how much conditioner

Got7 in the Shower

Jaebum: gets impatient when someone takes too long but ends up taking 30+ minute showers. frequently changes the temperature and ends up using all the hot water. doesn’t know how much conditioner to use and is the reason there is no conditioner left. forgets to bring a towel.

Jinyoung: don’t join him in the shower or else your skin will melt. comes out of the shower with pink skin and says it feels nice. everyone is concerned. likes to lather. there’s a lot of bubbles. has rose scented body wash. will find out if someone used his rose scented body wash. will punish whoever used his rose scented body wash.

Mark: tells himself he’ll shower. ends up forgetting to shower. showers at night because he’ll fall asleep in the shower in the morning. wonders why his legs look so weird from this angle. gets dizzy because he was looking down too much. takes too long because he plays with his hair. sits down on the floor. uses whatever hair product he sees and nobody notices. 

Jackson: takes showers right when he wakes up. sometimes showers twice a day. vigorously scrubs. likes strawberry blast but uses Axe brand because he wants to be cool. either takes 7 minute showers or 30 minutes showers. there is no in between. wants to take baths everyday but can’t. 

Youngjae: can’t face the water because he doesn’t like getting sprayed in the face. marked the ‘perfect temperature’ on the shower handle. hums the song stuck in his head. sometimes sings. prefers showering at night but ends up showering whenever it’s convenient. 

Bambam: takes cold showers?? because he likes them?? doesn’t like hot showers. surprisingly doesn’t take long. only faces the water. washes thoroughly. follows a routine and gets mad when he forgets to follow it. poses sassily while he washes his hair. wears the same clothes he wore before showering after showering.  

Yugyeom: listens to music in the shower. is too shy to sing along so he mouths the words. gets yelled at to hurry up even though he takes 15 minutes max. dances. it’s a miracle he has never slipped in the shower. can’t leave the dorm unless he showers. his hair is not manageable unless he showers. 

anonymous asked:

Hello lovely! I see that you bleach and dye your hair on a regular basis. How do you keep it from feeling like straw? I had my hair professionally done in a blue ombre over the summer and while it looked great, it felt awful and no matter how much expensive shampoo and conditioner I used it felt awful. I ended up getting it cut much shorter after 6 weeks and have vowed never to bleach it again but I want color and am brunette with very soft hair. Any advice?

Well for one I do keep my hair super effin short.

Unfortunately, the straw thing seems to happen to the best of us. Bleach is brutal.

Mine is not so bad. I think it’s because a: I only wash it every five or so days. I know that seems gross, but the color washes out with every wash, so I only wash it occasionally. Your scalp makes oil for a reason - to protect both your scalp and hair. B: I use expensive conditioner (tea tree lavender stuff it’s so good). The thing that makes the difference? I put it on and let it sit for an hour before I rinse it out. C: I only use vegan color. The colors from manic panic are actually pretty conditioning, which is good cause I leave it on a long time.

I hope this helps!