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artist: paramore (duh)

what is your gender?: one of those (crazy girls)
describe yourself?: misery business 
how do you feel?: whoa
if you could go anywhere, where would it be?: sunday bloody sunday 
favourite mode of transportation?: fast in my car
your best friend?: the only exception (SHUT THE FUCK)
favourite time of day?: another day 
if your life was a tv show, what would it be called?: here we go again
what is life to you?: pressure
relationship status?: still into you
your fear?: future

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Kurt Wagner aka Blueberry Bamf boy!

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Pogue Parry Because he is fine and please don’t judge me.

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Peter Maximoff silver cutie Evan Peters is too cute

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Warren Worthington III cocky lil angel

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Ben Mason how do more people not think he’s attractive??

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Alex Summers who is 100% alive

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Sean Cassidy or Dark! Sean, dark Sean works too

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Hank McCoy I bet beast is super good for winter cuddling

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Kitty Pryde I think she was my first X-men crush o.o

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Ellie Phimister

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And if this thing wasn’t ten I could probably double it…quite easy actually…

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er... are the tags on the submit page supposed to stop at avdol or is there a limit to how many default tags you can include on the submit page? also, I don't think the O in speedwagon's name is short for oliver. I've seen it as orville but I don't know if his full name has ever been revealed

I’ve always heard Oliver, though I have also heard it said in the infinitely more entertaining O’Speedwagon as if he were Irish. In any case, I would be very frustrated if the tags ended at Avdol given that I entered pretty much every major character to the tags. But cest la vie.

About me tag (∩◕ ͜ʖ◕)⊃━☆゚.*


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How tall are you? 1m 58cm  / ‘5′2′ :,)

What colour and style is your hair? dirty blonde, kinda shoulder-lenght and it’s kinda wavy but sometimes straight, depends the day lol

What colour are your eyes? Dark green, with slightly blue/grey in them

Do you wear glasses or contacts? Glasses, typical geeky/nerdy glasses 

Do you have braces? nopeidope

WHats your fashion sense? ALWAYS skinny black jeans or heavy leggings. When it comes to shorts, often black but can also jeans blue too. Over-sized t-shirts and hoodies bcuz its more comfy and I think it’s cute and cool on me. Some vans/easy sneackers and no makeup, ever.

Do you have any siblings? a little sister, a big sister and a big brother

What kind of student are you? Okay, tbh I don’t really have many friends in my class. My closets friends (and I mean everyone of them) is one year older than me so we don’t go in the same grade. I have a few friends (not so close friends but still friends, yk) in my grade but in other classes so we don’t have so many lessons togerteher. With my class, mostly wants to sit alone, listen to music to ignore everyone or sit in a private room aka act and look like a loner haha. Classes with my friends, talks pretty much with them, laugh, jokes around but still working hella good.

WHat are your favourite subjects? Art and music, sometimes science (biology and so on)

What are your favourite television shows? Orange is the new black, Sonic X (YES IK, I grew up with Sonic so ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )_/¯), likes Attack on titan, Haikyuu and that’s it I guess. Did I mention The FilthyFrank sHow and I dubbbztv? 

FAvourite books? Every fanfic by @leafyisherefanfic @leafyishere-fanfics  @reptillianfics and the other leafy fanfic blogs 

FAvourite PAst time? eeeeeeh tb when I was a noob on World of Warcraft, great times. Discovering new music and that’s it so far, can’t think of any now.

Do you have any regrets? Many

What is your dream job? I really want to work with art and animation in a game company like Blizzard.

Do you want to get married? Yeah, maybe in the future. 

How many countries have you visited? 6: Sweden (there I live), Danmark, Germany, Thailand, Turkey and Austria

what is the scariest dream youve ever had?  OKAY, this maybe sound a little wierd but it was scary asf. I watched the video Pokemon Go by FlightyFrank before I went to sleep. There was this 50 year old guy, outside 4 am in a middle of the storm and was playing PG and I got kinda scared bcuz spooky. In the dream, I had ran away (idk) and it was raining and I was walking on the middle of the road. It was a car driving on the road and it was this 50 y/o guy in the car. He stopped the car when he saw me shouted ‘Wanna play pokemon go with me?’. I was so fking scared but I said no ty and keept walking, hoping he would ignore me and dive away. He then took my arm and fking drag me to the car and said ‘No c’mon, we can play some Pokemon together. Nothing bad will happen’. I tried to let go but couldn’t and then BAM ( ok this is random asf but this actually happened in the dream.) I woke up in my room but on my bed, next to me was Calvin aka Leafyishere, sleeping. We lived in this big ass house together and we were like a couple. We played games together, I cooked food and he was really cute and nice and funny and we watched tv shows together and yea, thats it. Spooky dream turned into a happy one. 

Do you have any enemies? mmm nah I don’t think so but I have people I don’t like 

Do you have a boyfriends or girlfreind? nopeidope


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About me tag

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1. How tall are you?

2. What colour and style is your hair?
Darkish blond, asymmetrical bob/pixie style thing? Growing out a bit.

3. What colour are your eyes?

4. Do you wear glasses or contacts?

5. Do you have braces?
I wish I had had them. 

6. What’s your fashion sense?
Lately, it’s whatever fits. Ugh. But usually I keep it pretty casual. Jeans and tshirts. Maybe a cute blouse if it’s flowy. I like long dresses and skirts in the summer. 

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honestly i think my favorite thing about fandom’s reaction to this past weekend’s cockles was seeing how many people tagged things with just “wtf”

*when the entire fandom is fighting*

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“Sorey and I are able to be connected just because Sorey has his powers. If that thread is cut, I can’t do anything about it.

Because of that, I can’t say for sure that I’m really walking on the same path as Sorey.

To tell the truth, I’m scared now.

That someday, even I won’t be able to see Sorey as well…”

I love it when the manga delves more into the characters that the game doesn’t do. We already knew from the game that one of the biggest insecurities Mikleo has is how he thinks he doesn’t have the capability of perceiving the world the way Sorey does, how he longs for someone to be Sorey’s true companion because he thinks he couldn’t be one to him. The manga, through drawn emphasized expressions and another point of view, just adds more layers to what’s already there in the game.

(More under cut because it will get a bit image heavy, just to be on the safe side.)

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…ANd THEN THe forest girl grew up and so did everyone else, and she married the person she met one time when she was 12, thus ending of the swapped version of the story. SO MUCH happened in this arc (that i love) and i couldn’t even get to my favorite bits, but…that’s the ending. …I mean, theres not MORE after this. Surely nobody would be crazy enough to continue something that had a solid enough ending 8) *nervous laughter* ….

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Mr. Greg episode: *canonically proves Pearl being a lesbian by showing how much she loved Rose and hated how she chose Greg*
People after seeing Greg & Pearl dance: SO THEY’RE IN LOVE!! GREGXPEARL IS A REAL SHIP!!