how much are you all judging me right now

Julian Blackthorn

What hurts me the most about Julian and Emma’s relationship right now is that, Emma has someone to talk to. She can pour her heart out about how much it hurts and Cristina wouldn’t judge her. She told Cristina about having sex with Julian. She can vent to quite a bit of people if she needs. Julian doesn’t have that. He doesn’t have anyone to talk to. First of all, because he only knows adults who would judge him or scold him for something like this. Second of all, his parabatai; the person you are closest with, is the woman he loves. He can’t vent to her. Third of all, he is the father of the house. He isn’t supposed to make rash decisions. If he does, he’s considered childish; a teenager, when he clearly is mentally not. Julian has n o o n e for him to trust and confide in. The only one he can trust is himself.

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Being honest I don’t know what’s going on hahaha The girls are beautiful tho. But (please don’t judge me because of this) sometimes I just feel like I miss the old Bangtan. Too much theories to my brain right now. I feel confused all the time bOi. But don’t get me wrong… Everything they do is art!! but I miss a simple video like Dope, Save me or Fire.

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Protip for stimmers

As you get older (high school and college) more of your friends and classmates will have anxiety. They might not really recognize it, they may just feel like they have nervous energy or get stressed.

If you bring a stim toy with you to school/hanging out, you will not be judged. Everyone will want a turn, I guarantee. How do I know? This has happened to me on SO MANY occasions. It’s becoming really popular right now to have a fidget toy, like those cube things. Most people I know love to mess around with them, and they have so much stress too that all you have to say is that it helps you to keep calm cause you get anxiety and bam! Instant relatability. People totally understand being stressed in general. You don’t have to go into specifics about your diagnosis or your neurodivergence, cause they probably won’t follow anyway. Just say it’s for anxiety and offer them a chance to try it out. They might end up wanting one for themselves! Just be sure to say you need it back soon or they might walk off with it, sometimes to show other people.

But seriously, don’t feel bad about your stim toys. Even the chewy necklaces and stuff (though I wouldn’t share those lol). Tons of people bite their nails or chew on stuff, just say you do that and are trying to stop by replacing it with the necklace. When in doubt, look to their natural responses and find something common that relates to your stim. For instance, I stim by singing when I drive. I tell people it just distracts me and keeps me calm, and I try to play music that they know so they can sing too! People love shit like that.

Off To A Right Hook (Elijah Mikaelson x reader)

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(A really bad one-shot based on a pairing for Anonymous.)

Unimpressed that was the word flashing through your mind as Elijah introduced you to his siblings. They were all unimpressed with you. You could see it in their eyes. Hear it their voice. And just overall feel it crawling on your skin like some bug.  You, (Y/N) (L/N) failed to make a good impression on your boyfriend’s family. The thought had you twisted up inside already.

   As an introvert, gatherings of any type were already hard enough. In general, you wanted to run away from anything and everything people related. It was just who you were. People were draining, and to be honest, you’d much rather be with your dogs right now. They wouldn’t judge you after all. “

 “So tell me, (Y/N). Where did you and my brother meet?” Rebekah questioned, though she could appear to care less about your answer.

     “A bookstore.” You replied. “We were reaching for the same book when-“

        “Your hands touched sparking something between you two, how drab. Elijah, your girlfriend is as boring as you are.” Kol complained, throwing his head back in exaggerated boredom.

     “Are you really that surprise, Kol? Boring people find other boring people to mingle with.” Klaus added, causing you to bite your lip.

   Your cheeks reddened slightly at this. Honestly you never thought how cliché, Elijah’s and yours meeting was. To you, a reader, it was the perfect story. Two bookworms in a bookstore bonding over things they loved. And the two of you shared a lot of similar interests. Other than reading, Elijah also enjoyed writing and music. He even played you a song one night after convincing (or compelling) the pianist at a local jazz club to let him take over. Since then you spent many dates playing instruments of your own in hopes of convincing Elijah to do it again.

    “We share common interests. What really caught my eye though, was the right hook (Y/N) gave to the gentleman who got a little too friendly with her.” Elijah stated, smirking slightly. “Never saw one so perfect.”

   The three siblings stared at you in a mixture of awe and curiosity. While you had no doubted they were more than a little used to violence, you had a feeling Elijah’s admiration of you was a surprise. Shrugging you turned even more ready. “I like to dabble with boxing and kickboxing whenever stressed.”

  “Dabble huh?” Kol muttered, eyeing you considering. “I think a demonstration is in order, don’t you Niklaus?”

    “I do, brother. Come (Y/N), let’s how boring you truly are.”

I Jim-in (there is no Jim-out)

It all started with this cute chubby-cheeked sexy piece of mochi here.. Could not find the video that got me into this lil obsession.. But this was my first glimpse of BTS

Then I did my “research”.. And the first MV i got to watch was No More Dream.. And my eyes will be always be glued at this cute lil pc of…. I love the way he dances.. Full of intensity.. And of course the abs… Who wouldnt stare at those?? (I even send my hubby a pic of this and said I miss his abs too..😉😉)

Then I saw these.. And Spring Day became my first favorite BTS song.. It’s funny how I tried to sang the song and my kids will be looking at me with the “what the hell is my mom saying?!” look on their eyes

And from then on it goes haywire.. Every free time I got, (usually after sending my son to school and while the youngest takes his aftie nap and at night after my kids go to bed) I will do my 😄😄ahem, ahem research where I binge watch videos of them.. MVs, bangtan bombs, Kkul fm episodes, Show performances, concerts..during the first week, it came to a point that i would already sleep at 3 am and had to wake up at 7am for mommy duties.. I do not regret it at all.. If I may say that this research has actually have a real purpose… 😏😏😏 you see I got two kids..two charming 👬… And watching BTS interact with each other somehow gives me a glimpse on the dynamics of “brotherhood”… And someday I hope that my boys will eventually have friendships like that of BTS..

And of course they are eye candies right.. I mean visuals, vocals and dance moves..overall package.. Right??!!!

Then there is Jikook… Omg.. Dont even know where to begin…

❤ first analysis video I watched was @kookminworld0507 and that video turned me into a Jikook shipper especially the “JM hidden in JK’s room in Osaka”..that was mind blowing and my imagination just got so wild that I couldnt stop thinking of it for days…

❤ @jikookmacchiato body language analysis was so on point.. She got some eagle eyes to notice all the little movements and reactions..

❤ I love how Jikook made me feel so squishy and flusterred..if I may use the Filipino term “kilig-to-the-bones”…

❤ the way JK stares, when he rarely blinks and he got those heart eyes for JM..

❤ the way JK teases JM but also the first one ready to defend him

❤ the way they shower each other compliments

❤ the way the tables have turned and you will see how differently JK now treats he is not distant or shy to express his LOVE for him.. (JK2013-2014 vs JK 2017)

❤ the way JM makes JK thirsts for him..the SEXUAL TENSION urrhgh!! 😗😗😗

❤ JK having a doctoral degree on JIMINOLOGY and JM on JUNGKOOLOGY (😜😜😜 tryin to be funny but I guess I failed…😜😜)

❤ Satellite Jeon is lit af.. He really looks like a lost puppy when JM is out of hos sight ( imagine how he felt when JM fainted during a fanmeet and JM not being able to perform with them.. Maybe that was

when he truly realizes how much JM meant to him)

❤ Jeonlous and Jimlous (Jeonlous is kinda cute but Jimlous is scary 😱) but I guess their kind of jealousy is somehow beneficial in a way.. It is a good to prelude to…you know what… (Ok wait I dont know if there are minors who are reading this right???)

❤ love how the other members who are trying to cover up usually are the ones who spill the beans just by judging how they react to Jikook’s interactions..

Ok this is getting long… I am going back to my research 😜😜😜

Ps: I, as much as possible, is trying my best not to read Jikook ff specially the smut ones.. It makes me miss my hubby who I get to see just once a month 😔😔

Ok..that’s all for now.. 😆😆😆

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LOVE, she is my inspiration, my hero, my reason to live, she taught me how to love myself, to be proud of me, to be a better person, to don’t judge anyone and love, support and respect all the people in this world, i love her so much, i can’t believe that she is twenty years, i’m emotional right now, i’m always going to be thankful with this incredible woman, she deserves better, all the love and all the good things, it’s a blessing have her in my life, thank you dinah for everything, for make me smile, thanks for be you, i’m so proud of you, happy birthday again my love🌹✨

Analysing Jieun from Killing Stalking

(Oh wow a blog.)

Just a disclaimer: these are all my opinions/views, and I’m not saying everything here is correct. This is my personal experience plus my intuition. Also, no pictures just I’m on mobile. Sorry.

Okay, so I’ve seen the fandom is very split between loving and hating Jieun from KS.

I’m in between. I usually can see right through people’s bullshit and this time is no different. The vibes she gave me at first were that she was the ‘popular girl in the school’. But just because you’re that it doesn’t mean that you have to be a bitch.

But that’s what Jieun is.

Just from her group of friends, we can see that her 'bitch attitude’ hasn’t got her very far. Either her old group of 'friends’ got tired of her manipulative personality and dumped her, or she never was successful from the beginning, making her desperate to assert dominance (just like when we saw how she treated Bum, someone she has just met). Her group of friends seems as shitty as she is, so seeing someone like Bum (weak, small, looking scared, + the reasons she stated on chapter 18) gave her the perfect target.

Now, regarding her relationship with Sangwoo. In my opinion, she sees Sangwoo as some sort of savior. She doesn’t want to manipulate him or turn him into his lackey, but yes to have him to love (actually love) her back. From what we could see, she never had actual affection from anyone, developing into looking for reassurance from older men (like when she calls Sangwoo 'oppa’ which means 'older brother’ I guess).

When she singed with him and cried, found him waiting for her at the car, etc she looked so fucking happy because someone was finally giving her a fuck (kek).

Sangwoo, of course, knows all of this, so he acts just like Jieun wants him to. By giving her attention (like I said earlier), calling her 'good girl’ and making her feel more special then the others, he’s making sure she’s quickly and silently falling into his trap.

Here’s where I’m torn between hating and loving her. On one hand, she probably made many people feel like shit, bullied the 'weird kids’ in class at a young age, etc, but, on the other hand she just seems like she needs someone to make her feel minimally interested in her (and let’s be honest, we all do. I’m not saying everyone wants to be the center of the attention, or that someone paying attention to you makes you feel uncomfortable, because I’m just like that, but, at the end of the day we’re glad that that random kid in class you barely talked to remembered your birthday.)

Hey, I’m just a 15yo kid, but as someone who’s spent enough time being a 'victim’ of seemingly nice and cool kids, only to then be treated like trash while in the group and having most of the class turned against me when I decided to tear myself from unhealthy relationships, I think this was a pretty interesting subject to discuss.

And that’s why half the fandom is worrying me. Because they love Jieun because she’s 'cute’ and 'they’re gay for her’, which honestly doesn’t sound like a very good reason, but hey, you do you (seriously guys I’m not judging I’m just worried at how you can fall so easily into a pretty face and ignore the 'bitch attitude’), and the other half hates her because 'she’s a bitch to Bum’ and 'wants Sangwoo’, which again worries me because you only care about Bum in particular and not all the people she might have hurt before.

I know I’m sounding too judging and generalising too much but as you may have guessed English isn’t my first language so I can’t express myself the best way. Also, I’m supposed to be studying right now and I’m typing this on a phone. I’m crying.

So yeah, I just wanted to write this to see if anyone has the same POV as me or wants to share thoughts.

Thanks for reading!

Dear Y/N (Barry Allen)

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Hi Honey, 

So I decided to write this letter for you because I know we’ve not spent a lot of time together lately because of all of the metahumans trouble. You’ve been so patient with me lately, despite the late nights and all the dates I’ve missed lately. I’m so sorry and I can’t promise that I won’t miss dates in the future but I promise that I’m going to try from now on. 

So starting right now, whenever things begin to get crazy, I’m going to make sure you know that wherever I am saving the world or working a shift down at Central City Police Station I’m still thinking about coming home to you. Your the person who keeps my head above water each and every day, no matter what I’ve done or how mistakes I’ve made, when I’ve returned home you welcome me with open arms, you never judge or get angry with me no matter how much you deserve to me. 

You do all those things for me when at times I should do the same to you. 

I’m going to cherish you and make sure every day for the rest of our lives together that you know just how much I love you and thank the Universe for bringing you to me each and every day. 

You should go and check the bed because I’ve got you a present. After you’ve got to present, I want you to put it on and meet me downstairs because tonight I’m taking you an extra special date, no work, no Flash. 

Just me and you 

I love you,  

Barry x   

Love Letter requests are OPEN, just send a character (Male or Female) with whatever you want the letter to be about

That’s My Girl.

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Request from @totheworldosanime : Hey, would you write a request for thomas sanders and the reader being very plus size? And him wanting to do the gf/bf tag for a video, but she is insecure about what the viewers will think? You don’t have to. If you can thank you very much.

Author’s Note: My first little drabble on this page, since I usually just write them on my writing blog. But why not have them all in one place? I love Thomas Sanders, thanks for the request! (Also, this is the girlfriend/boyfriend tag, in case you were curious.)

Thomas brought the idea to you with the widest of smiles on his face. You were his girlfriend, after all, and he wanted to show you off to everyone, including the fans who watched his videos every day. “It’ll be fun, look at all the questions!” A finger pointed toward the screen of his laptop, outlining the questions that you both would answer, but your eyes went dim as you thought about the entire process.

“I - I don’t think I want to,” You tried to keep the worry out of your voice, the shame. You hated seeing yourself on video at all. You never let Thomas post any videos that had you him them, unless it was simply your voice. You couldn’t deny how insecure you were about your body, and you just didn’t think you could bring yourself to sit next to your boyfriend, through an entire video, and have to endure the comments and criticism afterward.

Thomas’s smile fell almost instantly, gently setting his laptop down on the desk before turning to you with curious and concerned brown eyes. “What’s up, Y/N?” He could see how your demeanor had changed almost instantly, and he was disappointed, as he thought you would be excited about the idea. You shook your head, glancing down at your shoes, looking past your stomach that seemed to stick out just a bit too far for your liking.

“I can’t get in front of a camera and have everyone judging me,” You finally looked back up after a brief moment of silence, watching Thomas’s eyes grow soft as yours grew watery. “All the comments we’ll get, about how I’m not good enough, how … how I’m overweight …”

“Don’t think like that,” He was eager to reach out and embrace you into a heavy hug, leaning his cheek against the top of your hair. You squeezed him tightly, holding back the insecure tears that seemed to fall much too often. “You’re perfect. I tell you that everyday. Now, I know you’re not gonna just believe it, but you trust me, right?”

Of course you trusted him. There was no one you trusted more than Thomas. You nodded into his shoulder, pulling away to glance up at him. Your boyfriend smiled softly down at you, wiping away a stray tear with his thumb. “So then, trust me on this. They’ll love you just as much as I love you, and even if they don’t, it doesn’t matter. What matters is you.”

You laughed slightly, shaking your head but looking up at Thomas. He really wanted to do this with you, and if he had that much faith in his fans, so should you. “If you really want to - okay,”

One kiss to the forehead, and Thomas was pulling you by the hand to his studio so you could record. “That’s my girl.”

Orange Is The Warmest Colour

Words: 3k 

Relationship: Heather Chandler/Heather Mcnamara


Heather Chandler had always been interested, though she would never admit it, in the colours. The Colours. From the very start you had a colour, your own colour. It wasn’t like a favourite colour though. It wasn’t just a colour you wore often, or that you enjoyed to look at. On the contrary it may become boring to you because its all you can look at. You saw in this colour. In fact it was the only colour you were able to see in at all. It may be all you know and it may be boring; but It was your colour.
Hers was red. At least that’s what was worked out due to the way she always appeared to gravitate towards it. Her parents had been ecstatic when they had found out and from almost the moment they figured it out, they exaggerated their happiness about it and its meanings. She was explained from being old enough to understand the colours, that red was a strong colour. She was told it showed leader ship. Dictating that in her future was the act of becoming a great leader; that she would be hard to break. Despite the contrast of its colour to hers, they described Red as a diamond. It was beautiful, something everyone wished they had the chance to own, but lived on knowing they couldn’t, because it wasn’t weak.
If Heather was being honest with herself, which she isnt entirely often, she would tell you that she never specifically believed them. She didnt understand how the colour you saw in could decide who you were. It didn’t make sense for the two to have any correlation. The stories always interested her though and she enjoyed listening to what all the colours meant, so she never spoke against it.
By reaching the age of seven, she was interested in knowing ig the rumours were true; the television rumours. They told of other colours. Of her ability to see other colours, alongside her own. The idea intrigued her. It was something, that from hearing it, she knew she liked the idea of. Something she knew for certain she wanted. She did like her red though. She felt as if it was special. All the things she had been told made it seem as though it was a good colour, that she was lucky to have it. Although, until she saw other colours, she could never be sure of how true that was.
So she asked. She asked parents, teachers, school helpers, even random people on the street, any adult she could access. Her teachers told her she was too young to understand. That she would understand one day and then she would realise that now, they were right and she hadn’t have needed to know this young. That angered her though because she wasnt, she knew she wasn’t. Other children her age were always talking about the colours; yellows, greens, blues. They all seemed to understand them, so why didn’t she?
There was one girl, who said she had always seen pink, who claimed to have started to see another colour one day, though she never told anyone what that other colour was, so many people didn’t really believe her. Heather had contemplating asking her at one point, about the colours, why she was hiding them and what it all meant but everyone thought this girl was a freak and she didn’t want people to call her a freak too. So she decided against that idea.
So she eventually went to her parents. Their response was long and not particularly what she had expected. They had sat her down and told her it was important she remembered this. That seeing other colours was a special thing. Her young, curious mind was intruiged by this and as such, she listened carefully. They started by asking if she was querying the subject because she had experianced it. She said no. Though she was only young, she still sensed the odd relief in her parents sighs. They then continued to explain themselves. They old her everyone had a soulmate, a special person that someone is made to spend their life with. They told her that the first time you touched this person, whether it be by accident or purpose, you would see in their colour. This confused Heather, did this mean that she would loose her red? It didn’t, they explained. It would mean her red would be enhanced by the addition of a secondary colour. Thats why its special, because then, your two colours would mix to create many others, that meant that the person you touched was made for you.
Heather could never quite get over this. Constantly she searched for her so described soulmate. Making sure to brush each and every person she walked past, just in case. There were some people she returned to, in the confusion that there may have been something, that the colour just didn’t fully come through but that never turned out to be the case.
So she grew frustrated.
From seven until twelve it had angered her and still past that time. It made no sense to her how none of the many people she had came into contact with were her soulmate. She never quite could sum up the true span of the world despite it and everytime she tried, she grew more annoyed by it.
Not only that but she didn’t even know what she was supposed to expect her soulmate to be like. Were they a certain type of person? Did they look a certain way? Act a certain way? She was told she couldn’t be sure and from the experiance of thinking through it, she knew that wasn’t a lie.
All she could manage to fathom was that her soulmate would be a man. Well they were meant to be anyway. As far as she could guess. Her parents talked, whenever Heather brought up the subject, about how she would eventually find the person who was meant to be her husband. So that implied her soulmate was a man of some sort.
There was nothing in her that wanted her to tell this to anyone because they would most likely judge her for it, but something in her never quite felt right about that. The concept of that caused her stress that she couldn’t quite explain. Maybe that meant she didn’t have a soulmate and as such felt weird about having one?
Everyone had a soulmate thought, didn’t they?
She had heard the radio speak of soulmates who had been two men or two women. Was that what she wanted? It couldn’t be, could it? Not realistically. People thought that was weird and Heather had never been described as weird not once. So she couldn’t possibly want something that others see as weird.
Thinking on it, she remembered one time hearing someone talking about how they firmly believed that liking the same sex was just a joke, but not a prank sort of joke, more like a ‘you’re bullshitting’ kind of joke. They said that only a man and a women could be soulmates, that only they could see each others colours. That anyone who claimed they saw different was just lying to seem special.
Honestly, Heather didn’t understand at all why someone would think to do that. It was obvious people disliked it, so even if it did make people think you were special, it wouldn’t be in a good way, it would be in a judgemental, non acceptable way. No matter how much she tried, she couldn’t think of any circumstance in which someone would take the risk of being judged so negatively, not even for the attention it brought and trust me, would she do a lot to gain attention.
Something settled in her telling her that whatever she was thinking and feeling right now was just a phase. That she would eventually find a man and share colour with him and that all this nonesense would just disappear from her memory. At least, thats what she hoped anyway.
It hadn’t only been a phase that she could wash away within years to come, this unsettling knowledge had came about when she had reached around 14. It had taken two years of extensive thinking and self observation for her to have finally came to the conclusion. She was right, she never wanted a male soulmate. She hoped, in fact, she was fully aware by this point, that her soulmate would be a woman and as much as that shook her and as much as she had to hide that fact behind a fake smile of grinding teeth that will not allow the truth to escape their caging, she knew, that was that.
Not only did she have to hide this fact because of the judgement it would give to any of the days youth, she had to hide it because she was popular now. If anyone found out, if anyone even had the nudging suspicion she felt this way, everyone would know, there would be no living it down and her life would be compressed unto an unbearable hell.
Changing the subject at hand, popular may have been somewhat of an understatement. She was the queen of her grade. She was the one at the top that never planned to come down. Everyone knew her, the red heather. She was worshipped. The red queen of freshman year.
The fact she was the red Heather is an important factor. She couldn’t just be Heather as there was a second Heather now. Heather Duke. Green Heather. The second, by quite a long shot, to the throne. Co-queen if you will. And no, she wasn’t her soulmate.
Heather Chandler had been in the school yard when it had happened. It was lunch recess when she had the fortunate event of being approached by a regular member of the school. Another Heather - Mcnamara. Yellow Heather.
“I know you’re- well you probably don’t want to talk to me but um my friends .. they..” The much taller yellow girl turned slightly, directing the red heathers gaze to settle on a group of girls, giggling and cackling like banshee’s behind her. Though she was unable to quite place why, this fired up an angry energy in Heather. The group had obviously gone out of their way to set her up for hell, fully aware of what happens when you try and talk to one of the head heathers when you’re anything but.
“Your friends? Your friends what?” Heathers voice was tinted with slight forced irritation. Her hand was placed against her hip, though she didn’t slouch, as so not to appear so small to the lower girl. She was the queen after all. She couldn’t settle for seeming small. Nor could she settle on the compassion nagging inside of her for this girl. Especially when there was no leads as to why she felt it.
The yellow girl flinched at the coldness in her tone, her fringe curling over one eye as she cocked her head further downwards, causing it to cover one eye entirely. “Well um they told me too.. dared me to actually.. give you this.”
Before Heather had the chance to retort at all, the girl pulled out a large, well bloomed flower that she had been hiding “They didnt believe i’d have the guts to give you it so um well,” it was thrust it in Heathers direction, so it was just in eye line before her nose. “here.”
The red Heather glanced upwards at the other heather. Not making the effort to give anything away. No movement, no speech, nothing but the cold glare of someone who was needing to puff themself up to seem stronger. It was the great bears tactic. Something urged her to take it in that moment, though she made no effort to sucum to it. Taking it may make her seem weak and there was no space for weakness in her position, she had learned this over time. “And why should i take it?”
Mcnamaras face dropped, well not her whole face, but her eyes. Heather was able to notice this because you had to look someone in the eyes and not break contact to intimidate them. They were originally starry, bright but now because of red’s input on yellow’s life, they were tinged with a slight dullness. The fact hung in her throat thought she wouldn’t let it show.
“Well, mm my friends arent really the nicest, uh people” A sighed pause. “and i thought maybe.. it may have been crazy.. but maybe if i showed them i could do it, they would be less mean.. it may be crazy.”
Despite the frog in her thoat and the very depressingly relatable feeling she had for this girl, this very vunerable looking girl. She laughed. She didn’t want to, she really didnt but she was raised to look down on those who were weak and treat them as nothing but the sidewalk she travels on to school. So she did anyway. Mcnamara looked heartbroken at the embarrasment as if someone had without metaphor, just trodden on her.
She pulled the flower back towards her own body and looked down towards her feet. She shuffled.
Heather didn’t know what made her do it. In fact, looking back she had absoloutely no fucking idea exept from maybe being in the right situation at the right time. But her hand reached out in an effort to cup the flower. Pausing, just before her hand reached the other girls, she contemplated what she was doing. No. This was okay. It was fine to do this. It wouldn’t make her weak. She could come out of this without a scratch. “Fine- Alright. Its a pretty flower so just give it to me.”
The yellow heather looked back towards the smaller of the two, eyes gleaming with their starry shimmer once again. Heather realised in that moment that Mcnamaras friends must have been even worse then she first expected for her to react like this to the lack of rejection. With a smile that made red shiver out a breath, Heather pressed the flower forward so that it brushed against the closeness of the red heathers hand.
As it had been signalled for her taking, Chandler wrapped her fingers around the short amount of stem the girl had given her to recieve it. Somehow, she realised after, in both the worst and best way possible, their hands had grazed each others during the transfer.
“Fuck!” The queen retorted, jerking back slightly and rubbing the palm of her hand that had been stung with electricity. Not the electricity like a soft brush and a rush that tingles in your chest. But real electricity. The type that one would imagine could kill. The type that caused pain, an oddly satisfying pain, but pain.
Glancing towards the other girl, she readied herself to pounce at the person who had dared to trick her. She readied herself to ruin the yellow girls life. Though to Heathers surprise, Heather seemed just as shook and puzzled, pained even, as she had been.
“What the fuck just-” Heathers angry monologue was interupted by the smallest strike of pain behind her eyes, followed by a flush in her vision. It took a moment of recovery for her to realise her red was disappearing in places. What was this? Was she going blind?“                                                                                                                                                                  She realised it was quite the opposite when a shocking light and rush of colour, devoured her senses. It was yellow. From the light, almost white yellows, to dark golden yellows, she hadn’t prepeared herself to in any circumstance have to deal with such an overwhelming stance of change. It hurt her eyes at first, it was different from her red. It was bright. Very bright.                                                                                                                                                            But the most amazing part was the orange. The colour that appeared as the yellows and reds began to merge together in an artistic harmony. It was pretty.
Light that broke from the clouds, now a pale pinky-yellow, shone in a shimmer of orange.  The orange was light. It brought heat. Orange was warm.
Freezing for a minute, a quick realisation set in. This was her soul mate.    
She blinked. Just blinked.
Maybe it had been a dream? A halluciantion?
It hadn’t.
She blinked again. This time harder. Upon opening her eyes again though, nothing had changed. Nothing but the fact that she was becoming used to the abrupt, vast change. She noticed the other girl, who was not to anyones surprise, dressed in yellow, shimmering at her. Her intimidating glare, now weakened, settled on Heather Mcnamaras eyes, they were pretty. Very infact. A very dark shade of orange; brown. Dark but bright. They were still bright.
She was flustered, this was obvious from the red-pink that coated her cheeks and ears. Heather wondered if she looked like that too and maybe the other heather had realised it. Part of her hoped she didnt and part of her didnt have the slightest care if she did. Before even being given the chance to respond to what had happened, they yellow girl pressed the flower into her hand and scuttled away, fast and flustered to the band of hyeanas she had proven herself to.
Heather, regaining herself again, glanced down at the flower. It was orange. Had she known?
It wasnt fake and it could be watered. She decided to herself she would keep it alive for as long as she could possibly keep a flower alive for, as a memory of the soulmate she would never be able to recieve as her own. They may have been in the same school and the other girl had obviously recieved the colours too, but Heather knew not to speak of it to her, or anyone else. So like everything else, she kept it a secret. The flower would be a memorial of that secret. Before it dies, she will press it. A never ending memory of the fact that, like its petals, orange is the warmest colour.

Dear Stranger

Pairing: DeanxReader

Word Count: 1886

Warnings: None

Summary: Dean Winchester is a college student.One night he ends up meeting you and the same night he finds out something else too.

A/N: This will be a multi part story. Since I’m new to all this so feedback is appreciated. Thank you. :)

Dean let out a sigh dropping the pen on the open book in front of him and rubbed his bloodshot eyes. He stretched his body in an effort to release the stiffness caused by sitting in the same spot for hours. At the same time a yawn escaped his mouth and eyes became watery. He rubbed them again and blinked a few times. Looking around he realized that the library was most probably completely empty and he might be the only one still here. It was a little after half past eight. He closed all the books and started stacking them back in their shelves. As he was about to keep the last book back in the shelf he suddenly pulled back.

“Oh no. Need this one.” He said to himself.

He returned to the table where he was sitting and collected his things to go. On his way to the exit he gave a smile to the librarian who seemed to be as exhausted as him. As soon as Dean stepped outside the cold night wind hit his face making him shudder for a brief moment. He took in a long breath of fresh air and headed towards his dorm.

Unlike the library the campus wasn’t deserted. There were some night crawlers hanging around, some in groups while some were alone. But they all shared the same look on their face. One which Dean thought could be seen on his face too. Exhaustion. Finals will be starting in a week and everyone was stressed. They were out here to relieve some of that burden. I should too. And on that thought Dean retraced his steps to a quiet corner where no one could be seen. There was a large tree. He placed all his stuff on the ground and circled the tree, looking for a spot to climb it and he found one. Once he was on a branch strong enough to not break under his weight he made himself comfortable. He took out his phone and put on a play list to suit the mood and then just sat quietly, staring at the moon.

A few minutes later he reaches to his pocket to pull out the pack of cigarettes but turns out it wasn’t in his pants, he must’ve left it in the bag. He descended the tree and rummaged through his bag and found the pack in the front pocket. As he was about to go back he saw someone sitting a few yards ahead of him. It was a girl. She was here all alone. Dean wasn’t someone to just go and start talking to people so he turned to climb again but then he realised something. It was middle of the night and there is a person sitting here all alone. Well so was he, but he had a feeling that he should talk to her. Maybe she needs that. And so he picked up his bag and walked over to her.

“Hey there!” Dean said once he was near her. Startled by him the girl stared at him with fear and shock evident on her face. The smile on his face faded once he realised what he did. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.” He apologised raising his hands as if surrendering. Shifting his bag on his shoulder he extended his hand “I’m Dean.” She looked from his face to his hand and very hesitatingly shook it.

“I’m Y/N.” She replied with a small and awkward smile.

“May I?” he asked looking at the ground beside her and then back at her.
“Yeah. Sure.”
He sat down, cross legged, and placed his bag besides him. He took out a cigarette, placed it between his lips and moved the pack towards her. “You smoke?”

“Yeah, sure.” and she accepted the offer. He kept the pack back in his jacket and took out the lighter. After both their cigarettes were lit they both sat their silently. While she stared into the sky his eyes were fixated on her, noticing all her features. She had short, brown and curly hair. She had small but plump lips. And her eyes, they were big and captivating. The ones that when look at you it seems as if they are trying to read your thoughts. You do realise that this is such cliché and typical movie stuff, don’t you? The voice in his head exclaimed and he chuckled at that.

She turned to look at him, all confused. “Are you laughing at me?” not offended but amused by his gesture.

“Oh no! No! I’m not laughing at you. Just something came to my mind. Definitely not laughing at you. I’m sorry.” He apologised with a shy smile on his face. She shook her head and turned back to the sky, taking another drag of the cigarette she closed her eyes, tilted her head upwards and let out a cloud of smoke.

“Your cigarette’s burning away.”


“You haven’t taken a single drag of your cigarette. It’s wasting away.”

“Oh! Yeah.” He gave a chuckle, embarrassed, then took a drag and turned to look at the moon. “So, you come here every day?”

“Not every day but often. You? Never seen you roaming these grounds before.” She asked.

“Nah! It’s my first time here. Usually I go out of the campus to clear my mind.”

“Ohh” she said nodding her head. And then they fell into a comfortable silence. Carefully stealing glances at each other in between their drags so that the other one won’t notice. None of them spoke again till their cigarettes were over. She finished hers first and his was about end soon too. She waited for him to throw the butt and then got up. “It’s getting late. I should head back to my room.”

“Yeah me too. There’s a lot to study.” He said picking up his bag. “So… will we meet again?” he asked nervously.

“If we again end up at the same place at the same time then yes.” She shrugged her shoulders. “Bye Dean” she smiled at him and then turned and started walking away.

“Bye Y/N.” He sighed and made his way back to his dorm. The stress of the finals was somehow forgotten during that short interaction of theirs but it was now coming back. He didn’t realise but his pace quickened and he almost ran back all the way back to his dorm. On his way he checked if the cafe was still open and luckily it was, so he bought a cup of coffee and continued walking back to his room.

Dean was tired as hell when he reached his room, the first thought on his mind was to sleep but he knew better than that. So he placed his coffee on the table and decided to take a shower first. As the hot water streamed down from his head the tension in his body was released and the muscles loosened up a bit. While in the shower Dean couldn’t help but think about Y/N. Her eyes kept flashing in his mind. The way she looked at the sky, it was as if she was missing something or someone. Whatever it was, Dean wanted to meet her again, he didn’t know why but he wanted to talk to her again and just sit with her like they did today. “You shouldn’t get your hopes too high. You don’t know what impression she got of you, maybe she doesn’t want to see you again?” he said to himself. Letting out a loud sigh he turned off the water and got out.

After getting into something comfortable he pulled out the books he got from library and settled himself on the desk chair preparing for a long night ahead. He was about to begin when he realised that there was something in the book he just opened, something like a piece of paper. He went through the book and found an envelope inside. It was very thin, probably empty, he thought and opened it. There was a paper inside, he took it out and opened it, turns out it was a letter. He shouldn’t do this. It’s not for him. But his curiosity got the better of him and he started reading the letter.

Dear stranger,
I don’t know whom I’m writing this letter to but I just wanted to get it out and I had no one to tell all this. So I’m just jotting down whatever comes to my mind. You don’t have to read it. Just leave it where you found it. Or you can go ahead and read it and judge me all you want. I was just having a bad day and I wanted to talk to someone about it, so here it goes.

Have you ever been afraid that you don’t know where your life is going. Like, you see people around you, so happy doing what they’re doing and knowing exactly what it is that they want from life and taking it in the right direction. Everything is planned out. They are out there living their life. Enjoying it. But then you come back to yourself and you realise that your life is the exact opposite of it. You have no clue of what you’re doing with your life and no idea what will happen in next five years. There is no plan. You don’t know when you have to do what. You are just going with the flow with no knowledge about how to get a better life. To achieve what you want.

There are a lot of things that I want to do. I want to travel, it sounds cliché but I want to go to places unknown. Meet new people and make new friends. I don’t want to be bound to a place forever. I want to make my own mistakes and learn from them. People keep telling me what to do and what not to do based upon what they did and how it ended and I’m tired of that. I want to be free. This is what I really want from life. 

But we live in a society where all this doesn’t matters. What matters is what job you get or how much money you make. You are even judged for whom you love. I’m frustrated because I’ve always been told to live my life how I want to but now here I am knowing nothing what I’m doing. 

All this is what I want but right now with how my life’s going I’m not sure if I’ll ever achieve it and that’s what scares me the most. The fear of settling for a life exact opposite of this. For the past few months I’ve been having break downs more than often. My body starts trembling, hands become cold and my legs become too weak to stand. I cannot stop the tears and suddenly I’m numb just lying there with tears rolling down.

So whoever’s reading this, I’m not trying to spill my problems on you and I’m not expecting any pity or trying to gain sympathy. It’s just there’s no one to talk to and this seemed to be the only way to get it out of my chest.

When They Find Your Secret Room of BDSM Toys (EXO)

Requested by a lovely anon <3

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Author: Taebaby

SUHO: I feel like he wouldn’t be as shocked as you’d expect him to be. He’d be surprised sure, but he’d be more happy that he can let his freak flag fly with you know that he knows you’re as kinky as he is

CHANYEOL: There are no words for his thoughts, but his boner would say it all for him

KYUNGSOO: You would think he died and went to heaven by the look on his face like yes, this has been his dream for a million years. He’s always wanted to get freaky for you but had been too scared that you wouldn’t be into it

BAEKHYUN: Oh he couldn’t wait to read you about this later honey, and he would be absolutely merciless with his roast. But that doesn’t mean he didn;t spot a few things in the room he’d like to ry out ;)

JONGIN: He would be so surprised and embarrassed that he’d just legit close the door right back up and walk away and pretend like he didn’t see shit. Though he’ll prob confess soon after because he cannot unsee (don’t see him being into though)

SEHUN: A thousand years he’s been waiting for this. It would even matter what the two of you had been doing previously, he would just immediately pull you into the room and lock the door

XIUMIN: He would confront you immediately, even if there were others around. He’d quietly say “I need to speak to you, jagi” Then as soon as you were alone he’d shoot off a million questions a minute, like “how long?” and “why didn’t you tell me?

CHEN: Super into it super immediately, like no lie. He’d prob ask you about it that night and would want to put your fantasies to the test

YIXING: He’d be shocked and surprised and flabbergasted and every other word you can think of. But because he loves you so much, he wouldn’t;t judge. I don’t see him being into that much because how gentle he is but he might indulge you every now and then


KRIS: Dramatic hoe, he’d be all like “All this time, I can’t even look at you right now” He’d get over it real fast and start getting curious about a few of the things he saw, even asking (v shyly and ‘so not actually interested’) if the two of you could give it a try

TAO: He’d b a bit like Baekhyun where he’d grill you for it, but first he’d want to have a bit of fun ;)

LUHAN: I feel like he’d do some stupid embarrassing shit like surprise you one night when you came home from work with the bedroom se up with all you whips and chains and Luhan laying across the bed naked like “My body is ready jagi

Favorite Quotes from BatB (1991 & 2017)

“She warned him not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within”
- Enchantress

“You don’t lose hope, love. If you do, you lose everything”
- Mrs. Potts

“Forever can spare a minute”
- Belle

“I let her go.”
“What, why?”
“Because he loves her.”
- fucking kills me every goddamn time

“Easy to remember, harder to move on”
- Belle

“How in the midst of all this sorrow, can so much hope and love endure?”
- Belle

“I was innocent and certain, now I’m wiser but unsure”
- Belle

“You can’t judge a person by who their father is, now can you?”
- Mrs. Potts

“It’s not until you lose everything that you can truly appreciate everything”
- Belle

“It’ll turn out all right in the end, you’ll see”
- Mrs. Potts

“I let her steal into my melancholy heart, it’s more than I can bear”
- Beast

“People say a lot of things in anger. It is our choice whether or not to listen”
- Mrs Potts

“I can feel the change in me. I’m stronger now, but still not free”
- Belle

“Can anybody be happy if they aren’t free?”
- Belle

“Sans..isn’t it? Please, I don’t want you to feel as though you have to impress me. From what I heard from the academy, you are quite the ‘star’ student”

“he…I..I didn’t know you like puns b-b-boss”

“Well! I’ve notice its always lighten the mood! But puns aside, I do expect a level of maturity and cation when it comes to working here at the factory. This place is no kiddy lab where you can talk and giggle and gossip. There is a level of professionalism here as well as danger for a youth like you….handling and the maintenance of stars here is no laughing matter. That being said, I will teach you as much as I can. Having such a weighty responsibility here at the factory I may not be able to give you my full attention sans….but judging how well you did at the academy, I am sure you will find something to keep you busy and sharpen the skills you may attain. Now sans, This is the most important thing you must remember. Should you ever make a mistake please come to me right away, do not feel as though I would be anger by that sans….believe me even the best have made there mistakes. Did you get all that sans?”

“Yeah Boss..”

“though small and maybe not as bright a star can be, it is still a star none the less”


“Oh just some ramblings from an old bone like me…no come along sans! And you can call me gaster.”

“I-I knew that! It’s just…boss has a nice ring too it.

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Fine. All I'm going to say is check if she follows you cause I can bet she isn't that's how little she cares about you

I also don’t judge how much someone cares about me by whether or not they follow me. Are you serious right now?

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I'd love a drabble please!

I really enjoyed writing this one. I like it. I’m quite fond of this one…. I really hope you like it!!!
Warning: pregnancy. Mention of abortion

“What’re you watching?” Sam asked, sticking his head around the door to check on you.

Your eyes fluttered open, and you blearily met his gaze. “Oh… sorry, I didn’t know you were sleeping” he mumbled, looking guilty as he shuffled in and shut the door behind him.

“S’okay” you whisper, snuggling into the pillows a bit more. “I, uh… I was watching a film, but I missed it.”

Sam got on the bed and pulled you too him, smiling as you burrowed your head into his chest with just as much fervour as you had the pillow.

“The Princess Bride?” he asked, looking at the DVD menu that was up on the TV.

You couldn’t help but chuckle, “don’t judge me, Winchester. It’s my comfort movie, and right now, comfort is all I want” you told him in a mock scolding tone.

He suddenly looked slightly distressed, pressing a lingering, affectionate kiss to the top of your head. “I’m sorry” he breathed, resting his forehead against your hair.

Shifting so you could look up at him, your frowned. “How come?”

Looking up at him, your heart melted like butter. He was giving you one of his best puppy dog looks, the kind that made you want to kiss him for hours.

“Cos… y’know. It’s kinda my fault you’re feeling crappy” he said, not quite meeting your eyes, and you couldn’t help but giggle.

When he frowned at you, you shrugged. “Pretty sure it takes two to tango, Sam. This is as much my fault as it is yours” you told him soothingly, reaching up and running a hand through his hair as he let out a huff.

“Still feels like my fault…” he grumbled, closing his eyes and leaning into your touch. “Dean thinks so, too” he added, still not opening his eyes.

You didn’t comment on that. You knew Dean had been giving Sam a hard time ever since you’d found out you were pregnant, treating you with the utmost care and affection while shooting Sam the occasional snide comment or disapproving look.

It wasn’t like there was anything you could do. You and Sam always used protection, but accidents happen, and you couldn’t bring yourself to get an abortion… Hunters rarely got any happiness, and this baby could be both yours and Sam’s chance at it. Although, you completely understood every single fear Dean had…

“Still feeling queasy?” Sam said, breaking the comfortable silence as he gently took your hand in his.

You pulled a disgusted face, once again nuzzling into Sam’s shirt. “Yeah… why the hell do they call it Morning Sickness when I have it all damn day” you growled, frustration getting the better of you. “I just don’t wanna be ill any more, and I’m pretty sure I have nothing left to throw up.”

Sam squeezed you a little, pressing another kiss to your head.

“Wanna try and watch it again? Maybe I can go get you something easy to try eat that won’t make you gag?” he asked.

“Hell yeah! But no food yet… my tummy is still churning slightly…” you admitted, handing him the remote.

The Princess Bride started playing for the second time that afternoon, but, yet again, you slipped into a comfortable sleep within half an hour.

Sam gazed at you, love shining in his eyes as he watched your peaceful expression. Quietly, he switched the TV off, before carefully shuffling down slightly so that he could curl up next to you.

Dean walked into the dark bedroom an hour later, wondering why Sam hadn’t returned to continue helping with research. He was all ready to chew him out, but his heart skipped a beat when he saw the two of you together.

A small smile played across his lips, and he knew he couldn’t wake either of you. Slowly, he backed out of the room, and as he made his way back to the library he felt a real bubble of excitement form at the idea of being an Uncle.

Perhaps things wouldn’t be too bad…

Why is it that tvd has me liking all the villains much more than the protagonists? (with an exception of bonnie of course) like I’m so serious i like Klaus, Katherine, Silas, Damon, Elijah, Rebekah, Kol (basically the whole Mikaelson Family) and now Kai. Like seriously am i suppose to hate them? because if so you aren’t doing a good job at making them dislikable. It’s astonishing how much i wouldn’t care if the antagonists had more screen time than the protagonists 

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Prompt: Lena and Maggie meeting for a case Maggie is on then at one point they go and get a drink and then they just talk about these girl they like and at the end find out that Maggie is talking about alex and Lena is talking about Kara

So! I decided to make this into a sort of sequel for A Mutual Friend ?? Anyways, here you go, enjoy! You can also read it on Ao3.

A Mutual Love

Word Count: 1.6

The day was as calm as could be in National City. Crimes here and there, but Supergirl was always at the front of danger. Lena Luthor isn’t surprised when she just so happens to be an important piece to an investigation of an alien murder. It was brutal, they said, and she was near the vicinity when it had all gone done. She thanks whatever higher power exists, that she wasn’t there to actually witness the murder. She wouldn’t be able to stomach her early dinner after what was described to her.

A woman in a leather jacket, and with an intimidating air, walks towards Lena who just wants to go home. She has been standing around the scene for what felt like hours. Her long coat was keeping the late afternoon wind at bay, but that didn’t prevent her from shivering as the cool, invisible force caresses her rose cheeks.

“Lena Luthor, I assume?” She doesn’t say it as a question. Of course she knows who Lena is. The whole city does after the attempt on her life when she was renaming the corporation.

Despite this, Lena still holds her hand out for the cop who accepts it. “You assumed correctly.”

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