how much more otp can this get

phil lester appreciation post

we don’t appreciate phil as much as we need to, i don’t understand why nor do i understand why dan has 2 million more subscribers than him, they should be treated equally. i mean how can you not love this adorable ball of sunshine?

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i mean look how cute he is listening to dan talk about tabinof

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and his laugh just hits us all in the feels

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and his smile is brighter than the freaking sun whyy????

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and lets not get started on his innocents 

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seriously look how innocent this boy is

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well thats all i have to say, i feel like dan making a phil appreciation post. lolzor. but you gotta love phil unless you’re a twat. anyways bye guys!

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“Kiss it better”

Listen, Hugh Dancy is right we are not gonna get cute hannigram going on a normal date but seriously after seeing how VULNERABLE Hannibal looked in the finale, I just want all the gentle adorable things you do when you’re with someone. And if we don’t get it in the show I will draw it! So here is tender tending wounds and nose kisses :3 

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‘I don’t know who I am anymore.’ 

‘I was afraid that I wouldn’t see you again.’


Joe Toye had been at the aid station for three days and everybody was glad to have him back. Especially Bill Guarnere.

doctor-who-hears-a-horton requested a sketch of Rose and Ten post-Idiots Lantern

so much OTP in this episode- how can it get any more adorable than this? 

if you want a free sketch you can send me an ask with your request

i dont care, this was best page in whole chapter

He always chooses Bucky.

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yo my dude would you like a banana? good source of potassium ya know.

[Your dude now indeed ;D]

I think some people are getting way to caught up in the troyler kiss, and forgetting the real purpose of this campaign.  Yes the rewards and the possibility of having your OTP kiss on camera are great bonuses, but just think about how much good $500k can do for the Trevor Project. I mean even if we don’t raise $500k and we don’t get the troyler kiss, we already raised over $400k, $250,000 more than tyler’s original goal, which is just INCREDIBLE. Just think about how many lives are going to be saved because of that money. I think Tyler mentioned $15 funds one phone call, so that means we have already raised enough to fund over 25,000 phone calls, that could mean over 25,000 lives saved all because of us!!  And if we do raise the goal of $500k that is well over 30,000 people that we can help, and i don’t know about you, but to me that is worth a hell of a lot more than a troyler kiss. 

OTP Idea #462

Imagine your OT3 in a soulmate AU where when you meet your soulmate you see colour for the first time. Person A and B have met, but neither of them have met Person C, so the can both see certain amounts of colour but not the whole spectrum. Since it’s hard to articulate this, they think they’re simply soulmates. Then, they both meet Person C and everything just becomes so much clearer and more full, and they don’t get how they could have felt complete before then.

Confession:  I’m disappointed that there is so much competition between fem!Couslands and Anora, especially since I headcanon them as being like sisters since childhood. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not shaming anyone for how they play their characters, I just wish there were more people out there who see the two of them like I do. There’s hardly any fanart or fanfiction about them on friendly terms and you almost never hear about them as a ship. I can’t be the only one with them as one of my brotps/otps, right?

      Hi guys! My name is Mrsadfran. I’m an independent artist,who you most likely know because of my one direction fan art. At this moment I daily put out there sketches,drawings,illustrations, gifs and within two years I created more than four hundred and fifty artworks. As best as I can I work on my 30 days otp challenge and trying weekly upload speedpainting videos of my drawing process. Now,all this said,you have an idea how much time,energy and effort it takes.
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I agree with you people that are wishing for more physical contact and more cute scenes between these two, because we’ve waited really long for this. Trust me, I want these scenes as much as you do.

But, to be honest, i’m really really happy with what we’re getting.

Teresa never looked at Pike the way she looks at Patrick. Actually, she never looked at anyone the way she looks at him. Watch the gifs and you’ll know what i’m talking about.

I can’t even put in words how happy i am that this is finally happening and how beautiful it is the fact that you can tell how much they love each other based on the way they look at each other.

That melts my heart in a way that i can’t even explain. Just needed to say that.

It’s kind of funny how some people think that 2min is just paired together because Minho is considered the handsomest and Taemin is considered the prettiest/the youngest.

Like ????? Umm nope it’s so much more than that.

It’s just a little bit of everything that makes 2min so special. It has nothing to do with looks, I assure you. Their appearances were only a minor fact compared to the rest.

Don’t discredit a pairing just because you think it’s solely based on their role in the group. 

the sky is as red as it’s ever been. I still can’t see Elympios.

This scene is definitely one of my favorites in the entire game because it emphazises so much on Alvin. how weak and senseless he’s leading his life. It always got to me that Jude would walk up to him and look at him with empathy despite his own state after Milla died. 

Iris and I are doing another ship week!! since alvin/jude will always be one of my top otps I chose them for the first day. this is more of an originalsceneinmystyle thing but I need to get the feeling for drawing again first, so it’s good. 

Imagine, if you will, your otp sat around “studying” in one of their houses, and one of them is playing video games and trying to beat their own high score after the other got bored of winning so much. Of course, the person playing the video game is moving around waaay too much and no matter how much the other moves away from them they still end up getting hit in the ribs. It gets to the point where the other can’t take it any more and they grab their wrist and try to tell them to quit it but the person is only like “woooooah you looked so scary for a minute!” and so they get pushed over bc wow that was pretty rude of them but they pull the other with them ((bc I mean what were you expecting)) but they can’t stop laughing at the glare from the person on top of them so they just wrap their arms around their shoulders and pull them down for a kiss