tend to just call me a whore and move on

8. Grottiest Hookup?
- lol a starbucks bathroom it rly was the best tbh i rate it an 8/10 but also what constitutes as a hook up 🤔🤔

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Hello Noier. I am the real Kiefer Sutherland, and while perusing my dash I happened to stumble upon your highly offensive and outright slander "Low Res Kiefer Sutherland" post, reblogged by one of my idiotic, tasteless fucking retarded (now former) mutuals. I do not appreciate how you abuse my name to get yourself fame and make me look like someone took a photo of me with an MS Paint. Cease and desist your stupid immediately or you shall be hearing from me and my vast team of lawyers soon.

I found you, faker! If you were the real Kiefer Sutherland, you would have referred to yourself as award winning actor Kiefer Sutherland. Nice try asshole

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i though i was aromantic but idk anymore. i still don't see why people need relationships but they sound pretty nice along with kissing & things like that, but only with girls. Boys are just annoying. Idk if im lesbian or aro or something else. halp?

Well I think confusion is a natural part of finding out who you are! It seems like you definitely prefer girls, and that’s great! It may take time to find the nature of your preference, and it’s totally up to you to how you choose to identify. Aro and lesbian aren’t mutually exclusive! It’s up to your comfort which labels you choose, and it’s okay to try things out and see if they fit! I wish you good luck, and if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to message! 

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5-10 q's :))

5. How many of your mutuals have seen you nude
Fully….like 2
Partially……too many to count.

6. Worst drug experience
Too much dxm wanted to be back in my body so bad i ended up throwing up on the back of a bus

7. Best insult you’ve ever been given
Literally anything @gayray has ever said to me…..i can probably give you a list but im too lazy to compile it

8. Grossest hookup
I was really really really drunk didn’t realize it was a white guy with dreads

9. Do you have ugly feet
Of course i do i dont even have a full set of toes

10. How many times have you gotten kicked out of pubs
Never :~) parties r a different story


Dear old dad, remember this too, in this whole wide world there’s no one like you