how many times can i say her name

So yeah, this has been a weird week – and I’ve had more than my fair share of weird weeks.  But none have involved straight up aliens!  We’re talking total world-domination-invasion kind of aliens.  And for those keeping score at home, they’re called the “Dominators” and NO, I did not get to name them. SMH.

Things were looking pretty grim, but part of me was, admittedly, a little excited for a “reunion” of old friends (shout-out to my Star City peeps!).  You might say I’ve been feeling a bit like an “alien” in my own life lately – there are just so many secrets! I mean, we got Caitlin trying to hide her frosty inclinations. How do you keep that quiet? (Hint: you can’t). And then there’s Barry.  I’m still bugging out about how all this time he’s known Dante’s death is on him. Even though I’ve tried to accept the realties of Flashpoint, Barry’s apologies are starting to sound like a broken record.  And it doesn’t make me feel any less alone in all of this. Safe to say, I was in dire need of some extraterrestrial distraction. We all put all our woes on the back-burner and teamed up to stop the Dominators. Best part? I got to powwow with my girl Felicity! She is the Gail to my Oprah, the Sam to my Frodo.

Now, with zero experience dealing with said aliens, I realized I needed to do some, shall we say, research. Bring on the Netflix! While the others were busy training, I snuck off and threw myself a little extraterrestrial movie marathon. I polished off all the essentials: Men In Black, ID4, Star Trek (Abrams style), E.T.  (holla at my boy Spielberg ), and a few classic Marvin The Martian shorts – because, who doesn’t love that little guy?  And of course, no movie marathon would be complete without a giant sack of Big Belly Burgers.  It was an awesome, epic night.  Well, sorta.

TBH, it was a bit lonely. I would have totally dug it if Kara (Barry’s alien friend–-but not the freaky destroy-your-world-and-eat-your-brains type) could have joined me.  And no, it’s not because I want to see if she has any friends she could set me up with on Earth-38 (well, maybe a little…)! It’s just that I’ve never watched alien movies with an actual alien.  Like, would she root for the alien invaders or their human counterparts? These are the things that keep me up at night.  Regardless, I got some good pointers from the flicks (totally going to start working on one of those flash-memory-erasing-pens from MIB — I would love to mess around with HR) and I’m pretty sure channeling my inner-Ripley helped in our quest to save the world.

If I learned anything from my binge-athon, though, it’s that the only way to overcome darkness is to stick together. Times may be frakkin’ crazy right now and nothing may sound better than building a fort and watching Marvin the Martian cartoons until the darkness passes, but the truth is that now is when we need friends the most. Nobody is perfect. Not even superheroes. Not even best friends. I don’t need to vibe anything to see that.

So, the world is saved. No biggie. But now it’s time to celebrate. I was thinking of hosting another movie night, except this time all my BFFs are coming (and I’m making Barry bring the popcorn). It’s gonna be out of this world!

I love how Iris has been calling Barry by all these nicknames since they officially got together. But for Barry, calling Iris, “Iris” can’t be topped by any nicknames. Boy literally says her name so many times like his life depended on it. Like I read in a fic once he says her name like it just comes naturally, rolling off his tongue. When he doesn’t know what to tell her he simply just keeps repeating her name. I’ve also noticed how he says her name with a deep and loving voice, it’s weird to explain. Man I’m in all the feels right now.

  • krum: herm-own-ninny?
  • hermione: her-my-uh-nee
  • hermione: honestly, viktor, you think you'd know how to say my name. i mean, i introduced myself to you by speaking, you can't have misheard me this many times. wouldn't it make more sense if you couldn't spell it?
  • krum: but herm-ow-nee, then who would teach the kids who are reading this how to pronounce your name?
  • hermione: stop breaking the fourth wall, krum

I feel like when discussing this album, a lot has been made of its relationship to drugs, and my own personal relationship with drugs. I’ve talked about it in the press as openly as I can because it is so important for me that this album register to people as being as true and as honest and as rooted in reality as possible.

But I never wanted this record to be mired too deep in darkness either. My life wasn’t all drugs and addiction, rehab/relapse, and sickness. I also met and fell in love with someone.

On “Dopamine”, i say about Sky “you’re the sun and I was your cloud”, which is literally how I felt so many times we were together, and her name kinda made the metaphor feel doubly appropriate. I guess I also kinda carried it over to “Under the Sun” which deep down is just a love song, meant to be moment of levity amongst the heaviness of a lot of the rest of the record. No matter where you are, no matter what happens, I’m here. I don’t think I would have made it out if it weren’t for love. Not really sure what else to say.

I’ve watched the make out scene about 300 times or something, but I’ve also watched the beginning scene probably the same amount of times, and every time I do I notice a little something else.

That scene was so many levels of domestic, I cannot even begin to explain!!

Cause Carl keeps banging that ball on the wall as Michonne and Rick talk about the toothpaste (and I mean can we just talk about how totally comfortable Michonne is appearing in front of Rick with just her bathrobe on and the towel wrapped around her head, and Rick is totally cool with that as well, so fucking married!!), and then Michonne calls Carl’s name, but she says it with a tone, like she’s saying “STOP!” because she’s annoyed about the ball’s noise, and Carl answers “What?!” in kind of an annoyed voice as well, cause he sensed her tone and he can tell she’s annoyed over the ball, and he’s annoyed that she’s annoyed because Denise said it’s PT. And then Rick tells him to come talk to them in person, to force him to be polite, and then Michonne tells him that it’s time to change his bandage and that she needs toothpaste, and then he goes “ok, but I’m out of toothpaste”, and he leaves to wait for Michonne to come change the bandage, because it’s already implied that Michonne is the one who’s gonna be doing that, just like his mom would, and then off goes Michonne after him to change the bandage and I just UGH!!!

It was such an all around domestic, family, parenting moment in every single way!!! I cannot get over it!! And then all the gloriousness at the end of the ep AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

I just can’t believe we actually got all this, how can we be this blessed?!

Thank you, Scott Gimple!!!

Monster Name
  • Dinah: what would be your monster name? hOW BOUT WE DO EACH OTHER??
  • 4/5: *talk over each other*
  • Camila, three seconds later: *thinking face*
  • 4/5: *continue talking*
  • Camila: *giggles to herself*
  • Camila: I have a really fun one :)
  • Ally: Mani, you'd be.. you'd be...
  • Dinah @ Mani: did you tell her what to say? *laughs*
  • Camila (most likely): *ally omg hurry tf up pls :)*
  • Ally: you'd be mrs ... Ponytail
  • 3/5: *judging ally*
  • Camila, can't hold it anymore and interrupts them: Lauren would be 'Lamp' *smiles proudly*
  • *silence*
  • Lauren: I'm Lamp *proud gesture*
  • Dinah: *loses her shit and starts laughing*
  • Ally: *nods and smiles*
  • Normani: *doesnt get it*
  • Camila: because Lauren + vamp.. vampire :D
  • Normani: oohh.. Lamp
  • Lauren: that's my, that's my monster name, Lamp :))
  • Dinah: *too funny can't stop laughing*
  • Camila: *smiles*
  • Lauren: that's so scary! *laughs*
  • Ally, Mani, Dinah: *laughing*
  • Lauren: I'd walk into a room "IM LAMP!"
  • Camila: "IM LAMP"
  • All: *laugh*

Don’t have time to post screencaps before I gotta go to work, but just finished talking to the Guardian in the Temple of Sacred Ashes with Zevran in tow and my heart is breaking ;_;

“Many have died at your hand.  But is there any you regret more than a woman by the name of –”

As soon as Zevran realizes what the Guardian is asking him, he doesn’t even give the spirit a chance to finish his question.  Zevran cuts him off before he can say her name – Rinna – and he says sharply, all charm abandoned, “How do you know about that?”

“I know much; it is allowed to me.  The question stands, however.  Do you regret –”

Again Zevran’s quick to answer, and you can see the way he suddenly closes down.  He crosses his arms – a type of body language he’s never before employed, if you are on good terms with him; usually he is very open and relaxed.  He drops his eye contact; averts his gaze.  “Yes, the answer’s yes, if that’s what you wish to know.  I do.”  

When Zevran is comfortable, his speech is languid, oozing sensuality, taking its time.  Here it’s jagged, quick, as if the faster he says it the faster he can let it go.  He finishes with a terse order: “Now move on,” and stares at the wall, trying not to let himself think of what he was just asked.

I’ll just be over here crying.

Why does Gillian Anderson’s Bond have to be “Jane” Bond?

Villian: I’ve been expecting you Bond. Well sort of. I had no idea that MI6′s famous 007 had cause to shop in La Perla.

GA: You really think a man could have seen past the admittedly distracting sea of scantily clad women downstairs and climbed through that tiny window unnoticed?

Villain: You are exceptionally tiny. I look forward to seeing how many pieces I can break you into. But first I have one thing to say.

GA: I really don’t have the time or the right shoes on to stand through another maniacal world-ending plan

Villain: Oh sweetheart, you wouldn’t understand all that anyway. No. I just want to know what the J stands for. Jane? Jasmine? Jamesina? *he giggles vainly at his joke and averts his eyes*

In the second his attention is diverted Bond flings herself at the off-guard villain pinning his arms to his sides with her thighs as she efficiently and emotionlessly wrenches his head around and snaps his neck.

GA: The name’s Bond. James Bond. Seems that my father was just the first of many people in my life to be expecting a man. And don’t call me sweetheart.

Swinging her tuxedo jacket over one shoulder and draining the no longer required villainous martini, Bond saunters calmly off screen.


Michiru doesn’t answer if she’s scared. But at the same time, she does. Everything here answers that question.

We’re down to words now, so let’s savour them. Like how Michiru begins with saying Haruka’s name.

She doesn’t have to. Haruka just asked her a question. Michiru knows Haruka is there. Michiru doesn’t have to say it, which means Michiru WANTS to say it.

For herself. Michiru is an artist, she works in details. She wants to remember how it feels, how the light pressure builds in the center of her throat, how her lips angle together, how her tongue flicks against her teeth. She wants Haruka to remember how it sounds, the syllables both soft and sharp and hers. She wants Haruka to remember how it sounds when SHE says it. No one else will ever say Haruka’s name where she can hear it; that privilege belongs to Michiru alone.

Haruka responds. It’s soft, inquisitive. maybe a little urgent. Their time is short, but if Michiru needs anything at all, Haruka wants to know. They’re disintegrating feet apart, unable to see each other, and Haruka has no idea what she can possible do. But all Michiru has to do is ask. Haruka wants to know. One final MISSION, perhaps.

The way Michiru says “I want to touch you, Haruka.” (there’s the name again) is actually heartbreaking. The delivery is so perfect, filled with a mix of emotions that are particularly gut punching because we never get to hear them from Michiru.

There’s the fear that Haruka was asking about. For dying? Maybe. But I think more for the idea of dying without getting that last touch. And I want to take a second to dwell on that, because it’s not just Michiru asking for goodbye glass of chardonnay (OR SOME FANCY WINE I DON’T KNOW). You could argue that it’s impossible for either Haruka or Michiru to be vulnerable than they are right now, but you’d be wrong. Michiru could choose to die wrapped in the biting self-control in which she lived, but she isn’t. She’s expressing a need to Haruka, a need for connection, a need for comfort, a need for HER. Michiru is risking spending her final moments in rejection, AND SHE WOULD NOT BE WRONG FOR BEING AFRAID OF THIS.


Which is, no question, the parallel this moment is drawing.

As Haruka and Michiru last faced their deaths together before entering Marine Cathedral, Michiru reached out to Haruka for comfort and Haruka turned it aside saying “It’s too late for that.”

Now, far more than then, it’s too late for that. Michiru is exposing so much more of herself than mere death by asking this of Haruka By asking nearly the impossible of her. But it’s something she needs, desperately, and if maybe it’s a little selfish too (after all, Haruka could fail at the very last thing someone asked of her) well, Michiru’s owned her selfishness to this point, why stop now.

And then what runs a close second to my favourite part, because for a second, nothing happens. Michiru’s already moved, she’s already trying. But Haruka just lies still.

I didn’t think there was an actual chance she would say no, but the pause leaves such a delicious opening. Is Haruka remembering those times she pulled away? Is she regretting them? Is she trying to figure out what she can do to make this last wish of Michiru’s come true? Is her head filled with images of herself finding a last burst of strength so she could shoot to her feet and scoop Michiru into her arms, and if they must die, let it be wrapped around each other. She can do that, surely. Love is everything, after all. Is she realizing she can’t? Is she facing yet another failure in an ocean of failure? This one with an extra sting, perhaps, because it’s what Michiru needs, and Haruka can hear that need plain in her voice, but there’s nothing she can do.

Or maybe it’s just Haruka finding the strength. After turning her head and the shuffle she was able to make, she’s just on empty. But she has to find more. Haruka’s given absolutely everything, but because Michiru’s asked for this one small thing, she has to find more

However you read that pause, the remains that Haruka DOES.

It’s the tiniest gesture, but given everything they’ve been through and how far they’ve come, it feels like victory.

Indian-American Name - Is "Parvati" Appropriative?

aelowan asked:

Dear friends, I find myself in a pickle.  We have a were-tiger who is Indian-American who we named Parvati - inspired by Parvati Patil, from the Harry Potter books, to be honest.  But after seeing a few posts here about names I decided to do some digging, and the only people/characters I could find with the name Parvati are either apparently white or from Harry Potter.  The name doesn’t appear in any Hindu baby name sites I can find, and the goddess name sites all say her name should be said with reverence.  

So my question is, am I making a huge blunder here?  I’m perfectly happy to change her name, of course, there are so many other beautiful names out there.  I’m just now curious about how appropriative using the name “Parvati” is.  Thank you for your time!

If you’ve giving this name to an Indian-origin character, I don’t think you have much to worry about here.  Parvati may not be the most common Indian name, but it’s definitely out there.  It’s originally a Sanskrit name meaning “daughter of the mountains” (parvataḥ = “mountain”), and the character of Parvati in Hindu mythology became of the consort of the god Shiva and became a goddess in her own right.  It’s not uncommon for Hindu children to be named after gods or goddesses, so there are plenty of Lakshmis, Rams, Krishnas, and yes, Parvatis running around.

If you’re still unsure and want to consider other names, all the gods and goddesses have alternate appellations, many of which are also common given names.  Some other names for Parvati include: Uma, Lalita, Gauri, Ambika, etc.

~ Mod Nikhil


My mom was on the phone with my aunt (my aunt is having a baby!) discussing baby names when she saw me coloring this. She was like ‘you can name the baby Sarada if its a girl and Sasuke if its a boy.’ Mom cant pronouce 'Sasuke’ to save her life,she always ALWAYS says 'Sa-zu-key’ no matter how many times we correct her. So it looks like when november comes I’m getting a cousin named Sazukey or Sarada.
Basically my entire family ships SasuSaku, however I’m not sure about dad cuz he says he likes the way Sakura says Naruto’s name  :v :v

Hey Taylor! My name is Amanda and I will never forget the day you commented on one of my post on instagram!! I woke up crying because you said the sweetest words to me and I’ll never forget it! I don’t know how many times i can say this, but you mean so much to me. After my grandpa died in 2010, I really started to listen to your music. You have helped me through everything!! My mom has had ups and downs in her life, but the night before Thanksgiving was the worst I’ve ever seen her. She means so much to me and to see her the way she was, it was just crazy. I’m so glad she’s here because I don’t know what i would do. She is so amazing and inspires me to be who I want to be. (Just like you!!) 1989 is probably the greatest album you’ve done (I love all the others but this one I feel I can relate too a little more) I can’t wait until you come to Chicago on July 18, 2015!!! The Red Tour was the first time I’ve ever seen you live and now I’m seeing you again!!! I really hope I’m able to meet you because I know you’re the sweetest person I’ll ever know and also because I’ve been a swiftie since 5th grade! (5 years!!) oh and I’m going to NYC over spring break!! (March 21-26) I’m so excited because 1. I’ve never been there before and 2. You’re there! We’re literally going to see everything! The Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Central Park everything! I’m going with my H.S band (concert band not like I’m singing because I can’t sing!!) I just realized that this paragraph is now an essay, so I’ll stop! I love you Taylor and hope I’m able to meet you sometime verrry soon!!! taylorswift

whenever someone in the fandom calls skye “daisy” i just cringe so hard can you just. not do that. she chose skye. her fucking name is skye. if someone comes to you and says “hi i’m skye” and you later find out their birth name you don’t suddenly start calling them by their birth name that’s such a dick move what the hell

We all love the badass ladies of Mossflower, but I think it’s time we also openly appreciated how they can be badass without being excessively violent. Too many works assume that a Strong Female Character is one who gets angry and violent at the drop of a hat. Anime has the excuse of Hammerspace being a visual gag which doesn’t actually hurt anyone even in-universe, but I’ve seen female protagonists severely beat their supposed friends for tiny infractions and the author intending us to praise them for it.

Contrast this with, say, Dotti Dillworthy. When the announcer gets her name wrong, she politely but firmly corrects him, setting the tone for the upcoming bragging battle. She remains calm throughout and technically polite, only the context of her words making them insulting, and she manages to frustrate a seasoned opponent into breaking the rules and disqualifying himself without physically fighting back. She only got into the fight in the first place to defend herself against a sexist/ageist jerk, who apologised after she proved herself and turned out not to be so bad after all, and she did not merely find and attack him, she went through the accepted battle challenge process. She doesn’t go out of her way to pick fights and she’s not angry or arrogant, but nobody would take her for weak. This is the kind of Strong Female Character I think we need.

living the life. 8th day at yoosung’s route and I don’t feel anything at all. I was even looking forward on his route. I’m just counting how many times he can say Rika in a day.
I feel a bit disturb that he says her name 13th times in a day for 2 days.
it took me an hour because I cant stop laughing.

Never met Taylor list?

Hey everyone, just thought I’d put something out there, it may not work but it’s worth a try.

I know there are MANY other accounts just like mine out there and when I say that, I mean….Taylor. Hasn’t. Followed.yet😂 Anyway, maybe if this gets enough notes I was thinking I could make a list or maybe a small book with URLs of a whole bunch of swiftie blogs who haven’t been followed by Taylor yet? I can either mail it to her for “following inspiration” once it’s done or I can just keep it and cross off a name every time Taylor follows one of us, that way it’s a cute way of showing how far we’ve come within our little blogs! Idk what you guys think but message me and I’ll put your Url in. Please reblog this and help me get the word out!!! Ok thanks❤️❤️😊🌸🌸🌸