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On representation in fandom and why we need to step up.

This post is explicitly about The Adventure Zone – I’ve seen a few posts like this going around and I genuinely think that the more we talk about this, the better people will understand the greater issue here in a fandom that is growing by the second. This is also explicitly about visual representation (in regards to race & body) coming from a white guy, so I’m going to link these posts by whitetaakosarecursed, flovvright and roswelltxt for their perspective writings, which are really worth the read.

So, there are a few points I want to bring up, and trust me, this is going to be a long one. Not all of these points have equal value per se, but I do think they’re all worth addressing. 

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Something is Brewing Part 2: A Draco Malfoy x Reader Imagine

As in Part 1, you can sub another house in for Ravenclaw if you wish, but I felt that Ravenclaw best fit this storyline. If you see any errors that I may have missed in the hour and a half I spent editing this, please do not hesitate to let me know so I can fix them. I’m only human after all.

After being assigned detention in a Snape’s potions class, the muggle born reader must serve it with Malfoy, the same person who earned it for the both of them. Emotions continue to bubble as the two students skirt around what they feel, though tensions eventually come to a boil. After all, with eyes the color of smoky mirrors, who wouldn’t fall for Draco Malfoy despite their friends’ qualms? By the end of the night there is no denying that something is brewing.

[Y/n] - your name
Y/L/N - your last name
~~~ - used to indicate the passage of time

Warnings: Other than two extremely mild curse words and the tiniest bit of suggestiveness, none :)

***If you haven’t read Part 1, please do so. This is not a shameless self-promo, it’s just a notice that some of the story may not make sense if you haven’t done so.***

Word Count: 4,158

The aged bark of the willow tree is at my back, as breeze off the black lake ruffles the pages of my DADA book. It has been a long day, so I decided to get some fresh air and a study session in before dinner. Draco was absent in potions today, but Snape made it clear that our detentions would still be served.

For the entirety of this day I’ve been dreading tonight, however the note tucked away in my potions notebook has created a vague sense of anticipation in my chest.

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Phan Hogwarts AU Sneak Peek!

Hello everyone! This is a sneak peek at the Phan AU I’m currently writing–set in Hogwarts! This is a bit of the first chapter. Please be nice, it isn’t beta read or edited much at all. But I got so many requests to write this after my text post that I just had to give it a shot.

Reblogs are appreciated, and enjoy!

Update: You waited for it, and it’s here! The first full official chapter can be read here. Let me know what you think!

Dan was counting down from ten in the back of his mind. His patience was wearing thin, as well as his tolerance for being surrounded by other people.

The boy seated next to him–Andrew or Alex, he wasn’t really paying attention–was right next to him, attempting to tell him a story about his summer vacation. The only problem? Andy was right next to his neck, a sensitive area, and spittle was flying from his mouth onto Dan’s skin. He was already cringing inwardly.

Abruptly, Dan stood up, cutting Austin off midsentence. “Sorry. I–uh, forgot something.” Dan sped out of the train compartment, starting down the hallway.

He’d almost forgotten in his haste to stop the spittle monster that he was actually on his way to Hogwarts. It was expected, after all–Dan had grown up learning about the magical school from his pureblood parents. Although he was excited to attend and learn, he was a bit hesitant about being around so many people all the time. He needed his space.

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You walk into the studio and shudder at the cool air. You pull your thin sweater tighter to your chest. “Why do you have to keep it like-20 degrees in here?” You ask your film partner and best friend Calum. He barely looks up at you before shrugging and flicking his eyes back to the computer screen he’s  staring at. You toss your bag on the couch you and Calum brought to the studio. You and Calum had been good friends since the first day of college when you had to go class introductions and realized how much you had in common from music to taste in food. When you knew you had this long project to do together, you snagged the couch from Calum’s room and carried it all the way to the studio across campus. The second you had it positioned where you wanted it, you passed out on the soft cushions until Calum woke you up to the sounds of American Idiot blasting on the speakers.

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Next Table Part 1 - Requested (Michael)

This was requested by Anon ( I was wondering if you guys could do one where y/n dated one of the boys for long time then they break up and a few days later they see each other in a award show and they can’t stop staring at each other and 🙈 I’m sorry it’s lame and confusing? lol omg) ENJOY!!!

‘I’m so glad Isabel managed to get me this dress, I love it’ Riley smiles rubbing the material of her dress between her finger and thumb, ‘Yeah you look amazing too’ you reassure her making her smile. ‘Can you believe we are going to an aware evening?’ she gushes making you laugh, ‘Well it’s not my first’ you remind her and she rolls her eyes, ‘Yeah god of course, I forget that I’m friend with the (Y/N) (Y/L/N)’ she laughs making you laugh too. ‘Don’t say, the, makes me seem big’ you tell her making her laugh, ‘You are big, your fucking huge’ she reminds you making you shake your head. ‘I love you Ri’ you tell her, her face softens as she smiles to you, ‘I love you too’ she tells you nodding a little.

‘Ladies we are here, we have a car in front but your next out’ Jeremey turns to face us from the passenger seat, you smile a nod a little, ‘Great’ you nod, looking down at your hands for a seconds you breath in and out again. ‘You ready?’ Riley and you can hear the meaning behind her voice and you smile a little nodding. ‘Yep, I can do this’ you reassure yourself. The car moves forward a little stopping, Jeremey climbs out and moves around opening the door for you, you climb out and wait for Riley to join your side, you wave a little to the cameras and people around.

You start walking down the red carpet with Jeremey one side and Riley the other, you smile and stop for a couple of pictures.  ‘(Y/N), (Y/N)’ one voice catches your attention and you smile at the guy calling your name from the side, heading over to him, ‘I’m with Prim News’ he tells you, ‘Can we ask you a couple of questions?’ he asks, you smile and nod agreeing because of how nice he asked. ‘Well can I just say you look amazing tonight’ he tells you, ‘Thanks’ you smile to the camera his friends shoves closer. ‘So you’re nominated for two awards tonight, what you think your chances are?’ he asks.

‘Well honestly it’s amazing just to be nominated, I know I’m against some amazing people so I’m really not expecting anything’ you explain, ‘Well we are hoping you get a win, you deserve it’ he tells you, ‘Thanks’

‘Who have your bought with you tonight?’ he asks, ‘My best friend and the amazing Jeremey’ you smile pointing to them at the side. ‘Is it true that you and Michael have broken up?’ he asks pulling a face that shows you he is as uncomfortable as you asking the question. ‘Yeah it is’ you nod a little, ‘Wow, how is tonight going to be, you guys were together for a while right?’ he asks, you glance over to Jeremey and he smiles giving you a small nod. ‘Yeah three years, but I’m sure everything will be fine tonight, there are a lot of people here so I might not even see him’ you laugh a  little, ‘You don’t seem to unset?’ he asks, ‘I guess everything has to end at some point, me and Michael had some amazing times but we have just grown apart, it happens, I have so much admiration for people like David and Victoria or Brangelina, me and Michael just couldn’t do the distance thing’ you explain. ‘Well thanks you so much for talking to us and good luck’ he tells you, you smile waving goodbye before moving back to Jeremey and Riley.

‘Jesus Christ, that was tough’ you sigh, ‘You were amazing, those answers where better than anyone could have imagined’ Jeremey reassures you rubbing you back a little as you continues down the carpet. Once your finally in your took to your table seeing Ed Sheeran, some of his management and his best friend as well as some of your management around the table. Ed is the first to stand ‘Thank fuck I’m with you’ he laughs coming in for a hug. ‘I know, I’m glad I’m not with some big head’ you laugh, ‘You two have to sit together’ a guy tells you from across the table, Ed wiggles his eyebrows.

‘Ed this is Riley’ you introduce them before all taking your seats, you relax with Ed by your side, you have met him a few times and he is very down to earth and easy to get along with, you and Ed decide to go and see some other people so you make your way around together, starting with One Direction who we end up talking to for a goo thirty minutes probably because you both know them so well, then you move on to Taylor, Sam Smith, Coldplay and James Corden before getting heading back to your table.

‘Fucking crazy aint it?’ Ed asks looking around and you laugh, ‘Yeah this is only the second time I’ve been’ you tell him, ‘Your nominated right?’ he asks and you nod, ‘Yep, video with a social message and female video’ you tell him, ‘How many you up for?’ you ask ‘Three I think’ he tells you, ‘video with a social message, male video and edit, I think but don’t take my words for it’ he laugh making you shake your head. ‘That’s fucked up’ he mutters looking ahead, you frown a little ‘What?’ you asks noticing the All Time Low boys over the left. ‘These fuckers are really bastards for that’ he adds.

‘What you talking about?’ you asks looking to him now, ‘Look over to the table next to yours’ he tells you, you look over frowning still, until your eyes land on his green hair and you feel your face drop, sighing you look away, ‘Oh’ you nod understanding. ‘You okay?’ he asks and you nod ‘I’m sorry’ he tells you but you shake your head ‘No, don’t be, its fine’ you reassure him, you know Jeremey and Riley along with many people around you have notice the table arrangement too as you notice the odd looks you get her and there, people glancing over but you act casual starting up conversation with the others.

Until you find yourself slowly exiting the conversation but by then people weren’t paying attention forgetting the awkward table arrangement and you find yourself glancing over to his table, your eyes locking, neither of you move, or try to look away, it’s not a glare or awkward your just taking him in and you can’t look away because you feel like nothing has changed he is still your Michael in that moment, looking at you like he always did. But when someone walks between the tables blocking your view for a second you take the chance to move your eyes away and back to the table. Ed clearly had noticed the look as he raises an eyebrow making you smile a little as you shrug.

You see your phone light flicker on where it sits on the table, you look down without reaching for it to see his name next to ‘New Message’ and as much as you want to ignore it you know as well as Ed who has notice that you can’t, so when he pushes it towards you take no time to pick it up and read the message.

-I miss you-

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From Chelsea

English Love Affair - Prologue

Story Summary: Camila Cabello is a young photographer and journalist who runs a successful magazine with her best friend Dinah Jane Hansen. When Camila is assigned to do an article about Coachella and ends up having a weekend fling with the English rocker Lauren Jauregui, she’s completely assured that she’ll never see the girl again. That is, until she has to write about her.

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