how much do you regret your decisions

Savior (Dan x Reader)

Request: Can you do one where Y/N got stuck into talking to a volunteer with a clip board and Dan pretends that he knows her by playing along and they leave together. Does that make sense?

Word Count: 395

Warnings: None! Just funny floof

Sorry it’s short – but I wasn’t too sure how to end it any differently. I hope it’s okay!!

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“It really helps the orphans, thank you so much.” The strange smelling woman with the clip board smiles at you, eyeing up your purse as you pull it out.

“How much did you say, again?” You ask, instantly regretting your decision of hesitating to look at the charity – you only came out for some innocent Halloween and early Christmas shopping.

“£60. For a start, anyway.” The woman puts on another grin, and you pull a face, playing with your credit card.

“You know, I have somewhere to be…”

“It only takes two minutes, I promise!”  The woman practically yells at you, grabbing your arm. You frown at her, pulling your arm away, when a hand lands on your shoulder.

A guy with chocolate brown hair swept to the side and similar coloured eyes that glimmer in the weak autumn sunlight beams at you from the side, and you can’t help but stop for a moment.

“Hey, Grace!” The man shouts enthusiastically, pulling you into a hug – which is terrifying but also awkward at the same time due to high difference. “Go along with it if you want to escape.” He mutters in your ear, before stepping back.

“Hey… Tyler.” You grin at him a little, nodding a little as though to ask if you are doing it right. “Long time no see.”

“Can I have your credit card details now please?” The woman persists, her eyes slightly panicked by the new company.

“You know; we have a place to go.” ‘Tyler’ laughs, ignoring the woman’s frantic hand gestures. “Terribly sorry.” You shove your purse back in your bag and give out an overly emphasized laugh.

“Sorry!” You squeak, before your savior guides you away, his palm pressed against your back, the frustrated yelling from the woman behind you fading into the city life as you get further away. “Thank you so much,” You sigh.

“Not at all.” He laughs, removing his hand and shoving it into a pocket. “£60 as a starting point? That’s just crazy.” You chuckle. “Anyway, what’s your name?”

“Y/N. Yours?”

“Dan.” You exchange a glance and a smirk, before you burst out laughing. “Anyway, where did we need to go?”

“Does Starbucks sound any good?” You try. “I’ve never had a pumpkin spiced latte before.” Dan’s eyes widen a little, and he pulls a fake offended face.

“Starbucks it certainly is.”


Sometimes you can’t control someone else’s opinion about you no matter how much you prove to them. You do things at the end of the day that will always have someone question it or judge it. It happens. No matter good or bad. You might regret some things you do in the past but in all fairness it’s how you learn to grow up and take responsibility for those actions. No matter if you learn from them or not … it’s what you decide to do at the end of the day. You control your decisions and how you deal with it after. How you move forward is up to YOU. Live & Learn.

Exo Reaction to their innocent gf being a big tease in bed.


*confused on how you went from sweet to a tease in 5 seconds*
“How..did… you?’

*never expected it and is left shocked*
“What.. is happening?”

*thinks your joking*

*confused, but enjoying it*
Oh Jagi!! Don’t teasing will you!”

*really really pleased*
“Oh wow… so you think your the dominate one?”

*enjoying it very much*
“(y/n)… I-i’m really liking this side of you”

*teasing you back*
“and what if I said I didn’t want to do it?”

*not really sure what happening, but plays it cool and goes with the flow*

*regretting some life decisions*
“W-what happened to her?”

*driving him crazy*
“whoa… she’s good… I like this side”

*hurt his man pride*
“You’re trying to take my spot?”

*confused, nervous, unsure*
“but… a s-second ago you wanted ice cream?”

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47. Regret (One Word Prompt)

He chose her over you. After everything you had done for him, he still chose her. No matter how much you loved him, you knew you couldn’t make him stay.

You sigh, “So this is it?” you ask. You needed to know the truth.

He sighs, “I’m sorry. I love you but she’s the one I want to be with.”

You wipe the tears from your cheeks, taking a deep breathe, “I’m sorry I wasn’t good enough. I wish you and Elena all the best. I hope we can stay friends.”

You walk out the Boarding House, knowing you weren’t coming back anytime soon. He watched you walk away and all he could do was regret his decision. 

The thing I love the most about Arkham Knight is how much insight the game gives into Bruce’s psyche and how the gameplay really gives you the opportunity to “Be the Batman” because of this. It’s not the Batmobile or the gadgets or the missions that give you this opportunity, but Bruce’s own vulnerability. 

It’s easy to button mash to fight thugs all night long and strategically fight your way through boss battles. I mean, you’re playing as Batman. Tough, resilient, resourceful Batman. There’s nothing unusual about any of that. You don’t even think twice about doing any of it. What makes Arkham Knight so amazing, and what makes Scarecrow being the main antagonist such a perfect decision, is how you get to see Bruce’s worst fears come to life. His guilt, his demons, his regrets. It makes every mission more intriguing, every decision more dire, every word spoken by Joker or Scarecrow much more meaningful, and you begin to feel more than you usually would while playing. You anticipate the outcomes more, you begin to fear what’s in store for him more – you can almost feel Bruce’s dread.

Scenes like Barbara getting shot by the Joker or Jason being tortured, you’re forced to watch, to stand by and do nothing. You feel completely helpless, and that’s exactly how Bruce felt. When he found out about Joker paralyzing Barbara, when he watched the video of Joker “killing” Jason, Batman felt helpless. You immediately want to help them, expect Batman to save the day, but you’re forced to look on, unable to do anything. Much like Bruce. 

There are scenes where you have to do questionable things – kill, even – and break Batman’s one rule, go against Bruce’s morality. Scenes where you have to indulge in his worst fear, finally giving into all his rage and becoming no better than those he aims to stop, and when you play them, you can’t help but feel guilty. You don’t want to kill, for Batman’s sake. For the sake of all that he means, all that this means to him, all of his struggles, you feel reluctant. It’s through this reluctance that you, as a player, are pretty much an extension of Batman himself. 

I don’t know about any of you, but I honestly think this makes Arkham Knight such an incredible conclusion to the trilogy.

Various Formats as Intoxicants

Limited is tequila. We take it in little bits, get crazy, and want to do it more and more. By the end of the night, you lose count of how much you did and regret every single decision you made throughout your whole life.

Standard is beer. They give us so much, so often, for so cheap, that we get totally smashed and don’t realize we aren’t actually having fun.

Modern is like box wine. It’s cheaper than something nicer. You do it because you can’t afford something better, but you lie and say that it’s just as good as the fancy stuff. Deep down, you know you’re lying, but you stick to your guns.

Legacy is absinthe. Do it enough, and you start to hallucinate and say crazy shit like “This is fair and reasonable” and “brainstorm shouldn’t be banned.”

Vintage is a fine wine. It’s incredibly expensive, and you don’t do it too often, or you’ll burn out.