how many time have i watch this seriously

Cameraman Jim

I was re-watching the Jim’s videos and thinking : I wonder if Ethan had a hard time doing that wobbling “shoddy” camera work during the Jim’s footage? 

Going from the beautiful camerawork in the “Who Killed Markiplier?” videos (seriously how many times did Ethan have to go up and down stairs?!) to that very deliberate Jim shooting had to be difficult.

Props to Ethan for both styles of camerawork!

Law School Advice from my  Mentor

1. Remember that law school is not hard; it’s just time-consuming.
2. If you think everyone is smarter than you based on what they are saying, remember that they aren’t. They are just better at making things up.
3. The professors know who is making things up.
4. There will always be a few people in the big classes who like to hear themselves talk. It will quickly become obvious who they are. We played a game called “Asshole Horseracing.” You and friends (you will make friends) each pick an asshole and keep track of how many questions they each ask. At the end of the class, see who has the most points.
5. Law school is not a competition. People will try to compete. Do not get sucked into that.
6. There is probably going to be a lot of talk about “legislative history.” Unless you are getting into a very statutory based area of law, you will never use this. It’s interesting, but not something you can ever argue to a jury and your clients don’t care (again, with a few limited exceptions).
7. People will form “study groups.” People will tell you that you NEED a study group. You don’t. Study groups might work for you or they might not. I tried it and it was not for me. You’ve made it all the way to law school, you know how you learn best so trust yourself.
8. Many people will boast and try to sound self-important to try to intimidate you. They are full of crap and insecure. Go away from them.
9. Make friends with an assistant dean. Literally stop by, ask questions. Develop that relationship. You WILL need it at some point when you are having a problem with a professor.
10. Never let a professor talk down to you or act like they are too busy to help you. THEY ARE THERE FOR YOU – NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.
11. Take advantage of office hours – do not be afraid to ask questions if you do not understand something.
12. If you aren’t prepared on a particular day (it will happen) and you know that your professor likes to call on random people, talk to them in advance of class and apologize and ask if you can have a ‘pass’ on being called on that day. This works well if you are usually prepared. If they call on you anyway just to humiliate you, go see the assistant dean that you made friends with per number 8.
13. Do not think for a minute that you are going to learn law in law school. Don’t worry about it, you’ll learn it when you graduate.
14. If you have any “free” time (you will, you just won’t think you will) go watch actual court. Most courts are open, This is the BEST way to learn how to be a lawyer if you are ever going to do a type of law that involves court.
15. Do not worry about figuring out what type of law you are going to do. I never even took family law. Now I’ve been doing it for 9 years.
16. Take time to relax. Seriously.
17. You’re going to be really stressed. It’s normal.
18. Meet as many people as you can. Later in your career, it will be helpful for you to have these connections.
19. Do what is right for you. If you don’t want to do Law Review (I didn’t), then don’t. If you don’t want to do a Federal Clerkship (I didn’t), then don’t. Many people will say you “have to” do certain things. No, you don’t. Trust me on this one – I followed none of what I was “supposed” to do and it worked out ok for me.

It has honestly been such an amazing experience watching Alex Danvers and Elena Alvarez. 
I don’t know how many of you have watched One Day at a Time and Supergirl yet but seriously I was crying my eyes out.  I loved getting to see Alex come out and have her family support her so quickly and unwaveringly– and then getting to see Elena come out and her mom struggling with it a little was really moving in a way I hadn’t expected to to be moved? 
I can write a lot about these two really, but mostly that I’m happy they’re being written and acted the the way are. I’m not out to my parents, and honestly I don’t know if I ever will be, and that kind of hurts not being able to share things like this with them.  So I’m happy I can share them with you all, these two coming out stories that we’ve gotten to see have given me comfort and hope and I am really excited for more c: 


So, apparently, some ToppKlass decided to not vote for Sanggyun on Produce 101 because they don’t like the show. Now let me tell you why that’s fucked up.(and this post is only for those who call themselves “supportive fans” “real fans” and “ToppDogg stans”, not casual listeners who don’t stan ToppDogg, I’m not mad at you guys)

First of all, I’m pretty sure that 90% of this fandom is still not okay with the fact that Sanggyun is participating. When it was announced he was gonna be on the show, I didn’t see a single ToppKlass who was happy about it. But guess what? We still support him by voting for him.

Because it doesn’t matter if we like the show or not. Boycotting Produce 101 isn’t gonna do anything (especially if only international fans do it and Korean fans keep watching the show). The show is still gonna air, the boys are still gonna work their butt off without having proper meals and sleeping only 3 hours per night.

And that’s the thing: the boys are going to suffer during Produce 101. So, as fans, the least you could do is to vote for your boys, to show them they aren’t doing this for nothing. That they aren’t gonna be exhausted, malnourished and overworked for nothing. That all of their effort will be rewarded.

And you, ToppKlass, you who always complain that ToppDogg is “soooo underrated (insert sad face emoji)” and that people constantly “let them flop (insert angry face emoji)”… How are you helping? Instead of complaining all the time, could you actually do something to help the boys out? Because Sanggyun going on Produce 101 has a big chance of getting more Korean fans into ToppDogg, which means they might actually become popular. And it won’t even cost you anything.

I’m not asking you to create 10 accounts and to vote 50 times a day. Just voting once a day would be great. You don’t even have to watch the show! Just be an actual supportive fan and vote for Sanggyun.

Midway Thoughts on the Summer of Anime 2017 Season:

Can you believe we are already about halfway through the season?  Where is the fucking time going?  No, seriously, I demand to know where the time is going.  Most of the currently airing shows have reached the mid point of their season, whether that’s the classic sixth or seventh episode, or even third or fifth episode, depending on how many episodes total.  Regardless, it is time once again to give you my midway thoughts about this season and the shows I’m watching, and ones that I’ve dropped.  Keep in mind that since we are at that halfway point, I’m able to go into a bit more details while trying to remain as spoiler free as possible.  Also, please note that this is solely my opinion, and whether your opinion is similar, or different, I’d love to know.  Let’s get started.  

Dive!!:  Studio Zero-G

Dropped.  Honestly, this series was nothing but just a predictable, underwhelming series.  Boy’s club getting shut down?  Oh no!  Boy must become a World Class  ______ in order to save it.  Training episodes.  Things look up.  Oh no, something terrible happens.  Yay.  He did it.  ____ club saved!  At first, I found myself comparing this series to Free!, but I can’t anymore.  It’s lack of literally anything interesting proved that there was no way this was something like Free.  Honestly, unless you live and breathe for Sports anime, don’t bother, unless you want to be reminded about what disappointment is.    

Nana Maru San Batsu:  TMS Entertainment

Dropped.  Why?  Because it’s shit.  Plain and Simple. It started with potiential, but made me completely hate it within the first two episodes with a terrible art style, a bland MC, and a fucking god awful female lead.  Honestly, had this show not been such poorly exacuted, I could have seen this show doing really well.  Oh well.  Moving on.  

Iskekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni: Production Reed

Dropped.  Honestly, there are quite a few reasons why I dropped this show.  Let’s start with the most obvious one: the art style is trash.  It’s just so generic and poorly executed.   I’m also completely sick of the another harem in another world trope.  Granted I’m not really a big fan of harem series in general, and this one managed to throw in a slightly different element by letting the MC keep his smartphone, it still wasn’t enough to make me keep this series for anything longer than two episodes.  At least God understands our first world problems.  

Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e: Studio Lerche

Dropped.   This series was the one that I had the hardest time dropping.  I was told that once it gets to episode three and four, it gets much, much better, and I really did try to get there, but I couldn’t do it.  I just could not do it. That second episode is just bland, and doesn’t feel like it’s even the same series.  Oh well, maybe you guys will have better luck.  

Tsurezure Children:  Studio Gokumi

This is the series that you watch when you’ve had a long day.  It’s cute, and adorable and will put a smile on your face.  It’s the series where you can turn off your brain and relax and watch little kids with their love problems.  What more could you ask for?

Netsuzou TRap:  Creators in Pack

Disappointed.  Nine Minute Series.  Nine Freaking Minutes.  Honestly, unless you live and breathe for Yuri, don’t waste your time. The manga is a billion times better compared to this.  #StopMakingShittyAdaptations #ForeverSalty

Hitorjime My Hero:  Encourage Flims

Yeah, I’m still here watching this.   Why you ask?  Meh, I like BL.  In all honestly though, it’s still turning out alright; it is a Shounen Ai, series, so regardless, I always go into them with no expectations, so for now, it’s just slightly better than most.  

Hajimete no Gal:  Studio NAZ

Have we already mentioned that I was trash?   No?  Oh, well, I’m trash because I fucking LOVE this series.  God, this series is so bad, but it’s great.  Guilty freaking pleasure series and I’m totally not even sorry about it.  I think the main problem everyone has with this series is that since it’s a literal softcore hentai, you have to go in with zero expectations, and literally remind yourself it’s a comedy and shouldn’t be taken seriously.  Oh well, it’s trash, and I’m trash, but I love it.  


Have you ever wanted to drop a show, but didn’t because you prayed deep down that your question would be answered by the end of the series, knowing full well that, of course, it wouldn’t be?  Well, that’s how I feel with this show.  I want to drop it.  I really want to drop it.  But, I know full well that even though it won’t be answered, it might be answered if I watch it all.  I had some high hopes for this series, and hell, after episode three, I was going strong with this series, but then … it just started falling short.  Pretty soon, I’ll be left with nothing but a bitter taste in my mouth as this show just falls into the pile of “meh” anime with the rest of this year.  Salty thoughts right?  Well, at least you guys know I’ll be following the series til the end.  

Made in Abyss:  Kinema Citrus

If this isn’t the best this season, then it’s definitely the cutest.  This show is wonderful.  After starting it fairly late into the season, and not really knowing what to expect, I instantly became hooked by the third episode.  I also love our MC.  This series is also something completely different, and I’m super thankful for that.  

Kakegurui:  Studio MAPPA

Mmmmmm.   My fucking gods.  I live for these intense psychological series.  I live for the moments where the tones shift into that disturbing take.  MAPPA has been doing those transitions so fucking well.  The characters are very well written, and the plot line is fucking intense and hooks you in from that start.  I literally can not fucking wait for each episode.  Also, Rune is Best Fucking Girl.   Fuck You.  Fight Me.  

Ballroom e Youkoso:  Production I.G. 

Easily one of my favorites this season, and we are barely a fourth of the way into it, which makes me so fucking happy.  I never thought I’d care about a series about Ballroom Dancing; hell, I thought I’d seen it all, but damn, this series is taking me on a ride.  There isn’t a thing I don’t like about this series.  Everything is done beautifully to actually fit the series.  If you are looking for something to watch this season, please watch this.  I could honestly see this becoming as big as Yuri on Ice is.  

Jigoku Shojo:  Studio Deen

Hi, it’s been years since I had my season three, but I’m back, and better than ever before.  Fuck, I’ve missed Hell Girl so fucking much.  You never truly realize how much you love a show until they gift it with a random season years later.  Every. Fucking. Episode. Has. Been. Amazing.  I fucking love it.  I’m still not over those first two episodes.  This is one of the few shows this season where I must watch it the moment it’s available.  I can’t wait for the rest of the season.   

Owarimonogatari Part II:  Studio Shaft


I want to call this season a masterpiece, but even that doesn’t feel like a strong enough word.  The opening scene with Mayoi-chan literally made me weep tears of joy.  Japan did the most wonderful thing by making a two day special.  I don’t know what I like best about this season:  Mayoi, Kiss-Shot, Ononoki, or freaking Hanekawa, or even Araragi.  I know it’s not the end of the series since there’s still Part Three of Owarimonogatari, as well as several other novels yet to be adapted, but fuck, this season cleared up so many plot lines.  I need more.  Thank you Shaft for proving why you are the best.  Needless to say, not only is this the best thing of the season/year, this is also one of the best things ever created; it’s also currently tied with Kimi no Na Wa for the top spot on MAL, and trust me it’s well deserved.  

Boku no Hero Academia:  Studio Bones

Boku no Fucking Hero Academia is still fucking killing it.  Stain was hype.  The art and animation look fucking amazing, and hell, even the filler episode was wonderful.  WHY ARE YOU NOT WATCHING THIS??!?!?!?!

So anyways, that is my mid season thoughts of the series I am watching. Please keep in mind these are merely my thoughts, and I am not watching everything this season, so if there’s something that I’ve missed, or something that I should be watching, please let me know. Also, tell me some of your thoughts for this season.  

Reasons To Watch: White Collar

I think I’m going to start doing these now, because there are so many shows that I love to the moon and back, and I feel as if not many people know about them? Or maybe know the names, but haven’t actually sat down to give the shows a try.

As said, I’ll probably end up doing more in the future, but we’re starting with White Collar, here we go.

Brief Summary: The show focuses on a con man named Neal Caffrey, and FBI agent Peter Burke. Prior to the show, Peter has been chasing Neal for years, and finally he has kept him in prison for a few years. In the pilot, Neal breaks out of prison, and when Peter finds him, Neal manages to talk his way to getting an anklet rather than being put back in prison. (This, because he helps out with a case, and Peter realizes that he could be useful for several more in the future, seeing as he is so extremely talented, we find out as the show continues.) This is how the show gets started, and just about every episode is the two of them working on a different case, with several subplots that reaches for several episodes.

While I do believe that this show could have a better representation, both when it comes to racial diversity and lgbt+ characters, it doesn’t completely fail as many other, and way more famous shows seem to. Not to mention the fact that I can’t necessarily recall a single time that a character of color, or lgbt+ character has gotten seriously injured, much less killed. This show treats its characters very well.

Other, smaller reasons to watch:

  • The main character is hilarious, and portrayed by gay actor Matt Bomer. 
  • In the beginning, Peter is simply annoyed by Neal’s presence (entertainingly so) but as the show continues, they build a very strong and touching friendship.
  • Black, Lesbian, FBI agent Diana Berrigan is a complete and total badass -  and stays alive throughout the entire series (Imagine that!)
  • Willie Garson. That’s it. (And beyond Willie being hilarious by himself, his character is well thought out and not only funny but smart in a way that makes him go way beyond the stereotypical ‘comical sidekick’.)
  • Peter and Elizabeth’s marriage is beautiful, as well as the friendship that she forms with Neal and Mozzie (Willie Garson) Elizabeth is just a really great character.
  • Diahann Carroll is amazing, and has a recurring character, all the way from the pilot to the series finale.

In conclusion, the entire show is just extremely well done and planned out. The series finale is absolutely mindblowing and so, so clever. This show doesn’t get nearly enough credit.

Idk why but I love the idea of Minkowski and Eiffel living together after wolf , scraping together some domestic life because they want to find something normal while being far from it, being too dependent on each other to stray far.
• in a kind of grubby house in the middle of an unknown town that’s being forgotten and fading long before they get there, built on the bones of long withered gods and working class oppression - there’s a good corner shop that sells obscure flavours of coke and the autumn leaves have their own shade of auburn. Everyone knows their faces, but nobody knows their story. Some people assume they’re married. Or siblings? The fortune of a small town means you can hide inside yourself, nobody owes them anything
• Eiffel frequently googling ‘how many cups of Minkowski’s detox tea will it take to cure my PTSD?’ with varying levels of seriousness
• he sleeps on the sofa and she sleeps on the floor of her bedroom with a pillow and blanket
• *eiffel, with a mouthful of froot loop cereal* 'I like guys.’
*minkowski hands him the electric bill* 'how many times do we have to have this conversation? “Getting a job” isn’t homophobic. Get a job.’
'Well, actually, if we start looking into like, how the workplace hiring process is entrenched in prejudice-’
• Eiffel making Minkowski watch all his favourite pop culture movies, he falls asleep but she ends up absorbing them all and can recite the whole first alien movie word for word by breakfast the next day
• not answering any post because they don’t want people to know where they are, just burning it in the fire place with lumps in their throats and the feeling of being watched prickling up their neck
• Minkowski on the front porch, transfixed by the stars in summer time, tears streaming down her face
• 'i feel like we’re hiding’ / 'we’re dead. It’s different.’

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isn't bojack horseman kinda creepy tho? i hear it's like family guy and all those type of disturbing shows..

I would say it’s far better than family guy and other ‘disturbing shows’ tbh. It’s like… I’d say it’s more on the level of Bob’s Burgers? And Rick and Morty? Like it’s a very real show that and everything’s not all sparkles and happy times because that’s just not how life is.

A lot of the themes that come up are serious ones and they aren’t ones I see talked about to the degree the show does.

This show is satirical. This show shows the harsh reality of shit. It talks about so many topics that need to be talked about, and it does it well.

People are 100% free to not like it, and I completely understand if they don’t. But for me, personally, it’s a show I love and appreciate. It doesn’t lie to me and tell me that everything will be okay, which is an impossible promise to be kept. It tells it how it is.

It handles everything with a certain level of care that shows like Family Guy wouldn’t. There are toxic and abusive relationships, but they aren’t treated as jokes. They’re taken so, so seriously. The portrayal of them is done incredibly well.

It’s heartbreaking many times. It’s equally hopeful.

(Also it’s the only show I’ve ever watched that wasn’t afraid to have an asexual character that knows they’re asexual and comes to terms with it. And, oh, actually says the word. So that really just,,, makes it even more important to me.)

The Ni/Se Dynamic, and the Misunderstanding of Inferior Se (from an athletic INFJ)

SUBMITTED by aanau

I recently went rock-climbing with my friends, and believe or not, I (an Inferior Se) was the only one not freaking out and who was totally comfortable taking these scary steps from one rock to another. Come to think of it, I’ve always been pretty athletic. I was no high school star, but I definitely was one of the better sports players, and was always “one of the guys” in gym class where I was competitive and enthusiastic to get a good sweat going. I’m pretty fearless with physical activities, and I never get seriously injured. I can pick up on many skills just by watching once or twice.

Yet I’m a Se-inferior. Aren’t INxJs detached and clumsy? How is it that I’m so clearly NOT a sensor if you knew me in person, yet I seem to have no problem with using my Se?

And the way I see it (or rather, feel it) is, inferior Se is like moving through a Van Gogh painting. At all times, my environment feels like Starry Night, with these hypnotic brush strokes swirling around. I’m more focused on the physical world in relation to the whole picture, just as the seemingly chaotic nature of Starry Night creates the perfect painting. I AM clumsy and detached… when I’m not consciously aware of my environment. It takes effort for me to use Se. It takes me to say to myself “okay, pay attention; be aware” to use it, and once I get myself into that mode of thinking, I get that iconic Se “in the zone” feeling.

It’s tunnel-vision. It’s when you can be (emphasis on can because skill and practice is involved) masterful at physical skills and being aware of your environment when your environment doesn’t include your peripherals. I’m able to be good at sports and climbing and all that kind of stuff because every action is planned and deliberate. That means I can easily keep up with higher Se-users… until they do something unexpected, or the environment throws something at me I didn’t calculate in my head. Running down the field with a ball in field hockey, I’m an expert at. Getting it to the circle I can do, because my laser focus has predicted every move up until then. It’s when I didn’t account for the goalie, or that one defensive player being faster than me, that I get clumsy. Otherwise, look out, because I’ll be knocking girls down left and right. And really, that’s a microcosm for how Se works for me all the time. I’m physically unstoppable until something unplanned happens, or I have to make a split-second decision that I hadn’t already made ten yards before.

In retrospect, I have an unhealthy mindset with Se. I feel like I have to prove myself to everyone that I’m strong or fast or competent. I block out pain because I weirdly see pain as proof that I can handle things, and I don’t want to be seen as weak. I got punched in the face at work by a patient and my reaction was to be like “Did anyone see that?! That was awesome!” because dang I’m like an action hero from the movies I just got punched in the face! Does it hurt? I don’t know I’m not thinking about the pain right–oh. Oh yeah it hurts. I’ll just keep tuning it out though.

And I do have a ditziness to me with sensory things. At work, as a CNA, I feel a lot dumber than I actually am. Even when I’m “in the zone” in completing tasks and being on my feet and challenging myself to get all the trash out within the hour, I’ll get told I missed something completely obvious. Like, forgetting to seal the really smelly trash even though I should’ve smelt it myself. Or not seeing someone’s dinner tray on the counter. Well I didn’t notice those things because I was focused on getting all the trash done on time! I get forgetful, and just plain feel like an idiot.

Grip reactions are hard for me to pinpoint, because I lose self-awareness. I don’t go overboard with drinking and sex, but I become self-destructive in other ways. I become either extremely lazy to the point my brain feels like mush because all I’m doing is watching mindless television, or I become overly active to the point of overworking my body. I procrastinate and don’t want to make big decisions, and I get this anxiety that I’m missing out on life and I’m not really feeling anything. That in itself might be what manifests in excessive drinking and partying for others, but for me it just makes me shut down and not be productive. It’ll make me lose sight of my future, and my ability to make all my actions meaningful.

Inferior Se is often stereotyped, and just because you’re active and good at sports must mean you’re a high Se user. But people forget that Se works with Ni, and with Ni at the forefront, it just instructs Se rather than the other way around.

Two movies come to mind: Moana and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Both star Ni-dom characters, and people doubt their types because they’re physically active. But both movies are so led by a Ni-dom mindset about Se. Walter Mitty is a love letter to inferior Se specifically: the Ni dom wants to engage in the world and in their Se, but can’t do so unless there’s meaning behind it. Hence the themes in the movie about life! people! experience! connections! you need these to make your life matter! The movie isn’t about Se, but about the Ni outlook on Se as the Ni-dom character embraces it. Moana is less so, being a fun-for-everyone kids’ film, but the theme is still there: Se is meaningless without Ni leading it. She doesn’t use Se for Se’s sake (taking in the world as it comes in, being fully immersed in the present), but for Ni’s sake (how does this create meaning and impact the future?).

To sum up my point: inferior Se isn’t just clumsy and accidentally ruining your life overnight, and it’s often misunderstood how the Ni/Se dynamic works. You don’t use one function by itself, and that’s what makes inferior Se on typing posts kind of shallow, because the functions are reduced to individual components, and behaviors are being looked at rather than the motivations. Of course, with fictional characters it’s harder to discern those motivations, but with characters like Moana and Walter Mitty, you can easily see how they’re led by Ni in their Se actions.

Sometimes I think about how much Rhett and Link have changed and grown in their relationship over the past few years, like this is IRL character development and it’s like reading the best kind of slow-burn except it’s all actually happening.

I mean, they went from literally recoiling from each others’ touch and refusing to even give each other compliments, to putting on costumes like this

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and giving interviews where they say stuff like this

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and coming up with show ideas that literally force them into each others’ personal space in increasingly intimate ways

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not to mention taking every

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for physical contact

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that the wheel endings will allow

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(need I remind you that not a single one of the wheel endings above required physical contact in ANY WAY? They took it there all on their own.)

It’s so beautiful, even with all shipping and tinhatting aside, that their friendship has reached a point where they no longer have to cry NO HOMO every time they accidentally brush their arms together, because they’re comfortable with their relationship and how they feel about each other. Male friendships are normal, and can be affectionate and loving and even physically demonstrative. It’s been wonderful watching them embrace that.

I have so many emotions about this. I am a broken shell of a person because of these two ridiculous manchildren. If they stay the course, I will surely perish before the year is out.

Shape Of You

Characters: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Bucky struggles to reconcile his new self with his old self, his left arm a stark reminder of just how ugly and twisted he truly is.  How can someone accept you when you don’t even accept yourself?  

Word Count:  2347 words

Prompt: Shape of You – Ed Sheeran

A/N: This is for my 800 followers celebration as requested by the delightful @deanxfuckingadorablexwinchester who knows how much I love a bit of Ed Sheeran.

Boys night had kinda turned into a monthly standing arrangement and as Buck sat crammed into a booth with Steve, Sam and Scott he was kinda glad they had opted for this bar rather than a club.  No matter how often they went out and how many different clubs Sam dragged them into he found them all far too loud, too dark, disorienting. That was okay if all you wanted was a one night stand, hell those places were practically a cattle market, but he wasn’t the confident guy he once was.  Clenching his metal fist he was reminded about just how much he had changed and although rippling muscles had a certain charm to some women he was also scarred and mechanical.  When he had considered taking that step with anyone the image of them screaming as soon as he took off his shirt was like a bucket of ice water and he quickly excused himself.  

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Cn & lb's weapons have Internet access & untraceable IPs so when they're bored on patrol they livesteam & do random shit on youtube & bc of that everyone sees them as people not just heroes & sometimes alya gets in on it & they stream to the ladyblog

have you guys ever seen that shipping video that thomas sanders and jon cozart did? this is p much based off that xD

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

Summary: “We’ve noticed something interesting going on. An alarming number of people seem to ship Ladybug and I.”“

Yeah, it’s tricky stuff shipping real life people. People expect us to be romantically compatible. But are we?”

An exclusive Ladyblog Livestream Event with Ladybug and Chat Noir where they decide once and for all whether Ladynoir is a compatible (and acceptable) ship. Remember to like comment and subscribe!

“Okay, guys. Act natural, and remember this is just for fun. You guys cool with doing your own intro and everything?”

Ladybug scoffed. “Are you kidding? You’re giving him control of an entire video, he’s totally fine.”

“You can literally make fun of me until the end of time, I don’t care. Do you know how much I’ve fantasized about doing a YouTube tag?” Chat Noir bounced in his seat a little bit and cracked his knuckles. “I am beyond ready.”

Ladybug jutted a thumb at him and smirked at Alya. “See? I think we’ll be good.”

Alya snorted and finished setting up her phone on the little tripod mount she bought specifically for the occasion. Her hands were shaking a little bit because she was still finding it hard to believe that Ladybug and Chat Noir were actually sitting in her living room, not even a few feet away from her. 

It had always been her dream to do a Livestream to the Ladyblog that wasn’t just focusing on the superheroics. Yes it was always exciting to get details on fights, on their powers, on what goes through their heads in the middle of battles, but at the end of the day they were still the same age as Alya. She wanted to have the chance to just do something silly with them. News reporters very rarely treated them like the teenagers they were, and Alya was sure that her followers would get a kick out of them doing something humorous on camera. She’d made a whole blog post about it one night when she was sleep deprived and not thinking before she typed. 

But two days later, when she caught them right after another akuma fight, Ladybug pointed her out of the crowd and mentioned that they both saw the post she’d made. “Feel free to ring us up when you have an idea for a video,” she grinned.

It was almost too good to be true, but Alya wasn’t going to let go of an opportunity like this. The amount of views and followers she’d get after this would be astronomical. She was practically vibrating. “Alright, you crazy kids, I’m gonna read off the questions for you once you start. Whenever you’re ready.”

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I want to create an oc blog where I can rp as my oc, but idk how to go about it. I can't draw to save my life & I feel like my writing is sub-par. Any tips?

Hm, I can’t genuinely say anything about your writing and drawing skills since I can’t actually see your work, but I will say that in my experience, people can be just as drawn to characters by the author’s attitude/enthusiasm as much as they are drawn to how well written/beautifully depicted they are. Plus, great characterization sometimes transcends aesthetics, so don’t worry too much about that. I don’t have an OC rp blog myself, but from snooping around some of y’all’s blogs (yes, I do check out your blogs >:) ), I came up with a few basic tips for starting an rp blog:

  • You might start out just talking to yourself, and that’s just fine. Every blog starts out with 0 followers. Give yourself and your OC time to adjust to this new environment
  • Try posting a character profile. You don’t necessarily have to give away all of your OC’s secrets, but maybe hinting at certain traits will encourage other rp-ers to try to dig up a ~hidden past~. Or this could just be a good reference sheet for you (rp OCs can get quite complex)
  • Do some writing and art prompts to give yourself and others a feel for your OC’s personality (or just do them for fun!)
  • Get to know how your OC speaks. Are they crass? Polite? Easily distracted? Do they stutter or have any other verbal tics? Whatever you choose, be sure to make it consistent
  • Let your OC grow. The traits that you originally gave them don’t have to be set in stone. One cool thing about rp-ing OCs is that you can watch their character development happen naturally and in real time. 
  • Talk to other rp-ers! There are seriously so many great rp blogs; just search em up on the good ol tumble. Though I will say to proceed with caution if you’re a minor. If you’re a minor (or if you simply just don’t want nsfw content), please make sure you check the blog first before contacting them (or if they contact you first, check before you reply). This is super important. If you feel uncomfortable at any time during the exchange, there is no shame in leaving the conversation or even blocking the rp-er. 
  • Finally, be clear about what you are or are not comfortable rp-ing. This could take the form of a trigger warning page, a rules page, a list in your description, or even just telling the other person upfront about what you’re willing to do. Likewise, please respect your fellow rp-er’s boundaries.

Once again, this is all from my very minimal knowledge of rp culture. If any of y’all have any other tips, please share!

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@fae-voritensfw @bixgirl1 @l0vegl0wsinthedark @fleetofshippyships @queenofthyme @o0o-chibaken-o0o Have you gals seen/heard of the new show called “Will?” It follows the history of William Shakespeare and the relationship/rivalry with Christopher Marlowe. But none of that shit matters in this post. What DOES matter is Jamie Campbell Bower’s similarity Draco Malfoy in some of your fics-or ones you’ve read yourself. Jamie as Marlowe is THE reason to watch the show. Seriously. Watch a scene with him and tell me you’re not aroused af. He is the perfect combination of flamboyant, androgynous and flippant all rolled up into one delicious package. I read so many fics you guys post, and most of the time this is how I imagine Draco being. And I mean that as a huge compliment to all of you. Your Draco’s all have so many facets to their personalities that none of them ever feel 2 dimensional. And that goes for illustrations too (I’m looking at you, boo! @fae-voritensfw​ <3) So if you have already seen some of this show or plan on it I would fucking LOVE to hear your opinion’s on Christopher Marlowe’s character. I’d be plotzing till I could plotz no more. Seriously, though. I love all of you. So much! And if you know any friends of your on tumblr that like the show please tag them so we can all talk about it. Because no one in my real life watches this. And I’m terribly lonely. It’s fine.


An Eomer Fanfic

Based on Imagines found here and here.

Eomer had always told himself that he didn’t believe in love at first sight.

That was until he saw you.

You were filthy and weary from having chased after orcs and Uruk-hai for several days without rest, but it was clear from the set on your shoulders that you were used to this sort of travel, standing your ground with the other three travelers you were with, a determined set in your eye.

Eomer hardly understood it then, after all, more important things were on his mind, but you stayed there, like a shadow, so he was not surprised when he saw you again.

Except for when his heart almost stopped at the sight of your wounds.

The battle for Helms Deep was over and you looked utterly exhausted sitting on a crumbled stone, your hand dripping blood, but you did not seem to notice.

Eomer had rushed over.  "Are you alright my lady?“

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V for Vendetta

I just watched the movie and yeah, the movie was really good. And it is a kind of movie that someone like Yongguk would watch. And yeah, it have a lot in common with Skydive and B.A.P’s upcoming comeback, Rose. 

This is seriously worth to watch. There were many quotable quotes that was more than inspiring. The plot of the story was so beautiful.

Okay, I should stop right there. So, how can I relate this with Skydive and maybe Rose? This is just my speculations. It may be wrong.

11.05- in the movie, it was frequently repeated as the day when everything change. And they kept stressing about the idea will never die but man does. 5th November that shall never be forgotten. And 11.05 p.m. is exactly the time when V have a fight with the most obnoxious man from the government. He survived during the fight and successfully killed all the men but still face the death in the end in Evey’s hold. -Just like Jongup ‘died’ in Youngjae’s hold.

So now what can I say is, Jongup is the Vendetta. His legend pose was also one of V’s pose. And Jongup also revealed that he is wearing a bulletproof vest just like what V did to survive during his fight.

Rose- rose is V’s killer signature. He didn’t leave any trace but a rose on his victims dead body. And B.A.P’s comeback was entitled Rose. I can’t really relate this. But I am very sure that it has nothing to do with vampires. 

Moon- there’s nothing about moon in the movie. So I can’t tell.

So, I knew it’s not much I’ve got here. But yeah, when you already watched the movie, then you’ll surely realised something. And this is what I’ve got and I would love to share with you guys. I just think that maybe Noir is just the sequel of something that hadn’t been told to us yet. Well, there are questions when we watched Skydive like- Why would Jongup make Daehyun as his target? What Daehyun had actually did to him until his revenge was too inhumane towards Daehyun?

So maybe Rose have the answer. Maybe Rose is it’s prequel, the whole answer for the actual story. Maybe it’s not Jongup the bad guy but Daehyun since V is not a bad guy either. And I am pretty sure that Daehyun must play such a big role in this MV since he brings new conspiration with the Moon things.

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Im seeing a lot about hidan being perceptive. Ummmm. How?

Hidan isn’t stupid. He is extremely observant, and perceptive.

I made a rant about it awhile ago.

also another one about his memory is oddly specific on certain details.

and this is a small rant about his personality and how much of Hidan silently listens rather then argue most of time.

The first Hidan rant I ever did on tumblr even mentions Hidan’s ability to analyze his opponent quickly.

Like I’m too tired to retread old ground. But Hidan’s track record:

1. Able to deduce the time limit of Shikamaru’s shadow possession with 100% accuracy.

2. Able to adapt any situation against him and easily turn it around in his favor.

3. He even said himself: “Give me some credit.” Like Hidan knows he’s not the smartest person in the world. But he was able to figure out Shikamaru’s jutsu, including how long it lasts as well.

4. He knows Kakuzu’s personality extremely well. Like he was able to figure this out:

And he was also right in that regard. I explain this in further detail in any of my Kakuzu and Hidan rants. (search my tags and pick one. #kakuzu #hidan #rants. I’m sure you’ll find me analyzing this scene in detail at one point or another)

5. Hidan is perceptive because he is naturally curious. He was the one who asked about Pein’s plans in a meeting, and Pein was able to go “anime exposition” and the audience along with Hidan was given new information about the Akatsuki’s goals that we wouldn’t have otherwise. Hidan is quiet and listening through the entire conversation.

6. You do realize in the filler he called the Akatsuki a “Band” as a joke right? He is an S-level Shinobi and he’s able to sense chakura. And it was a joke evidenced by the fact that… well…

He gave a smile, because someone else actually went along with his joke, and was willing to listen to him. And a genuine smile too. He usually smirks or psycho grins, or gives a fake toothy smile. This is his genuine smile, who he has only shown for one other person. Which is Kakuzu when Kakuzu gave Hidan back his headband.

In conclusion as I have said many times in the past: Hidan is not stupid. He is a person who exploits people’s weaknesses and for that he needs to be perceptive. He watches and observes people very closely then one might think. 

Not many people get this silent side of him but I love when it’s portrayed. Seriously, watch the anime again and pay attention to how much the man is quiet or lost in his own thoughts.

nizellebalingit  asked:

Any tips on studying a new language by yourslef?? Im trying to learn french and it aint easy

Study Every.Single.Day. If you leave gaps, you will forget. 

Flash cards are your friend. Your best friend. Use them. Many of them. Review them constantly. If you do not review, you can not retain the knowledge. 

Watch things in the language you are studying. Maybe your favorite movie? Do you have a film you just LOVE and know the lines to? Just watch it. With the subtitles!! You can get a feel for the language, pick out keywords and listen to how they speak. 


I go to my local asian markets, pick up packaging and sound out the hiragana/katakana/kanji. To try and learn. You could buy a book in French and translate it. It’s seriously great practice. You will immediately start to recognize words and understand what they mean because you have seen it and translated it so many times. This is probably my favorite thing to do. 

Try Duolingo. I think last I looked, French was on there!!! It’s a great language app. 

Get Rosetta Stone. Yes, it is pricy. But the microphone feature is key. The majority of learning a language is speaking it. If you don’t know how to pronounce things with a proper dialect then what good is it?? The software is not the be-all-end-all BUT it will help you hear how to say words and also perfect your speaking. It will also help you learn those basic things like je, j’aime, il, elle, ette, es, me ment, parle, etc–also accents like 

  1. the cédille Ç,
  2. the accent aigu é,
  3. the accent circonflexe â, ê, î, ô, û,
  4. the accent grave à, è, ù
  5. and the accent tréma ë, ï, ü.

If you haven’t grasped that already. 

I would also encourage you to find someone close to you who is also learning, or maybe finding someone online you can practice with? I am learning on my own and it is difficult. However, if you have someone to study with it makes it that much better. You can correct each other, teach each other and practice together. Two brains are better than one! 

I hope this helps!!! 

Dating Jin would include:

.. OH boy where should I start.
..first thing first, food is obviously as important as your love in this relationship, and you are still having trouble accepting that.
..but who cares food is magical anyways. many gifts omg, like he would come back from tour and spam you with super Mario pillows like “look we can match!!”
..“yes Jin you are beautiful I told you that 5 times today already”.
..when you visit him at the dorm, you’ll forget who is your boyfriend and end up in a gaming session with jimin and taehyung.
..and he would stand at the door offended like how can you neglect this princess.
..but would end up watching you screaming your head at the screen like am I seriously dating this monstrous kitten.
..but late night punishment is inevitable.
..“Jin is that your purse or mine?”
..“jagiya the one with the pink ribbon is mine”
..those shoulders make you lick your lips like why so broad I am a poor soul. So you end up creeping your palms through them like YAAS.
..and he would be annoyed, I am trying to cook here please. you end up jumping on to his back all the way till dinner is served.
..don’t wonder why your makeup always keeps disappearing because he probably likes your baby pink lip gloss. can’t help but think how can his lips be so plump while kissing thinking he probably feels like he is kissing a wet paper.
..he would always zone out during practice and after getting called like 5 times he would snap from his daydream and smile when asked what was he zoning about.
..his confidence would boost 10000 times more after dating you because you mean the world to him.
..if he is ever having trouble he will just withdraw from his dorm and come snuggle in your neck like please kiss me. it turns into a passionate makeout session and a million I love you’s.
..he would lock himself in the kitchen intensely preparing you a Jin exclusive chocolate cake.
..and his face would light up when you moan in goodness.
..back hugs that makes your heart melt. He just knows you had a bad day so he showers you with kisses.
..Jin is truly a gentleman. He would treat you like his princesse because you are and he would rather getting hurt than to see you sad. He is that type of man.

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