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How crazy is it to find the love of your life at 18 years old. Some may call it stupid to say such a thing, that there’s “no way you can know what love is at such a young age”. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that very sentence, there are so many different variations of the phrase, are you sure you don’t want “the college experience”, “honey don’t tie yourself down, you’re so young”, and my personal favorite “well be realistic it probably won’t work out, but there’s plenty of fish in the sea”. Yes, I get it I’m young, but I don’t think age has anything to do with being able to determine the amount of love you have for someone. Honestly I think that college students can be far more in love than 90% of the middle aged married people I know. Because no I don’t want “the college experience” if it means going out, getting fucked up, and waking up either alone or next to a different person every night. I would rather go out with the person I love, stumble home drunk together laughing uncontrollably, crawl into our bed and fall asleep in the arms of the same person every night. Loving you in my college years meant, you were my girlfriend, my early mornings, my late nights, my study partner, coffee house date, my pillow no matter where we went, and most importantly my best friend. Tying myself down with you means always having someone in a time where everything around me is changing, because loving in college means being head over heels for someone, it’s the kind of love that is all consuming, that takes your breath away, and makes you think that there’s good in your world, when it’s filled with test after test, hours of studying, worrying about how you’re gonna work enough to pay your bills and still make it to class on time. You are a breath of fresh air. We love fully, whole-heartedly, and with nothing to lose. She is contagious. In the year I’ve spent loving her I have become a better me than I ever thought I could have been. I’ve laughed, smiled, and felt more love in the 370 days I have known her than I have in years. And then comes the time where we’ve just graduate college, moved into a tiny, crappy, little apartment, but that small space is filled with more love and laughter than one could ever hope for. I wake up and go to sleep next to the love of my life everyday, and it’s like living with my best friend. We spend our days exploring, we’d rather spend money on experiences, than things. Our nights are spent building forts, binge watching Criminal Minds, curled up in OUR bed. Life is good, good with you. So yeah maybe it won’t work out, maybe I’m crazy, but I’m crazy in love and I think that the best kind of crazy there is.
—  500 words on being in love in college.

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Haha! You may have though I was done but I have come back with another!---black, like that hidden corner of my soul that likes to visit too often

Sorry this took so long - I’ve been away and I prefer to do these on my PC than on tablet! :)

I’m afraid my witty repertoire has passed on - we will mourn it’s passing by wearing all black. Hey, All Blacks are the New Zealand rugby team - AND WE ALL KNOW WHO OUR FAVOURITE KIWI IS!




Same Jim, same.

Animation... Tips?

Someone asked about this a little while ago (on a tumblr msg), and I’ve been chewing on it.  I want to say first that I’m not an instructor, and I’m not super good at explaining things.  If you want some really good animation resources I highly recommend these two books:

Cartoon Animation - Preston Blair
The Animator’s Survival Kit - Richard Williams

They are both very good (and they’re on amazon for way less than I bought them for!) , but if you can only get one, and you have no animation experience, I suggest the second. It’s absolutely huge and has a very detailed explanations and diagrams for basically everything you could think of, starting from the very basic of animation principles.  

Soooo animation tips? I guess the first and most important thing I learned when I went to school, is that more drawings don’t necessarily make better animations.  I always thought that was basically it.  The difference between beautiful feature films, and not so great Saturday morning cartoons? More drawings.  Right? That might be part of it, that’s what makes it smoother, but it’s not the secret.  The most important parts of making an animation look good are:

1. poses.
2. timing.

In other words, what you draw and how you get there: They should be interesting! Spending time on that is more important than spending time on making lots of frames. 

Now…. I started writing up a bunch of stuff about keyframes, breakdowns, squash and stretch…. and it’s just this giant rabbit hole of explanations.  And I’m sure there are a lot of YouTube videos that already exist and are great for all of those things.  So… short version:  are you making short silly GIFs?  Then you want to see how few frames you can get away with and still have it look okay.  If you put your poses too far apart, they will look like your character is teleporting. If you make them too similar and / or close together, it will be boring.

This is 5 frames:

lil unicorn guy: 5 frames is the minimum for a “boiling line” that looks good (the kind of line style that you see in Ed, Edd n Eddy, for example). The heart and the eye are wobbling around just enough to be interesting, and the tail is the one piece that’s really moving.  If the whole drawing was done with a boiling line, it would probably look better, but that is so much more work and this looks okay!

This is 2 frames:

cutiefly toot toot: the body moves a little bit (but doesn’t change), the wings move a bit more, and the feet don’t move at all, they’re like an anchor.  it’s only two frames! but it looks okay too.

This is 27 frames (but don’t freak out):

hugs wolves: so the bodies don’t move. pink tail: 8 frames.  purple tail: 9 frames. heart: 5 frames.  the moving parts all move a little bit differently in terms of distance and frame count. They don’t start and stop exactly the same time. That variation makes it interesting. But when you break it down, there aren’t actually that many different drawings to it.

TL;DR: Don’t move everything the same amount. Variety is interesting! See how few drawings you can get away with. Or not! If you don’t want to. And most importantly, just make stuff, even if you don’t think it looks good.

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How do you draw a male's body with simple shapes?

The thing about drawing both male and female bodies is that they come in a huge variation of shapes and sizes. And, as most of my followers know, I don’t exactly draw the 90′s superhero type of men — in fact, a lot of my male characters get misgendered a lot. I know there is a typical look that I tend to go by, but always remember that there’s no limits to it. This is just one way of many that you can draw a man.

  • This is how it looks when I draw their bodies in shapes quickly. It’s messy and it might not be very clear, but they key is exaggerating forms and putting emphasis on certain shapes.  I break a lot of “rules” when drawing men, by drawing longer legs and small feet for example, but I don’t see why it’d matter. Take note that this isn’t a realism tutorial, either. Notice how I put more emphasis on his shoulders and torso, creating something of a V shape. I added a quick typical feminine figure of mine as a comparison, where there’s much more emphasis on her hips and legs. Don’t be afraid to break any of these rules though! Make legs shorter if you want, make the shoulders smaller, hips thicker, use the body type to the right, honestly, there’s nothing wrong with any of them. Again, this is just one of many ways, so don’t limit yourself.
  • I decided to draw out the shapes more specifically so that you could see what shapes I used. As you can see, there’s a lot of shapes used here. The arms and legs being teardrop-shaped has been explained in a previous tutorial here. Again, don’t feel afraid to alter any of these shapes; it’s simply how I tend to do it.
  • I should mention that fat play an important part in terms of body shapes. While this isn’t exactly the best example (I should practice more) it shows that fat is much harder to define as shapes, therefor I suggest you do the shapes first, and then add the fat on top of them by drawing them as soft lines around the shapes. Men typically gets most fat gathered around their stomach, but again, this is not a must. Think of it as sculpting with clay; you have a base that you then can build up to your own liking. Muscles are very similar, but a little more defined, and I think both fat and muscle should have their own tutorials entirely.
  • And his is a sketch I based on the shapes I created. I didn’t go by it exactly how it was drawn, as you should only use them as guides and not as exact rulers. I almost always end up altering the arms and leg as I go, because it makes the pose look less stiff.

Hope that helped! You can see more of my tutorials here

Aight that’s it. I need some witchy positivity in this damn site.

But I’ll need some help.

I’d like to complie a photoset of various grimoires/ books of shadows ect to show it can look any way you’d like.

It can be as simple and neat as the notes you take in class

It can be as grand as the grimoires of old

It can be one hot majestical mess like my own book

Hell, it can be a pile of post-it notes

Or any variation that hasn’t been mentioned!

Point is I want to show the diversity of grimoires beyond what we see in popular photoposts.

No witch’s book is lesser. They are all for the sake of tracking our progress as practitioners!


Submission box should be open, send me a snapshot or 2 of your witchy book pages. I’ll make a photo post (or a few depending on how many submissions I get) displaying all the various bos/ grimoire formats and styles out there (with credit obviously, unless you say otherwise. Bc some people need to be anonymous + that’s totally fine)
Doesn’t matter what kid of witch or magical practitioner you are, all are welcome!


A little something on Bertholdt just because.

He won my heart over Levi while reading the manga in a matter of days.

As much as Bertl didn’t want ANY of this to happen, he is NOT innocent. And I like him for not being innocent, I like him for his inner torment and for having a complicated character- sometimes even ugly.

I often feel as if he’s unilaterally seen as the shy, sweet guy while there’s MUCH more to him. I know we all love the cute pie he can be. But please take some time loving and considering the dark twists of his character too.

Remember- “someone please find us” and “someone has to get this blood on their hands” are sentences pronounced by the same person.

The ‘What if’ Challenge

Originally posted by the-fun-ghoul

I figured I would host a writing challenge! :D

I have tagged a few individuals who might be interested in joining up, but anyone can join!  The rules are below…it is a really simple set up! Essentially, I will give you a ‘what if’ prompt, and you have to write a story about it.  I have decided to make this Multi-fandom, so any fandom you write for or want to write for, you can do, just see the ‘How to enter’ below on what to do! :D   I hope you all will consider joining the fun! :D  I may even do something like this for Binge week where you send me ‘what if’ prompts, figured I would try it as a challenge first and see how it went!  If you would like to see me do something like this, where you send me the prompts, let me know!!! :D  Otherwise, I hope you will consider joining the challenge!


  • Send me an ask with the following information:
    • Fandom you wish to write for (if you have a specific one you want, otherwise I will just chose one at random)
    • Character you wish to write (you don’t have to specify this, but you can if you want, otherwise I will just make a statement that corresponds with your fandom!)
  • I will respond to your ask with a ‘what if’ statement. 
    • Example:  [person sends me an ask] “Hey, I want to join your challenge for Supernatural with Castiel!”  [So I would respond to the ask with], “What if Castiel got shrunk by a witch so he was the size of a key chain?”
    • Example: [person sends me an ask] “Hey, I want to join your challenge, I will write anything Hobbit, Harry Potter, or Sherlock.”  [So I would respond] “What if one of the classes at Hogwarts was Muggle Gym Class?” 
  • You then will write your story based on that ‘what if’ statement!
    • When you post your story, please see the rules below!!! :D
    • If I send a ‘what if’ statement that isn’t working for you, let me know and I can send you a new one ^^


  • I hate assigning due dates on things, so instead, here is what I will do…On July 31st I will post the master post of all the submissions I have received!  If you wrote a story for this challenge and posted it before then, I will add your story and tag you in Master Post so others can find your story and your page! ^^  If you can’t get it in by then, I can always add you afterwards.
  • You are more than welcome to request multiple prompts with a variation of characters and fandoms! There is no limit on how many times you can enter!  I do keep track of what prompts I sent to who, so if you forget one, just message me and I can let you know what I sent you.
  • When you post your story, please tag me in it so I can read it!!!  If I don’t reblog with comments, that means I haven’t seen it.
  • Please use ‘#TaleTeller’s What if Challenge’ in the tags, it makes it easier to find some stories if the username tags stop working.
  • This question always comes up with every challenge I do…what type of content can we write?!?!?!  You can write anything you want!  Fluff, angst, humor, smut, short story, one shot, multi-chap, imagine, drabble, whatever you want! Go nuts!

I hope you will consider joining!!! And if not, and you want to be tagged when I post the master post on July 31st, send me an ask and I will add you to the tag list!!! :D 


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transient luminous events | season 2, post-abduction | wc: 2874 | ao3 here

summary:  She suspects that if this were a sacrament, he’d already be absolved. But Scully is not a priest and she is not a miracle.

Central Florida after midnight is an oil painting, dry brush on rough canvas. Inky but thin, like you could tear it. They pull off the road just past a rusted speed limit sign, webs of Spanish moss flaring in their headlights, and for a second (longer, really) she already believes him: Science bends here like moss, like Dali’s clocks melting in the humidity. Mulder cracks the windows, turns off the car.

“Now,” he says, “we wait.”

She wonders if he hears the click of his slide projector when he narrates for her. As he unbuckles his seatbelt, he palms exactly four sunflower seeds from a bag in the cup holder, so smoothly it could be sleight of hand if he were the type to misdirect, and she thinks, You again. Mulder, waiting for an epiphany she doesn’t have to give him. Lately he’s been sitting with her like she’s still in the hospital, like he’s ready to jump up or fall to his knees.

“What exactly do you plan to do if she shows?” Scully asks.

“Follow her.”

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The other day @noradove asked me if I had any advice for painting backgrounds or using watercolor in general.  To be honest, I’m still learning how to paint backgrounds, but I decided to compile a little list of things I’ve learned while using watercolor and gouache.  I hope some of these bullet points might be useful to others!

Like all “rules,” take these with a grain of salt.  These tips work for me – what works for you could be completely different! But check beneath the cut for some lessons I’ve learned!

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SnK Chapter 95 Poll Results

The chapter 95 poll closed with 1,069 responses. Thank you to everyone for participating. Let’s do this!

(1,019 Responses)

75% of respondents had a  favorable reaction for “Liars”. Less than 1% expressed extreme dissatisfaction.

I actually loved this chapter! I was kinda meh on the Marley arc at first, but this completely changed my feelings on it!! Seeing everything from the Warriors’ perspective is a refreshing change of pace.

Bertolt is the God of Destruction, RBA deserved better, Magath is actually a nice guy, poor Porco has a terrible name and deserves more love

This is the first chapter in the Marley arc I’ve wholeheartedly enjoyed. I was always looking forward to getting the Warriors’ perspective, but the way in which it’s been done has been terrible pacing wise, if definitely interesting story-wise; consequently I’ve had mixed feelings about the recent chapters. But this one managed to really make me feel for the characters and their tragic, terrible circumstances for the first time in awhile.

Good chapter in terms of lore although kinda meh in terms of story development

I liked the chapter, and the Marley thing we are going through, but I would still like to return to the walls

Not the strongest chapter, feels the same kind of “recap-y” that 63 did, but still a solid outing. I’m convinced we’re staying in Marley as the main location for the final arc of the series, with the main cast’s appearance kicking events into overdrive.


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I know authors study other authors books, so I was wondering if game devs do the same thing. When you pick up a game do you ask yourself any questions? Go through any mental stages when you first start it up? Do you take notes for yourself? And is there anything I could incorporate into my game-playing-routine?

Every professional developer I know will analyze every game they play as they go. It’s like second nature to me, I couldn’t turn it off even if I wanted to. It isn’t necessarily limited to our fields of expertise either - I know the most about gameplay systems, but I’ll still notice things like vfx, lighting, UI, cameras, animations, lots of stuff. When I describe the way I play games to civilians, they tend to look horrified and usually say something about how they just play for fun. I find my approach fun for me but I recognize how it isn’t for everyone.

Usually, what I look for is systematic behaviors. What did the developers do, and what didn’t they do? What are the underlying rules for how the game behaves? For example, I’ve just started playing Horizon Zero Dawn. Here are some of the early things I experimented with and asked myself in the very first cavern:

  • Free camera follows Aloy from behind, but slightly offset. Does it always stay slightly to the right of her? (Answer: No. Something causes it to shift - she can be slightly to the right or left of the camera, but it doesn’t like having her dead on unless she’s running - probably to help frame the action better)
  • How does the camera behave if I back into a wall? What happens to Aloy’s model? (Answer: The camera collides with the wall and gets pushed in. It doesn’t follow the exact shape of the geometry; it probably follows the invisible collision instead. Also, Aloy’s model pops in when the camera reaches a certain distance. Uncharted dithers its character models in.)
  • I hear water splashing as I walk. How do the water vfx look? (Answer: Surprise! There aren’t any!)
  • There’s a lot of lighting variations in here. They probably use this to guide and direct me where they want me to go. These lights definitely light and shadow Aloy. I wonder if she casts her own shadow on the geometry? (Answer: Nope!)
  • Aloy’s animation looks great. How many different transitions are there in locomotion? What kind of different animations are there just for moving around? When she turns left, is it mirrored for when she turns right? What are her feet doing? Can I get her to do something with her upper body while still playing the same animations on her lower body? (Answer: I spent a lot of time trying to get different animations to play)

… and so on. Do I take notes for myself? Sure. It helps me to remember certain things about the games I play.

What can you do to get into this mindset?

Try to figure out the rules for how things work - especially the seemingly-basic stuff. Based on the set of rules you came up with, you should be able to predict future game behavior. Did it work the way you thought it did? What breaks the model? What’s different? Once you figure out how things work, then start thinking about why the developers chose those particular rules. Remember, everything in the game is deliberately constructed. Somebody chose to build this system this way. Why? What does this do well? What does it do poorly? Does this edge case situation come up frequently or rarely? Is this solution easier to implement than a different one? What kind of constraints (technical, artistic, etc.) might this system be affected by?

Test your hypotheses and revise your theory if needed. Then take the next step. Can you explain your model rules to somebody else? Can you write them up in a document that’s understandable by someone else? Can you think about how you’d actually go about making this work yourself? These are all the sorts of questions I ask myself while I’m playing a game.

Got a burning question you want answered?

I don’t get the opposition some people have towards getting advice from the internet. Sure you can end up with crap advice, but how is that any different from getting crap advice in person? If I didn’t have the internet I would be riding around in a rope halter doing Parelli because that’s all they do around here. Assuming that people have access to quality instruction in their area is kind of short-sighted. A ton of people don’t. Even experienced and ‘qualified’ instructors can be abusive and ignorant dumptrucks. I can’t remember how many times I’ve seen some variation on 'oh my trainer told me to ride my horse in a gag with draw reins to get her in frame’. You have to learn to discern good advice from the bad whether you’re online or in person, and at least online you have practically endless access to resources and varying opinions. Some things can’t be taught online (most actual riding lol) but things like 'here’s how you recognize a healthy hoof’ and 'here’s how you can worm a difficult horse’ and 'tips for saddle fit’ are all useful and don’t necessarily need an in-person demonstration. In a perfect world we’d all have wonderful trustworthy trainers who could answer every question with perfect wisdom, but that isn’t the case, and the internet is a great substitute when you don’t have crap to go off of in your area


This is thanks to my CWB nonnie, who suggested force sensitive medics. Naturally my brain jumped straight to Kix. Shout out to @thebisexualmandalorian for being awesome and encouraging. It got a little long so please enjoy under the cut. Also available on ao3.

Kix knelt down next to a shiny. He was pretty badly hurt. Looked like he took a chunk of shrapnel to the chest. Kix looked around the battlefield, there were no Jedi around. Skywalker and Tano were off chasing the last of the seppies, and Cody had Kenobi cornered with some other medics back towards camp.

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Could you give me a run down of the whole German political election RN? I heard the alt right was predicted to win and that doesn't sound v fun

Mhm, I can give you a very basic and bare rundown, yeah
I. hope I don’t get this shit wrong lmao.

So basically:

What are the elections about tomorrow?
They are about the Bundestag, the German parliament and a legislative organ of the state, and by extension we are voting on our next chancellor. This happens every four years.

The Bundestag has a certain number of seats/mandates; there are small variations in how many seats are available each time depending on certain factors, there were 631 in total in the 18th Bundestag (2013-2017).

How are these seats distributed?
In Germany we have a system of proportional representation, which means that the number of seats each party gets is dependent on the percentage of voters who voted for that specific party. There is a 5% hurdle in place: all parties that fall below 5% in the elections will not be represented in the Bundestag, because otherwise there may end up being too many small splinter parties represented. Like the… V³ party, which is apparently a party for Vegans…?
After elections, the leading party will often still not hold the decisive majority within the Bundestag, which means they will have to build coalitions with other parties - the past four years, CDU and SPD have formed a grand coalition.

All other parties will end up in the opposition. In the 18th Bundestag, four parties were represented: SPD, CDU (together with their sister party, CSU, which is Bavarian-only), the Greens, and the Left, and as SPD and CDU were leading the Bundestag, Greens and Left represented the opposition.

How does voting go down?
Elections always fall on Sundays to make voting more accessible (most places are closed on Sundays) with ballots in several places across the city. 

German voters get two votes:
1) The first vote is a “direct” vote. There will be a list of candidates from your specific voting district, and whoever gets the most votes from your district will receive a direct mandate.
2) The second vote pertains to the party that you are voting for.

Edit: you will have to bring your ID and a letter that states that you are informed of the election and are confirmed to be a registrated voter

How is the chancellor elected?
The chancellor is not elected directly by the people. Instead parties will nominate a candidate themselves, and whichever party receives the most votes during the election will have their candidate become chancellor. 

The two “top candidates” this year are Martin Schulz of the SPD (Social Democratic Party, moderates) and Angela Merkel of the CDU (Christian Democratic Union, conservatives)
And yes, despite Angela Merkel having already been chancellor for 12 years in a row due to her party winning the past three elections, she can actually run a fourth time for this office! Please save us

The ““Alt-Right””, aka AfD, “Alternative for Germany”
Or as I fondly call them, Nazis in suits! They are a very young party as opposed to the established parties and is far-right, having been born of the racist and islamophobic movements following the refugee crisis. in 2013 they failed to enter the Bundstag due to falling below 5% in the elections, but this year…. they are estimated to get ~10%. Which is an outrage and it disgusts me to know that these people will be able to take influence in the Bundestag - but they are very far from actually winning the elections! The most popular party in surveys has once again been the CDU by a noticeable margin even compared to the second largest party, the SPD. The CDU is expected to try and build a coalition with the libertarian party FDP. 

So, the AfD will not win these elections luckily. They will be persent in the Bundestag, which is still a victory for them, but they will not run this country from now on.
I am personally hoping that the party shows its complete incompetence on the political stage and will take itself apart, and that people will finally snap out of it and stop even tolerating these fuckers.

Hope this helped!
And just for a laugh, here are my highlights of this election:
-not seeing a single AfD poster for ages
-not seeing a single NPD (Nationalist Party Germany) AT ALL
-a TV judge being the candidate of an actual political party (he was a candidate to become the federal president too I think????)
-seeing an AfD poster, immediately followed by posters of the Marxist-Leninist Party Germany (MLPD) with slogans like REAL SOCIALISM NOW! or 100TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE OCTOBER REVOLUTION!

Germans, please go vote tomorrow!

Anonymous said: Hello. I really admire your work. Even if you have your own “style”/“trace” in every drawing you do, you can yet recognize the character. I mean, for example, your Trevor/Michael still looks like Trevor/Michael. How you make/create the likeness in your drawings? I love many characters and I want to draw them, but when I try to, they don’t look alike.

hello, thanks! yeah, it’s tricky isn’t it? I’d say just watch your favorite television show and doodle a bunch of actor’s heads with variations, and see which ones feel most like the character they’re playing. Emphasis on ’feel’, not ‘look’ - you can get away with changing things or using shorthands, so long as you indicate whatever you think are their trademark features strongly.. e.g. I like to interpret my fav Lostie as an egg with 3 beautiful essentials:

just observe measurements with care if you’d like more realistic likenesses. tooons are much more exciting imo but sometimes you wanna draw more on-model otp art for those m-rated videogames yanno

Practical Magic: Sigils

Spend less than an hour browsing through Tumblr’s witchcraft community, and I guarantee you that you’ll find at least one post offering a sigil or displaying a sigil that the author had created. These little sketches and drawings are everywhere, and to the new witch, it may seem a little confusing. Especially if prior to exploring the Craft, his or her experience regarding magic was limited to pop culture. Sigils don’t really make much of an appearance in films such as Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. And, at least in my experience, the only show they really make repeated appearances is Supernatural, in which our monster-hunting duo makes use of sigils regularly as a form of protection against ghosts, demons, spirits, and even angels on occasion.

But what is a sigil, and why is it that they’re everywhere in the witchy community. Furthermore, how to you create and/or use them? And do I have to use sigils from history or that have been created by other witches?

Well, there’s a reason why sigils are under my Practical Magic header. They are one of the simplest and more powerful forms of magic that many witches are able to do at any point in the day. Hell, when I was in high school, one of my pagan friends who had a habit of doodling would start doodling sigils - especially if a test was around the bend.

What is a sigil?

Simple answer: a symbol used to focus intent and concentration. But the simple answer is misleading. Symbols are more general and generic. While sigils may incorporate the image of a pentacle, the star is a widespread symbol of the faith. A sigil tends to be more complex in design.

The sigil is sort of like a stamp of intent. You’ve seen the movies where somebody gets papers certified or approved or even denied, and the clerk takes a big ol’ red stamp and slams it down on the paper as if to prove a point. In my eyes, sigils are just like that. When affixed or drawn on a surface, it’s the magical equivalent of a stamp, confirming the witch’s intent and encouraging the magic to manifest quickly.

Most sigils are beautiful drawings that were derived from a simple statement of the intent desired, condensed down into a simple image through repeated drawing/writing.

How do you create a sigil?

There are many different methods for creating and using sigils, but the most common, most simple, and generally agreed as most effective, is the one that is described here.

Say you have a test coming up that you have studied quite a bit for. You need that little extra help to guarantee that you get a passing grade on it. You begin with a simple (yet precise) statement of your intent: “I have a passing score on the English Literature test.”

You would write this down on a scratch piece of paper in all caps, continuing to focus on that intent (and visualizing all the while). From my example, you would get “I HAVE A PASSING SCORE ON THE ENGLISH LITERATURE TEST.”

Next, you would remove all vowels and punctuation: “HV PSSNG SCR N TH NGLSH LTRTR TST” What this does is helps you further focus on the intent, while beginning a process of abstraction that helps you visualize better and, for some, induces a meditative state.

Some variation exists in this next step. You could either remove the repeating letters within the same word, or you could remove the repeats from the entire sentence. Personally, I remove all repeats. The fewer the letters, the more abstract the sigil becomes. “HV PSNG CR T L”

With your little collection of letters that you have left, you would begin the truly artistic process by mashing the letters into abstract shapes and designs, merging all of the letters into the same image. After the first time you’ve mashed all of the letters together, you do away with the letters entirely. This is your baby sigil - a primordial image, as it were. From here, you redraw and rework the image over and over again until you reach a desired state of mind.

Once again, this is where variation exists. A lot of witches prefer to redraw the image over and over again until they completely forget what it was meant for. Personally, I don’t like doing this. If a sigil is supposed to have purpose, it wouldn’t do for me to forget that purpose, especially if I’m the one giving the charm life. I keep going until I forget what the original image was, and the current image is pleasing to the eye.

The sigil can be as angular or wavy as you’d like. The key is that it instills the confidence you need. Once done, you have your sigil!

How do you use a sigil?

Like many aspects of witchcraft, it depends upon both the witch and the intended purpose of the sigil. I’m going to get just a little graphic in a bit, as sigils have many variations on their use. Some of which aren’t particularly savory to those who get queasy at the thought of biological processes or body fluids. If you’re one of those individuals, I’ll begin that particular topic with three asterisks (***) to warn you. I will end the topic in the same manner.

The way I personally like to use sigils is by drawing them on an object meant to bring about that goal. On a test, I might lightly pencil the sigil in the lower right corner (if the test is on Scantron, I recommend tracing the sigil with your finger instead of drawing it, as the graphite from the pencil might interfere with scoring). Many sigils are for protection, and therefore may be drawn on the tags in clothing or embroidered into the seams.

Those of you who follow me would know that I love kitchen witchery. Believe me when I say there’s plenty of opportunity for sigil work. When preparing your ingredients, you could trace the sigil in the air above them, or inscribe the sigils into the ingredients with a knife. You could trace the sigil in a pan (or draw it with a drizzle of oil). Pies are particularly nifty for witches who like symbol and sigil work, as the inner part of the crust can be lightly inscribed with images before being filled and baked.

Say the witch is one who likes to sharply release the energy into the world to do its purpose. This is the case with many many witches who work with sigils. For these witches, usually the image has to be ingrained into their memory through some sort of shock. The easiest way I’ve seen this done is holding a piece of paper on which you’ve drawn the sigil. While being careful and safety-cautious, light the paper on fire and hold it, focusing on the sigil and its purpose while it burns, not letting go until it gets too hot in your hand and you have to drop it. In that moment of pain, the image should essentially burn itself into your mind. Other witches do away with the fire, focusing on the image and then biting their tongues or doing something else that might induce a little bit of pain - just enough to shock the image into their minds, but not enough to cause any bodily harm.

Other witches have less conventional means…

*** Some witches who are like me and prefer to draw the sigil where needed, tend to use blood to draw their sigils. The prick of the finger might serve as the shock needed, the blood the ink as they draw. But if the witch is one who likes to sear the image into their mind, sometimes a sexual act works best for them.

In this case (and I’ll admit that I have used this method before - it’s not something I do often, and I only do it if I need the outcome particularly quickly or if the intent has sexual implications to begin with - such as mixing things up in the bedroom or drawing more sexual energy), the witch may choose to masturbate with the image in front of him or her. Right at the moment of climax, the image should be seared into the mind. For male witches out there, it is common to ejaculate right onto the image so as to “seal the deal” or to mentally confirm that the spell is active.

Still other witches - especially those who are couples and are working the same spell or whose partner is willing and able to help - will forgo masturbation and skip straight to sex, visualizing the sigil at the moment of climax. This is particularly useful for fertility spells.

For our female witches who like to work with menstrual blood, drawing sigils with your monthly makes for a particularly potent spell.


Really, the uses for sigils are limited only by your imagination. Some witches like to destroy the sigil in the act of activation, others prefer to reuse the same image over and over again, activating in their own way each time the sigil needs to be used. To this end, you could create a permanent sigil that you feed just as you would any other spell.

Do what feels best for you in your spellwork. Sigils are meant to be deeply personal in nature.

Do I have to use historical sigils?

That largely depends upon your tradition and what you work with. For the most part, I would say no. However, if you work with spirits, there are often sigils that are attributed specifically to them. For instance, in Jewish mysticism, each archangel has his or her own sigil that can be used to invoke them. In this case, I would recommend the older sigils, as they were created using a much more ancient method with a completely different set of standards.

Alternatively, you could create a unique archangel sigil which could link you to the angel in question on a more personal level. The same goes for any other spirit that you feel would need a sigil to invoke, be it Medusa, a dragon, et cetera.

Do I have to use sigils created by other witches?

By now, you might be able to tell that there’s no requirement to use the images created by other witches. For the most part, sigils are meant for personal intents and purposes, and often times the sigils posted online by a lot of witches are meant to share the image as a mark of pride in the craft, much in the way many witches may share pictures of their altars. Some witches will draw sigils upon request, and these may be used, but I maintain that the most powerful sigils for your needs will always be the ones you create yourself.

Sigils are a beautiful and incredibly practical part of witchcraft, and many witches are drawn to the craft through these simple spellcrafting tools. Go forth and create! May your sigils always bring about positive results!

Blessed Be! )O(

Let’s play a game called “how many times can I watch Rent in a row while still hoping Angel won’t die each time”

-Watching Newsies Live hoping Crutchie won’t get taken to the Refuge

-Watching Phantom of the Opera hoping Christine and Meg will get together instead of the Christine and the Phantom

anonymous asked:

Do you think FG will ever sing in English? (Sorry if this has been asked before, I'm new here! Love your blog, and Francesco of course! 😄)

For what i understood by the many interviews he had he won’t ever WRITE a song in English. Since Italian is his mother tongue, he knows how to use it best, it’s sound and possibilities.

Instead with English… He doesn’t know it for a start. He can kinda communicate on a base level, but that’s it. He IS though, getting better at it. The Eurovision pushed his limits a bit and that’s nice. He could sing covers, but he doesn’t seem to be a cover guy (even the one cover he did in his latest album, “Susanna”, has some variations to the original one).

Thank you soo much. I appreciate it
The least i could do was not leaving you empty handed, so I searched for songs and random things he sang in English in the past:

Hit the road Jack - this program was just after the Sanremo 2017 shows
You belong to me - Bilingual song made in a concert. 
Barbara Ann - He also plays the drums here. Continues here with another song X and X. Those videos are a bit of a mess since it’s not a professional making the video. In 2010 he still was trying to make himself known.
Herestoyou - Dunno if this is actually a cover but its in english soooo
Depeche Mode - Another bit of a mess xD but he jokes about it ahah

Couldn’t find more unfortunately xD

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Heya I'm a Hufflepuff with a Dragon Patronus and I take an awful lot pride in being a puff ✨🐝especially after the fantastic beasts movie came out because now people see the variations in character a Hufflepuff can have ^^ anyways have a great day 🌹

Woo! A dragon patronus. Don’t see many of them. I really like how Hufflepuff is getting some recognition now too. Thanks!

Day 7: Who should make an Sun and Moon cameo? (Free Day!)


I’ll keep the rant short for the sake of positivity: Iris deserved to have her cameo in the XY/XYZ series and the fact that she didn’t is pretty disappointing and there’s no justifiable excuse for why she wasn’t allowed it. 

That aside, Iris would absolutely adore Alola. It’s warm, beautiful and the abundance of nature and Pokemon variations would be exciting for her. Iris in Alola has potential for so many adventures, especially with Ash leading the way. One I can picture super clearly is Ash and Mallow planning a group campout in the Lush Jungle. And they go exploring for some rare Pokemon because someone (Mallow) let’s it out that some of the locals have mentioned seeing a Goodra running around and she just has to see it (and catch it).

I can’t envision exactly how she’d get to meet Jangmo-o, Hakamo-o, Kommo-o and Drampa, but she’d make it her business to find them at some point.

Clemont and Bonnie

Lemon sibs deserve a vacation in paradise after all the Flare drama. And Clemont’s probably hard at work after all the rebuilding and challengers, so his time in Alola can maybe give him some new inspiration for inventions and I think he’d fit in really well with most of the Alola crew. 

Sophocles and he are electric type trainers/inventors so they’d bro out over gadgets for sure. Bonnie would advise everyone to duck for cover. Ash would cry because science is amazing.

Kiawe and he can bond over little sister drama. Bonnie and Hoshi would be the best of friends and talk about how hopeless their big brothers are. Also: eating all the ice cream. All of it.

Mallow would love to cook with him because none of the others seem to be super handy in the kitchen. Bonnie just wants to taste everything and play with Steenee.

Lillie would be fun to talk to given how brilliant she is about pokemon in general. Both Lemons would be fans of her.

And Lana would take them fishing, which they’ve started to do even more since meeting their cool connoisseur friend ;)  

Also I’m already dying at the idea of Clemont getting a sunburn. 

20th Anniversary Fantasy Bonus 

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