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Authors Note: Ok guys, this had to happen and I honestly think that Hunter is a grown man and im not going to get into all that drama. I just thought this was a funny idea and I hope you guys like it. Oh and I lied in the last one… This is steamy but not smut or anything. I hope you like it!! And part two coming tomorrow! The Morning After :)

Sitting in the living room of mine and Hunters apartment, I had just turned the T.V to a marathon of ‘The Golden Girls’ when I heard a knock at the door. I huffed and stood up going to the door and looking through the peep hole before unlocking and opening the door. There I came face to face with Sam who looked at me and smiled guiltily. “Hey Dreama, Um I have something for you.” He scooted so I could see behind him. There stood my fiance Hunter spinning around the hallway like a five year old. “Sam! What the hell did you guys do to him?” I whispered so Hunter couldn’t hear. “Matt lost count of how many drinks Hunter had and since i’m the only one that wasn’t drinking, I pulled the short straw to bring him home.” Sam whispered back turning and steadying Hunter who had started to wobble a bit more. “OK Hunt, time to go inside and sober up.” Hunter looked at Sam and grabbed his arm, I moved to the side so Hunter could come inside. Hunter let go of his arm and leaned on the door frame beside me. “Thanks Sam, Ill call you in the morning and tell you how violently ill he is.” Sam laughed and turned around walking towards the stairs and disappearing. I closed to door and locked it. “You look really hot in yoga pants babe.” Hunter said grabbing my butt and squeezing. I yelped and looked at him, he shot me that sexy smirk. “Hunter Easton! Go sit on the couch while I fix you coffee, maybe that will sober you up.” He walked to the bar instead and sat in a stool. “That is not the couch.” I corrected him but he just shrugged. “I have a better view right here.” He bit his lip and watched me as I walked to the Keurig. I heard him grunt when I reached up to get a coffee mug out of the cabinet above the Keurig. I was waiting for the water to heat up when I felt two arms snake around my waist. “Can we just skip the coffee and you sober me up?” His warm breath tickled my ear. His breath smelled like scotch. “You’re a horny drunk… never would have expected that.” I whispered back and he growled in my ear “If you don’t want me to act like this then don’t wear yoga pants in the house.” I laughed at his desperation and continued to make his coffee. “You’re going to be so embarrassed tomorrow when I tell you about this, cause I know your not going to remember it.” When the coffee finished brewing I grabbed the cup and turned to give it to Hunter. He took the cup from my hands and sat it on the counter. “Your drinking that before you go to sleep.” He rolled his eyes and placed his hands on the counter on both sides of my body trapping me against him and the counter. “Cant you just tire me out?” He said in a low seductive and some what slurred voice, pressing his forehead softly against mine. “Maybe if your a good boy and drink your coffee.” I rubbed my nose against his. He pressed his lips to mine forcefully, our tongues fought for dominance, I moaned softly into his mouth and he chuckled lightly breaking the kiss. He leaned and whispered in my ear “Gotcha.” I smiled and ducked under his arm. grabbing the cup of coffee and his hand leading him towards the couch and making him sit down before handing him the cup. “Drink this and i’m yours.” I winked and sat in the chair near the window. “Babe, come sit beside me.” He whined. “No, your gonna try something like you did a few minutes ago and i’m not falling for your drunken sexiness again. Now hush and drink your coffee.” I turned my head towards the T.V and continued to watch the show, next thing I knew thirty minutes went by and I hadn’t looked at Hunter since he sat down. I glanced at him and he looked over at me making eye contact before turning the coffee cup upside down revealing it was empty. I stood up and took the cup from his hand sitting it on the table. I grabbed his hands interlocking my fingers with his, pulling him up from the couch. He stood up less than an inch away from me, I leaned up and kissed him. He broke the kiss and stumbled I grabbed his arm to hold him up. “OK. Just know once we actually get to the bedroom, We’re not sleeping tonight.” He said allowing me to lead him to the bedroom

Sancoeur - Part Three

Wow I’m sorry for updating this at like 1 AM… I kept getting distracted every time I paused to go do research… and this part was so short anyways, dang it.

Hope you like it! Hope you can feel the impending doom! :DDDDDD

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“You look so great Marinette! That’s such an awesome costume!” Adrien said happily as Marinette walked shyly in through the door wearing a pretty Alice in Wonderland costume.

“Thank you! I just made a few adjustments to one of my old dresses.” she said, letting her skirt swish around her legs.

“That’s so cool… I just ordered my Tamaki costume online.” he said with a shrug. Then he pulled out a rose from behind his back, bowing a little before handing it to her. “Here’s a rose for you, Princess.”

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