how many ppl do i have to unfollow

this whole “we don’t know what happened” excuse is so stupid like… what else does z have to do so yall finally realize that he’s literally just a walking pile of shit… he cheated on perrie multiple times, then ended their four year relationship over the phone, he publicly shaded little mix on twitter in the most immature way, he claimed to be sick and skipped promo dates for four to record solo music, he didn’t stop naughty boy and his friends when they made fun of us and louis’ voice (he even took nb’s side in this, don’t forget the bitchy comments tweet), he left the other boys over night in the middle of a world tour when he got caught cheating on his (now ex) fiancée yet again, he uses every opportunity to shit on 1d and their music, 1 ½ years after he left the band he still whines about how much he hated being in 1d and keeps playing the victim card, he’s anti-black, he’s fatphobic…….. should i keep going lmao

like… it’s fine with me if yall decide to stan him. that’s none of my business. but stop making excuses every time he fucks up.