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Pansexual and Asexual Pidge Icons requested by Anonymous

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Church bells on a Sunday afternoon. Salzburg, Austria

So I was rewatching TSoT and I realised that my heart does a little summersault every time John and Sherlock say each other’s names. Every bloody time. It makes me so inexplicably happy.


03.27.17 // enzymes + outlines

my mom came back from her business trip with surprises for me!! i’m so happy bc i’ve never had supplies like this before haha (look how cute those folders are!! i love them so much oml ♡♡)

i like enzymes, they’re v cool but i’m lazy so i didn’t rewrite my notes lol.. pls don’t try to read the outline it’s not for school  it’s for a fanfic don’t judge me

also, i know there isn’t rlly a color scheme to this moodboard :// i couldn’t find any good photos off my phone that matched very well

anyways, hope everyone is having a lovely day ♡~

lunalittlelunatic  asked:

I was trying to tell my mother how well my friends had reacted when I told them I was ace and how much I love them, and she told me that I was wrong, and I wasn't ace because women don't feel sexual attraction when they see someone, those are male olny; and don't matter how much I try to explain that isn't just that, she doesn't even listen to me. And I was so happy about my friends reaction and support.

I’m glad your friends are so supportive!!
your mom though has some wrong ideas… sexual attraction is prevalent even in nature. look at those dancing birds. the females are most sexually attracted to the biggest/prettiest/best danders. & humans are animals.
keep trying to educate her, because if she thinks no other women feel sexual attraction she might be ace herself

guys im just gonna shout out my friends bc i have more friends now than i did the last time i did this (wow what a surprise (like legit)) im probably not gonna go super in depth bc it would be really similar between everyone so anyway yeah.

also: these are not ranked by importance to me or how much i love them, i just listed as they came to mind

@snow-slime who, if you havent guessed already, is my best friend and i love a lot. pls follow him, he has awesome art and is just an incredible person in general (his reblogs are on @slimearchive if you want)

@lum1natrix is basically my tumblr mother. shes so sweet and is always there for me. shes such a lovely person and if you dont follow her already, go do it

@rhinkydankiplier is my boyfriend and is just incredible. he makes me so happy and is just the best. please go follow and appreciate the lovely person

@crankywankiplier is a weirdo, but i love them. bee’s a good weird, and idk what id do without them

@smallsiplier has been my friend for literal years and is awesome pls follow this smol bean

@kodimint is my child and i love them a lot okay please follow and love them with me

@teeniethebean is just amazing??? and is so pretty???????? i love teenie a lot okay they were one of my first friends in the jse fandom and i just really love them okay

@tigracespace is so fucking sweet. shes like a mother to me too, and is just incredible????? pls love her

knowing my forgetful ass, theres other that i didnt mention but to all of my mutuals: i love you and youre all amazing. 💜💜💜

ugh. fuck life sometime.

my friend just called. my goofy amazing hilarious loving friend. and told me his mom has pancreatic cancer. and I hate it because I’m awful at comforting people and I don’t know what to do or say that doesn’t sound like a cliche and it just sucks. I feel so bad and I have no idea why I’m typing this all out but I just felt like I needed to reiterate how badly life can suck sometimes and how much I need to remember to tell people I love them and live life while I’m still here.

so I love you guys. <3 I mean that whole-heartedly. and you can always come talk to me about serious stuff or funny stuff or things about our characters or about your life or whatever floats your boat. I’m here.

I will never find the words to tell you how much I love you, I will never find them because there are no words to explain it. You are my soul mate, my rock, my best friend and my girlfriend. I’m in love with you because I don’t know what I would do without you, I forget what life was like before I met you. All that you are is all that I will ever need. I fell in love with your smile, the way your eyes squint when you laugh, when you turn up the volume in the car so we can sing together at the top of our lungs, waking up to ‘Good morning baby’. I fell in love with you because you are my perfect person, you are BEAUTIFUL! If I could ask for one thing it would be that you could see yourself through my eyes to see how amazingly perfect you really are! I love how you always make me feel like i’m worth something, how you make me smile when I almost forget how to.

I fell in love with you because you loved me when I couldn’t love myself.

If someone is wondering where I have been at the last couple of weeks; this drugs storyline involving Aaron came a bit too close to home, so I decided to skip Emmerdale until it finished. Then Robert cheated and I am having a bit of hard time getting back into it. But knowing how much I love them, I will be back in no time! Just FYI 💕 Love you all!


Can you believe I stopped in the middle of a serious thing just to draw this bullshit because honestly I can’t