how much i love raphael

Raphael is hella punk, Simon hella pastel and they are both very much in love.

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11 Raphael

Now You Know | Raphael Santiago

“Raphael, what are you doing here?” You craned your neck towards him. This wedding was already a disaster. Alec was getting married to someone he didn’t even love and then your secret boyfriend had to show up.

“Relax, angel, I didn’t come for you,” Raphael laughed to himself. Of course, you knew he was just saying that because the others were around. “I came to watch over Simon.”

You rolled your eyes, sighing. “Of course you did. His seat is in between Clary and I’s if you want to go steal mine for a second.” You pointed over to the front of the aisle. The wedding had yet to start and you were feeling quite nervous, even though it wasn’t exactly your wedding. You were cramming down every piece of fruit you could, something you did when you were anxious. When you got the memo that the wedding would soon begin, you hurried off to your seat- your new seat, considering Raphael had decided to stick around longer than the usual.

Out of habit, Raphael reached over and grabbed your hand, intertwining your fingers together. And you didn’t notice it, you were already so used to Raphael giving you affection that you didn’t really think anything of it. That was until Simon’s eyes bulged out of his head as he leaned in closer to get a look at your linked fingers. You quickly pulled your hand away from the man and he too knew why.

Magnus Bane had appeared mid-wedding, causing quite the scene as well. Everyone had looked back and you and a few others knew why he was here. He was here for his precious Alexander and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

Alec looked in awe as he stared at Magnus. Magnus looked rather insecure at the way Alec was staring, considering he was about to be wedded to a beautiful wife. Alec hopped off the center and sauntered over to Magnus, pulling him by the collar and delivering a well-deserved smooch.

Everyone was stunned. It was no secret that shadowhunters messed around with downworlders, but at a wedding where everyone could see? That has never been done.

At that, Raphael reached over and grabbed your hand again. You stared at him in confusion as he slowly began to lean to your ear.

“I’m going to kiss you now, okay?” he let his lips linger against your ear for a moment.

“Wait, no, Raph- but everyone’s watching.” you quietly exclaimed.

“And that means I can’t show how much I love my girlfriend?” Raphael said a bit louder than he should have, catching a few eyes. There wasn’t much you could do at the moment. His fingers was already tangled with yours and people, including your friends, had already heard the word ‘girlfriend’ escape Raphael’s lips.

When you didn’t protest, Raphael grabbed the bottom of your chin and captured your lips with his. You could feel a blush come on, but you had to admit, it felt nice not hiding for once.

“Whoa, hold on. Slow your boat,” Simon held out his arm, pointing at the two of you. “I knew about Alec and Magnus, how come no one knew of you two?”

I really like the idea of a scene with Magnus and Alec cuddling, just being happy because they’re able to be together, and Magnus’ head is on Alec’s bare chest and he’s tracing all of Alec’s runes with his finger and asking what they all mean, even though he probably already knows, but he just likes to listen to Alec’s voice as he tells the stories of how he got them 

Nobody warned me that the season 1 contained turtles in clothes

I wasn’t ready

Well, I didn’t have much choice unless I doodled this smug shit here  also screw the turtles without pupils, golden eyes are so much hot

Picture this: The Shadowhunters needing to go back to the Dumort for some reason but obviously it isn’t safe so Magnus volunteers to go with them and they just assume it’s because he’s the High Warlock and he’s in a position of power in Downworld. They get there and Raphael is waiting for them and Magnus is like ‘Santiago’, and Raphael is like ‘Bane’, both really formal and kinda cold. And then the Shadowhunters are like ‘Wait, you know him?’ and Magnus just suddenly beams like ‘Know him? He’s my little brother!’ and he pulls Raphael into a hug and ruffles his hair while Raphael swears at him in Spanish and the Shadowhunters just watch them like ‘wtf???’

you know who arent main characters? lydia and raphael (no matter how much i love them)

you know who is a main character? who is in 13/13 episodes and arguably a bigger part of the story before most of the other characters are? whose actor is listed as a main cast member?