how many times has obi wan had to get a new robe

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Qui-Gon rejects Obi-Wan as a padawan, and regrets it more and more gutrenchingly each time he sees a happily glowing obi with his smitten new master Mace. As Mace and Obi very publicly fall in love throughout their master/pad partnership Qui becomes increasingly obsessed with the idea it should have been him. A tale of regretted lost chances

He’s utterly beautiful.

That’s the first thing that strikes Qui-Gon when he sees the boy the next time almost four years later, the boy close to sixteen now.

Kneeling beside Mace in the thousand fountains first garden with a decorated braid resting against his shoulder and his upper arm brushing against the Korun ever so slightly.

Mace seems to purposely brush his arm against the boy in some kind of small sign of reassurance and each time a beauteous smile lights the boy’s face even as he keeps his calm and his eyes closed, his breaths slow and steady.

Copper hair from the standard nerf tail hung loose to brush the nape and Qui-Gon was for the first time in four years struck by the idea that perhaps…just perhaps he had done a mistake?

And then Obi-Wan opened soft green and peered at Mace, utter devotion crossing the teens face as he seemed to subconsciously lean into the other man.

‘…I may have done a mistake in letting this one go.’


The bo-no not a boy anymore, man.

This is a man of nineteen, strong and straight laced with a calm gaze and a cheeky smile as he stands at his master’s side, giving the Korun his full attention and deference as the man is speaking to Master Ka-Adi.

There’s something more in those green eyes now though, not just utter devotion of a padawan and the gratefulness of one almost not picked.

Something… barely emerging but soft and wondrous that lights up even more when Mace turns his attention to Obi-Wan and quietly says something and even ruffles the short ginger spikes with a small smile, the man nodding quickly and then bowing to both master’s before he hurries of, his robe billowing up with the speed he’s walking at.

He doesn’t even notice Qui-Gon outside of a customary side-step to avoid crashing into the tall master.

Doesn’t care for or about Qui-Gon really.

He has other things to do and once again Qui-Gon can’t help that feeling that he’s done a mistake and there’s no way to fix it or gain closeness anymore.

He looks up and catches Mace eyes, the Korun watching him with a raised eyebrow and a curious expression before he turns back to Ka-Adi and Qui-Gon marches away.

He still can’t shake the feeling of error.

He’s gorgeous, laughing and moving speedily, sweat dripping of his braid that if rumors were right, were soon to be cut.

By Qui-Gon’s hip, Anakin peeked curiously at the spar happening with a bit of awe at how Mace and Obi-Wan were moving on the mats even as the long braid swung in the air with all its decorations and Force, how many classes had the Korun had his padawan take to get not only red and yellow beads, but also green, black and white.

Not just piloting and weapon experience, but precognitive visions, covert operations and healing. And Mace himself had added colored bands all over the long copper length to it clearly, marks of valor and cunning that he felt his padawan had earned in the time of need. An experienced senior padawan about to turn knight.

Kark, Obi-Wan is beautiful, laughing as the sparring ends, cheeks aglow and eyes sparkling.

Perhaps he’d be willing to go on a da-

Mace gently brushes the back of his hand over Obi-Wan’s cheek, his smile soft as he murmurs quiet praises at the suddenly shy padawan leaning into the touch.

Qui-Gon Jinn had no chance in sith hells.

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*casts sneaky vote in for Spicy September* only because of the alliteration and not cause it’s sooner I swear... also a prompt idea- role reversal, Padawan now Knight Kenobi abruptly figuring out his former Master is in love with him and taking action.

The dark, possessive role-swap AU won the vote last night to get posted today!  (By a landslide). This prompt perhaps shifted the most as I was working on it. It is TECHNICALLY about recently knighted Obi-Wan, but their relationship started before that. Warnings for power imbalance, past/current (very) dubious consent, and Anakin just… being manipulative. Also, Obi-Wan is tipsy in this fic. Anakin is much darker than I usually write him, if that’s not what you’re looking for. Dead dove, do not eat, etc.

I also came up with far too extensive head-canons for the backstory in this, because it’s the first time I’ve really tried to write an Anakin over the age of thirty, you know? Trying to determine how he would grow and change after 10 more years of manipulation by Palpatine was a lot of fun (spoilers: it has not helped him), also imagining his relationship with Qui-Gon. (I stand by the idea that Anakin would have been a darker person in general if Qui-Gon had trained him).

SPICY, not safe for wizards (and other things starting with “w”), dirty talk, over stimulation, d/s vibes. PLEASE heed the warnings re: dubious (VERY) consent, power imbalances, etc. This is the longest note I have for any of the Spicy fics because it’s really the only one with warnings.  


Obi-Wan’s Knighting happened so quickly. It felt like one moment they were on Geonosis, fighting for their lives, and the next there was a war, they were back on Coruscant, and he was kneeling in front of the Council, Anakin’s hand on his shoulder.

The metal of Anakin’s new fingers felt cold, even through the glove he wore and Obi-Wan’s robes. He felt a hitch of guilt in his gut. It was his fault that his Master had lost a limb; if he’d just been a little faster, a little stronger, Dooku would not have taken him out of the fight.

But the brutal heat of Geonosis was behind them. There was nothing but the cool air of the Council chambers, the intent expressions of the Council members as he spoke his vows, as Anakin slid fingers up the side of his neck - prompting an inappropriate shiver, but his body remembered Anakin touching him that way in so many other situations - to grip his braid.

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Let’s talk about the new Clone Wars trailer

It is just perfect because it gives us so many clues about what we’re going to see, while at the same time it makes us wonder about so many things.

The first thing we hear is Rex giving a speech to the soldiers, and then we see all those trooper helmets lying on the ground before getting blown to pieces, reminding us how brutal the war is. The lines we hear are from the old episodes that we know and from the story reels, the ones we’re going to see.

Then you see the beautiful scene with the fleet preparing for battle and Anakin Skywalker in all his glory looking over it. And who is he with?


Captain Rex and Hunter, a member of Clone Force 99 aka The Bad Batch. In my book that is proof enough that we are going to see The Bad Batch arc finished.

And then. Then.

I need to talk about so many things in the next scene. First of all:


Just look at these two. They look exactly like in Episode III. I can’t even put it into words but like, Obi-Wan in his Jedi robes, looking like the perfect Master, so mature and serious- you can see that the war has had its tool on him.

And Anakin. Oh, Anakin. Well, the first thing you notice of course is that his hair is fucking gorgeous. Gorgeous, I’m telling you. Look at those blond locks. But then just look how worn out he looks. He’s been in the front lines of a brutal war for years, and he hasn’t seen his home or his wife for months. You just get so many Episode III vibes from their appearance and that only makes you remember what’s about to go down and… cry.

And then they see her.


Just look at Anakin’s face. His words die on his lips, he just freezes right there in the middle of the room. He has probably thought that Ahsoka had left him for good, that he’d never see her again, and now that’s she’s right in front of him he just doesn’t know what to do. It’s as if he doesn’t believe that she’s right there in front of him. 

Obi-Wan is surprised to see her again as well but the meeting doesn’t have quite the same emotional power to it. He sees Ahsoka and the first thing he does? He checks on Anakin, because he knows what a mess his best friend is and you just never know how he might react, and despite the fact that Obi-Wan is horrible at dealing with feelings, he really wants Anakin to be alright because he cares about him, he is his brother and he loves him.

And Ahsoka

She’s this perfect combination of the teenager we saw in season 5 with the Ahsoka we saw in Rebels, I mean she speaks just like Rebels!Ahsoka, so calm and mature and definitely the most collected of the three.

She greets Anakin so simply, she definitely doesn’t associate the sight of him with the betrayal of the Order. She still calls him Master, and can anybody else see how her expression seems to warm up to him?


It’s like this little change of expression, a little twinkle in her eyes reminding us of the old days when they were Snips and Skyguy. 

And the person next to her is clearly a Mandalorian, perhaps Bo-Katan Kryze herself. And we all know what that means: Siege of Mandalore! 

This is gonna be awesome, guys. 

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Itstartswithblood Daaammmmmnnnn So Obi-Wan has now been adopted by Qui-Gon. What is Qui-Gon thinking? What can they do to help?

There is much to do when one gets a new padawan.

A new room has to be found, after all, knight rooms are only designed for one person and now there will be two people in one.

One has to get registered in the temple files, though Qui-Gon is rather sure that the council will handle that as they were there to see Obi-Wan become his padawan.

Normally the padawan has to move from the creche but Obi-Wan has virtually nothing, his bag is so small so what Qui-Gon needs is to bring the young man to the quartermasters instead, to get him almost everything.

The droid measures Obi-Wan and recounts to Quartermaster Huda what sizes he needs, medium tunics of all forms from under to overs, a standard sized sash, small leggings for adult, new boots, socks, underwear, sleepwear, over robes, gloves, and after a question to Obi-Wan, he’s allowed to peer through the rows and rows of clothes and pick himself out a few items on his own.

He returns with a scarf and a few colored tank tops, a nervous look in his eyes before relaxing when both Jedi simply smile at him as he adds it to the pile of clothes he needs.

Settling his hand on Obi-Wan’s shoulder, Qui-Gon ignores the tense muscles beneath his touch and simply nods. “Get these delivered to my new quarters Quartermaster Huda, I will be in the Halls for a few hours so there is time to get everything there.” He murmured.

She nodded happily, already turning to her terminal with a cheerful signed goodbye as Qui-Gon gently pulled Obi-Wan along.

Happily, Micah and Tahl had agreed to transport his furniture and things to the new quarters while Qui-Gon stuck to Obi-Wan’s side, not wanting to leave the touch starved young man alone.

Honestly, Obi-Wan was an abrasion in the Force, his entire being rubbed raw by every touch bestowed on him and yet he craved it.

Oh, most wouldn’t notice that, Obi-Wan’s shields were honestly impeccable, but Qui-Gon had a direct line into the others head with those impeccable shields not doing much to stop the Master Jedi.

A side effect of a very new bond was sharing information between the two and with Qui-Gon wanting to know and Obi-Wan not being used to a bond and uncertain how to implement his shields around it, Qui-Gon could experience every emotion Obi-Wan was feeling in the moment.

Obi-Wan was a knot work of conflicted sensations every time he was touched by something warm and living.

The droid he had been neutral to and at best curious, the ruin of a temple he had been at before most likely not having functioning droids from what Qui-Gon understood of the others living situation from before.

But when Quartermaster Huda had reached out to adjust the tape measurement, Obi-Wan’s emotions had gone static with an odd mixture of want, pleasure and yet pain at the same time.

Obi-Wan was just so touch starved, to the point being touched was almost pain to him and yet he wanted it at the same time, pretty much setting him in a bear trap with the desire for touch and yet struggling with the feeling.

Squeezing the others shoulder gently, feeling how Obi-Wan tensed and then relaxed in seconds, Qui-Gon sent him a small smile despite his reserve at having a padawan. “We’re going to the Halls of Healing now, they’re going to have to log into the temple archives, get a folder started on you. It’s going to take some time, they’re going to have to take a few samples and some measurements.” He stated quietly.

Pressing closer to Qui-Gon’s side, Obi-Wan let out a small noise of understanding. “What kind of samples and measurements?” He questioned before blinking and letting out a noise. “Master.” He tacked on the title.

Squeezing gently, understanding that Obi-Wan wasn’t used to speaking to many outside of his ghost masters, Qui-Gon just continued smiling, not taking the late title add on as any sign of disrespect. “Well, blood samples for one, maybe a spit one, urine potentially, some height measurement, weighing you… you don’t have any information in the temple young Obi-Wan, it means you have to be logged in with everything about you, especially if you have some kind of underlying cause, like malnutrition or vitamin deficiency. These things can be treated or if you have anything more serious.” Qui-Gon wouldn’t be shocked if Obi-Wan at least had one of those.

Frowning faintly, Obi-Wan nodded slowly as his being turned thoughtful.

To his relief, Obi-Wan didn’t try to argue with Qui-Gon, recognizing the wisdom of doing it now and also not arguing that he could potentially have vitamin deficiency.

From the understanding Qui-Gon had gotten from Master Patia, there wasn’t a lot of variation in the ruined temple.

‘But we’ll fix that… as best we can, we’ll get things working for you. I still do not know what I feel about having a padawan once more, even one as grown up as you, coming from the ancient Je’daii masters as you do, but I won’t let you suffer now that you’re here.’ Qui-Gon tightened his grip on Obi-Wan, stepping into the elevator and pressing the buttons for the Halls, giving Master Tholme a small nod.

The battle master gave him a nod in return, sending Obi-Wan a curious look that was returned with an equally curious look.

Qui-Gon would do his best.

Sometimes that would all one can do.

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I hope you have a wonderful break! When you’re back, could we possibly check on Royal Protector? How’s Anakin handling the drastic changes? What happens when Qui-Gon brings his bow showing lover to court???

Thumbing the pages slowly, Qui-Gon finally let out a deep rumble. “I believe everything has been arranged then for our wedding.” He said, looking up to meet Obi-Wan’s eyes across the desk as Obi-Wan had his own fold of papers. “Unless something is amiss on your end?” He added.

Letting out a considering hum, Obi-Wan tilted his head. “It doesn’t seem so, there are the usual objections to our marriage of course, none of them to serious to give attention to really, a few petitions for invites from the lesser houses that didn’t get first rights, some offers from the same houses to try and further their positions…” He trailed off, raising his brows a bit with a small smile. “Some of my former shield brothers and sisters asking for invites and considering they were the first family I had, I would like to extend invitation to them honestly.” Obi-Wan looked up at his Emperor and love. “If you allow it of course that is.”

Smiling softly, Qui-Gon stood and moved around the desk, pressing a soft kiss to Obi-Wan’s cheek. “This is your wedding as much as mine. Invite who you want.” He assured quietly, heart shattering lightly as he knew that Obi-Wan had no family to call on to stand at his side for the wedding.

Shield sisters and brothers would do the trick though.

Chosen family.

“Anything else?” He murmured fondly.

Setting the papers down, Obi-Wan gave a deep sigh. “Not that I can think of though I am a bit upset I will have to use a wedding robe.” He pouted up at Qui-Gon.

“Well, there is a reason for that.” The Emperor pointed out, letting one large hand rest on the swell of the others stomach with a grin and oh he remembered the furor the nobles had been in when he had announced both the arrival of a new child to the royal line and his marriage to the now former Lord Protector.

There had been outrage, many rejection but they had both borne it gracefully in public… in private they held each other and soothed the hurts from the day and loved the growth of their child. Anakin too had spent time with his hand on the stomach, staring at it with wide eyes as if expecting the child to kick.

It had caused Obi-Wan to laugh and explain that it would still be months until that would happen which had gained them a pouting Anakin who still decided he was talking to his little sibling as much as he was allowed before he snuck off with the knights and Ahsoka to go and enjoy the day. Or he’d not as much sneak off as just go and see Padme when she was visiting, taking Ahsoka with to help her learn the etiquette she needed.

“I still can’t believe how Lord Mace broke down cackling in the great hall.” Obi-Wan suddenly chuckled warmly.

Smirking a bit, Qui-Gon pressed a soft kiss to his beloveds cheek. “Oh you know Mace, he enjoys a good shock to the other nobles once in a while.” He winked as Obi-Wan let out a laugh of delight, nodding in agreement even as he returned to his papers on their wedding.

Just two months to wait and there would be a royal wedding…

Now if only the assassins could be caught, they had their suspicions, Tarkin high on the list but no concrete evidence… not yet.

Unknown to the happy couple a hissed conversation was held in another part of the castle.

“The bastard child can not be allowed to take a breath. The young prince is naive, will need guidance but to get control of him the Emperor, lord Protector and the illegitimate runt will need to be out of the way.”

“Of course my lord. I will handle it with more care this time… the bastard child will not draw breath.”