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Mutually Beneficial

For Ults Day, an ode to how much Ults Steve likes getting fucked.

It was a casual arrangement, that was the thing. This unspoken exchange between them, where Tony knew what Steve needed and gave it to him without him having to ask.

It had started after a discussion about Ultimates strategy and teamwork had dissolved into bickering, with Steve huffing out that Tony thought he was so insightful but he didn’t know have any idea how to handle his teammates.

At that, Tony had glanced up at him with a flirtatious smirk, eyes sparkling with clarity rather than the usual drunken haze. “Try me,” he’d challenged, and Steve had snapped. He’d thrown Tony full force against the wall of the office, luckily without knocking him out, and kissed him with demanding insistence.

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echoing everyone else’s thoughts that #MeToo is horrible and I absolutely wish I had the courage to post publicly about it but ah the situation is not good, and I think any implications I made, however vague, would be fed back to Ryan and I absolutely can’t handle any sort of backlash right now or even anxiety that people would be talking about it. The situation we find ourselves in here is that Ryan’s friends (who were at one point also my friends) are of the opinion that I was the bad guy in our relationship and how he managed to construe that is beyond me but hey he’s a charismatic, lovely, generous and attractive man so why would he lie right? :) he wouldn’t be capable of hurting me in the way I’ve claimed, surely?! at least that is how it is to the people we mutually knew and that’s incredibly painful for me but, here we are. That’s a whole other pot of feelings, but it’s relevant to the fact that he was regularly coercive and I remember on multiple occasions crying afterwards, sitting in the bathroom thinking it isn’t right that I’m in tears and in pain after having sex with my boyfriend, feeling intensely guilty I wasn’t giving him what he wanted, not wanting to give it even more after he pressured me into it and the whole cycle just getting worse and worse. But also confusion and sadness as to why the person who ~loved me~ cared more about fucking me than the fact that I a) was in pain and b) didn’t want to. But hey that is life and that is the world we live in. As much as it angers and upsets me that I’ve been portrayed as the bitter ex for so many convoluted reasons, that is the situation I am in and that’s probably the most painful part of the entire break-up. as an entirely unrelated point when I was 19, a 27 year old engaged man had sex with me while I was asleep. I woke up to him having sex with me. He took me home after a (work) night out because I was pretty drunk and for ages afterwards I felt like, because I didn’t know whether I had consented or not, I couldn’t feel any way about it and just had to sweep it under the rug somewhat. Mutual colleagues asked if something happened and I admitted to someone that it did but I got pretty upset because I was clear that I didn’t remember wanting to and from my memory I went to bed alone and when I woke up he was there. His fiance eventually found out and months later he sent me a ton of abusive messages for “lying” about everything and told his fiance I’d begged him for it and he’d refused. I’d barely spoken to this man before in my life and I certainly know I did not do that. It takes a long time to come to terms with the fact you’ve been raped but I think in all likelihood I was. 

Life is very exhausting. You’re all so brave though.

internesteryume  asked:

5. “You don’t believe in an afterlife?” with childhood friends Mark, Celine, and Damien (them as kids).

“You don’t believe in an afterlife?” Mark asks in disbelief, and Damien shrugs his shoulders weakly.
“No?” He mumbles, looking at Celine and Mark as they stare in mutual shock.

“But it- how!?” Mark demands, and Damien shrugs again.
“I just… I just don’t?” He squeaks, and Mark punches his shoulder.

“You’re weird, man!” 
“Mark, be nice!” Celine giggles, but Damien knows if Mark weren’t here she’d punch him and call him weird too. 

Rolling his eyes with affectionate exasperation, Damien settles back to let Mark chastise him for his lack of belief in an afterlife. 

if you call Samwise Gamgee the “”“true hero”“” of the story but put Frodo down or belittle his accomplishments in any way in the same post or breath then i hope you know that Sam Gamgee would be disgusted by you and that opinion

a non-comprehensive list of my fave sheith things 

  • keith, within 0.2 seconds of entering a room: where’s shiro?
  • the “it’s good to have you back”/ “it’s good to be back” callback in s2
    • i don’t necessarily think this was their first interaction after being reunited in s1 (like presumably keith gave shiro clothes to change into etc. before this exchange) but i love that they both remembered & referenced it in s2 
  • the fact that keith’s very first scene involves him tenderly touching shiro’s face 
  • how adamant keith is about shiro being the One True Black Paladin™ (”you mean your bayard”) 
  • shiro’s complete and utter faith in keith’s abilities as a pilot / leader:
    • sending keith to chase rolo through the asteroid belt 
    • having keith pilot them to the BOM headquarters, which is located between two black holes (bonus: the way he’s 100% certain keith can get them back on course when one of the black holes starts drawing them in)
    • supporting keith in infiltrating zarkon’s ship despite it being dangerous bc his trust in keith outweighs everything
  • the way keith always rushes to shiro’s defense when he’s incapacitated / out of commission 
  • “at this moment, your friend desperately wants to see you” 
  • the way shiro, who is generally very controlled in his actions, feels comfortable enough to relinquish that control a little and drop his ~leader facade when it’s just him and keith
  • just overall how soft they are with each other, both in terms of tone of voice & expression 
  • The Hug™

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ok but…what if now that keith somewhat knows about lance’s self doubts and insecurities he gradually becomes more aware of what might make him feel awful and makes sure to compliment him and make him feel valid and appreciated even with a simple “great job out there!!” and lance can see he’s trying a lot even though he’s not that good with words and that’s ok!! and he just replies with a “thanks boss” to make him laugh