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hello. can you explain how the redirecting of the link work? like hkw do they do that? i dont know those kind of stuff so it would be helpful of yoi can explai. it ao that i could understand. thank you.

i won’t go into much detail but basically you can ‘reroute’ a link so it will lead to a different website than the one it was first intended to lead to. that’s what happens when you, for example, click a link to a youtube video and find yourself in a completely different website.

it would take quite a lot of knowledge to be able to pull it off but it can definitely be done. the main reason i’m 100% sure it was a redirect is that it was literally a blank link for the first 20-30 minutes it was up and led to nowhere but a blank page regardless of where you tried to access.

it was a horrible thing to do and i’m frankly quite uncomfortable on behalf of everyone because, regardless of what you believe, redirecting a blank link posted by one of the boys to porn of himself and quite literally exposing him to the avid and explicit sexualization of his person is absolutely horrible and a nasty thing to do, through and through.

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Hi, so I kind of had a weird request, it's different than the usual, I want the rfa reacting to MC and Saeyoung dating and being clingy, pda and stuff, like continuing from 707s after ending, and if it's not much trouble, rfa reacting to jumin and mc dating and also pda etc etc, if you decide to do it thank you in advance, if not, I understand, it might get quite long, nontheless thank you!!

what i kinda planned is under each member the headcanons will be how the other members react to them and MC ((idk if that makes sense but let’s see if this works out~~)) 


✮ everyone thinks y’all are goddamn adorable
✮ because yoosung is such a virgin 
✮ so you gotta be innocent as well to protect him
✮ jaehee is lowkey jealous bc your relationship is just so cute 
✮ but she’s hella supportive and Mom Mode is on because ‘omg look at her two children go’
✮ zen often gives relationship advice to yoosung 
✮ tries to be genuine but he complains about being single so much more
✮ jumin probably couldn’t care less 
✮ but when you both send photos of the other (or both of you) with your cat Lisa he’s like ‘!!! CAT’ 
✮ says it’s cute (you both just take the compliment, knowing very well he’s only talking about lisa)
✮ seven pranks yoosung even more but now he does it involving you
✮ as in, saying things like
✮ and yoosung fuckin fREAKS out
✮ he’s crying and shaking and he’s about to Zoom to the hospital
✮ until you call seven out on his shit (yoosung cried a little more while clinging on to you)
✮ yoosung will dubiously mistrust seven forever  


✎ she is hardly the one to do pda and be cutesy and stuff so it’s totally up to you 
✎ you like to send photos and selfies of you two working at the cafe 
✎ and when she’s completely engrossed in one of zen’s things 
✎ zen is highkey jealous upset. he just wants all the attentions and now the only two females in the RFA clearly aren’t romantically interested in him anymore
✎ jumin was kinda surprised by the whole ‘coming out’ bit when you announced y’all were in a romantic relationship 
✎ but he put away his salt about jaehee quitting and is probably the most supportive of the relationship (bc he says that jaehee is super responsible and that you’re patient and just all around great) 
yoosung probably gets turned on by it 
✎ you know he’s That Guy 
✎ but other than that he doesn’t really say a lot about it 
✎ he also complains about being single a lot more 
✎ seven makes fanart and writes fanart 140% 


✿ you think he’s a narcissist now?
✿ also says stuff like ‘we’re the perfect couple. there is no couple cuter than us. we should be you #goals’ 
✿ yoosung is jealous af 
so is jaehee 
✿ she actually probably has a joint ao3/tumblr/wattpad with seven
✿ jumin is Salt
✿ but he brings up the point of if zen has enough time for you between all his acting and singing and all that other stuff
✿ and zen sends back a candid photo of you talking to his director
✿ is like ‘HA’
✿ seven likes to make sex jokes all the damn time 
✿ definitely makes jokes about The Beast 


₩ it would probably be really cute 
₩ but when he tries to send photos of you/you with elizabeth/him and you/all 3
₩ they’re always B L U R R Y 
₩ so you teach The Jumin Han how to take a selfie 
₩ zen is probably uncomfortable and also very salty 
₩ jaehee appreciates the relationship because jumin is always in a better mood and you can convince him to give her breaks and paid vacation 
₩ so she lowkey loves y’all 
₩ yoosung could probably give less than a shit 
₩ he’s just playing LOLOL alone 
₩ but he kinda likes it because you can get Jumin to ease up on jumin’s LOLOL bashing
₩ seven also makes sex jokes 
₩ ‘have you ever made MC wear cat ears?’
₩ “Great idea Saeyoung”
₩ everyone is !!!!!!
₩ you try not to kill him 


⌨  he doesn’t like photos of him bc y’know 
⌨  privacy 
⌨  so you try to take selfies with him without him realising 
⌨  so the result is blurry photos with your face in the bottom corner laughing and saeyoung in the close background falling off his chair because he tried to chase you 
⌨  everyone lowkey loves the relationship because you two are always really happy together 
⌨  zen of course is salty because ‘he never leaves the house but gets a girlfriend?!’ 
⌨  seven likes teasing everyone about his Catch
⌨  so he’ll send random photos of you. always 
⌨  ‘look how cute MC is awwwww’ 
⌨  everyone, but especially Jaehee, really like and appreciate how you support each other’s emotions 
⌨  once made you dress up as a cat (like with the ears, maybe a tail with a questionable explanation of how it’s staying there)
⌨  took a picture you thought was ~private~
⌨  ‘jumin you were right~~ i am a cat abuser ;;;)))‘
⌨  you scream and spam the chat trying to make sure no one sees it 

okay so once i finished this i realised it was kind of only pda through the chat?? if you want another set where it’s more in person?? then definitely feel free to send in another request! 

But I hope you liked this ♡


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Hey! Sorry to bother but I was wondering if you could write an imagine where Josh is with his nice but then she gets lost and y/n is a stranger who helps him find her and it's just really cute? Thanks so much I love your writing btw


It’s a regular Tuesday as you step off the bus at your usual stop. The sun is still clinging high in the sky although looming clouds appear to have begun creeping in since you took your lunch break. Maybe it’ll rain later.

Just like every day, you make your way to the town park, sidestepping two young bikers as you head down a path. The sun’s rays feel heavenly as they lick at your skin, and the light breeze that tickles your cheek and seeps into your pores is a blessing after a day stuck inside the office. 

You pause on your way down the path to watch a group of young boys kicking around a soccer ball, your mind stirring up memories of playing with your own friends back in the day. You can’t help but wince sympathetically when one boy goes down in a harsh tackle, but scraped knees don’t stop his ruddy smile or bright laughter. As the boy runs back into the fray of the game, you continue your way down the path. You’re almost nearing the far exit when a piercing cry reaches your ears and stops you dead in your tracks. When you snap your head in the direction of the sound, your eyes find a small girl sitting in the grass crying. Her hair is plaited into two braids; although, a few springy curls have broken free. A bright yellow dress hangs from her small frame, the fabric covered in grass stains, and her flushed cheeks are damp from the tears flowing from her eyes. She can’t be more than four, and your heart instantly goes out to her, it wrenching and twisting painfully between your ribs. Before you can even hesitate, your legs are carrying you towards the girl, your eyes darting around for any sign of a frantic parent.

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Getting a job in Software Development

I graduated from uni in October and tomorrow (February) I start my first real job. ‘Wow, that’s a big gap!’ you might think, and, well, it kind of is but - I wasn’t searching for a job the whole time. In fact, the actual job searching (from sending out the first application to accepting an offer) took only 2 weeks. But let’s start with some basics:

(Please note: What I’m describing is true for Germany, where I live and did the whole application process. It might well be different in your country, although I’m pretty sure it applies to more countries than only Germany.)

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An Update - Playertale, new AU, weekend from 20-21.5

So hello guys !

Its finally time for a good old Update on the blog, me as an artist and stuff i have been working on.

After thinking about it for the last week i am officially ending the project and AU of Playertale. The reasons for this decision are simple, yet for me very important. Over the last months i have been really loosing my inspiration to work upon it, yet i managed to do something much more important. Playertale has been already from the start taken as a “tutorial project” for me personally. To help me understand the intricacies of a comic, to help me work with it, find out how long a page takes to be drawn, learn a few techniques about the background and well…everything around it.

Yet, i always knew that Playertale would not be my BIG PROJECT, something with which i could move and leave a mark in the UT community. Just a few info for you that you know what it took me through through out the months.

- The scrips has been rewritten 8 times, around 20 A4 of text, ideas, plots, explanations, very sensitive changes in the canon and so on

- The characters have been redrawd three times, with small changes to theyre look, yet i never could have gotten something i was comfortable with, and knowing that, i never could place my finger on the point

- Playertale was planned to have 5 ARC´s with 30 pages each (and i am even taking a lot pages and ideas, sub-plots and fights out of it)

- Characters like Gerson, Metaton and Undyne were supposed to actually have very important roles in the progress of the story. There were all together 2 MAJOR OC´s ( me and @moonphyr ) with 6 OC´s for the human souls, and 1 VIllain OC for the story

- The plan of the AU was planning to be a dramatical, fight based, cool adventure, that started from point A, The Ruins, and ended up at the big finish and climax, in the Kings Hall of Asgore.

Those are just some of the most important things of the whole AU. Yet working on this AU has lead me to a whole different way of thinking and dealing with the troubles of comics. Right as of now, i know much more how to deal with comics and to make them work. I want to especially thank for this to these four people. @keru-the-green @xxmileikaivanaxx @neofox67 and @yugogeer12 Because they helped me the most out of all the people.

Right now i will be gone till the end of the week on a Fantasy Larp, on which i will in my free time (cause i will be away from my PC, and my internet, apartment, just being surrounded by deep woods) finish the details and present you with the new AU. 

As of right now, all i am willing to share with you is that its going to be in a much more fantasy setting, with lots of magic, curses, legends and most importanly folklore inspired setting, i also intend to add some new monsters aaaaand…it will be a bit a far goner from the initial canon. There will be many major time-line changes, character meetings and background stuff (but i will probably scratch that so i dont end up again with 20 pages of text, and just will draw stuff).


Also a big thanks to all the wonderfull friends, mutuals and crusader-brothers i have met through the UT community. I am not leaving it, nor will i in the near future. But who knows where my steps will take me. I am an artist after all. Our kind doesnt stay in one place for a too much long time.

Thank you all for reading it till here. Now go take a break and eat some chocolate, or burn some heretics of negativity. And since i will be gone for three days, do me a favor and please stay safe.

Your humble friend Deusn

mercy pt 3

Genre: Angst

Length: 3.4k words

Pairing: Yoongi/Reader/Jimin

Summary: You knew the relationship was falling apart, you just couldn’t accept it. 

Part One  Part Two 

Grabbing my change from the cashier, I thanked her, taking my groceries and heading towards the exit. I swiftly make my way to my car almost throwing everything in the backseat and put my seat belt on. I had a pounding headache and I was more than relieved to be going home after a long day at work. Even though I was incredibly happy because of my new job title, it was more responsibility. I barely had time to breath lately much less do anything else, thankfully it was Friday which meant I would have the next two days off. Opening the door to my apartment I set all the groceries down and plop myself on the couch taking my shoes off in the process. Finally some time to myself.

I turned on the TV and checked my phone only to be disappointed once I realized that Jimin never got back to any of the texts I had sent him in the past few days. I figured he must’ve been busy as well, but his social media says otherwise. I checked his profile and sure enough he had posted less than two hours ago. Was he ignoring me? Since I met him we were always together, and I felt bad for my crazy work schedule recently that I actually didn’t notice. For the next ten minutes I debated on what to do and my eyes glanced at the clock, 10:30pm.

Sending him another text would be either a hit or miss, he can either reply or completely ignore. To be quite honest, I didn’t want to wait for his text so I slipped my shoes on with the intention to catch him on his break. But to my own surprise I couldn’t open the door. I mentally cursed to myself for being too much of a coward and started pacing back and forth in my living room. What if he genuinely was busy? Maybe I was overreacting and blowing everything out of proportion, but something didn’t feel right. Reluctantly I opened my door and ran towards the gym praying that I would catch Jimin in time. As I got closer I slowed down and catched my breath and relief washed over my body as I saw him standing outside looking at his phone.

“Jimin!” I yelled out still trying to get my breathing back to normal. He looked up and his face instantly dropped making my heart ache.

“Y/N.. hi..” He mumbled, “What are you doing here?” He said rather coldly looking back at his phone.

“I came to see you, we haven’t talked in a couple days and I was getting worried.” I mumbled surprised by his tone at me.

“No need to be worried Y/N.”

“A-Are you ok? You haven’t got back to my texts,” I softly said “did I do something wrong?” He raised his eyebrow “Oh. Right, the reason for that is that I simply didn’t want to text you back.” He flatly said.

My eyes widened “What do you mean? Did I do something wrong Jimin?” I questioned.

“No you didn’t. Why do you care so much anyways? I’m sure Yoongi hasn’t made time for his side so you came running to me.”


I stood there not knowing what to say, not knowing what to do, unable to move. Truth is I hadn’t spoken to Yoongi at all. Sure he had crossed my mind but I didn’t have a desire to talk to him so Jimin’s words especially hurt. Why was he acting like this? I felt tears running down my cheeks and I immediately wiped them away, “I-I’m sorry for bothering you Jimin.” I whispered looking towards the direction of my house “I guess I’ll just leave then.” And before he could say anything else, I was already running down the street finally able to let out the sobbing I was holding in looking back one more time only to find him already gone.

I barged in my house practically ripping my jacket off and slamming my bedroom door closed. My sobbing lasted longer than I wanted too but I eventually closed my eyes and dozed off to sleep.

I woke up the next morning with a throbbing headache and a tear stained pillow. The events from last night came rushing back to my head making my throat close. Getting myself out of bed, I walked to the kitchen pouring myself a cup of water to ease my body. After gulping down my water I put my cup in the sink and dragged myself to the bathroom. I took one good look at myself in the mirror and I almost screamed at my appearance. Clearly I had forgotten to take my makeup off the night before and crying all night only made me look worse. Alright Y/N get yourself cleaned up.

I turned the shower on waiting for the water to get warm before getting in. I took my clothes off and stepped in. I spent a good forty-five minutes before I finished my shower routine and turned the water off grabbing my towel and wrapping it around my body. Thankfully it made me feel a lot better and I made my way to my closet to change into clothes for the day. Just as I put some socks on I heard a knock on my door. I walked towards the front door checking the peephole first before opening it and I smiled once I saw it was who it was.

“Namjoon!” I yelled out at him opening the door and running in his arms. I missed him more than anything and for him to show up at my door out of nowhere definitely made me happy.

I felt him wrap his arms around me and I led him inside leading him to the living room.

“Ahh Y/N if I knew you were going to be this excited to see me I would show up unexpectedly more often.” He chuckled following me to the couch and taking a seat next to me.

“I’m just really happy to see you, I missed my best friend.” I pouted at him.

“I missed you too Y/N.” he said “But hey you’ve been busy too I came to make sure you were at least eating something.”

I rolled my eyes “Of course I have Joonie, have you?”

“Oh really? Have you ate today?” He questioned.

“YA in my defense I woke up late” I said smiling at him trying to come up with an excuse.

“Typical child” He said grabbing my face making me look at him only to frown once he saw how swollen my eyes were. I quickly looked away standing up “U-uh do you want something to drink? Something to ea-”

“Why are your eyes swollen.” He said ignoring my question. I mentally slapped myself for not putting makeup on sooner. Here we go…

“I stayed up really late last night watching dramas, I think watching too much made my eyes irritated.” I blurted out hoping he would drop it.

“You’re a really bad liar Y/N” He responded “If you’re not going to tell me I’ll go ask Yoongi myself AFTER I beat the crap out of him.” He calmly said standing up walking to the front door.

“No no no.. wait Namjoon it’s not because of Yoongi.” I argued standing in front of him to prevent him from leaving. He raised his eyebrow confused “Then what happened?”

“I’ll tell you..” I began “But it’s a long story Joonie.”

“I have time.” He blurted out sitting back down.

For the next hour I told him everything. From meeting Jimin, to the fight with Yoongi, to the restaurant incident, and to the events from last night. Namjoon patiently listened without saying a word and wiping my tears away as I told him how hurtful Jimin’s words were. He took every word I said in and held my hand the whole time.

“You said his name was Jimin right?” He spoke up after I finished talking. I nodded my head and he took out his phone pulling up a page and showing me his social media “This Jimin?” He asked handing me his phone. Looking through the page I recognized it right away. Again I nodded confused, “Wait Joon how do you know him?” I asked giving him back his phone.

“I went to highschool with him, he’s one of my good friends.” He said “Which is why I find all of this weird. Jimin isn’t like this.”

“How come you never told me? Or introduced me to him?” I asked in disbelief.

He gave me a look “You know how I am with you Y/N I never bring you around my friends because I know what they’re like.”

“Well yeah but still!” I yelled out annoyed.

“I just don’t want you to get hurt.” He began, “Remember when you started dating Yoongi? I almost killed him just by him not asking me before he asked you out.”

I giggled “Yeah yeah dad I remember” I mocked.

“And look how that turned out Y/N.” he added. I remained quiet because after all he was right.

“Why didn’t you tell me about this earlier?” He asked making me look up at him.

I sighed “honestly Joon I was going to tell you.”

I ran my fingers through my hair frustrated “I just didn’t know how too and it’s been too much.”

He nodded understanding and put my hands in his “What am I going to do with you?” He joked.

I chuckled “I don’t know.” I replied shrugging my shoulders.

“My job is to be here for you when you’re going through stuff like this, please tell me next time.”

“I know and I’m sorry. I promise I’ll stop being this annoying with my problems.” I whispered.

“Hush. You’re never annoying.”

“What about you huh! Any girl troubles?” I asked changing the subject.

“No girls for me yet, I’ve just been so busy with work.” He said laughing. “By the way I’m having a party tonight at my house I want you there Y/N.” he said

“A party? Like with people?” I hesitantly asked.

“Yes with people.” He stated, “please come.”

I softly smiled at him “I’ll be there Joonie.”

He shot me a big smile bringing out his dimples “Good, I’ll see you tonight then! Love you Y/N”

“Love you more” I replied leading him to the front door as we said our goodbyes.

I spent the rest of the day cleaning up my apartment to pass time and watching dramas. As much as I wasn’t up to go to a party, I wanted to be there for Namjoon. The day passed rather quickly and by the time it reached 7pm, I was already raiding my closet to find an outfit to wear. Jeans or a dress? I quickly did my best to put an outfit together and thanks to my good sense of style, I managed to find one sooner than I thought. Relieved, I made my way to the bathroom and got started on my hair and makeup. After about thirty minutes I was done and finally ready. I grabbed my phone and I was out the door.

I made it to Namjoon’s house and boy was it super packed. Drinks were everywhere, music was blasting, and people were everywhere. I squeezed through the endless bodies of people and tried to find Namjoon letting him know I was here and once I found him he immediately handed me a drink. “I’m so glad you’re here, enjoy yourself but not too much! I’m watching you.” He warned giving me a stern look. I nodded at him laughing letting him get back to greeting people and made my way to an empty spot in the house sipping on my drink telling myself to have a good time. It was when I was getting a refill that I noticed someone staring at me from the corner of my eye. I looked up only to see Jimin on the other side of the room looking over at me. Great. His gaze never left my face as I grabbed another drink and I looked away walking back to my spot on the couch. I was doing my best to avoid Jimin’s stare until I noticed someone else arrive.. Yoongi.

Fuck. What the hell are they doing here?

Yoongi seemed to almost immediately spot Jimin and due to Jimin having his attention at me, Yoongi quickly averted his eyes to mine. We kept our eyes locked on each other for what felt like hours until I managed to glance at Jimin. He was no longer looking at me and instead he was burning holes into the side of Yoongi’s face.

What the fuck is going on?

I turned around and walked towards an empty spot on the couch away from both of them and anxiously sipped my drink. Although neither of them talked to me, they were both shooting death glares at each other.

God this was so frustrating, don’t let this ruin your night Y/N…

I hastily stood up from the couch and began walking to the backyard for some air and to get away from both of their views. Thankfully there were less people outside and I quickly found an empty chair. I gulped down my drink and before I could grab another one I felt someone beside me already handing me one. I looked up and smiled reaching over to accept it. He looked to be around my age and although he was quite buzzed, his attractive features stood out almost instantly.

“Can I sit?” He asked.

I nodded scooting over making some room for him “thanks for the drink by the way.” I said.

“No problem, you here alone by any chance?” He asked putting his hand on my knee. I tensed up and shook my head yes. “Uhh yeah I am”

He smirked “Can I keep you company tonight?”

I stuttered, “o-oh you don’t have too.”

“I’d like too.” He said taking another chug from whatever the hell he had in his cup and throwing his hand over my shoulder pulling me closer to him. “I’d also like to rip that dress off of your pretty little body later.” Warning bells went off in my head and I tried shoving him away from me only to have his grip on me tighten.

“Let me go!” I begged trying to escape his hold. At this point the people outside were starting to look over at what was going on making him growl as he let me go. I noticed both Jimin and Yoongi making their way outside through the crowd towards me. Suddenly I see Namjoon pop out of nowhere grabbing the guy by the collar of his shirt throwing him on the floor causing the drink to fall out of his hand.

“Get the FUCK out of my house.” Namjoon barked stepping closer to him with his fists clenched.

I looked over to the guy who was struggling to pick himself up from having one too many drinks and let out a grunt. I went behind Namjoon hiding myself from the eyes glued on me, “you ok Y/N?” He asked turning his attention back to me pulling me into his arms once he saw him leaving. I nodded burying my face in his chest to prevent myself from crying even harder. “I swear I’m going to kill him” he grumbled grabbing my hand leading me away from the crowd. I pulled away from him as my body relaxed and sighed, “I ruined the party mood huh?”

“No, you didn’t. It just made me remember why I don’t bring you around my so called friends.” He said frowning. “I swear I’m gonna kill that kid.” I gave him a soft smile “Thank you,” I reassured, “But I think I’m going to call it a night.”

He nodded as we both walked to the front yard passing both Yoongi and Jimin, I however refused to look up at them.

“I’ll call you tomorrow Y/N” he replied sighing giving me a quick hug “And text me when you get home safely ok?”

“Will do Joon” I said grabbing my keys from my pocket and waving him off.

I began walking along the sidewalk towards my car which was parked farther than I hoped. I took my phone out to check the time, 12:33am

Was I really at that party for that long? It sure didn’t feel like that much time passed. I shoved my phone back in my pocket as my car came into view and I felt my body being pulled back without warning. I let out a yelp and did my best to steady my balance. “What the hell?”

“Y/N,” I heard the voice say immediately recognizing who it belonged to, “Are you okay?”

“I’m not in the mood to talk right now Jimin,” I harshly replied straightening myself up continuing to walk to my car. “Especially to you.”

His face fell, “Wait wait wait please can we talk?” He begged softly grabbing my hand. I rolled my eyes at him and pulled my hand back scoffing, “Talk about what Jimin? I don’t want to hear how pathetic of a person I am anymore.”

“Please just hear me out” He pleaded stepping closer to me closing the space between us.

“I’m sorry Jimin.” I whispered keeping my head down picking up my pace and heading to my car.

“Do you still love him?” He yelled out making me freeze and stop in my tracks.

“What?” I questioned locking my eyes with his, “What are you talking about?”

“Yoongi.” He quietly said not taking his eyes off of mine.

“I-I don’t-” I choked out not knowing what to say

“I don’t know Jimin.” I finished looking down on the floor this time avoiding his reaction.

“I was ignoring you.” He admitted, “And I-I know what I said to you can’t be taken back but I was just..”

“Just what?” I blurted out interrupting him, “Just what huh Jimin? Do you think what you said to me not hurt?


“Goodnight Jimin.” I said not waiting for his response.

“I like you.” he confessed, “I like you more than I thought I would.”

“Then why did yo-”

“I was scared.” He said cutting my sentence off, “I didn’t think I had a chance since..”

“Since I still love him.” I finished for him. I let out a laugh as I felt tears forming in my eyes. “Tell me Jimin, how did you even know I still felt something for him?”

“He told me.” He confirmed, “and even if he didn’t it was written all over your body.”

“Regardless you were the one person who actually made me forget about him even if it was just for a little while and even though I knew I was dumb for still loving someone like that, I had hope you looked past that.” I choked out as tears fell down my cheeks, he reached out to wipe them away but I harshly turned my head away refusing.

“Let me get you home Y/N, we can talk there.”

I furiously shook my head, “No.”


“She said no.

Both our heads turned around to meet the one and only owner of the voice I knew far too well.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” I muttered in disbelief. “Don’t you think you’ve done enough to me the past few months Yoongi?” I whispered stepping closer to him not breaking eye contact, “Why do you always do this shit to me, do you ever take my feelings into consideration at all?”

I was fuming now and my heart was racing, a million of emotions ran through my body but anger was the only thing that took over me. I glared at Yoongi waiting for his response but when it didn’t come I got more frustrated.

“Now you’ve got nothing to say?” I hissed, “Why can’t you just stop giving me mixed signals? I’m just tired of this, I want to be happy Yoongi..”

“I want you to be happy Y/N I really do,” He whispered with tears in his eyes threatening to fall,  “But I want you to be happy with me.

It took me a while to process his words but once I did my mind began racing and I didn’t have any strength to answer him.

“I just can’t do this anymore.” I muttered. “I need space, from both of you guys.”


“NO. Just leave me alone for the next couple days.” I warned, “Please.” With that I turned to my car and leaving them both standing there speechless.

Don’t look back.

author’s note: Hiiii guyyyyss! :) I really hope you guys liked it! 

The strongest Talon: 4

A/n: thanks for reading guys.

Jason watched his sister, y/n, come down the stairs. He couldn’t believe how much you had changed. Other than captain sunshine, you were one of the sweetest ones in the family. Now, you were so quiet and broken. It hurt him so much to see you like this.

You walked over to the mats and stopped in front of Jason. He looked down at you (since the boy is 6"1 which is giant compared to the author) and smirked.

“We gonna do this or not?” You said impatiently. He laughed a bit.

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Much is made in Hollywood of chameleons – actors who have the ability to “disappear” into a role, appearing “unrecognisable” – while less is said about versatility. At rest, the faces of the best movie actors contain multitudes. Robert Mitchum had the broken-nosed face of a brute but the sleepy, languid eyes of an angel – “Bing Crosby on barbiturates”, in film critic James Agee’s phrase. Bette Davis could switch from glam to dowdy with the angle of her head and a couple of fill lights. And Robert De Niro’s ability to frown and smile simultaneously is legendary.

Oscar Isaac has that kind of face. His low-lidded eyes can smoulder, but there is also a quickness behind them, and a touch of disappointed calculation. It made him perfect for the hapless, couch-surfing folk musician soaking up disappointments like a wet sock in the Coen brothers’ Inside Llewyn Davis, the 2013 film that put him on the map at the age of 35. He has been working since, playing the hotshot pilot Poe Dameron in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the slinky, tactile, tech-era Mephistopheles in Alex Garland’s Ex Machina. He is at his best playing ambitious, slightly myopic men whose own movement quickens their fall: a Queens oil importer struggling to stay the right side of the law in JC Chandor’s excellent A Most Violent Year, a doomed politician brutally felled by civic machination in HBO’s Show Me a Hero. He has made a career playing men for whom careerism doesn’t work.

“You know what it makes me think about,” asks Isaac when I put this to him. “I just read in the New York Times about how to throw a ball. There was a thing in it from JD Salinger’s Seymour: An Introduction, about aiming. They’re playing marbles, and one of them goes: ‘Don’t aim.’ Isn’t that the point, that you want to aim? He’s like: ‘No, because if you hit him when you aim, it’ll just be luck.’ ‘How can it be luck if I aim?’ ‘If you’re glad when you hit somebody’s marble, then you secretly didn’t expect to hit it.’ You just do the thing, and so that when you get accolades and all this stuff, it feels good but it doesn’t make you glad because you’re like: ‘This just as easily could have not been.’ It’s that kind of thing.”

Isaac still lives in Williamsburg in Brooklyn, in the same one-bedroom apartment he had before he caught the Coen brothers’ attention – but meets me in a suite at the Crosby Street hotel in Manhattan to talk about his new movie The Promise, a first world war period drama in which he plays an apothecary swept up in the Armenian genocide. It is the first time in the modern period that Hollywood has approached the genocide on screen, and director Terry George, whose taste for geopolitical injustice was honed on In the Name of the Father and Hotel Rwanda, invokes it through our memory of other onscreen cataclysms. There is a love triangle with the beautiful Ana (Charlotte Le Bon) and an American journalist (Christian Bale) that recalls Doctor Zhivago, the three of them struggling to make their hearts heard against a backdrop of trains and dead bodies straight out of Schindler’s List. The film is, to be frank, something of a clunker, but the role is a slam dunk for Isaac, who broods like Omar Sharif and vents impassioned, politically on-point heartbreak about the fate of refugees.

They are his favourite type of role: the ones where you get to see “a lot more of the beauty and cruelty of life … The emotional hook of it was reading the scene when he finds his family killed. This wasn’t just war as usual, this was a systematic execution of people of Armenian descent. It’s very clear – you go back, and it’s like the Turkish government was saying: ‘No, now it’s going to be Turkey for the Turks. Turkey first.’ Unfortunately, you hear a lot of the same kind of rhetoric again and again and again – about refugees, about immigrants, about silencing the press. None of it’s new.”

Isaac himself is chipper, energetic, charming – about as undoomed a man as you could imagine. He has the crisp lines of someone who knows himself well. He plays well with others. A recent clip reel at Vanity Fair invited readers to “Watch Oscar Isaac charm the pants off every single Star Wars: The Force Awakens cast member.” He completed shooting on the new Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi, last year, and can offer only the usual heavily redacted clues. “The characters that you know already: their specific character flaws or their weaknesses get tested. And out of that, I think, you get to see a bit more of who they are. The best way to learn about somebody is to see them in a crisis.”

One of the more interesting features of Isaac’s career is that, thus far, he has avoided the typecasting that can befall actors of Latino heritage. His Wikipedia page lists the nationalities he has played: European, Egyptian, Polish, English, French, Mexican, East Timorese, Welsh, Indonesian, Greek, Cuban, Israeli, and Armenian. X-Men: Apocalypse director Bryan Singer has called him a “global human” He is actually Guatemalan, born to a Guatemalan mother and Cuban father, who brought Isaac to the US when he was five months old.

His full name is Óscar Isaac Hernández Estrada but he changed his name to Isaac in his teens as his acting career took shape – “for any number of reasons but also because the marquee, you know, it’s a little easier,” he says, simplifying what must have been a complicated renegotiation of his identity. I ask if he has ever felt under any pressure to “represent” either his Guatemalan or Cuban background.

“No, I don’t want to represent,” he says. “I don’t represent anybody except this organism that I happen to be. I have a love for Guatemala, a love for my family there, a love for a place that I was born, a place where my mother was born. For Cuba, as well. But, yeah, I’m always wary of people that say they speak for a large group of people because I’m always like: ‘Really? How do you know?’ To speak for a group of people is not something I’ve ever felt comfortable doing.”

His upbringing was so peripatetic that it practically screams “actor”. As his father completed his medical training, the family moved from Baltimore to New Orleans, where in kindergarten in Louisiana, he got it into his head that his family had come from the Soviet Union. “I don’t know why. This was in the 1980s. I remember going to the playground and being like: ‘Hey, guys, I’m Russian! Let’s play, you guys are the Americans and I’ll be the Russian.’ I remember I went home and I was like, ‘So Dad, we’re Russian, right?’ and he was like: ‘What?’ ‘We’re Russian.’ ‘We’re rushin’ in the morning.’ Such a dad joke. ‘But that’s about it.’ And I was: ‘Aww!’ It was a weird kind of Dylan-esque thing that I just kept changing the story of where I was from or what we were. It was a form of storytelling, or a form of excitement, or a form of fun, mixed with this sense of something missing, which is a sense of place. We were never in one place for more than, I would say, three to four years.”

After their house in New Orleans was destroyed by Hurricane Andrew – “I remember having dreams about that house,” he says – they resettled again in Miami, where Isaac funnelled his Dylan-esque longings into music, joined a Florida ska-punk band, and acted. “It just hit in a very specific way that when I found play-acting – mimesis, imitation – suddenly, that felt like a way of understanding the world. Even now, the play’s the thing, always. As soon as things get really confusing emotionally, or personally, when I look at a play, it suddenly makes sense. I don’t know if it’s right, I don’t know if it’s healthy, but I know myself enough to know it’s definitely a necessity. That’s what I do. I go to that stuff to help me understand. Or for solace. And maybe it is a form of hiding. Music can have that a little bit, but lately it hasn’t as much.”

Last October, his mother became ill, and he took time off work to be with her for what turned out to be the final six months of her life. “I was really fortunate to be able to just be with her the entire time and not be off on some set somewhere. At first, we didn’t know how ill she was, and she didn’t either, but as things progressed, it was much easier to say no to things. At a certain point, it was like, clearly: ‘I’m not going to be doing anything.’”

She died in February, although not before he had taken her to the Golden Globes as his date, flying her to Madrid to see The Promise being shot and showing her a cut of the movie. “It’s like a great movie for moms. I have to say when I first watched it, I said: ‘I think moms are really going to like the movie. I showed it to her, and sure enough, she’s like: ‘I love it, Oscar. I love it.’”

He has since returned to work, appearing in Dan Fogelman’s Life Itself, a multigenerational love story, spanning decades and continents, in which Isaac’s character deals with the loss of his wife. “It was just a two-and-a-half-week shoot,” he says. “It was my first thing back, and we shot here in New York. I was very nervous about it because I was like: ‘I don’t know if I can get it up for anybody.’ You know? Or if I want to, and it ended up being so necessary in much the way that I said to you – the mirroring my own life. It’s very dark and yet I found joy in it.”

Which of his roles does he feel closest to? “They’re all pretty close to me,” he says. What would his friends say? “Maybe Nathan in Ex Machina,” he says, but quickly retracts it. “I think they would say none of these were actually like me. Maybe this last one.” He pauses. “Possibly.”

• The Promise is released in the UK on 28 April.


This is a really great interview with Oscar. He opens up about his mother in this one.

An Owed Debt- Bucky x May(oc)  Chapter 17

Authors Notes: Okay I’m so sorry this took so long to get out but here it is!! 

Notes/Warnings: fear, anxiety, brief mentions of death and blood, I think that’s it but let me know if I’ve missed anything and I’ll add it!

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The instant Wanda’s powers brushed against his skin he had a flash of the chair. Her electricity was nothing compared to that of Hydra’s brainwashing but it was similar in the shock it sent through his body at first impact. He screwed his eyes shut and braced himself for whatever pain he was going to endure. This was for May and he could manage to tolerate it for her. His stomach dropped as the sudden feeling of falling overtook him. He flailed his arms in an attempt to catch himself when, if ever, he landed.

 It didn’t help.

 He collided hard with wet stone and hissed at the pain of hitting his head on the ground. He pushed against the floor and sat up. His hands were soaked so he rubbed the back of his wrist against his forehead. He had intended to check and see if he was bleeding but it was so pitch black, in this freezing cold room, that it was useless. He tried to wipe the water off on his shirt but, when he recognized the sticky feeling between his fingers, he froze.

 The room slowly began to illuminate as his eyes adjusted. He would have been shocked if he hadn’t been so familiar with the gore of death. The bodies in this room had been butchered and he recognized the handiwork as his own but he never killed these people. No. He killed that one, the scientist who had begged him to give May back before he lit the building on fire. He remembered that one.

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It’s the last day of the second month of the year and I DO NOT UNDERSTAND TIME.

Here is me trying to do Chinese but let me be honest, I gave up on it halfway and moved on to math and stuff. I didn’t even bother going back to Chinese once I finished. I took some time for myself and filled up my Thoughts and Feelings Journal, and now I’m gonna go sleep!

It’s important to look after yourself, no matter how much you want to work yourself to death (yes, I know that feeling of being sad until you want to work yourself to exhaustions. Don’t do it!)

That’s all from me today, ciao!

so anyway i’m a terrible human being and an absolute failure and also my heart keeps palpitating and i’m too deep in my own brain, how are you?

This week is… hard. The fatigue is just brutal. Nothing makes it go away. There’s nothing I can do, either… except survive to tomorrow then tackle the next day. Talk of overtime at work, I’m not sure how to handle it. Talk to HR about it, she was understanding, thank goodness. But a day off won’t fix anything. One day at a time I guess. Still doing the social stuff because, well, rest does sweet F all so at least I can be distracted? I dunno. One day at a time for that stuff too.

What is there to say, you know? Or do. Tomorrow. And tomorrow after that, and somewhere, the slope heads back up. Not sure how much further down it goes first. In the meantime life doesn’t let up.

MARGINAL#4 Index 1st Stage ~REVOLUTION!~ Chapter 7 - Revolutionary★Stars (Translation)

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8

                 \Happy 4th debut anniversary to MARGINAL#4!!!!/

The contents of this chapter were performed as Reader’s Theater by the seiyuu cast of MARGINAL#4 at Rejet Fes. 2013, the event Universe FES is based on.

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Major Crimes: Season 5 Round Up, A Reactionary Post

I had planned on doing a post at the end of 5a but then time got away from me. So I thought I’d do a reaction post on 5a then 5b and how they tie together. This is my final Reactionary Post for season 5 and it feels really great to review a whole entire season of a show! Stay tuned for more reactionary posts, next week we go back in time to cover Reloaded

What this reactionary post covers:
// Season 5a & theme
// Characters & Storylines

// Season 5b & theme
// Characters & Storylines

// Thoughts on Season 5 (as a whole) & other themes the season covered
// Speculation & Season 6
// Favorite scenes
// What I liked and What I didn’t

*This is a long one so sit back and grab your favorite drink. ;)

Season 5a

Theme: Balance

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anonymous asked:

How do I support my partner through their mental health problems without compromising my health? I've told them I'm there to talk if they want and stuff and they said they've got stuff they need to work through on their own. That's fine I understand but idk they seem closed off all of a sudden and idk if I can deal with that?

Hey Anon,

I’m glad you reached out to us. Supporting a loved one through mental health difficulties is much easier said than done and can really take a lot out of us. 

A challenge with any illness, be it physical or mental, is that there’s only so much we can do to help the person. You can be there for them when they want to talk, support them, listen to them, love them but you can never fix it for them. That’s such a difficult thing to accept because we’re often willing to do everything to see our partner happy and well, but accepting it is really the first step. 

From there, it’s about being sensitive to their needs and respecting their boundaries. This involves making yourself available if your partner would like to speak about something but also understanding that they may want to deal with this on their own. I would suggest that you encourage them to speak to a mental health professional about it, again simply because we have to understand our limitations with regards to the amount of support we can offer. 

One thing which may help would be to see if you can do any household chores for them or give them a hand with work. These kind of things can be difficult to keep up with when struggling with a MI so can really go a long way, while also making us feel useful and effective in helping the person. It’s usually a good idea to ask rather than trying to guess what would be best (let them have control by allowing them to take decisions, MI tends to make a person feel like they’ve lost control). Here are some other ideas of how you can support them:

 It’s a good idea to practice self-care during these times and treat ourselves with kindness; it’s not easy for either of you. You can consider seeking out a support group or online community for friends/relatives/partners of those struggling with mental illness. Below are some self-care ideas which you may implement, feel free to check our resources for other tools and relaxation techniques.

I know it’s frustrating and you have a right to be angry and upset about it. It affects you greatly because you care about them. Ultimately you have to put your health and your well-being first because that’s what you have most control of. It’s not your job to fix it for them, even if you could. Self-care not selfish, situations like yours drain us so we need to set time for ourselves. You are doing enough.

Good luck!

- Tea

god i have such like,  a Bare Minimum Personality, i cant just…do stuff unless its Required? like, when im in an office space i can work just fine, but try get me to do the same thing at home and itll never get done?? i can wake up just fine at 6am if i have work or an event but on a usual day ill snooze through 4 consecutive alarms? why cant i just….fuckign….do stuff….

For my fellow creatives

In response to the posts I’ve been seeing today regarding likes and reblogs of creative works.

Most of you probably aren’t familiar with my work because I don’t post it much here, but I’m an artist, a writer, and a designer (I do a lot of digital artwork- Illustrator and Photoshop). I’ve done art and writing since I was very young, and I’m finally, at age 29, doing them as a career (I work at a startup design & marketing studio now).

Yes, we creative types thrive on feedback. If you do something creative as your occupation, chances are you’re already getting feedback from your boss, design team, clients, etc. It’s not always constructive or helpful, but it’s something that shapes your work and process.

But if your art, writing, etc. is a passion (unpaid, but I dare not call them hobbies because they’re so much more), feedback can be harder to come by, for so many reasons. The main being that no one is obligated to give you any feedback. You must rely on the kindness and generosity of others. Many people probably DO see your work and enjoy it. But not everyone makes their interactions with you and or your work known. Some people are shy. Some are simply busy. Some may not realize what feedback means to us. But honestly? I think it’s a sign of the times in which we live. There’s endless visual stimulation and entertainment to be had. We’ve become conditioned to “like” and move on.

Reblogging is a type of feedback, one of the best kind (because we assume someone likes our stuff enough to share it which means it must be good if not at least decent). Comments and messages are even better, but rarer.

But please, PLEASE don’t judge your own work and worth this way.

Don’t stop what you’re doing because your blog isn’t getting the attention you think it deserves.

If you’re truly a creative type, you do what you do because you must. Something lives in your head, in your heart, in your bones. In your soul. And you have to get it out. It’s great if people like it. It’s even better if people love what you do. But YOU have to love what you do despite anyone else’s feelings about it. If you don’t love your work, then you have to at least love the process and act of it.

I understand it can be disheartening to see popular blogs get all the attention, all the love. Especially when you’re new to your creative field and looking for feedback. But if you’re truly interested in feedback, I suggest finding one or two fellow bloggers who have similar or a bit more experience / ability and ask them to look over your stuff. It’s much more valuable than short comments about how much someone likes your work (they make you feel good, but aren’t helpful feedback about your content, style, etc.).

This is also why, my fellow creatives, we must be there for one another. We are our own best critics, and our own best fans. We must do for one another what we would like the “consumers” of our creativity to do. Don’t allow another creative’s success to stop you from giving them positive feedback (either from jealousy or the thought that that person has enough feedback already), and don’t allow your own ego or perceived success to similarly stop you from encouraging someone new or lesser skilled.

But PLEASE keep being creative, and please keep encouraging one another.

AND If anyone would like honest, constructive feedback on their creative works, I would be glad to help. I have an English degree and taught for five years, so I know how to give feedback without destroying someone’s self esteem 😂

Jasper Cullen- Civil War Buff #1

Will you please do a Twilight One Shot of where you’re the new kid at Forks High School and you’re really shy and quiet and awkward but you’re really obsessed with the Civil War and you’re Jasper’s Mate?

*Cullen Household*

Alice left almost 3 weeks ago with a sad smile on her face and an unexplained “I know you’ll be happy.” His questions from Edward went unanswered because, as Edward said, he wasn’t exactly sure himself why Alice left. Jasper coaxed himself out of his thoughts and got his backpack, loading himself into Emmett’s car with his siblings, to make their way to school.

*Your Household*

“I’m heading into school early,” you called as you quickly grabbed a banana from the kitchen and went for your backpack.

“Wait,” your mom called down, “drive safe and have a great first day.” You and your mom had just moved to Forks for her job; a nurse at the local hospital.

“I will. Love you,” you called up the stairs and rushed out to your car. The drive to your new school seemed to take forever. You found yourself mindlessly parking in one of the spots in the small parking lot and walking to the small office to get your new schedule.

“Honors U.S History 3. Room 218,” you spoke to yourself. You navigated the halls and found your first hour room. “Miss. Harper,” you asked the woman? “I know I’m a little early but, I’m Y/N, your new student.” Shaking your hand she replied.

“We have one open seat in the back right corner. You’ll be partnered up with Jasper Cullen; he’s a smart boy.” The tone in her voice made you wonder what Jasper’s deal was. You took your seat and watched as, one by one, your new classmates trickled in. With each boy that came in you wondered if he’d take the seat next to you. Finally, as the last bell rang, he crept in, looking as if he wanted to be invisible to the rest of the class. He stopped upon seeing you at the desk then cautiously made his way to his seat.

Miss. Harper began the class with lessons on the events leading up the the Civil War. When she started playing a movie on it you turned to Jasper. “I’m Y/N, by the way,” you whispered.

“Nice to meet you ma’am,” he hesitantly replied. That seemed to be as far as he wanted to go with that conversation.

The video ended and Miss Harper turned her attention back to the class. “Can anyone tell me when the Civil War began?” Half the class lowered their heads and looked down at their desk and the other half looked to each other waiting for someone else to answer. You slowly raised your hand. “Ah, yes, our new student Y/N. Go ahead, she encouraged.”

“April 12, 1861.”

“Very good. Does anyone know what attack got the war starting?”

Again no one raised their hand. You raised your hand just as Jasper’s twitched looking as if he was about to answer. “The bombing of Fort Sumter by the Southern troops.”

“Very good Miss. (Y/L/N). Does anyone know what the bloodiest battle was?” This time Jasper quickly rose his hand. After he answered he shot you a little smirk. From then on it was a game between you two, seeing how many questions you could each answer. The dismissal bell rang and you gathered your stuff and walked out to the hallway. You were halfway down the hallway when you felt a presence on your side.

“How do you know so much about the Civil War?” You turned around and saw Jasper following your every step.

“I’m a bit of a history buff,” you laughed.

“And why is that?” You were surprised that he actually wanted to talk.

“Only kid with a single mother that worked two jobs and went to nursing school. I had nothing but my imagination and a stack of library books to keep my company.”

He nodded his silent understanding. “Need help finding your next class,” he asked and showed you to your next classroom

Jasper walked into the lunchroom with his “siblings” like he did everyday. The difference was that today, the first time in a while, he walked in with a smile on his face. Sitting down around the table Edward looked at him and smile, no doubt he couldn’t help but listen into Jasper’s thoughts. “What are you smiling about?”

“Yeah Jasper, why don’t you tell Rosalie why you’re smiling,” Edward edged him on.

“No reason,” Jasper tried to wiggle his way out of having that conversation.

“Is it a girl,” Bella asked from Edward’s side. Before Jasper could reply he felt a wave of nervousness and anxiety hit him with an all too familiar aura attached to it. He turned quickly and saw you standing at the doors of the cafeteria looking around trying to find a potential seat. “Excuse me,” he hurried and excused himself and walked directly to you, now near the food. “Looking for something in particular?”

“Just something that looks edible.”

“Do you have a seat?” Before you could answer he continued he spoke again, “My family and I have an open seat if you’d like to join us,” he suggested.

“That would be really great actually. I was actually nervous about finding somewhere to sit; more nervous than I was about starting a new school,” you admitted and laughed.

“I could tell,” he said, although you laughed you didn’t know he was actually 100 percent serious. You followed him over to the table. “This is Edward, his girlfriend Bella, Rosalie and Emmett,” he introduced, “and this is Y/N everyone.”

“The new kid,” Bella asked with a smile

“Word travels fast here I guess, huh?” You sat down with the group and seemed to fit right in.

The day passed and Jasper threw his backpack onto the table in their living room, unable to get you out of his head. “Why can’t I stop thinking about her,” he asked himself.

“You haven’t figured it out yet have you?” Jasper spun around and saw Edward leaning against the doorframe. “I got that same feeling you have now when I met Bella.” Jasper still didn’t understand. “Y/N’s your mate, Jasper.”

That’s when it all clicked. “That’s what Alice meant when she said she knew I’d be happy. That’s why she left. Because she knew Y/N was coming.”

“She knew that Y/N was your true mate and she wanted you to be happy.”

They stood there in silence for a brief moment. “What do I do?”

“Do what any normal guy would. Ask her out.”

The next day at school Jasper met up with you at your locker before first hour. “I need to ask you a question,” he said quickly.

“What? Need help on the Civil War paper,” you joked.

“No, actually, I was wondering what you were doing Friday night. If you would, maybe, want to go out…on a date.”

You nodded your head lightly. “I’d like that a lot. Maybe you can show me what’s good to eat in this town,” you grabbed your books as you suggested.

Jasper chuckled, “No promises on that.”

agenderraskel replied to your post “What do you think of Undiagnosed!Autistic!Tony with Good!allistic…”

Nono! *waves hands frantically* I just meant (Yeah this was me)that Pepper would do things like throw up her hands at Tony not wearing an expensive suit she got as a gift very often because it “feels wrong”, telling him not to fidget or chew his nails in meetings and during PR stuff, telling him that he can’t just shut down and go away when it’s “too much”. Not her being awful, just being neurotypical and therefore not understanding how painful trying to be normal is.

Oh whoops! Sorry! Lmaoooo okay so true story time: My mom works with adult special ed. I have met more people with autism than you can shake a stick at. Literally did not occur to me that you meant that kind of stuff. (I have seen so many autistic people treated so poorly sometimes I want to fight the world.)