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Hey there! I'm absolutely in love with your art style, like holy s h i t how do you, I just, I'm in awe honestly, it's so!! fuckin beautiful I love it!!!! If you have the time, could you do Trevor with D2 or B3? Both of them are just so Soft I couldn't decide

Thank you sooo sooo sooo much for the kind words!!! 

Here’s Treyco!(I hope he look’s like him. nope. panic. i need more practice with faces

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Hey, love this blog! It's great for relieving stress :) Could you do how the band would react to their S/O unexpectedly saying "I love you" to them for the first time, and then getting really flustered right after because it just sort of slipped out without them fully realizing what they were saying? Thanks so much, and keep up the good work!

2D: 2D’s not sure if you actually said it to him or not and looks around, looks at you to make sure you’re not on your phone, and then points to himself with a tilted head. When you start to blush and realize what you said is when he he starts to blush a bit; he smiles and kisses your knuckles, telling you without hesitation that he loved you, too. 

Murdoc Niccals: Murdoc feels his body freeze up as he can’t remember if anyone’s ever told them they love him before (not sincerely). He tells you repeat yourself despite your flustered look just to be positive he’s not going insane and just hearing what he wants to hear; he crushes his lips against yours after you confirm it, and mutters ‘…love you, too’ back in a soft voice. 

Noodle: Noodle blinks a few times, seeming a little dazed as she repeats the words you just said to her over and over again. She had thought about the moment for a long time, thought about how freeing it would be to just confess to you… and here you were, showing her up, confessing first and becoming a total blushing mess over it. She brings your attention back to her by stroking your cheek, smiling gently as she whispers she loves you more. 

Russel Hobbs: Russel stops drinking abruptly after you say it, the shock of being confessed to so suddenly causing him to shatter the glass in his hand. You panic in response to his response and begin to clean the glass (and his hand) up, hoping the moment might just be forgotten. When things quiet down, he apologizes for the scene, and confirms he feels the same (he just didn’t expect you to say it first). 

Katie Bell: The Hogwarts Years

- Her parents were purebloods so it wasn’t much of a surprise when she got her letter
- They just hoped that she’d be a Hufflepuff like them
- On the train to Hogwarts, she got pushed around by all of the students walking through the corridors and hid in the closest train compartment
- It just happened to have Angelina and Alicia sitting in it
- The two were discussing what position they wanted to try out for on the Quidditch team
- Katie sat in silence, listening to them talk
- When she got to Hogwarts, she was so terrified because she had no one to talk to
- She almost had a heart attack when she was sorted into Gryffindor
- She knew her parents wouldn’t be disappointed in her but she didn’t think she was all that brave
- During the first meal, she forced herself to turn and start a conversation with the boy sitting next to her
- He had bright red hair and was sitting next to a boy who looked almost identical to him
- “I’m Gred” he’d introduced himself
- His brother had said “I’m Forge” while sitting down on her other side
- She’d reached for her drink and they’d out a hand on the top of her goblet
- “You might not want to do that” came from Fred
- “Just watch” George said at her curious gaze
- One, two, three beats later and the entire Great Hall was coughing up a fit
- Katie took a tentative sniff of her drink and found that it smelled of vinegar
- They’d changed all of the drinks in the Great Hall
- Into vinegar
- Katie was glad the two boys seemed to like her
- She didn’t want to get on her bad side
- “That was quite rude of you” she said as she giggled
- The effect of her scolding was cancelled out
- She spent the first year at Hogwarts being herded away from certain things by the twins, who protected her from whatever prank they’d began
- “You remind us of Ginny” they’d said when she’d asked why
- By the end of the first year she’d found herself with two new friends
- As well as the knowledge that she wasn’t exceptionally talented in magic
- But still quite competent
- Second year arrived
- And as she hopped on the train she actively searched out the twins
- In the compartment once again she found Angelina and Alicia
- The four third years were all on the Quidditch team together
- George and Fred had informed her that they’d seen Harry Potter
- Katie cried bullshit
- Angelina pointed towards Katie and, while looking at the twins, said, “I like her she doesn’t take any of your shit.”
- The twins convinced Katie to join the Quidditch team with them
- She ended up spending a lot of time with Angelina and Alicia and they became good friends
- Everyone always teased her but figured out they shouldn’t mess with her when she decked a Slytherin for messing with a first year
- Even though it was a one time thing and she was otherwise fairly tolerant and kind, people would still treat her with a little more respect
- Except for the Slytherins
- Who gave her a wide berth
- Alicia gave Katie a necklace when she started her third year
- It was her grandmothers and was going to be thrown away
- But Alicia knew Katie liked jewelry and brought it for her
- Angelina bought her a bracelet on their first visit to Hogsmeade together
- It was silver and had turquoise stones and was one of Katie’s most prized possessions
- Katie was shocked to find her mother had one that was almost identical
- So when she showed up to school after Christmas with two
- Angelina wondered if she’d been hit in the head and was seeing double
- She wasn’t
- Katie just really liked jewelry
- In her fourth year Katie spent most of it traumatized
- She was terrified of dogs
- So all of this news about “The Grim”, a black dog who was an omen of death was enough to have her sent to the hospital wing
- Angelina and Alicia did their best to keep her distracted
- And the twins tried their hardest to make her laugh
- In her fifth year, she focused extra hard on her school work
- And almost ended up being cut from the Quidditch team
- It took a lot of energy out of her
- And she ended up snapping at her friends fairly often
- They understood though
- After they got over the initial shock of calm and peaceful Katie all angry
- In sixth year
- It was a little bit sad
- Because all of her friends were leaving
- She spent a lot of time hiding in the girls bathroom
- Crying
- Especially after Alicia and Angelina discussed their job opportunities
- Which was a lot more frequently
- It only stopped once Fred had followed her to the bathroom and stopped her just before going in
- He’d taken one look at her face and pulled her in for a hug
- “It’s gonna be ok” he’d whispered
- “We’re not going to leave you. You’ll always have us around.”
- Katie laughed as she leaned back, giving him a half-hearted smile
- “I’m holding you to that.” She’d chuckled
- In seventh year, she befriended a sixth year named Leanne
- They liked to go to Hogsmeade together
- Leanne had been with Katie when she’d bought a beautiful set of earrings
- She had them in her pocket when she was cursed
- Once Katie was out of the hospital, she immediately gave the earrings to Leanne
- Katie wrote to her old friends constantly
- It was difficult though
- They were all exceptionally busy
- Katie ended up having to retake her seventh year due to all the time she’d missed
- It wasn’t pleasant
- Being in the school with Snape as headmaster
- She was almost happy when the Battle started
- Knowing that it would end one way or another
- She wasn’t as happy when it turned out that Fred couldn’t keep his promise
- She watched as George crumbled to the ground
- This was not how she’d wanted their reunion to go
- There were supposed to be tears
- But tears of happiness
- Angelina was crying as well
- Katie had to hold her up to make sure she hadn’t fainted
- Alicia and Leanne were nowhere to be found and Katie was terrified
- The end of the Battle was a relief
- Alicia and Leanne were alive
- But it was a bitter victory
- Katie ended up having to retake her seventh year a second time
- She was nineteen at this point
- And would go visit her friends as much as possible as she finished up school
- All was not well
- But most of it was

Here's what I don't get

How can you spend so long telling someone that they mean so much to you and then in an instant throw it away and cheat on them? How can you tell your significant other that you love them for months on end and then sleep with someone else? How can you call your girlfriend/boyfriend-baby, babe, loml, cutie, etc. and be seeing someone behind their back? How can you do that to someone? I cannot fathom cheating. It’s happened to me twice and I still cannot wrap my head around what goes into a person’s mind to make them think that it is okay to do that to someone. If you are not happy with someone, break up with them. Do not cheat on them, for the love of all that is good in this world. That leaves a person in such a mess. Thinking “What did I do wrong?” “Why wasn’t I good enough?” “What did they have that I didn’t?” It hurts a person to no end. It tears your heart up to no end. Don’t cheat. I don’t care what your reasoning is, it isn’t good enough to cheat.

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I know you've talked about the Caryl hugs lots of times but could you do the Caryl forehead kisses for me? Those moments between them are just so beautiful and give me chills every time. Norman and Melissa can say so much without saying anything at all!

OMG YES I’m in the mood for some feels so I will definitely write about these two gorgeous moments in Caryl history because… yeah…

Forhead kiss #1

You know I started thinking about this lately and I still remember how when she walked in the room, he covered himself up with the blanket. And now we know why he did that. He didn’t want her to see him like that. To see his back and know what was really wrong with him.

But she saw, and leaned over to kiss him on the forhead and this is the heartbreaking part..

That little flinch. The kind you do when you expect to be hurt. Because anyone who got that close to him was usually going to hurt him. And this is something she had to recognize too. But this didn’t hurt. For once someone got close and didn’t hurt him. It always breaks my heart to think someone would react like this to such a sweet gesture. That in his life he got hit more than he got kissed on the had.

Carol, so gentle so nice, it’s almost to much for him to handle at that moment when he’s hurting in all kinds of ways and he simply has no idea how to react to it. It’s been a long time since someone had been that kind to him. And it was this  quiet, beautiful woman, thanking him for doing something good.

Kissing him and telling him he was ‘just as good as them’ for trying to help her little girl like. Bringing him food, not being angry. Just thanking him. Just being nice. It must’ve confused the hell out of him.

And man would she continue to bamboozle him for a quite a while up until the present.

Forhead kiss #2

Wandering off on his own, pulling away in effort to protect himself, Daryl has no answer but a smile when Carol tells him  “you gonna stop me?” when he tells her not to follow him. Of course she’s going to.

I love the way she brushes his hair from his eyes as she talks to him, seeing his eyes move, flutter slightly every time her fingers brush his skin. No one can touch him like this. Non one but her.

“I know yo.. you have to let yourself feel it.”

She does know him, she knows he can’t hold it in. That it just eats him up. But she’s gentle as always, no forceful, her fingers brushing his hair before pulling his head to her and kissing it softly.

It is beautiful how his eyes flutter at every touch and how when she kisses his head he closes them, as if taking in the comfort without the benefit of sight, just feeling it. Feeling her lips on his forhead. Slowly starting the undoing of his feelings, the ones he was holding in all this time.

She continues to brush his hair and let her fingers trail down his arm, even touching comforting and gentle. And he feels all of it even as he’s trying to hold it in.

It is lovely how well they do these scenes where not a ton is said but so much is done by body language and facial expression. The little touches and variables that seem to infuse all their scenes. I do swear Nomy, the writers/showrunners just give these two the basic layout of the scene and they do the rest and that is what makes them so beautiful

That organic natural flow of every one of their scenes together. It’s something that can’t be forced. It comes when 2 people just click and lord do these 2 ever do that. And we are blessed to see it, and definitely need more of this.

And btw, forhead kisses are given as comfort to someone you love, related or not. They are nurturing  in that sense but it dose not neccearily mean familial as many of my married friends will tell you. It something you do for someone you love who is hurting, plain and simple and its simply a beautiful, selfless gesture.

And I just gave myself massive feels writing this…

Thanks for the ask love :)

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Do any of you like the succ? Ok real question, To everyone how much do you love laptop child Aka Alter Ego

Kirigiri: Alter Ego.. oh you must mean the app fujisaki made for the school?

Kirigiri: it’s still unfinished but fujisaki already released it to us to test it out. They were suppose to help guide the students through out the school year, telling announcements, listing events and etc.

Kirigiri: We all adore Fujisaki’s work but i think the one who’s most excited about them is Nanami

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I love Blake so much. Seriously, I do. Is her conditioning known to others at all or?? How did she get them in the first place? HER CONDITIONING MAKES ME SO SAD ahhhhhhhh

lmao omg 
yeah basically everyone knows about her conditioning, but not because they get like updates on her life or anything, but because she’s just really open about it and it’s hard not to notice |D

her deal is she was born to a sith researcher who was focusing on ways to make incredibly loyal agents to handle the empire’s darkest most morally ambiguous work using a mixture of cybernetics and psychology. But alas, her agents would only ever last a few years (as agents do) before going insane or defecting or just becoming useless in other ways, and that just broke this poor lady’s heart. So she thought about it and thought about it, and eventually came to the conclusion that the strongest bond isn’t to one’s country, but to blood, and decided to have four kids to prove her theory. Blake got the short end of the force sensitivity stick and would’ve been entirely useless as a sith, so her mother, not willing to lose a child to the academy, had what little force sensitivity she posessed entirely blocked with conditioning and cybernetics to prevent her from feeling any strong emotions that would allow her to channel the force. Her cybernetics tick audibly when she gets too worked up about anything, which is them dispensing small quantities of poison into her blood that will eventually knock her out if she doesn’t cool it, and quite possibly kill her if she seriously flies off the handle. They also store her memories so they can be wiped and rewritten whenever they want, which has happened like four times already.

the last time her memories were wiped, she was a field operative, but ended up trying to defect. At the moment she believes she’s the outgoing daughter of her handler in an empire that has done absolutely nothing wrong as they try to figure out what else to do with her. 

she doesn’t really know much other than what they tell her. She knows what her conditioning does, but knows not to ask questions about it, because she has a TON of blind faith in the empire, and believes that questioning anything is tantamount to treason.

But past all that she’s just super friendly! She loves her job! She loves the empire! She loves her friends! Why is the republic even fighting this spectacular nation?! Look at how happy everyone is!!!!! WHY CAN’T THOSE SWINE UNDERSTAND THE FOOLISHNESS OF OPPOSING THE EMPIRE!?!?!?!

she can creep some agents out sometimes with her constant placid smiling that’s obviously a result of heavy heavy conditioning, and for those who knew her before she was rebooted, she’s a pretty grim reminder of the consequences of disloyalty. But as of right now she’s lovin’ her life! She’s just having a great time! 

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I've been wondering for way too long just what it is that I want to be doing with my time. I know everyone is different and has different experiences, but I'd like to know: At what point did you decide to focus on drawing, and how did you choose art over everything else (were you just better at art than other things, or did you just love it enough to push through)? How long would you estimate it took in practice to get to the point where you thought "This is something I can do for real!" ?

Well I’ve been into art pretty much all my life. I fricken loved animals when I was a child so I often drew comics of my dog going on adventures with my friends or other family’s dogs, I even wrote stories about them for writing parts of class too (i remember having the longest stories in grade 4, lel). At first I was like “I wanna be a vet!” that quickly changed though once I got more into gaming and wanted to be a video game designer, which is actually something I still want to do someday. I never really had anything else that I was interested in? I was never really good at maths or sciences and stuff, I also didn’t really have anyone forcing me to choose something right away either cause my moms pretty chill. I graded, still didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life (even tho I knew in the back of my mind it was gonna be art anyway) so I ended up working at walmart for awhile and then finally decided to go to art school cause I didn’t want to work the retail life anymore.

I don’t know if there was any real point where I was like “Art is something I can do!” because I knew it was always something I could do so I just did it cause that’s when I enjoy and am capable of. If you’re confused with what it is you want to do just take some time to explore, there’s no rush. You’ve got all your life after all, just make sure it’s something that you’re happy with. No one wants to work a 8 - 5 job they’re miserable with for the rest of their life.

“I haven’t cried over you. I don’t feel the need to. But tonight I did. I thought about how you made me laugh. You still make me laugh when I think of things you said or did. I like thinking of the good times. Because during those times I thought you were good. You were the person I wanted you to be. But then I stop those thoughts. It was rare that you were good. Maybe I laughed so much because it was so much better than being hurt by you. The highs were high and the lows destroyed me. You destroyed me. But I’m putting back the pieces and understand them better than I thought possible. I cherish those pieces of myself that you couldn’t love. All you knew how to do was destroy, and then make me laugh about it.” -An entry from my journal
📸: David Savoie

Semi-long Post Time: Celebration 2017

Alright folks.

These last six days have been a whirlwind. I have had an entire day to sit and think about what I experienced and what I want to say about it. I have a lot of thoughts, but I’ll keep it as brief as I can.

I won’t go through each day, as @darlingnisi has done a fantastic job of note-taking and recapping each day we were there. Read them!

I just want to talk about takeaways. There were many, but the one that stuck with me most was legacy. What you leave behind once you’re no longer here. How you show up in the world to others and what your impact on their lives can mean for them. What God can do through you when you walk FULLY in your purpose. 

Legacy is something I think about often anyway. Not the whole “how many people will show an outpouring of love” aspect so much. But the “how am I showing up in the world?” aspect. How am I impacting the people around me? Not just physically but through my presence anywhere - on or offline. So after seeing and hearing about the way he gave himself up totally to his calling, how he mastered EVERY aspect of it and was able to change the world, I was just left so inspired. Figure out my purpose, walk fully in that, and have faith that God will use me as a vessel to bring more love and light into this world. The same way that Prince did. But in a way and on a scale that is unique to me. And I believe that for everyone. “We all got a space to fill.”  Again, these are things I already believed in as Christian anyway, but it was just very much underscored and highlighted through the Celebration. Serve the world through your God-given talents in whatever capacity. Pour into others. Point others to love. Continue to work towards becoming a better version of you and inspire others to do the same.

The Celebration left us with the charge to spread Prince’s legacy. But not just as a musician, not just as a creative mind, but as a professional, as a mentor, as just a human being. He impacted this world on so many levels just by existing and allowing himself to be a vessel. His entire life, the good and the bad, is inspiring and is an amazing testimony with a lifetime of lessons all of us can learn from. 

Basically ya’ll, I was left so FULL after this celebration. I will be back as often as financially possible. I really hope more folks can experience it next year because it is so worth it.

I said it in October and I’ll say it again, until we meet again MPLS. Peace & be wild. 

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Rules: Answer the 11 questions the tagger sets, tag 11 people, and ask them 11 questions.

You’re about to die but you have enough time to call one person and tell them anything you’d like to say. Who is it and what do you say? 

This is two hard. I have two sisters. I think it would probably be a coin flip between one of my sisters, and I’d have to give her a message for the other sister, too. I’d tell them how much I love them and believe in them, and how amazing I am sure their lives will be. 

You’re about to become a parent of twins. Who do you prefer: two girls, two boys or a girl and a boy? What would you name them?

I’d have to say two girls, just because I think I’d be a better parent to daughters, and I would name them Diana, after both the Roman goddess and Wonder Woman, and Kelly, because I love the vibe of the name and it sounds very different from Diana. I would try to help them have separate identities as much as I could! 

You can have any one person by your side till you’re on this earth. Who is it?

I don’t want to tie anyone down to me unless they want to stick around! 

You go to the cake shop to buy a cake for your kid’s birthday and you the money you have isn’t sufficient to buy any cake. Also, you’re getting late for the party and it’s a shop you’ve never been to before and all other cake shops are too far. How would you persuade the baker to let you buy that cake at a very cheap price?

I’d just cry and promise to return with the last bit of money. People tend to trust me, so I’m hoping that would work. 

You can wear just one kind of outfit all your life. What would it be?

I’d wear a tank top, a cardigan, and a floor-length skirt. You can find lots of variety, from pretty casual to nice and formal, and I would always look good and be comfortable. 

You can either have one best friend or many good friends? Who would you want?

I would say, many good friends. I love having many different people in my life, and I think I would get lonely with only one friend, even if we were so close we could practically read each other’s minds.

You can go back in time, live a month as the person of any age you’ve already been. Which age would you choose and why?

If I could make changes, I would go back and relive my life when I was 17. I really wish I had lightened up and connected with people more, and I wish I had gotten some mental health help. If I couldn’t make changes, I would go back to my 20th year. As lame as it is to go back a single year, I am proud of the person I am, and I loved being surrounded with all of the classes I took and the friends I had that year. 

You’re getting late for something really really urgent and if you get late you might loose everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve and while you’re on your way you find a drowning dog. Would you save the dog?

Yes. That dog needs me, and I honestly don’t need anything from anyone who would destroy my life because I wanted to save a dog.

You’re getting late for something really really urgent and if you get late you might loose everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve and while you’re on your way you find a drowning ant. Would you save the ant?

Nope. Can’t say that I would. I have ant traps in my house. 

You can make any 5 people happy and healthy for the rest of their lives including you. Who are they?

Me, my sisters, and two friends with health issues. 

How would you like to be remembered after you die?

I would like to be remembered, first and foremost, as someone who brought genuine joy to people’s lives and made them feel loved. I would like to be remembered for my creativity, but that means nothing if I did not make people’s lives better. 

I know I’m supposed to make 11 new questions, but I already did a set and I am exhausted! I might post some tonight, though. 

Typical guy that messages me

Him: hey
Me: hi what’s up :)
Him: not much how bout you
Me: *insert what I’m doing at that time*
Him: oh that’s cool
(Doesn’t respond)
Him: I hate restrooms
Me: oh cool
Him: are you 24/7?
Me: no
Him: what aren’t you? Don’t you love diapers?
Me: well sure I love diapers but not enough to where that’s the only thing I’d ever use I like being able to use the restroom when I want to
Him: but you love diapers so you should want to use them all the time

Legit 90% of the people that msg me it ends up being this exact convo

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I just found your Bucky/Loki story and I loved it. I love how you gave Bucky a life outside Steve, and Loki a purpose other than what we see in the movies (and a life outside of Thor). Do you have any more planned for this ship? Do you have any headcanons for them? You made me a shipper!

(The story in question, if anyone is unfamiliar, is all we have we lose. I believe it was my fic for last year’s MCU AU Fest.)

Thank you so much!

One of my peeves in any fandom in general is when a character gets reduced down to their relationship to one character and becomes entirely about that character. It’s something I see a lot with Bucky in particular, and while I understand the draw there it is something I like to push back against. 

Also I’m delighted that I made a shipper out of you. Bucky/Loki and/or Bucky & Loki is one of my secret favorites and there is hardly any of it out there, which is a goddamn tragedy. 

I have played around with the idea of writing a sequel to this particular fic, but I feel like I kind of like where I left things and trying to add to it would ruin it. I do, however, have another fic in the works that’s basically “what if Bucky escaped HYDRA earlier, during The Avengers” and centers on him finding Loki fresh off his near-death experience in Thor 2. That one is more likely to go harder on the shipping than all we have we lose did, though also it is not likely to turn up in the next five years. I mean. We’ll see, but, once again: thirty two WIPs. 

I’ve written before about how Loki and Bucky have their similarities but are also very different, which is what makes their interaction such a compelling one for me. Also, just, two extra-traumatized murder boys. That’s true love right there.

you know i love kpop,the effort the artists put in their work and the Fans are doing an amazing job for their favourite Bands but it just annoys me SO much how some of them get offended by the smallest statement.

It’s like they ship two guys in a Band and want them to be in a relationship with each other at all costs but if they would came out as gay it would be “unnatural” and “disgusting”.
Or you say i love their natural tanned skin and they say “How do you know it’s their real Skintone you rastist”.
You say i love XY so much he/she has so much sex appeal and he/she is so cute at the same time and they say “Eww you’re objectifying him/her”.

Like seriously i don’t get your point.The kpop fandom life would be so much easier if everyone would just sometimes not say what they think and would just keep quiet.

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Any tips on how to comfort a depressed lover? I always let her know I'm there for her, things will get better, and that it's okay to feel upset but that she won't always feel that way. I let her know she is loved and that many people care about her, and that the future is always brighter. What else can I do? It hurts me knowing she's hurting :( so much.

sometimes comforting someone won’t help them very much. it happens, from time to time it will be extremely difficult to cheer them up, and that’s okay. it’s not your fault and you’re not doing anything wrong.

i would suggest to keep asking them how they are and if they’re okay. this will allow them to realize and possibly ask themselves if they’re ok and if they need to talk. you may also wanna ask them ‘is there anything you need?’ in order to get something specific. of course, don’t overwork yourself either. it’s okay if you’re not always available, you’re human and it’s perfectly fine.

you don’t need to check on them constantly but slip them a little message every now and then of how proud of them you are, how it will be okay, if they need anything, etc. it all goes a long way, i promise. if all else fails, i strongly suggest trying to get them to see a professional or doctor asap– depressed people who shut people out or do not respond to any sort of stimulus is a big sign, as they could be in a dangerously contemplative state of mind. tell them to visit my blog if they need something to look at too!

comfort them in all the ways you know they’d like. it’s ok if they don’t always respond. they need comfort and someone that cares, and it touches my heart that you’re asking how to console them. you’re doing a good job, love. keep it up, okay? don’t forget yourself either! questions are a good way to go without getting too far into her space (unless she’s speaking of hurting herself, try all that you can but be absolutely careful.)

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For the daemon!au. Angsty headcanon that the daemons turn into dust when their person dies, so they have to reform when their person is resurrected. Imagine Scanlan waking up with a different animal than the toad he's used to, his mindstate so irrevocably changed by breaking his promise to Kaylee that his daemon changes form. Also would add into the angst of him deciding to use suude and ripping up Vax's letter because its really not better anymore

I mean, that’s pretty much canon. It’s an issue Pike has been dealing with, which I’ve talked about here and here. Percy’s daemon is literally recreated during his resurrection ritual; it’s one of the reasons Pike’s revivify fails.

But the mechanics of the rez are that whoever’s doing the resurrection reshapes the daemon (there’s something akin to sculpting in that, pulling the Dust together and making it in the soul’s image). It’s why loved ones must participate; they must know the deceased well enough to know how to call them back from Beyond to the land of the living. And that means, barring unusual circumstances, a daemon doesn’t change upon a successful resurrection. (This becomes something of a comfort when it comes to the Reincarnate spell; the body may be different but the soul remains the same.)

But maybe that’s worse. Because Scanlan has changed, because the contours of himself have shifted, but his soul has not, and something in that doesn’t line up, something is off. He is cold-calculating angry when he cuts himself off from the rest of Vox Machina, and Terre does not speak a word. But it is good, the time away, the introspection. It is good, traveling with Kaylie. Like Pike, he will take the time to relearn himself, to discover if his soul came back in a way that still fits him.

(She did, of course. How could she not? She is as much him as he is her. Her shape––familiar, worn, comfortable––does not change that.)

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Why do you like Zootopia better than Frozen? (Honest question I love both!) :)

I like both too, and to make it clear to anyone reading this, I don’t think Zootopia is necessarily better than Frozen. They’re such different movies it’s really hard to compare them. 

Setting that aside, I enjoy Zootopia more because of all the creativity and fun put into it. Zootopia created an entire universe that has so much depth and imagination! I love seeing how the creators imagined a world for animals - how housing works, how public transportation works, how they all inhabit together, how they have their own electronics, etc. It’s all so fun and I really appreciate how much thought was put into creating the universe. 

In addition, I prefer the message behind Zootopia. Even though Frozen has that beautiful message about sisterhood and love, Zootopia’s message on society really struck home for me. I love the metaphor of one group discriminating another, especially since it can apply to so many different dynamics: racism, sexism, homophobia – the list goes on and on. 

Lastly, and this is me being very biased, but Nick and Judy have some of the been Disney chemistry I’ve ever seen? And not in a romantic sense, but just as friends their relationship is so fun to watch. Listening to their banter, watching as they work together, seeing them evolve as they learn from each other – it’s perfection. Jason and Ginnifer did such a good job bringing these characters to life, and Nick and Judy are definitely some of my favorite Disney characters. 

In conclusion, both are great movies! I just had a lot more fun with Zootopia due to creative character and set design, I thought the central message was more poignant, and I like the characters more. 

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I love how your Boris is so, real? Like, he's not the idiot the fandom likes to paint him as. He seems to be one of, if not THE first to notice when bendy is having a meltdown and help him. That being said, do you have any idea on how they met? Like in their show?

Aww thank you so much! I mean if you don’t love and appreciate Boris idk what you’re doing with your life you know what I mean? I think Boris is really intelligent! Though probably still a guy with simple desires.

To be honest I have no clue. I would imagine it starts off like any cartoon, they’re just in the same place at the same time! The big question I think is why they’re a pair. A wolf and a demon? I could see them being happy to make Boris a wolf because it’s like, a step down on the “baddie” ladder from demon, but other than that I don’t see the connection at all.

Somehow, of course, it works.