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How crazy is it to find the love of your life at 18 years old. Some may call it stupid to say such a thing, that there’s “no way you can know what love is at such a young age”. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that very sentence, there are so many different variations of the phrase, are you sure you don’t want “the college experience”, “honey don’t tie yourself down, you’re so young”, and my personal favorite “well be realistic it probably won’t work out, but there’s plenty of fish in the sea”. Yes, I get it I’m young, but I don’t think age has anything to do with being able to determine the amount of love you have for someone. Honestly I think that college students can be far more in love than 90% of the middle aged married people I know. Because no I don’t want “the college experience” if it means going out, getting fucked up, and waking up either alone or next to a different person every night. I would rather go out with the person I love, stumble home drunk together laughing uncontrollably, crawl into our bed and fall asleep in the arms of the same person every night. Loving you in my college years meant, you were my girlfriend, my early mornings, my late nights, my study partner, coffee house date, my pillow no matter where we went, and most importantly my best friend. Tying myself down with you means always having someone in a time where everything around me is changing, because loving in college means being head over heels for someone, it’s the kind of love that is all consuming, that takes your breath away, and makes you think that there’s good in your world, when it’s filled with test after test, hours of studying, worrying about how you’re gonna work enough to pay your bills and still make it to class on time. You are a breath of fresh air. We love fully, whole-heartedly, and with nothing to lose. She is contagious. In the year I’ve spent loving her I have become a better me than I ever thought I could have been. I’ve laughed, smiled, and felt more love in the 370 days I have known her than I have in years. And then comes the time where we’ve just graduate college, moved into a tiny, crappy, little apartment, but that small space is filled with more love and laughter than one could ever hope for. I wake up and go to sleep next to the love of my life everyday, and it’s like living with my best friend. We spend our days exploring, we’d rather spend money on experiences, than things. Our nights are spent building forts, binge watching Criminal Minds, curled up in OUR bed. Life is good, good with you. So yeah maybe it won’t work out, maybe I’m crazy, but I’m crazy in love and I think that the best kind of crazy there is.
—  500 words on being in love in college.

Ugh, Christmas parties.

Dean had seven to go to, including this company one. Working at Sandover for so many years, Dean knew everyone. This meant he also knew how everyone acted at company parties. Alcohol always seemed to give everyone an excuse to complain …a lot. Dean can’t count on both his hands and feet how many variations of “Man, this company really busts our balls, am I right?” he has heard over the years.

Hoping to avoid a repeat of every other year, Dean took it upon himself to sit in a corner by himself. Well, and his whiskey of course. As he was about to get up for his fourth refill, one appeared in front of him. He followed the glass to the fingers surrounding it, to the arm holding it out to him, to the new face offering a shy smile.

“You looked due for another,” the man smiled and cleared his throat. “I’m Castiel Novak. I’m new here and, therefore, not very fun at holiday parties yet.”

Dean chuckled as he grabbed the shot. “Dean Smith. I’m not new here at all and, therefore, also not very fun at holiday parties.”

Thus began a night of whiskey-induced giggling. Dean and Castiel spent the night discussing favorite movies, what it’s like to have pain-in-the-ass younger siblings, and what they would rather be doing every day they’re at Sandover.

Dean may have woke up the next morning with a killer headache, but it quickly subsided when he rolled over to find blue eyes staring back at him.

I’m Yours

Bucky x Reader

Summary: You have strong feelings for Bucky, but you’re afraid they could ruin your friendship with him, Bucky on the other hand, feels differently.

Word Count: 2,079

Warnings: Implied smut, fluff, sexual content

A/N: This isn’t 100% smut, but it’s enough for you to know what happens. This is my first fic like this, so please be gentle and bear with me. I’m slowly making my way towards it actually going all the way. (I hope that made sense) Anywho, enjoy and please let me know what you think! I love getting feedback! :)

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“So (Y/N), when are you going to tell him?”

You groaned, you’ve been asked that multiple times over the past few weeks. They were always a variation of that question, didn’t matter how many times they were said, you literally heard them all.

“That’s the thing Nat, I can’t!” You huffed, “It’s too soon anyways.”

You were helping Nat put away everything after training with her all morning. You had to train earlier than usual that morning because Sam and Steve were going to be training the new recruits later on in the day. So they needed the space.

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dem tomato faces :U

so… since i am the unofficial official Tomato Biologist™ i thought i’d make a quick post about them tomato-faces.

with all their tomato glory *-*

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*sigh* let’s just get this done.

The facial features found on Sith Purebloods can be categorized into one of three* things:

  • Ridges
  • Spurs
  • Tendrils

*Brow-Stalks are also a thing, but those are technically a subcategory of Spurs.

In the past, the ridges and spurs would have been bony and their shape could be seen in the individual’s skull. However, after hybridization, there is no true “bony facial structure” left. Instead, the Sith have excess cartilage that define and shape their facial features, which won’t be seen on their skulls.

Ridges: Indents, grooves, lines, or whatever you wanna call them. Common in males and females, can be on brows, cheeks, chins, necks, foreheads, nose, etc. Ridges can either use a cartilage base under the skin, or simply be a result of the epidermis hardening and folding onto itself on top of the dermis. 

Spurs: Hardened, pointed edges that protrude out of a Sith’s face. Usually common on the chin, cheeks of males, or on brows in the form of stalks. Spurs always use cartilage as the base for its structure and support, and can be pressed and bent in the limited ways human ears and noses do.

Note how the spur turns into a ridge as it goes up, along the side of the face.

Tendrils: Found almost exclusively on male purebloods. They’re fleshy, they dangle, and are very sensitive to touch when compared to spurs and ridges. Because tendrils are fleshy and soft, they are filled with blood vessels and nerve endings. This means that you can either cause a great deal of pain or pleasure to the individual with tendrils… depending on what you do… obviously.

The tendrils are distinct from the spurs since the spurs are hard and immobile while tendril can be voluntarily moved by the individual.

Brow-Stalks: The brow stalks are technically another form of spurs. However, they are different in that the Sith can voluntarily move them. The movement of these brow stalks function much in the same way humans use their eyebrows: to aid in spoken and unspoken communication via facial expressions. This means that the cartilage in the brow stalks are much softer and more flexible than the ones found in other spurs.

The “spurs” on the brows can and will be moved at the individual’s whim, the spurs on the chin cannot.

It should be noted that brow ridges are just another form of ridge and do not fall under the brow stalk category. And although the brow ridges can also be moved to signal facial expressions, the ridges are formed just the same as every other ridge and does not protrude out of the face in a pointed manner.

Quick! Quiz Time!

Name the Facial Features on the Sith!

If you answered:
Ridges and spurs
Ridges, spurs, and tendrils
Ridges and spurs

Then congrats! You are now a tomato face expert! :3

Okay, this is bugging me.

I’ve seen far too many amazing Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V posts on this website, like beautiful fanart, amazing theories, and incredible dedication to this show and its characters,

yet the posts achieve only a few dozen notes, maybe a little over 100.

I want to see how many Arc-V fans there really are here. I know there has to be more than this. This show can’t be so popular but have such a small fanbase on fandom central ™. SO PLEASE. REBLOG THIS IF YOU ARE A FAN OF YU-GI-OH ARC-V. GET THIS POST A LOT OF NOTES. I WANT TO SEE THAT ARC-V ISN’T AS SMALL AS IT SEEMS!

you can make a million photosets and there are a million quotes explaining just how exactly it is that you write a ‘strong female character’

but honestly i think the key is just to have many. if pam beasley had been the only woman on the office her soft-spokenness would have been seen as one-dimensional - but pair her up with strict angela, with abrasive jan levinson-gould and with goofy holly, pam suddenly feels a lot more realistic

if ginny or hermione or even dolores umbridge or molly weasley had been the only women in harry potter, think of how frustrating their characters would have been. but throw them all in together - and suddenly there’s a depth to the whole story that feels so much more believable, because when you only have one woman, you’re saying that all women are feisty or are bookish or are frumpy evil megalomaniacs or are warm mothers

in real life, there is an infinite variety of women who make different choices and different mistakes. when you have a movie or a tv show or a book that has a limited amount of women - they almost always feel flat and one-dimensional, because, in a way, they represent all of the women in that particular universe. but if you have multiple women? bam! it’s hard to write a bad female character when you have enough of them that they feel varied and interesting

Game reviews

I got bit by the reviewing bug and started leaving reviews of Steam.Thought I’d post them here too, for posterity. Mostly positive except for venting about the endings of Life is Strange and Transistor.

Long Live the Queen

10/10 would and will die again. This was actually the game that got me on Steam. When I saw that it’s a game where you have a tiny pink anime magical girl princess who you can craft to be everything from a vicious warlord to a silver-tounged spymaster, how could I resist, you know? This game is really endless, I’ve gone through so many variation and died in so many adorable and gruesome ways, killed so many people and queened so hard. This is just the right amount of twisted for me.

Also, I mean, I can get a girlfriend who is adopted by magical lesbian moms and wears Sailor Venus’s costume, that is truly living the dream.

I’d say my one complaint about the game is, girlfriends aside, even with the extinction I have to SERIOUSLY screw Elodie over if I want her to be able to marry a woman. Like get her dad killed and everything. Elodie’s Dad is a depressing, useless buzzkill so I’ll trade him for a hot wife, but that’s still pretty harsh.

We Know the Devil

Magical girl references plus beautiful, poetic writing plus cleverly written metaphors plus examination of social pressures, teenage alienation and queer struggles equals a story designed for me to love. This is a game so nice I played it twice. I played it when it first came out, but when I saw it on Steam I knew I had to get it and replay for fancy achievements

Read Only Memories

I knew I’d love this game because the protagonist is a broke internet journalist living in a crappy apartment who needs to use headphones all the time, which was basically me at the time (I’m still a broke internet journalist but have a slightly better apartment now). Unfortunately I don’t have an adorable robot friend, alas.

Seriously, Turing is the best and this game is utterly charming. It’s just so good natured with a nice sense of humor, and the retro game aesthetic is fun. The range of characters was pretty interesting and a lot of them were so cute and fun- Punk boy and anime guy were such ridic little lovebirds. The story and setting were very solid. For someone like me who love unlocking dialogue and exploring stuff, it was a dream. Also, everyone was queer, so I felt right at home. This kind of stuff is why I love indie games and I want more like this.

My one complaint is replayability to get the different endings is a chore, which is why I haven’t gotten them all yet. You can’t really skip over the dialogue or anything and so it’s tedious if you’ve read it already. I decided to take a break because of that so it will be fresh to me when I try to get a different ending.

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Nicknames: Lockey, Katie, Kate, Kat, or any variation of Katherine.

Star sign: Capricorn

Height: Either 5′3" or 5′4″ - I’m not exactly sure.

Time right now: 5:05 PM

Last thing you googled: How to get a rook piercing out, my sister’s has got infected and it needs to come out.

Fave music artist: I … can’t. I’ll explode if I choose. There’s so many and I’m way too lazy to list them all.

Song stuck in my head: FUUUKKKEEEEN LIMBO BY DADDY MOTHERFUCKING YANKEE…. every since SOMEBODY (*glares* you know who you are)  introduced it to me.

Last movie I watched: Finding Dory

Last tv show I watched: Lucifer, I think? Pretty sure that was on the other night. The last show that I watched FULLY was Free!

What I’m wearing right now: Batman onesie, because I’m a mature adult who likes to dress up as batman and scare my family members by hiding behind things in the dark.

When I created this blog: This blog is really quite new, about a year or so? I’ve been on tumblr for a while. I deleted my first blog because it was a fowl reminder of my teenage years, I had a spiritual blog for a while, and then decided that I’m a complete nerd and just wanted to just reblog nerdy stuff.

The kind of stuff I post: I mostly reblog shit from whatever fandom I’m part of at the time. Batfamily is the most frequent, Supernatural is also a big one, various animes. I sometimes post my fanart, but that’s once in a blue moon. Because college. 

Do I get asks regularly? I’ve never received an ask, I’d quite like to but I’d probably just scream tbh. I’m not great at communicating, but I am more than happy to if y’all every get bored. 

Why did I choose my url: Well, Locke is my last name. Our whole family gets called Lockey - it seemed like a good idea at the time. It’s pretty boring.

Gender: Cis Female

Hogwarts House: I’d probably be Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, I don’t really know. It changes depending on what mood I’m in. (I’m going to Harry Potter world next month and I am SO EXITED)

Pokémon team: I joined the red one, I think? Valor? I haven’t played Pokemon Go for ages. Can’t I just be part of Team Rocket? For nostalgia. Or team galactic? For the hairstyles. 

Favorite color: Probably blue or purple

Average hours of sleep: Probably 5, very disturbed hours of sleep a night is normal for me. I’m a really light sleeper as well, so I tend to get more sleep if I’m in the house by myself.

Lucky number: 14, I don’t know why but I’ve had an infinity with that number since I way small.

Favorite characters: THE WHOLE OF THE BATFAMILY! Seriously, just point me in the direction of anyone with daddy issues and they’re my favourite. 

Dream job: Um, an illustrator but I have 0% confidence in my drawing abilities, and college is making it really hard for me to find time to practice. I’m training as a graphics designer, so I’ll probably end up doing that instead. To be honest I would be okay with doing most things, as long as I’m capable at it.

Number of blankets I sleep with: The more the better, same with pillows. I like to bury myself in them.

Following: 347

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Nicknames: enana , princesa,  Flo, Flor, Flore, and basically any variation of the word flower

Star sign: Gemini

Height: 5′1″

Time right now: 3:06PM

Last thing you googled: How many seasons does brooklyn nine nine have lol  

Fave music artist: I really can’t choose omg,  but lately i’ve been listening to Banks and Cigarettes after Sx

Song stuck in my head: Candy store from Heathers the musical lmao 

Last movie I watched: Gone girl for like the 10th time 

Last tv show I watched: Crazy ex girlfriend 

What I’m wearing right now: grey cotton shorts and a purple tank top 

When I created this blog: october 2016

The kind of stuff I post: I try to keep it to only comics but lmaoo its actually a little bit of everything because what are sideblogs??  

Do I get asks regularly?: lol nah 

Why did I choose my url:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Hogwarts House: ravenclaw

Pokémon team: Instinct

Favorite color: Lavander, light blue or red 

Average hours of sleep: honestly it’s either 3 hours or 12 theres no in between 

Lucky number: 5 or 7 maybe?? 

Favorite characters: I’m gonna do only dc ones lmaoo but Zatanna, jessica cruz, jason todd, barbara gordon, donna troy, selina kyle, mera  ,diana prince, dick grayson, cassandra cain, damian wayne, 

Dream job: Probably either write or something related to movie director but like it’s honestly not happening so probably advertising?? i guess??

Number of blankets I sleep with: one since it’s summer here lol 

Following: 500 

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i can’t count how many times i’ve heard variations of “you’re allowed to have your own interpretation but don’t put down other readings” when talking about how gay bbc sherlock is. but like. you have no other “interpretation” to offer me than “i didn’t get it/it doesn’t make sense” so excuse me if i find no interest in listening to an opinion that isn’t even one since you haven’t tried to put some thought into it for more than five seconds beyond “i don’t understand therefore it sucks”

I just want to say how happy I am that the MTMTE Season 1 default nose was hook noses.
I am super excited that Milne started to draw more variations of noses in the second season because noses are cute, but I am so glad their default was hooks. There are so many comics where it’s just either straight nose or button nose. Hooks are so cute and don’t get enough appreciation, so this just makes me so happy! 

When your white friend says something that might come off racially unwitting, don’t get angry, educate with tact.

I have seen how demoralized our community as black, brown, ebony, mahogany people have been over a great time now, and thought of doing something to uplift their spirit in some shape or form. Everyone has their way to beating an oppressive system that can be seen as non existent to others, and my way is to beat the oppression we may hold in our minds, our hearts, and our spirits. One issue we have is the availability to see us, may it be on tv, magazines, movies, or other forms of media. We don’t get to see how diverse we truly our in our shades, features/ phenotypes, styles, mannerisms, interests, or character of self expression. I decided to make two posts one of our women and one of our men compiled of black and brown faces of many variations. The reaction I got was extremely positive. Some told me that it actually made them feel better about themselves in who they are and how they are seen & portrayed by not just society but our own community. When you see other people that are of your subgroup within a group, you don’t feel alone, you don’t feel ashamed, and you don’t feel ugly. I want to promote peace, love, and empathy while still aiding in the way I know I can to unify and uplift us. When you have love for yourself then you are able to truly love other people, and when you are able love other people your strength will be at its pinnacle.

An issue then occurred that one of my white friends, of 20 years, then asked where the White version was, and expected it to be the on my shoulders to compile a photo montage depicting white guys. Another friend then messaged me in upset, hoping for me to drop Ls or destroy him for saying that, but that is not my character to become irrational. I see that as a weakness to lose my cool over something I know I can handle with tactful mindfulness. It is not in our true divine nature to have irrational violence, irrational hatred, or to burn bridges (friendships), so why start now?

Peace, Love, & Empathy


Being the music junkie I am, it kind of fathoms me how some people don’t appreciate BTS’s music? How can they not notice the many variations in their beats/instrumentals..

They also blend so many genres together and it just works. I’ve listened to a lot of Kpop music, but BTS always seems to blow me away each time. Not just Kpop, but also the “popular” American music that gets played on the radio; the music is so repetitive yet people find enjoyment from it. I mean I guess from a psychological standpoint it makes sense.. but that’s beside the point.

WINGS is a great album! For the people who don’t like BTS for whatever reason, in the end, it’s their loss.