how much i love skyrim

The Tres Horny Bois of The Adventure Zone. Such a good podcast. Such good bois. 

The Dead Can't Testify
Billy Talent
The Dead Can't Testify

So they marched me down to the center of town
With their pitchforks high in the air.
I was chained and bound with a blindfold around
So the judge wouldn’t catch my stare.

And they hung my soul from the gallows pole,
But the witch they never found.
So to those who don’t fit society’s mold,
Learn to swim or you will drown.

And the rain falls down, let it fall to the ground.
And the birds don’t sing, no they don’t make a sound.
So I look to the sky, tell me why, tell me why,
Do they all get to live and I have to die?

currently laughing @ how every time I try to write something on how much I love skyrim + how sse wasn’t as bad as people make it out to be it comes out looking like one of those “hodd toward: buy my game” posts because I genuinely love skyrim that much

Bought Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning on PS3 today :) A host for a YouTube channel I love, Outside Xtra, keeps talking about it so I decided “why not”! After playing for a couple of hours, I sketched my player character: an Almain sword mage lady :D I love how much the game reminds me of DnD, KotOR, Skyrim, and a bit of Fable all at once!

I really wanted to draw Petyr in more violet colored attire after seeing this

also have i ever told you guys how much i love my skyrim pc. her names nassa and id die for her. shes married to borgakh and they do literally have 6 kids

the only pics i got but theyre gay icons and i Would die for them


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  • The Sims: I honestly can’t choose one of the franchise. I started with one and have just always loved Sims really. Probably 2 has been the most loved gameplay wise. I don’t even remember when I started playing this.
  • Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town: HM has always been another long-term love of mine. I started with the SNES one but MFOMT has been my long term fave. You should see my farm, man! Also… I don’t remember when I started playing this either… I couldn’t read and I’d still try to play the SNES one.
  • .hack//GU: Started my love of .hack in general which has been my biggest obsession before I started getting more into my OCs. Really love the lore of the whole series though I never could make it through the original games.
  • Fly for Fun: I started playing shortly after getting into .hack cause I decided MMO’s were amazing and I needed something more than Runescape… Though generally a crappy pay-to-win endless grinding game, I made a ton of friends on it and it introduced me to a bunch of future MMO loving. Also, I’ve made a lot of money off it lmao.
  • Skyrim: Just love… I didn’t even know how much I loved games like this until I picked Skyrim up and yeah… It was like shocking how much I loved it at the time. I remember wishing I could have my memory wiped so I could just replay it. Sometimes if I can smell that nice, fresh, mountain smell all I can think of is “MMM I WANT TO BE IN TAMRIEL” because I am a huge nerd like that…
  • Tera :Tbh never got all that far in this game but sigh sigh sigh so many RP memories I can’t.
  • TSW: Yeaa ok so easily my favorite MMO. Love the community, love the gameplay, actually enjoyed dungeons for once instead of dreading them.
  • ACNL: I’ve long time loved this franchise too but this my fave of it. Just… the cute… the fun… the customization………. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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