how much does this surprise you

Ethan notices you’re upset

- when you guys go out to a movie, he asks if you’re comfortable where you’re sitting

- he surprises you at work and brings you a flower and snacks

- when him and Gray fly to New York, he sends you cute little texts throughout the day about how much he loves you

- he takes you out for weekly date night and brings you somewhere you’ve always wanted to go

- he asks you what you wanna do on a lazy Saturday afternoon

- he cuddles you extra close in bed and rubs your back soothingly until you fall asleep

- he lets you do his makeup even though he hates it, he does it because he knows you enjoy it

- he brings you breakfast in bed one rainy morning, because he knows you don’t like to get up when it’s rainy

- he brings you into the bathtub and sits with you in front of him, enjoying the warmth of the bath and the intimacy of sitting there together

- he gives you his favorite sweatshirt to wear around the house

- he massages your back after work and plays with your hair

- he watches your favorite tv shows with you, even though they do not appeal to him in the slightest but he does it for you

- he surprises you with little gifts like stuffed animals and chocolates

- he lets you be the big spoon because he knows sometimes you need to hold him instead sometimes

- he cleans the house after the mess him and Gray made after filming a video so you don’t have to

Why sun sign astrology doesn’t work

Let’s face it: a lot of the time, you won’t relate to your sun sign.

Your sun sign is who you are at your BEST. It’s who you are when you’re in your element, when you’re confident, when you’re in a comfortable situation.

Your sun sign is your identity, but also who you aspire to be. When you think of your sun sign, you think of the qualities that make you special, and make you an individual. It’s probably something you’re proud of. But also, it’s something to live up to; it’s a goal to be the best version of your sun sign that you can possibly be.

The sun sign is extremely important, because it follows you throughout your life in all ways, but it often can’t be pinpointed to specifics like the other placements can. It’s much more broad; it’s always present, but sometimes it’s just out of reach.

People will not always see your sun sign when they first meet you. But close friends will see your sun sign more than anything else, because they see the best in you.

Your RISING sign is who you are all the time, without thinking about it. It’s natural.

Any time you feel threatened, need to put up a front, want to “appear” a certain way…that is your rising sign. Many people don’t consider the rising sign as important as the sun. But in reality, it’s more important.

Some people aren’t even aware of their rising sign. Some people will be surprised when they read the description. But if you ask anyone around you, they will see it immediately. You can’t hide your rising sign, you have to just accept it.

If you meet someone for the first time, that is their rising sign.

Your moon sign won’t be seen by the world at first either, but a lot of times it can be seen more than the sun sign. Your moon sign is your instinctual reactions and ways of living.

Any time you’re upset, you’re happy, you’re jealous, you’re disappointed…these are all times that your moon sign will show. Depending on the sign, of course, it will show in different ways.

Anything to do with the emotions cannot be defined by the sun sign. That is the realm of the moon sign. People wonder why they don’t relate to their sun sign on a lot of different posts - this is why. The moon sign is far more important, because it is your immediate needs and behavior.

People who see through you see your moon sign; people who are able to connect with you emotionally. They have to look deeply enough to get through the wall put up by the rising sign, though.

Mercury is how you get your message across. When you meet someone, there’s a bit of mercury thrown in there too, since they’ll be communicating with you.

Sometimes people will not consider you to be a lot like your sun sign. That’s probably because your mercury is in a different sign than your sun. It’s a bit conflicting, because the words you say are quite different from who you actually are - you might seem more like your mercury sign in some ways.

Mercury is probably the least appreciated and noticed placement in astrology. People always seem to forget about it, but it’s absolutely vital to understanding someone’s personality.

“What is an *insert sign here* like in love?” This is the question that everyone wants to know. Unfortunately, people usually answer it with sun sign. Again.

Venus is your true “love” placement. You might get a sense of what someone is like with their sun sign, but in a relationship you might be surprised when they act so differently. Their idea of romance might be drastically different from their central identity.

Mars is where to look if you want to get an idea of the overall energy someone gives off. Rising sign has a part in this too, but mars is how someone takes action.

Mars, in a sense, is also related to love because it’s how someone does the pursuing. Mars has to do with initiative (and how much of that you take).

Next time you make an astrology post, read an astrology post, or think about astrology in any way, remember this. Most people don’t do their research, and make assumptions that all sun signs are a certain way, and all people will relate to all aspects of their sun sign. This is not the case.

Think to yourself: is this asking about me on a daily basis? My emotions? How I communicate? How I act in love? My impulses?

Chances are, it’s not your sun sign.

Sometimes when Kara is exhausted she sleep flies. It’s so rare that she doesn’t even think much about it until she has a particularly trying month that just pushes her to her absolute limit, like she falls into bed in her supergirl outfit covered in soot and just conks out. She doesn’t wake up for a good 11 hours, and when she does wake up its to find she’s in a different bed. A much nicer bed, based on the silkiness of the sheets she’s getting filth all over, and she sheepishly makes her way out when she hears soft humming from the kitchen, and there standing over a skillet is Lena Luthor. She didn’t even know where Lena lived, let alone how to find her and climb into bed with her. Sleep-Kara must have just heard her heartbeat and followed it.

“Good morning, Supergirl,” Lena says with a smile. “You were a surprising thing to wake up to.”

“I am so sorry, Miss Luthor. I don’t even know how I got here.”

“Lena, please. When you wake up in bed with another woman wrapped around you I think it best to be on a first name basis.”

“Lena,” Supergirl says sheepishly, her face red, “I’m really sorry about your sheets. I’ll replace them for you, if you want.” Lena waves it off.

“I’m fairly confident I make more money than the government pays you, Supergirl. Don’t even worry about it.”

“Okay. Well! I promise you, this will never happen again!”

It happens every night for the next week. Even when the exhaustion starts to fade, Kara still falls asleep in her apartment and wakes up wrapped around Lena Luthor. Her subconscious is betraying her, and these morning afters are getting increasingly more confusing. Especially when Kara has a dream she’s eating the best tasting ice cream she’s ever had only to wake up realizing she might be mouthing at a very awake, clinging, heart-racing Lena.

the problem with MCU Tony Stark characterisation in fanfic

okay so I love smol, soft, vulnerable Tony Stark as much as the next person, but sometimes I think we forget some super important things when writing him:

  • literally within an hour of IM1 we see Tony hammering metal with basic tools in a cave which is very physically taxing for someone not used to it
  • we see Tony Stark miniaturise the arc reactor, something his own dad never figured out, in the space of three months whilst probably battling chest infections, the threat of death and low cognitive function (the fluctuating temperate, irregular meals, sleep cycle and high risk of infection from open heart surgery drastically affects your thought process, genius or not) - with fuck all available
  • there is the suggestion that Tony + Running isn’t so much of a novel idea in IM1′s ‘Dogfight’ as Rhodey doesn’t bite back and say ‘you don’t jog’ in response to Tony’s flighty responses - that would be the first thing a best friend would point out to their fellow bullshitter
  • he and Happy practise MMA against one another (IM2) and Happy isn’t someone to go gentle - Tony isn’t one to want Happy to pull his punches so Tony is proficient in some form of close combat when fully cognisant - we see Happy’s skills when he finally (!) punches one trained fighter as Tash knocks off everyone else. if Happy can do that, Tony certainly can - and even better now he’s a full Avenger (we ignore Civil War, okay)
  • he literally takes a sledgehammer to his own home and re-discovers and element once again previously hidden to his own dad - a man heralded and lauded as The Genius - so he’s very proactive and willing to move shit around to figure something out
  • we also see the strength needed in the synthesising of this element - his arms are literally b u l g i n g  with muscle mass, so this gives us the nod that Tony does work out to keep himself fit
  • in IM3 he literally has nothing? he makes his OWN weapons again from store-avaliable items and takes down literally a whole compound under his own steam (reminiscent of IM1 building of the suit with a box of scraps) so he isn’t exactly ‘useless’ when given the correct tools
  • despite that bullshit scene where he suddenly ‘forgets’ that magazines aren’t universal for all, we know Tony handles guns - he does it when he’s escaped the bed in the basement, when facing the Mandarin etc and he’s confident enough to use them correctly (deliberately missing Trevor but close enough to make him shit himself) so this crap about him suddenly being unable to shoot a light from that distance is again, bullshit
  • he literally drags the iron man suit through the snow - whilst it’s (MK42) is about 240 pounds on, it’s gonna be a lot heavier with all the hydraulics and electrics powered down. it takes core strength to make it and drag it, guys, so he’s pretty well built for a civvie
  • in avengers he spends just as much time moving - you need insane core strength to maintain a flying position, metal suit or not, and you need to be physically fit to fly it too if you think of how often it would have glitched and malfunctioned with hits before it rebooted. just because he’s in a metal suit it doesn’t mean it’s effortless and JARVIS does it for him - it’s like riding a horse. the movements are subtle but you’re using so many fucking muscles and so much energy
  • in AOU he literally fucking JUMPS FROM THE BALCONY ONTO A BOT floating in mid air like, that’s super gutsy for a civvie who has no official ‘spy’/army training or no backup Green Machine but by this point nothing surprises us about this fuckwit tbh (it gets me every time when I see him do that)
  • he gets thrown into walls so often with enough force to knock out a normal person like, i’m surprised he, Rhodey and Bruce don’t have constant concussion tbh - in IM3 with a missile blast/ in AOU against the wall after Ultron and down to the floor from a great height
  • he’s super fucking gutsy and takes massive risks for someone with no healing factor or special skills - in IM3 when he faces off against the Mandarin with nothing/jumps off a balcony on the rig and slides down the bending metal before jumping into fucking mid-air relying only on his suits to save him/facing off against Loki and then being thrown out of a window despite not knowing what would happen at all and knowing that his suit wasn’t quite ready/relying only on his mobile gauntlet to save his whole fucking face when Bucky (poor soul) tries to shoot him (unintentionally it isn’t Bucky okay) in the middle of his freak-out (and these are all without the whole suit, only bits and pieces, so don't say he’s a little wallflower he has as many balls as the rest of them in combat)
  • have you seen him in a three piece suit??? his figure is fine af from all this shit 
  • he literally survived a blast to the fucking chest with a bomb, survived palladium poisoning, thought his way out of countless shit, is a certified genius, a massive polyglot, has several doctorates and isn’t the soft, smol, vulnerable little chicken so much fanfiction makes him out to be

I love reading those smol, cutesy fics from time to time too - because lbr MCU!Tony IS small in stature because Robert is, bless his platform shoes - but please remember Tony is actually meant to be a badass physically fit (wiry or lithe, depending on comics or movieverse) superhero - he may not be great at hand-to-hand combat like Cap or twenty feet tall like Thor but he can certainly hold his own fgs.  

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Is dual wielding (like two swords, a sword and a knife or two knives) an actual effectiv fighting style or just something that looks cool??

With two swords, not really. There’s a few stray examples. It’s not so much ineffective as incredibly difficult. With that in mind, you can absolutely learn how to do this as an exhibition technique. Which, yes, ends up in the range of something that looks cool.

A sword and an off hand dagger has a lot of utility. The off hand dagger actually becomes a defensive tool.This can range from something like a stiletto, used to deflect an incoming strike, or it can include a swordbreaker, which depending on circumstances might simply hold your opponent’s blade in place while you turn them into goulash with your sword.

It’s probably worth remembering that the parrying dagger is more common when dealing with lighter blades, while sword breakers were more common when dealing with heavier, slower, blades.

Dual daggers are a legitimate, hyper-aggressive, knife fighting option. You’re trading any kind of defense for more opportunities to attack. When the user has the element of surprise it can make a bad situation so much worse, but if their foe can respond, it can go wrong for the dual wielder very quickly.

If you’re wondering how a knife can go from being a defensive tool to an offense option, it has to do with the ranges you’re engaging at. Incidentally, a swordsman with an off hand dagger does have the option to attack at extremely close ranges where they can’t attack with their sword.

I know we’ve said this before, but weapons have specific ranges. Get too close, and you can’t use them anymore. A sword works best at a little over arm’s length. For example: A sword won’t do much good while you’re lying on top of your foe. On the other hand, if you can reach out and touch someone, knives are always good to go. The advantage for a sword is it will add 36-40 inches to your reach.

It’s also worth remembering that a sword with an off-hand pistol was a real option up into the 19th century. You’d open an encounter by putting a bullet in someone, and then use the sword.


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What is Determination?

Sounds weird but I bring you a theory that might be something you’ve never wondered before. It’s something I’ve been researching for a while and I had assumed things that were only farfetched theories until now… I think I’ve figured it out for the most part and I can actually call this a theory.

So… first you gotta ask yourself, does red mean DETERMINATION? It is true that it never defines red as determination, however it is heavily implied by all the times you save and die and it sends a message “You’re filled with determination”. But never once in the game it colors the word “Determination” with red. In the genocide route when we save after killing all monster in the area it says determination colored in red, but since this route is when chara is more active while interacting with all all the words said by them are colored red so that’s not something I felt I could use as a solid proof to say “yes red means determination”

This question led me to research for a line in game where the other souls are mentioned, how do we know the other colors like orange and blue for example, mean bravery and integrity? So I was remembered of the small ball game at snowdin, that’s where the answer’s gotta be.

To my surprise, only after winning every single one of the flags we get this message

This is where we can confirm what eacch color means. But… where’s the red?

This is the only message that we get after the definition of each trait

“Ball game”?? Determination is not a ball… much less a game… right?

Now… why exactly is that colored in red? What does it represent?

Going back a little, when you first encounter this ball game, when you approach the hole it gives us this message:

So now we have HOLE colored in red.

The reason of why it took me so long to realize what this meant, is because you have to think outside the box to figure it out in a way it made sense. And then the answer clicked insids my brain.

What if the combination of all traits, is what makes determination?

The text is implying that once the game is won, only then you can “win” the ball game and get the RED text. But you can only win the game by getting all other traits first. As the text mentions:

“Using these you were able to win at ‘Ball Game’ ” having the words “Ball game” colored in red.

Now let’s apply this in game.

The first time we play, we all mostly got a neutral ending, wether we screwed up the begining by killing a single frogit since we thought this was a normal rpg (like I did…) or by just not getting all the “dates” with papyrus, alphys and undyne.

Tecchnically the neutral ending is made to leave us, as players, unsatisfied, we want a better ending because we know monsters deserved better, we want them to be free, so we look for a way to make that happen.

Through our journey in the underground we make friends and have unforgettable experiences with monsters, ssometimes we get a neutral ending because we were kind but lacked integrity. Maybe we befriended everyons in our oath but forgot to persevere and missed alphys’ date… but… only, and ONLY after achieving all these dates and only after befriending everyone is that we can truly “win the game” getting our beloved pacifist ending.

Only after being patient with toriel at the start, only after being kind to the people we meet, only after being brave against undyne, only after having the inyegrity to spare flowey’ life after everything he did to us, we persevered through the underground trying to find a true ending something that we might have misses to give monsters the freedom they deserve because that’s what we think is FAIR, we want to bring them justice.

Only after all that we manage to face asriel dreemurr who is literally infinite times more powerful than us, and through our determination (both frisk’s and chara’s) we manage to get our pacifist ending.

This is where I was singing victory, like “YES I FIGURED IT OUT” but then I thought if this is supossed to represent the game and is supossed to imply that by getting all the traits in that we get determination… then what’s up with the genocide route…

There’s nothinng kind, or fair, or brave about the genocide route… so… how can determination be a combination of all traits.

This is where I was stuck for a long time, but I kept my theory and assuming I was right, if I was in the right track, I was clearly missing something. I just had to found what was it… and then I found it.

The FIRST time you get the red flag you get the rainbow text, as shown above, it defines that by gathering all traits you get determination and won the game.

But what happens when you get the RED flag a SECOND time… something different appears:

It doesn’t say like.. “DETERMINATION” in red with a definition. Of course, we already stated that determination was a combination of all traits, so what does this mean? And why only after the second time we get the rainbow text does it change?…

Well, this is the game’s way to represent our “true nature” we are, sadly, very curious, and usually after doing a pacifist route, we go to make a genocide one, or not only a genocide route but we go and experiment with the game, killing whatever quantity we feel like, getting to the end with a certain amount of LV to get a different line of text, we lose all consideration for the characters and just see them as a way to get a different line of text, not as our friends, but as tools.

So… this is where my speculation became theory:

Determination is both, a combination of all traits and the mere desire of being determined enough to get as many “red flags” or “endings” as possible so we can see all different lines of text we continue to being ourselves but not in a good way, we simply reveal our curious nature and desire for more.

Determination can be used for good or evil, but both count as determination wether it’s used to revive once and again and again only to get a different ending, or to refuse death and survive an attack with infinite stats. Though I have to say, the good kind of determination sounds more powerful to me.

Sure we get determination for the smallest littlest things but the TRUE determination that will allow us to make the impossible possible, is gained by either gathering all traits, or just having the desire of keep going forwards not taking into account your intentions

You know how sometimes we make meme and social media references in real life?

The aliens certainly didn’t.

The captain had no idea what to expect from his decision to bring a second human aboard the ship. His only guidance in the matter had been the rather unhelpful suggestion to acquire one already pack-bonded with Human-Megan. Unfortunately, given human nature, this could apply to any number of humans, and attempting to ask Human-Megan herself for an organized list of them all proved useless. (He had been immediately accused of being a “stalker”.)

However, he did eventually become aware of a certain human who had been a “sister from another mister” for most of Human-Megan’s life. Upon inquiring about this new human, he was met with enthusiastic approval, mostly in the form of the repeated, painfully high-pitched word “yes”.

And so Human-Lynn was brought aboard.

At first, the crew were presented with nothing they were unfamiliar with. There had been a temporary scare upon first viewing Human-Lynn, due to the vibrant and multicolored crop of hair she bore. However, Human-Lynn had quickly ended their confusion by explaining the concept of hair dye, which, although it had left a few crewmembers nauseous, was understandable for human standards.

In addition, Human-Lynn was considerably less emotional, or so it seemed. Upon encountering disagreements with the crew, she would begin laying down insults in an almost offhand manner, and nothing seemed to cause her to be visibly furious. However, Human-Megan had assured them that she was simply “sassy” and “sarcastic” in nature, and that when she began to insult them in such a calm manner, she was indeed furious (although it was difficult to imagine that a being could be simultaneously calm and furious).

But then came the strange, and often illogical, conversations that often ensued between Human-Lynn and Human-Megan.

For instance, there was their first passage through a nebula since Human-Lynn’s arrival. Human-Megan, although she had borne witness to nebulae before, looked on in wonder almost identical to Human-Lynn’s. Both were seemingly rendered immobile, mouths slightly agape.


“Yeah,” Human-Megan affirmed.

“What’s the…how does this even…” After a moment of failed articulation, Human-Lynn let out a deep sigh. “Science side of Tumblr?”

“Space dust do the glow-glow,” Human-Megan responded almost seamlessly.

“Thank you, science side of Tumblr.”

Several more occurrences of seemingly cryptic conversations where yet to come. Occasionally, the two would make eye contact and mutter “same” for seemingly no reason at all, and once during the first meal rotation Human-Lynn had stood and bellowed, “AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA!” much to the surprise and momentary panic of her fellow crewmembers.

At last, a member of the cultural research department approached the two during their third meal rotation and inquired about the nature of their seemingly meaningless conversations. It was his duty, after all, to collect data regarding new species, especially in regards to behavior.

He was met with general laughter, a sound still rather jarring to hear without appropriate warning.

“Holy…crap,” Human-Lynn breathed, wiping a tear from her eye as she shook with laughter. “An alien…wants to know…about memes. I never thought I’d see the day.”


“Yeah,” Human-Megan affirmed. “They’re like…I don’t know…references to popular culture on Earth? They’re usually pretty stupid, and either considered hilarious or grounds to murder someone because they’re that stupid.”

“Grounds to…murder someone?!”

“Not literally, dude. We’ve discussed this. Not literally.”

“There’s a lot of memes,” Human-Lynn continued in her friend’s place. “Spongebob is a few…oh, there’s the dog in the burning house. You know, the ‘this is fine’ meme?”

“Yeah, and Moon-Moon, and 'you shall not pass’–”

“John Cena–”

“Screw you, I hate John Cena–”

“These are not the droids you’re looking for, that one’s a classic–”

“And then there’s some that aren’t really memes, they’re more like Tumblr legends. Like the science side of Tumblr, and John Green, and Superwholock. But Lynn and I like to use those in real life because we’re weird.”

The researcher nodded, a gesture he had it adopted from the humans he studied, although the concepts they were referring to were far beyond his understanding. Perhaps this was one of those cases where you had to simply let humans be humans, regardless of how strange it was.

“I believe I have heard of these…memes,” he mused after a moment. “So…what is Rickrolling?”

Immediately the grins dropped from the humans’ faces.

“We don’t talk about Rickrolling,” hissed Human-Megan. “We never–EVER–discuss–Rickrolling.”





FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF with the lightest most PG mention of sex

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share ur fave yoonmin moments!

  • There’s this Bangtan Episode for Bangtans’ first birthday party in that video Jimin and Yoongi are decorating a cake, on their way back to the dorm Yoongi starts complaining that Jimin doesn’t like him, so Jimin scoots really close to him and says “Hyung, I like you Hyung” in a very low voice and everytime I think of that I yell on the inside. 
  • During an Inkigayo Fanmeet Yoongi was explaining the reason that he teases Jimin so much is because he really loves him and he’s cute, he then asks Jimin for a hug and everyone else in Bangtan starts screaming from the sudden affection coming from Yoongi. (:
  • When Bangtan was playing Jenga in a Bangtan Bomb they switched up the rules and decided that the loser would have to kiss someone else, at the end the loser ends up being Jimin and Jimin decides to ask Yoongi “Would you like to kiss with me?”, everyone else in Bangtan gets excited about this as they loudly start chanting “It’s Suga-Hyung!” and Taehyung even starts to lightly hold him down, when Jimin starts walking towards Yoongi, slowly removing his jacket, the fact that Yoongi just sat there waiting for it was something to scream about. 
  • Another one of my favorite moments was during Kiss The Radio, when Yoongi was asked if he was composing any songs lately, he then answered that he was and that he was thinking of giving a song to Jimin because he’s a really hard worker.
  • During BTS FESTA 2016 each member had to answer questions about another member to see how much they knew about them, for Jimin’s questions it said things like “Thigh Measurement?” and “Ring Size?”, after Namjoon finishes answering all of Jimins’ question Yoongi then said “I would’ve easily got all the answers right if I did Jimins’.” if that doesn’t scream Yoonmin to you, I don’t know what does. 
  • There was this radio that Yoongi did on VLIVE and it was his birthday, he had called Jimin asking where he was to which Jimin replied “I’m in your heart hyung.”, a few seconds later Jimin came out and surprised him with a cake, he had also gotten Yoongi a sweater for his birthday that Yoongi had immediately put on. Towards the end of the stream Yoongi asks each member to say something to him because it’s his birthday, Hoseok and Taehyung both say something along the lines of “Thank you” but Jimin just looks at Yoongi and says “You know” to which Yoongi replies “I know”. The whole stream was just screaming Yoonmin to me. 
  • Also I think that Jimin during Yoongi’s ISAC basketball game deserves a spot on this list too. In this video you basically see Jimin at Yoongis feet, doing whatever he can to make sure that Yoongi is not feeling any stress before and during his baskteball game. Jimin even takes it up a notch and starts cheering for him really loudly, catching everyones’ attention.
Advice/FYI’s to High School Seniors

My main pieces of advice for all those students starting their senior year of high school this fall. Of course, these won’t all apply to everyone, but take what you want from it. Here’s some advice from someone who just graduated. 

  1. By the time you get to senior year you either have 3 close friends. or you’ll be friends with everyone. Either way, cherish them all. 
  2. Do not slack off. If you do, at least wait until the second semester. 
  3. Take easy classes. Unless you don’t mind lower grades in hard classes due to senioritis then I suggest you keep your senior schedule pretty simple. 
  4. Take off periods. You will LOVE them. You will be surprised with how much longer your days feel.
  5. Definitely start driving to school, or carpooling with someone who does. 
  6. Go to the football games. Even if your team sucks. They’re just good experiences.
  7. Actually, go to as many school events as possible. Senior year was my first time going to volleyball games, or the dance shows. This is your last chance to experience them.
  8. You do not need to go off campus for lunch everyday. You do not want to earn your freshmen fifteen as a senior.
  9. Your senior year group of friends will be the group of friends that you wish you’d had all throughout high school.
  10. You will meet new people, and become friends and wish that you met them sooner. Because some of them will be juniors and you probably won’t see them for a very long time. 
  11. Start applying to colleges as early as you can. Preferably once you start senior year, or the summer before. 
  12. If you haven’t already taken your SAT/ACT you definitely need to get started on that your first semester. 
  13. Go to prom if you can. It won’t be the BEST night of your life, but it’s a good one. 
  14. Start thinking about what you want to major in. This is definitely subject to change, but you’re going to want to know a couple options once you start applying to colleges.
  15. Once you do accept your offer for a college, and it becomes definite, high school becomes so much harder to get through because you just want to leave. 
  16. You’re going to be waiting for graduation THE WHOLE YEAR. 
  17. If you’re in a relationship and are going your separate ways after graduating now would be a good time to either end it, or figure out ways to be long distance.
  18. Long distance very rarely works. 
  19. At prom, it is a very good idea to invest in some comfortable shoes.
  20. Take lots of pictures.
  21. Go on college visits to as many colleges as you can.
  22. Save your absences for the last weeks of school because that’s when you are REALLY not going to want to go. 
  23. Be one good terms with some of your teachers, because you’re going to want letters of recommendation. 
  24. If you want to take pictures with your friends after graduation, be ready to pick a place to meet up beforehand because it will be very hard to find them afterwards.
  25. Do your homework. Please. 
  26. Stop talking to the people that you realize you’re only nice to because you have classes with them. 
  27. Now is just not a good time to develop a crush. 
  28. AP tests are suddenly very hard to study for considering that you’ve been taking it easy all year.
  29. Your SAT score does not define you and getting a bad one is not the end of the world.
  30. However, do as well as you can because colleges often give assured scholarships to students who meet certain SAT/ACT scores. 
  31. Your GPA is either going to drop, or raise A LOT. 
  32. GPA doesn’t really matter at this point though. Junior year grades matter the most. 
  33. Spend a lot of time with your family. You’ll be off to college before you know it.
  34. High school parties are honestly overhyped. 
  35. Now would be a good time to acquire a taste for coffee. 
  36. If you oversleep, I honestly recommend just staying home that day unless you have a test. 
  37. T-shirts will become your clothing of choice. 
  38. If you love makeup, like me, by the last 2 months of school you just won’t have the energy to wake up 20 minutes earlier to apply it. So learn to be okay with how you look without makeup. 
  39. Please eat breakfast. 
  40. No one cares if you eat in the cafeteria. 
  41. The freshman look SO tiny and it makes you wonder if you looked that small 3 years ago. 
  42. Go to all the pep rallies. 
  43. Have fun during spirit week. Some colleges don’t have them, so take advantage of it now.
  44. It is totally okay to not have a date for prom.
  45. One of the happiest moments you will have all year is being able to walk across the stage. Also, one of the shortest.
  46. Despite what everyone says, there is a very good chance that you WON’T cry at graduation. 
  47. The senior year teachers are always the best.
  48. Be nice to the freshman.
  49. Be nice to any underclassmen actually.
  50. But also, take pride in being a senior. This is your last year. Own it. 
BTS REACTION to S/O trying to act cute but accidentally turns them on


Jin wasn’t giving you any attention as he talked to the members instead of you. You didn’t mind him bonding with them, but when it got to the point of him ignoring you? That’s when you started to mind. You pouted, planning to act cute just to get his attention. You knew he loved it when you tried to act cute. You gave him a small pout, your eyes wide as you sat on his lap. He was taken aback by your action, his focus no longer on the conversation in front of him. He wrapped his arms around you as you started to act cute, making small noises as you twisted in his lap. He grunted, quickly leaning towards you to grip your hips so they stopped moving around. He rested his head on your shoulder, and you gave him a confused look as you stopped trying to act cute. He bit your shoulder, making you gasp in surprise as you realized why he made you stop moving your hips.

“Your cute noises reminded me too much of last time I fucked you so good.. And your wiggling hips aren’t helping, baby.”

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You wanted to dress up as a cute school girl for halloween and wanted to show him your new outfit. He only nodded his head once, not really paying attention as he continued to work on a new track. You smiled widely, changing into the outfit. The skirt was a little short, and the shirt showed off a little bit of your stomach, but you didn’t think much of it as you put your hair up in a ponytail. You sighed, calling for Yoongi to turn around in his chair. He obilged, planning to only give you a quick glance before returning back to his work after he complimented you. But once he caught sight of you in that short skirt, he could only imagine what was underneath it all. Your knee high socks only topped it all off, making him shift in his seat slightly. You asked if he liked it, giving him a twirl as you smiled innocently. He groaned when he saw that the skirt lifted up more, showing your ass perfectly. He tapped his thigh, biting his lip as he tugged on the hem of your skirt, pulling you towards him.

“You look good, kitten. But I think you would look better riding me while I pull that ponytail of yours and fuck you senseless.”

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You stared at him with wide eyes, smiling innocently. At first, he thought nothing of it, just admiring how cute and pretty you looked. You grabbed the grapes from the counter, placing it between your lips and telling Namjoon to look. You sucked in the grape as it made a weird sucking noise as you laughed. You chewed the grape, still smiling innocently. But the sucking sound made him think of last nights events where you gave him a blowjob, and him cumming in your mouth while you moaned. You sweet giggles weren’t helping either as you stood there, about to grab another grape to make that sucking noise. It was supposed to be a cute moment, and you only then noticed that Joon wasn’t laughing at how ‘cute’ you were trying to be. You pouted, watching as his eyes darkened when you walked towards him and placed yourself on his knee whil looking at him. His arms immediately wrapped around you, resting his head on your shoulder before kissing your neck softly.

“Those sucking sounds you were making were just too good, kitten.”

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You were playing with Hoseok’s hair as he laid himself on your chest. He loved falling asleep in your arms while you held him and ran your fingers through his hair. He hummed softly in appreciation, and you smiled as you looked down at him. He looked so perfect; with closed eyes and pouty lips. Suddenly, though, you pulled at his hair too tightly when trying to cutely poke his nose with your other hand. He growled, his eyes immediately shooting open to look up at you. Your eyes went wide as you started to apologize, saying that you didn’t mean to tug that hard. He ignored your apologies as he leaned himself up so that he was hovering over you, kissing you sloppily. Your eyes went wide, before you started to hastily kiss him back. You pulled at his hair again, causing another low growl to escape his throat. He bit your bottom lip, making you gasp as he slid his tongue in your mouth, making sure you felt every aspect of him. He wanted to taste you, feel you. When you pulled at his hair, it seemed to tug at one of his strings. It reminded him of all the times he fucked you while you screamed his name, and pulled at his hair as he pounded into you.

“Fuck, baby.. You know what that does to me, Y/N..”

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You were pinching his cheeks, telling him on how cute he looked. He pouted for only a few seconds, before beginning to smile along with you. You were straddling his hips with his hands on your hips as you continued to pinch his cheeks cutely. The adorable expression on your face when you admired him was worth all of the torture, if he even considered this torture. He removed his hands from your hips to pinch your own cheeks, when you let out a squeal of surprise. The noise sounded too much like a moan of pleasure, and it made his ears perk up. Your eyes were as innocent as ever as you smiled at him. He didn’t want to ruin the cute moment, but the sound you made was just too fucking good for him not to do anything. He pulled your face down for a kiss, to which you moaned in his mouth again. This encouraged him to trail his hands down your body onto your hips, urging you to move.

“Shit, you’re so beautiful.. So pretty.”

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The both of you were in the kitchen, listening to music as you cooked together. You were humming a song, until your favorite song came on. You made a gasping noise as he looked at you with a smile on his face. He knew very well this was your favorite song by the way your eyes lit up and you started to sing the lyrics. He watched as you started to dance cutely, but only then did he notice how short his shirt actually was on you. His white shirt hung just above your knees, but the way you were moving your hips caused it to ride up to where he could see your black lace panties. He gulped in his throat, his gaze immediately turning dark. You hadn’t noticed until you finally looked over at him again, and that’s when you stopped your dancing. Just as you were about to say something, he turned off the stove before pushing your back against the counter and kissing you feverishly. He tugged at the hem of the shirt you were wearing, pulling it up just above your hips so that he could touch you, rubbing circles with the pad of his thumb.

“You look so good in my shirts, kitten..”

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He knew you were just trying to be cute. The way you mocked his dancing, being as extra as ever. At first, he laughed deeply at how adorable and cute you looked trying to imitate the way he danced. But then one of your favorite parts came on, making you roll your hips sensually. You still tried your best to stay innocent and cute so that he could laugh, but the movements only made a choke come out. He coughed, making you stop your movements as you laughed breathily. You chuckled, but he only bit his lip, staring up and down your body. You were wearing his favorite shorts and favorite top that he loved on you. You noticed his gaze change, making your gulp as you stood there in front of him. He tapped his thigh, suggesting for you to sit. You silently obliged, making him smirk. The second you straddled his hips, he was quick to attack your mouth with kisses.

“Fuck, that was too good, baby.. You looked so good, maybe even better than me.”

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Being a recruit and secretly dating Harry Hart would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Harry 😍 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him being quite jealous of the agent that proposed you before he had even thought of it, only for him to constantly make it into a playful competition between who will train the better recruit

-Him always worrying about your safety and having a habit of looking over at you whether it be through a monitor or not, forgetting to even check on Eggsy and making the others wonder as to why he can’t stop smiling whenever you’re more than alright

-Him liking to shortly and kindly praise you on your work before leaving you to your mentor but always giving you a look that hints to you that he’ll be rewarding you later on

-Eggsy always being too curious as to why you can never seem to stop smiling at night and all, even more as you’d mention him it was because you were thinking about your “boyfriend” and just trying to figure out who it is

-Him loving to slightly scoot over closer to your side just to grab your hand for a moment and seeing your reaction, only to have a habit of leaning down over to whisper in your ear quickly as to where you should meet him

-Him not wanting to be unfair when it comes to you accomplishing your tasks but always hinting you as to how you should handle it whenever you’d beg him so sweetly

-Your puppy loving to follow him around just as much as it does you and being quite obedient towards him, making everyone around wonder as to why it’s so friendly

-Him loving to sneak you into one of the fitting rooms at the tailor shop just to kiss you and even having sex with you, only for you both to always come out of it quite disheveled

-Him sending and giving you a lot of encouraging little notes for you to find after a mission, only to sometimes surprise you with some tickets to a movie or name of the place where he’ll be picking you up and such

-Him unable to keep himself from smiling after you’d both finally appear together as a couple in front of everyone as he gets to show you off as his

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Park Jimin. Hogwarts!au. 7k words. Fluff. 

↠ Unraveling the reasons to Park Jimin’s assortment into Slytherin.

Park Jimin, for lack of a better word, is magnetic. An eye catching grandeur. A brilliant meteor cutting through the dead of the night. A glitter of gold and silver. It is no exaggeration when you say you would find yourself singling him out of many other ground-swept robes, clicking heels, wand wielders. It’s not the hair, no –not the locks of fireplace or charcoal ashes, it isn’t also the distinct pitch weaving through buzzing chatters nor is it the recurring dark smoke filling the air at the back row in charms. Thinking of the reason alone sends a pang of melancholy through your veins as your mind tries to block out the patches of defiled memories almost instinctively. But the unavoidable fact of the matter is, Jimin was once your world.

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Breakout Star

cured my depression, watered my crops, cleared my skin.”

Viktor’s seen this particular statement pop up a few times while playing anonymous quality control for the comment section on Yuuri’s ISU articles. He’s inclined to agree with the sentiment—Yuuri has definitely done wonders for his depression. But he never took the meme as seriously as when he woke up on the Tuesday of his first week without Yuuri to a huge cystic zit on his chin.

It isn’t a crisis. Viktor mastered the artistry of concealer long ago when he turned thirteen and his body decided to take the stress of puberty out on his face. Still, it’s been a long time since he’s had a blemish of this caliber emerge, and it’s annoying to see years spent painstakingly formulating a foolproof skincare routine get laid to waste by the stress of being away from his fiancé.  

I’m just overreacting,’ Viktor thinks, taking extra care to properly exfoliate the spot with his Clarisonic. There’s climate change to account for, not to mention the sweaty rigorous practices that come with trying to return to competition shape before Europeans.

He makes sure to wash his pillowcase and sweat rags that evening, does a Bentonite clay mask, and even turns down an offer for a late night ice cream run with Mila. Which makes it all the more offensive when he wakes up the next morning with a whitehead in his hairline.   

“You know, you’re not the only one suffering,” he tells his skin, dabbing a q-tip of diluted tea tree oil over the angry blemish. “I miss him, too!”

He still doesn’t fully believe that Yuuri is the source of his random breakout until the following weekend when he wakes up to twin painful pimples forming in the corners of his mouth. “Yuuri,” he whines over Facetime, “it’s an emergency.”

Yuuri has grown used to Viktor’s particular brand of emergency (things like backed up toilets and his favorite cereal brand getting discontinued), so he only smiles and laughs a little. “What’s wrong?”

“I need you to send me something that smells like you.”

Yuuri raises his eyebrows because…oh.

“Not for that,” Viktor waves him off, frowning at his tiny face in the corner of the screen. He swears he can see something red popping up in the crease of his nostril. “My skin’s mad you’re gone.”

“Your ski-”

“I mean I miss you more, it’s really just being a drama queen about the whole separation, but…” Viktor trails off with a sigh. “So could you mail me something?”

He receives the package nine days and five blackheads later. There’s a handful of onsen powder bags, a drawing from the triplets, some of the random Japanese treats Viktor had developed a taste for while living in Hasetsu, and folded on the bottom—cushioning it all—one of Yuuri’s sweaters.

Viktor’s seen Yuuri wear it often while lounging around the inn, he’s even worn it to bed on particularly cold nights. It’s navy blue, pilled at the wrists, moth-eaten at the collar, and the kind of comfortable that only years of over-wear can achieve. Viktor removes it from the box with a reverence normally reserved for Hermes or Versace. He leans back into the couch, presses it to his nose, and most definitely doesn’t shed a tear or two.

(Or if he does, Makkachin’s the only one to know about it.)

He wears it to bed that night—fingers curled against his forehead and wrists against his nose—and imagines that it’s Yuuri spooning him and not just his sweater. It’s not a perfect replacement, but it does seem to dispel some of the heaviness settling into his chest. He didn’t even realize how poor his sleep had been lately until he gets a good night of it.

The next morning, he isn’t so much surprised as relieved to find no new zits and his current ones healing nicely. Turns out, the fan comments weren’t a meme but a prediction. His Yuuri is the best brand of healing balm. He feels a fool for ever having doubted it.  

“We should start a garden,” he tells Yuuri during their Facetime call later that day, “with you around, we wouldn’t even have to water it.”

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headcanons for Kaz trying to propose to Inej?

*incoherent screaming* 

  • Kaz goes to every single jeweler in Ketterdam. He agonizes over the ring material, the jewel, and eventually rethinks the ring itself, because he doesn’t want people to sideline Inej as his fiancee instead of the dangerous girl she is. After everything she’s been through, he’d rather die than make her feel insignificant. 
  • Jesper and Wylan find it hilarious that Kaz is stressing out over a simple engagement when he’s faced down literal monsters of the Barrel. When Nina finds out, she and Jesper go full wedding planner mode.  
  • “Do you think the freesias in the bouquet would complement Inej well?” 
  • “Only if she’s wearing satin. Kaz, what do you think?” 
  • “I didn’t even propose yet, this is ri—”
  • “So that’s a yes then. Jesper, tell Wylan that we’ll need his mother’s help; Marya’s sense of taste would help enormously.” 
  • Without a ring option and since he’s so out of touch with affection, Kaz grows a bit desperate and starts picking apart methods to propose to Inej, until the stress grows to the point where he starts having doubts that she’ll accept him or even be with him for long. 
  • He starts to avoid Inej, and Inej misreads this as Kaz needing his space for a while, so she soon sets sail again, sending Kaz down into more misery.
  • It gets to the point where Jesper writes to Inej that she’s desperately needed in Ketterdam and that Kaz is sick. 
  • Inej practically flies back to the Slat and slams open Kaz’s room, which makes Kaz flinch at his desk.  
  • “Kaz?” Inej asks, shocked. “Did you just…?”
  • “You were loud.” Kaz says, clearing his throat and refusing to meet her gaze.
  • Inej walks up to the desk to get a closer look at him. Besides his skin looking paler than ever, Kaz seems fine. 
  • “Well, I barged down here because Jesper said that you hung on the balance between life and death; did you put him up to this?” 
  • Kaz doesn’t answer, which makes Inej realize just how affected he is. 
  • “Kaz.” she hesitates. “Is this because of me?” 
  • After a long silence, Kaz lifts his head to gaze at her. He lets out a shaky sigh. “Yes.” 
  • “Does this mean you don’t want me to see you again?” 
  • “No,” Kaz whispers, his grip tightening on his chair. “I want the contrary.”
  • “You have that already.” 
  • “I meant in a more permanent sense.” 
  • Absolute silence follows this remark. 
  • Inej then perches on his desk, exhaling an unsteady laugh as she sees him tense. “Do I terrify you that much?”
  • The answer comes instantly. “Of course.” 
  • She sucks in a surprised breath. She’s never heard him voice fear so openly.
  • “And yet you want me.” she says, shaking her head. “You want a paradox, Kaz.” 
  • Kaz digs his gloves deeper into the handles of the chair, but soon unclenches them when he feels Inej’s warm hand through the leather of one of the gloves. 
  • Her eyes ask a simple question, and after a moment of hesitation, he nods. Inej quietly strips away his gloves and delicately traces his palm lines with her fingers. Kaz fights the urge to shiver from disgust and hope. 
  • “You never considered that I might be afraid of this too.” Inej whispers. “But I’m still here. And I want that impossibility just as much as you do.”
  • Kaz’s heart stutters. “Inej—” 
  • “Not now.” Inej interrupts. “Not when we’re both making a name for ourselves in this world; not when we still remain in this town of ghosts. But don’t you dare think that I don’t want this.”
  • Kaz falls silent as Inej threads her fingers with his. They stay that way until night falls over Ketterdam, but when Inej begins to untangle her hand from Kaz’s, Kaz leans forward and kisses her hand delicately. 
  • “Thank you.” he breathes, and Inej can’t stop the soft smile that immediately comes to her lips. 
“It’s totally unexpected!”

Daisy Ridley speaks out about Star Wars: The Last Jedi SciFiNow Magazine #139

[ I transcribed this myself so please credit + link back to me if you’re sharing/quoting anything from this piece ]

Daisy Ridley’s Rey was the big question mark hanging over The Force Awakens. Who is she? Where did she come from? Most of those remain unanswered as we go into The Last Jedi, so we decided to see what Ridley herself could tell us. 

What went through your mind when you first read the script for Star Wars: The Last Jedi?

The first time I read the script, I was surprised. I had ideas about what would happen in the story, but I was taken aback by what does happen.

How would you describe the story of The Last Jedi?

Rian has written a story that’s unexpected but right. Some of the story will really surprise you. Even though everyone knows it’s the second in the trilogy, it feels like its own thing. It’s pretty epic.

What’s different about the script for The Last Jedi?

Lots of people had been saying how much they loved to watch John [Boyega] and me on screen together in The Force Awakens – but I suddenly thought: ‘How are people going to react to me being with Mark [Hamill]?’ As soon as I read it, I talked to Rian about it and I loved what he said. It made everything seem great.

There is a lot of action in The Last Jedi. Which of the stunts was the toughest for you?

The dive into the water was the scariest and most thrilling. The lightsaber stuff was great because I felt like I was stronger and I could push myself further than I could the first time around. I felt like I was mirroring the story. But the dive was my favourite.

How nervous were you about the dive?

It was scary, but it was also frickin’ awesome! I did a skydive once, but I’ve never done a bungee jump. For the dive, I was stood on a platform 30 feet up. I had to launch myself down and supposedly survive.

Was the dive as terrifying as going face-to-face with Kylo Ren?

Facing up against Kylo was intense. Adam Driver is big and strong and it was intense. I was thinking: ‘Can I genuinely survive this fire? I don’t know how long I can last because he’s so strong.’

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