how much i loove you

therosiesweetheart  asked:

I loove how you play Griffith so much. You really capture his intimidating demeanor using his eloquence and simple grace alone. And that's tricky with a character like Griffith to play out. You are A+ Baby ♡♡ 👈😁👌

what is ONE THING you like about the way i play my character?

{{ ♥ Thank you, Rosie ♥ I’m really happy to hear that, because I want him to be intimidating! It means I haven’t quite failed =D }}

Skydoesminecraft girl presented yesterday. Not a whole lot hapened, but imma tell you guys anyway to keep you out of suspence. The only interesting thing that happened is that one of her friends presented on Markiplier, and I know how much you guys just loove his videos. The only real cringe was how painfully awkward they were, and the fact that both presentations were IDENTICAL. They went like;

“ Uh… Hi. My here is firstname lastname. He is a… An entertainer. He donated lots to money to charity one time .. And uh…. Hes really funny and makes people happy….uh…. Thats my hero..”

We had to sit through two of those.