how much more bonding do you need!

Well, I’ve never expected I’d ever need more of these two bonding but after reading @onthespectrumwriting‘s amazing story I realized how wrong I was. "The power inside her” (lol, I wrote the wrong name at first) doesn’t seem completed without someone’s (if not everyone’s) emotional breakdown. I do get that it’s almost impossible to place so much into one 20 mins long episode and that’s why we should be grateful to all those writers who find time to write such missing scenes. 

You can read “That’s rough, buddy” on Tumblr or AO3

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do you think there's any kind of imbalance in jalec's relationship? like that alec cares more/relies on the bond more or something

i could honestly talk about this and jace and alec’s bond for hours, but simply put - no i don’t. i think during s1 there was a tendency towards this argument (i never quite agreed), and i think people who have alec as their fave tends towards this viewpoint more. i do think s1 showed times of jace taking alec and their bond for granted, but i don’t see that as some overarching imbalance. there are arguments for times when alec has taken jace/the bond for granted as well, but i also think that’s the nature of human relationships. i know with my best friend there have been times i’ve felt taken advantage of and like i cared more. and i know she’s had similar feelings as well, but i digress. i also think people, myself included at times, tended to think their was an imbalance because we saw that alec was in love with jace but jace didn’t return those feelings so you really felt for /alec/ and those unrequited feelings. yes, jace in moments treated him like a “lap dog” (per simon’s words) but to me it was never from a stance of taking advantage - maybe a bit for granted. it was the knowledge that alec, his parabatai, would supposedly support him, trust him, follow him, etc. and because alec was in love with jace, it could be viewed that alec was doing things bc of that or that jace was taking advantage of those feelings unknowingly (although i argue that jace knew about alec’s feelings but never wanted to bring it up bc he never wanted to hurt alec nor make him uncomfortable), but i don’t think jace was making alec do anything or playing his feelings. and i don’t think any of this means that it’s imbalance or someone loves more than the other, i think they both rely on, need each other, love each other an incredible amount and it’s unfair to their relationship and bond to say that one cares more for the other. that’s just not true to me.

but, if i /had/ to say that one relies on the other/needs the other more and there’s some kind of imbalance with that, i would be far more inclined to say jace actually, not alec - and that’s a whole other discussion on jace and his psyche specifically

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Did you see the new Bangtan bomb? It was to be a beautiful video about Jungkook's graduation, and out of nowhere it was a ship war, to see who had more moments, to see who loves who ... Seriously, you can not have more video without people looking for a ship

I didn’t have time to watch the whole thing yet sadly. I really do understand where you’re coming from. Mainly, I think the video just shows how strong the ot7 bond is, how much they love their maknae as well! Sure the shippy moments are nice little bonuses but I don’t really think that was the point of it and I’m sure a lot of people agree with me. I don’t understand why people feel the need to discredit another ship to promote their own or something. You can ship and fangirl/boy as much as you want without stepping on the other side. They all love each other, ships aside, they all care for each other greatly. I’ve learned not to read the youtube comments on videos because it’s just filled with people saying ______ is real and/or any ______ shippers here. Even in performance videos, it becomes a search for ship moments BEFORE it’s about appreciating the hard work behind it. I admit, I do look for moments too but first and foremost is about them as a group and their efforts. 

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Inquisition Ask Meme - 7, 18, 22 for Iris and Aida <3

Thank you for the ask! I should really write more with these two.

7. How do the Inquisitor and Hawke get along?


Garrett Hawke reminded Aida so much of her late brother, she found a melancholy sort of comfort in his company. They forged a strong friendship on the shared bond of their similar grief, and the pressure of needing to rise up in the wake of that loss. Garrett having lost Bethany and Aida still mourning Marcus who was a casualty at the Conclave. Long after the events of Inquisition they remained in contact, maintaining that friendship through their lives.


It was impossible for her to not be wary of him. Iris knew that many people in Thedas would prefer the inquisition lead by someone like Hawke, especially with the alternative being a Dalish elf. It took her a while to trust he wasn’t there with the intention of taking the Inquisition out from under her. Even after coming to trust him, she always kept the champion at a distance. Eventually, with some help from Varric and his stories, she did warm up to him. Even if it was a cautious sort of friendliness.

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Crystal, Ace Attorney, some of Zestiria… Why won’t they let us love these shows properly? I’ve seen some great anime lately so I know it’s still possible!


The Haikyuu and Yowamushi Pedal anime adaptations? Are done beautifully. They do exactly what they need to do: stick to the basic story while fleshing out out the original story and characters even more. Sometimes you’ll get an expanded scene, sometimes a secondary character might get a little more focus, sometimes it’s just a few extra funny scene. They put so much love and heart into the anime series because they know how the fans want it.

(And I do wonder if it’s because sports manga are pretty straightforward stories: the characters want to win a thing, they train, they bond, they lose/win. Generally not a whole lot of story complications, possibly..

And look, sometimes you don’t need to stick to the original story. The original Sailor Moon certainly pulled it off - they did their own thing, and while not every episode’s a winner and there is parts of the manga story I wish they’d kept, more or less it worked out for the better.

All three adaptations fail so badly and for different reasons - those first two Crystal seasons are almost completely souless, the Ace Attorney anime has barely any heart or effort put into it, the Zesteria anime is trying to do it’s thing but it’s a clusterfuck - and man. It’s sad. We deserved better.

When you’ve already launched and realized you forgot your water on land.