how much more bonding do you need!

D&D: we need jon and gendry to bond, how should we do it?

an intern shaking in the corner: p-perhaps… they should bond over arya stark, w-who they both love?

D&D: you idiot. you fucking idiot. you absolute moron. what a terrible idea. go get us more coffee, you swine.

D&D: how about instead, gendry bonds over the fact that his father who he never met was friends with jon’s father? it makes so much more sense

Delta (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Pt. 10 ❤️

A/N: I’M SO SORRY FOR THE WAIT BB’S!! I HOPE YOU LIKE THIS ONE! i made it extra smutty! (; ENJOY! - Delilah ❤️  

Warnings: Sex (M/F). Swearing. Hella fluffy. NSFW. Daddy kink. Pregnancy sex. There’s sex gifs as well. 

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How to tame your hedgehog

African pygmy hedgehogs are becoming more popular as pets and with this rises the question on how to handle them. A quick glance at hedgehog fora and Facebook groups shows threads and posts titled “my hedgehog doesn’t like me” or “my hedgehog hates me”, “anti-social hedgehog”, “very angry hedgehog” and so on.

In order to understand the behaviour of our pets we have to look at the animal itself. What kind of animal is the hedgehog?

First off, hedgehogs do not “hate” people, nor are they “angry”. They are physically incapable of feeling such a human emotion. When handling hedgehogs we need to be careful not to project our own emotions and feelings onto the animal; this does not help us understand the needs of our pets. Instead, we need to go back to the root of it all: the natural instincts and behaviour of the hedgehog.

African pygmy hedgehogs (Atelerix albiventris) became more widely available to the exotic pet trade around the late 80′s/early 90′s in the US (and a decade or more later to other parts of the world). This isn’t that long ago. We need to realize our pet hedgehogs are not fully domesticated yet - in fact, they’re basically still the same (behaviour-wise, at least) as their wild cousins. I have seen wild caught animals which were more “social” than captive bred ones, and the other way around. This is also why I chose the word tame for the title of this post. While they might be captive born, our pets are still quite wild.
We cannot compare hedgehogs to animals we share an extensive, sometimes thousands of years old relationship with. But besides that, hedgehogs will most likely never become like a dog or a guinea pig simply because certain behavioural treats are not in their nature.
Learning how to handle your hedgehog starts with having the right expectations of its behaviour.

Hedgehog behaviour

Hedgehogs are relatively small prey animals. They are nocturnal, spend the nights foraging for food and sleep in their burrows during the day.
They are solitary animals and only come together to mate.
They are not aggressive by nature but have a marvellous defence instead: thousands of sharp quills. When threatened, they roll into a tight ball and wait until the predator has left (or in rare cases, fight, but only if they’re forced to).

So what does this mean for someone who has a pet hedgehog? 

1. Do not expect a similar bond as with e.g. a dog. Dogs are social animals that were bred from an animal that lives in packs. Hedgehogs are solitary. They are not social by nature. They do not need you and while they might get used to you being around, you’re mainly the Food Bringer and the Warm Thing To Sleep On but little more. There will not be much interaction. Your hedgehog will not come up to you when you call its name nor will it “love” you as its owner, simply because it can’t.

2. Being defensive prey animals, you can seem threatening to them. Balling up is an automatic response to a possible threat. This is totally normal hedgehog behaviour.

3. Since they’re nocturnal all they want to do during the day is sleep, not interact with you. And they do not interact or play the way some other mammals do. Most of the time you’re spending together will consist of the hedgehog either running around and doing stuff on its own, or sleeping on your lap.

These things are all very important in helping you understand the behaviour of your hedgehog. There are reasons your hedgehog is displaying these behaviours and if you know those reasons, you can use them to make your hedgehog feel more comfortable around you.
Arguably, other than looking cute hedgehogs don’t really have much going for them when it comes to being what most people think of as a “good pet”. They are definitely not suitable for everyone, but if they’re your type of pet they can be very interesting and wonderful animals to have!

Tips on handling/taming your hedgehog

Before I start I’d like to point out that every hedgehog is different and there’s not just one right way when it comes to handling. This is how I do it, coming from my experience with captive bred and wild caught (as well as actual wild hedgehogs) and from well socialized to not socialized at all. Besides the socialization of hoglets by the breeder, character plays a major part in hedgehog behaviour. Some hedgehogs seem to be naturally social and more open towards interaction (or at least let you interact with them) while others will remain more defensive for their entire lives.
The key with hedgehogs is patience. Do not expect a hedgehog to stop huffing and balling up within a week. If you just got a hedgehog it will need to get used to its new environment and owner, which takes time. How much time varies. Some will get used to you within a few weeks, others take months.
“Used to you” is also relative, as this doesn’t necessarily mean your hedgehog will stop balling up or quit huffing at you entirely - that’s very unlikely, since this is normal hedgehog behaviour.

Hedgehogs have bad eyesight and rely mainly on their excellent noses. You can make use of this by giving your hedgehog an old, worn t-shirt which has your scent on it. Alternatively, if you don’t have an old shirt, you can sleep with a piece of fleece in your bed for a day or two and give that to your hedgehog.
By putting this in the enclosure for the hedgehog to sleep in it will get more used to your scent.

The more you handle your hedgehog, the faster it’ll get used to handling. Don’t be afraid to handle your hedgehog; use your bare hands or a piece of fleece but no (leather) gloves, because then your hedgehog won’t be able to smell you properly. Do not reward unwanted behaviour (such as biting or extensive huffing/clicking) by putting the hedgehog back into its enclosure. Instead, enforce positive behaviour, e.g. by offering treats like live insects (I always use tongs so they do not mistake my hands for food).

Some people prefer a more “manhandling” way when handling hedgehogs, I personally don’t really like this for most hedgehogs but it’s a thin line: after all, you’re always forcing your pet to be with you when you get it out. If a hedgehog clearly shows it doesn’t like to be petted on the quills, I don’t go on petting it that way. But I don’t put it back either. Instead, I try to search for a way of handling with which this particular hedgehog is more comfortable right now. And yes, sometimes you have to do something they don’t particularly like, but be sure to reward positive behaviours - you don’t always need to reward with food, but it could also be simply “releasing pressure” (like giving them some space for themselves for a bit instead of continuously petting them, for example).
Handling should be seen in a very broad sense. Some hedgehogs prefer to sleep when out while others are active explorers. Try to adjust your ways of handling accordingly.
Because hedgehogs are nocturnal, some do much better when you take them out in the evening and/or when there’s dim lightning in the room.

When I have a new hedgehog which isn’t well socialized or simply has to get used to me and its new surroundings first I like to start by having it explore the (hedgehog safe) room or play area. I sit down on the ground and let the hedgehog do its own thing. If it likes to explore it can explore, if it likes to sleep it can sleep on my lap (most hedgehogs don’t like to sleep out in the open so a fleece bonding bag works great for this).
In the following days I will start to move around more. First still in a sitting position, then walking around, so the hedgehog gets used to my movements and me simply being there without me really interacting with it directly. You can do this both when the hedgehog is exploring or in its cuddle bag on you lap. For many hedgehogs it’s a combination of the two, some explore time and then back to sleep (especially during the day).
Depending on how much time I feel the hedgehog needs I keep repeating this for the following days or even weeks. With some, the slightest movement causes them to raise their quills. Others don’t react at all and could do fine with skipping these steps.

After that I start doing more “hands on” interaction, touching them more, trying to see if they mind petting on the quills or not, or the face, belly etc. Again rewarding wanted behaviour. It’s a constant search for what they really don’t like, what they tolerate, and what I think is necessary for the process. This is something you can’t just know without experience, it’s something you will have to learn and that’s completely fine! And simply being around them, having them sleep on your lap is bonding too. You might not be really doing much but the hedgehog will get used to your presence.
Even if you bought a hedgehog with the intention of not handling it much (which should be fine, as long as it gets enough enrichment from its habitat) handling should be a part of hedgehog ownership. You need to be able to check for injuries, clip the nails, etc. These “medical checks” are part of my handling routine: I hold the feet, check the hedgehog all over including their teeth (if possible). Your vet will thank you for this as well! Even when I have no intention of clipping their nails I still hold their feet, not only to check them over but also to make them comfortable with me holding them, which makes for easier nail clipping.

So it all boils down to this: have lots of patience, take small steps, and don’t have expectations a hedgehog simply cannot live up to. Accept that some hedgehogs, even with extensive handling, will never be “cuddly” simply because that’s how they are. All those hedgehogs you see on the internet, the ones that are getting belly rubs and petted while looking extremely chill: these are not the majority. This is rare. And even if you see a hedgehog that tame, remember there’s a lot you’re not seeing: possibly many weeks, months or even years working towards that moment, and it still is just a few minutes out of the hedgehog’s life. They don’t show you the times the hedgehog is huffing and clicking and balling up. Don’t feel bad if yours is, be open and willing to learn about hedgehog behaviour and never stop asking questions. And most importantly, listen to your hedgehog by watching its body language, because that’s going to tell you more about your hedgehog than my posts about general hedgehog behaviour ever could!

The Tower - Chapter 7

The Tower: An Avengers Fanfic

Chapter 7 

Chapter:  one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine /ten / eleven / twelve /thirteen / fourteen / fifteen / sixteen /

Word Count: 1975

Warnings: Sex mentions (super pg.) Fluff, comedy stuff

Synopsis: After spending the night with Tony, Elly meets Sam and Wanda. Elly learns more about the dynamic of the Tower.

Author’s Note: Co-written with @emilyevanston

Chapter 7 - A Bird and a Witch

I woke tangled with Tony.  His face was pressed into my neck and breathing that steady rhythmic way you do when you’re deep in sleep.  I wanted to let him sleep.  I really did, but I had to get up.  I attempted so carefully to untangle myself without disturbing him.

His arms closed around me and he pulled me in more tightly to him.  “What time is it?”  He mumbled against my skin.

“It’s eight A.M. sir,”  FRIDAY replied.

“God, it’s been forever since I slept for so long.”  Tony sighed, stretching out.  “I really needed to get laid.  I’m definitely keeping you around.”

I laughed and scratched my fingers over his stomach.  “Happy to be of service.”

Tony rolled onto his side and traced circles onto my hips.  “Eight is very late here, but if we take our time having a shower.  We could go up to the common room and you might catch some of them having their after workout breakfast.  Plus it’s Saturday so apart from Red, who’s still on mission, everyone has the day off.”

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Through Your Eyes

Written for the first day of Sterek Week: Alpha and Emissary. There will be a second part for later in the week! Edit: The second part is here!

It goes without saying that Stiles was a little nervous.

Fine, maybe a lot nervous…

Okay, maybe he was teetering on the edge of completely fucking terrified, but given how important today was, could you really blame him?!?

Today marked an exact year, almost to the hour, since Stiles completed his Emissary training with Deaton.

Today was exactly a year since his Spark manifested at his seventeen birthday party by making all the lights go disco and multicolored.

Today was the first time Stiles would find himself in the Bonding Ceremony that all Emissaries went through after they finished training to find a potential Pack to counsel and follow.

It was the culmination of an entire year and the lifelong dream ever since Claudia Stilinski had taken his face in her hands and whispered, “Don’t be scared, darling. You have my gift, and that means I will never leave you.”

So, yeah, it was kind of a big deal.

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  • Jon: You don't really believe all that stuff do you?
  • Arya: Definitely Jon! We are linked with our wolves! It's so much more than a human/animal bond - It runs deep. I mean, since getting Nymeria back I can sense when she wants to hunt and feel the need to let off a bit of steam myself. Whenever I'm feeling low, she mopes about with me before I even realise how sad I am, and when I'm hungry she acts like she could devour a whole stag herself! She likes who I like, she growls at people I hate...
  • Jon: I dunno...I guess it's similar with me and Gho-
  • Sansa *shouting from her chambers*: JOOOOON!!!! GHOST IS HUMPING MY LEG AGAIN!!!!
Just a Thought: How Different Parenting Styles Result in Different Subtypes of BPD

In group therapy we’ve been asked to dig deep and think about how our childhoods affected our mental health. We all know that if you had an awful childhood you’re much more likely to develop a mental illness, and BPD is no exception.

But imagine you have two people who suffer from BPD. One suffers from impulsivity and rages. The other suffers from quiet BPD: they meet the criteria for a BPD diagnosis but they don’t display “acting out” behaviors. How does that happen? What causes a split between “acting out” BPD and “acting in” BPD?

I have a theory. Keep in mind I could be totally wrong because I’m not a professional. And keep in mind that sometimes children with loving, good parents still go on to develop BPD because BPD, like any mental illness, has several biological causes as well. But there doesn’t seem to be much research on BPD, so I figure I’ll just put this out there.

 As a baby or a toddler, you are entirely reliant upon your caregiver. You need to be fed, have your diaper changed, comforted when you’re upset. You can’t do these things on your own so you have to get your caregiver’s attention. So you cry.

For many people with BPD, their parents didn’t respond to their child’s needs. Or they outright didn’t care. If they hear you crying, they might not do anything. Or they may take their time. Or they may make it clear with their body language and other mannerisms that you’re being an annoyance to them. And they don’t spend time comforting you or holding you or creating a bond with you.

With parents like these, how is a child to get their attention? As a baby you can’t do much other than cry, but that changes when you become a toddler. You’ve learned your parents don’t care. You have to do more to get what you need.

So you throw a tantrum, scream, and rage. That ends up being more likely to get your parents’ attention, which is especially hard to do if your parents are neglectful or even abusive. Acting out gives you what you need, and having your needs met in this way may be the closest thing to validation that you can get.

Your behavior is immediately reinforcing. You are learning to act out in order to survive. You don’t know how else to express everything you’re feeling. Acting out is the only way you’ll be heard. This pattern of behavior is now ingrained into you.

Quiet BPD, I think, develops a little differently. If you have quiet BPD, maybe your parents were attentive. You don’t use acting out behaviors because you don’t need to. It isn’t a survival technique. You learn that your needs will be met. Your parents may have even been close to you.

But even so, something is still… off. Your parents give you affection, but if you start to voice your own opinion—if you express that you disagree with something they said—they explode. You’re not allowed to have a different opinion because it’s inherently wrong. Why is it inherently wrong? Because you are less than they are. Why are you less? Because… you’re you.

Maybe your parents rely on your for emotional support. But when you are in distress and ask for support in return, there is silence. Why don’t you get validation too? Because you’ve been taught that you are less.

If you do something wrong—let’s say you get in trouble for showing interest in romantic relationships or sex, or you don’t do well in school—that destroys your relationship with your parents. You’ve stepped too far out of bounds for them. Any mistake of this sort is unacceptable. You’ve shattered their perfect image of you (or the child they want), and now permanent damage has been done. There is hell to pay. They don’t just punish you. They become spiteful or even hateful. They may turn to abusive behavior. You’re not granted the same understanding that everyone else is. Why? Because you’re their child.

You’ve grown up learning that you are inherently worth less than other people. You’ve grown up learning you don’t have the right to be angry. You must dance around the emotions of other people, treading carefully lest you anger them or offend them and thus lose their affection. And these are all things you may have learned from your peers as well: unless you hold yourself to an unrealistically high standard in order to be accepted by your classmates, you are excluded or bullied or rejected or isolated. They can do and act however they so please and no one so much as raises an eyebrow, but if you do even a minor thing differently? You risk losing all the approval you’ve worked so hard for. Why must you work so much harder to have any worth? Again, because you’re you.

Whether you’ve learned this from your parents, your peers, or both, you resort to acting in. You may foster a deep sense of self-loathing. You may turn to self-harm or denying yourself food to “punish” yourself. You’ve learned that you must contain everything you feel. You’ve learned to hate yourself for everything, even something as minor as accidentally offending someone else. You’ve learned that when your parents are mad, when your friends are mad, it is your fault. You are responsible for appeasing others and meeting their needs. You are not allowed to fail in this regard. And so, you develop quiet borderline personality disorder.

All of this is just speculation. There can definitely be exceptions or crisscrossing of symptoms and behaviors and life experiences because we’re all different. But maybe we’re getting a little closer to understanding why we suffer the way we do.

Ramsay Bolton – I Care

Words count: 1588

Warning: None

Summery: Ramsay Bolton is a hard man to deal with and that’s an understatement, so what happens when he’s in love with a Stark and has another in his cell. 

you all know i suck at summaries.

A/N: This is my first non requested one shots in a long time, I’ll be back to requests but I’ll be posting some of mine in between, because I have written around nine or so of my own and some ideas that needed to be written so yeah… ENJOY!!

 There’s always a Stark in Winter Fell. That’s how it is supposed to be. Winter fell is not winter fell without a Stark in it. And it is very unlucky and haunting to be a Stark now a days, in time of war, vengeance and death. It’s also very unlucky to be a woman. And it’s just your luck to be both. You’re the only Stark in Winter Fell. As years pass you changed, that was expected. But you changed in a way no one has expected. From all the things you have seen and been through. You now chose and do things you never thought you’d ever do before.

I mean what else would possess you to love such a heartless man like Ramsay Snow, recently Bolton. That man is dark and pure evil, yet you fell for him and he fell for you as well. He’s different in your presence. He’s very kind to you and possessive, over the top possessive. Yet he’s very protective as well. It does help him so much that he has a Stark by his side, and Ramsay knows that very well, it gives him an advantage. Somewhere in your mind, somewhere deep there you knew Ramsay had to be stopped. Not killed. Stopped.

The fate has decided to test you, when Jon Snow your half-brother decided to take back the North. And kill Ramsay. Also you have found out that Ramsay has been hiding Rickon in Winter Fell. Your instinct kicked as an older sister and rushed you to the barn which was now used as cells. Ramsay has once told you not to go there, you have been warned, but nothing matter only Rickon. You found Rickon in a cell siting huddled up on the corner, shaking from the cold. Winter is coming and no one would be able to handle the weather without fire or tons pf clothes and furs.

“Rickon.” You said and fell to the floor in front of the bars. Rickon slowly looked up at you, his eyes full of fear.

“(Y/N)?” He asked, his voice shaking and cracking, you nodded furiously and held a hand through the bars for him to take.

“Yes, Rickon it’s me.” Rickon rushed forward and into to your outstretched arms, you hugged hi htrough the bars, “Oh gods, Rickon.”

Tears escaped both your eyes. It has been so long since you saw any of your family members. Rickon started sobbing quietly.

“Are you okay? Are you hurt?” You asked him and pulled away inspecting every detail looking for any signs of pain.

“I’m fine, I’m okay.” He said smiling through the tears. “Just cold.”

You quickly stood up to take of your fur cloak when a voice stopped you, you froze and chills ran down your spine in fear. Not for your life but for your brother.

“That wouldn’t be necessary.” Ramsay said. Rickon gasped and moved back to the far corner of the cell, you slowly turned around to see Ramsay standing by the doors to the barn.

“Ramsay I-.” “Shush.” Ramsay interrupts you, putting a finger in front of his lips. You stopped talking immediately and your fear increased and it was very visible to Ramsay and Rickon. Ramsay walked towards you taking his time, with every step forward he took forward you took one backwards, until you pressed your body to the bars, in protectiveness of your young brother. Though you doubt he still feels young.

“(Y/N) step away.” Ramsay said as if talking to un-tamed animal that was about to attack. You shook your head no, and tears started falling once again. “Love, just step away.” He said this time with a little bit of force. Sobs left your body, and unknown to you that with every tear every sob that left your body, Ramsay’s heart broke a little. He hated that you feared him and were crying because of him. He had once flayed a man for bothering you, now imagine making you cry.

“(Y/N).” Rickon said from behind you. He was now standing and it was then you realized how much he has grown. He was so tall. “Do as he says.” He was stern with his words. He was protective of you too.

“R-Rickon.” You whimpered. Rickon nodded and gave you a reassuring smile. You moved to the side of the door, far enough for Ramsay to open the door, but still near to step in if you needed to. It didn’t matter that you loved Ramsay, your love for your family is far more important and your bond with them is unbreakable. Blood is thicker than water, especially in your family.

Ramsay slowly walked to the door, trying not to frighten you anymore. He opened the door, and motioned with his head for Rickon to get out. Rick quickly did as Ramsay said trying not to tick him off. “You can take him to our room.”

This surprised you so much, your eyes widen and your silent crying came to a halt along with your breathing. Rickon threw himself in your arms, your hugs reminded him of your mother’s hugs. “He can stay with you.” Ramsay told you, he gave you a nod and you quickly took Rickon into the house of the Starks. Two Starks now in Winter Fell and two more are on their way. You pulled Rickon into your shared room with Ramsay, and ordered for a warm bath to be drawn for him. The maids quickly heated the water and made the bath, as they did that you covered Rickon with fur to warm him up. You gave him a loving smile. Rickon’s heart warmed up with a familiar feelings. Love. Comfort. Home.

“I’ve missed you little wolf.” You told him and kissed his forehead and hugged him, his arms wrapped themselves around you easily.

“I missed you too.” His voice shook a little as he said this, you just squeezed him a bit more.


It was night now and Rickon was sound asleep under the furs. He was all clean and warm, and his stomach was filled. It was probably the first time he was sleeping in a bed in a very long time. You sat beside him watching him sleep. You were afraid to fall asleep and wake up for him to be gone or for all this to be just a dream.

Suddenly you felt the door open. You quickly stood up and grabbed the dagger that is always in your room. You relaxed slightly when your eyes a met a pair of shiny blue orbs, you lowered the dagger but was still on your guard.

Ramsay left the room indicating that he wanting you to follow him. You left the dagger on the table as you walked out of the room, you silently closed the door behind you, trying not to disturb the sleeping figure in your room.

“Thank you, for- for allowing him to sleep with me and…” You stopped talking and looked at the ground, you were beyond nervous, it was like you were talking for Ramsay for the first tie after you realized your feelings for him. Besides now that Rickon is here you felt as if you had to think thousands of times before you said anything.

Ramsay closed his eyes and sighed, before he closed the distance between the two of you. He pulled you and pulled you into his arms and hugged you. You knew in that moment that he wasn’t angry, and that he loves you no matter what. Ramsay laid his chin on top of your head. You both stood in silence for a moment before you pulled back to look at you, this time your eyes met.

‘(Y/N), love, I want you to know I love you, I would do almost anything and everything for you.” Ramsay said and his hands cradled your soft cheeks. “Within reason of course… but I would never hurt you and you are the only person who gets to have that advantage and I just want you to be happy.”

You stared at Ramsay in surprise. It wasn’t every day that he spoke about his feelings for you, but when he did it usually left you speechless.

“I love you too Ramsey. I really didn’t want to go against your words, but when I found out Rickon was in the cells couldn’t help myself.” You said eyes wide with a hint of innocence in them, that Ramsay loved so much, he loved seeing you when the last bit of innocence came out. “He’s my family the only one that I have seen in gods know how long.”

“I understand that my love.” Ramsay said with a loving smile, Ramsay closed his eyes and started leaning in, your eyes fluttered shut after what felt like forever but was in fact only seconds, your lips met, it was soft and had a sense of calmness, which is a first. Your kisses with Ramsay were many things but calm and soft aren’t one of them. Tour titled your head to the left slightly deepening the kiss. Ramsay hands pulled close so you were pressed up against him. You gasped giving him the chance to sneak his tongue into your mouth.

“(Y/N)?” You both pulled back when you heard a panicked Rickon call from inside, you gave Ramsay an apologetic smile, a quick pick on the lips before you rushed inside. Leaving a hot and bothered Ramsay outside.

Reblog if you would LOVE Iris and Caitlin developing their friendship in S4 (regardless of your shipping preferences)

Like, I literally cannot understand why some parts of the Flash fandom (WA shippers, SB shippers, non-shippers) would ever want to pit these two independent, gorgeous, accomplished and successful women against each other? Like why??

Caitlin trying to kill Iris? That was Killer Frost. There were so many things going on with Caitlin at the time, so many changes affecting her emotionally and mentally that it was probably so unbearable. If Iris doesn’t hold it against her, I don’t see how anyone else can? 

It is so so important that their friendship gets developed. With Barry gone, Caitlin is probably the single person in the world who can perfectly understand what Iris is going through right now. They have had so many similar circumstances. Their fiancees dying (Eddie, Ronnie), their fiancees thought to be dead but returning (Barry, Ronnie), killing their (a version of) their (former) significant others (Savitar, Hunter/Jay). 

They have so many things to bond over and talk about. It can’t have been easy for Iris to shoot Savitar (she had to, yes, but that was still a version of Barry) and Caitlin did have real feelings for Hunter/Jay so to kill him like that thoughtlessly, there may be something there for the two women to unpack. I mean there’s also the potential if Caitlin develops a romantic relationship with either Julian (initially unrequited) or Cisco (lifetime friends), in a way that parallels s1 WestAllen, that Iris could give her advice. 

I mean The Flash has done such a great job with female-male platonic friendships, male-male platonic friendships, family bonds, friends-to-lovers relationships that they really need to step up their game in portraying wonderful female friendships. So far, it’s only been crumbs. You do not understand how much I need ‘Girls Night Out’ for this reason. I mean I’m game for Caitlin being her Maid of Honor if they develop the bond enough (I admit though that I’m more partial to Wally being Iris’ Man of Honor). 


Preparations (Vows #1)

The next Nessian (finally!)  Previous Chapter is here.  Master list of all my fanfic is here.  Hope you all enjoy this one!  Nearly everyone makes an appearance.  It was supposed to be the last chapter but it got waaay too long (this half is over 5k words) so I split it.

Nesta tapped her pen against the paper.  “I don’t see why I have to do this,” she said flatly.

Feyre sighed, already exasperated, and set her teacup down with a click.  “You’re the one who burst in here this afternoon and told me you had to get married as soon as possible.  Making a list of what you need to get done is the bare minimum if you really expect to be ready in two weeks.”

“Okay, fine,” Nesta grumbled.  She contemplated just giving up on the whole thing, shredding the papers she’d been writing on, and telling Cassian they should just run away, but she supposed now her sister knew that option was done for.  “So far we’ve got: location to figure out, catering, dress -”

“Just ask Rhys about the dress,” Feyre cut in, “he probably already has something.”  

“Why would he have a dress for me?”  Nesta asked, a bit suspiciously.  The tendency of everyone in the Inner Circle to be constantly in everybody else’s business had not grown on her with exposure.

“Well, it’s been weeks since you announced you planned to get married,” Feyre said, like that was a normal explanation.  Evidently Nesta should automatically expect her brother-in-law to produce a wedding dress for her, just like that.

Nesta sat back in her chair and looked at her sister through narrowed eyes.  “What is it with Rhys and clothes?  Where does he get them all?”

Feyre just shrugged.  “I don’t know.  I’ve never asked.  His taste is better than mine anyway.”

An image of her sister’s tall, elegant mate sitting in a private room somewhere sewing furiously popped into Nesta’s mind, and she snorted.  Her sister looked at her in some confusion and she just waved her hand in dismissal.  “Should I cross ‘dress’ off then?”

“No, let’s make sure I’m right first.  And that you like it.  He’ll be here any minute anyway for your session.”  Ugh, magic lessons.  She felt awkward enough with Amren, having Rhys staring at her too didn’t really sound appealing, but she did want to start understanding what she could - and should - do with the fact that she now could hear everybody’s life force.  Certainly before she killed someone by mistake.  Feyre went on.  “We don’t need to worry about flowers, Elain will take care of that.  And I bet Mor has some ideas about catering.  Do you want to use the priestess Elain and Lucien had?”

“Is that the same one you used?”


“Might as well be consistent then.”  Nesta wrote down ‘Priestess’ with a small arrow that led to ‘whoever Feyre says.’  She tapped the pen against her teeth.  “What else is there?”

“Do you have a guest list yet?”  Nesta most certainly did; she hid her grin as she slid it over to her sister, who read it out loud.  “‘Feyre, Elain, Rhys, The Bastard,’ really, Nesta, is that necessary? ‘Azriel, Amren, Mor,’ all plus one, ‘Nuala, Cerridwen,’ oh good, I’m glad you’re inviting them, ‘Clotho and the rest of the librarians…’”  She looked up and smiled.  “What a great idea.”  Nesta just shrugged, a little embarrassed.  “Who’s ‘Tamirah’ and why is her name surrounded by little hearts?’”

“Oh, that’s just a special one for Cassian,” Nesta replied with a bit of an evil grin.

“Do I even want to know?”

“Probably not.”  

“And ‘Willow.’  You’re inviting your cat?”

“Of course.  She’s part of the family.”

Shaking her head, Feyre grabbed the to-do list Nesta was now doodling on and scanned the sheet.  “What do you want to do about invitations?”

Nesta made a face.  “Do you really think we need them?  It’s mostly just the family anyway.”

Feyre looked rather shocked.  “Of course you need invitations!  Cerridwen did them for Elain’s wedding, I’m sure she’d be happy to do yours.  And it’s not like we need one for Willow.”  She chuckled.

“Why doesn’t Willow get one if everyone else does?” Nesta asked, deadpan.

“Does she really need one?  She can’t read.”

“Probably not, but it seems rude to exclude her if we do them for everyone else.”  Nesta stole her paper back and noted ‘Cerridwen’ next to ‘Invitations.’  

“Oh, and you’ll need to write your vows.”

Nesta’s stomach dropped.  She had never considered that; never thought about baring her soul in front of all those people, even if it was mostly just family.  “Write my…don’t the High Fae have some sort of set ceremony?  I thought I was just going to have to say, ‘I do’ or something.”

Her sister laughed.  “Didn’t you notice that Elain and Lucien had written their vows?”

“Well, yes, but that’s Elain and Lucien, they have no issue with being all, I don’t know, verbal.  They also had about a thousand people at their ceremony.  I thought I could get out of it.”  She thought for a moment; Elain’s was the only Fae ceremony she had been to.  “Did you write your own vows?”

She didn’t understand the expression that crossed Feyre’s face at what was intended to be an innocent question.  It looked almost like guilt.  “We didn’t have time to write anything, actually.  Since we did it so fast,  we just kind of said what was in our hearts at the moment.  I honestly don’t even remember what we said.”

Nesta pondered that.  While there was something appealing about sneaking out in the middle of the night and spontaneously getting married, or mated, or whatever you wanted to call it, she didn’t want to not be able to remember it.  She didn’t want the handful of people she loved to not be a part of it.  “What would you write if you had to do it over again?”

Feyre’s voice was hesitant, contemplative.  “I think I’d want to tell the story of how I came to love him.  Not so much the mating bond - as deep as it is, I think that’s more biological than anything.  But how he kept me from breaking and taught me and brought me out of the despair I had fallen into.  How he always had so much faith in me, and how he always just knew me.  Knew what I needed, even if it wasn’t what I wanted.  Does that make sense?”  

Nesta nodded thoughtfully.  Grabbing a fresh sheet of paper, she began to write.  Feyre poured herself a fresh cup of mint tea and sipped while she waited.  When she was nearly down to the dregs, her sister passed the paper to her then watched her, expressionless, while she read it.  Feyre looked up.  “This is beautiful,” she said softly.  “It’s perfect.”  Nesta took the paper and tucked it away.  Before they could return to their planning, Rhys and Amren appeared.

“What’s all this?” Amren asked, looking at the scattered papers.

“Oh, we’re just planning Nesta and Cassian’s wedding,” Feyre said breezily.  “We’ve got about two weeks.”

Rhys whistled.  “Looks like magic training is going to wait a bit.  We’ve got more important work to do.”  The three females looked at him expectantly.  He grinned.  “Want to see the dresses I picked out?”

Amren rolled her eyes.  “If you are all going to be gushing over wedding dresses, I’m going to go to Summer Court.  See you in a couple of weeks.”  She winnowed away in the middle of Nesta’s protest.  Rhys just shrugged, looking bemusedly at the spot she had just vacated.

“I was still planning on doing some training, but I guess that gives us a little more flexibility.  Come on, let’s go upstairs.”  The sisters followed him into Nesta’s old room, where he pulled three different dresses from a pocket realm and hung them on the armoire door.  All three were stunning, but Nesta only had eyes for the one on the left.  

“That’s it,” she said, pointing.  He handed it to her and she stalked towards the bathing room, Nuala appearing out of nowhere to assist her.  Feyre looked at her mate.

“That was easy,” she said.  

“She’s easy to select for,” he said.  “She always favors the more simple, elegant styles.”

“You knew she was going to pick that one?”  He nodded and Feyre surveyed the other two.  “Well, they’re all gorgeous, but I think it’s the one I would’ve chosen for her too.”

Mor burst through the door just as Nesta emerged from the bathing room in her regular clothes.  “Hey, bitch, when were you going to tell me you’re planning your wedding?”

Nesta blinked.  “Was I supposed to tell you before I told my sisters?”

“Of course,” Mor said, breezing past her cousin and Feyre to flop on the bed.  “I’m the party planner extraordinaire around here.”

Giving a small mocking bow, Nesta replied, “My apologies, I did not know that was one of your formal titles.  I hereby appoint you queen of the catering.  May you prosper.”

Mor returned the bow as best she could from the bed, with a flourish of her hand.  “I shall not disappoint.”

Feyre broke in before the verbal sparring could come to a head.  “Where’s the dress?  Is something wrong?”


“Wait, I missed the dress?” Mor interjected.

“Then can’t we see it?” Feyre asked almost simultaneously.

“No.”  Nesta could tell Feyre was biting her cheek to keep from snapping at her, and tried hard to not snap her response, though she hated having to defend herself about it.  “Half the people invited are in this room right now.  The dress fits, it’s exactly what I want, and you’ll see it in two weeks.  And don’t you dare use your Daemati powers on me.  Or Nuala.”

Feyre and Mor both turned to Rhys, who had been watching the three females with some amusement.  He shoved his hands in his pockets with his usual grace.  “It’s up to Nesta.  I’m staying out of it.”

“Ugh, what good is being High Lady if I can’t even make my own sister show me how she looks in her wedding dress?” Feyre asked no one in particular.


Cassian was sitting in the family library in the House of Wind, thinking, a blank pad of paper and a pen on the low table in front of him.  There was so much he wanted to say to Nesta when they bound themselves to each other in just one short week, but he could not for the life of him figure out how.  He had cut his training session with Brisa short, sending her to spar with Sabine and Az, while he had flown here to do - exactly nothing.  He growled at the paper, as if he could somehow intimidate it into writing his vows for him.  

The door swung open and Lucien walked in.  He and Elain had returned from the Dawn Court late the night before.  “This is…the exact last place I would expect to find you,” Lucien said by way of greeting.  Cassian couldn’t even find a snappy retort.  Damnit.  He rubbed his face with his hands, then let them drop into his lap.  “Why does it seem like every time I see you, something is always bothering you?”

“Because every time you see me, you’re in the room.  It’s a paradox.”  There, at least he was able to come up with something.

“My my, another big word.  Though I suppose I set myself up for that one.”  He studied the empty paper, russet eye narrowing.  “Let me guess, you’re working on a dissertation on the usefulness of wings.”

Cassian huffed what might have been a laugh.  “I wish, I’d have a thousand pages by now.  No, I’m trying to write my vows.”

The red-haired male slipped into the seat next to him and put his feet up on the table.  “Well, since I just did this a few weeks ago, let me give you some advice.”  

“Okay,” he replied, eyeing the court-trained male warily.

“I’d advise against going with, ‘You’re my mate.  Let’s fuck.’  It kind of takes away from the grandeur of the moment.”

Now Cassian laughed for real.  “I wouldn’t want to steal your line anyway.   I was practically unconscious at the time, but wasn’t that basically what you said when Elain came out of the Cauldron?”

A smirk played on Lucien’s lips.  “I told you I was speaking from experience.”  He crossed his arms and looked straight into Cassian’s steady hazel eyes.  “Why do you want to marry her?  What first drew you to her, though I doubt you got a lot of encouragement?  You’ve been alive and from what I’ve gathered, fucking freely for over five hundred years.  Why decide now to bind yourself to her?”

The slight disdain in his tone coupled with the emphasis on the last word had anger flaring, and Cassian leaned forward, every inch the warrior.  He opened his mouth, and Lucien pointed at the paper.  “Don’t tell me, write.”  His mouth tightened, but he took up his pen and began to work.  There was a lot of crossing out and long pauses, but eventually he stopped, surveyed his work, then passed the paper to Lucien, who had been watching the process with no little amusement.

“I hope that wasn’t as painful as it looked,” he said, before reading the lines.  “Mother’s tits, your handwriting is atrocious.”  His expression changed from its usual irreverence as his eyes scanned the page, and he handed it back wordlessly.  Cassian looked at him with a question on his face, and Lucien merely nodded.  Standing, he walked towards the stacks, dropping a hand briefly on Cassian’s shoulder as he passed.


Elain walked into the kitchen garden, bearing a tray full of iced tea that she set out for everyone before settling into a chair herself.  It was an unusually warm day for this late in the fall and everyone was soaking up the last of the sun’s rays.  She looked even more beautiful than ever, Nesta thought; more grounded, which seemed ironic given how much time Elain always spent with the earth.  Unlike herself, Elain had always imagined and wished to be married with children and a nice manor house and everything.  Though her current situation was not how she planned it when they were younger, being bonded forever to a male as magnetic as the fox-faced bastard didn’t seem to be disagreeing with her at all.  Even if he was just about the polar opposite of Graysen.  Nesta wasn’t sure which of the two males she despised more, Graysen for abandoning her sister or Lucien for winning her in the end.  

“So, I know you were talking about having the ceremony at the House of Wind,” Elain said, “but I’d like to make another suggestion.”  Nesta, Feyre and Mor all looked at her expectantly.  “There’s that walled garden I finished a few months ago, it’s totally enclosed so it would be nice and private, and there should be room for everyone since it’s such a small group.”

“That sounds like a great idea!” Mor exclaimed.  

Feyre looked a little more hesitant.  “Isn’t it a little late in the season for a garden to be practical?”  Nesta was internally grateful to her for asking the question; after all, it was close to winter.

Elain leaned forward eagerly.  “No, not at all!  I designed it to be usable in all seasons, and it’s spelled to protect it from any extreme cold.  Right now it’s got beautiful foliage, and some nice rich flowers in reds and purples and yellows and there are some patches of white.  They should go nicely with Cassian’s Siphons.  Plus I can add some potted or cut flowers of whatever colors you want.”

Nesta smiled at her sister, at her palpable joy and excitement, as she said, “That sounds perfect, and I’ll trust your judgment as to what flowers are appropriate.”  She thought Elain was going to take flight right there and disappear to prep the garden.  It was obviously an effort her her sister to keep in her seat, but she managed to refocus on the rest of the task at hand.  

The three of them went through the extensive menu Mor proposed, then Elain asked to see the guest list.  She studied it for a moment, then asked, “Why is there a burned out hole at the bottom of the list?”

Playing with a piece of her hair, Nesta replied airily, “Oh, Cassian took exception to one of my invitees.”

“But he’s okay with the cat coming?” Feyre asked drily.

Nesta leveled one of her flat looks at her.  “Of course.”  She didn’t understand her sister’s evident irritation at Willow’s inclusion; she’d always seemed to enjoy her playful antics when they spent time together.

Elain piped up, “I’ll manage Willow!  Oh, I’d love to have her there.” Feyre subsided with a shrug and a wry smile, won over by her sweetness, just as everyone always was.

A shadow appeared overhead, and everyone looked up as Cassian touched down.  “Everything going well?” he asked, bending down to brush a kiss to the top of Nesta’s head.  

The four women nodded in unison, then Nesta added, “Other than Feyre being beaten into submission about Willow being issued an invitation.”  He laughed.  

“Can I be updated on the plans?” he requested as he sat on the edge of the table, all chairs being occupied.  Elain and Mor immediately began running through all the details while Nesta sat back, a little bemused.  Elain had been home for less than twenty four hours and was already more involved with the plans than she was.  She met Cassian’s eyes and her mate gave a tiny shrug.  They were lucky to be able to basically wind up the other females and let them go, though she did appreciate having final say.  Not that she had had to overrule much of anything.

“We haven’t discussed one very important thing,” Mor said.  “Alcohol.”  Feyre nodded fervently.  “I’ve already got wine planned, both sparkling and regular.  What else do you want?”

Lucien winnowed in, as if summoned by the mention of liquor, and after kissing Elain and settling her in his lap he joined in.  Only Rhys was absent, having left after their lesson to discuss some sort of assignment for the spymaster.  She found herself missing him a little for some reason.  He had been surprising her with his patience and understanding during their lessons.  Together they had realized her power worked almost directly opposite his - when he wanted to kill, he pushed out with his power, while it seemed she needed to pull in.  They speculated that was why she was unsuccessful against the King, as lashing out could affect a body but not terminally.  Rhys could also affect a huge number at once, while she could sense many but only affect one at a time.  The best thing from a day to day standpoint was she was discovering that she did possess a few of the extra abilities, like accessing pocket realms.  He was also pretty sure she’d be able to winnow given how easily she could manipulate living energy, but she hadn’t managed yet.

Cassian began listing an impressive additional supply of spirits and Nesta refocused onto the conversation.  Feyre chimed in with some of Rhys’s favorites.  Nesta was fine with just the wine.  She didn’t want to forget any of the ceremony, and after her experience with the Gravediggers she doubted her ability to handle anything stronger.  Watching the others laugh and discuss the merits of various liquors warmed her; she loved her mate’s enthusiasm for all of this.  In the human world, the men generally acted as if all this was the women’s territory and beneath them.  Here, the males seemed to see the planning as not just a responsibility but a valued right.  The two present males started an enthusiastic discussion of the merits of licorice in some sort of drink she’d never heard of before, and she sat back contentedly and let the noise and joy flow over her like water.


The night before the wedding, Feyre had insisted that Nesta stay with her and Elain at the townhouse, just as they had for Elain’s wedding, so Cassian went back to the apartment alone.  Willow greeted him with her usual demands for food and petting, then settled herself on the bookcase for a thorough wash and a nap.  He hoped she would enjoy herself at the ceremony; she certainly had never seemed fazed by traveling to the cabin or the townhouse, so he suspected she would take it in stride.  He ate and had just settled down on the couch with a glass of wine to read when he heard footsteps on the roof and headed up to check it out.

Azriel and Rhys were making themselves comfortable on the chairs Nesta had insisted be added to the chaise in the rooftop garden.  They had brought a bottle of something stronger than the wine, no doubt secreted out from under Rhys’s bed.  Cassian took the glass Rhys was holding out and claimed the chaise.  Rhys held up his glass in a silent toast, and the other two echoed the gesture before they drank in unison.  “Feyre kicked me out for the night,” he said ruefully.  “So Az and I decided to come down and keep you company on your last night alone.  Ready for tomorrow?”

“Sure,” he said, with unfeigned nonchalance.  “I mean, we’ve been living together for a few months now.  This is just a ceremony to make it all official, right?  I don’t really expect anything to change other than getting used to wearing a ring.”  He actually couldn’t wait for that part; he loved the rings Rhys had helped him select.

The High Lord looked contemplative.  “I don’t know, my situation was so different.  I mean, we’d only really been together a few days before we had the ceremony, and it was all so rushed…But I definitely felt like having it official made it seem so much more permanent.”  He thought for a moment before continuing, “Somehow, when that priestess declared us married and mated, it was like the bond connected in our bones, not just our hearts.  Does that make sense?”

It was hard for Cassian to imagine the bond being any deeper or more enduring, but he nodded and took a sip of his drink.  He was really going to have to figure out his brother’s source of alcohol at some point, because damn, that shit was good.  There was a patter of tiny feet and Willow appeared on the roof, pausing to look around and sniff for a moment, tail twitching.  Her domain adequately surveyed, she scampered to Azriel and leaped onto his lap, arching her body up to bump him in the face with her little head.  He looked to Cassian with a long-suffering expression, but his hand stroked her automatically and her wild purr reverberated through the garden.

“Why must your cat torture me?” he asked in that cold voice, while scritching under her chin with his scarred fingers.  

“She likes you,” Cassian replied, “is that a bad thing?”  Willow stuffed her tail up Azriel’s nose while vigorously kneading his knee with her tiny needle claws and he glared at his brother, who was struggling not to laugh.  “Are you bringing anyone tomorrow?”

“I’m thinking Willow should be my date at this point,” he replied.  The cat responded by sprawling out on her back along his thigh, fluffy gray belly exposed, feet curling in the air.  

The others both laughed but Cassian sobered quickly.  He studied his brother.  “Mor’s bringing someone,” he said abruptly.  Rhys’s head snapped up, a warning in his eyes.  

Az’s fingers didn’t pause in their massage of the blissful cat’s neck.  “I know.”  There was not a trace of emotion in his voice or on his face.  

Cassian opened his mouth, but Rhys interrupted.  “Leave it alone.”

Az looked between his two brothers for a long moment.  “I always hoped you two would understand,” he said, the slightest hint of disappointment in his voice, his shadows curling around his shoulders.  “I know Feyre doesn’t, but she’s young, and has a human heart.”

“Understand what?” Cassian asked, quite gently for him.

“I am…content, with how things are,” he replied quietly.  “I have no need to share my life with anyone beyond the family.”  

“But -” Cassian started to protest and Az spoke over him, perhaps for the first time in history.

“I do not need what you need, brother.  I am happy for you, for all of you,” he looked to Rhys, “but I have no desire for that type of bond myself.  I thought you could understand that.”

The other two exchanged looks.  “But what about Mor?” Cassian finally asked.

“Any feelings I had for Mor beyond the familial faded a long time ago.  It’s just that none of you noticed.”  There was a cold anger rising in his face, despite the dry humor in his voice.  “You have been assuming for all these years that I sought what you did.  But I have all I need with the two of you.  Brothers who truly care for me.”  Cassian thought of Az’s biological brothers and his eyes flicked to the scarred hands beneath the blue Siphons.  Rhys’s attention was similarly focused.  “And you,” he turned to Rhys, who pulled his violet eyes up to meet his gaze, “brought me the added benefit of Feyre, who despite the fact that she wants for me what I do not desire for myself, also truly cares.”

Cassian was struggling to understand this.  He thought back to how his life had been before Feyre had fallen into it and brought her sisters with her; back to before Rhys had disappeared Under the Mountain.  He had been comfortable, yes, but always restless; he would never have described himself as content.  Even when he was sated following a good fight or a good fuck or preferably both, as soon as the fatigue wore off the buzzing energy had returned.  But he had never seen that with Az, who would take a lover, yes, but without that driving need.  Who while he fought and practiced with an eye to perfection, it was only to hone a necessary skill.   He had always assumed the shadowsinger just hid it better, that the cold rage that lurked beneath the impassive surface was a result of the same emptiness he felt.

Perhaps it was instead a result of the fact that even those who loved him best didn’t really see him.

“Do not dare to condescend to me with your pity,” Azriel snapped, and Cassian bristled until he realized he was not the one being addressed.  He looked to Rhys, to the muscle feathering in his clenched jaw.  “I am not diminished because I am not bound to another.”  Willow startled at the shift in mood, leaping down and skittering across to settle underneath the chaise.  Rhys bowed his head under the fierce glare.

“No, you are not,” he said quietly, almost humbly.  “You most certainly are not.  I just…I can’t believe I was wrong all this time.  And the way you look at Mor, the sadness…I still don’t understand it.”

His voice softer, warmer, Az responded, “I am sad for Mor because I pity anyone who cannot acknowledge even to themselves who they truly are.  Not because of any unfulfilled wishes of my own.”  Cassian could have laughed at Rhys’s expression of utter bafflement, and even Azriel smiled a little.  “Did you think I haven’t noticed Mor bedding females all these years?”

Now it was true shock on Rhys’s elegant face, and Cassian did laugh out loud at his dropped jaw.  “What?”

“You may have noticed,” Cassian said wryly to Az, “but clearly our brother here has been out of the loop.”  He turned to Rhys.  “Did you never wonder why Mor is always hanging out at Rita’s?”

“What about Rita’s?”

The two Illyrians exchanged very amused looks before Cassian decided to take mercy on Rhys.  “Rita’s is basically a hot spot for those who are looking for same-sex options.  Did you not ever wonder why you constantly had males inviting you to bed there?”

Rhys shook his head, a trace of his usual arrogance reappearing as he replied, “No, I get invitations from everyone no matter where I am.  I never really thought about it.  Though considering you also did whenever we were there, I suppose I should have.”

Cassian winked at him.  “I too get invitations from everyone everywhere, brother.”

Az snorted.  “You accept them though, Cass.  Rhys doesn’t.”  Rhys turned to him, looking startled again.  Cassian just shrugged.  

“You better get over yourself,” he said to Rhys, “because Mor is bringing Ahna tomorrow.”

“Ahna?  As in, Vivianne’s sister?”  He nodded, and Rhys turned speculative.  “I wonder what Feyre is going to say to that.”

Clearing his throat, Cassian said, “Um, as far as I know, it was Feyre’s idea.  And Nesta had Cerridwen write the invitation to her directly.”  Laughing again at Rhys’s dismay at learning he really was the last to know, he rose and poured them all another knuckle’s length.  He stood behind Az’s chair, dropping a broad hand on his shoulder, and looked at these males that he had loved almost all his life.  They had fought for each other and pushed each other and each had become a better version of themselves thanks to the other two.  He knew that without Rhys and Az, and Rhys’s mother, he would never have amounted to someone worthy of the female he was to marry tomorrow.  No matter how big the void Nesta filled in his soul, it would never diminish what he felt for his brothers.

Clearing his throat, he raised his glass.  “I know we haven’t done this much since the war, or really for a lot longer than that, but I want you to know that I love you both, no matter what.  To truth among brothers,” he said.  The others raised their glasses, murmuring, “To truth,” in reply.  As Cassian tilted his head back to drain his glass, a shooting star passed overhead, echoing the fiery trail of the liquor down his throat.  All three of them froze, staring at the sky, as awed by the flash of beauty above them as they had been centuries ago when they first stood together beneath the stars.

Shance Fluff Week: Prompt #7

(Happy Voltron anniversary, everyone!)

“What were we…before?”

It had been haunting the back of his mind for some time, the feeling that there was…something different about his bond with Lance. Lance seemed much more open with him than with some of the others, but at the same time, much more closed-off. He treated Shiro like they knew each other inside and out, and yet pushed him away when Shiro tried to get close enough to understand.

He didn’t know how he knew, but he did. There was something missing from his memory, beyond just his time as Zarkon’s prisoner. The question came without a thought, just something he knew he had to ask to get the answer he needed. To get the truth.

He saw Lance freeze.

“Do you really want to know?”

“There are things in my past I’m probably better off forgetting,” Shiro said. “This…there’s something between us. I can’t believe that I’d be better off not knowing what that is. That you would be better off.”

Lance gave him a startled look. “What do you mean?”

“You give me this look sometimes, when you think I’m not watching. Like you want to talk to me, but you don’t know what to say.” Shiro deflated as he saw Lance look away, biting his lip. “Please. Tell me.”

Lance sighed. Looked at him. “We were…you and I were together.”

His expression didn’t falter. No sign of him taking it back, even as Shiro’s face fell, devastation on his face. Not by the news, but by the fact that he had forgotten. Forgotten someone so clearly important to him.

“I don’t blame you for forgetting,” Lance said quickly. “I can’t say I’m not upset that you did, and that I don’t know why, but I don’t blame you. It wasn’t your fault. You’d been through a lot. Just…” He looked away again. “I missed you.”

“Lance…I’m sorry.”

“I said it’s not your fault. That’s why I didn’t tell you in the first place; I didn’t want you to feel bad about it.”

They locked gazes for a moment, both unsure of how to proceed, now that it was out in the open. The silence went on for long enough that Lance decided it was time to go, and turned to give Shiro his space.

“Can we start over?” Shiro asked suddenly. Once again Lance turned to him, looking at him in surprise…and hope. Shiro’s confidence grew, and he forged ahead, continuing, “You and me. Let me get to know you again. As a friend, and…maybe more?”

Lance hesitated. Shiro noted, with some fondness, that the expression was familiar. It was the same expression that Lance wore when Shiro offered him his hand, back on Earth, before they became paladins of Voltron.

But as before, Lance smiled, filled with trust, and confidence. “I’d really like that, Shiro.”

Shiro smiled back, heart warmed. “Thank you.”

You’re Hurt (Dick Grayson x female reader)

Prompt(s): 10. B. “You idiot!” - “I know.”  

Pairing: Dick Grayson x reader

Words: 1676

Warnings: Cursing, Violence, mentions of torture

Notes: I don’t know…just an idea that popped into my head.

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“Nightwing, you better hope I don’t get out of these bonds,” you growled. You and Nightwing had been on a mission together and, as per always, it went sideways. Only halfway through did you realize that had been Nightwing’s plan the whole time to get captured. Oh, you were ready to pulverize the idiot.

“Come on, it’s not that bad. It’s not like they’re going to kill us,” which was the precise moment that the two most annoying villains decided to enter the room.

“Oh, that sound like a,” the Joker’s voice changed from a upbeat tone to a darker one, “great idea.”

“You two have been a pain in the ass these last couple of years. Moreso that the Bat himself. You’re going to die… but not before we have some fun,” Two-Face states as he smirks at the both of you.

“You idiot,” you harshly whispered to Dick.

He sighed and quietly replied, “I know.”

“I hope you have a plan to get us out of this considering it’s your fault we’re in this mess because of you.”

“Of course I have a plan.”

“You don’t have a plan,” you deadpanned.

“It’s a work in progress,” he replied.

“I don’t think we need both of them, Twosie,” Joker laughed, “how about we kill the girl!”

“Not yet, Joker. We still need them. Grab her, she’s step one.”

You fought against the bonds as you saw Nightwing doing the same, “you think she’ll be able to give you what you want? There’s no way. I know more than she ever will,” he was shouting.

Joker cruelly smiled at you, “we’re going to have so. Much. Fun,” his voice was deep and dark as he grabbed your hair and pulled you (and the chair you were in) behind him.


You hadn’t made a noise the whole time they beat you other than the occasional grunt. Joker was getting pretty frustrated and taking it out on you. “If you just scream, it’ll end.”

“In your-” you panted, “fucked up” you took a deep breath “dreams.”

You don’t remember what happened next. You don’t know how much time passed but you finally became aware of your surroundings again. You bit your lip hard as every part of your body screamed at you when you moved. “Are you awake,” Dick asked quietly.

“Yeah,” you whispered and looked over to him. He wore look that conveyed how guilty he felt. You sighed, “it’s not your fault. I went along with you on this mission even at the insistence I stay back. Sounds like they would have come to get me anyway. So stop blaming yourself.”

“Y/H/N, they almost killed you in there. That’s on me-”

“No, that’s on me. I couldn’t get out of my bonds. I was unable to fight against them. I didn’t even try much after-it was my fault, not yours,” you stated. You angled your head to be able to look at Dick, wincing as it pulled sore muscles. “I’m alive. That’s what matters.Now stop feeling guilty and figure out how to get us out of here.”


Your fight against your bonds were futile as they took Dick away. All you ended up doing was injuring yourself more. You knew what you’d been put through in that room…it was a very likely assumption that they would do a lot worse to him. Even after he was gone, you continued to fight against the bonds. You had to get out and stop this before they actually decided to kill you both.

You knew what they were doing. You had seen the camera during your session with the two villains. They were either livestreaming to the Justice League and Young Justice, or they were filming it to send it to the two teams.

Part of you hoped they had been livestreaming it. That gave the teams a chance to find you both. Both teams had prized hackers and with them working together, they’d be able to find you in no time…unless Two-Face and Joker had outside help as well.

You felt your bonds give slightly and you laughed quietly to yourself. There was no telling when or if the Justice League and yours and Dick’s team would find you, you best start rescuing yourself and Grayson. Once your hand was free, you freed the rest of yourself.

You forced away the pain as you stood and made it to the door. You reached for it, silently praying that it wasn’t locked. The door opened and you stared at it for a second; did the villains learn nothing in all their fights and capturings of different heroes?

You glanced around before heading down the right passage. You guessed that they would take Grayson to the same room they had taken you earlier.

You were right. As you reached it, you peeked in, seeing Dick chained to the ceiling (much like you were) and Joker heavily going at him. There were quite a few more grunts on his end…but you could see why. They were more abusive towards him than you.

You looked for Two-Face, finding him behind the camera. You looked for other entrances or exits, but found none other than the one you were next to. You quickly and quietly slipped in when Harvey wasn’t looking and hid in the shadows. You had to time this right, or you’d end up getting yourself and Grayson killed.

You wanted to take out Joker first. To stop him from hurting Grayson even more, but if you attacked him first, Harvey would have a clear shot of both you and Grayson and could kill either one of you. If you went after Harvey first, Joker could easily kill Grayson. You didn’t want to bet on his obsession with Nightwing to save your best friend…to save the man you had fallen in love with.

You glanced over at the torture tools. There were multiple knives…if you could grab a couple of those, you could repel Joker backwards and keep Harvey occupied. You had learned how to throw knives when you were seven. You had never thought it would come in handy because it always made Bruce nervous to have you carry knives (you’d almost killed someone who had hurt both Dick and Damian and just couldn’t stop yourself). Your weapon of choice had become a blunt katana…but obviously, you didn’t have that on you currently.

You flinched slightly as you heard Dick’s pain through his grunt. You didn’t have time to make a plan for this all to work. You jumped out and grabbed four of the knives, throwing one at Joker’s left shoulder to push him away from Grayson. You threw one at Harvey that knocked him to the ground.

You ignored your pain and jumped on Joker, sinking another knife into his right shoulder and ramming it into the ground. You whirled around in time to meet Harvey’s fist. You stumbled backwards, the last knife in a defensive stance. You could see Dick struggling to get out of his chains as you looked over to Joker who was beginning to try to get the knives out of his shoulders.

You jumped over Harvey, kicking his back and making him stumble into the wall in front of him. You had one shot. Either nail Harvey with the knife, or free Grayson. You turned on your toes and shot the knife across the room, hitting the mechanism that held Grayson’s chains up and caught him as he fell.

You quickly turned so you were in the line of Harvey’s attack instead of Grayson. A soft grunt left your lips as you turned to him and fought to keep him away from you and Grayson. You periodically looked over to Joker, making sure he hadn’t moved yet.

You got knocked back and into the chains. You gripped them tightly and waited for Harvey to attack you. You saw Grayson over at the camera and computer, most likely trying to get a signal out to the Justice League, or even just Batman himself.

You brought the chains up and wrapped them around Harvey’s neck as he came at you. You started to choke him, repeatedly getting thrown into a wall while on his back. He slowly sunk to the ground and you hopped off of him, coming face to face with the Joker and the two knives you had nailed him with.

You flipped away and evaded him as much as possible. “Come on, little girl, don’t you want to play?” He caught your arm and threw you into a wall across the room. The air left your lungs and it took you a minute to get your surroundings back enough to push yourself up. You were met with a burning on your left arm as you saw a knife cut across your skin.

“Any time now,” you grunted as you were thrown backwards, “Nightwing!”

Before the Joker could land another blow to your body, Dick was throwing him away from you. “Get out of here,” Dick stated.

“Not without you.”

“Damn it (Y-”

“Nightwing. I don’t leave a team member behind.”


You looked across the room to the bed Grayson was in. He was currently trying to get out of the bed. “You’re suppose to be resting.”

“There’s work to be done. I can’t just sit here and rest.”

“You’re no good to anyone hurt.”

“I can’t just do nothing.”

“Then I’m going with you.”

“No you’re not.” You started pushing up and undoing all of your wires. “(Y/N), stop. You need to heal.”

“Funny, I know you need to do the same, but if you’re going to go get yourself killed, I might as well come with you.”

“Why do you always do this,” he asked, his movements stopping.

You rolled your eyes. “I care about you. I’m not about to let you hurt yourself more than you already are. I don’t like seeing you hurt, okay?”


Blackness. (Kris, werewolf!au, Mating Season series)

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/Hello dear, I hope you enjoy the wolf!kris! It’s a bit older, but I had fun with Kris while I was working in America :3/
Blackness. (werewolf!au, Mating Season series)


You stared out of the window in the spacious living room you were currently sitting in. SpongeBob played on TV, yet you lost interest in it a long time ago. The Sun was slowly starting to set, but your uncle still wasn’t back home.

You stared out at the back yard, over the pool that was there, into the small woods at the back of your property. Ever since you came (which was three days ago), you felt attracted to the softly swaying branches behind your yard. The sun was already hidden by other houses and the sky was turning into a soft violet. It looked all so magical.

You moved in with your uncle and aunt three days ago. You flew into Washington airport at three in the afternoon, very jetlagged and you arrived at your uncle’s house in the evening. You unpacked, putting everything in its place before deciding you were going to bed. Your bedroom window was aimed straight at the forest behind your back yard and it somehow calmed you well enough to fall asleep in a fairly unknown place. Both your uncle and aunt had fairly difficult jobs, and so they couldn’t take another day off to stay with you and show you around some places for you to have fun. You tried going out on your own, but that backfired on you pretty quickly as you almost lost your way. You were at the house most of the time, waiting for them to come back and in the meanwhile, you were surfing the internet, chatting with your friends or reading a book.

Three days passed by in this manner.

Your third day was almost done, with your aunt coming back in an hour, and that’s when you noticed it- the black lump that staggered into your back yard. The blood froze in your veins and time stopped.

What was it?

The unknown lump was apparently going from the forest, and at first you thought it was a human, but then it whined and it tumbled onto its side, apparently far too tired to go on. You carefully went out onto the porch, approaching the beast, when you got a better look on it. It was a wolf. A wolf with its fur black and glistening in some places.

“Alright, ___.”  You sighed to yourself, and its ears perked up at the sound of your voice.

“Just nice and slowly…” you started approaching the whining wolf, making sure it saw you clearly. The golden eyes of the beast bore into yours and you were finally close enough to see that the shiny parts of his fur were actually blood streaks.

“Oh my…” you absentmindedly reached out to trace the wounds, but when the wolf snapped his jaws, you quickly retreated.

“Sorry.”  You apologized to the animal before looking around. If someone would see it in your backyard, they would probably call the police, fearing it would be a wild animal attack. And deep inside, you didn’t want that.

You needed to take him out of sight quickly.

“Alright then…but you have to trust me with this.”  You muttered to the animal at your feet, slowly reaching out your hand to his nose. He will either accept you, or you won’t have a right hand anymore. The wolf slowly lifted up his head, before you felt the wetness of his nose against your palm. You squeaked when he licked at your skin and then his head lowered again.

“Alright then.”  You clapped your hands enthusiastically, jumping to your feet.

“Up, boy! Come on, let’s get up! Up!” you called out, trying to get it to move. The animal was far too big to move just by yourself. The wolf stared at you for a while, those golden eyes boring into yours, making you feel stupid. You groaned, running back inside and getting some meat from the kitchen.

“Alright, reward system!”  You told the creature, ripping the package open.

“You stand up, you get meat.” You dangled the slice of food before his nuzzle, and when he made a move to grab it, you pulled it back.

“Nuh-uh! Up, darling. You gotta get up.”  You heard it growl and you swallowed, wondering what the hell were you doing. You were currently talking to a wolf, coaxing it to get up and into your house. You didn’t have any longer to think about it, because your wolf was standing on wobbly legs, his head swinging from side to side, to fight unconsciousness.

“Good boy!” you cooed at him, giving him the well earned reward. The meat disappeared in the wolf faster than you could’ve imagined and he was starting to reach out for more.

“The next one you’ll get once you get on the porch.”  You told him and with this manner, you were able to get the wolf inside your room and into your closet. You laid out a towel for him to settle on and once you placed enough of meat on the fabric, the wolf understood what you were trying to do.

“Good boy.” You complimented him once again, gently stroking his head. His eyes were closing each time you touched him and his breathing seemed to have calmed down. Once you were sure he wouldn’t go anywhere, you ran downstairs for a bowl of water and a rag you could use to clean the wounds out. When you came upstairs, he looked like he passed out, the air coming out of his mouth in soft puffs and so you tiptoed over to him, placing the bowl next to him and the towel by his side. It needed rest and you know that it wouldn’t be a great idea if you woke up a wild animal by probing into its wounds.

“Hello~! ___?” the front door opened at the sing song voice of your aunt reached your ears. You checked yourself for any bloodstains before tilting the closet door so that if someone entered the room wouldn’t be able to see that there was something inside and you went out to greet your aunt.


Five days went by and BenBen (the wolf you took in) was recovering pretty nicely. It seemed silly, but you were sure you had some kind of bond with the wolf. How else would he understand everything you told him?

It was easy to keep him a secret from your uncle and aunt, because they respected your privacy and they never went into your room. The only thing that was suspicious was the waste the wolf produced, but he quickly understood you begging him to do it on the newspaper, and the cleaning went much more smoothly. Once you were sure BenBen trusted you enough, you cleaned out his wounds, which almost seemed to be less dire as they were the day you found him. The only thing he would need now is rest and he’ll be ready to leave in no time. To be quite honest, you didn’t want that. You’ve grown fond of the wolf, most of the time you were sitting in the closet, with your back against the wall and its head in your lap, stroking it softly. You were either reading a book, or you told him almost everything- how your day went, how you were becoming a little homesick, but how you were glad that you have him. The golden eyes of the wolf looked up at you with adoration and understanding. It was all you wanted in a look.

BenBen slowly grew to being your best friend.


You were running through the woods. You felt the fallen branches stabbing your feet as you ran barefoot, the thorns scratching your whole body. You felt countless injuries on your body and you were scared. You looked over your shoulder to see if you were still being hunted.

Yep, the white-dressed, black-haired ghost with a hollow face and dead eyes was still behind, slowly gaining up to you.

“No…” you whimpered, tears falling from your eyes.

“___…” you heard your name in the distance, but you pressed on, scrambling to your feet once you fell.

“___, wake up. Please, wake up.”

“No…” you sobbed again, and as you felt something grab your shoulder, you broke though the veil of dream land.

You thought wrong when you expected your heart to calm down after the nightmare, because there was a shadow looming right above you. Just as you opened your mouth to scream, a large hand covered it, muting the cry out.

“No, no, shh~” the voice was husky and deep, urgency underlining it, as the man moved to straddle you, much to your horror. His calming had the opposite effect, as you trashed in his hold, trying to hit wherever you could. You probably hit gold when you struck over his ribcage, because the man grunted heavily, as if he were in pain. You were about to strike him again when his other hand grabbed your wrists, holding them above your head.

“Please, calm down, ___, come on, shhh~” you wanted to kick him, but his feet hooked around your thighs, holding them in place. Your breath hitched in your throat when the man leaned down, his mouth on your ear.

“Shh~” he gently whispered, the warm breath hitting your ear and for some weird reason, you felt your panicked body start to relax.

“Shh~, ___, calm down…don’t worry, it was just a dream…I’m here, don’t worry.” He kept reassuring you and you wondered who the mysterious man was.

The weird thing was, he had a feeling of familiarity. As if you knew him for a while now, so when you finally opened your eyes and turned to look at him, you couldn’t help but to gasp.

No, it wasn’t because of his stunning features (even though they were gasp-worthy), it was something else. It was  that pair of eyes with the golden glint in them and that look of adoration you’ve seen somewhere before and when your eyes flickered to the closet, you realized where because the wolf wasn’t there and ohmygod BenBen was currently above you and he wasn’t just a wolf after all. You looked down at the place you hit earlier and it all clicked together when you saw the purple and yellow bruise blooming across his chest.

“I’ll pull my hand away. Will you promise me not to scream?” his voice was soft, just as the look he currently bore. Full of uncertainty, of fear, if you would accept him. You nodded curtly and with a preparing take of breath from him, he retracted his hand, his body tensing. He was still waiting for you to start screaming, and you surprised him by a soft whisper.

“BenBen?” you asked him quietly, and he looked at you with wide eyes, before chuckling.

“It’s Kris, actually,” you blushed and with a silent “oh”, you went though his state. Your cheeks reddened when you realized you were currently being smothered by a half naked man, his glorious planes of pale chest and abs disappearing into a pair of boxers, just mere centimeters above you. Kris noticed your stare.

“Sorry, I was only able to find some underwear when I heard you crying.”

“I cried?” you asked him in shock and one of his hands raised to wipe at the tear on your cheek.

“Very desperately, I must say. You almost killed me when I heard it.”  He chuckled, finally crawling off you to kneel next to you on your bed. Strangely, you felt the need to reach for him again and the way he leaned close to you, he wanted to do the same.

“Um, Kris?”  You asked, your voice still thick with sleep.


“What’s…what’s going on?” a chuckle went through him.

“In short? You saved me and I saved you.” You smiled at his explanation.

“I’ll tell you everything, I promise.” His eyes were sincere and even though you met this man only a few minutes ago, you believed him. There was something that literally pulled you to him, as if he was created for you and you for him.

“Let’s talk about it tomorrow though, because-uuh…” his explanation was cut off by a groan when you reached out and gently traced the bruise with your fingertips. His eyes closed and he arched his back a little, instinctively offering you more. Your cheeks flamed and you pulled away.

“I’m sorry.” Your voice was tiny, as you looked down at the sheets.

“It’s…it’s okay.” He finally said after regaining his composure.

“It’s just you have no idea what that does to me.” The way his deep voice said that, it made you shiver all over.

“As I was saying…it’ll be a very long talk, and you need to sleep.”  He continued, already moving off your bed. Panic gripped you. You were sure you wouldn’t be able to fall asleep without him there. Kris seemed to see the panic in your eyes, because he leaned down close to you, before hesitantly kissing your forehead.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be close.”  He told you, stroking your cheek with his thumb once and smiling at you, as you nodded. He turned his back to you and barely took a step before you blurted out without thinking.

“You’re too far.”  He froze in his movements and turned to face you again. He searched your face for any trace of disgust or something that told him you didn’t want him there, long enough for you to question why you burst out like that. You were about to apologize, but there he was, already easing his way under the blanket, next to you, making himself comfortable. He seemed to hesitate for a while, before taking the leap and pulling you to him. Your heart skipped a beat from his closeness.

“Better?”  Kris’ voice was right there, heat radiating from his bare body and it calmed your panicked senses almost immediately. You nodded, snuggling into his chest and closing your eyes. Your arms tightened around your own heater and he squeezed you back in assurance that he was real, and everything will be explained tomorrow.

“Go to sleep, ___. Nothing will happen to you when I’m here. I promise.”

And even though you met the man just mere minutes ago, you believed him. And with that, you fell asleep, clutching tightly at the man who first came to you in the form of a wolf.

And you haven’t sleep that good in a long time.

We need to be realistic: Rabbits are great pets but they aren’t for everyone.

Lately I’ve had to talk some people out of getting rabbits because I knew that they would not be a good fit. They had gotten the “idea” of rabbits in their mind and wouldn’t budge on what the reality of rabbits actually is. You might see your friend’s bunny and think wow they’re perfect and get along so well! Or you might look at my blog and think Pickle is so good and well behaved - I get it. We see what we want to see though. Bunnies are cute and can make really great pets but the reality is that rabbits aren’t for everyone. Let’s get real and honest about rabbit behaviors. I’d rather you understand that a adult rabbit is not necessarily the snuggle-bugs, sweet, cuddlers that we want (even when they like you!) or that we are used to with cats and dogs. They also aren’t as hardy as other animals which means you can’t play rough and they definitely need more refined care.

So I want to just discuss some of the common behaviors that rabbits have that most people aren’t being realistic about:

  1. RABBITS ARE PREY ANIMALS. Repeat that and understand what that means. Prey animals have a variety of flighty behaviors that can be both frustrating to owners who want to snuggle and hold their pets. Most rabbits don’t want you to hold them let alone pick them up. They like all four feet on the ground unless they choose otherwise.Trying to cuddle a rabbit that doesn’t want to be touched/cuddled/snuggled/held will result in a variety of responses that you don’t want such as a scared rabbit, biting, scratching, thumping, etc. Rabbits need to come to you for attention. They aren’t like cats and dogs who don’t feel threatened by you. Just standing above your rabbit can scare it and most will only come to you for petting and comfort when they want to and when they are really comfortable. As a realistic owner you need to understand that while SOME rabbits are cuddly that most are not. You cannot expect them to be the puppy or the cat you can just pick up and move and snuggle under a blanket with. You will likely terrify your bunny if you treat it like a predatory animal such as a cat or dog.
  2. Rabbits are generally active during dawn/dusk. This may seem rather straight forward but the issue is that most of us sleep at night and if we don’t sleep at night then we’re usually working at night (like me). Rabbits can get bored at night if you’re not paying attention to them and can lead to some cage/pen biting which is very loud. Rabbits that have toys to play with at night will chew and toss and rearrange to their heart’s content. This is so loud and I’ve had so many people come to me wondering how to get their bunnies to be quiet at night but the thing is - a bunny is generally a night animal and they’ll do whatever they damn please at night.
  3. Rabbits need to chew and they love to dig. You can control what they chew on but you need to take precautions and set up your room/house accordingly. This isn’t just a rabbits usually chew or whatever, they constantly need new toys and chew and wood so they can wear their teeth down. Chewing can be annoying and loud and if you can’t deal with that I don’t think you should own a rabbit. Chewing can also lead to some major damage because rabbits like baseboards and the edges of your nice furniture and your backpack and your bed. You need to be prepared to deal with the costs of the damage if you don’t prepare - but this is also a reminder that YOU are responsible for what goes into your rabbit and if your rabbit ingests materials that they shouldn’t (fabrics, fluff from pillows, mattress stuffing, painted/stained wood) it can KILL THEM. 
  4. Rabbits do best in pairs and trios (or more but it can be very difficult to bond more). Rabbits are social animals and need other rabbits. Don’t take this as a personal offense to how much you love your bunny - but you cannot give your bunny the love that bonded bunnies share. You just can’t. 
  5. BUT you can’t just put any two rabbits together! The thing is bonding rabbits can be extremely difficult in many cases. You can’t always just stick two bunnies together and expect them to get along especially right away - actually that normally results in fighting or aggression. At the very least introducing new rabbits can cause a slew of injuries from fighting or stress related issues if you are not careful (such as babies if you’re dumb enough not to get your animals fixed…). For example, when I move out if my roommate decides she wants a rabbit I will not allow her to bond her rabbit with mine for a number of reasons and I likely wouldn’t let them interact in the same area without a barrier between them. First, I wouldn’t want to bond them unless I’m with someone I plan to be with for 15 years because YES buns can live that long, if if I don’t plan accordingly they will inevitably be separated and that can kill a rabbit (actual heartbreak in the bunny world leads to apathy, depression and lack of appetite which means death). They may not get along at all which can lead to fighting, injuries and even death. Even with proper bonding it may just be too much stress to attempt it for some rabbits.
  6. Rabbits have hormonal behaviors and reproductive health problems if not fixed/spayed/neutered/altered! Excessive spraying of urine, digging/nesting and chasing/humping, etc can all be a result of a rabbit becoming sexually mature around 3-5 months of age. You must get your animals spayed and neutered to allow them to live healthy lives. Many rabbits die because of reproductive cancers that can be completely prevented if only they had be spayed or neutered. In fact, beyond alteration, rabbits do need regular vet check ups and care. 
  7. Rabbits play in different ways than you’d expect. I’ve had a number of people talk to me lately about how their rabbits don’t play with them and this seems to be very disappointing to many owners. Rabbits can play with you but you need to figure out what your rabbit likes to do. Maybe they like to dig in boxes or packing paper, or toss toilet paper rolls or maybe they like to take stick out of your hand and chew them. You can’t expect them to be a dog that likes to be chased around or a cat chasing a mouse because again, they’re prey animals. You can’t rough them up like a puppy because of their delicate skeletal system. Of course, some bunnies like to be chased around but you need to be able to read rabbit body language so you can tell you’re not terrifying your baby.

I don’t mean this post to be a “scare you away” from rabbits type of post but the majority of rabbits that end up on the streets, in shelters or at foster homes are due to people romanticizing rabbits to be these perfect little teddy-bears when they can be little monsters that can take a lot of patience and care to get to know and to be able to relate to. Rabbits are a mix of “you need to observe and not touch” but also “be active and play” on their terms. You can’t always “fix” behaviors either which frustrates people a great deal. When you get a rabbit you need to be able to adapt to its personality and its unique behaviors or you’ll end up disappointed that you didn’t adopt a cat or a dog. 

Don’t love a rabbit for what you think it should be! Stop believing the myths and romanticizing rabbits as perfect, low maintenance, calm creatures when they are often the opposite. Don’t rush into getting a rabbit until you’ve thoroughly prepared and met/gotten to know a rabbit really well! PLEASE, BE REALISTIC WITH YOUR EXPECTATIONS OF RABBITS.

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Could you do one where the RFA (and bae Saeran) react to MC being a famous body painter?

Sure thing, I gotcha! I actually miss doing body paint, it’s really fun.

You once asked if he could use him as a canvas.. Mind you this was before he knew what you were doing, so the small bean was a bit confused.
But this cutie still said okay, because he loves you.
So there you were, painting with these OH MY GOD THE PAINT IS SO COLD, HONEY STAAHP! (Yoosung.. Probably)
He kept asking how you got so good, and you were like “yea, I do this pretty much everyday.. I work on some movies aswell, is cool”

Yas, sign him up. He asks you so often to make im more beautiful.
He loves the feel of the paintbrushes, and the look of your face when you concentrate.
He brags about you all the time, and keeps begging his director to hire you (even if a bodypainter isnt really needed..)

This google master probably knew beforehand, and also sometimes on days off lets you paint on her. Its bonding experience, even though you sometimes draw cats on her to mess with her.
She is very proud of you<3

Probably wasn’t aware of it, due to body painting not being in his buisness life.
But when he found out he usually brags whenever he gets the chance, making you blushy.
Unlike Jaehee, Is so down for catart on him.

Begs you EVERY day to draw elly on his biceps.
Sometimes you give in.. Sometimes.
Cover him in memes

Honestly? I think this would be great therapy for him. Getting to calm down, having his s/o draw pretty patterns and whatnot on him.
Also covers up that tattoo of his, which he is very glad for.

Look, I am not saying Sakura did not love Sasuke. She did. I am sure she did love Sasuke with all her heart and that’s completely fine. She was like what? 6-7 years old? I mean she would obviously fall for looks. You can’t ask a 6 year old to look into something more. I agree she tried to do as much as she could. She did care about Sasuke and tried to help him. The thing about Sakura is that her character was written in a way that it’s kind of real. She did not have Naruto’s determination or need to keep bonds. She did what she did, she loved how she knew and that is ok.
The thing is…no one is really worrying about Sasuke’s feelings in this? He did not want what Sakura wanted. He did not feel attracted to her in a way she wanted. People forget about the boy’s feelings in these kind of situations. Just because someone likes you it doesn’t mean you have to return their feelings. You are entitled to reject them. You aren’t a bad person. Sasuke isn’t an asshole. He just did not want nor needed Sakura’s romantic love for him. Sasuke isn’t bad for rejecting Sakura. Sakura isn’t a bad person for loving the way she knew. Stop bringing their characters down just because of a ship that isn’t justified. The ship is the problem, not the characters.

GoT: Eastwatch

I wish people would realize two things about the Jon and Gendry meet up: 

 1)Jon doesn’t know that Arya and Gendry know each other. There’s no reason for him to mention her. 

 2)Gendry last saw her when he was sold and thought she was going to meet her family at the Twins. We all know how that turned out, but Gendry more than likely thinks she’s dead. I don’t see why he’d mention her when they’ve literally just meet. 

 (But let’s be real the showrunners could’ve had Gendry bring it up when they were traveling to Eastwatch. He could offered his condolences and Jon could’ve been like:


I also think Sansa does want power, but not in the way Arya (and people who don’t like her) thinks. Every person that has ever hurt her used their knowledge and power over her to do so. She wants power for defensive reasons. 

I don’t think she’ll betray Jon or anything, but I believe she knows Jon won’t hurt her or use his power against her. But a small part of her is still like But what if? Take it just incase… just in case he does. 

I think that she is trying to understand why she wants it so much, and how she can work through that. 

I hate that they are trying to pit Arya and Sansa against each other just so it can be more “satisfying” I guess when they become closer, but it’s stupid.

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This or something like this is what should of happened:

A: “Why do you want it?”

S: “Want what?”

A: “Power.”

S: Starts getting annoyed and starts defending herself.

A: “What I mean is why do you feel like you need it? I don’t think you’ll take it from Jon, but I see that you want it.”

Then they talk, bond and be a united front and the showrunners should find another way to lead their story line to Littlefinger’s death (cuase we know that’s happening soon).

And another thing… Arya trained with the House of Black and White. Like really Littlefinger shouldn’t have pulled one over on Arya at least not so easily. *eye roll* Effin’ showrunners.

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Well, I’ve never expected I’d ever need more of these two bonding but after reading @onthespectrumwriting‘s amazing story I realized how wrong I was. "The power inside her” (lol, I wrote the wrong name at first) doesn’t seem completed without someone’s (if not everyone’s) emotional breakdown. I do get that it’s almost impossible to place so much into one 20 mins long episode and that’s why we should be grateful to all those writers who find time to write such missing scenes. 

You can read “That’s rough, buddy” on Tumblr or AO3

Taming the rage

TITLE: Taming the Rage

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter 62 AUTHOR: lokilover9

Original Imagine: Imagine Odin tells Loki that he has to marry and it’s you. You’ve hated him for years. Every time he sees you in the palace he smirks knowing all the duties you’ll have to perform as his princess, making you cringe. He isn’t exactly fond of you either, but can’t help looking forward to the challenge.


The drapery in Loki’s bedroom always kept things fairly dark until drawn, even during daylight. After another quick shower in the morning, he dressed in the massive walk in closet so Erika could stay asleep. He came out to say goodbye and smiled at finding her cuddled up with his pillow. “I’m going now sleepy head. Might I have a kiss?”

He turned the lamp on low and she pulled a bunch of hair across her face. “Turn that off first would you?”

“As you wish grumpy.” He teased. “Are you going to see Jane?”

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