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→ Paper Doll (pt. 2)

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pairing → Jungkook x Reader

genre → idol+singer-songwriter!au, drama, slight angst, smut

 warning  sex, language

word count   → 4.7k

 summary   → When the nation’s little sister, IU, gets into a huge scandal, your agency seizes the opportunity to thrust you into that now vacant spotlight. Your self-composed song Paper Doll becomes an overnight sensation, and soon people are itching to find out who was the one who broke your heart. All hell breaks loose once netizens discover that you used to date popular idol, Jeon Jungkook. Little do they know that it wasn’t him who left the relationship unscathed –  it was you.

↳ alternatively: a story on the consequences of a hit break-up song

i | ii 

 a/n  → i haven’t even been on tumblr for a week and askdjjj I can’t believe how many people liked pt. i –  also, I know absolutely nothing about songwriting or music theory, or anything really, so this is me bullshitting my way through 4k words that i haven’t proofread

You associated every song of yours to a specific time and place.

The whimsical cluster chords that opened up Blue Afternoon made you think of the view from your window last spring. Looking down on the busy streets of Seoul from your flat, a crowding of umbrellas had danced to the sound of heavy rain, and you had been immediately struck with a melody line.

That was your favorite part of songwriting – that moment when you finally had something, after having absolutely nothing.

Ironically enough, out of all the songs on your album, you disliked Paper Doll the most.

Even before it had been propelled to the top of the music charts, the song had never been a favorite. The melody line was catchy but predictable, with the most common chord progressions and an overproduced chorus. The people reviewing your songs during the album production had all loved it, however, and they had adamantly decided to push it as a title track.

It was amusing how people presumed the song described a devastating heartbreak between you and your first love. They weren’t exactly wrong, but their interpretation was completely off. Still, you weren’t stupid enough to disapprove their theories. If they wanted to believe that your first boyfriend was a heartless playboy, then that wasn’t your problem.

At least you had never thought it would have to be a problem.

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A/N: This is part 1 of a request made by @floofy-halfling. I don’t know if this is what you wanted so like just tell me if I’m on the right track :)

Italics: Elvish

Word Count: 1,806

Part 2 - Part 3

Master List

You swing your sword into the spider before it has a chance to attack Thorin. He looks up at you and nods in thanks and you nod back. 

You had joined their journey when they came to stop at Beorn’s place. You were there because he had found you almost ten years ago, badly injured from an encounter with an orc. Since then, you had been living with him and once you met the company, you left with them. Thorin didn’t want you at first since you were an elf, but Mithrandir had convinced him to let you join and here you were, saving his ass.

You pause as your hear footsteps running in the trees and turn towards the noise. Thorin has noticed it too. You see a blonde elf running through the trees and sliding down the web of the spider. He kills that one and slides under another one, killing it as well.

You watch as he moves to stand and you pull your bow, stepping in front of Thorin. You two come face to face, arrows pointed into each other’s faces. He narrows his eyes at you and you do the same.

Don’t think I won’t kill you elf,” he snarls and tightens the string. “I could say the same for you,” you say, mimicking his movements. You feel an arm on your elbow and you look at Thorin. He nods his head and you place the bow and arrows back to where they belong.

“Legolas!” you hear a female voice say and you wince a bit as you realize you had just pointed your arrow at the prince of Mirkwood. You listen to the conversation he has with the female and you look at Thorin.

“ Do you know him? You went frigid,” he asks. “He’s the prince,” you mutter back as the prince comes over to you both. “Search them,” he orders and you are all stripped of your weapons. The guards put shackles on you and you are lead to the palace.

While you and the rest of the company are lead to the cells, Thorin is lead to the the King. You sigh at as you are pushed into the cell. You laugh as you notice a guard stop Fili to take away one of his hidden daggers.

You sigh once again as the guards leave you alone. You sit by the door and look up. You notice the prince standing on the platform above you. You make eye contact with ice blue eyes and he comes to move in front of your cell.

Why are you with the dwarves?” he asks, coming to stand in front of your cell. “I did not think it was any of your business,” you reply not looking at him.

You are in my kingdom,” he retorts.

Really? I thought it was your father’s kingdom?” you ask sarcastically.

So you know who I am?” he asks.

Blonde hair, blue eyes. You must be a Sindarin elf and last I remember, the only sindarin elves to live in Mirkwood were the King and his son. Given the fact that you were out on guard duty, you are the prince,” you explain trying to sound smart.

He looks so surprised that you knew so much about him.

Plus, I heard the female call you Legolas,” you say, shrugging and that causes him to smile. You smile back. “Where are you from?” he asks, taking a seat on the steps next to your door. “The Valley of Imladris,” you tell him.

You weren’t lying. You were just not telling the whole truth. You were from Imladris, but you’ve been gone for ten years. You had an argument with your father, Lord Elrond, and you had not returned since then. You did not know if he was looking for you and you did not care. You loved your life with Beorn and you had not regretted your decision to leave.

“Why travel with the dwarves? What will you get in return?” he asks and you decide to answer him this time. “You know? I have no idea. It’s just something that I wanted to do. A rash decision, yes, but a good one all the same,” you reply, looking at the wall in front of you. “How long have you been traveling with them for you to gain such an attachment?” he asks.

Literally a day or so. I couldn’t really tell how much time has passed in the forest,” you shrug. For some unknown reason, that makes him laugh. “I’ve never heard an elf laugh or smile so much,” you tell him truthfully.

I laugh because you are funny. You join a bunch of dwarves and you will die for them even though you’ve only known them for a day,” he says.

And a half,” you retort, making him smile.

The two of you continue talking until another guard shows up, dragging Thorin with him.

The king wants to see the elf,” the guard states as Legolas stands. He nods and you switch places with Thorin. Legolas and the other elf leads you to the throne room after chaining you again. Once you get there, the elvenking’s eyes widen in surprise.

Remove the chain,” he orders and the other guard does as he’s told. Legolas stares at his father, confused. “Lady y/n. Your father has been searching for you for ten years and he thought you to be dead,” Thranduil states, making his way down from the throne and Legolas’ head snaps towards you.

You’re Lord Elrond’s daughter?” he asks. “Surprise?” you ask back. He sighs. “Ada. If I knew she was Lord Elrond’s daughter, I would not have put her in the cells,” Legolas says, watching as his father circles you.

Where have you been, milady? There had been many an elf searching for you,” Thranduil asks, ignoring his son.

He was curious. Lord Elrond had been in panic for the first three years of you going missing. He had even left Imladris to search for you, but had been unsuccessful. When the fourth year hit, he did not search, but started mourning. As a close friend of Elrond’s, it hurt to see him in such distress. He had been in that same state when he lost his wife and now his friend had to go through it yet again. The pain must’ve been unimaginable.

I’ve been staying with the shapeshifter, your majesty,” you say, looking dead ahead. You did not like making eye contact when you were being interrogated. Granted, it did not happen often.

And why have you been staying with the shapeshifter instead of returning home? Your father thinks you are dead,” he says, stopping in front of you.

That is new information. You did not intend for that to happen. You knew you should’ve sent a letter, but you could not in your state. Not after he said that he wished you were not his daughter.

“I felt like I was no longer welcomed, milord,” you reply. He narrows his eyes at you.

“Legolas. You will escort the princess back to Imladris back where she belongs-,”

What? Milord! I do not want to leave. I promised Oakenshield that I’d help him. I cannot-“ you start, panicked.

Have you heard of the story of the king under the mountain? Of the sickness that lies under that mountain?” Thranduil interrupts and you nod your head.

Then you know that Thorin Oakenshield will fall under the same sickness just like his grandfather,” Thranduil says.

I do not believe that, milord,” you say. “Whatever you believe is wrong. Legolas, take her back to Imladris,” he says, making his way back to the throne. “No,” Legolas says and you turn to him in shock.

Did he really just disobey his father? His king?

Thranduil turns to his son slowly, frown gracing his face.

What did you just say?” Thranduil asks.

I said ‘no’ father. It is obvious that she does not return to Imladris. She has been happy and safe with the skinchanger. Are we going to take that away from her?” Legolas asks.

Guards. Return her to her cell. My son and I have to discuss a few things,” Thranduil says, glare not wavering from his son. You notice Legolas has the same glare on his face and you can’t help but think that they look even more like father and son.

The guards take you back to your shared cell with Thorin. “What did he want?” Thorin asks as you sit at the door. “He was just curious as to why the daughter of Lord Elrond had been missing for ten years and was found traveling with a group of dwarves,” you reply nonchalantly, still thinking about Legolas and his decision to go against his father’s wishes.

“You’re that y/n?” he asks, surprised seeping through his voice.

Lord Elrond and Gandalf had spoken of you multiple times during their stay at Imladris. It was always with sadness. Fili had asked one of the elves what had happened to you and they had said that you had gotten into an argument with your father and left, never to be seen again. They had thought you to be dead and Imladris had not been the same since.

“Ah. So you’ve heard of me,” you say as you close your eyes. “We had stopped in Rivendell a few months ago and your father and Gandalf had mentioned you multiple times. Everyone believed you to be dead,” he says.

“So I’ve heard. Thranduil had ordered Legolas to take me back to Imladris, but he had refused,” you explain.

“Did he really deny his father and king?” Thorin asks, scoffing. “It seems that the children of rulers are rule breakers. Perhaps when you eventually have children, they will break many rules when they’re under the mountain,” you suggest and that causes Thorin to chuckle.

“I don’t see why not. Fili and Kili already do that,” he states loudly.

“We heard that, Uncle and we do not break rules. We just skirt around them,” Fili defends from his spot in his cell.

“It’s the same thing,” Thorin argues back and you smile. You liked the fact that he could still joke a bit in this situation.

“I reckon the sun is on the rise,” Bofur’s voice sounds throughout the cells. “We’re never gonna reach the mountain, are we?” you hear the youngest ask and your heart clenches a bit.

These dwarves have been through so much, they cannot just be stopped right here.

“Not stuck in here you’re not,” you hear another voice say and it’s the hobbit and he’s holding keys. He lets the both of you out first and suddenly, your hope returns along with the fear that you may never see the blonde prince again.

Short Hair

Request: Watching Captain America and Bucky with his short hair looks amazing. So hwb Steve one day takes Bucky to get a haircut like the old days and he comes back to the tower handsome asf and reader can’t stop gawking, which leads to a confession and smut? -@charlesgrey1875


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Bucky had been gone all morning and it was already lunchtime and he still wasn’t back. You were waiting anxiously at the tower, hoping Bucky and Steve would be back soon. You were biting at the skin around your nails, wondering what Bucky had up his sleeve.

He had told you he had a surprise and you weren’t sure what to expect; you never did with Bucky. He surprised you all the time and you had a feeling this would be huge.

You were squirming anxiously in your seat as you sat in the common room and you sighed, looking at the clock on the wall. “What’s got you so antsy, Y/N?” Vision questioned. You sighed again, looking over at him. “Vis, they’ve been gone all morning.” You complained, leaning your head back against the couch.

Vision smoothly walked closer, rubbing his chin. “Have you tried to contact them? See when they’ll arrive?” He asked, giving you a small smile. You sighed. “I haven’t.” You murmured, feeling kind of stupid for not just texting one of them to see how much longer they’d be.

Just as you picked up your phone from the table, you heard the elevator ding. You gasped and stood to your feet immediately, your heart beating fast. You stood beside Vision, the others piling in from the kitchen.

You saw Steve walk in first with a wide smile. “Oh, good. Everyone is here. We’ve got a treat for you all.” He said with a smirk. “Oh, goodie!” Tony piped, rubbing his hands together as he smiled. A few laughs sounded through the room. You walked closer to the front, standing in front of everyone else.

With a smirk still plastered on his face, Steve left. You waited patiently yet still anxiously for him to return. He finally walked back with Bucky in front of him, his hands on his shoulders. Your eyes widened and you gasped, your mouth hanging open. Bucky’s hair was short. His long hair was gone.

Everyone gasped and started cheering. “Oh, gross! You promised me a treat!” Tony said with a gag. Sam laughed and patted Tony’s shoulder. “Oh come on, even I want fries with that!” He said with a chuckle.

Bucky looked over at you and you felt your feet carrying you over to him. He looked so different. So young, so radiant, so handsome. Bucky looked like Bucky from the 40’s you’d seen in the museum. His smile was just as bright and his hair, gosh, his hair looked so soft. You wanted to run your fingers through it like you’ve done so many times when it was long.

You stood in front of Bucky and he beamed down at you. His eyes were bright and he gently scooped your hands up in his. “How do you like it?” Bucky softly questioned, hoping you didn’t hate it. You couldn’t find the right words to describe how you felt right now. You were in awe, taking in his features. You could see his ears and you could cry at how cute they were.

You tried to say something, anything, and you could tell Bucky was getting nervous and possibly regretting his decision as the seconds ticked by. “Y/N?” Bucky asked, his hands squeezing yours. You breathed out, feeling yourself getting wet the longer you stared at him. “It looks amazing.” You finally managed to say.

Bucky smiled and you could see how his jaw is more defined. “Do you like it?” Bucky asked again. You nodded and blushed. “I love it. So much.” You said with a giggle. You heard Tony gagging again. You shyly turned to the team. “We’ll be back.” You quickly said before pulling Bucky towards the elevator.

“But I didn’t get to feel it!” Tony yelled out, making you and the team laugh. You stepped into the elevator and Bucky turned to you. “What are you doing, Doll?” Bucky asked, confusion crossing his features. You sighed out, your heart starting to race. “I need you. I want-I need-please just-Bucky you have to eat me out and let me feel your hair.” You rushed out, your pulse quickening as you spoke.

Bucky’s eyes widened and the elevator stopped, the doors sliding open. You quickly grabbed Bucky’s hand and pulled him along to your bedroom. You needed Bucky now, you couldn’t wait. He looked undeniably sexy with his shorter hair. At this moment in time, you never knew how you needed short hair Bucky in your life.

You pushed your door open and slammed Bucky against it. He grunted and you hopped into his arms. “Doll, what’s gotten into you?” Bucky chuckled as he took you over to the bed.

You pulled Bucky on top of you and crashed your lips against his. You moaned into the kiss and let your hands feel Bucky’s hair for the first time today. It felt soft and so short, but you loved it. You heard Bucky growl low in his throat as you tugged on it.

Bucky hands roughly pulled down your pants and panties, throwing them to the floor. He kissed your neck and slid your shirt off, tossing it to the pile. You bit your lip and felt his hand move down to your clit. Bucky moaned as he felt how wet you were.

“Fuck, Y/N, you’re already so wet.” Bucky said with a smirk. You looked at him and his hair was ruffled and it looked so sexy. Bucky kissed down your torso after taking your bra off. You were completely bare and exposed to Bucky.

A moan fell from your lips when you felt Bucky kiss the inside of your thigh. His stubble rubbed against your skin and goosebumps covered you. Bucky smirked, looking up at you. His arms wrapped over your waist and he began to lick up your slit.

You gasped as your eyes closed and your hips jerked from being so sensitive. Bucky’s tongue flicked against your clit before he sucked on it. Your hands flew to his hair and you tugged on it, causing Bucky to moan against you.

Bucky’s short hair was quickly becoming your favorite thing. You could feel him groaning as you raked your hands through his hair over and over again, pulling at it.

You opened your eyes to watch Bucky and he was already staring up at you. He shook his head back and forth before shoving his tongue into your soaked pussy. You moaned, your voice coming out higher.

Bucky slid in two fingers and pumped them in and out of you fast, hitting your g-spot continuously. You arched your back and Bucky held your hips down as you started to cum, your moans catching in your throat.

Your pussy throbbed and Bucky kept going, wanting you to come again. Your thighs shook around his head and his short hair tickled your skin. Bucky moaned again, licking long and hard stripes on your pussy.

Another orgasm was fast approaching and you relished in the sounds coming from between your legs. It was sloppy and wet, loud and naughty. Your nails scraped against Bucky’s head and you tugged on his hair as hard as you could as you came for the second time.

Your chest was rising and falling quickly as Bucky pulled away from your pussy with a loud smack. “God, you’re gonna rip my hair out one day.” Bucky said with a deep chuckle. You lazily looked up at Bucky as he hovered over you again.

Bucky’s hair was wild and you blushed at how you messed it up so badly. He was just so hot with short hair. “I love your long hair, but damn, your short hair is amazing.” You breathed out with a smile.

You felt Bucky rub his clothed hard cock against your sensitive pussy. Bucky wiped at his lips and chin, licking off his fingers. “Well, you taste amazing. Think your pretty pussy can come for me one more time?” Bucky asked, leaning down to kiss you.

You pulled him closer and helped him take off his pants and boxers. Bucky immediately slid inside of your pussy. You gasped, feeling full and overstimulated. Bucky groaned and started thrusting in and out of you slowly.

Your hands rested in Bucky’s hair and you tried to tug gently on it, not wanting to hurt him. Bucky looked into your eyes and bit his lip, watching your face contort with pleasure from his thick cock. “Pull on it.” Bucky rasped.

You looked up at him hesitantly. “I pulled hard last time, I don’t wan-” Bucky growled and thrust into you faster, using his flesh hand to rub fast circles on your clit. The action caused your fingers to tighten in his hair and yank his head back a tad. “Fuck!” Bucky yelled, a wicked smile on his face.

You moaned at the sight and watched his eyes roll into the back of his head as you tugged on his hair again. You felt yourself getting closer and you squealed, the force of his thrusts sending you in a state of euphoria.

Bucky fucked you harder and you felt the bed slam into the wall. Bucky stared down at you and brought his hand up to grip your throat. A moan got caught in your throat. “Fuck. Cum, Y/N. I wanna feel you clench around me. Yes, you’re such a good girl.” Bucky groaned, his hips slapping into yours.

Your back arched and your legs tightened around Bucky’s waist as you started to cum. “Your pussy is so good!” Bucky shouted, an animalistic growl falling from his mouth. You felt hot spurts of his cum filling you up and you gasped for air, coming down from your orgasm.

You moaned lightly, gently massaging your hands through Bucky’s hair. Bucky collapsed on top of you, breathing heavily. He rolled off of you and chuckled deeply. “God. If that’s how you act when I get a hair cut, I wonder what’ll happen if I shave my beard.” Bucky said, looking over at you.

“You better not!” You giggled and blushed, leaning up. You groaned as you felt sore and your pussy was throbbing. Bucky sat up and helped you to the bathroom to clean you up. 

You smiled and looked up at Bucky. He was brushing his hair now.. “You look really handsome, Bucky.” You whispered, taking in how his hair looked. Bucky smiled down at you and kissed you. “Let’s get dressed and take a bunch of selfies.” You snorted and followed after Bucky.

Bucky’s short hair was definitely your favorite thing.

Note: this is short (omg a pun!) but I hope you like it!! Bucky with short hair is easily the cutest thing. thanks for the request! feedback is always welcome! .c

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Chapter Two [Beyond the Sunrise, LMMxReader]

Summary: Your first date with Lin doesn’t go exactly as he planned it.

Word Count: 1,785

Warnings: Slow burn, as always.

Authors notes:  Sab - First dates a fun, right? We’re churning these guys out - it’s so amazing to get to work with Ren, we both hope you enjoy it! (And, as she says, please don’t kill us.) 

Ren - This chapter. Oh god there’s no words for it. I hope you guys like it and please don’t kill us *evil laughter is heard in the distance*

askbox | masterlist | previous chapter | next chapter

“Hi, excuse me I-” You looked up for a second to find one of the visitors you had talked to just a few minutes ago. “I believe you handed me the wrong…”

The guy handed you one of the museum brochures, and you noticed the dates were off. Taking a deep breath, you opened the top drawer to find the right folder, handing one to him before apologizing. It was the third time you messed up that afternoon: First, you almost guided the group of students to the wrong exhibition, then a guest’s question went completely over your head, leaving them staring blankly at you as you attempted to collect your wits, and now this. You felt lucky that your boss was drowning in paperwork and not paying much attention to his employees.

The truth was: you were nervous. Ever since you and Lin started texting, things just clicked between you, everything was easy and he made you smile. A lot. With Stephen sitting in the next room during many of those slightly flirtatious conversations, however, you knew it had to come to a halt soon.

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I’ve Had Enough, Have You?

 Enough of living a life you hate. Enough of the relationship you don’t want to be in. Enough of watching TV, watching others live their lives. Enough of not achieving your goals. Enough of giving up on your dreams and settling for a life you don’t want to live.

They say discipline weighs ounces but regret weighs tonnes - how much weight do you want to carry with you for the rest of your life? Yes, it will be hard. Yes, it will take time. Yes, you will fail along the way. But it’s up to you to make the decision to move forward - no one else can do it for you.

That’s the only difference between you and those who are successful in what you aspire to do - decisions. They decided long ago that they weren’t going to settle in life and took action to create their lives. Are you settling right now? Are you coasting through life expecting things to just happen for you?

If you are - expect more of what you already have. 

If you are concerned about the pain you have to go through to get what you want - consider this. Pain is going to be present throughout your life - it’s up to you to decide what’s worth suffering for. 

There is pain in growth and in staying the same but nothing hurts more than being somewhere you’re not supposed to be. Are you somewhere you feel you’re not supposed to be? Do you wish for a better life every day? Do you feel like you were destined for more than this? 

Only you can say enough is enough. Only you have the power to change your circumstances. Only you can decide for yourself what kind of future you want to live in. You, and only you, can start taking action to bring about a better tomorrow.

So why not start now?

Peace & positive vibes.

Rockabye Final (pt.8)

genre: fluff and just a little angst / stripper!au 

pairing: you x jimin

word count: 2.5k

i can’t believe this is the last part. i had so much fun writing this story and appreciate all of the love and support i got, seriously. thank you guys. <3

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My heart was indeed broken. How could she do this so easily to me? I gave her everything and even made her promise me, that she wouldn’t leave me. I know. I know. I said that we didn’t have to be physically together but I’m stupid! I’m so stupid. Obviously. It’s so obvious. I still want to be with her, I just didn’t know what to say at that moment. My thoughts were eating me alive and I couldn’t think straight. All I knew, was that I didn’t want to loose her but that ended up happening anyways. 

All I wanted to do, was help.

I remember the first day we met, which definitely wasn’t my ideal place to totally fall for some girl. I remember laying my eyes on her. The feelings that lingered in my body that night. The endless thoughts about her, even when I knew absolutely nothing. I was in awe, just at the sight of her. But when she started talking, her voice was so delicate, soft and sweet. Her desirable confidence that oozed off of her only added to the attraction. I was speechless.

Once again, I know. At first, I was some young man, hanging around at a strip club for my birthday that his friends practically forced him to go to. Sure, my hormones were raging but was I looking for a good time? No. In fact, I was planning on hanging out in the bathroom or playing sick but when I saw her on the other side of the room, dancing away in the night, I had no choice but to sit back down and watch.

As she walked towards me, butterflies filled my stomach but I still tried my best to be as chill as I could possibly be. But within time, I was already in love.

The next day for the private dance, I saw her and automatically found a soft spot in my heart for her. Especially after I heard her story. Not that I’m an asshole but I tend to be somewhat of a prick when it comes to meeting girls. I like the chase because most of the time, they fall for the ones that aren’t the nicest. Now, that isn’t the case for all but for most.

I remember that night too. The sympathy that I felt for her after hearing about what she was doing for her son. My aunt had the same experience and it was hell for her, so not only did I want to see her not go through that but I also liked the girl. Shit, what am I saying, I really liked the girl and even though she just came to my door and broke my heart, I still do.

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Letting go

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Jimin X Reader

Fandom: BTS

Request:  a jimin fic where he is force to lie to the girl he loves that he no longer wants to be with her and thus wants to break their connection in all ways. He really loves her though but work just got in the line, so he have to let go. The girl don’t believe him though, knowing him well. But choose to give in because she knows that he’s doing that for his dream

Originally posted by lostinbangtan

Jimin tapped his finger continuously on the back of his phone as he sat down on the steps of your place, waiting for you to finally return home. He already noticed his sweaty palms and inability to sit still was all due to the news he had received earlier. The two of you weren’t completely together yet but you both had a mutual attraction to each other for a good few years now. It was a cliche story line case of you two growing up together and ending up completely falling in love with the other. 

Yesterday was the day of your first date together. The same memory that made him smile so hard before about how happy you looked sitting across from him at that table was the same memory that was now making his stomach turn. When he kissed you he intended it to be the first, not the last. If he knew this was going to happen he swore to himself that he would have asked you to be his long before tomorrow. You both-He wasted too much time. Time he knew he wasn’t going to get back but also time he didn’t intend to replace. All those times you ran to him when you were crying, all those times you called him over something small but wanted to tell him anyway, all those times you smiled up at him and made him want to stop time right there and then, all those times you were there for him, and all those times he thought about sneaking a kiss from you when you didn’t expect it.

He had damned the whole universe for things turning out this way and he knew if he was going to break it off with you, the two of you couldn’t remain friends. Things would just be harder that way for the both of you. Your voice pierced his train of thought.

“Jiminie? What are you doing here? I thought you had that big meeting for your group?”

Jimin stood up from the step.

“Yeah I did. It ended early so I came to see you…I need to talk to you about something important.”

The strikingly serious face he had on was already enough to send a wave of fear into your chest. You wondered if he was having second thoughts about getting into his new group and he needed to talk it out. Whatever it was you were there for him.

“Sure. Why don’t you come inside for a bit?” You suggested, unlocking your front door.

Jimin rose up from the step, walking past you as you held the door open for him. His body plopped down on the couch and went to get yourself a drink. As you set all of your stuff down he still remained silent so you decided to speak first.

“So what happened at the music company-?”

“Why did you think I had feelings for you?” Jimin suddenly blurted.

You come over to him, holding your newly retrieved water bottle in confusion. Why was he bringing this up right now?

“What do you mean..?” You asked, cautiously.

“I don’t feel anything towards you. That’s why I never mentioned anything about wanting to date you confessed to me and I didn’t want to say anything before so I let you take me out on a date last night. I know you have feelings for me so maybe we should just stop being friends.”

Your eyes widened and you sat there in silence trying to find where this was coming from. Sure, he never confessed his feelings before you did but that was because he was shy and you knew that.

“But all those times-”

“Times when what? Times you asked me to hang out all the time, times you flirted with me, and times you were all over me! Y/N when did I ever give you the vibe I was into you? I just can’t deal with it anymore and I’m sorry. Just because i’m nice to you doesn’t mean I’m into you. If you weren’t so single all the time maybe you’d notice that.”

As soon as it came form his mouth he wanted to give in and apologize but he couldn’t and if he wanted this to get you to cut him off he had to make it worse.

“Jimin I-”

“Just stop! Please? I’m so sick of you coming onto me! Why would you think I want someone who complains as much as you do? Or someone who pities themselves as much as you do? It’s pathetic you think everything I say is a hint that I like you. Taehyung told me how much you asked about me and how much you asked if I was into you. Would you grow up already?”

His fists clenched as he watched your eyes start to tear up. Was being famous worth this? He was ruining the one thing he cared most about but he had also trained a lot of his life to being in this newly formed group. He just prayed he wouldn’t regret his decision. It was better this way.

“…You don’t mean that Jimin….I know what you’re doing..” you argued.

Technically you didn’t know the full story but from what Hoseok called you about earlier you knew he was already accepted into his new music company. Plus you had heard rumors of dating bans in these sort of places so it wasn’t a far fetched idea. There was no other reason for someone as sweet as him to act like this. Sure he was scary when he was angry but this wasn’t how he looked when he was pissed. All you could notice was the purely blank look in his stare.

“What do you know, huh? I wasted 20 years knowing you! Why don’t you just continue to hang out with Tae when i’m not around? I’m sure he’d be willing to put out for you. You always were chasing him around when we were in high school. Oh, right he didn’t want you either. Must suck to be the girl nobody wants to be with.” He muttered.

Even if this was fake there was only a limit you could take. You walked over to the couch itself and slapped him as hard as you could. Jimin looked down at his lap with a smirk spread across his face.

“You still can’t even accept reality, Y/N.”

Jimin stood up from the couch, facing you completely.

“What is reality, huh? You pretending you don’t love me? You trashing me like this so I hate you? Jimin please just stop! I love you and that’s not going to change because you mouth off to me!”

He let out an exhausted sigh.

“I don’t love you! So, stay the hell away from me!” He yelled.

You froze on spot, afraid of his yelling. Jimin moved past you, heading for the door. You didn’t know what to do seeing as though he wasn’t going to give this up anymore than you were going to. It would just keep going so you decided to just let it go. This was the choice he made. He picked his dreams over your friendship and relationship. If that’s what he wanted then so be it but you couldn’t help but be affected by his words, slowly falling down next to the couch in a crying mess.

Jimin stopped outside your house’s door, taking a deep breathe. He could hear you crying on the other side and stopped in temptation to go back in and fix things. With heavy feet, he instead, kept walking forward until he was off your front porch and out of your life. 

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I hope I'm reading your profile right, if not please ignore this!! But friendship headcanons for Kyoutani, Terushima and Ushijima! I apologize if I read your description wrong >.<



  1. Will easily let his guard down around you. He deeply appreciates the friendship you both share and how you don’t judge him by his appearance. As a thank you, he’s willing to lower his dominant and rough demeanor to show you that he trusts you.
  2. I said for a few characters that they’d beat the shit out of anyone that would upset you, but Kyotani would actually literally beat the shit out of anyone that would upset you. The second he sees you crying, he becomes uncontrollable and his rage takes over. It isn’t until you’re begging him to stop when he’ll actually stop. Sometimes he gets into really big trouble….
  3. He has little ways of showing you how much he enjoys your company. When it’s lunch time, sometimes he’ll buy you a drink from the machine, he’ll stay and study with you, or he asks you to watch his games.
  4. It is very very important to him that you watch his games; he calms down knowing that you’re in the audience. Even if you aren’t paying attention and have to study during the game, as long as you’re there, he’s ok.
  5. You’re the only one allowed to hug him. He blushes every time and you tease him when he tries to pry you off.
  6. He often hand makes his gifts and birthday cards. He spends all night making sure they’re perfect and he uses all of your favorite colors.
  7. In the winter, he wears the scarf you gave him every single day.
  8. You gave him a keychain with a dog on it that resembled him and he pets it for good luck before every game.
  9. Scolds you harshly when you stay up too late studying, when you’re sick, or when you forget something, but you know he means well.
  10. Tries to watch what he says around you because his biggest fear is that he’ll say something that will make you upset and you’ll leave.
  11. Always asks you to wash his uniform because he doesn’t know how to do laundry yet.


  1. Makes you his wingperson whenever there’s a cute manager to flirt with.
  2. He gives you one knuckle sandwich every day.
  3. Although he’s really chill and aloof with his piercings, he was a baby the minute he stepped into the piercing parlor. He made you hold his hand throughout the whole process. He even convinced you to get one, too, but you compromised and now you have your ears pierced.
  4. He’s in the process of designing and planning out your future friendship tattoos. It started out as a joke, but now he’s really serious about it. He won’t get it until the both of you are comfortable and satisfied with the design for at least a year.
  5. He gets extremely worried about you when you don’t get enough sleep the day before your exam or when you get sick. After school, he’ll walk you home and stays with you until you fall asleep so he knows you’re getting your rest.
  6. He’s almost too comfortable around you and doesn’t mind changing in front of you. One time you were so stunned when he took off his shirt that he shoved his armpit in your face. Now, when you turn around so he can change, he’ll pretend he’s done and call your name so you’ll look at him, but then it’s just him rubbing his nipples.
  7. He’s a very rough and touchy friend; he’ll shake your shoulders, slap your back, poke your sides, squish your cheeks, you name it.
  8. He takes his after school naps on your couch before he heads home.
  9. Likes to take pictures of you and post them on Instagram every chance he gets. He’s one of those people that either posts a really meaningful message or just puts the poop emoji.
  10. He takes your birthday very seriously and always throws a big party, even if you insist on not having one. He wants to celebrate the day the heavens blessed him with his best friend, as he would word it in his speech.
  11. Casually spanks your butt in the hallway.
  12. Is your biggest fan and will always support you in anything you want to do no matter what.


  1. He makes you run and work out with him every day because he likes having a work out buddy. Because of him, you’re in like the best shape of your life.
  2. Always makes you eat with him because he feels like you aren’t eating your daily servings of vegetables.
  3. Cherishes anything that you give him, from a special gift to any normal object. He wears the hat and gloves set you gave him every single day in the winter. Every time you hand him a pen to borrow, he takes extra care of it so he doesn’t lose it or forget to give it back to you.
  4. He often takes naps after school at your place, so he has a designated section in your closet for his napping clothes and blankets.
  5. Finds it charming when you borrow his sweaters and you’re drowning in how much larger it is than you.
  6. Flicks your forehead when you forget your homework or get sick, and then doesn’t do anything about it lol. That’s what you get for being irresponsible.
  7. He’s a great listener and will evaluate any decisions that you’re hesitant on. He doesn’t sugar coat anything because he’s watching out for you and doesn’t want you to regret anything in the long run.
  8. His mom always asks if you two will ever get married.
  9. He saves his cheat days for the weekends when you two go out to eat.
  10. Always offers to carry your backpack when he walks you home.
  11. He protects you from Tendou when he gets a little too close or comfortable around you.
  12. You’re the only one allowed to hug him and it’s only once a year on your birthday. He’ll make exceptions if you’re really upset and crying.
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 bughead fanfiction - unbeta’d - story has been bumped to three chapters, so don’t kill me at this outcome - have faith in your gal, ok? - 2/3


“There are plenty of ways to die
but only love can kill and keep
you alive to feel it.”
—Leo Christopher


She has her suitcase open in front of her, her last box stacked by the door of her now bare room. The bed looks lonely in its position against blank walls. The photos of her and her friends all packed away in an album somewhere, ready to be loaded into her dad’s car for their drive down to Cleveland just a couple days away.

Turning her head, Betty sees her father leaning against the doorway, watching as she folds a shirt and tosses it into the case. Part of her feels extremely guilty for leaving him here alone. She thinks of him by himself in this big house and feels something akin to a fist squeezing her heart at the thought.

“I know I’ve already asked you, but—“

“This isn’t about Jughead, dad.” Betty tells him, turning back to her neatly folded clothes before sighing and lowering herself to sit on the bed. She gives a halfhearted shrug and plays with the loose stitch of her sweater. “I mean, part of it is. But, it’s more than that. More than him.”

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a. I talked to someone today that used to mean the world to me and now you mean the world to me and more and I’m so scared that in a few months you’re not even going to remember who I am.
b. And don’t get me wrong I can live without you, but I don’t want you not in my life.
c. And they’re right when they say poetry is a type of bleeding because it’s like I’m always fucking bleeding, but you don’t even slip on it anymore.
d. And I’m sorry I made you not trust me I didn’t mean to it’s just who am I kidding you should’ve fucking known I love you.
e. And I want you to acknowledge the fact that you knew exactly how to break my heart because of him and you did it worse and I’m not saying it’s your fault, but it is.
f. And I wanted to love you, but you made the decision and still led me on and it wasn’t fair, but it also wasn’t a regret.
g. And I want to find something else to do that doesn’t sound like a fucking coping mechanism or an excuse to talk about how much I love you.
h. I want to text you I miss you and it’s not cool cool good. It’s I’m upset, but I can’t tell you because there’s a 200 foot wall fucking between us.
i. And you sit right next to me in history, but I can’t even look at your fucking face.
j. And I don’t want to see you at prom and I don’t want to see you kissing her and I don’t want this to happen anymore.
k. And it sucks because I expected more from you and I still have hope and hope is what breeds misery.
l. And my best friend says he had the intent to hurt you, but you still love him? how can that be?
m. And I say poetry is like bleeding and between me and you so was he.
—  cool cool good
Jane Austen Asks


  • Emma Woodhouse: What are some of your worst bad habits/faults?
  • Mrs. Bates: Are you the awkward one in your social group?
  • Jane Fairfax: What’s your biggest secret?
  • Mrs. Elton: Do you ever seek attention?
  • Harriet Smith: Which is worse: physical pain or emotional pain?
  • Frank Churchill: Do you get cranky in the heat?
  • Mr. Knightley: Do you dress for comfort or fashion?
  • Mrs. Weston: Do you take care of your friends?
  • Mr. Elton: How quickly do you recover from romantic rejection?
  • Mr. Woodhouse: Are you concerned about the health of those around you?

Pride and Prejudice

  • Colonel Fitzwilliam: Are you a good wingman?
  • Mary Bennett: What type of books do you like to read?
  • Mr. Bennett: Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
  • Miss de Bourgh: Do people try to plan your life for you?
  • Charles Bingley: Do you fall in love easily?
  • Mr Gardiner: Are you interested in fishing?
  • Catherine Bennett: How much does your personality depend on those you’re with?
  • George Wickham: Are you okay with burning bridges?
  • Lady Catherine de Bourgh: What are your top talents?
  • Mrs. Bennett: How good are you at ignoring bad things?
  • Jane Bennett: Do you give others the benefit of the doubt?
  • Mrs. Phillips: Does it bother you when you’re compared to others?
  • Lydia Bennett: How do you attract people you’re interested in?
  • Mrs. Gardiner: Would you say you are nosy?
  • Louisa Hurst: Are you able to pretend you like people who you don’t?
  • Mr. Collins: Do you compliment others?
  • Georgiana Darcy: What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?
  • Charlotte Lucas: How far do you plan ahead?
  • Caroline Bingley: Do you get jealous?
  • Mr. Hurst: Are you able to sleep in front of strangers?

Sense and Sensibility

  • Edward Ferrars: Do you regret any of your past romances?
  • Fanny Dashwood: How involved are you in your family members’ lives?
  • Elinor Dashwood: Do you forgive easily?
  • Sir John Middleton: How much do you like dogs?
  • Mrs. Dashwood: Do you make decisions rationally or based on emotions?
  • John Willoughby: Have you ever been in a fight?
  • Marianne Dashwood: Are you open with your feelings?
  • Charlotte Palmer: How close are you with your mother?
  • Anne Steele: Can you keep a secret?
  • Mr. Palmer: Do you often say things without thinking?
  • Colonel Brandon: How much do you hold onto the past?
  • Robert Ferrars: Have you ever dated the ex of someone close to you?
  • Mrs. Jennings: Do you like to tease others?
  • John Dashwood: Are you easily persuaded?
  • Lucy Steele: Have you ever been attracted to two siblings?

Mansfield Park

  • Edmund Bertram: Do you care what your family thinks of you?
  • Fanny Price: Are you good at standing up for yourself?
  • Mrs. Norris: Do you pick favorites?
  • Lady Bertram: How productive are you?
  • Sir Thomas Bertram: Are you ever oblivious to things and people around you?
  • Tom Bertram: What’s the biggest change that’s happened in your life?
  • Maria Bertram: How easily do you change your mind?
  • Henry Crawford: What do you do to get over someone?
  • Mr. Rushworth: What’s your biggest regret?
  • Julia Bertram: Would you ever elope?
  • Mary Crawford: Have you ever shot yourself in the foot around your significant other’s family?

Northanger Abbey

  • Isabella Thorpe: Is loyalty an important quality to you?
  • Henry Tilney: What’s your favorite way to meet new people?
  • Frederick Tilney: Are you a good flirt?
  • James Morland: Have you ever had someone break up with you for no reason?
  • Eleanor Tilney: How do your parents embarrass you?
  • Mrs. Allen: Is fashion important to you?
  • General Tilney: Will you be a helicopter parent?
  • Catherine Morland: Do you daydream a lot?
  • John Thorpe: Have you ever thought you were in a relationship when you weren’t?


  • Louisa Musgrove: What’s the most embarrassing way you’ve gotten hurt?
  • Anne Elliot: How well do you respond to stressful situations?
  • Admiral Croft: Are you a good driver?
  • Mrs. Smith: Are you good at maintaining friendships?
  • Captain Wentworth: Do you hold grudges?
  • Captain Harville: What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had?
  • Elizabeth Elliot: How good is your self-control?
  • Mrs. Croft: Would you ever live on a boat?
  • Sir Walter Elliot: How often do you look in the mirror?
  • Charles Musgrove: Are you into sports?
  • Lady Russell: Do your friends come to you for advice?
  • Mrs. Clay: Do you keep secrets from your friends?
  • Mr. William Elliot: How frugal are you?
  • Mary Musgrove: Are you a hypochondriac?
  • Captain Benwick: How do you feel about poetry?
  • Henrietta Musgrove: Have you ever been in an on-again-off-again relationship?
  • Charles Hayter: Do you ever feel kind of superfluous?
Hair Game (Peter Parker x poc!reader insert)

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Pairing: poc!reader x Peter Parker

Word Count: 1039

Summary: When it comes to natural hair management, it was never easy for (Name). Her hair was coarse, tangled easily, and soaked up water like a sponge. Thankfully, (Name) had a little help to ensure that her hair game was strong.

Author Note: I LOVE writing hair-themed pieces, so I decided to create another one. Keep in mind Peter will be 18 in this one-shot. Enjoy~!

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Never let me go.

3. I may be able idiot, But I’m not stupid.

7. Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.

46. I thought you were dead!


You had been missing for weeks Tig was going out if his mind with worry. You had been dating for a couple months now. He hadn’t asked you to be his old lady yet. But he was falling fast. As were you. He had Juice searching for you over and over but there were no leads to where you would be. You covered your tracks very well. Only using cash everywhere. He sent your picture to sister charters so they could be on the lookout for you.

Finally one day you were spotted in a grocery store in Indian Hills. You rarely left the apartment you were renting temporarily but we’re running low on groceries. Word got back to Juice that you had been found.

“Hey man, I found (Y/N)!” he said as he walked up to Tig outside. He gave him the paper with all the information and watched as Tig put out his cigarette and ran to his bike and took off.

You had fallen asleep on the couch watching TV when a loud banging at your door startled you awake. You figured it was one of your annoying neighbors asking for something. You opened the door and Tig busted through it.

“Tig! What are you doing here?!”

“I thought you were dead!” he seethed angrily as he grabbed you by the shoulders. “You stopped answering my calls. Your stuff was gone out of your house. Why would you do that without telling me!”

“I’m sorry. I should have explained. I should have said goodbye. I thought I was making it easier for you.”

“Making what easier (Y/N)?! I’ve been worried sick!”

“Not to have to choose between me and the club. With everything going on. The troubles with the cartel. You were so stressed. I figured I’d make it easier for you. So I moved away. I may be an idiot, but I’m not stupid Tig. I saw what the drama was doing to you! I didn’t want to leave. But I thought it would be best for you. I regret that decision every day!”

“Baby girl. No matter how much we have going on. You were still my girl. And I’d protect you and keep you safe.” he said as he looked deep into your eyes. “Come back with me.. Please…” he begged.

“But my friends and family…Everyone keeps telling me that you’re the bad guy.” you tell him.

“Forget what anyone says or thinks about me. What’s important is what you feel. What do you feel?”

“Like I’m falling in love with you and don’t want to live without you.” you confess as the tears begin to well in your eyes.

“Then come home with me. Let me love you. Let me cherish you and make you my old lady. I’ll protect you with my life.” he pleaded.

You admit you missed him. You hadn’t recovered and were a mess. You regretted leaving him every day. But you wouldn’t let him go again. You throw your arms around him and sob as he kisses your forehead. He wraps his arms around you soothingly and begins to let the tears fall himself.

“I’m never letting you go again baby girl.”

“Good” you replied as you kissed him.

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Secrets in Time // Chapter 1

Characters: Kuro, Mahiru, Lily, Hyde, Licht
Ship: KuroMahi, LawLicht
Summary: Mahiru refuse to accept that his friend killed himself and goes to the Alicein Household to find the truth. He didn’t know what to expect from the residences or who to trust. But, with Kuro, they discover secrets hidden in the mansion. {Suspense AU}

Ch. 1 // Ch. 2 //

“Help! Someone help me!” Kuro followed the voice and was shocked to find a man hanging from the wall. At first, Kuro could only stare up at him in disbelief. He didn’t recognize the man so he knew he didn’t work for Alicein family. Kuro was employed to the family as a guard and often patrol around the gate surrounding the mansion.

But the man clinging to the wall was different from the other thieves he seen throughout his employment. Kuro sarcastically called up to the man. “Hey, do you know that you’re trespassing?”

“Oh, thank God!” Mahiru looked down and saw a man standing beneath him. It was raining heavily and he didn’t know how much longer he could hold onto the edge of the wall. He rushed to explain his situation.

“I’m not trespassing but I can understand why you thought that. My name’s Mahiru Shirota and I’m here for the appraiser position. I have an interview at five but the gatekeeper wouldn’t let me in. I didn’t want to be late so I tried to climb over the wall. I saw tree branches reaching over the wall so I thought there was a tree on the other side that I could use to climb down. Thinking simply, this should’ve worked.”

“What’s simple about that plan?” Kuro sighed to himself. The tree was too far for Mahiru to reach and the branches near the wall were too thin to support a man’s weight. “Just wait there and I’ll get a ladder to help you down. Don’t go anywhere.”

“Where do you think I’ll go?” Mahiru snapped back at him and Kuro chuckled to himself. “Please be quick! I don’t know how much long I can hang on.”

No sooner did he finished the sentence, did the rain became more powerful and the water loosened his grip on the wall. Mahiru desperately tried to catch onto something to save himself but his hand slipped and he fell. Kuro rushed to save him and reached out his arms to catch him. He fell into Kuro’s arms and his weight sent them both crashing to the ground.

They were both in shock so it took them a moment to recover from the fall. Mahiru opened his eyes hesitantly and he found himself sprawled across the man. With a flurry of apologies, Mahiru climbed off the man. He could feel heat creep up his cheeks but the man didn’t reveal any emotion on his face. “I’m sorry! But thank you for saving me.”

“Can’t deal. Hugh’s going to yell at me for getting dirty.” Kuro sighed and looked down at the mud coating his pants. “But are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. I probably look worst than I feel.” He gave him a reassuring smile and took the hand Kuro held out to him. Mahiru was certain that he looked like a wet dog because of the rain and wind. He took out a napkin from his pocket and held it out to Kuro. “You have some mud on your face. Let me get it for you.”

He didn’t wait for Kuro’s reply before he wiped the dirt from Kuro’s cheek. Mahiru had to stand on his toes to do so because Kuro was slightly taller than him. Kuro was surprised with the small gesture and stepped back. “You don’t need to do that. I’ll just go back to my room to clean up. Don’t you have an interview to go to?”

Mahiru looked at his watch and was relieved when he saw the time. “I still have some time. Hopefully, I can clean up a little bit to make myself presentable. I really need this job.”

“Unless you have a fairy godmother to clean you up, I don’t think there’s much you can do about this.” His hair was soaked and Kuro gently brushed away Mahiru’s hair from his eyes. He only meant it as a casual gesture but caught himself when his eyes locked with Mahiru’s.

“I’ll get one of the maids to get you a towel. Lily’s in charge of things like hiring people so I’ll tell him what happened. He’s a good guy so he’ll understand.” Kuro took his hand back quickly. He walked towards the entrance of the mansion and gestured for Mahiru to follow him.

“Thank you, Kuro!” Mahiru bowed to him quickly before following him. They walked side by side and Kuro watched him carefully. Kuro decided to trust Mahiru because his story was too outlandish to be a lie and Lily told him that he had an interview today but he still had to be cautious. The Alicein were a powerful family and others had tried to rob them in the past.

Kuro walked into the mansion and nodded to DoDo, silently telling him that Mahiru could be trusted. “He’s here for an interview with Lily but he got caught in the rain. Can you get him a towel and something to change into? I’m going to my room to change so just wait in that room, Mahiru.”

“Kuro, look at this meiping vase! This pattern is reminiscent of the Song dynasty.” Mahiru looked over his shoulder to Kuro, his eyes bright with fascination. Kuro remembered Mahiru mentioning that he was applying for a position as an appraiser. “It’s beautiful but it’s a shame that it’s not authentic. There are small hairs on the etching so this was probably made by a machine.”

“You have a good eye.” Mahiru jumped slightly when a voice spoke next to him. The tall man that stood next to him now appeared so quietly that it shocked Mahiru. But he gave Mahiru a kind smile. “My name’s Lily. We spoke over the phone and I’m glad you’re interested in the job. I know it’s rather short notice.”

“It’s no trouble at all. I’m just excited for the opportunity to be able appraise the Alicein’s legendary heirlooms.” Mahiru beamed. The Alicein family had many heirlooms that they were planning to donate to a museum and they wanted someone to appraise them before they were sent to a museum. But Mahiru wasn’t interest in the job or the heirlooms.

Mahiru only wanted to know the truth about what happened to his friend, Licht. Earlier that week, his friend took a job with the Alicein family as a pianist. From their conversations, he thought that Licht was happy so it was a complete shock when he was told that Licht had died. According to the police, Licht had jumped off a cliff located near the Alicein’s mansion.

But anyone who knew Licht would know that he would never kill himself. Mahiru tried many times to convince the police to reopen the case but refused to do so no matter how many times he asked them. He knew that if he wanted to find the truth, he would have to look for it himself. When he saw the job posting, Mahiru knew it was his opportunity.

Someone in this mansion killed his friend and Mahiru was determined to discover who.

“You want me to watch over him?” Kuro narrowed his eyes at Lily’s request.

“Yes. It’s just a safety precaution to prevent the heirlooms from being stolen. Mahiru seems like a very trustworthy and genuine person but it doesn’t hurt to be safe. You’ll be pardon from your duties as a guard and all you have to do is stay by Mahiru’s side. It’s an easy job, Kuro. Please do this for me, Kuro! There’s no one I trust more than you.”

“Fine.” Kuro sighed. Lily was his brother and worked with the Alicein family much longer than he had. The Alicein were like a second family to Lily and Kuro knew how important they were to him. So, Kuro couldn’t refuse his brother.

“Thank you, Kuro!” Lily hugged his brother. “He’ll be staying in your room to make the job easier for you.”

“Troublesome, I’m already regretting my decision.” Almost all of the employees lived in the Alicein’s mansion and had their own rooms. Most had no where to go and the Alicein provided them a home. “Can’t he just have a room next to mine or something? Sharing a room isn’t going to make my job easier.”

“I already had one of the maids move another bed into the room and Mahiru is already his things in so there’s no room for argument. Maybe you’ll actually become close with him.” Lily suggested.

“I doubt it.” Kuro had difficulty allowing himself to become close with people and could be distant so Lily hoped that interacting with people would help him. “That guy tried to climb a wall in a storm. Only a crazy person would do something like that. I wouldn’t do that no matter how much this job is paying.”

“Keep an open mind, Kuro. This should be an easy job for you. Just make sure that he doesn’t steal or damage anything. If he does anything strange, please tell the master.”

“Whatever,” Kuro sighed. “I’ll keep an eye on him.”

After they finished, Kuro walked back to his room. More specifically, he dragged his feet to his room. He liked his privacy and didn’t appreciate having to share his room with a stranger.  Kuro hoped that Mahiru would keep to himself while they were staying together. But his hopes were dashed when he opened the door to his room.

Kuro barely recognized his room. His room was now clean and organized. The curtains were drawn and light flooded his room. In the center of his room was Mahiru, sweeping. His hair was dry now and he had changed into fresh clothes.

Mahiru looked up when he heard the door open. He couldn’t stop himself from throwing a glare at Kuro. At first, he was grateful that his roommate was Kuro because he seemed to be a kind and dependable person. But seeing his mess of a room, Mahiru questioned his judgement.

“Lily told me you got the job.” Kuro said awkwardly and walked past him to his bed. “Congrats.”

“Thanks, but I want to talk to you. We’re going to be roommates so let’s set some ground rules. You may be comfortable living in a mess but I’m not. I cleaned our room for you this time but I won’t do it next time. I’m an appraiser, not a maid. You’re a grown man so you can clean up after yourself. You even left the TV on! You’re a guest in this house so it’s not polite to waste electricity like that.”

Mahiru chastised but he didn’t know if Kuro was listening to him since he only laid in his bed. “Can’t deal.”

“Look Kuro, we’re going to be roommates so we should get along.” Mahiru said and Kuro finally turned to face him. While Mahiru was angry when he saw the mess that was Kuro’s room, he didn’t want to antagonize the man. He wanted to have a few allies he could turn to when he was looking for Licht’s killer.

“Fine,” Kuro thought that it would be easier to give into Mahiru to argue with him. So, he held out his hand to Mahiru and he shook it with a smile.

The storm knocking on a window woke Licht but his vision was still blurry when he opened his eyes. The bed he was in was warm but felt foreign to him so Licht pushed himself into a sitting position. He looked around the small room and winced when he tried to remember how he came to the room. Whenever he tried to recall a memory, his head felt like it was splitting in two.

“You’re finally up!” Licht realized that there was someone else in the room. The blond man had been sleeping on the desk when he heard Licht wake. He looked relieve but Licht didn’t recognize him and narrowed his eyes. The man saw his expression and held up his hands in surrender. “Now, is that any way to treat the man that saved you?”

“Saved me?” Licht repeated but he couldn’t focus on a memory when his head was still spinning.

“You just woke up so everything must be a little fuzzy. You’re just lucky that I was exploring the caves at the base of the cliff. I was shocked to see an angel falling from the sky and I swam out to save you. If you want to thank me, my name’s Hyde.”

The man still looked confused and Hyde thought back to the night he saw Licht fall off the cliff. He had been when he heard a struggle from the top of the cliff. But when he ran out of the cave, the only thing he saw was Licht falling. He was already injured before he fell into the water and Hyde could only imagine what happened on that cliff.

But someone wanted the man dead so Hyde hesitated to take him to the hospital. He decided to take him home and treated his wounds. Licht developed a fever and Hyde was glad that he was awake now. But the man looked slightly lost as he stared down at his hands. “I fell? I don’t remember anything…”

“I told you, everything’s probably a little fuzzy but it’ll clear up in no time.” Hyde patted his shoulder. “I’ll get you something to eat and an aspirin. You willing to give me your name in trade?”

“… It’s Licht.”

“That’s a nice name.” Hyde started to stand but stopped when Licht grabbed his arm.

“My name’s Licht but that’s all I remember.” His eyes looked genuinely lost and panicked. “I don’t remember falling off a cliff or anything else. Who am I?”

I have this reputation of starting a lot AU but not finishing them XD But this idea in my head came to me. Who doesn’t like a good old mystery?

Breathe | V x Reader

Rating: General
Word Count: 1,247
Genre: Angst | Hurt/Comfort | Fluff
Summary: You would always be there for V, no matter what.
Note: Contains spoilers for Secret 01. My part of a trade with @cookiekiller02
Author’s Comment: Thank you for trading with me! Writing an angst with a happy ending for one of the more complicated characters with ~1,000 words was quite the challenge. I hope it’s to your liking! (’:

You didn’t think that falling in love with your childhood friend would be so painful. You didn’t think that you’d feel so bitter towards yourself when you realized that you weren’t the one for the freelance photographer. You thought that you would feel hatred towards the woman that V fell for, but you couldn’t. Sure, jealousy and envy settled deep in your heart, but never hatred. After all, Rika was V’s sun, and you just couldn’t find it in yourself to hate her whenever you saw how happy V was around her. …That was until she had blinded him.

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It’s Not Too Late // Jay Park

Originally posted by lavender-kills

Pairing: Jay x Reader

Genre: Angst, Oneshot

Summary//Request: Jay shows up at your hotel the night before you’re due to marry someone else and he begs you to reconsider. Are you truly in love with your fiancé? Or will you give Jay, your childhood friend, one last chance?

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Bestfriend Benefits [2]

Word count: 1.6k
Warning: sexual implications, warren still has a daddy kink
A/N: Im so overwhelmed by the positive feedback from Part One of “Bestfriend Benefits”; thank you guys so much for everything please keep sending me feedback because Im not sure if I like this part and it helps me stay inspired

“That was smooth as hell but we aren’t done yet. There is no way I would ever call you daddy.”
The car stopped as Warren suddenly turned to you; his eyes dark and mischievous as he leant over in his seat. Your faces were mere inches away, his hands grazing over your bare thigh as your cheeks flushed a bright pink.
“Oh baby girl we will see about that…”

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First Date

Imagine: Having a child with Kai, your daughter going on her first date, Kai meeting her boyfriend and almost losing his temper because he’s an overprotective father, it leads to you calming him down. (Requested ~smut~) We will say the daughter’s name is Evelyn, because I don’t wanna abbreviate anything haha. :)

It was the night, your beloved daughter of sixteen years of age was going out on her first date. You thought the young man was polite and the perfect suit for your daughter. They adored each other as far as you could tell about how they talked on the phone. Her father and your husband Kai, on the other hand, wasn’t too thrilled. You gave your daughter one last look, short shorts, a nice blouse and her purse around her shoulder hanging at her side. Her hair was done in little curls, makeup done to perfection all so she could impress her lover. 

You wiped your eyes and kissed her cheek softly. Kai sat in the corner of the living room, refusing to believe his daughter was going out with a boy. He could remember sitting her on his lap and playing peek-a-boo with her while she giggled and drooled all over him. Her eyes met his, making him realize he was definitely very proud of his beautiful daughter with the same blue/gray eyes and perfect white teeth. Sure he was paying attention to how she looked, not agreeing with the short shorts all that much. But she was very kind, very cheery and playful. She had a need to help people and could talk to people without murdering them, she definitely took after her mother in that department. 

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Got7 reaction when they regret breaking up with you

Thank you so much for the request I hope you like it <3

JB: *His emotions would be out of control he’d find himself randomly snapping at the other members over something stupid and forgetting his lines in songs, he wouldn’t be himself anymore and the only answer to everything he needed was you*

Yugyeom: *He’d be so distracted he’d end up messing up his dancing which wasn’t something he did on a regular basis, he’d go to his closest hyungs for advice on how to deal with it and what he should do to get you back*

Youngjae: *He’d never regretted a decision more than this, he felt his life was useless without you he missed you so much and the fear of you suddenly getting with another guy was killing him so he felt he had to do something about it*

Jinyoung: *He’d waste no time in running to yours and begging for you back, with tears threatening to fall he’d pour his heart out to you and hoping you’d see how bad he was without you* 

Bambam: *He’d try to make up little lines he could say to you to show how sorry he was for leaving, he’d go over these with Yugyeom and would ask for his input before going over to yours and putting his words into actions*

Jackson: *For once Jackson had no words to describe the empty feeling he had in his chest, he’d turn quiet as he plots a way to have you back in his arms* 

Mark: *He’d be completely out of it he wouldn’t be thinking straight and you’d always be on his mind and he’d always think of a way to at least get you to listen to him and hopefully take him back* 


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