how much i love their relationship

It’s much easier to not know things sometimes. Things change and friends leave. And life doesn’t stop for anybody. I wanted to laugh. Or maybe get mad. Or maybe shrug at how strange everybody was, especially me. I think the idea is that every person has to live for his or her own life and than make the choice to share it with other people. You can’t just sit there and put everybody’s lives ahead of yours and think that counts as love. You just can’t. You have to do things. I’m going to do what I want to do. I’m going to be who I really am. And I’m going to figure out what that is. And we could all sit around and wonder and feel bad about each other and blame a lot of people for what they did or didn’t do or what they didn’t know. I don’t know. I guess there could always be someone to blame. It’s just different. Maybe it’s good to put things in perspective, but sometimes, I think that the only perspective is to really be there. Because it’s okay to feel things. I was really there. And that was enough to make me feel infinite. I feel infinite.
—  Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Ayyyyyy here’s that one thing kinda finished (i messed up the layers a bunch i’m so sorry)

This is basically how I sum up their relationship. This and Alex bursting into Ryland’s room blasting “What Makes you Beautiful” by One Direction. Which I have also illustrated. 

We could all use a friend like Alex honestly… cherish him Ryland… cherish hiiiiiim….

Jungkook with a chubby girlfriend

  • Love,LOVES, loves your thighs.
  • You guys would meet in a coffee shop
  • Ge spilt coffee on you and offered to pay for drycleaning.
  • Your relationship started from there
  • Words cannot describe how much this man loves you
  • He loves cuddling
  • He loves to be the big and little spoon
  • Likes wrapping his arms around you and have your head on his chest
  • But he loves to have you war your arms around him and he lays his head on your boobs like a pillow
  • Always reminds you at night before bed that he loves you
  • Will list reasons he loves you if you are doubtful
  • “I love the fact that we are perfect for each other. We are literal opposites but work so well with each other”
  • “ i love that i can use your breasts as pillows. They are so big and comfy, but i especially love my marks on them”
  • Laughs when you blush and put your head in his chest
  • You are perfect for him
  • If you have doubts because of yalls size difference he will crush your thoughts
  • “Trust me jagi, i love your size. Its perfect and id love you either way. I love your heart and soul……. and maybe your ass and tits”
  • Now onto the dirty stuff 😉😏
  • Loves making you flustered and a blushing mess by voicing his dirty thought
  • “Baby girl all i can think about right now is my head between your sexy thighs”
  • “I cant wait until we are home so i can be slamming in and out of you while you are scratching my back and moaning my name”
  • Then your knees would buckle and he would chuckle smugly then walk away
  • Dom!jungkook(fight me)
  • Wants you to ride him and and ride his face
  • “I dont know jungkook. I might crush you”
  • “Trust me baby. Im a grown man. I can handle it”
  • Eventually he would convince you to and it would be the best sex you have ever had
  • He loves lap dances
  • Loves your ass
  • All together he loves you to the moon and back
  • You complete each other like pieces of a puzzle
  • Honestly relationship goals

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you know how there's a lot of "draw your otp" blogs/memes? well those are cool & good, but are there any "draw your ot3" blogs/memes? because I have a poly relationship & I need some if its not too much trouble. 💕

This made me realize that there aren’t that many ot3 memes and there really needs to be more


these are the best ones I found while going thru the ot3 tag. I personally will be making more draw the ot3 memes for everyone to use. thank you for this amazing ask anon. Oh and one final word here

(find the artist here)

What I really would like to see in season 21:

Kenny, precious baby Kenny McCormick. Any Kenny. Let me hear his tiny muffled voice.

Heidi seeing healthy loving relationships around her like Tweek and Craig and realizing she deserves better, no matter how much she may love Cartman.

Cartman backtracking more and more each episode to how awful and horrible he used to be (murderer and all)

Lil’ Creek moments. Like some background moments of the together holding hands and shit.

Stan Marsh and Kyle Brofvloski friendship.

Stan pining some after Wendy.

Craig and those guys: Craig Tucker, Jimmy Valmer, Token Black, Clyde Donavan, and Tweek Tweak.

Main four going on fucked up adventures.

Some adults but not overwhelming.


First things first. I’m thrilled about this new spoiler (which y’all should RT & comment on):

There will be some sort of tension between Iris and Cecile, but probably not for the reason you’re thinking. “They have their own interpersonal relationship drama that will go down this season,” says Candice Patton, who explains that it doesn’t necessarily have to do with them being the two women in Joe’s life. “Iris really respects Cecile. I think she knows how much Cecile makes her dad happy, so in Iris’ eyes, she’s a welcome addition to the family. You’ll just have to wait and see how that whole thing between them plays out.”

I love that Iris and Cecile will have a dynamic important enough to be worthy of interpersonal drama, because that almost never happens between two women on The Flash. Furthermore, I’m glad it won’t be about them vying for the spot of Best Girl in Joe’s life (we already know Iris wins that one lmao). 

Now the question is, will this be about the future of their mother/daughter dynamic, which I desperately hope it is? As in, perhaps Cecile wants to help take care of everything and Iris feels awkward because she’s never had a mother figure before. Or is this another case of everything-goes-back-to-Barry, and Cecile disagrees with how Iris is running Team Flash? I hope it’s the former, but I am willing to accept the latter lol.


hance (hanceome?) needs more love but this is a sfw blog so this is as much as you’ll ever get out of me. i need to draw more of them being lovey-dovey couples.

also, bc im a brotp kidge main, pidge is keith’s go-to for insight about lance and hunk with questions about their relationship. bc the last time he asked either of them about their partner they went on an hour ramble about how great they are and keith doesn’t have the social capacity to handle that. pidge provides the much needed straightforward answers.

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I don't know how to cope with our sad red boy. I need to give him a hug so bad T-T he needs to know that he's loved!

I’m still emotional over Keith. He deserves so much happiness, especially since the angst levels will only increase (for all the characters?) as the seasons are released. 

As for hugs, get in line. Shiro obviously goes first, and then everyone else follows. (My boy looks so happy!!)  

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Imma go ahead right now and give TF writers credit for SHOWing us in the premiere ep what Iris has been going through for the past 6 months and how conflicted and scared she is at the prospect of trying to getting Barry out of the SF and failing and perhaps never seeing/being with him again off the strength of these promos, especially since there will be relationship issues between them beyond ep1. I mean, I feel like that's a big step up for them regarding Iris' character development.

I mean, IDK how much I love how STRONG she is being played up by Joe, but I appreciate any time we get to see her be vulnerable and have FEELINGS about things, and I know Candice is gonna kill it acting-wise. 

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Like I'm hating the idea of Aaron and Alex but woooow Danny's progress I do kinda love it. I loved the banter with Flynn (they would've been a nice kiss) and the first kiss with Ed was good shit. I deffo think it was Marc whoops also if there had been a Aaron/Finn kiss you know him and Joe would've been fine.


Ok so firstly, Danny started off as quite *intense* but not necessarily *relaxed* in ALL his love scenes regardless of gender. He was such a small bab, I think that’s important to remember before discussing how he dealt with the gay scenes and how he’s evolved.

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Aaron and Jackson. EVERYTHING with Jackson (Marc) was just off, it was so uncomfortable and awkward. They were much better at the angst than the stuff that made Aarson feel like a sweet, believable relationship. And they didn’t get given many flirty scenes anyway. Aaron (Danny) has always been good at the emotional stuff. And Marc was good too. But they never got soft and convincing, playful loving scenes. The one that came closest was this: 

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And it was so brief. But overall they just weren’t great. Danny veered between looking like he wanted to vomit and *concentrating* really hard on how he was supposed to look in the scene. It was never very “in the moment”. Oh and he used to weirdly keep his eyes open. In kissing scenes. It must have been awkward for Marc if they didn’t get on cos Danny in those days was so “no homo” and he was only a bab, only 17/18 so… And my main gripe is that Aarson barely ever made eye contact. 

The OVERALL HORRIFIC PROBLEM WAS THAT THE STORYLINE WAS A MILLION MILES AN HOUR *TOO MUCH* - I think Danny would have taken some time to find his feet in a sweet little coming out story, but then they threw Jackson’s accident into the mix and it was too much. He had too many things to focus on and the pairing suffered as a result.

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Aaron and Flynnn (ahhhh such natural chemistry)… It really helped that the dialogue was so flirty. It basically FORCED Danny out his shell. 

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And it had to be that way because it was meant to be light, fun and flirty to contrast with huge crushing adult responsibility of the relationship with Jackson. Aaron (Danny) was like a different lad in these scenes. He was just lighter and more carefree about the whole ‘gay’ thing. Flynn is the main reason why I think the problem was Marc and not the SL itself. It’s such a shame we didn’t get more Aaron x Flynn. I know it was to preserve the Aarson dynamic, but I hope we get more Aarex.

Then came Aaron and Ed and Danny finally learnt to close his eyes in kissing scenes. I feel like he wanted to go out on a bang and REALLY made an effort to make Edron believable after so long of Aaron just floating, neutered. For the longest time Aaron was treated like Flynn after Kasim. 

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And convincing it was. Ed was bland, but he was a super sexy rugby player and he was what Aaron deserved after the tumult of Aarson. See I think Aaron thrives off relationship drama. But every so often he needs a break and a good man with a nice face, who’s just gonna make him feel special. Danny was really good at selling Edron, yeah he was still a teeny tiny bit awkward. Kissing scenes were great, but in other interaction Aaron was still a little prickly pear… I mean he is now even, but he has a softness now that was just missing then… 

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Lloyd really helped make Danny more believable in the romantic scenes though, that slow growing attraction. The opening up to someone. The expectation. The excitement. That all came from Edron, and it’s really disingenuous to credit just Ryan with that. Lloyd was awesome to do what he did with Danny in a few weeks - Ed was given no time

UGGGHHHHH Aaron x Robert, where to even begin? Seriously, magic happens when Ryan and Danny are in a room together. No, you know what? I’m gonna keep it brief. The thing that sets Robron apart? 

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From the first until the last - Danny was just so much better at making it look like Aaron actually wanted to fuck Robert. And it wasn’t even the kissing scenes. It was everything before and after. The build up, the climb down. (Shutting his eyes!) He just looked at ease with Ryan in a way he has never looked at ease with another actor before. It was all in the looks they gave eachother. They exude desire, want, appreciation - real love and affection. I think part of it is being more mature and part of it is just Ryan. They work so well. And Aaron waited his whole life for a love like this.

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Sorry… Got distracted… Anyway Aaron and Alex? Even in the smidge of a scene we saw last night. Yes, Aaron is forcing himself to move on. Yes, he’s still deeply in love with Robert. Yes, it won’t last. 

BUT… If Danny isn’t just 10,000x better at the close proximity scenes? Way more comfortable than he ever was with Marc. The little moment that Robert oversaw, when the doc made clear his intentions?

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It was everything. I cannot wait to see what Danny’s like tonight. I CANNOT WAIT… I don’t want Aarex long term either. But I’m just fascinated by the progress. 

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when the maknae decided to not follow the script ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


I love every fanfiction author on earth !!! Thank you so much for using your own time to provide us with a free(!) story to read that is 10x better than every book I have read put in one!

For long fic writers: Your detailed fics are so amazing and you amaze me every single time with the amount of research and time you have put into your beautiful works! Whether I am looking to kill time or just want something to distract me you have provided me with that, and I am so glad we have writers like you!

For short fic writers: Your fluffy/angsty/smutty/all of the above fics are so nice to read after a long day! When I just need something small because I don’t have the energy for something long, you wrote something for yourself and shared it with us, and I am so glad that we have writers like you!

If you write fluff; Thank you so much! I love reading your self-indulgent fics. They are so sweet and adorable and those characters definitely would do that.

If you write angst; Thank you so much! I love reading your painful fics. I’m always excited to see how it will end and if things will ever get better.

If you write smut; Thank you so much! I love reading your own fantasies(or realities, or just what you chose to write). They make me smile and blush.

If you write romance; Thank you so much! I love reading about my otp falling in love over and over. Even if it is cliché, it’s also unique and I’m still  surprised each time.

If you write about platonic relationships; Thank you so much! I love reading about my favorite best friends and siblings. You bring something not often seen and your courage is amazing.

If you write crack; Thank you so much! I love reading your random fics. They make me laugh time and time again and even if they are weird and ooc, they are amazing too.

If you write anything else; THANK YOU SO MUCH! Whatever it is you write, it is amazing and I love it. 

I know my singular opinion doesn’t mean much when there are millions of people on this earth, but I want it to be heard!


When you touched me it felt like my skin was on fire and I never realized how much I enjoyed the warmth of it until it was no longer there.
—  Day 249