how much more otp can this get

One of the things I love about their relationship is, Usagi, despite his age, can really have this ‘childish’ (which I regard as ‘cute’) side to him xD

He will literally buy out the whole store’s candy leaving 1 left of each kind xD. But, I just like how Misaki stopped him from doing so when he said he’ll just get these marbles:

Because in the end, when Misaki (without Usagi knowing it) went and bought him 1 candy (assortment) of each kind, it just makes it all the more adorable.

And can we take a moment to appreciate Usagi’s chibi face, he felt so happy just receiving this gift from Misaki because just look at him!

I really do feel happy for them, like their relationship have grown so much since the beginning <3 I hope that one day my other otp in Sekaiichi Hatsukoi (Takano x Ritsu) will have their moment of happiness like this (as well) <3 Just like the scene where Ritsu indirectly gave Takano a ‘Valentine present’ by putting Chocolate inside the curry that he made for Takano. It’s really sweet; even when Ritsu have to go about an indirect way of doing it:

Like honestly, Ritsu, you need to be honest with Takano because you’ll be a much happier person if you do. But still because Takano understood the message, when he kissed him as a way of him showing his affection:

It’s nice to see these moments where, even when Ritsu wanted to give Takano a Valentines Chocolate, but have to go about an indirect way of doing so, Takano, in the end, found out that Ritsu put those Chocolate into the curry, and when Ritsu tries to covered up, he failed so badly:

It just shows that no matter how hard he tries to hide it, Takano will always (in the end) find out because it all comes down to, Ritsu can’t hide this from Takano xD.

Takano sure is very patient with Ritsu’s confession and that’s one of the things I love about him on my end. It is hard, because I’m someone who actually needs reassurances from time to time, so I know how hard it is for Takano not hearing the confession from Ritsu, yet, he still loves him this much. Honestly, I hope that, both Ritsu and Takano can be happy, together in the end, when Ritsu finally decides to confess his love to him, when that time is right, when the author finally allows Takano to hear that confession from him because I want to see them both happy on my end, and I hope we get to see some moments after their confession where they can be happy with each other like Romantica, because that will make me so happy.

And back to the Romantica pairing, I also loved that the wishes they made on the marbles. I mean, aside from their first wish where Usagi wish Misaki will enjoy his birthday, and Misaki wishing his brother/his family is happy and safe; their other 2 wishes is exactly the same. What’s most important is their last wish (i.e. the most important:

Usagi wish:

And ofcourse Misaki is embarrassed to tell Usagi what his third wish is, because they wish for the same thing!

I love these two OTP so much! It’s nice to see the growth/progression throughout these years in their relationship! <3


every time lexa says clarke’s name: 26/?

The computer voice had stopped talking, and all inside the KC space station was quiet again. Kaiba’s own heartbeat was unnervingly loud in the utter silence that surrounded him, stretching into the vast emptiness beyond its outer hull.

His eyes fixed on the incomplete puzzle, he tried not to be overcome by this feeling that was rising in him when he stared into the wide star-speckled nothingness of space, stubbornly persisting in a place where all around him was cold and silent and dead.

  • Nathan Drake: [hugs Elena against a wall to stop both of them from being seen in Drake's Fortune]
  • The Straight™: OH MY GOD, they're so in love, I ship them so much, perfect OTP, they totally belong together, you can literally see how much Nathan cares for her
  • Nadine Ross: [gives up on getting her family's company back to become Chloe's treasure hunting partner, falls behind to push Chloe ahead in a falling train - and therefore give her more chances to survive - in The Lost Legacy]
  • The Straight™: I mean y'all just want everyone to be gay idk can't we just appreciate video games as video games for a minute and stop shipping characters or assuming they're crushing on each other just for minor details in the plot? :/ ugh srsly this whole thing is getting out of hand, you gays won't stop forcing relationships down our throats

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I never knew I wanted more bittersweet angst of izuocha until now, until I saw one of your artworks. I'm in love with your art. 😍

As much as I love fluff, I can get down with angst so long as there is a happy ending at least… lol I live for the drama. ((this is a doodle/sketch of something Im working on my free time))

Im glad I make you crave it bwahahahhaa Otp feels <3 <3 and thank you for liking my stuff!


Tropes that I’m weak for [1/?]: Spiky-haired warriors and their too cunning boyfriends
↳ “To get what you want, you have to know exactly how much you are willing to give up”

H2OVanoss: “Insane Chaos”


Real Name : Evan
Symbol : Owl
Color : Red
Weapon : Guns and a dagger (training session only), grenades
Skills : Prefers both long and short range fights/combat, trained by Jonathan at first to become more expert on combat, expert with guns
Likes : guns(has a collection), cars, sweet stuff, pizza, his mom’s spaghetti, video games
Dislikes : horror movies, bitter and spicy food
Background : Evan is a wealthy teenage who became a rebel/villain after a terrorist attack which killed his parents. He wasn’t much of a good fighter at first until the attack happen and Delirious began training him. 


Real Name : Jonathan
Symbol : Raccoon
Color : Blue
Weapon : Knives and a metal bat (street fights only), only prefers a shotgun for guns
Skills : highly-skilled with short range fights/combat (becomes brutal when in rage), good with guns, expert with knives
Likes : knives(has a collection), motorcycles, spicy food, teddy bears, video games, Jason Voorhees, horror movies
Dislikes : sweet food (except chocolates as long as mint flavor)
Background : Jonathan is a “normal” teenager who loves playing video games, and a son of highly-trained soldier of a father and kind mother. He became a rebel/villain when his father killed his mother over an argument in front of him.


Both living a different world, the two met during a terrorist attack when a raging Jonathan stumbled upon a mourning Evan over his dead parents’s bodies. Jonathan hesitantly helped Evan escape from more terrorists coming towards them and decided to stick together and started knowing each other’s life. They decided to team up and kill as much as terrorists as they can. Even after the attack, they keep killing people that commit crimes in Los Santos.

Give me silly smut.

I want a story where the smut isn’t so intense and perfect. I want to read goofy smut.

  • The room filled with laughter instead of moans.
  • Constant banging on the wall because the Top keeps hitting their head on the headboard.
  • The Bottom getting impatient because Top’s dick keeps slipping out and the bottom just “Geez, does it always take this long. I told you not to use so much lube anyway.” And getting yelled at in response because “Shut up! It’s not like they have instructions about how much to apply!”.
  • Instead of being worried every time Top hits their head, Bottom bursts into a fit of giggles.
  • Bottom making silly faces to pass the time.
  • Instead of kissing it’s tickling.
  • Cuddles that feel uncomfortable at the end.

Give me this.

doctor-who-hears-a-horton requested a sketch of Rose and Ten post-Idiots Lantern

so much OTP in this episode- how can it get any more adorable than this? 

if you want a free sketch you can send me an ask with your request

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✤ + rilaya

  • who said i love you first?
    • maya, duh
      • of course it was maya, scared and not yet fourteen, just realizing that she loves riley way more than a best friend should
      • she whispered it into the darkness because she couldn’t say it in daylight, when the both of them were awake
      • maya says it first and her heart almost beats out of her chest but she’s said it and she’s not dead, so she goes to sleep and resolves to worry about it later
    • when they start dating tho, it’s riley, mostly bc she’s so used to saying it that she doesn’t even pause to think the meaning behind it has changed
      • maya blushes and riley laughs and leans down to give her a kiss
  • who laughs when the other trips?
    • mayaaaaaa that lil shit
    • riley trips everywhere, on her feet, on the grass, on thin air
    • maya always laughs for way longer than she should, but riley doesn’t mind because she trips but never falls
      • maya’s always there to catch her
  • who pays the bills?
    • it’s riley but only bc maya can’t sit still long enough to do it and numbers have never been her forte
    • she always hangs around when riley’s doing it tho
      • riley only realizes after a couple months
      • and she’s like ,, ,, why
      • and maya, without missing a beat, says that she can’t do the bills together with riley but she’s always here in spirit and she loves her and good luck
      • riley doesn’t stop grinning until she’s done

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He always chooses Bucky.


I originally wasn’t going to read it bc tbh, i didn’t *love* the last two books in the series: QOS and EOS (i felt like the series peaked @ HOF)  and an extra book about kale? i was like? really? is this necessary?

[spoilers ahead]

and it’s so hard to not let other people’s opinions effect how you see this series….esp all the antis on tumblr. but slowly and surely I’m listening to my own opinions, rather than what strangers declare on the internet like I have read so many arguments on this series and there’s good points on both sides that ultimately it just goes round and round and whatever the fuck I’m just really jaded and tired as shit so moving on to the actual review thats more like a list thats really incoherent like always


- chaol’s fucking character arc like. fuck. r u fucking kidding me. fuck. i was never a really big chaol fan to begin with ever since tog, but god. this book just made me love him??? like jesus by the end i would’ve probably died for this veggie

- YRENE FUCKING TOWERS!!!!!!! jfc like the assassin and the healer was always my favorite of all the novellas and fuck this just came together so beautifully. seeing how yrene’s changed from that girl all those years ago when she first met celaena to the strong woman she is now I’m QUAKING! and that fucking last scene on the boat?? with chaol and yrene??? the note??? fuck me up???

- SARTAQ AND NESRYN I’m dead don’t even w me like fuck I’m dead. get u a otp that rides giant badass hawks together. like fukc. i can even begin like nesryn fucking deserves this so much I’m so happy that she’s happy I’m fucking. jesus. ALSO THAT LAST SCENE W HER FAM. that was some Cute Shit.

- THE ENTIRE SUPPORTING CAST. i literally can’t even like how the fuck do i describe???? as far as I could tell there were no like overused cliche tropes for supporting characters. And Sarah could have described poc better like. There are more words than just brown?? And idk I just felt like she could’ve described their skin color more frequently bc for a lot of the poc it was like described once and never mentioned again. and hasar. like im shaking.

- How Chaol viewed aelin and dorian and coming around and letting go of that bitterness in his heart. like my fucking bleeding heart. My OG Babies. like yall. that was some Real Shit.

- ALL THE FUCKING MESSAGES IN THIS STORY. this was the most beautiful part of the book, in my opinion like just. here. these are some of the messages i saw:

  • no matter how small a role you think you played, you still deserve to have your story told. (nesryn & the arrow thing) (I’m sorry im really tired and i just finished and i cannot for the life of me remember the names of anything)
  • let go of the bitter shit in your heart. or in the long run it’ll eat u up. (i mean. kale’s entire thing.)
  • family is just. so important. like the royal family The Khagans. like u hear all this shit about them wanting to kill each other but like. “never us” bye my eyes are fucking sweaty
  • even if you think it’s the end of the world. it’s not. (like idk just chaol learning to live with his disability and how it doesn’t make him a different man like that fucked me up. also the remanence of his convo with aelin? the one where kales like “what if theres just despair beyond this?” and aelins like “then it is not the end” or it goes something like that. like. tattoo that on my fucking forehead.

anyways HOF was my favorite book in the series and now this one. is right up there with it so I’m just really emotional. bc it really blindsided me with how good it was like it was just. way better than i expected. 

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yo my dude would you like a banana? good source of potassium ya know.

[Your dude now indeed ;D]


I’m starting to think cherry blossom is a symbol of their love, and I think it’s sweet how Takano took Ritsu, holding hands, walking down this path because it’s one of Ritsu’s wishes to see the Sakura together with him (one day), no matter where it’s at, the Sakura always reminds him and his love for Takano.

And honestly when I think about these two love for each other & how it’s there since 10 years ago; it really just makes me want to protect their happiness even more especially after all this drama. Takano, he really does love Ritsu and Ritsu, I hope that one day when you finally confess to him it will be the worth the long wait because I can imagine how happy Takano will be when he finally gets to (or is allowed to) hear that confession. It will be an emotional one, but then when does this pairing never give you an emotional moment (that’s why they’re my otp, and that’s why I love them so much).

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Hello!! I was wondering about how you percieve gallirei, or rather, the way you ship gallirei. Do you consider it a possibility in canon? Do you think their interactions in canon can be interpreted romantically? Or you just ship it because you want to, without need for basing it canon-wise? I'm just curious of your toughts and perception on this, since you and Alina are the core of the gallirei shippers here on Tumblr.

Hi anon! Hope you’re doing well. Thanks for the interesting question! I appreciate you asking all this because I find fandom interpretations fascinating - even been joking recently about starting up some scientific research on why/how people ship. It’s high time I put all these thoughts in order and address some of the specifics about Gallirei. Also, it’s my first time being this enthusiastic about a (fairly) rare-pair so I’m always itching to talk about gallirei. Fair warning, long post ahead.

To start with, I should talk about the way I enjoy shipping and fandom. Personally, for me to ship something, a pairing needs to hit a few requirements.

  1. Some sort of interaction in canon, whether it’s friendship, rivalry, enemies, lovers, etc - there needs to be some pre-existing relationship to build upon.
  2. An interest in how their personalities react to each other, and what deepening or changing their relationship would do to either of them.
  3. Involvement of my favorite characters (hah). Seriously though, for me to really get into a ship, I have to be attached to the characters. I believe this is true for most people. I also find that shipping results in me more deeply analyzing a character, and often coming to love them as well (hi Porco)
  4. The abillity to HAVE FUN WITH IT - a shocker I’m sure. Shipping can ratchet up a series/fandom from merely satisfying to incredibly enjoyable.

So, all this said, I don’t think something being ‘confirmed canon’ is necessary to like a ship. I can enjoy canon ships as much as the next person. Yes, there is a level of excitement and pride when the creator makes your OTP legit. But it’s not necessary for me to get into a ship.

Canon moments certainly do add to my enjoyment, as I’ll explain with gallirei further down, because every scene gives more insight to how the characters interact with each other in different situations. These interactions don’t necessarily need to be romantic, or even perceived as romantic, as long as it reveals or develops another facet of the relationship.

Applied to a ship like Gallirei, you have two characters who share a mix of very complicated emotions between them. While they both hold a lot of resentment, hate, and guilt towards one another, their interactions are also characterized by grief, sympathy, and remorse. Their shared past and bonds as warriors tie them together inextricably, and they seem to be circling each other waiting for the other to break.

Reiner is guarding Marcel’s secret from Porco, protecting him from the truth he feels will hurt the other man. He continues to protect Porco during Zeke’s meeting by interrupting him before Porco could implicate himself while under surveillance. And even though Porco puts up a hard, grumpy exterior, throwing sarcasm around and trying to guilt Reiner, he has this underlying magnetism to Reiner that he can’t shake… And it startles him that even with the treatment he gives Reiner, he finds himself shielded when it counts.

I find the theme of protection between the two of them interesting. They supposedly hate each other, but also trust each other with their lives at varying levels of assurance.

While their canon interactions can’t really be construed as romantic, there is evidence of these emotions building between them, and of their changing perceptions of each other. Porco is realizing that Reiner isn’t the weakling who left long ago for Paradis, and also that there’s something else rather than ‘vague selection standards’ that prevented him from getting the Armor in the first place. And Reiner understands Porco more deeply than he wants to, knows his grief all too well after losing Bertolt and failing his mission. The tragedy of their circumstances is a defining characteristic of their relationship and hits just right on the angst-meter. And each new manga interaction adds another layer to their relationship, even if it’s just a few panels like in chapter 98.

Finally, this is where it gets a little wish fulfill-y. I want there to be someone around who understands what Reiner has been going through. Someone who realizes just how bad of a state he is in, that knows how hopeless he feels as a ‘weapon of Marley,’ suffering with PTSD and depression and suicidal ideation. Literally struggling to make it through each day. A person that gives him something different, something that makes him feel alive, even if just for fleeting moments. Porco is in a place to do just that - while also developing his character into something more as well. IMO, there’s so much potential for these two that’s worth exploring. Whether they use each other as an unhealthy coping mechanism, or find the ability to take their relationship in a more supportive direction, I want to see it.

So…. that’s it! Hopefully my long-winded response is enough to fulfill your curiosity, while not boring you to tears. If you have any other gallirei specific questions or just want to discuss the ship, I’d love to talk. Send an ask or a message! And look forward to more art in the future. Thanks for reading.

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Live in Living Colour from Catch Me if You Can (the musical) is a Nureyev Song(tm), and Seven Wonders from the same musical us a Jupeter Song(tm), as is As Long As You're Mine from Wicked

Everything I hear about Catch Me If You Can makes me feel like it’s pretty much Peter Nureyev: The Musical. The only way it could be more suited to him is if there was an entire song dedicated to pockets.

I love how peppy Peter songs get.


As Long As You’re Mine is a favorite OTP song of mine. It applies so easily to so much.

Author Appreciation: Fic/Meta Rec List <3 Meet some of my faves! <3

So today is August 21st, and I am told that is Author Appreciation Day! WOOT! So here are some fics and metas by some pretty awesome authors!

These first three ladies are my faves of all time, and they all know how to create emotion and bring it to life with such poetic lines and verses. I love these three so very much! They bring a smile to my face daily! <3

I See You In The Dark by @sfjessii: This will forever be on my rec lists because damn it, it is so good! I cannot express how much I love every moment of this story! I will say this, before reading this fic I was not a fan of super long chaptered fics, AUs or Angst, but this fic changed that for me. This author is brilliant and often doesn’t realize how amazing this fic and how much it means to others. But I love it when she gets into it and just being able to talk with her about it makes me smile and cry and just… djghfdkjhgdfkghdfhg. This is an ongoing fic, and I am so lucky to call the author one of my greatest friends! Love you! <3 MORE AWESOMENESS: Beyond The Surface, Good Hearts Weigh The Heaviest, A Friend In Need, Trust, Spending Comfort

Parabatai Gone by @reivenesque: I love Malec, they are top OTP ever! Sometimes though the need for good Parabatai moments hits and let me tell you this beautiful author knows her shit! She can rip the emotions right out of you all to easily (and smile while doing so) But really, she is amazing and I cannot wait for more of her beautiful writing! <3 MORE AWESOMENESS: Safewords, Cindereva (I need tor read more of this), Just Within Reach (But Oh So Far Away)

Shadowhunters 2x20 - It’s all in the details by @hikaru9: This lady right here! She is my meta queen, She has not written any fics *coughyetcough* but her metas are brilliant and she deserves to know how amazing and talented she is because I SPEAK THE TRUTH! When I am confused or just not thinking something clearly about Shadowhunters, usually a meta written by her makes me feel better, helps me completely understand what I was missing, or maybe even see faults and such. Also she makes stunning gifs! <3 MORE AWESOMENESS: About Magnus and Camille’s relationship, Shadowhunters 2x18 - Magnus’s walls,  Shadowhunters 2x17 - Alec’s and Magnus’s character development,  About Malec, Part 1: Alec’s character development,  About Magnus and his friendly relationships (Ragnor, Catarina, Tessa, Will, Raphael, Woolsey)

Okay now, these are some fics I have read recently that have really hit me hard, and I cannot express how much I love them… Just know I have so much love for them and everyone ever needs to read them… like now!

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So lately i’ve seen some posts of people fighting over their ships claiming everything thats wrong with canon (NH/SS) and on the other hand how delusional are other ships

I’m a sasunaru blog, i get how y'all are not happy with the end cause i’m not either but i don’t think we’ll get anywhere fighting each other.
In my personal case, its not the couples itself that bothers me but how badly developed their relationships were written, but this is just me.
In spite of the above, i try not to bash on them bc i know they are some people’s otps and i respect that
Respecting is different from agreeing, and i wasn’t like that in the begining, but im much happier now that i am
My point is, we can have endless arguments about which couples makes more sense, OR we can use our time and energy into creating our own endings, something that can make you and others happy. I like this option better. I mean, i love seeing your oc’s, who cares about whats canon or not, its still fiction! thats the magic of fictional worlds isn’t it???
Lets all be respectful of other’s ships and have a good time 🐸

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please consider ennoshita x yamamoto (///v///)♡

I mean, why not? You know Yamamoto only needs more love and together they might be cute! But personally I prefer them both with enough other people already, I guess

Anon said:  Have you ever considered…. Goshiki x Hinata?

Sure have!!! It’s one of my fave Goshiki pairs and as I said I kinda really ship Hinata with a whole lot of people~

Anon said: I’ve been curious if AsahiB.oku could ever work. I think that’d be a fun pairing.


They both sound like amazing ships! But sadly I more or less only actively ship Bokuto with Kuroo and Terushima and Oikawa with Iwaizumi, so all I can tell you is “they sound super nice but I think I’ll stick with this other one” sorry