how much i love this pic ; ;


okay so today was pretty GREAT 

I finally got to meet one of my absolute fave human beings in the entire world and he was the sweetest and most beautiful sunshine ever 

I honestly love this man more than anything and to finally meet him irl was just unbelievably emotional, I don’t think it’s completely sunk in yet

(please excuse my face and my hair, i was NOT prepared for meeting the most beautiful person to ever walk this earth today so I look like a complete mess, but that’s okay because I have finally met Gregor and I couldn’t be happier)

I normally don’t post pics of me crying just the usually selfie. However today is different because today you guys showed me how much you care about me and my transition and want to see me succeed. I am eternally grateful and don’t know where I would be without you guys! I feel like thank you isn’t enough but thank you all so much and I love you.

Aaaaand, here’s the Chinese speaking, physically toned, slightly confused, assassinating panda!! I love this guy so much!! I really love his face, honestly. It might just be the black markings around his eyes, but his face is really appealing to me. It feels like can make an endless amount of expressions. I dunno!! I really don’t know how to elaborate, I JUST LOVE THIS PANDA. AND HE’S A PANDA. I LOVE PANDAS. IRL TOO. And I think he would be considered a rather attractive guy in the world of By the Blade or Blades of the Nameless. And those jade colored eyes, so much fun to shade!! I LOVE IT!! I hope you guys love him too! Haha! Enjoy! Until next time live life like an Xplosion! JFlare out!

Phoebe Tonkin photographed by Alexandra Nataf for Matteau Swim SS17

Katie McGrath literally rubbed the arms of her fans to warm them up after they waited for her out in the cold. then she took pics with all of them. do you understand how many celebrities won’t even TOUCH their fans let alone try to WARM THEM UP

I love Katie McGrath so much she has a heart of gold