how much more otp can this get

One of the things I love about their relationship is, Usagi, despite his age, can really have this ‘childish’ (which I regard as ‘cute’) side to him xD

He will literally buy out the whole store’s candy leaving 1 left of each kind xD. But, I just like how Misaki stopped him from doing so when he said he’ll just get these marbles:

Because in the end, when Misaki (without Usagi knowing it) went and bought him 1 candy (assortment) of each kind, it just makes it all the more adorable.

And can we take a moment to appreciate Usagi’s chibi face, he felt so happy just receiving this gift from Misaki because just look at him!

I really do feel happy for them, like their relationship have grown so much since the beginning <3 I hope that one day my other otp in Sekaiichi Hatsukoi (Takano x Ritsu) will have their moment of happiness like this (as well) <3 Just like the scene where Ritsu indirectly gave Takano a ‘Valentine present’ by putting Chocolate inside the curry that he made for Takano. It’s really sweet; even when Ritsu have to go about an indirect way of doing it:

Like honestly, Ritsu, you need to be honest with Takano because you’ll be a much happier person if you do. But still because Takano understood the message, when he kissed him as a way of him showing his affection:

It’s nice to see these moments where, even when Ritsu wanted to give Takano a Valentines Chocolate, but have to go about an indirect way of doing so, Takano, in the end, found out that Ritsu put those Chocolate into the curry, and when Ritsu tries to covered up, he failed so badly:

It just shows that no matter how hard he tries to hide it, Takano will always (in the end) find out because it all comes down to, Ritsu can’t hide this from Takano xD.

Takano sure is very patient with Ritsu’s confession and that’s one of the things I love about him on my end. It is hard, because I’m someone who actually needs reassurances from time to time, so I know how hard it is for Takano not hearing the confession from Ritsu, yet, he still loves him this much. Honestly, I hope that, both Ritsu and Takano can be happy, together in the end, when Ritsu finally decides to confess his love to him, when that time is right, when the author finally allows Takano to hear that confession from him because I want to see them both happy on my end, and I hope we get to see some moments after their confession where they can be happy with each other like Romantica, because that will make me so happy.

And back to the Romantica pairing, I also loved that the wishes they made on the marbles. I mean, aside from their first wish where Usagi wish Misaki will enjoy his birthday, and Misaki wishing his brother/his family is happy and safe; their other 2 wishes is exactly the same. What’s most important is their last wish (i.e. the most important:

Usagi wish:

And ofcourse Misaki is embarrassed to tell Usagi what his third wish is, because they wish for the same thing!

I love these two OTP so much! It’s nice to see the growth/progression throughout these years in their relationship! <3


every time lexa says clarke’s name: 26/?


Tropes that I’m weak for [1/?]: Spiky-haired warriors and their too cunning boyfriends
↳ “To get what you want, you have to know exactly how much you are willing to give up”

I need to talk about this part

First let me just say I’m so happy that we got
a) more Poe
b) Ranpo and Poe teamwork
c) Ranpo and Poe teamwork vs. CHUUYA

but anyway this particular part stood out to me, so allow me to briefly analyze my otp and cry about it

This is some real ass character development my dudes
Poe’s first reaction is “great, maybe they’ll die so I can be the only winner” which is pretty much how he felt when he faced off against Ranpo the second time
Poe is very competitive, from what we can gather based on literally everything we know about him, so of course it’s pretty much second nature for him to get excited about the prospect of the competition being eliminated

he thinks about it for a second and he’s not cheering anymore, his smile is gone, and he’s wondering “what am I gonna do if Ranpo actually dies”
Poe forgets about being competitive to think about what would happen if his practical idol were to die

this man is at least slightly upset by the possibility that he might beat the man he devoted his life to winning against in the worst way possible

*mic drop*

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did you notice minho in the fifth gif of this post/161425873385 ? he is mimicking taem lol i never noticed before so it became even more adorable to me ;;;;

How to Deal When the Most Endearing Thing to Ever Exist Is Right Next To You: A Guide by Choi Minho

1. Pay close attention to him as he struggles (as fondly as possible)

2. When it gets Too Much™ for you to handle, turn to your friend and (still fondly) demonstrate what’s gotten u smitten (reads: fanboy with your bff)

3. Encourage him to start again bc as endearing as it is to see him all awkward you want him to do his best

4. Get overjoyed and proud when he succeeds, then proceed to high-five him

5. At last, Lose It in the face of someone this impossibly cute

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yo my dude would you like a banana? good source of potassium ya know.

[Your dude now indeed ;D]

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please consider ennoshita x yamamoto (///v///)♡

I mean, why not? You know Yamamoto only needs more love and together they might be cute! But personally I prefer them both with enough other people already, I guess

Anon said:  Have you ever considered…. Goshiki x Hinata?

Sure have!!! It’s one of my fave Goshiki pairs and as I said I kinda really ship Hinata with a whole lot of people~

Anon said: I’ve been curious if AsahiB.oku could ever work. I think that’d be a fun pairing.


They both sound like amazing ships! But sadly I more or less only actively ship Bokuto with Kuroo and Terushima and Oikawa with Iwaizumi, so all I can tell you is “they sound super nice but I think I’ll stick with this other one” sorry


I’m starting to think cherry blossom is a symbol of their love, and I think it’s sweet how Takano took Ritsu, holding hands, walking down this path because it’s one of Ritsu’s wishes to see the Sakura together with him (one day), no matter where it’s at, the Sakura always reminds him and his love for Takano.

And honestly when I think about these two love for each other & how it’s there since 10 years ago; it really just makes me want to protect their happiness even more especially after all this drama. Takano, he really does love Ritsu and Ritsu, I hope that one day when you finally confess to him it will be the worth the long wait because I can imagine how happy Takano will be when he finally gets to (or is allowed to) hear that confession. It will be an emotional one, but then when does this pairing never give you an emotional moment (that’s why they’re my otp, and that’s why I love them so much).

So lately i’ve seen some posts of people fighting over their ships claiming everything thats wrong with canon (NH/SS) and on the other hand how delusional are other ships

I’m a sasunaru blog, i get how y'all are not happy with the end cause i’m not either but i don’t think we’ll get anywhere fighting each other.
In my personal case, its not the couples itself that bothers me but how badly developed their relationships were written, but this is just me.
In spite of the above, i try not to bash on them bc i know they are some people’s otps and i respect that
Respecting is different from agreeing, and i wasn’t like that in the begining, but im much happier now that i am
My point is, we can have endless arguments about which couples makes more sense, OR we can use our time and energy into creating our own endings, something that can make you and others happy. I like this option better. I mean, i love seeing your oc’s, who cares about whats canon or not, its still fiction! thats the magic of fictional worlds isn’t it???
Lets all be respectful of other’s ships and have a good time 🐸

He always chooses Bucky.

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hi!!! so without being too biased bc i mean, obviously you'd probably say all the good stuffs abt todomomo but how popular is todomomo in the fandom? And also todoroki and momo individually? i'm new to the fandom and i just wanna know how well my otp/fave characters are received. esp shouto. i love him too much

*Cracks knuckles* alright lets get down to businessssss

WELCOME TO THE FANDOM! WEEEWOOooooo! Thats my happy shout. anyways. Todomomo, unfortunately, is definitely not as popular as I’d hope it to be. I mean compared to Tododeku, Kiribaku, Kamijirou, Izuocha, Kacchako, its one of those ‘rare pairs’ in the BNHA fandom. 

Having said that, I think todomomo has potential to grow though. Even now I can see there is soooooo much more enthusiasm in the todomomo tag plus wayyyy more people who ship them now in contrast to before. Back when I first started this blog, it was like ded silent in the tag. Except for a few blogs like wr3h, natsv, akeemi, openforth (from the top of my head those are the ones I remember) who were actually active in the tag. So don’t give up on todomomo; its expanding like cray now. ALSO, CROSS FINGERS THEY ANIMATE THEIR FIGHT AGAINST AIZAWA.

Todoroki Shouto is smothered with love here so no worries about that. He’s def gonna be a fav character in bnha (at least top 5) for the rest of the series I think. 

Momo on the other hand has less fans. I think ‘cas she’s rarely shown in the manga. Tsuyu and Ochako are pretty much the main girls and I doubt that will change unless there’s an arc where Momo exclusively works with Midoriya. More people seem to keep Momo in mind now that she was involved with the rescue bakugou arc. so woop woop for that!

Fun fact: I think Japanese fans really do like todomomo though especially ‘cas of the drama cd (if you haven’t listened to the drama cd where they go to the festival and see fireworks then you should, let me know if you need the link to the translation etc) 

Search up  轟百 on google and you’ll get a lot of amazing japanese fanart/ doujinshi scans for those two. 

I’m gonna be keeping an eye out for yaomomo merch when I stay in Japan so that could be a gauge on how well-received she is there. 

thanks anon for the ask! I hope you like my long ass answer haha 

UPDATE: @itsmyfandomandilikeit was kind enuf to share that todomomo is way more popular than i actually thought cas of recent reddit polls (actually hit #1 for one of the polls with a sample of 1000 participants) wowzzz!

doctor-who-hears-a-horton requested a sketch of Rose and Ten post-Idiots Lantern

so much OTP in this episode- how can it get any more adorable than this? 

if you want a free sketch you can send me an ask with your request

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It's obvious Mika is gay But How do we know Yuu is gay Or even likes Mika that way ???

LOL, if anything, sometimes I think Yuu is gayer, and I’m not only saying this because he didn’t react after seeing two girls almost-naked.

1. He’s the one who starts most of the physical contact now and he doesn’t seem to mind the closeness with Mika at all, pulling him even closer most of the time. He doesn’t do this with the rest of his family.

In the official art:

In the manga:

In the ANIME:

When you realize they just reunited and there are already so many pictures of them like this…

2. He blushed in 3 out of 4 the family events with Mika, which is more than what we can say about the family events with the squad.

3. Did you notice the way his personality, behavior and goals in general changed after finding Mika? To the point that even Shinoa said he matured? And that he went from “I DON’T NEED FRIENDS” and being a very sad and lonely to a super happy and a walking sunshine 24/7? Which only got worse when he finally reunited with Mika? A huge part of his character development was because of Mika.
If I tried to add a panel I would have to post the whole manga after chapter 15.

4. Do you realize demons always use Mika’s form in an attempt to make Yuu succumb? Even after he found a new family? And that it’s exactly because he knows Mika and because Mika gives him strength that he overcomes everything?

5. When Mika hugs him and bites him he makes the very same expression Shinoa did when he told her “we’re family, right?” and wasn’t that supposed to be because she’s in love with him?

6. He said he was glad he kept living because he got to meet Mika again.

Actually, in the dub, he said exactly that. It’s not even up for interpretations.

7. Mika is the only one he has mutual romantic interactions with, where both of them are devoted to each other, be it when they’re apart or together, and both the physical contact, worrisome and, well, their relationship in general shows that they understand each other without as much as a glance and he reacts instantly to Mika’s smallest show of sadness or negative feelings in general(to the point that he tried to carry him to the hospital for just staggering) and he responds positively to any physical closeness with Mika, starting them himself or pulling him closer.

8. He is the one who asked Mika to raise children together in the game, he is the one who openly stated he kept living thanks to him, he is the one who told Mika to keep living for his sake, he is the one who said he didn’t notice Ferid, the person who killed his whole family, the one who he swore revenge against, and why? Because he was looking at Mika. Also his body language is so…

He looks a little… sheepish? It reminds me to typical anime scenes where the MC does something with his love interest that makes the situation embarrassing(Example? When Chat Noir held Ladybug’s hand)

9. This scene is so underrated but:

To think that she asks him if there’s “something in this ruined world that you must look at not matter what” and his answer is where Mika is… that’s very romantic, if you ask me.

And it’s funny that those interactions Yuu had with the girls (Mitsuba too) where they even showed interest in him, he didn’t notice because he was thinking about saving Mika.

10. Can we talk about how he forgets about his “goal” to kill vampires, for Mika?

We’re talking about the vampire queen here.

And to think that Mika’s been drinking his and only his blood the past 3 months, being implied that it was directly from him, and after all those years of Yuu loathing the fact that he had to give his blood to vampires in Sanguinem… and he doesn’t mind it one bit now.


Someone please explain to him why this is not okay

12. He just doesn’t seem to mind anything in general if it’s for Mika.

13. Also, to the people that state this isn’t true because he didn’t run away with him at Shinjuku, daily reminder that Shinoa squad + Guren were in danger, while Mika wasn’t and, thanks to episode 24 of the anime, we get to see what happens when he’s really put in a situation where all the members of his family are in danger.

He saves all of them literally stabbing himself in order to do so, and after having that conversation with Mika where the latter tells him to go and escape with the squad. That is how far they’re willing to go for the other’s sake.

14. Reminder that the scene where they intertwine fingers together happened in Yuu’s head, was what gave him the strength to overcome Asuramaru’s nightmare, and it’s considered a romantic trope.

Not only that, but that scene in serapuchi was like this…:

15. The way he longed to be with Mika and how much he missed him… not that it couldn’t be platonic, but it’s just so heart-wrenching.

16. The way he says Mika’s name, the way he talks to him in general is always with a different tone compared to the way he talks to other people. It’s very sweet and caring most of the time. You can see it in the game, where they can talk calmly and we get to watch them interacting more.

God, Yuu proves how much he loves Mika more and more each chapter. He is always paying attention to Mika. It’s not only the other way around.

What about another highschool au?

  • Achilles is on track team and Pat is this kid that helps at the infirmary after school 
  • And then one day Achilles trips or something like that and hurts himself. He’s bleeding but says things like “nah i’m fine” and everyone is like “Achilles. You are BLEEDING”
  • At some point Odysseus just take him to the damn infirmary and no, your opinion doesn’t matter, stop complaining for at least five seconds
  • Aaand when they got there, Achilles sees the cute boy that is organizing somethings and he knows hes fucked
  • So he kinda zoned out when Odysseus starts talking about how he got the scratches. The boy just nods and in the end asks something to Achilles and he is like “shit i dont know what he is saying but i have to say something” and this something is very dumb, like “band-aids??? merthiolate???”
  • And then Odysseus smirks while the boy looks really confused and only says “ok right. Anyway my name is Patroclus, now sit down”
  • Why do I do this to myself
OTP Idea #462

Imagine your OT3 in a soulmate AU where when you meet your soulmate you see colour for the first time. Person A and B have met, but neither of them have met Person C, so the can both see certain amounts of colour but not the whole spectrum. Since it’s hard to articulate this, they think they’re simply soulmates. Then, they both meet Person C and everything just becomes so much clearer and more full, and they don’t get how they could have felt complete before then.

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Hey there, I like your blog a lot and have been following it for quite a while, thank you for all of your metas and translations! I just wanted to say that people seem to think that kiibouma is more canon than a lot of ouma ships, mainly because they are often put next to each other quite a bit in official merch. Don't get me wrong I like kiibouma as much as I can while already having saiouma as my otp but do you think it's true? Oh btw how long have you been in the DR fandom for?

I wouldn’t say that either ship is “more canon” per se, mostly because there aren’t any official canon ships. There are canonical feelings in ndrv3, certainly, but they’re always one-sided. There hasn’t been a single canon ship with feelings confirmed on both sides to date in the DR franchise–lots of baiting, though.

Using official merch as “proof” of how canon a ship is can be… well, pretty misleading. After all, Kodaka loves using his merchandise to throw people off. If merch or official art were the only thing necessary to prove the canonical basis of a ship, then harumatsu or kirizono would be canon–despite the fact that both Kaede and Maizono are killed off much too early for either ship to ever count as such.

What I can say is that Ouma does have canonical feelings for Saihara, confirmed in Chapter 4, the same way that Saihara has feelings for Kaede, Maki for Momota, etc. How Saihara feels, whether he might reciprocate under other circumstances, and so on are all left up to player interpretation. Ouma’s feelings for Saihara are certainly presented within the narrative (his confession scene in Chapter 4, his FTEs, his whiteboard, and more), but that doesn’t make saiouma canon–again, because Saihara is never canonically shown to reciprocate.

I really like kiibouma and saiouma both. I’d say kiibouma is probably one of my favorite ndrv3 ships, in fact, right after saiouma and himitenko. But it’s definitely not canonically confirmed. The official art and merchandise of them together is much more of an allusion to the parallels and the fact that they were both set up to be “hope” and “despair” respectively within the killing game show, rather than proof that it’s a canon ship, in my opinion.

Also, I’ve been into DR ever since 2013, more or less! I was around back when Orenronen was translating the first game, so I’ve seen the fandom go through quite a lot of changes!

Thanks for asking, anon!


Joe Toye had been at the aid station for three days and everybody was glad to have him back. Especially Bill Guarnere.

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favourite tcest pairing/s and why? You probably answered this to some degree before haha



My favorite OTP dynamic is the love/hate relationship, aka “you know those idiots care about each other no matter how much they fight”, which Raph and Leo fulfill perfectlyyyyyyyy~ <333 I can never get enough of these two. ;u; You’ll see more raphxleo art from me in the future! And maybe a few fics. :)

(Other tcest pairings I enjoy a bit more casually are Donnie/Mikey and Raph/Donnie.)