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...Hello. I saw your posts about the Jin Run episode thing, and I looked into it more and now I'm feeling very... tired? Watching the episode, I saw two friends joking around with each other, one realizing they had gone too far, an apology issued and accepted and they went on from there? I just... Am I missing something? I don't understand why this has blown into such a big thing when I've heard it so many times before from other members? Why now? You don't need to answer, I'm just confused rn.

I’m exhausted. I feel ya. 

It’s blown-up because some fans are too sensitive or protective of Jimin. It’s ridiculous. They’re citing his past body conscious problems and saying Jin was cruel to say that to him, and while I agree that jokes about weight aren’t funny, it is amazingly obvious how biased some fans are.

BTS have spent years teasing each other over stuff like this. Jin has born the brunt of all ‘fat’ and ‘pig’ jokes for the longest time, and he’s done so with grace, he’s always let it slide bc that’s just the way he is. That doesn’t mean he didn’t feel hurt by it–just that he had the maturity to look past it.

But now fans are attacking him for turning the joke around on Jimin. And suddenly that’s going too far. 

ARMY is going too far. Find some perspective. There are receipts, Jimin is no different from Jin or any of the other members who have called each other pigs or fat or chubby. They’re all best friends, this happened months ago. Calm down.


“Sans, it’s… that’s not true, I… h-how can this be possible….”

“heh… you always say that, tori… i cant even count how many times ive heard that before….  you dont understand.  you never understand.  and no matter how hard i try, you never will.”

“Sans, I…-”

“its hard, tori.  its hard knowing every single thing about you, all those wonderful things that make you you, and you never remember me.  its hard having to laugh every time i greet you at that door when ive heard all those same jokes before.

i was happy once.  i was happy with you, and frisk, and papyrus, everyone… at one point, we had all reached the surface and things were perfect… you were a teacher, you know, heh… you’ve always wanted to be a teacher….  things were perfect.  i thought to myself, ‘finally, maybe the kid has the ending they were looking for’.  and the next thing i know, papyrus is waking me up, telling me to get to my post.  that i have to watch for humans.  it was all gone, tori… everything… was gone.”


Okay so it’s No Shame Day! 

Hi! I’m Lauren and I’ve been in a wheelchair since I was teeny tiny tot do to Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a form of Muscular Dystrophy. I started walking really early but then started falling over more and more. It makes my musculus weak and I get tired easy so sometimes average tasks can be difficult to accomplish. I try to make jokes about the chair as much as I can and I support people coming up with their own (as long as they have some taste and originality. You have no idea how many times I’ve heard something along the lines of “do you have a licence for that thing?”. it gets old)

If you want to ask any questions go ahead and ask. I’ll try to answer the best I can. I’m horrible at explaining things  Thanks for reading my story!

Do you know how hard it is to be pan?

A Pansexual degrades themselves because they are afraid of being judged or made fun of. I know four people who are Pansexual but only say they are bisexual because they hate it!

Let me explain what pan sexual is! Pansexual is being sexually attracted to someone regardless of gender. Meaning a Pansexual likes someone for who they are not for what they have! That’s beautiful to me! But they don’t find it as beautiful because of dick heads!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the joke “ haha so you like pans?” Or “so you parents have to hide the pans, do they?” It’s so dumb. Not only that but once they come out it’s just an endless cycle of “he’s hot you should ask him out” “so what you don’t know him! You’re pan!” And that’s more annoying than jar jar binks! So fuck you!

Lastly pan people respect other people more than you think! They make a sex joke and you say you’re not comfortable with it, they won’t make one around you again, they accidentally tap you, they will apologize 12 times before they believe you’re actually okay. So treat them with some respect and stop saying things that make them want to down grade themselves! Thank you *Drops mic*

(Ps this also works for pan romantics)

Is three Ringabels enough Ringabels or do I need more   ( ・`ω・´)

Jokes aside, you may have recently heard that the ever so wonderful @chibimonki​ is hosting a Ringabel Zine! I was one of the artists who was invited to participate, and since I finally finished my piece, I decided to share a preview here on Tumblr! Though my focus was to draw Ringabel in outfits from his two canon appearances (and one non-canon appearance), I feel the overall theme was “let’s see how many times I can draw Ringabel from angles he should not be drawn from”.

The answer is two.

why must people make blonde jokes especially around a blonde person like do you know how many times ive heard them do you know that i grew up thinking i wasn’t smart because of my hair color???? do you understand how misogynistic these jokes are how much they actually hurt??? do you know what it’s like when a society thinks you’re really unintelligent because you have blonde hair and then they turn around and sexualize it making you into an object