how much longer is a little bit more kris

How ya doing guys? I’m so ready for this request XD
Thanks Anonie!

Xiumin: “Just a little bit longer Honey! You’re doing great” *tries to cheer you up*

Luhan: *screams along with you* “Oh my god, it’s coming!!!!!”

Kris: *wants to stay by your side, but is afraid, that he passes out at the sight of too much blood*

Suho: “Just a little more, just a little more! I can see the head already!” *super excited Sudaddy*

Lay: *holds on the flower he brought for you* “You are amazing! Hang on just a little bit more and soon we’ll meet our child”

Baekhyun: *as the child is born he shouts*

Chen: *everything is alright, until you start to scream* “Okay… I didn’t thought giving birth is that painful… I’m so sorry Jagi!”

Chanyeol: “I’m so sorry yeobo~~ Because of me you are in pain…” (Yeol… to make a Baby, it always needs two people, so it’s not only your fault) XD

D.O: “My precious child will be born soon…It will rise as the new emperor of hell!” *Satansoo*

(How Kyungsoo really would react)
“Woah you’re so brave! I’m really proud of my beloved wife!”

Tao: “I always thought baby’s are brought by a stork…” (A stork? Really?)

Kai: *cheers you on with a flag* “I believe in you! You’re doing great honey. Don’t give up! I love you~~~~”

Sehun:“YEHET~~~~ Little human is finally arriving!”

Hahaha ^^
Why do i always imagine half of the members like clueless shits?

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