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Your missus wouldn’t approve. How the hell did you get here? Followed you from Darillium, on the explicit orders of your late wife, River Song.


It’s a tragedy, the way our story goes; 



                                                               A L M O S T . (insp)

big wip sketch bc my art program isn’t letting me save in the proper format and I don’t want to waste work on anything on separate layers

More Than One Night

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Imagine:  Could you please write more Matt Murdock Smut? I have a mighty need and nobody really writes those kinds of things. A request I have in mind would be something along the lines of; Matt and Reader are good friends who had more than a few one-night stands so they don’t know their positions. Reader gets fed up and ends up with another dude and Matt gets angry thinking they had a thing. Just a bunch of angst and fluff

Warnings: Smut


You stumbled through the door of your friend Matt Murdock’s apartment, giggling loudly about something you saw at the bar.

“I can’t believe that guy fell of the table,” you laughed, remembering how the drinks went flying as the wannabe dancer took a tumble. Matt chuckled along with you, his hand on your lower back, guiding you so you didn’t trip in your heels. 

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Hi, there. I like the comic and find Fatal kind of cute and in need of love and recognition, so I decided to draw this for his birthday. Hope you like it, and again, happy birthday Fatal.


50 Days of Cisco Ramon ❤

Day 9: Hartley sees the light.

Another rant about Ross Butler, because he deserves it

I just love how Ross Butler posts so much of how he is cooking something or maybe just things he loves (guitar, singing, sports) or even some videos from his daily life. I meant it looks just a regular day. Like yes how much purer and nicer you can get. And can we just talk about how he is nice to people, to us - his fans. True angel over here!!!

A Kiss | Montgomery De La Cruz

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I sat in the cafeteria next to Clay as we chatted about our history assignment that was coming up, I watched as Clay tensed and slowly stopped talking, I felt a person sit next to me then rolled my eyes seeing who it was, Bryce Walker, a jock who thinks he rules the school just because his parents let him do whatever he wants, especially since his daddy can pay to cover his mistakes.

“Hey y/n you coming to my party this weekend?” He asked wrapping his arm around my shoulders.

I instantly shrugged it off and moved away from him, “Of course not, just the 500 other parties you’ve invited me too.”

He smirked and moved closer to me again “I love feisty girls, y/n did you know that? So this attempt of driving me away is just attracting me more to you.”

I glared at him and shook my head at his idiotic words “And do you know this is harassment, you have been doing this since the year began, just because you think I ‘grew up well’ doesn’t mean you get to say such sick things to me or any other girls in fact. I know what you do at parties Bryce, all those innocent drunk girls, whose lives you ruined. Nothing is ever going to be enough for you is it?”

Bryce looked shocked but quickly laughed and brushed me off, getting up from the seat and walking to his friends “Whatever y/n, you’re still invited, if you can turn up in short tight dress for me”

I rolled my eyes and out of the corner of my eye I notice Monty watching me, I offer him a smile and blushed looking down at my food, getting back into my conversation with Clay but my mind wandered to Monty.

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