how many ways can we call her by her name

i like to think mexico definitely talks to her mom* now and then.  

*(she’s got more than one mother, like most other nations, but i think she would have felt particularly close to mexica, who headed the triple alliance made up of multiple city states that we call the aztec empire. it’s who she got her name from, and mexico city was built atop tenochtitlan. mexico comes to represent much more, but she is in many ways very much her heir.) 

“Just a Bit.” (SSC/Rosvolio Drabble/Alternate Scene)

((This is all @parisblakestuff‘s fault…I hope this is okay, and I hope you enjoy this.  After I read your post, this would NOT leave me alone until it was written LOL))

“You sure you don’t want to stay here a bit longer?”

Rather than responding immediately, Rosaline hesitated; it’s only just dark, after all, and they shouldn’t take any unnecessary risks.  She wouldn’t be the reason that Benvolio was caught and put to death if she could help it. “Maybe just a bit…to be sure.”

Benvolio nodded and finished securing his Silvius’ saddle.  “I know you are eager to get back to Livia and ensure her safety…we won’t wait but a few moments.  You have my word.”  He watched as she finished with her own saddle, and then they sat beside the stable door, backs resting against the wall and shoulders pressed together.  Rosaline didn’t shy away from his touch, and the Montague found himself growing anxious.  He cursed himself for allowing this woman to work her way under his skin…after keeping her at arm’s length for so long, now that he would either be executed or forced to leave Verona forever in a matter of hours…now he found himself aching to have more time.  

“There has to be some way that we can clear your name,” Rosaline murmured, as if her thoughts had matched his own.  “As I said I will not allow them to kill you.”

His responding smile was weak at best, and tears filled her eyes when he met her gaze.  “Sweet Rosaline…” She felt a tear slide down her cheek at the sound of her given name.  How many times since first calling her Rosaline had he reverted back to calling her Capulet in an attempt to shield himself, in the midst of his panic and frustration?  To have him speak to her with such emotion, such tenderness, once more…this time out of regret and resignation…was almost too much for her to bear.  “The Prince would not hear your witness before we fled.  Now that, as far as he knows, you have either been kidnapped or chosen to flee with a murderer, he will be even less inclined to trust that I have not manipulated you in some way.  Even if, by the grace of God, you are able to prove my innocence, it shall not be safe for me until their ire has passed.”

“Where will you go?”

The grief in her voice shattered his heart, and he reached forward to brush a tear from her cheek with the pad of his thumb.  “I do not know,” he replied honestly.  “It may be safer that way, for I fear he would try to force you to tell him if he believed that you knew.”

“Then all of this will have been for nothing,” Rosaline hissed, hands clenching into fists with her abrupt anger.

No!  Because of you, we were able to learn the truth about your Aunt and your sister.  You will be able to save Livia from whatever they are planning, and perhaps free Verona from their reign of terror.  That will be enough for me.”

“Well it will not be enough for me! Your life will still be forfeit…for what? You asked for none of this, Benvolio…and yet you are the one left to pay the price.”  Those same words that she spat at him, in her family’s house on that fateful last day in their city, echoed in his mind, and he gave her a wry smile.  

A sense of peace he’d never before experienced settled over the young man, and he turned to face her directly.  Rosaline stared at him with wide eyes as he took her hands and leaned towards her.  “You have shown me what it means to be chosen, Rosaline.  In spite of our history, in spite of your reservations and everything that could happen, you chose to come with me.  You chose to fight for me…and words will never rightly convey the depth of my gratitude.  What you have given me will far outweigh anything that can be taken…that is what this was for me.”  

While he still had the courage, Benvolio cupped Rosaline’s face tenderly and kissed her.  He felt her gasp against his lips, but she was quick to relax into him.  Trembling fingers covered his own, and the salt of her tears caught on his tongue as he willed himself to memorize her taste, her scent, her presence invading his awareness.  Before he lost himself Benvolio pulled back, and struggled to steady his racing heart and shuddering breaths.  

“Benvolio…” His name was like a prayer on her lips, and he wanted nothing more than to kiss her again.  He opened his mouth to whisper into the minimal space between them, but was yanked back into reality when stern voices drifted down to the stable from the main farmhouse.  Royal Guards.  He crept towards the window for a better look.

“We’ll never make it…” he cursed himself for indulging in his own selfish desires and fears, for giving them time to catch up, and for putting Rosaline in harm’s way once more.  

“Don’t say that!”

Before he could process what was happening, Rosaline whispered a plan, pressed a desperate kiss of her own to his lips, breathed ‘Goodbye, Benvolio…may we meet again some day,’ and disappeared through the door.  His skin crawled to follow her, but he knew he would do far more harm than good by revealing her lie as the guards helped her onto a horse and promised to take her to the Prince.

Even so, Benvolio could not shake the unease in his chest, and he immediately decided to follow the caravan of guards at a distance, until he knew for sure that they meant her no harm.

Part 8 - Find Me

Pairing: Luke & Y/N

Words: 2.035


Copyright © 2015-2016 DestielHolmes.  All rights reserved.

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School is worse than ever. I used to have just one person to avoid, now I have two.

I can’t listen to what the teachers are saying cause I have too many voices in my head. I’m used to them and I’m good making them go away when I’m in a crowded place I just watch what the other people are doing, study their movements ask myself if I can be like them, carefree.

When I’m alone it’s worse, there’s nothing I can distract myself with and the voices get louder and louder until I can’t breathe.

Monday, no one likes it and I’m not an exception but there are Mondays that I like, for example this one.

I don’t know if I’m in a psychologist or psychiatrist anymore because I don’t know if I’m going crazy or not. I started with psychologist then I got worse so it must be a psychiatrist.

“Hey Paul.” I greeted him.

“Oh Y/N, hi. You can go in.” He said smiling. I like Paul he is nice, he’s older than me but he’s always shy. He finished college and came here to get more experience in his area. I used to talk to him about it while I waited for my appointment and he’s one of the persons that influenced me into following this kind of medicine. Psychiatric. And the main reason was me, I wanted to understand what’s wrong with me.

“Y/N! Nice to see you.” Mrs. Eeras said with her so subtle smile.

I like her, I want to be like her. Normally I can tell what kind of person someone is just by looking at them but not with her, she’s so mysterious but so kind. I can’t see through her and that made our sessions interesting, always mentally fighting one another to see if we can get something out.

“Hi, Sarah.” She likes to be called for her first name. I think that it’s to make her patients feel better, more welcoming.

“So how many p.a.’s?” We talked a lot of panic attacks so we decided to shorten it. This was so normal. I think if other people were watching they were to think she was being rude or not professional but it was just a way to make a serious thing not so serious and to try and make the panic attack not sound that frightening to me. She was good but I could see through that and she knew, maybe that’s why she says I’ll be a great psychiatrist.

“Fourteen… Two per day.” I said as I sat down.

“Two? They are increasing. Did something happen to make them rise?” She said landing down her note book that she knew that annoyed me. People taking notes of what you’re saying so they can study you later? No thank you. I don’t want her to study me I want her to understand me.

I looked at the ground when she asked the reason of the p.a.’s.

“So old demons hum?” Ugh I hate when she reads me that easily. I’m gonna win this game! It’s fun when I think this way cause I don’t take this things so seriously and they start to lose their weight on me until they faint. Like the old demon did, she made it go away, but something or someone made it come back.

“And today?” She asked since I didn’t answer. Well I didn’t need to she already knew.

“You know I never have p.a.’s when I come to see you. You make me feel good, you’re like my medicine. How’s that make you feel? Having someone depend on you? It must feel great.” I sassed.

“You’re my patient not the other way around. Don’t study me!” I smirked. One on one doc.

“So about that boy, Luke was it?” She smirked.

“You just said the old demon was back and you want to talk about Luke?” I raised an eyebrow at her.

“Yeah I like that guy.” She smiled at me. What is she playing at?

“You like that he fucks girls and leaves?” I raised both my eyebrows at her.

“No… I like the he fucked you and stayed.” She smirked.

“He didn’t sta-” I cut myself off as the memories from our first night came back to me.

“Don’t leave me.” I whispered.

“I won’t.”

He said he wouldn’t leave but he told me he just fell asleep.

“I guess there was a change on the events?” She asked while I spaced off.

“I… He… He’s just makes me feel worse.” I couldn’t bring myself to tell her or I didn’t know how.

“Does he? If I remember since he appeared in the picture your p.a.’s descend.” She pointed out.

“No! He made them worse he told Jake-” She cut me off.

“First that name it prohibited in here, second if you want to be a psychiatrist you cannot exalt yourself just because someone says something you don’t like and third it is a fact that this boy made your p.a.’s decrease and he made some stop. Y/N can’t you see? He’s good for you.” She’s insane. Good for me he’s not good for anyone.

“Good for me? He used me just to piss of Ja-, well you know who.” I said with my voice back to normal.

“Did he really? Because if he really just wanted to use you he wouldn’t have come back for you. What I’m saying is he said he just used you but if he just wanted that, he wouldn’t bother with you anymore but instead he returned.” She clarified.

“He said it’s because I make him feel powerful.” I rolled my eyes when I remembered.

“Of course you do. Any man that can get the girl he wants feels powerful and I know you started to take a like on him too.” She declared.

“What? No I didn’t.” I said kinda pissed off.

“Y/N, you’re always so rational you should have been able to figure this out on you own but you couldn’t because your heart is getting in the way. Do you ever stop to think why does he do what he does? Everyone as a reason for their actions.” She’s so calm saying every word at a time while I’m falling apart.

“You sound like you’re defending him.” I protested.

“Come on Y/N you’re smarter than that. If you can’t figure this out by yourself I’ll tell you: he likes you Y/N.” She affirmed.

“He doesn’t like anyone.” I hate how it hurts because I want to believe it but I know it isn’t true.

“Where should I start? He showed jealousy, that’s a sign, he gives you whatever stupid excuse he makes to show you he doesn’t care but he always comes back running to you, he refuses to have a good night of sex with god know who to be with you, I think that’s enough. Oh wait the big one that you were always wondering about, do you know why Luke hates you know who and you know who hates Luke so much?” She asked excited because she figure out something that we were always trying to find an answer to.

“If I knew I wouldn’t be wondering about it.” I said in a boring tone.

“Because he always liked you. You knew each other since you where kids right? And suddenly he backs away from you. Was it suddenly or was it when you met you know who?” It was her time to raise her eyebrows to me.

I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t assimilate the ideas, I just stared at her.

“I think I’ll go know.” I simply said.

My head was messy nothing made sense. I need to know… Where could he be?

I need to find him. It’s Monday, best bet it’s home.

I knocked at his door and Calum came answer it. “Is Luke home?”

“Yup he’s in his room. Do you want to come in?” He asked.

“No it’s ok I’ll wait here I just need to ask him something it won’t take long.” I explained. Me in his room again? No… here is safer.

“Ok then I’ll call him.” He said with a smile as he disappeared.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Jerk.

“Hi to you too.” I sassed.

“Yeah, whatever. What do you want?” He asked bored.

“I need to ask you something.” I said.

“Ok.” He waited for me to ask.

“Do you like me?” He seemed taken back by my question but then he chuckled.

“Y/N I told you you’re not special you’re just another girl.” Just another girl… Always pleasant to hear.

“That’s what I though.” I whispered.

“If you knew, what are you doing here?” He sassed.

“Why do you have sex with so many girls and then leave?” I asked.

“You should mind you own business. You’re nothing to me ok? Just go.” Nothing… Nothing to me…

“So why do you always come back?” It hurts hearing those words but I tried my best to make my voice normal.

“What are you talking about?” He raised an eyebrow at me.

“I don’t remember you getting more than twice with another girl and you come to me knowing you won’t going to have sex. You come to me and comfort me and then leave me in pieces. Why are you playing with me? What did I do to you?” My voice was cracking at the end.

“I’m not playing with you.” His actions changed instantly when he heard my voice cracking.

“You said you didn’t like me but you won’t leave me alone! Why? Was it a bet? Or you just want to get back at Jake for god knows what? Why are you using me like this?” I wanted to scream at him but my voice was too weak. Why do I always break in front of him?

“I’m not using you.” He stepped closer to me putting his hands on my arms and rubbing them, his voice sweeter.

“So what is it then? Why did you have to tell Jake about us?”

“I didn’t.” His answers were getting on my nerves! Why didn’t he elaborate?

“You said you did!” I pointed out stepping back.

“I just wanted to piss you off.” He said bringing me closer again.

“Why does he want me back then?”

“What?” He asked raising his voice. That made him angry.

“He said that he wanted me back and you said you told him about us so I thought you two were using me to piss off each other.” I explained.

“What did you say? Are you two back?” Any sign of anger was gone he now looked desperate.

“I said I needed to think-” He cut me off.

“You can’t go back to him. He’s going to hurt you. What kind of guy in is right mind chooses football over you? He doesn’t deserve you!” Desperate in his eyes and worry in his voice.

“But you do?” I wasn’t even thinking on what he did to girls I wanted a to know what he wanted.

We just stared at each other after I said that.

“Do you want me or are you going to leave?” I whispered.

His right hand made it’s way to the back of my neck and pushed me full against him connecting out lips together.

Sweet, gentle, caring kiss with a little bit of lust and desire.

“Did you push me away because of Jake?” I breathed against his lips as the kiss stopped.

I opened my eyes and stared at the ocean blue on his.

“You can’t do this now Y/N. I’m not little Luke anymore I’m different.” He breathed.

“Luke are you going to take long?” A girl that I’ve never seen before came to the door and I pulled myself away from him.

“I see…” I smiled at him but my insides were rotting.

You fond me and helped me fight my demons, just to leave and create another one.

I’m asking myself every night if you’ll find me again.

I know it’s stupid, because you’re not mine, you’re not even someone else’s for me to take.

Copyright © 2015-2016 DestielHolmes.  All rights reserved.

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Raphael’s P.O.V

Here they were again, shadowhunters. As unwelcome as ever. I look at them with disdain but there is one I haven’t seen before. A cute one for once. I walk over to her and reach out my hand.

“I’m Raphael.”

She looks confused but takes my hand nontheless. I can feel her pulse racing, she’s obvioulsy new to this and hasn’t met many downworlders.

“How can I help you?” I say and smile at her. I don’t bother with the others.

“Uh..w-we need to talk to Camille.” She stutters out. I frown at the others, “How did you know she’s her?”

“We have our ways.” Jace answers.

“Simon can show you the way to the basement.” I say and watch them leave, “Gorgeous what’s your name?” I call out to the girl. She blushs and looks at me, “Y/N.” She manages to get out before the elevator doors close.

sharon carter is important

i’m really tired of seeing “sharon was pointless” or “she’s just the love interest” when sharon was the complete opposite and is so much more than a love interest. with about 8 minutes in the mcu, we have seen sharon be badass, compassionate, and loyal. i’m really over people using petty reasons or excuses to hate her. GUESS WHAT you are so lucky, yes you! christmas came early and you are receiving reasons why sharon carter is BADASS!!!

let’s start with the winter soldier:

when she was undercover as kate the nurse: she was assigned by nick fury, to watch cap’s back in case of an emergency and help him adjust to his new life, which btw she must have been trustworthy and skilled to have been chosen to do this job, especially by nick fury. let’s not forget that this helped when fury got shot and faked his death.

she was the ONLY one who questioned jasper sitwell when they were commanded to hunt down captain america.

she stood up to brock rumlow, held him gunpoint, and saved the agent who didn’t want to launch the ships and started to shoot at rumlow until he was out of sight.

after shield’s fall she went to the cia to continue helping people. can we talk about her perfect shooting range?? also she must be really skilled if she was accepted into shield and the cia.

now lets move onto civil war:

her funeral speech: not only did it make steve stand stronger (also sam lol) we found out how sharon felt she could never live up to peggy. sharon worked her way to the top. she wants to be known as her own person. she didn’t use her last name to get in easy, like do you know how many people would use this opportunity to get in ?? not Sharon

lol when steve tried to call out sharon “when you were spying on me” “YOU MEAN WHEN I WAS DOING MY JOB” she slayed oh my god

she went to work despite the fact that her great-aunt died and she was making the calls to find out what happened.

she was handling the explosion. she was assigned as a leader of her own anti-terrorist task team in berlin. also may i remind you ORDERS TO SHOOT ON SIGHT she warned steve and sam and provided them intel on the whereabouts of bucky barnes. can we talk about how sam and steve have been looking for barnes for two years, also don’t forget natasha said that she has tried to find him and she said “he’s a ghost story” and had no luck. they wouldn’t have had a jump start to find bucky before the task force without sharon’s clearance.

sharon let steve listen to bucky’s pysch evaluation and if she didn’t they wouldn’t have figured out that bucky was being framed.

she told sam and steve the floor number bucky was on once the winter soldier was activated and this gave them a jump start and steve wouldn’t have stopped bucky if it weren’t for her.

she told tony and nat to follow her and worked with them to formulate a plan to subdue tws.

the airport scene would have been different if she didn’t give sam and steve their uniforms back and it seems like she got bucky a uniform i’m screaming.

she became a fugitive to help steve and sam out and contributed a lot and she recognizes bucky deserves better and honestly if you still think she’s pointless after these reasons, you NEED to re-evaluate your life.

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Continuation of Korra was raised by the Red Lotus

Cont. 86

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The girl looks too big to be in the platinum room. Her glare fills every inch of it with hatred and impatience that Asami would have been impressed with, had she not just tried to kill her. She rubbed absently at her bruising stomach as Tenzin opened the door to the cell. He stared at her in disbelief before letting himself speak.

“Hello. My name is-”

“Councilman Tenzin, son of Avatar Aang and Katara of the Southern Water Tribe. You are the only master airbender currently in existence, though it is believed your oldest daughter will soon join you” A shiver ripped down Asami’s spine. Even Tenzin straightened. He cleared his throat.

“Yes. That is all correct. Might I know your name?” His voice was already shaky, not good. The girl cocked her head.

“I have none. If you have to refer to me, ‘the Avatar’ suits me just fine” Her voice remained shockingly impassive and Asami had enough. Lin next to her could feel her practically vibrating.

“You can’t go in there”

“And why not?” She made sure her eyes were steel when she glared. Lin’s nostrils flared.

“She will try whatever she can to kill you right now. We don’t know if we can rehab her yet”

“Then forgive me if I don’t listen” Asami turned to the door and wrenched it open.

“Asami-” Tenzin exclaimed, glaring at the two way mirror (Lin). She ignored him and marched over to the girl whose eyes were suddenly more intense and more focused.

“What is your name? Because I’m not calling you the Avatar. Not until you earn that” Asami demanded. The girl’s eyes flashed and she lowered her chin.

“I have earned it” she growled.

“Oh really? How many villages have you saved? How many treaties have you negotiated? When’s the last time someone told you that you are their hero?” The girl shot up off the bed she was given and fire spewed from her roaring mouth. Asami barely got out of range in time.

“Those are not the Avatar’s duties”

Bullshit. The Avatar’s job is to make balance in the world. You are killing people who help you do that. For instance, if you kill me, my company will collapse. What happens then? Thousands of people lose their jobs, many of them ending up losing their houses, and then further still, some their lives. You are throwing the world out of balance,” she couldn’t stop the snort from leaving her lips, “some Avatar you are” She turned on her heel, done. She wouldn’t come back here again. If this girl really thought she was doing a good job-

“Korra” Asami froze, her hand on the door handle.

“What was that?” Tenzin asked. She would be lying if she said she hadn’t forgot he was in the room.

“My name. From before. My parents called me Korra” The girl’s voice was soft and when Asami turned around, her face had followed that. She looked young.

“It’s nice to meet you Korra. I can’t wait until you become the Avatar” And she left.