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170704 - #HappyZuhoDay

happy birthday to our shark prince <3 thank you for working so hard these past months. we’re so proud of you & we hope you’ll take care of yourself. since this is your first birthday with fantasies and as a member of sf9, i hope you’ll create a lot of memories today. never change. we love you. happy birthday zuho <33


i asked him to draw me a cactus BUT HE ALSO DREW ME A BIRTHDAY CAKE AND WROTE HBD since i told him it’s gonna be my birthday soon I LOVE THIS BOI

and can someone tell me what he wrote in korean plz coz i can never read his handwritings ;u; 

3.9.4 - Monty de la Cruz x Reader

Request - “Maybe a monty fan fic where monty and y/n have been besties since birth and he loves her but she’s dating jeff, since both of them play baseball.”            

A/N: I worked on the premise that they are 16/17. I’m pretty sure this is definitely not what you envisioned and it’s not what i did either, i kinda hate it. lol. I left the ending unclear in case i decide it needs serious editing.

3rd September 2004

A small freckled boy and a lonely shy girl make eye contact at their first day of school.

“Mommy says if someone looks nice I should talk to them” He said as he tapped her on the shoulder rather aggressively.

“My mommy says that too! Will you be my best friend? Mommy said I might meet one of those today!”

“For ever and ever and ever!”

6th January 2006

“Montgomery look at my snowman!”

The boy sulked noticing hers was far superior.

“I’ll help you with yours Montgomery.” She placed her mitten clad hands into his. “That’s what friends are for.”

9th September 2014

“Happy Birthday to my favourite person in the whole entire world.” She ran up from behind him holding a small home-made cake, which read; ‘Happy 15th Montgomery’

“Now, you know how much I appreciate the gesture, and how much i love cake, and you, but what have I said about continuously calling me my full name now that we’re in high school?” He took the cake.

“Don’t be such a teenager, Mont. Just because you’re now older than me.”

“Exactly. It means I get to boss you around.”

“We both know that’s never going to happen.”

22nd June 2016

“MONTGOmERY!! MONTGOMErYYYY!!” She yelled as she ran through the corridors, pushing people who were in her way.

“Monty!” She panted, flying into the boy with force.


“Guess what?”

He rolled his eyes. “What?”

“NO. You have to guess.” She jumped up and down.

“Fine. You got an A?”

“Hell no, who do you think i am? Try again.”

“They finally made Pluto a planet again?”

“Monty! Keep up.” She pushed him.

“Well you haven’t given me any clues whatso-”

“Fine. FINE. I can’t wait any longer I’ll have to tell you. JEFF ATKINS ASKED ME ON A DATE!!”

Monty often thought this was one of the worst days of his life, the knife cut deep and sharp.

“Oh.” He pretended to put something away in his locker in order to hide his expression.

“Mont you’re my best friend, I expected you to be a bit more…animated.” Her face fell.

“I am really happy for you, it’s just, I just remembered that I have a chemistry exam next. Oops.”

Monty wasn’t sure how he could bear to see the girl he loved with the boy who had everything.

June 2017(now)

Montgomery and Y/N. Y/N and Montgomery. However you said it, it just sounded right. The two were inseparable, and when Monty threw a fit, which, really,  was a lot, the only person he would even consider looking at was Y/N. She was his rock, and he was stupidly in love with her.

The problem was, she was dating his friend, Jeff. A guy she’d crushed on since freshman year. He had the hearts of everyone in school, he could pick anyone, but he’d decided to choose the one girl Monty even glanced at. Of course, he didn’t blame him, Jeff had no idea how his friend felt about Y/N, and well, she was perfect, but it still stung. What was worse was that being the best friend, he was constantly hearing about how fantastic Jeff was, and how different they were.

He often wished to be more like Jeff, but his temper decided to show its ugly horns and take him right back to thinking it was never possible.

“Does my anger scare you?” He asked her as they sat on the school field making history notes.

“What?” The question seemed to catch her off guard and she lost herself for a second. “Of course not Mont. You know I’m not scared of you.”

“You hesitated. You’re scared.” He clenched his jaw and turned his head to the grass.

“No, I’m not, you just surprised me because I wasn’t expecting it. I promise you.” She placed her hand over his own, smiling gently. He shook his head in the direction of the school.

“Jeff’s coming.” Her expression when he mentioned his name did a complete 180. She was grinning so much he thought maybe her cheeks ached.

“Jeff!” She waved at him, standing to greet him. He pulled her in for a kiss. Monty averted his eyes.

“Oh, sorry for the PDA man.” Jeff chuckled, coming to sit next to him, Y/N returning to her spot.

“Yeah keep it in private.” He nodded. Y/N glanced at Jeff with an amused expression. Montgomery decided he would ignore the exchanged glances at his expense.


“You look pissed. I mean you always do, but more so than usual.” She stated. They were sat on her bed watching a movie. “You know I’m always here…”

“Oh look, she’s an observer now.” He mocked. He began to realise how bothered he was getting at her presence. It was a struggle having her around nowadays knowing how un-reciprocated his feelings were, and how he could never confess. Her compassionate and caring nature was making everything worse.

“Don’t be a dick Monty. I just wanted to know what was wrong so I could help you. But whatever.”

So he decided to push her away in the only way Monty knew.

“Don’t bother trying. You never could help and you’ll never be able to.” Monty could see that this was hurting her, but for some reason he kept going. “I don’t know how you haven’t realised yet that I’m broken beyond repair and you’re just another fucking pile of salt adding to my wound.”

“Monty stop?! Where is this coming from? You don’t really mean this.” Tears were brimming at her eyes. Why was he being like this? Where had this come from?

“Yes I fucking do.” He spat, staring off into the TV screen.

“Right. Fine. If I’m such a fucking hindrance to you then I’m leaving.” She stood up and collected her things. “Don’t expect me to be back. Ever.” The door slammed with force.

Once she was out the door he realised what a mistake he’d made.

“Fuck. Y/N WAIT!!” He ran to the door, but all he saw was her car driving away.


47 texts. 30 missed calls. Those were the stats on Y/N’s phone under Montgomery’s contact. She knew he snapped. He had always had anger issues, but this hurt her and she didn’t need to be made to feel like that by her best friend.

“He’ll come around, babe.” Jeff rubbed her back.

“He’s already tried. Twice in the past week. My mum is worried something’s happened between us.” She rolled her eyes.

“I can try and talk to him again.”

“No, Jeff. He needs to know I’m serious about this. He can’t just treat me like shit because I’ve dealt with him the longest.”

“Okay, you know I’m always here. He always has been a little… tetchy.”

“I know I’m angry at him, but he’s still my best friend.”

Truthfully, she already missed him.


Knock, knock.

Not a-fucking-gain. She internally groaned.

This time she would open the door and tell him to fuck off. He’d made his bed, now he should lay in it. She was the only one home, so she ran down to open the door.

“Y/N!” He was haggard. His eyes told her that he hadn’t slept a wink since their disagreement, and his hair was limp and greasy. It was evident that he was surprised that she’d opened the door.

“Fuck. Off.” She began to pull the door up but Monty held it open.

“Wait! Please. Just hear me out.” He pleaded.

“Why should I?”

“You shouldn’t, really. But you will because you’re kind, and caring, and you think everyone deserves a second chance.”

“You know me too well, shoot.”

“Okay, so, there is NO excuse for what I said to you, I know. This isn’t a justification, it’s an explanation. You know I have anger problems, and that is part of it, but most of it is something I’ve tried to hide for so long now.”

She looked concerned, pulling her arms into herself.

“I’m hoping after I tell you this we can go back to normal, just ignore it ever happened. Don’t worry though, I’m not counting on it. Okay… so….” he breathed heavily. He was finally going to tell his best friend of 13 years that he was pathetically in love with her.

“I am majorly, stupidly, pathetically, in love with you Y/N L/N. In love, not just ’I love you as my best friend’. I don’t expect you to say anything, I just couldn’t deceive you any longer.” He stood twiddling his thumbs while she watched in shock. It felt like eons went by.

“Okay. That’s all. Thanks for hearing me out.” He turned and made his way down her road, his head spinning, but feeling a weight off his shoulder. He’d done something he’d never expected of himself. Maybe he’d ruined the best thing he’d ever had in his life, but it was too late now.

Something tugged his arm and turned him. It was Y/N. Her eyes were speckled with tears as they looked up at his.

So fun fact about that Jake that my grandma cut out and put on that cheesecake… for the past couple weeks she’s been showing up at my house and like… weirdly Inspecting all of the Jakes that I have around the house and moving them around and stuff. It turns out she was trying to find a Jake that would be suitable to put on top of my cake so she stole at least four potential candidates and eventually just cut out a Jake face from the cover of an extra Adventure Time Madlibs I had lying around. That explains a lot though, because I was really curious why she suddenly developed an intense interest in Jake LOL

Traditional Weddings and Little Toy Rings

Traditional Weddings and Little Toy Rings

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 4,683

Author: Ruby 2.0 [daddyslittleraven]

Quote: “I’m actually kind of drunk. Me likey.”

A/N: This fic is for Lau’s AU Funny Quote Challenge. The challenge was to incorporate a quote that we chose into a AU fic and submit it. If you like this, there will be more in the future. :) Also fair warning, I am absolute shit at writing smut, but here it is.

AU: There’s actually a bunch of au’s that I’m mashing together, so I’ll just throw all of the main ones into one big sentence: “Our apartments are across from each other so we always see each other in the morning, and I always see you with your partner and then I saw you really sad because they stood you up at dinner and I haven’t seen them for weeks and I just wanna see your smile again so please let me come over.”  

Warnings: Huge drabble? Swearing, drinking, smut more than likely, cheating boyfriend (not Dean-o), angsty-undertones.


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Birthday Cake

A Chibs Birthday Challenge for @samperv

Warning: Naughty

To Filip Telford, his birthday was like any other day. He was at that age where they really didn’t matter much any more. But the club always insisted on throwing him a bash. His old lady wasn’t much for parties but she endured for her love and for the club. Every year they’d leave the party early and go spend time alone. He cherished the quiet time with his lady. But he knew that if they didn’t go the guys would come and literally drag them there.

His lady picked out a cute peasant top and some tight jeans that he loved too much. He protested a little because he knew the guys would all stare at her ass. His ass. It belonged to him he reminded himself. He  dressed in his usual black on black combo. They headed to TM right as the party started to get wild. He kept his arms around his old ladies waist most of the night not wanting to be without her. And also letting his primitive instinct to claim what was his show. After a few beers they decided to get some fresh air.

“Where we goin love? He asked her.

“Just back here away from things. I need a breather.” she said as she led him behind the building.

Once they rounded the dark corner she pushed Chibs against the wall. He gave her a sexy smile. He loved this side of her. She crashed her lips onto his and let the hunger take over. She pulled him closer by the lapels of his Kutte. He grabbed her ass and squeezed it hard. He picked her up and wrapped her legs around his waist. He flipped around until her back was now against the wall. He continued his assault on her lips and neck as he grinded into her hard. Her panties were becoming more and more wet the harder he grinded into her. He palmed her breast hard. She grunted and moaned at his every touch. His breathing becoming more erratic. She could feel his length growing harder through his jeans. She couldn’t take it anymore. She didn’t care if she was out in the open. She wanted her old man now. As she was beginning to unbuckle his belt they heard the door to the clubhouse open and footsteps approach.

“Hey chibs? You out here brother?” juice called out to him. “it’s time to open your gifts man”

“Yeah brotha. I’ll be right there. I was taking a leak.” Chibs said. He was beyond frustrated and now he had a rock hard erection he needed to go away before he went back in. They composed themselves and headed back into open his gifts. They couldn’t shake the red faces but were hoping they could get away with blaming the heat outside.

After he opened his presents and had a few more beers he decided it was time to head out and finish what they had started around back. His pants getting tighter just thinking about it again. They said their goodbyes after they sung happy birthday to him. He told them to keep the party going as long as they liked. He told his mates that he was tired.  But in reality he just wanted to get his old lady in bed.

As soon as they got home his lady changed into his favorite bra and panty set. She knew it would drive him wild. She covered up with a robe and went to find her old man. She walked into the kitchen to see chibs standing at the counter confused.

“Baby… ya didn’t make me a cake? Ya know that’s ma favorite part. Ya know how much I love yer homemade cake.” he looked like a lost puppy.

“I got you a cake… “

“Aye? Where is it?”

His lady pulls out a jar of icing from the cupboard and sets it on the counter. She opens it up and scoops a bit out with her finger. Chibs looks very confused and intrigued.

“I’m the cake…” she says as she sticks her finger in his mouth. He sucks every ounce of it off. The combination of the icing with her skin made his erection grow tight in his pants again. “Hope you don’t mind ‘me’ flavored this year.

His passion was beginning to blind him. He picked her up and then carried her to their room. He stood her up and began to remove the robe she was wearing. He licked his lips at the sight of his favorite lingerie on her. He pushed her down to the bed. It was his birthday and he was in charge. He quickly undressed. She quickly repositioned herself and got on her knees in front of him. She grabbed his member and began to kiss and lick the tip. Chibs let out a groan as he tilted his head back. He ran his hands through her hair and guided her down onto himself. She bobbed her head up down until chibs could feel the pressure building.

“Stop love. I want ta be inside you. I can’t take it anymore.” He stopped her and felt the pressure begin to go down. He wasn’t ready. Not quite yet.

He laid her back down onto the bed and began to remove her clothes slowly. She took the icing with her fingers and began to put smudges of it on random parts of her exposed skin and breast. He kissed her lips. He slowly began to lick and suck the icing off her body where she had smeared it. He took his time sucking the icing off her nipple. He bit down playfully which made her jerk with pleasure. He positioned himself over her and slid his hands down to her core. She was so wet and ready. He ached to be inside of her. He teased her folds with his member and she writhed in pleasure. The tease was killing her.

“Daddy I need you so bad” She begged. She had said the magic word. He loved it when she called him daddy and begged. He pushed into her slowly until he couldn’t go any farther. He stayed there for a second enjoying the feel of her tightness around himself. He began to pump in and out of her. Soft at first then picking up the speed until all that could be heard was the slapping of skin and heavy breathing.

“Fuck lass ya feel too good. I’m not gonna last!” he moaned.

“Oh daddy please give it to me. ” She breathed out hard as her release took a firm grasp of her.  

“Uhh Fuuuuck” he groaned in pleasure as his own release took over him. He collapsed on top of her. “Baby you’re the best birthday present I could ever wish for.”

“I love you Filip Telford. Happy birthday baby.”

“I love ya too. Now rest up because I’m still hungry and there’s a lot more icing we need ta get through.”

“Well I got one more surprise for you” she says to him. She leaves the room and comes back with an actual cake. His very favorite kind. “We’ll need more fuel if we’re going to be up all night.”

“God I love ya woman”

She smiled at him. She knew this would be a long and adventurous night. But for her man she’d do anything. Especially on his birthday.

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Hope I got everyone… Love yous guys!!!

HEY @tfwhxh!! HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY MY PRECIOUS FRIENDO!! I drew your favorite boys since I know how much you love them! Save the cake before Killua eats it in one bite haha But anyways, I hope your bday was great and that you received lots of love and wonderful gifts!!

Kylo has invited Rey to spend the evening with him in his pied-à-terre….I mean, his grandfather’s castle. He added some soft furnishings for extra cosiness (although you can’t really see them because they are black), and he got her some flowers! 

Oh Kylo, you are so thoughtful. You know how much I love things that grow….

(Kylo: “….🍆….”)

A giant chocolate cake is served in the sitting room, which boasts breathtaking views of the renowned lava lakes. Rey only seems to have eyes for the food though….“I didn’t know there was this much cake in the whole galaxy!”

One thing leads to another, and the two of them retire to the master bedroom (which also boasts the legendary lava lake views)…once again, the link between food and sex is confirmed…

(kissy bits get played with)

Happy Birthday Sanji~!

Today it’s Sanji’s birthday!

Exactly one year ago I was in Tokyo and visited the Mugiwara Store and enjoying the Day of Sanji in the Year of Sanji.

Now, I’ve been extremely busy for the last six months and I haven’t been able to write even half of the posts I come up with in my head. But today is Sanji’s birthday and he’s my favorite anime character of all time. So, I am going to talk about my love for Sanji, and all (some of) the reasons to why he’s my favorite.

Under the cut you’ll find a lot of love and me being biased! Now on to my list of reasons to love Sanji.

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(yay i was secretly praying for this)

  • proposes - definitely shiro, and in the most old-fashioned way possible
  • shops for groceries - keith but with a list that shiro has given him, and he grumbles cuz he can’t find everything so he has to text shiro as a last resort because god forbid he comes back home with something from the list missing
  • kills the spiders - keith is very good at it, there were plenty of them in the desert shack, whereas shiro is surprisingly phobic and will shriek whenever he sees one - especially the big black ones - which makes keith laugh every time
  • comes home drunk at 3am - shiro, and he always wants to cuddle so he wakes up keith who pretends that he’s angry when in fact he loves nothing more than to cuddle with drunk shiro and softly kiss him into sleep
  • remembers to feed the fish - both, so the fish is overfed :)))
  • initiates duets - shiro, boy can this dude sing, he has the nicest voice keith has ever heard
  • falls asleep first - keith, and shiro always watches him sleep, peacefully wrapped in his arms
  • plans spontaneous trips - shiro loves nothing more than to surprise keith with - seemingly - unprepared trips. keith feels down? let’s go to hawaii and drink cocktails on the beach! it looks spontaneous but shiro thinks about it for weeks and has the whole thing prepared just in case
  • wakes the other up at 3am demanding pancakes - keith, he may be skinny but boy has a solid appetite, and shiro is always happy to indulge (also because shiro knows keith likes to see him wearing an apron)
  • sends the other unsolicited nudes - shiro, especially when he knows keith is with company! the phone chimes and keith looks at the message, blushing hard - everybody knows what’s going on but no one will make a comment or risk being punched in the face
  • brags about knowing karate even though they never made it past yellow belt - shiro, he wasn’t such a fighter until he had to learn for survival, but he’s a natural so everyone believes he’s a black belt
  • comes to a complete halt outside bakeries/candy shops - keith, he loves the smell of cakes - did i mention how much he loves eating ???
  • blows sarcastic kisses after doing ridiculous shit - shiro, much to keith’s embarassment
  • killed the guy (also, which hid the body) - shiro killed the guy (cuz he was threatening keith) and keith hid the body (cuz he would do everything for shiro)
  • wears the least clothing around the house - shiro is always in his underwear - cuz it’s soooo hot keef - and keith won’t pretend he doesn’t like it ;)
  • has icky sentimental moments for no apparent reason - shiro is always the first one to cry, when they’re watching a movie, listening to sad music, etc. but only when it’s the two of them together

send me a pairing and i’ll tell you who…

Driving Miss Sansa

submitted by @jonsaforlife for @jonsa-creatives Summer Challenge

Day 4 (13 Jul): Hazy Days

“This gloomy weather is just insufferable. I can’t imagine it’s summer already. It’s so foggy outside, I can hardly see the garden from here! Oh summer sun where art thou?” Arya huffed as she laid on the velvet lounge in the new beaded dress that Gendry had gifted her from Kings Landing.

“Oh I do wish you would stop groaning about the weather, Arya. It’s perfectly cool today, wonderful for a walk don’t you think?” Sansa chided her sister as she walked to the large windows that overlooked the fountains. Indeed, it was foggy and quite a sad sight, especially on a Saturday morning in the middle of July.

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It’s that time again!

I can’t draw to save my life with Spla2n’s touchscreen, so I opted to use good ol’ MS Paint. This Splatfest has.. kind of a bad theme? Like, I’m sure everyone thought of it at some point, but personally it’s just one of those things that go really well together. I ended up going with cake because of how much I love tiramisu, which I tried drawing.

Sidenote, if anyone wants to look for me during Splatfest, I’ll be named “Bagel” with that edgy skrillex hair using the Roller/Dualies (might use the Charger just to test it out). Oh, and red eyes. Gotta love those extra color options.

can u believe i had the audacity to be asleep when my irish son hit a milestone wow

WE DID IT GUYS 16 million holy SHIT thats a lot of people

jack, you deserve every one of them and i am so proud of u!!! You’ve worked so so hard recently (well, always, but especially recently i feel like idk your content has been so varied and fun and its brilliant) and i hope you know how much we love u for it! I hope you get a cake or something!

and i love all of you guys. Thank you for being a family, not just a fandom

Sentence starter..."Explain yourself."

I got bored so here we are. I’m not sure if this is how sentence starters go but I’m going to roll with it!


“Explain yourself ” he said, pinching the bridge of his nose as he looked at the mess you’d made.

There was chocolate all over his purple covered walls. Cake batter splashed onto the walls, the tiles, even you. Not to mention the stove was filled with chocolate dropping out of it.

You cake, had exploded.

“I-I, well I wanted to, I know how much you love dark chocolate !! So, I uhh…. tried to make you a cake” you look at the ground sheepishly.

There’s a sigh, then long strong arms come around you.

“I appreciate the effort princess, but maybe you should leave the baking to professionals”

You whimper but nod, “Okay Puddin”

He lifts your head by tilting your chin up to him.

“You’re such mess”, he licks your nose, then makes a sound of approval, “we need to get you cleaned up.”

You giggle and run to your bathroom, he bolts after you.

Oh you’d get clean alright.

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Send “💭” for my characters thoughts on yours. - Emillia

“Doctor Corwin? Oh Light shes an angel, a loud mouthed, strong headed angel that I love to pieces. She doesn’t take people walking over her, and she’ll tell you how it is. I absolutely adore her for that, we’re similar in that sense. I’m afraid I don’t get to often be as hard headed these days, as its not appropriate given my situation, but still.. I trust her with all my heart and adore her just as much. Anyone who knows her, knows she’ll treat anyone with kindness, just like myself. She’s made a wonderful addition to my family and I will never let any harm come to her. But with how much Caerston loves her honey cakes, I don’t think I need to even protect her. He’d likely take a bullet to save those honey cakes..”

@emilliacorwin @caerston for mentions!