how much it meant to me

He was my teacher in high school. Without him, I wouldn’t be alive anymore. He saved me in so many ways. And I know, he thinks it was nothing and he doesn’t understand how much this all means to me, but what he did for me meant everything. He was the one who gave me back hope, he was the one who told me I could do whatever I wanted and make my dreams come true. And even though nothing ever happened between us, I couldn’t help but fall in love with him. Through him, I learned what love really means and that you can love someone so much, but still not act on it. That sometimes it means that you just let them go and let them be happy. But even if I’ll never see him again, if he’ll never talk to me again, he will always mean the world to me and I’ll always remember his smile and his eyes and the way the time stopped when he looked at me. I just wish he would know.

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I recently explained to a family member that I was not a part of any organized religion anymore. This family member responded with extremely invalidating language about how my spirituality meant less than his religion. My spirituality means a lot to me and I get just as much from it as I did religion (more, personally) but it hurts anyways. It'd help to hear someone else back me up that my spirituality is equally important and valid. Can you write me an affirmation about that?



- The Slightly Aggressive Affirmer


There is something to be said for people who reject the idea of immortality. I offer it. Usually, the chance of forever is one of the first things that people ask for. Or, rather, it used to be. Money, a beautiful person (or a wealthy person, or a titled person, Princes, Princesses, what have you) who would love them forever, and then immortality. And I would grant it. Of course I would. That was part of the contract. Anything they ask for. Within reason. I couldn’t give them more requests. After a time, and after many failures, I refused to raise the dead. Some things are never meant to come back, no matter how much you loved them.

But immortality, that I could grant.

Recently, I met an immortal. One of mine. He found me, and he begged for death. He had used all of his requests, thousands of years ago, he had asked for the usual. A beautiful, faithful wife, wealth to last for the ages, and to never grow old. And, of course, I granted these. And I was met by a man just as young as the one who found me, ages and ages and centuries ago.

He begged me for death. This was not a world he had been prepared for. It had changed too much. He was scared.

He was ready to die.

Perhaps this is why the new ones do not ask for forever. They have seen the world already change so much, they rightly fear what is coming.

No one ever looked for his body. Death is something I can grant.

  • Cherophobia is the fear of happiness. People who genuinely avoid experiences that cause feelings of enjoyment, positive emotions or happiness are said to suffer from it because they may believe it’ll be taken from them. I can check that box.
  • I’m pretty sure the normal reaction to having too much stuff and not enough space is to have a clear out. Not in this house. I’ll buy storage boxes and a label maker. More is better and minimalism does not exist to me. 
  • I hate when I’m deliberately trying not to open a message because I can see the tag line and need time to figure out what the hell I’m meant to say to it and I accidentally click it. I would just send a message being like “Hey not a clue how to deal with this right now, standby for further info” but that’s not very acceptable.


Today I dug up this, my art from third-fourth grade and I was LAUGHING.
I was so proud of myself back then, I thought my art was so great, and everyone else did too! Everyone was constantly asking me to draw stuff for them and they told me how much of an artist I was. I guess no one cared about anatomy back then.


Haha 3rd and 4th grade are some prime time for drawing. They look kinda like Polly Pocket characters. Not the worst I’ve seen from kids though as I still have my notebooks from then. Lol.

-Mod Hawk

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DO NOT READ THE LAST MESSAGE IT WASN’T MEANT FOR YOU (for ff because this happens too often to me and... I need embarrassing Harry or Lucy doing this plz)

i’m so ready omg 

harry lucy


i don’t know what to do? if i tell her then who knows what might happen. but ever since that kiss it’s like every time i see her all i wanna do is hold her and let her know how much she means to me. 


are you going to someone for girl advice?? come to me?? I’m a girl omg i know what you should do!! actually i kind of don’t because i don’t feel like i have enough information but we should definitely talk about it over ice cream that you bring. i’ll pay you back. 

you went to niall didn’t you? don’t trust his girl advice please…kidding he probably has great advice. 

don’t you worry about a thing, love, it was just me trying to reword something a friend was telling me 

you’re lying 

i’m not i promise

you still want ice cream? i’ll happily bring some over 

you still don’t sound like yourself…are you sure you’re okay? 

just a little tired honey bee, nothing your smile won’t fix

always making me blush aren’t you harry? 

it’s my favorite thing to do 

i’ll bring over a pint of red velvet in 15 

You know what show we don't talk about enough?

Static Shock. This show was like everything to me as a kid. Not only did it have a black protagonist.

but an awesome gay superhero

a BAMF lady hero

and a superhero with dyslexia

It dealt with important issues like peer pressure

gang violence


bullying and gun safety

and I think that is worth talking about

Obviously, I really enjoyed the new Ghostbusters, and I’ve been thinking about how much a movie like that would’ve meant to their characters when they were kids. I’m so excited for the kids who’ll grow up with this film as a part of their childhood! So here are Holtzmann, Abby, Erin, and Patty as junior high schoolers, growing up as geeks in their own respective, delightful ways.

I don’t usually have time for fan art but my drawing hand’s been giving me trouble, so I wanted to try a looser style that doesn’t strain my muscles quite so much. Perfect opportunity to do something different, right?

I want to be with you, I just want to be with you. If I could hold your hand for the rest of my life, I would never be scared again. I want to hold you tight and I want to tell you every second how much you mean to me because nobody has ever meant more. I want to be able to help you and make you smile, just like you make me smile.

Alexander and Eliza, for @linmanuel.

In light of Lin, Phillipa, Leslie, and Ari leaving the show, I tried writing a message detailing how much Hamilton has meant to me… It quickly became a thesis-lengthed love letter, so I’ll have to share it at another time.

For now, I’ll express my gratitude.  Lin, thank you for this show (and everything else you’ve created, honestly).  Thank you for being your own brilliant, multitalented, authentic self.  Thank you for providing me with motivation on days I feel inadequate and small.  You’re the reason I try to say “I can” when doubts leave me feeling helpless.  I’ve allowed myself to believe that my passions will take me far.  For that, I am forever grateful.

Thank you.

- Mana


i can’t believe i totally spaced on faybelle week, please everyone accept my sincerest apologies??

What were we
      Are you still there
  I didn’t really love you
Did you ever really love me
   I can’t stay here
                       I’m sorry
          When are you coming back
 I’m not good at these
      Someone is looking for you
  Please don’t go
            My, how much we have changed
I don’t know what to say anymore
        How could you
I’ll be back
         I don’t know you
                Will you miss me
    You don’t know me
            I met someone
I don’t need you
     I don’t know what I want
I’ll miss you
         It’s really not important
   You meant so much to me
             Take care of yourself
Don’t forget me
—  A.O.A.M. || Too Many Ways To Say Goodbye

Also, can we talk about the psychological ramifications of that moment between Bell and Clarke. He blamed her for everything and made her feel like shit for taking care of her mental health. Let’s face it, that’s what she was doing. She was completely broken after everything that happened since they landed on the ground. And with her ppl safe and no imminent threat to them, she took some time for herself. He then berates her for that. Now she feels like if she takes time for herself in any way, she’s being an awful person or somehow letting her ppl down. This is why she didn’t wanna cry over Lexa. This is why she told Murphy “this isn’t about me” when he said he knows how much Lexa meant to her. This is why she didn’t want to have alone time to say goodbye to Lexa’s body at that memorial. This is why she sucked it up after Jasper almost smashed the only thing she had left of Lexa. This is why she’s compartmentalizing everything and not giving herself proper time to feel anything. This is why she quickly wiped her tears after Abby woke up and went back into a almost robotic business like mode.

Bell’s tirade that day made Clarke feel like she has no right to take care of herself.

And this is the guy they want her to be with?

uncharted 4 storytelling tropes

OKAY SO i literally cannot get over how many of my favourite tropes/storytelling techniques were used in uncharted 4. i love this game so mucH

  • double meaning - the title of the game (”a thief’s end”) refers both to the end of nate’s story and avery’s demise. it’s a simple trope but i still love it. and it completely stressed me out in the lead up to the game’s release because i thought it meant nate was going to DIE. fight me naughty dog.
  • non-linear timeline - again, a simple trope, but one of my faves. naughty dog has done it before and it’s always cool. starting us in the middle of the action and then throwing us back in time is a great way to grab our attention and then ease us into the narrative. plus i’m a complete sucker for childhood flashbacks.
  • unreliable narrator - FRICK i love this trope and i love the alcazar chapter. even though i thought sam was shifty right from the start, i assumed the alcazar story was real because we’d physically played it. if we hadn’t witnessed the “prison break” firsthand there’s no way the audience would have trusted sam AT ALL and naughty dog absolutely understood that.
  • character development barometer - i love the concept of demonstrating how much a character has grown by introducing another character who kind of represents what they used to be. and that’s pretty much sam’s role in the game (apart from being the catalyst for another adventure)
  • hopeless boss fight - both times nate goes up against nadine he gets his ass kicked, and the only reason him and sam escape the second time is due to a collapsing building. there is literally no way nate could win a fair fight with nadine and it’s obvious as soon as you enter combat. i love it. kick my ass nadine
  • showing not telling - “the brothers drake” is such an amazing chapter oh my god. apart from the drake family feels, the way that naughty dog constructed and fleshed out evelyn’s character with minimal information just blows me away. exploring that house and slowly piecing together the story of its owner is one of the highlights of my gaming life tbh.
  • parallels - there were SO MANY PARALLELS IN THIS GAME OH MY GOD. and if there’s one thing i love, it’s parallels.
    • nate opening the crate on jameson’s barge vs. nate opening sir francis drake’s coffin in the very first uncharted game
    • elena talking about her article and nate staring at the photograph vs. nate gushing about avery and elena staring at nate
    • elena’s reaction to nate’s lie vs. nate’s reaction to sam’s lie
    • sam shielding nate from rafe vs. sam shielding nate from evelyn
    • evelyn pushing away her loved ones vs. nate pushing away his loved ones (although thankfully not to the same extent)
    • sam’s (and to a lesser extent nate’s) obsession with the treasure vs. avery’s obsession with the treasure

Top 10 Scenes As Picked By My Friends picked by Katta

“How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad had happened? But in the end, it’s only a passing thing, this shadow, even darkness must pass. A new day will come, and when the sun shines it’ll shine out the clearer. Those were the stories that stayed with you, that meant something, even if you were too small to understand why. But I think Mr Frodo, I do understand, I know now, that folk in those stories had lots of chances of turning back when only they didn’t. They kept going, because they were holding onto something.”

“What are we holding onto, Sam?”

“There’s some good in this world, Mr Frodo, and it’s worth fighting for.”



I know everyone is taking sides now but I really really think that’s not fair to either of them. I really don’t believe Taylor had any bad intentions confirming that she actually wrote it. I also don’t think Calvin is petty for his reaction. If you try and put yourselves in their shoes you’ll see they are in very screwed up situation where all the feelings and business got mixed up (and if you think they have no feelings for each other anymore, think again, because no matter how quick you get into new RS you still have feelings for person who marked 15 months of your life). It sucks for both of them. Maybe they both crossed the line a bit but I find that okay. Why? Because it tells me that what they had was real, and they are now just learning to deal with what is left of something that meant so much for both of them. I said it many times, I’ll say it again - HUMANS. That’s what they are. Just like us. I weirdly find it quite refreshing.

[160726] RM weibo trans

Hello, I’m Rapmon. Firstly I’d like to apologise once more for being unable to complete HYYH on stage: Epilogue in Beijing and I’m embarrassed as well. I felt this way that night too and even till now I feel that it’s a pity. I’m sorry to the members as well to for unable to complete the stage till the end. 

 When I was behind the stage, I heard many China ARMYs shouting “It’s okay Kim Namjoon”. And I also saw the pink ocean support that was originally for Miss Right but held up I NEED U instead. Really thankyou. Thinking of how this and that stage were of so much importance to me makes my heart uncomfortable ㅠㅠ. (t/n: I think he meant being unable to witness it on stage) The words on weibo too and I was looking forward to the concert as well. 

 Now I’ve recovered, my heart is with filed with desire to repay back with more when I go to Beijing the next time. Sorry for unable to show professionalism. I’ll show a cooler image the next time. I’ll take care of my health too. Thank you. Beijing.

(ps: this was the pink ocean: 

cr yoongi0309 weibo