how mutual this is

I think? I’m gonna make a friends page? 

I need something to do and I want everyone to know who my friends are (also it would duel as my blog recommendation page)

So, like this if you want to be on my friend page! and reply if there is a name you would want me to put. :) AND! Send me a 100x100 icon if you want a different icon from your tumblr one

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What amuses me about GG/Lat is their complete lack of interest in each other's work. She only cares about the fl*sh in terms of connecting with his celebrity friends and he seems to have no interest her physical therapy. This is strange? Honestly, truly, I think they only bond over the beach and sports which is fine but not what I expected of him given how much he and Hannah used to promote each other's work.

We noticed this, too, and this answers the ask from the anon who believed a “heart eyes emoji” constitutes as a compliment. Using GG’s past relationship as a reference to how he is as a bf in love, he openly talked about, complimented and supported her career and her achievements and vice versa. Of course, they had this bond forged from being two artists trying to navigate the industry. So the support was genuine because there a mutual understanding. We mention this to point out how having something like that in common would have different results. The way GG talks about L is very minimal and surface-level. It’s mostly acknowledging how she benefits him tbh. On Vday “Happy Valentines Day, L” under a picture where she’s draped over him and half of her is cut out. “Emojis L” “A happy one year anniversary, sad to see you go” “Happy Happy Winning”, “L”, “Thank’s for the quick break LA”. “I love my LA weekends with L.” These are all just examples of the lack of depth in his captions for his pics of her. To be fair though, there’s nothing to show off about her career, so why would he even post about it? lmao. 

blog announcement; 2/21

I gotta put on my serious pants for a moment. 

My blog has recently hit a decent milestone in followers (yay!), and I really appreciate all of you. This blog started out as a side blog until it gained decent traction. I have been in and out of this blog, as well as my other blogs, for the past year ([s] for my others), so it means a lot that a lot of you have stuck around and welcomed me back with open arms. So many of you are really interested in my Orochi, and words can never express how happy that makes me.

However, with followers and mutuals, comes a few new rules. This blog will be selective and semi-private from now on. What that means is I will only RP with mutuals, but I am open to checking out new blogs. It is nothing personal. My starters calls will be marked if they are for mutuals or open to all, and the ones open to all will lowkey be blog checkouts for non-mutuals as well. Memes will be open to all, but only mutuals can reply/make a new thread from them. 

To those who are non-mutuals with me:
If you want me to check out your blog, please send me an ask off anon, nicely. If I am not on mobile or hiatus, I will gladly check it out and let you know what I think. If you ever want advice on my character, graphics that are made by me, writing, tumblr rp blog aesthetics (as silly as they are tbqh), and life, I will be happy to give it to you (on and off anon). I do not bite. 

Also, I do not participate in exclusives. I enjoy multiple iterations of characters, even of my own. However, I will have mains and people I have a lot of chemistry with or just talk to a lot OOC. Hit me up on the IM or for my skype (mutuals pls) for anything really. Work, life, hair color, nail polish, skinny jeans, etc. 

Thank you for reading and understanding,

Steph <3

tl;dr- just read the bold parts pls

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How the shit do you talk to cute boys i am so nervous. I just got out of a relationship, im trans, and very shy help please

duDE we’re supposed to be relatable and fun do you thiNK we know how to talk to cute boys??? bec and i were mutuals for years before we even plucked up the courage to talk to each other rip

I’m not sure If anyone pointed it out but...

Lena: “Well, when i was first adopted by the Luthors, I adored Lex. When he showed me his true colours, I was crushed. Tried everything to reach him, to bring him back to the side of good but there was no use. I’d lost him.”

Kara’s reaction: 

Kara: “I spent most of my life wishing I could talk to people that are no longer here.” 

Lena’s reaction: 

They both look so sad when they’re exposed to any glimpse of each other’s sad/tragic past. The look in their eyes, that slight jaw drop, that slow eye blink. Their facial expression is so clear about their feelings for each other, how much they care about the other. It’s mutual. That “wow i would take care of you so hard” is very much real.

(none of these gifs are mine.)

*girl and boy idol interact normally*

boy group stans: lmao it’s not like i’m mad or something :) i mean he can do what he wants i do not care :) i really do not :) but like :) idk why she tries so hard, who even asked her to get close to him lmao :) anyways i’m not bitter or something holy shit please but like, why did she approach him. anyways i’m chill it’s not like i hate girls or something :) he’s gonna date me one day anyways :) idk think of the dating rumors lmao i’d hate that, she can stay away :) what! i really care about her! it’s not like i secretly plan to trash her on the internet. lmao :)