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The Big Day - Jack Maynard

Pairing: Jack Maynard & Y/N
Words: 1.2k+
Warning(s): a whole world of cute
Summary: You and Jack have just got married and you needed some much needed time to yourselves
A/N: I have been at a wedding all weekend, this is inspired by it.

It had been a whirlwind of a day, the hair, the makeup, the dress, the ceremony itself. You had spent months and months planning your big day and it was almost over.
After the dinner you all had, a hilarious speech from Jack’s best man, Conor, a tear inducing speech from your dad, you had been mingling with all the friends and family that had been invited to celebrate your special day with you.
Dancing, of course, was a major part of the reception. Your father daughter dance was beautiful, your dad stepping on your toes occasionally as he whispered about how beautiful you were and how proud he was of what an amazing young woman you had become, but no matter what, you would still be his tiny baby. Your first dance with Jack had been a time you would remember forever, a beautiful acoustic song playing as you swayed back and forth, the first time you had felt truly alone with him all day. And of course, Conor nabbing you for a dance as Jack danced with your maid of honour, him whispering jokes in your ear to make you laugh, and telling you how glad he was that Jack had found the love of his life.
As the slower music had stopped, the lively music came on, dancing to Beyoncé with your bridesmaids and One Direction with the kids that weren’t already sleeping at the late hour.

After finishing a dance with your little cousins, you took a walk around the hotel where you were having the party. Smiling at every guest on the way past them, you made your way to a quiet and uninhabited balcony. After the hectic and busy day, you just needed a little bit of time to yourself, the cool breeze of the late night surrounding your very warm body.
You stood and overlooked the lake that sat beside the hotel, a beautiful water wheel and a wooden canopy with twisted metal benches underneath. In your thoughts about how the day had gone you hadn’t heard the glass door to the balcony open, and so you jumped slightly when you felt two warm arms envelop your waist.
“Hi,” a very familiar voice whispered in your ear, calming you down.
You turned in his arms, placing your hands on his upper arms and looking up at your new husband. He smiled down at you, a curious and adoring look in his eyes, silently asking if you were alright.
You nodded, leaning up to press a short kiss to his pink lips.
He tightened his grip on your waist when you pulled away, drawing you into his chest. He rocked the two of you back and forth slowly, leaning down to talk lowly in your ear.
“How are you feeling Mrs. Maynard?” he said, and you could feel the smirk he had on his lips.
You smiled at your new name, a feeling of pride at how much you love the new family you were now officially apart of.
“I’m happy, very content. I couldn’t have imagined this day going any better.” You replied.
“I am so in love with you,” he murmurs, squeezing your waist to emphasise the point.
“I’m glad because we just got married, there’s no going back now,” you joked, feeling his chest shake with a chuckle.
“Have I told you how beautiful you look yet?” he asked, looking down at you.
You smiled at his question, of course he had, when he had seen you at the end of the aisle he had said ‘Holy shit’, when your father had handed you away he told you how breathtakingly beautiful you were with tears in his eyes, and the many many times since then when he would whisper it to you at the most random times.
“Maybe a couple of million times?” you said, a smirk on your face.
“Well, you are, I’m only telling the truth.” He replied, leaning down to your level to connect your lips together. It was the first proper kiss you had had all day, not having time to do anything but quick pecks here and there and not wanting to gross out your family and friends at the altar. The kiss was slow, your lips moving in sync as comforting butterflies erupted in your stomach, more than content that Jack was the person you would be spending the rest of your life with. You pulled back slightly for air, but he was less than satisfied with that, pressing continuous kisses on your lips and then moving to your forehead, your cheeks, your nose. You giggled at this, wrapping your arms around his neck, playing with the hair at the base it.
You felt him tighten his grip on your waist, lifting you off the ground and spinning you around while your giggles increased. Setting you down, he kissed you again, a passionate kiss that you could tell there was a plethora of love behind. You were however, interrupted by a small cough.
Looking to your left you saw your maid of honour standing, a smirk on her face and a hand on her hip.
“Everyone’s wondering where you both went. It’s almost time for everyone to leave, so I think you both should head up to your room now?” she said, winking and walking off in the direction of the dwindling party.
You looked up at Jack, untangling yourself from him and intertwining your fingers together with the hand that he had held out to you. You arrived in the large room, the guests making an arched tunnel with their arms from where we were to the stairs/elevator. You both ran through it, hand in hand, to the end. There was standing both your parents and siblings. You went for Jack’s family first, hugging his mum and dad, thanking them for all their help in planning the day, you hugged Anna, thanking her for being one of your bridesmaids, squeezing her when she said how glad she was to finally have a sister. Conor was next, more jokes being made to make you laugh. The last people you hugged were your parents, thanking them for the most amazing day, your dad trying to act strong when you knew that the tears that were pooling in his eyes would leak as soon as you left.
“I’m still your little girl.” You whispered in his ear, pressing a kiss to his cheek.
You stood back, walking to where Jack was standing next to the lift. It opened and he waved his arm in front of him, allowing you to go first, “After you Mrs. Maynard.”
You both stood facing the crowd of people, waving at them.
“Get in there Jack!” you heard Conor shout, a smirk on his face about where the two of you were going now.
The last thing you saw as the lift doors were closing was your dad giving Conor the dirtiest look you had ever seen and his mum hit him on the arm.
You chuckled, glancing up at Jack as you went up to the bridal suite that the hotel had kindly offered you. He wrapped his arms delicately around you and pressed a kiss to the top of your head.

“I’m so in love with you.”

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Metal Slug-Demon Song Ch 5

“So how was your day, Beaty?”

“Oh, fine. That fathead, Allen O'Neil Junior got into that fight with his Ex-Girlfriend’s husband again as usual. But the mission did go all right.”

Abigail and Beatrice have the kitchen all to themselves and they enjoy cooking food together. It was Abigail who requested the kitchen to be cleared out of any chefs after all of the soldiers and General Morden were fed for the night. The kitchen smelled of freshly cooked chicken and bread and Beatrice helped her sister sliced up the celery for the Chicken Dumpling they talked about having for supper for tonight. “So, how was your day Abigail? Did you see your boyfriend of yours?”

Abigail was blushing, thinking about Trevor Spacey makes the woman’s face go red whenever that member of the PF Squad’s name is mentioned to her. Even getting a glimpse of his face would turn this disciplines military commander into a shy giggling school girl. “I umm, didn’t see him this time around. I was busy dealing with that Loser Abbas who needed his hide saved again by us.” She put the diced onions into the pot with the bread and chicken and stirred it. Beatrice soon put the chopped celery in too. “No carrots?” she asked and her sister smiled, “No carrots, Beaty. Not a singled trace of it. Just the way you like it.”

“I will NOT tolerate any more of your failure, Abul Abbas!” General Morden slammed his fist against his desk so impetuous that it made the sergeant jump out of fright, “Please forgive me, General! I almost have them if it wasn’t for those women coming into-” Morden was glaring down at him while drinking his glass of scotch and slams it down on his desk, “ENOUGH! I don’t care if it was a horde of monkeys with machine guns that came after you, Abul Abbas. You have been messing up too many times and we have to save you disgrace ass every time Marco and his Squad defeat you!”

Allen O'Neil smirked, General Morden was right about what a disgrace Abul Abbas was to The Rebel Military and they always wonder why do they always bother saving his him countless times. He caught movement from the corner of his eye and turned his head toward the large windows that look over the entire Head Quarters, he could have sworn that he saw a dark silhouette glided past the windows. Gripping his gun, Allen O'Neil stepped forward to get a better look and stretched his neck out to get a better look outside, “O'Neil, what is the problem?” General Morden asked him. Allen O'Neil grunted and stepped away, “I thought I saw something flew by your window. Must have been a bat.” he replied.

A lone Rebel soldier patrolled the Warehouses. Checking every lock on the doors and rolling shutters and moves on to the next warehouse to do the same and it’s nothing but a repetitive job. The Rebel sighed and checked on the doors again and then moved to the next one to find the lock on the ground melted into a puddle of metal and the door opened ajar. He grabbed his gun and pushed the door open to get a look around and groped for a switch and no lights came on and he grabbed his flashlight and turned it on.

The switch was taken apart with wires slashed and pulled out of the box and the security camera and alarm laid on the ground in pieces as if someone took it apart with tools. The Rebel quietly steps into the Warehouse to catch the intruder off guard, peaking around cargo and crates and tanks too. Nothing so far and the Rebel took more steps toward the back of the warehouse. A pair of glowing amber eyes glowed in the dark and it slowly and silently crept across the ceiling rafters and down the wall like a spider. It put one hand down and then a foot and softly landed on the floor.

“Alright, thief! You better show yourself or I’m getting all of my friends here to shoot you out!” he shouted, he heard a low rumbling growl and he slowly turned around and saw a flash of fire. Abigail and Beatrice weren’t even halfway through with their dinner while having their conversation about their childhood and plans for the future when a siren started blaring and soldiers scrambling toward the flaming warehouse. Abigail got up quickly and grabbed her hat and coat and Beatrice grabbed her cap and they both dashed out the door. The whole warehouse is on fire and the Rebels are scrambling to put the flames out and shouts of commands echoed through the air.

“How did this fire started?” Abigail came running toward a commanding Rebel leader, “Ma'am, we heard a scream follow by a loud explosion from this warehouse and we’re working as fast as possible to put out the fire!” Abigail turned to her sister who got her ice cannon in hand and ready to fire to put the fire out. She aimed carefully and before she has it fired, a spine-chilling roar came from the fire and bursting through the flame is a flying figure engulfed in flames and taking flight. It dive bombs at the now scattering Rebels and breathing fire on their water pumps and at them.

Abigail grabbed her sister and pulled her to the ground to dodge the fire and looked up to try to get a good look at their attacker. She got up to her feet again and summoned her cubes to shoot lasers at it but it kept dodging and swooping down to swipe at them with it flaming claws and setting them on fire and Abigail yelled when one of them exploded and she hit the ground, “Abigail!” Beatrice shouted and she turned her anger that the flying monster and fired her ice cannon at it. It hit the target, freezing one of its wings to throw it off balance and crashing to the ground.

“Serves you right to try to hurt my sister!” She shouted and she gasped when it got right back up and smashed the ice off with its fist. Abigail got back on her feet and ordered more lasers to be shot at it, punching holes in its wings and it breathed more fire at the girls. “Beaty! Look out!” Beatrice screamed and she felt a strong grip on her arm and being yanked off her feet. “No one is going to fry this shrimp!” Allen O'Neil Junior growled and punched the demon with a right hook.

It stumbled and shook it off and roared at Allen O'Neil Junior who came running at the demon and tackled it to the ground. They tossed and turned across the ground as Rebel soldiers cheered their commander’s son on. Allen O'Neil Junior endure the pain of his back getting shredded up by its claws and then put it in a headlock to keep punching it in the face. But he yelled after it sank its sharp teeth into his fist and he let it go to free himself. Allen O'Neil Junior took a glance at his arm to give the demon a chance to land a painful landing blow to the gut with its fist to not only to knock the wind out of him but to give him sharp stabbing pain.

“Allen, look out!” Beatrice shouted but it was too late, Allen O'Neil Junior was violently hit hard by the demon’s tail and knocked to the ground. It didn’t give him a chance to fight back and he left every landing blow of its fist, over and over again. His endurance was beyond its limit and his body couldn’t take the beatings and clawings anymore. Abigail and Beatrice looked on in horror while Rebel is at a lost as they see him getting ripped to shreds. Allen O'Neil Junior was a bloody mess and the demon grabbed him by his blood-soaked shirt to get ready to finish him off.

The demon took a deep breath to build up a powerful enough fire to burn him alive. Gunshots rapidly rang throughout the air followed by bullets, lasers, and ice. Allen O'Neil comes charging with his M60 in hand, firing more bullets at the demon, “Don’t touch my son!” he shouted and slammed the butt of his gun right in its jaws. It stumbled backward and shook it off and glared around the fighting field. It was outnumbered now even if the demon can kill them all.

As its last hurrah before fleeing, for now, it breathed fire all over itself and engulfed its body in flames again and took flight. Everyone kept firing at it and it flew at a fast-paced speed that it dive bombed into another warehouse and another, setting everyone one of them ablaze in its wake. There wasn’t enough water to go around to put them all out and everyone fled before explosions were going off in some of them. Allen O'Neil, after grabbing his son and escaping with their lives, laid his son and listened for any sign of life. It’s not good, Allen O'Neil Junior’s life is hanging by a thread.

“Get the medics! I’ll shoot anyone who doesn’t hurry up and get him help!” Allen O'Neil shouted and held his son’s hand while pleading for him to hold on and begged him not to die. Beatrice hugged her sister as they looked on and her older sister moved in to see what she can do to help Allen O'Neil Junior out. He did save her sister’s life and he can’t die like this. As the discord of the night continued on, the Demon Song played till the first ray of sunlight shined.