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They wrote scenes for me to dance around half-naked in my underwear! I went to Shonda Rhimes and said, “Do you really want me to do this? Why me? I have so much cottage cheese here and there!” She just looked at me and said, “Work it.” That was all I got from her. And sure enough, doing the scene helped me get over a lot of my issues. I had to accept my body.

It’s a beautiful night,
We’re looking for something dumb to do
Hey baby,
I think I wanna marry you

Day 6+7 

This definitely has me reaching my cheesy art quota for the year 

someone stop my klancing hand


triggering & nsfw themes are mildly present below.

❛ What’s up, bitches? ❜
❛ Cat in the wall, eh? ❜
❛ I know that game. ❜
❛ Okay, now you’re talkin’ my language! ❜
❛ Look at that door, dude. See that door there? ❜
❛ The one marked “Pirate”? You think a pirate lives in there? ❜
❛ What are you gonna do, hit him? ❜
❛ Whoa, what’s with the spray paint, man? ❜
❛ So what, you want a maid? ❜
❛ Uhh, what’s with your outfit, man? ❜
❛ Whoever it was seems to have been eating newspaper. ❜
❛ It’s gonna go both ways, dude. Sorry. ❜
❛ Which one of you idiots was eating a goddamn newspaper? ❜
❛ All right, well, now we’re gettin’ somewhere. ❜
❛ This appears to be a piece of a credit card. ❜
❛ How is that not specific to one of you? ❜
❛ Is this wolf hair? ❜
❛ I wish it was, man, but that’s inconclusive. ❜
❛ What’s in there, what else? ❜
❛ Why don’t you just write it down? ❜
❛ God, you’re disgusting. A disgusting animal. ❜
❛ You did your best, no hard feelings! ❜
❛ You’re thirty-three years old, you’re supposed to be sexually active! ❜
❛ What are you talking about now? ❜
❛ We’ll make the whole thing up, let’s get outta here. ❜
❛ Cover your knees up if you’re gonna be walking around everywhere… ❜
❛ How much cheese is too much cheese? ❜
❛ I got really, really nervous I just started eating cheese. ❜
❛ Does that calm you down? ❜
❛ Where did you come from? ❜
❛ That… that seems really dark. ❜
❛ Why aren’t you understanding this? ❜
❛ You certainly wouldn’t be in any danger. ❜
❛ Well, don’t you look at me like that. ❜
❛ What’s on the other side of it there? ❜
❛ Your life is way more glamorous than what I was picturing. ❜
❛ Now, help me dig these crack rocks outta my ass. ❜
❛ I need some water. My mouth is dry. ❜
❛ Are you cutting your toenails with a steak knife? ❜
❛ I suppose you have a problem with that, too? ❜
❛ Whoa, whoa, whoa. What the hell’s going on over here? ❜
❛ You know exactly what you’ve done, sir. ❜
❛ Now, the rest of you kids can go with those two losers right there. ❜
❛ I need some trash to plug up the cut. ❜
❛ I pick up the trash can, and I bash the guy on the head. ❜
❛ I’m the Trash Man! I come out, I throw trash all over the ring! ❜
❛ Do not diddle kids, it’s no good diddling kids. ❜
❛ Go into the toilet and run your mouth under the sink. ❜
❛ You want some insulin? ❜
❛ No one’s in any danger! ❜
❛ I feel like you’re not getting this at all! ❜
❛ That’s not the issue… ❜
❛ But it sounds like she/he doesn’t wanna have sex with you… ❜
❛ You’re misunderstanding me, bro. ❜
❛ What am I gonna do, say no? ❜
❛ You had me going there for the first part. The second half kinda threw me. ❜
❛ Why in the hell do you think we just spent all that money on a boat? ❜
❛ What do we need a mattress for? ❜

nhl players as iasip quotes

Wayne Simmonds: “FIRST I’m gonna take off my shirt, and THEN you’re gonna die!”

Jaromir Jagr: “Well, I don’t know how many years on this Earth I got left. I’m gonna get real weird with it.”

Zdeno Chara: “See, I’ve always got an A, B and C strike plan to get us out of any potentially life-threatening situation.“

Brad Marchand: “I browned out that evening.”

Tom Wilson: “I will SMASH your face into a- into a jelly!”

Tyler Seguin: “I shoulda popped my shirt off. Goddammit, really shoulda popped that shirt off.“

Brent Burns: “Wildcard, bitches! Yee-haw!”

Bobby Ryan: “Cat in the wall? Now you’re talking my language.”

Alexander Ovechkin: “I’m relaxing, I’m getting blackout drunk, and you’re leaving me alone.”

Ryan Getzlaf: “Let’s go toe to toe in bird law, and see who comes out the victor.”

Claude Giroux: “How much cheese is too much cheese?”

PK Subban: “A good hockey wig could put this thing over the top, man.”

Jamie Benn: “I’m a casual millionaire from Texas.”

Sidney Crosby: “You can’t patronize your captain. That’s a sea law.”

Carey Price: “And although I seem relaxed, I’m actually incredibly tense at all times.”

  • James: How much cheese have you eaten today?
  • Peter: How much cheese is too much cheese?
  • James: Any amount of cheese before a date is too much cheese!
  • Peter: I had a lot of cheese... I had a block of cheese.
  • James: You had a block of cheese?
  • Peter: I got really, really nervous. I just started eating cheese.
  • James: Does that calm you down?

anonymous asked:

When did Joon start developing feelings for Hobi?

The days they have class together pretty much look like this- They would spend time studying after class, and they would go to joon’s apartment afterwards. Hoseok always slept over with a sleeping bag– Namjoon loved how Hoseok would just bring happiness pretty much every day. It built up in Namjoon’s heart– he tries to convince himself it was a small buildup, but from the moment Hoseok smiled at him, Namjoon already had feelings for him.

</cheese cheese y cheeseY I’ll–hopefully get to update more between the two of them >>>

TJeff and Mads is my problematic OTP

This is a sketch that got way out of hand. I just wanted to draw Jefferson in sweats ;-;

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the signs as choice quotes from me this week
  • aries: “i’m just thinking about how much i don’t give a fuck about king kong.”
  • taurus: “i’m a good person and a nice person, but i talk way too much to ever be considered a ‘respectable’ person.”
  • gemini: “i would go to burning man with you, but i wouldn’t do any drugs. we could just dehydrate in the desert for fun.”
  • cancer: “we were at kroger and we were looking at the nut rack…gross phrase.”
  • leo:“do you ever think about how weird bones are?”
  • virgo: “there’s a difference between fancy cheese and expensive cheese. they keep the fancy cheese in a different part of the store.”
  • libra:  “everything’s different when you do it on purpose versus when your body does it quickly and suddenly and without your permission.”
  • scorpio: “i know him well enough to know that i hate him, i don’t know what beverages he prefers.”
  • sagittarius: “i’ve never had fun in a hardware store, and i don’t plan on starting today.”
  • capricorn: “i don’t care if a low carb diet would change my life, because a huge life transition means nothing if your best friend isn’t there to share it. and my best friend is spaghetti.” 
  • aquarius: “dude, i’m literally never not uncomfortable.”
  • pisces: “i’m allowed to call things gay whenever i want because i’m using it as a compliment.”

dr boys favorite types of cheese. im very tired. its 2 am. komaeda is here.

Surely an interesting first ask to make. I hope you enjoy the product.

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • You’re at a fancy Italian restaurant when you ask.
  • It seemed like the place to, with all of their cheese-based dishes.
  • When you ask, he raises an eyebrow and nods.
  • Why did he nod.
  • That’s not a question you “nod” to.
  • He said something about “gorgonzola.”
  • Isn’t that some sort of-
  • The waiter brings over a wooden plate of blue cheese.
  • Shinguuji simply unzips his mask, takes his fork, and effortlessly takes a bit of blue cheese and eats it.
  • He likes blue cheese.
  • You’ve nothing against blue cheese, really, you’re just…
  • Offput on how easily he ate it.
  • You ask him why he likes blue cheese, and the answer is odd, yet not unsurprising.
  • “The ability that humanity can create such delicious food despite nature taking her natural toll on it, truly inspiring. Truly beautiful.”
  • You enjoy his optimism.

Rantarou Amami

  • You really wanted to cook tonight.
  • You wanted to cook a cheese pizza, to be specific.
  • You asked him what cheeses he wanted on the pizza.
  • He just looked at you and said “Whatever you think is best for the pizza!”
  • That was very much not helpful.
  • You demand to know his favorite cheese.
  • He fucking shrugs.
  • “I don’t really have a preference, they all taste good!”
  • Damnit Amami.
  • Now you’re determined to find his favorite cheese.
  • Every. Single. Time. You. Ask. It’s the same answer.
  • “No preference!” “Whatever you like!” “I’m not really sure!”
  • You’re at the breaking point. Now you’re at the grocery.
  • You’re spending too much money on several types of cheese.
  • When you get home you lay them all out in little bits on little plates.
  • You demand he try each and every single one.
  • After he finishes, he says nothing, he just look at you with an embarrassed smile.
  • “Turns out I don’t like cheese that much!”
  • He cooks for the next month. No exceptions.

Kokichi Ouma

  • Vacation in Italy! You’re on a date with him in some authentic Italian restaurant.
  • The waiter brings you both some red wine and a plate of multiple cheeses.
  • He eats at least one of all of them.
  • He actually seems to really enjoy the cheese.
  • Though the wine might be helping.
  • Curious, you ask him what his favorite cheese is.
  • After a moment, he lets out his signature laugh and says it’s gouda cheese.
  • Why exactly gouda?
  • “It’s because I’m a gouda boy!”
  • …You tell him that’s not how you pronounce it.

Shuuchi Saihara

  • His tastes are relatively tame.
  • He enjoys fancier and more expensive cheeses like gorgonzola but still enjoys classic cheddar.
  • One day he flies to Europe to solve a difficult case.
  • But then he comes home excited from his flight and he says that “Emmental cheese solved the case he was working on.”
  • Saihara what.
  • Saihara no.
  • He sits down at the dinner table with you and explains how exactly cheese solved the case.
  • The victim was apparently some famous Swiss chef that died of poison.
  • And he had several food related businesses back home. Cheese-making, wine-making, and olive harvesting.
  • He made a pretty penny off selling his cheeses and wines and olives too.
  • And in his will he stated that his fortune and business would pass to his brother.
  • And that his brother was with him when he died.
  • And the autopsy report stated that he’d eaten poisoned cheese.
  • The pieces fell into place.
  • What a silly case.

Kaito Momota

  • “Cheese? Cheese is great!”
  • He’s really enthusiastic about mozzarella cheese.
  • He’s talking about how it’s made and why it was chosen to be the primary cheese for pizza.
  • Now you’re thinking he’s just enthusiastic about pizza.
  • Oh, no, back to mozzarella cheese.
  • He knows too much about this damn food. 
  • You ask why he suddenly has so much knowledge on mozzarella cheese.
  • “SpaceX launched a cheese wheel into space! I’m pretty sure it was mozzarella!!”
  • Kaito that did not happen it’s too stupid-
  • He shows you an article on it.
  • Goddamnit, they really did send a cheese wheel into space.
  • Now he’s grinning like an idiot because he proved you wrong about something as silly as space cheese.
  • Shut up, Kaito.


  • He can’t really eat cheese.

Gonta Gokuhara

  • Gonta really wants to try cheese!
  • He saw your picture of that pizza you had when you were out with your friends on social media!
  • It looks really nice!
  • Okay! Sure! 
  • You’re at the grocery with him at the dairy section, looking at all the expensive cheeses like emmental and edam when he picks out the cheap quickmelt cheese.
  • You give him a weird look, and he frowns.
  • “You really don’t need to spend so much money on these other cheeses, I am fine with having the cheap one!”
  • You try and convince him to get something more exotic but he refuses.
  • “A gentleman should never let his S/O pay more than what is needed!”
  • You give in and buy the quickmelt cheese.
  • Once you arrive home he’s eager to try it!
  • He takes a knife and fork and places a slice of cheese on his plate.
  • It’s really cute and silly you love him.
  • He takes a bite and-
  • He spits it out.
  • Gonta is super sorry!
  • He wasted your money and is super upset!!
  • Please forgive him!!!
  • You both decide to eat some ice cream instead.
  • You knew you should’ve just gotten the emmental instead.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • It’s about 2AM when you wake up, the warmth that is him in your bed suspiciously gone.
  • You wander around the house groggy as heck when you find him in the kitchen with only one dim light.
  • He’s just eating cut up cheddar cheese.
  • He’s feeling shit again, isn’t he.
  • You decide to sit beside him and join him in eating the cheddar.
  • You’re a little upset you won’t be able to make food with the cheddar for the rest of the week, but you’re far too worried about him for that to take center-stage.
  • He talks about how the cheddar’s hardened while in the fridge, so it wouldn’t be good for anyone anyway.
  • You tell him how despite how tough and seemingly inedible the cheddar is, all it needs is someone to warm it up and they’ll be back to normal.
  • He nods in agreement, but says that “…the cheese will never be the same anyway. It will never be as good as before. Not as clean as before.”
  • You hold his hand and smile at him.
  • You tell him that what he says might be true, but that won’t stop people from loving him.
  • That it won’t stop you from loving him.
  • He returns to bed with you and the rest of the night is spent in each other’s arms.
  • Did you really have a heartfelt conversation stemming from cheese?
  • Yes, you did.

Don’t say a word. I know what happened. And I know why you did it. How you’re feeling right now…I think I know. So don’t be anxious. I won’t ever run away.

How Team Voltron eats string cheese, based on heathens in my family
  • Keith: bites the cheese. He just,, cHOMP
  • Shiro: tears it in half and chomps it from there, it's too much work to keep stringing it
  • Pidge: strings it way too much, shares with the dog
  • Coran: uses scissors to open the package, evEN THOUGH IT SAYS "PEEL HERE", accidentally cuts a piece of the cheese off. cries.
  • Lance: Strings it just right, but not as nicely as Hunk. He's trying.
  • Hunk: he is very nice to the cheese. he refuses to eat the generic store brand, just wants some good Frigo Cheesehead cheese or smth
  • Allura: ??? why bother with string cheese when you have cheese cubes

Cheese Balls! (Hoseok/Reader)

Prompt: Hi! OMG! I love all the stories on here and all the admins! I would like to request some fluff of either Yoongi, Hoseok, Jungkook (or all of BTS if possible), when their gf has one of those big jug things of cheese balls and keeps them hidden in her closet so no one would steal them and he finds it, and when he asks her about it she pretends she has no idea of what he’s talking about. Was that too detailed? Anyways, I totally understand if you can’t do this request. Much love

Genre: fluff, slight humor, drabble,

Words: 1k

Author: Admin Nan

Summary: You loved your cheese balls.

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You’re Drunk

A/N: I’ve had this idea for awhile but couldn’t figure out what to write. I drew some inspiration from various tumblrs who did the same/about the same imagines. But all writing is mine - if I can find the tumblrs I drew some of my inspiration from I will add them here later (:
A/N: sorry they aren’t all the same length - I had more inspiration or ideas for some more than others.

Originally posted by vengeanceonmymind

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LadyNoir July- Day 9 Petty Arguments

Up a little late, but a little longer than what I normally post. Enjoy!

It was official, Ladybug and Chat Noir could no longer work together.

It had happened unexpectedly, no civilian nor even blogger extraordinaire could figure out what had gotten them so out of sync.

The next akuma attack had then battered, bruised and dead tired, all because they simply couldn’t co-operate.

Alya, devoted Ladyblogger, decided to take matters into her own hands.

Surprisingly enough, even after their patrols of the city, they still hung out afterword’s, however, it was much shorter and mainly comprised of bickering. Alya, having found them that night, snuck up on them, and was surprised by what she heard.

“I still I have absolutely no idea how you can hate camembert!” Ladybug shouted, tears rolling down her eyes.

“Because it is possibly the worst thing on the face of the Earth! Ladybug I don’t understand how you can like the stuff! I only have the stuff cause my kwami eats it! It’s disgusting!” Chat Noir looked very annoyed.

Of all the things Alya thought could have happened, the two hero’s petty argument on camembert was not high on her list. Hell, it didn’t even cross her mind.

“You’re fighting over cheese?!” Alya almost screeched in laughter, giving away her hiding spot.

“A-Alya!” Chat Noir and Ladybug said together, then glaring at the other.

“I thought that one of you had done something serious, but cheese?” She was crying from laughter, clutching her stomach. “You two are just too much.”

After a couple minutes of Alya’s laughter, and Ladybug and Chat Noir’s staring context, she spoke up again.

“So how did this all start anyway?”

“Well, since this cat over here always smells like cheese I thought it would be nice if I brought some cheese bread over after patrol. He didn’t appreciate it very much.” Ladybug crossed her arms and face away from him.

“Bugaboo, how was I supposed to feel, it had camembert in it!” Chat whined.

“Who cares what was in it, I made it, I thought you’d appreciate that.” She replied softly.

“Aw, Ladybug I’m sorry if I’d known that it’d upset you I wouldn’t have been so mean about it.” He hugged her from behind, both forgetting Alya was there.

“Camembert still sucks though.” Chat said.

Ladybug rolled her eyes. “Whatever you say Chaton.”

“So, does this mean your lover’s spat is over?” Asked Alya, grinning. She was met with two very red superheroes. She could almost see the similarities between her two friend Adrien and Marinette.

What a coincidence.