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OTP Quotes Challenge

A belated celebration for reaching 5000+ followers! Here we have a list of random quotes for you to use for your OTP! You can have followers tell you numbers to draw your OTP as, or you can write stories based on your favorites, or both! Take these quotes in any direction you like for your creative use. Have fun!

  1. “Aah! That tickles!”
  2. “whAT IS THAT?!”
  3. “woah what happened while I was gone”
  4. “wait no that’s mine what are you doing”
  5. “No, I’m paying”
  6. “It’s fine, stop worrying about me”
  8. “Come over here— oh crap no don’t fall— why does this always happen”
  9. “just tAKE THE JACKET”
  10. “I’m so hungry I could eat a— stop looking at me like that in public”
  11. “Well, that was certainly awkward”
  13. “are… are you awake? Did you fall asleep already”
  14. “great, what did you bring home this time?”
  15. “I don’t know why you don’t like this outfit on you. You look splendid.”
  16. “aaah I can’t stop blushing… No you’re not helping at all”
  17. “I can’t believe they spelled your name wrong again”
  19. “I can’t… I can’t believe you actually remembered…”
  20. “Put some clothes on already, jeez! We have company coming!”
  21. “okay, and how much money did you spend on that thing?”
  22. “I wish we could stay here forever”
  23. “who was that? oh… your cousin…”
  24. “You okay? You seem a little off today”
  25. “I’m fine
  26. “I don’t know, what do you want to do?”
  27. “c-can I hold your hand?..”
  29. “oh, remember when you used to wear that all the time? Good times.”
  30. “you can’t run so it’ll be faster if I just carry you”
  31. “You don’t need to tell me— I’ve memorized your order by now”
  32. “y-you look… you look very nice.”
  33. “did that person just take a picture of us?”
  34. “c’mon, let’s dance!”
  36. “oh, we are not letting you drive when you’re like this”
  37. “you’re a nerd. but my favorite nerd.”
  38. “why do you find those cute I hate those pictures of myself”
  39. “you’re very warm… It’s nice.”
  40. “You know what? I wasn’t even surprised by that. I’m that used to you.”
  41. “Wait, stay right there— I’ve got a song for you”
  42. “oh thank goodness… I didn’t think you’d still be here.”
  43. “You don’t have to do this if you’re scared”
  45. “I can’t believe you actually bought that”
  46. “that… that was a lot different than I thought it’d be”
  48. “let’s pretend I didn’t see you do that”
  49. “You’re too sweet”
  50. “ah, you’re up. how’d you sleep?”

the worst thing about this hellsite and this fandom is when someone types an text post about their opinions / feelings someone will dig really deep to find something that’s “problematic” about it and acts like what that person said is somehow bad or the worst thing ever. as just an example: i said jokingly i wished taylor would sell m&g’s. it was just me thinking it’s my dream to meet her & i wouldn’t mind paying for it because i feel like else it won’t ever happen. but then someone comes and talks about the trial and why she isn’t doing m&g’s and i should respect her safety and privacy and acts like i’m satan. i’m just like damn.. and it turns into drama. and it that makes me feel bad as a person but it also makes me mad because i know i didn’t mean it that way and in no way i’m claiming such stuff in my post. and i see that happening all over here. i just feel like some of you always wanna comment on people’s post and always assume the worst of people (and concluding things that aren’t even stated IN a post). like this isn’t even the worst thing that ever happened to me but some blogs rlly are getting attacked

some blogs here live for creating drama or love to show others how much “better” they are.  sometimes it’s really not fun to be on here and it makes me sad. i’m here to have fun with people who also love taylor and i love blogging and editing but some of you are so harsh and mean, like e.a. calling people names or attacking someone with a 1000-words essay. i can’t imagine typing some of the things out i read on here. if you’d spend that much time on your actual school essays that would be actually impressive. i do feel like most of the people aren’t this way in real life but the anonomity of tumblr brings out the worst in some.

if you have a different opinion or you feel a certain way you can make your own post on your own blog and people who’ll agree with you will show you that, without attacking other users on their posts. it’s really about people who delibaretly go after people. but again: some people really love drama and stirring things up. i know you can’t totally erase hate within a fandom lol and i know we all have freedom of speech etc but this is just sad and it isn’t hard to be a nice, decent person. this post is really long sorry for that

New Beginnings (Part 1) (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Originally posted by seabasschino

Request: Bucky is really protective of the Reader who has a prosthetic leg and he’s always helping her despite the fact that she doesn’t need help to do any of the things that she does. she can totally do them for herself but she likes Bucky that much that she let him help her just to spend more time with him

Words: 1130 

A/N: I don’t know how it is to have a prosthesis so if i’m making a mistake with this please let me know.
Special thanks to @supersoldierslover and @writingfortheavengers

This is my masterlist!

If you have any request please send it here!

New Beginnings (Part 1):

The place was amazing. It was on the 5th floor of a Brooklyn building that actually seemed to have a good elevator and a security system that works. Also, the fact that the noises of the streets were imperceptible from here, made you form a good opinion of it. This one was one of the good ones.

You looked at your mom, who had insisted on joining you in the search for a good place to live, with a huge smile unable to hide your excitement as the owner of the apartment talked about the goods of the location and the 2 rooms that it had. He also talked about how the neighbors were good people that always were happy to help when needed and about that place around the corner that had the most amazing Italian food in all New York.

You let your eyes roam around the recently painted living-room. It was perfect; spacious but not too big. The walls were all white except for the one that was glass-made which was the door to the balcony.

“This is a small closet,” the proprietor told you opening the closest door to the entry before heading out the living room and showing you the first door to the left “And here is one of the bathrooms”

With every little thing he showed you, you were more convinced that this apartment was the right one. The kitchen wasn’t very big but it was pretty functional and it had enough space for you to not be uncomfortable at all even hopping around. The main bedroom was bigger than you were used to and you were sure that because its location, you would have natural light entering through that window in the mornings, and its bathroom had a big bathtub. You were in love with the place.

The thing was that it was unfurnished. Well… unfurnished was not the word, it was poorly furnished but that wouldn’t matter because it had the basics and you had everything the apartment was missing or you could buy it. You even thought that it will probably be a good idea to give away the fittings you didn’t need, like those armchairs in the other room.

Of course, the flat wasn’t something luxurious but it was soon to be yours and you already loved it. It was perfect for you.

“I don’t know, (Y/N)” your mom get you out of your thoughts “It’s the 5th floor, sweetheart.”

“It has a great elevator, mom. That’s not a problem”

“What if there’s a failure”

You tried to resist the urge of rolling your eyes but it was stronger than you.

“You know I can make it, it’s not like it is a 20th floor or something”

She knows that it was true but she was really overprotective since the accident you had 3 years ago and that was one of the reasons you were moving out to another city. Of course, you would never think of telling her that, the official reason was work, but you were looking for jobs in New York so you could be more independent without feeling like you were destroying your family’s heart.

“I’m gonna be fine mom” you assured her feeling a little guilty. She was just worried about you after all “So, is this place pet-friendly?” you changed the subject so the conversation would flow to things that matter to you more than your leg in this moment.

Of course, you visited three other places besides that one but you couldn’t keep your thoughts out of that Brooklyn flat. The other places just seemed so unpractical, like they weren’t made for you. Or they were too small or too noisy or so close to ugly alleys. So that same night you called the owner to make a deal. The next day you were reading a contract and signing it and the day after that you were already putting your things in boxes in your old home in Hudson.

A week after that, one Saturday morning, you got to the building with the moving truck. Luckily, the men from the company were unbelievably kind. They even helped you get the furniture into the apartment.  The only thing you didn’t think of in that moment was how you were going to move all those boxes that still were outside your door in the hall.

“Oh, seriously?” you just realized the king size bed was still in the living room “Ok, I can do this”

You left the door open because of the boxes and you headed to the bed to turn it to one of its sides, it was hard for you honestly and you weren’t completely comfortable with this prosthesis for that job; it was a new one and pretty cool but it wasn’t the one that worked better for this kind of things. You tried to push the bed but you sighed resigned to go look into the boxes. It wasn’t that bad because you can use that opportunity to continue doing what you left aside and keep entering them to your apartment. Honestly, it was a mess you still didn’t know how you were going to fix.

When you finally got to the box you needed the ones left outside weren’t a lot so you sat there in the hallway and rolled your pants up until the hem reached a little up your knees and you took off the prosthetic device and started changing it for the one with the carbon spring when the elevator door opened and someone started walking your way.

“Sorry for the mess,” you said without looking up still busy with your leg “I swear I’m about to finish with the boxes”

“It’s ok. I can help if you want to”

“Thank you but I can do it, don’t worry. Also, I don’t want to bother you”

“I know you can do it. And you’re not bothering, I’m the one offering. We’re neighbors after all”

You fixed the pants over your leg and looked up at him.

He was tall. Well, it was that or it was the fact that you were sitting on the floor. You noticed that he probably just came from running or from the gym for the look of his clothes. Your eyes flew to his left arm before you got the chance to look at his face and you smiled in recognition. A metal arm. At least you both were stylish.

You stood up and looked at him again still smiling. Yes. He was tall. He smiled too when you nodded your head.

“Name’s Bucky, by the way”

“Nice to meet you, Bucky,” you said “I’m (Y/N)”

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The Good Parent - Part One

Summary: After taking a long break at work and finally returning, you were already working overtime on your very first day. You happened to be the kindergartener of the son of Dean Winchester, a busy hunter, who would turn out to be the reason for a lot of trouble for you.

Words: 1777

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Originally posted by soluscheese

Warnings: none

A/N: I recently asked which series you wanted to see back and you decided for this one. While reading through the old parts, I just found it extremely cringy and therefore decided to rewrite this series completely. You will still be able to find the old parts and I will keep them linked for as long as it takes for me to replace all the existing parts. So if this seems familiar to you, it’s because I’m rewriting this series.


Today was the first day of work for you after you had to step back for some time due to some family reason. But now you were back and you couldn’t wait to work with the children again.

Your first day already started good, considering you had the closing shift and could for one sleep in and be energized enough to be with the kids since you only had to show up at three in the afternoon.

While preparing for the day, you wondered whether the kids would still remember you or not, but then again you haven’t been gone for years and you’ve been with all of them since the day they were brought to you.

It was only then that you noticed you had been going too relaxed about everything as you glanced at the clock and noticed you were running late. Quickly you grabbed your bag and walked over to the little coffee shop, grabbing a cheap coffee-to-go before heading over to your car, nearly spilling the hot contents in the cup while getting into the car.

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Attention ♡ Jack Avery Imagine

Title: Attention

Pairing: Jack x Fem!Reader

Word Count: 640

Summary: The Invitation EP dropped and Jack hasn’t been able to spend time with you.

Warning(s): Some angst, but ends in fluff

A/N: Oh my gosh, thank you so much! I’m so so glad you love my imagines. Honestly, you have no idea how much that means to me. I hope you enjoy the imagine! If anyone would like to request an imagine, you can do so here: x

You didn’t know when was the last time you actually spent time with your boyfriend. You thought about it long and hard, but still, nothing ever came to mind. He’d gone on tour for the Something Different EP, then when it ended, he spent time with his family. After he had a break, he was back on the road, released a single, then prepared to release a new EP. After the Invitation EP dropped, you began to wonder if you were ever going to see him again.

Sure, you got to call and text often. You did get to Facetime every once in a while. Snapchat was always an option. But there was nothing quite like getting to see Jack in person. You missed him—a lot.

As Jack became more focused on promoting the new EP, the less he was able to focus on you. Calls became shorter. Texts became less frequent. You even lost your Snap streak.

You couldn’t handle it anymore. You texted one of the other boys and asked if they would be home. Once you received confirmation, you drove down to their house. Daniel let you in, telling you that Jack was in his room.

You found him on his bed, scrolling on his phone. You crossed your arms over your chest and cleared your throat. Jack’s head shot up, his curls bouncing. He climbed off the bed, his phone cast aside.

He moved to hug you, but you took a step back. You weren’t going to melt into his arms like you always did. You were going to let him know how you felt, how upset you were. He frowned. “Is there something wrong?”

“You could say that,” you said. “Why don’t you talk to me anymore?”

“What? What do you mean?” Jack asked. “You know I’ve been busy.”

You shook your head. “You’ve been busy ever since we started dating, Jack! But now it’s like you dropped off the face of the Earth! You never call anymore, I hardly ever get a text. If I do, it’s lol or yea or some other one-word response. We’ve even lost our Snap streak!” You took a deep breath, trying to gather your thoughts. “Do you…Do you want to break up with me?”

Jack’s mouth fell open. “Wha—Why—I don’t—Why would you say something like that? You know I love you!”

You felt tears prick at your eyes. Your hands fell at your side as your emotions started to take over. “Jack,” your voice shook slightly, “it really doesn’t feel like it.”

He wrapped his arms around you before you could realize what he was doing. You stood still for a moment. You couldn’t handle it anymore—you hadn’t seen him in so long. You dreamed of hugging him, kissing him. You couldn’t stand being angry at him. You wrapped your arms around him, crying into his shoulder.

“I’m sorry, baby,” he said. “I’ll try harder. I’ll do my best to talk to you every chance I get.”

“No,” you said, “I’m sorry. I overreacted. I’m sorry.”

Jack pulled out of the hug and walked over to the bed, motioning for you to lie beside him. You did and, as you cuddled in bed together, Jack stroked your hair, mumbling things he loved about you in your ear.

When you stopped crying, Jack gave you a small smile. “You do know I love you more than anything, right?”

You nodded, sniffling a bit as you recovered from your sob-fest. “I do. I love you too, and I was just so scared that I was going to lose you that I freaked.”

“It’s okay, baby,” he said. “You’re not going to get rid of me anytime soon.”

“I love you so much, Jack.”

“And I love you so much more, Y/N.”

Title: Moscow

Request: I think I made it in time. Anyway, would you be willing to write a Nikita Zaitsev one where he takes you home to Moscow to meet his family? Thank you so much!

Author’s Note: I hope you enjoy it!

Links: My Master List  and My Current Requests

“They’ve already met you, babe. You’ll be fine.” he assured you, pressing down on your thigh, still your leg which was bouncing up and down on the bench beside him.

It was true, you had met his parents before. Once, briefly, before the two of you were even dating, so did that really count? And not only were you meeting his parents, you were meeting his entire family. Aunts, uncles, cousins, the whole shebang. You gave him a weak smile, trying not to be nervous.

“It’ll be okay.” he told you, gently grasping your chin between his thumb and forefinger, pulling your lips to his. “You’ll have a good time.” he guaranteed you, pressing another sweet kiss to your lips.

A car horn sounded and you pulled away from Nikita; your face flushing when you realized it was his parents who were picking you up from the train station. Nikita seemed to think nothing of it, rising quickly to his feet and greeting his parents before grabbing both of your suitcases and tossing them in the trunk. He pulled his mother in for a hug, then his father, turning and grabbing your hand he pulled you towards them.

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i wonder how much of my life has been spent on my bathroom floor, pressed against the sink like my back might give out. it might. you never know.
i feel like i spend more time talking about crying than i do actually crying. maybe that’s because it never counts for anything. in movies, you can collect tears in a pretty vial and use them to cast spells. here, there is no magic. here, you can only drown.
and this was never meant to be poetic, my best work is spoken over the phone when i try to be angry. when i never succeed. when i say things and act like i know what they mean. nothing here makes sense to me. don’t listen so carefully.

this was never meant to be anything more than destruction. i can wreck anything if i try hard enough not to.

+1000 Followers announcment

I am trully blessed that i have had the chance to meet so many people who decided to give me theyre moments of life, just to check upon me. I oftenly ask myself what makes you people actually show up here and give me that follow thingie.

I am afraid i will never understand why you guys like what i do, for in many cases i myself dont really like it. To me i always seem blunt, unoriginal, slow and most importanly boring. Which makes me just be in awe how you people can actually find my art interesting, or even encouraging what i say.

But what is more important is the whole timeline i spended here on Tumblr through the time i started doing art for real. I improved a little bit that is true, but what is much important is the people i have had the honor of meeting here. So many wonderfull memories, support and problems to share with people who wish for nothing else but share theyre ideas and love for art with the world.

I would have never thought i would get here. Thank you my friends.

I was thinking if i should make an art raffle, but you know what ? In the end i wont do it. Simply because of the reason that i draw for you guys anything already just out of habit. I was never forced into any of the birthday wishes i drew, or wrote to you. 

I am a free artist that does cool drawing for you, because i want you guys to like what i do, and i want you to know that all i do is out of my free will.

Also…please dont forget the following.


Fake Girlfriend 5 || Dan Howell

A/N: well, there it is. So many of you messaged me saying you want another part and I gave in. I wanted this to be a little bonus chapter but it is not much shorter than the other ones. Thank you for liking this story so much! ily! 💕

Also important: I’m posting a little Christmas present for you on here. Christmas day. I will upload it in the morning so you can read it right after you have opened your presents. 

Word Count: 1.4K

POV: Dan

MASTERLIST // PART 1 // PART 2 // PART 3 // PART 4 // PART 5

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Y/N just stood there, staring at me in awe for a while. I couldn’t help but smile at her. Never in my life had I felt that light. My confessions hung in the air like fairy lights in winter. In that moment, we knew that this was the start of something beautiful. We had never expected this to happen. I was prepared to be single till 32 and now?

“To be honest I never aspired to be an actress.” Y/N then said with a grin.

“I’m actually a really bad liar.” I admitted, scratching the back of my head, laughing.

“Why don’t we solve both of our problems then?” Y/N asked. We knew right from the start where this conversation was heading.

“We could leave out the fake part?” I suggested with a little chuckle.

“Yes, I’d love to be your girlfriend.” She then beamed, her simple words sent my heart into a frenzy.

It took only seconds for her lips to be back on mine again. For a short moment I saw the indescribably beautiful colour of her eyes. I had never noticed how special they were before. My eyes fell naturally shut as soon as I felt the desired spark inflame every tiny cell in my body. Y/N, or should I say my girlfriend, threw her hands around my neck, as we deepened our kiss. Her simple touch sent waves of what felt like electricity through my body. Her lips were soft and they eagerly moved against mine.

Somehow I ended up on the arm chair that we had sat in earlier while talking about random things. Y/N on my lap. My hands were set on her thighs as she held my face between both of her palms. I could feel the heat rush to my cheeks and I was sure that Y/N could feel how warm they were. We could make out everyday from now on until forever. Our lips danced to a magical rhythm as there was no space between us and my thoughts wandered off to a wonderful place.

I think we would have never pulled apart but..


What the fuck?! Not again. It was my aunt Sarah who shouted my name from downstairs. She was one of the kindest people I knew, but she had the annoying habit to ruin my moments with Y/N. I tried ignoring my name being shouted. It couldn’t be more important than this, right?

I just kept kissing Y/N like there was no tomorrow. The sweet smell of her perfume made me feel light-headed. My skin was prickling and it seemed like the air around us was vibrating.


My tongue gently brushed against Y/N’s bottom lip. My hands wandered up to caress her hips. Just as I was about to deepen the kiss even more Y/N pulled apart, pushing gently against my chest.


“What?” I asked, acting as if I didn’t know what she was talking about. I went in for another kiss, but she stopped me, while rolling her eyes.

“You should probably check on your aunt.”

I groaned but eventually got up, missing the warmth of Y/N’s body already.

“Yes?” I shouted, opening the door a little bit.

“Daniel, can you two come downstairs please?”

“We’ll be there in a second.” I answered. We’ve had dinner before so what could she possibly want?

When I turned around Y/N had already gotten up from the armchair in front of the big window. Her cheeks were still rosy from kissing and her hair was a bit messy. She quickly straightened it by running her fingers through it before we headed out of the room.

“What’s u-?” I asked half way down the big staircase, but I stopped in the middle of my sentence as I saw my parents standing in the entrance hall.

Don’t get me wrong, I normally would be happy to see them, but I hadn’t told them about the whole fake girlfriend thing yet.

“Oh there you two are! Your parents decided to come here early, Daniel” Aunt Sarah explained, not noticing the obvious shock on my face.

My mum and dad were staring at Y/N in confusion. They had never seen her before.  

“Mary, everybody is totally inspired by how cute Dan and Y/N are together. They have been together for a year only and they are just such a well working team. Absolutely adorable.” My aunt told my mother with a sweet smile on her face.

I prayed to god that she would catch on, but of course she didn’t. Thanks mum.

“Dan and who?” she wanted to know, confusion and irritation audible in her voice.  My dad just stood next to her looking from me to Y/N with a startled expression on his face.

“Y/N? Dan’s girlfriend?” my aunt was now nearly as confused as my mother.

The three of them shoot us a harsh look, demanding an answer to this mess. I nervously scratched the back of my head and swallowed hard. Y/N had never looked that awkward before and the whole thing got even more complicated because we were actually dating now.

What was I supposed to tell my parents?  

5 minutes later we were all sat in the lounge as my parents and Sarah were waiting for an answer from us.

“Son, I don’t understand. You don’t have a girlfriend. Or do you?” My dad asked as his eyes landed on Y/N.

“I do no-  well actually, I do.” I started, shooting Y/N an apologizing look.

I knew that it was impossible to find a way out of this without admitting the truth so I told them the whole story. I explained why I felt like I needed to lie in the first place, that Phil had the idea to do this fake girlfriend thing and that I thought it would work.

“Wait, so you didn’t meet on the bus? That story was so lovely.” Aunt Sarah realized in disappointment.

“We made that up. C’mon I would never make such a bad pun!”

“You would!” Everybody, except me, shouted.

“So how did you meet then?” My mum wanted to know.

“Phil.” I simply said, thinking there was no further explaining to do.

“You stole Phil’s girlfriend, Daniel!?” my mother was horrified.

“NO! We are just friends.” Y/N threw in.

“We actually hated each other before we got here. But spending so much time with her really opened my eyes. I found out what an incredible girl Y/N is. I have completely fallen for her in such a short time. So after all of that happened, I asked her to be my girlfriend like an hour ago.” I explained, making Y/N, who sat next to me, blush.

“Mum, dad, meet my girlfriend Y/N.” I tried introducing them without feeling too awkward.

“Could we maybe start off fresh?” she asked my parents shyly and they agreed instantly. Her sweet smile and big eyes could win everybody over.

We talked until midnight and then we decided to go to bed since it was my aunt’s big day tomorrow. After we had resolved our initial difficulties everything turned out to be fine. My parents seemed to love Y/N.

“Thank you for being so understanding.” I said after we wished everyone good night.

“Oh and Dan, Harry mustn’t know about his.” My aunt smiled at me and winked.

“You look absolutely stunning, baby” I complimented Y/N with my mouth hung open. The dress she was wearing for my aunts wedding fit her perfectly and the colour of it was the same as her eyes.

“You are not so bad yourself.” Y/N giggled as we sat down on one of the benches of the church where the wedding was held. After we had chatted and waited for about ten minutes music started playing. My aunt walked down the aisle in a simple white dress. As she stopped walking right in front of her soon to be husband I leaned in to whisper in Y/N’s ear.

“I can’t wait to see Phil’s face when get home and tell him.”

“We owe him big time, don’t we?” Y/n laughed quietly.

“Yes, I do.” My aunt said before I could answer myself. She was finally marrying the love of her life. And I was sitting right next to mine.

Lonely [Sam Drake]

Pairings: Sam x Reader

Request:   Hello!! Can you write something about Sam x reader where Sam has been going out a lot and not giving reader enough attention and she gets close to a friend that he gets jealous of or just whatever hah

About: One night alone turns into many nights alone, and the reader begins to feel ignored and unwanted. She finds solace in a friend, who comforts and reassures her.

Warnings: none

Inspiration: x

Note: i liked this one

“Hey, are you staying in tonight?” You asked gently, leaning on the doorway that lead to Sam’s makeshift ‘office’, or ‘research room’. 

“No, as soon as I wrap this up I’m out,” Sam responded nonchalantly, not even bothering to look at you as you walked in. “Sorry. Another time.”

You nodded sadly. “Okay.”

Sam looked up at you know, sensing your hesitation as you paused in the doorway. He rose a brow, questioning your behaviour, but you smiled, bit your tongue and shut the door behind you. 

You went to bed quite early that night, feeling exhausted and weighed down by loneliness. You tossed and turned, feeling your stomach twist with anxiousness when you heard him leave without so much as uttering goodbye.

You found solace in an old friend, Daniel, who made you feel just that bit better about your situation. He was friendly and cheery and you knew you could turn to him as a friend when you felt like things were going awry. 

You’d text and call, and you felt a little better with the distraction of being his wing-man for the multiple women he was interested in. Although it was clear that there was no romantic interaction between yourself and Daniel, you knew that when Sam found out he’d be, most likely, furious.

At the moment, you couldn’t find it in you to care. He’d left you feeling rejected and alone, and if you felt better in making and contacting with new and old friends, then who the Hell was he to stop you?

That next day, you woke to an empty bed, and, although concerned, found Sam passed out on the couch in the front room, television on.

“Wake up,” you said, playfully hitting him over the head with a pillow. “Get up, Sam!”

Sam groaned and rubbed his eyes, “aw, geez, what time is it? Like six a.m.?”

“Sam, it’s noon,” you rolled your eyes, “what time did you get home last night?”

“Uh… it was late,” he said, “I didn’t come in because I didn’t want to wake you up.”

“Ah,” your realised. “Well… okay. I was sort of hoping that we could go out today, considering I’ve barely seen any of you recently.

“Really, babe?” Sam groaned, “I’ve got a hangover and I don’t really feel like going out right now.”

“Okay, what about tomorrow, then? Or are you going out again?” You snapped, clear hostility in your voice.

Sam looked at you through narrowed eyes, “why so harsh?”

“Do you even care about me anymore?” You pushed.

“What? Of course I do!” Sam said, shocked at your words. “Why would you think that I don’t?”

“I don’t know, maybe the countless times you’ve blown me off the past few months?” You answered incredulously, not believing how ignorant he was being.”When’s the last time you stayed in to be with me? Or take me out on a date?”

“I-” Sam hesitated.

“See? You can’t even answer,” you shook your head and stepped away from him, going into the kitchen to grab a glass of water. “Stupid.”

Sam followed you, looking exhausted, and leaned against the doorway. “I haven’t been that bad, in all fairness.”

You ignored his words and instead payed attention to your phone which lit up with a notification on the countertop.

Sam, instantly curious, craned his neck. “Who’s that?”

“My friend,” you told him, “isn’t it crazy that I have people who actually pay attention to me?”

He frowned at your words. “Who is it?”

“Daniel,” you told him straight-forwardly, your body tense but your face firm in anticipation for his response.

Daniel,” Sam tested the name on his tongue. “What, are you saying he gives you more attention than I do?”

“Here we go,” you said under your breath. “Why does that matter, Sam?”

“I don’t know why you feel the need to speak to other guys behind my back, but that’s a low blow, (Y/N),” he said.

You rolled your eyes. “Don’t start, Sam. I’m not going to give up a good friendship just because you’re insecure and guilty about how much of a dick you’ve been to me these past few months.”

Sam clenched his jaw. “(Y/N)-”

“Don’t bother, Sam,” you sighed, sucking your teeth, “I need to spend some time alone, so if you’d just get out of my way, please.”

“I’m not enjoying these mixed signals. You’re here chewing me out over how I never spend time with you and now you’re asking to be alone? What do you want from me, (Y/N).”

You felt your eyes well up with hot, angry tears. “To know that you actually care.”

“Don’t-” Sam’s face softened considerably. “Come on, you know how much I care about you.”

“Do I?” You asked, pushing away a tear. “I gotta- I’ll talk to you in a bit.”

Sam stood, frozen in place, watching as you walked off, sniffling, and locked yourself away into the bedroom. With a heavy heart, he found himself wandering back to the sofa, feeling more alone than ever.


My Bullet Journal Set Up

So some of you have asked me about my bullet journal (I’m looking at you, @munirastudies (and some anons - hi anons!)). Here it is: my set-up!

I previously did a post on my bullet journal at the very beginning of this studyblr, which can be found here. It’s just changed so much since then that I decided I’d post a new one!

- 1 - I’ve got a dotted Leuchtturm1917 A5 notebook in a really dark blue - which fits because I’m Ravenclaw. I was actually planning on painting the house crest on the front cover, but I never got to do it… but I think I’ll do it soon haha.

- 2 - When you look at my bullet journal you’ll see that I have some bright tags there. They really help me find stuff quicker (but they aren’t sticky enough so they often get loose.. I should change that). You can see my tag list in picture

- 3 - and it’s at the very end of the notebook. For those of you who don’t know this system yet, it’s really simple! You just decide how you want to tag that page, for example “books” as I did in mine, and go to the back of your notebook to write it down there. Then you choose a colour and put a strip of washi tape (or I use post it flags) on that page in the back and also on the page you want to tag so that the colours are in one line and you can see them from the outside (god I’m bad at explaining this but I can’t find the page that explained it to me, sorry!).

- 4 - On the first three pages there’s an index, and I use the first page for years and months, then the second page (which you can see in the picture) I use for anything else.

- 5 - Then there’s my key. I have a colour coding system, but I use some colours twice (which is really bad, I know) because there just weren’t enough colours! I have one colour for each subject, then also for other parts of my life like work, family and friends, uni in general and health (which is anything really: when I eat, doctor’s appointments, when I clean my flat etc). There’s also a key for my expenses which I rarely use anymore, and one for how long it took me to do a task which I also don’t use anymore.

- 6 - In this picture, and also the one before, you can see my yearly overview (which I am still so proud of because I thinks it’s really pretty). I only write down really important stuff in there, and things I’m looking forward to.

- 7 - Now we come to the more important stuff in my bullet journal. In this picture you can see my monthly overview. Here I write down everything that happens that particular month, like when I have to work, exams, family and friends stuff, and birthdays etc. I also have space for goals that I want to achieve that month, and an expenses table. This really helps me because often times I would just go shopping for books and stuff and spend so much money (which you can see hasn’t really improved much {{I spent 70€ on books last month?!}}). Now I can see how much I spend and what I should do better next month (like, I should definitely buy less books {{I actually spent more money on books this month and it’s not even halfway through but shush}}). On the next page there’s an example of a weekly overview. This one looks pretty much the same every week (at least the layout). Here are some more examples:

There’s always space for my weekly goals, then a food table where I write down everything I eat (which should make me more aware of what I eat and change my habits of eating - but it kind of doesn’t), underneath that there’s my habit tracker (and you can see I’m not very good at that either), and then there’s some kind of time tracker…? I don’t know what it’s called, I just thought I needed to know how I spend my time each day, like if there’s a lot of pink I’ve been doing a lot for myself (reading, watching movies, listening to music), if there’s lots of yellow I did a lot with friends and family, then there’s days where I was very creative and a lot of the time is purple - or if there’s lots of green (history) and red (English) I did a lot for uni. I really like this one (and I think I came up with it myself, but if someone has already claimed credit I give it all to you haha).

- 8 - Let’s just ignore the fact that this was one of my most unproductive weeks of all time (like, do you see how often I migrated tasks here?!). Just like my weekly overviews, my daily overviews look pretty much the same every week - at least the basic layout. I get bored of a certain layout about halfway through the week, so I try to come up with a new one every week. See how I got an arrow based layout in the orange overview, and kind of tree/nature based in the green one? What I always include is how much water I drink. I try to drink 12 glasses of water, which in my case is about 2,5 litres. Then there’s the basic to do list thing that bullet journals have. I include my colour code here as well, it just makes it easier for me to see what kind of things I have to do each day. Some more examples:

- 9 - I also have pages in my bullet journal that I use for lists, uni stuff, recs, organisation and personal stuff. In this picture you can see my “books to read” list. On the first example picture of the daily pages you can also see my wish list (which only has “money” on it - figures) and a pro/contra list about the two options I have for my stay abroad. Here are some more examples:

My saving goals page (which isn’t really done yet) and my schedule for this semester(which doesn’t have the hours on it):

and a “movies to watch” list (some spelling mistakes included):

- 10 - This last picture is my current spread. I saw this on tumblr and wanted to try it, but my colour code kind of destroys it. Maybe I’ll try it again some time without my colour code… Here’s another picture of the weekly overview:

Wow. This got a little out of hand! I hope you enjoy this :)

Chameleon [part 1]

Synopsis: [in construction]
Requested: not at all
Pairing: Bucky×Reader
Warnings: none so far


This is my first Marvel fanfiction. The storyline and the time are different, some characters weren’t supposed to be there, others are out… Hope you guys like it.
P.S.: You will start seeing more drama and action from chapter 3. Still, the first two chapters are very important.

You weren’t used to be around superheroes. You saw them on tv whenever the news had amateur’s footage of the Avengers’ act of justice around the country and even the world. It was the closest you got from an Avenger before, seeing them through a tv screen in some heroic situation.

But this time was different. You were right there, in front of the national idols, the role models for the kids and teenagers of America. You wanted to feel somehow amazed by that, maybe thankful to have the opportunity to be right there and then with them in the reunion’s room. But you didn’t. You were thinking too much and getting scared of what was to come, it was when Fury introduced you to the team.

“No more procrastination, this is Y/N and she is now one of us. One of you.”
Nobody seemed to understand how could anyone like you be any good to be an Avenger.

Your looks didn’t reveal much about you, there was nothing apparently ‘bizarre’ or heroic about you. You seemed just like a young woman, a regular civilian, nothing very special to be with them. But you were choosen by Nick Fury what made the team give you some respect even if they still didn’t know what were the goods you were bringing to their cause.

“Y/N is going to get a room on the 13th floor.” Your ‘mentor’ pronounced himself once again. “She is also going to train with your guys. For that, I already arrenged her schedule; I want her with you, agent Romanoff. I know you can have this responsibility in your hands.- Stark,” he called the genius that imediatly regretted being in this room if he only knew that Nick was going to ask anything.

“Let’s start working on some technology for our Y/N here.” Fury touched your shoulder in a caring way but never letting down his leader’s attitude.

“For that I’ll need to know what this teenager has to offer…” Tony Stark gave you a mean look, way too curious about your skills. You didn’t care about that, but the way he called you a teenager already built a wall between the two of you. You were no teenager, you were no little 'non harmful’ girl. They didn’t know anything about you. Maybe only Nick.

“I don’t need your technologies. I’ll be fine on my own skin.” Your words caught their attentions and Nick was happy to see what you got to say.

Natasha on the other hand wasn’t so pleased to know she would train you. Well, who were you in the first place? Agent Romanoff wouldn’t help anyone she didn’t know- but she had to, because she trusted Fury and all of the Avengers had this commitment with him. Trust. That’s what being a superhero was all about.

“Captain” the blue eyed man had a serious look towards the both of you, his perfect posture and clenched jaw were things you you took notice of. “May you show Y/N the accommodation is?”

The man nodded. You never thought in your entire life that you would have Captain America to show you around the Avengers’ accommodation while Tony Stark had a massive discussion with Nick Fury in the reunions room. It was comic to you, not so much to the other avengers.

“This is where we train. You’ll spend a lot of time in here with Natasha.” Steve’s serene voice was much better than his serious face from minutes ago. He was trying his best to embrace you in this whole new phase in your life even though all he knew about you was your name.

“Do you know how to throw a punch?” he asked somehow lightning up the mood. He was Captain America but he felt a little intimidated by your mysterious vibe. Who would even think of that? Surely not you.

“I prefer having a strategy, a plan, than to actually throw punchs. But if that’s what you want, I guess I’ll do my best to physically hurt someone.” your words.

Gosh, how scary you were for a girl that looked so angelical and saint. This wasn’t right to his eyes. Steve didn’t expect Fury to bring an amateur to the team, but neither he expected a strategist to join them. He thought you would be more of a physical fighter like everyone else.

Steve was wrong, everybody was wrong. They didn’t know you. You didn’t feel like you were anything like them, but someone completly original, authentic. There wasn’t anyone else like you out there, with the same powers, same life path…

How did you get there though? How did Nick find you? You were so well hidden from the world, from the big city, the villains, the criminals, the people like you and like Fury.

You shook your head before your thoughts turned into words and out of your mouth. Steve looked at you curious and concerned. He had a soft side that told him to take care of you. Nothing unusual for our Steve Rogers.

The captain led your way out of the gym. Both of you walked around the accomodation and he had all the patience to explain to you what every room was for. Sometimes he didn’t know what some of the doors would lead to, but he surely knew they were more of Bruce and Tony’s science labs.

“And this is your new room. I hope you like it. It’s not so fancy but has a nice view.” He pointed to the window where you could see the city from a very hgh level. New York, what a place.

“If you excuse me.” Rogers was making his way out of your room leaving you alone with the beautiful sunset.

After the door was closed, you let out a relieved sigh. This wasn’t going to be any easy. You didn’t feel like a superhero yourself, but you were making it for something important, for someone who trusted you, for your country and everybody else who was on the aim of getting hurt, killed…

You were an Avenger now, even if the other memebers still didn’t accept you completely. Although you felt Rogers having a positive first impression about you and this being important to gain the respect of the others, you knew that whenever they learned what were your 'superpowers’, things wouldn’t be so easy on you.

Dinner time.

Next: Part 2

A/N: If you wanna use the tag #Chameleon on this blog, you will keep up with all the chapters I’ll be posting from now. Don’t forget to leave some feedback. 

-Pearl Writer

Saeran x Reader- It's a Start

Still gonna do titles, cause it helps me find what is what.

“Tell me why I have to come with you?”

“Do you not want ice cream?” You asked, receiving a grunt from the other as the two of you walked down the street. How you managed to get Saeran Choi out of the house and get something sweet was beyond you. You thought Saeyoung was joking when he said his brother liked the sweet treat, but you were proven wrong rather quickly. It even helped when you said that you were paying for them as well, and it took Saeran about ten minutes to get ready to go.

If only he would talk more since you were going to get him some ice cream.

“So… What kind of flavor are you going to get?” You asked, hoping to create some small talk. He kept his gaze forward, looking uncomfortable. He replied before you decided to keep quiet and forget you even said anything.

“Whatever kind I can get. It’s been awhile since I’ve had any,” Saeran replied, giving a small shrug. You gave a small nod. After what Saeyoung told you about his brother, and what you had experienced, you understood what he meant. After what he went through, you weren’t surprised since it’s been awhile since he had any ice cream.

An idea came to you as you both stopped in front of the shop, wondering if Saeran would accept traveling with you to a different place. You’ve been there before, and it was a nice place to go to. He is studying flowers…

“Hey, Saeran?” He gave a grunt to show that he heard you. “Do you want to go to the park after this?” You asked, paying for your treats before leaving the shop. He looked at you, the distrust evident in his eyes. This was expected, but you did give a try.

“…Sure. It’ll keep me away from Seven longer. But if you try anything, you’ll regret it,” Saeran said after a moment, glaring at you. You nodded, taking the lead once more as you took the way to the park. During this walk, the two of you were silent. Saeran seemed to be cautious, but he ate his treat nonetheless. It didn’t take long to get to the park, and once there, you lead him to where the flowers where. He looked at you, wondering what you were trying to do here.

“Can you tell me what meanings these flowers have? I’ve been curious,” You said after a moment, holding your ice cream with one hand as you scratched the back of your neck nervously.

“That’s what you wanted to bring me here for?”

“Well, you were always stuck in your room because of Saeyoung, so I thought you’d enjoy getting some ice cream and coming here. It’s not too busy either.” He shook his head, then looked at a patch of lilac.

“Lilacs mean ‘joy of youth.’” He pointed to lavender next. “Lavender is ‘devotion or virtue.” Saeran continued to name the meanings of the flowers. He was cautious and quiet though, but he looked better than when you asked him if he wanted to come here. You looked at a rose bush, knowing what these meant. Though, you turned to him and asked. “Red roses mean ‘love or desire.’ Why do you want to know this?”

“I was just curious to know about how much about flowers you knew. It’s really neat!”

“So what’s the reason you actually brought me out here?” You blinked, biting your tongue. Did he figure it out? With a sigh, you decided to just tell him.

“I just wanted to spend time with you. Is that wrong? Why did you even accept the invitation to come with me anyway?” Saeran finished his ice cream, looking at you before shrugging.

“Not as much as Seven tries, I rather spend time with you than with him. And I got free ice cream out of this.” You sighed, shaking your head. Though that wasn’t really the answer you wanted, you smiled softly at it. It was better than nothing, at least.

~Lazy Zenny~

The Reunion

Summary: Stiles needs someone hot to take to his reunion, so he can show everyone up. Cue Jordan Parrish, who eventually agrees to be his (fake) date.

Notes: Written for @inell, who wanted Stiles/Parrish and “It’s my high school reunion, and I need a hot date so I can rub in in the faces of the people who hated me.” Note: Lydia and Jackson are pretty mean in this fic, but I don’t think I made them any worse than they were in season 1. (On AO3)

“Come on, Jordan. Please?

“You’ve been asking me for a favor for a week,” Jordan says, leaning his arms heavily on his desk. “What do you want?

“I want you to be my date for my high school reunion,” Stiles says, as neutrally as possible, like this is nothing unusual.

“We’re not actually dating, so why would you need me to do that?”

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pastelkingalex  asked:

Hey hey hey!! Could I get KuroKen with Kuro helping Kenma through a panic attack or a depressive episode??

Unknown Number

Kenma could feel himself shaking long before he managed to find an empty stall. But the real panic only started to set in in full force as he slumped against the wall, sliding into a sitting position and wrapping his arms around his knees– shuddering, shallow breaths and the blurred lines of the stall door, the wall, the toilet next to him, the crush of anxiety on his chest forcing the air out of his lungs, disconnecting him from his surroundings. It seemed as though he was looking at everything through the wrong end of a smudged telescope, but even more sickening was the cold familiarity of the feeling.

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@ that anon who asked why i ship amamatsu

you asked pretty rudely so i’m just gonna put this under read more bc i’m gonna be explaining the stuff (note, anon asked it like they were sending ship hate so uhh yea you get the gist of how i will be talking) to the ppl who like sa///matsu please don’t take what i say too deeply aaa i’m just trying to analyze stuff with my poor skills, also v3 spoiler warning so beware

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hhokuto  asked:

TODOIZU 💌 & 💝 ;w;

my babies ;;;; YES

💌: who is more likely to send cutesy texts to the other?

midoriya for sure, at least at first… i bet todoroki would be too embarrased or not very sure of how to do it whent they start dating but with time i can see him getting really the whole “i miss you” messages

💝: who spends more time (possibly overthinking) what presents to get the other?

i’m going to say todoroki here, because as much as midoriya is an overthinker, he is very good reading people, so i think he really would know what to give to him as a present, on the other side todoroki just wants to find the perfect one so yeah… he starts planning and thinking about it months before the actual birthday/anniversary!

Learning a language by watching movies/dramas/tv shows/cartoons

I mentioned that I consider watching movies/dramas/tv shows/cartoons as „learning“  but that I’m also limiting it to one episode per day because it is not a very efficient way to learn a language. I was thinking about it so I decided to share my experience and opinion on the topic.

First of all, I thought that this is a very good way to learn a language because that is literally how I learned English. When I was about 10 years old, I watched a lot of sitcoms. I watched The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Family Matters, Full House, The Nanny and many others on TV every day. Every day for like 2-3 hours I was listening to the English language and when I got English as a subject at school I realized that I know much more then I thought. Sounds bad but you have to take into consideration that back then, as I child, I had a lot of free time I could spend by the TV. And I also listened to a lot of English/American music.

Later, when I started learning other languages, I realized that watching movies, shows etc is not enough to learn a language. It is a very good way to pick up the intonation, hear the correct pronunciation, you are able to learn some new vocab and grammer (although it depends on how well you already know the language). The big con is that you can spend hours doing that, but you will not gain as much knowledge as you would by learning in a conventional way. That is actually the most important thing I wanted to say here. Do not say: „I’m watching tv and spending a lot of time on the internet because I’m learning the language“. It is better to study in a conventional way using books and then watch an episode of a TV show or a movie.  Because honestly, if you binge watch something, you are wasting a lot of time and the things that you get from it are not worth the hours you spend on the internet. Learning that way is very slow, not useless but very slow.

*Tips on how to use the internet/tv to learn a language (I will use dramas as an example because atm I’m watching kdramas)

1.      Repeating what the characters are saying.

When ever there are some shorter sentences and phrases – I repeat them. That is a great way to practice your pronunciation because you hear a native speaker say it and you can see how good (or bad) your pronounciation is and practice.

2.      Writing down the most common words you hear.

The dramas usually revolve around a specific topic and there are words that you’ll keep hearing over and over again.

For example, I’m watching Goblin at the moment and the words like Goblin, Goblins bride and Grim Reaper are the words you hear in every episode so they will probably get stuck in your head or you can write them down as new vocab. (although I don’t know how often would you use words like Grim Reaper and Goblin but you get the point xD)

3.      Listening to the radio/tv/music.

When I’m doing chores I either listen to music, play the radio or just listen to the news in Korean. Hearing a language you are learning in the background can also help because you can learn some new words, get used to the language and pronunciation or again - you can repeat the words you hear and you are being more productive.

4.      I would also like to mention cartoons made for children.

They are also a good source because the language, choice of words and sentences are more simple then the ones in the dramas as they are  made for childen to understand them. I’m waching Pokemon when I have time even though my sister says it’s embarrassing. I chose Pokemon because I watched it a million times and I think that is a smart thing to do: Choose something you are already familiar with because you already know what it’s about, so even if you don’t understand everything, you’ll know what’s going on.I also like it cause the episodes are short and I can watch it while I’m having breakfast or dinner.