how many people are gonna believe that

yuri on ice has literally set standards too high, i don’t even know how i’m gonna cope with any heteronormativity or queerbaiting after this show. new creators should really follow in kubo-sensei’s footsteps. please don’t let this be the only canonical representation of so many different people. please don’t. we need more of these amazing shows. we need more shows that make history. please. love is love and it’s high time people understand that.

noahfence but 2017 should be the year we start treating melanie martinez like the shit that she is

her music is all about rape, trauma, abuse and glorifying mental illness (especially psychosis) and that’s broadcasted to her audience which is literally just middle school girls

you wouldn’t believe how many girls my age say shit like “ugh im such a psycho!!” or “sorry, im totally insane” thinking its cool. and I know girls have always done this, but it’s so much worst now that a popular artist like melanie perpetuates these ideas in their brains

its so damn toxic. I remember when I had this mentality I literally denied help from ANYONE and its because of artists like melanie martinez

lyrics like “you think im gonna tell the psychiatrist something is wrong” and “all the best people are crazy” shouldn’t be listened to by little girls.

melanie martinez makes shit music and her career belongs in the garbage, bye

svt version of shit i heard from college students

s.coups: yeah mom i love u too. o mom? im…out of money

jeonghan: the only reason why i woke up from my nap was cuz it was dinner time

joshua: yeah i dunno how the quizzes are gonna be like so im just gonna wing the first one

jun: i just caught my reflection in my computer. i look so bored lmao but my brows look nice

hoshi: i hav so many fun stories to tell but people are like gonna judge me but i still tell them anyways

wonwoo: ah…autumn, my favorite season of the year. the era of sweaterpaws begins

woozi: its only week 1 and im ready for break

the8: can’t we just karate chop this coconut in half tho.. it’ll be more effective than my butter knife

mingyu: i’m not goin- wait did u say free food

dk: ur lotion smells so gooooooood if u blindfolded me, i would have probably eaten it

seungkwan: omg i know that girl !! shoot lemme check my groupchat to see who she is *checks phone* catherine! uhh emma??! no…..cynthia????

vernon: i wanna experience a college party before i graduate but idk where they are. where are they hiding……why are they hiding from me

dino: mom stop calling me the problem child

“Series 3 has a particular theme in the sense that it is two guys that are in love with each other in the series. We made that theme because we thought it was a perspective the Norwegian youth needed, but I also believe that the story of Isak and Even is a story that young people in many other countries need to hear. There is no other place in the world, where you have seen this kind of love story portrayed with so many complex layers.” 

that’s literally all you need to know 

||So… Ryohgo Narita himself says in a tweet that Izaya likes Shinra as a friend, and the narrator of the light novels say “Not a friend by Izaya’s standards but a ‘friend’ as defined by most humans in the world” before Izaya punches a telephone pole when he is trying to tell himself there’s no reason to be afraid of Shinra being mad at him since he has simply always lived his life like that. How much more obvious does it have to be? This is IZAYA we’re talking about. He isn’t gonna come right out and SAY aloud that he cares.

No, he will stubbornly try to deceive himself to believe he doesn’t(even if he did, nobody would believe him). I simply think too many people forget and purposely ignore the very important, but subtle things(which he has done in relation to Shinra to support the canon truth of their friendship as well) just because they refuse to see Izaya as anything but cold-blooded, therefore they simply reject truths to justify their hatred in their minds.

People want to insist that Izaya can’t and won’t ever change. You’re not Narita. You don’t know. Period.

He has changed some. He at least has admitted that he failed to accept Shizuo as human before, in the Sunset novel.

And he has also said that his love for humanity was “impure”.

This is IZAYA.

He’s not just gonna change over night, especially if nobody feels inclined to give him a chance.

Izaya is childish and as such, you have to work with him, at his own pace and be willing to put up with him.

In return for that, you’ll be extremely surprised how far he’ll go for you after afterward.

But even you probably won’t know he’s going that far.

Even so, he’s actually being more honest about his feelings and even admitted the he had “a bit of a personal trauma”(in regards to his and Shizuo’s fight)

He doesn’t know how to deal with his own emotions and, subconsciously or not, constantly avoids them, avoids what he’d rather not face, even if it means denying love.

Narita has also said himself that Izaya’s parents’ absence may have been part of the reason he turned out the way he did, and emotional neglect can be detrimental to the child. He doesn’t know how to handle love, nor reciprocate love.

He may bring it on himself, but he actually doesn’t know how to function any other way.

He has even told Mikado(or Shinra’s sister, one) that he is self-conscious, so that much implies something.

He’s jealous of Shizuo especially for being loved and being able to accept love.

He was jealous of Mikado.

He was jealous of Shinra.

He was obviously also a bit jealous of Celty as well.

Shinra calls him a masochist.

He actually feels a deep jealousy towards the world.

Multiple times, he basically says, “Even I can’t trust me.” and admits, as the narrator, to not being able to control himself at times and leading himself into terrible situations because of it.

He said he felt guilty for how his sisters turned out, but said he didn’t know how to deal with them when his parents put them on him to raise.

They idolized him, and held him to a higher standard than he could probably deal with, and he likely resented it in some way or another.

Izaya obviously has problems.

And he is human. You can’t just ostracize him and decide that he doesn’t deserve to be given a chance and say that he can’t care, when you can’t read him, and especially when he says himself that he even lies to himself.




Hey people

Just gonna say this right now, I don’t care if Tennessee’s majority is Republican, I don’t care if the state was a representative of Confederates in the Civil War, I don’t care that the majority of people there are white, I don’t care how many are racist, and I don’t care that a lot of them support Trump, no matter what they believe in and no matter what their race is, their population is crying over the loss of their beloved landmarks.

Do not insult them and tell them they deserve to lose their state in a fire because they’re who they are.

I know most people on here are liberals and Democrats, but you’re acting like the opposite of a liberal/Democrat by insulting people because they’re Republican/white/Confederate soldier descendants/or Trump supporters.

Liberals/Democrats are people who do not insult people for what people believe in.

Hating Republicans/white people/Confederate soldier descendants/and Trump supporters because of who they are does not make you look like an accepting person.

Hate does not make you an accepting person.

And by the way, I’m a liberal Californian and I care for Tennessee.

That’s right, I’m Californian and I actually don’t go out of my way to make fun of Southern people.

when people saying mc in kbtbb is weak and a coward like have you seen who she's fucking bought by yh theyre  our funny group of dorky dorks but eisuke is a well known business man with millions of connections and if mc ran away or stepped out of line he could ruin her career permanently do that she can never work again and soryu is mobster and owns guns and has no problem shooting them if somebody steps out line, ota is a famous artist and could easily get reporters and shit after mc or !make up a story knowing the press will believe him and yeah baba is an adorable goofy goof but hes still a thief and mamoru a fucking cop so please tell me how you would handle that damn situation plus she was bought against her own will and met 5 strange men thinking the unimaginable "is something gonna happen to me? , will I die?, will I be raped?" All that jazz and tbh people saying she's a gold digger in eisuke route bro did you not see how many times she was hesitant to take whatever expensive thing he gave to her asking "are you sure?" And also no she isn't weak in my opinion 1. In eisukes route throughout the series she was strong and stood by him when shit went wrong and was there when he really needed a friend or someone close 2. In soryus route she risked her fucking life to go save him in hong Kong from getting killed by the other mob and in season two ran to him when he got hurt and even risked herself to bring back ryosuke in the sand storm and again in ota's when he was going through all thast shit yeah she left at some point cuz she felt she wasn't needed but she stood by ota when shit was being spread about him stealing art now again tell me how the fuck mc in kbtbb is weak cuz in opinion she's far from weak she did something non of us could of done in that situation and she's honestly my favourite mc
britney spears sentence starters part 1
  • “now i’m stronger than yesterday.”
  • “it’s britney, bitch”
  • “there’s nothing you can do or say”
  • “i’m not your property”
  • “here i go”
  • “i need space”
  • “say hello”
  • “you’re gonna have to see through my perspective”
  • “i’ve made so many mistakes just to learn who i am”
  • “i don’t want to be so damn protected”
  • “there must be another way”
  • “i believe in taking chances”
  • “what am i to do with my life?”
  • “how am i supposed to know whats right?”
  • “i can’t help the way i feel”
  • “i’m so fed up with people telling me to be someone else”
  • “and they say she’s so lucky, she’s a star”
  • “isn’t she lucky?”
  • “if there’s nothing missing in my life why do these tears come at night?”
  • “you drive me crazy”
  • “i’m so into you”
  • “i’m so excited”
  • “tell me i’m not wasting my feelings on you”
  • “i just can’t sleep”
  • “i’m in too deep”
  • “sometimes i run”
  • “i want to believe in every thing that you say”
  • “there’s things about me you just have to know”
  • “sometimes i run. sometimes i hide. “
  • “all i really want is to hold you tight”
  • “all i need is time”
  • “you’re the only one for me”
  • “i shouldn’t have let you go”
  • “show me how you want it to be”
  • “my loneliness is killing me”
  • “i still believe”
  • “when i’m not with you i lose my mind”
  • “give me a sign”
  • “hit me baby one more time”
  • “oops i did it again”
  • “i think i did it again”
  • “we’re more than just friends”
  • “it doesn’t mean we’re serious”
  • “i played with your heart”
  • “oops you think i’m in love”
  • “i’m sent from above”
  • “i’m not that innocent”
  • “i’m wishing that heroes did truly exist”
  • “can’t you see i’m a fool?”
  • “a guy like you should wear a warning”
  • “you’re toxic i’m slipping under”
  • “you’re dangerous, i’m loving it”
  • “don’t you know that you’re toxic?”
  • “it’s getting late”
  • “i’m addicted to you”

figuring out my sexuality and accepting it literally felt like coming home and i cant believe 1d has a song called home thats literally about that with lyrics like “i was stumbling looking in the dark but you say you feel the same” and about how there was something missing in her eyes, and he’ll make it feel like home, they’re never gonna feel alone, he saw it in someone else’s eyes then and it’s alright!! im so thankful they’ve got a song like that that describes this experience and a thing many people go through, especially in the society that makes you assume you are straight when growing up and many of their fans are going through this and they’re likely talking about something they (some of them probably) went through too I’m! fine

I am not a particularly good person to talk to about the elections because politics aren’t really… something I want to ever get myself involved in. I do believe that it’s in everyone’s right to vote and do so for the person they believe in. However, it absolutely baffles me how there are so so so many people who would believe in someone who is as cruel as Donald Trump. 

I don’t like to believe that every person is evil or stupid or there is something wrong with them. But it is so saddening to me that what started out as a joke that everyone laughed about is now becoming a reality that is gonna affect millions of lives in such terrible ways. It is absolutely surreal that someone we were SURE was not gonna last, is now a step away from Presidency.

I am now out of the country, but I have family friends who live illegally in the US. I have a mother who is trying to get her US citizenship. My entire Mexican family can laugh and make jokes about it, I can see the depressing tone because they know that it’s terrifying and it’s something that will affect them, especially since almost all our family friends near the border. All of my immediate family does.

And although I am not there anymore, living next to the US-Mexico border, living between two nations, it makes me really sad to think on going back seeing all the changes done to the border. I can only hope that a miracle occurs, that the Senate intervenes any ruling, that somehow something happens that will help the country. I’m truly sorry.

Open letter to the ovw and Tf2 Fandom

These days had been really impressing for both fandoms. The Overwatch fandom got a really nice announcement: an actual character being canonically lesbian, and most important, the character who was the principal mascot, Tracer. When I heard about the news, I couldn’t believe it. How Blizzard decided to do such a greta thing? LGBT representation, wow! I got extremely happy for see the incredible acceptance from the people here having a gay character in there. We also know that not all the people shared the news as something good, but that’s another point. In other hand, many guys from the Tf2 started to think about: “Are we gonna have an update?” “Where is the new comic?” “Why Valve is like this” etc, and a huge discourse started between people being rude, telling to a lot of my mutuals that “Tf2 was over, and get over it” And the drama started. Here is my point of view.

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What's the process you go through to being Gerard's photographer at these events? I think it would be a lot of fun, but I have no idea where to even start to get that opportunity. Any advice?

you were talking about requesting for photo passes for photographing bands,,, i was wondering how you did that?? like did you just contact the tour manager and ask for a pass?

gonna answer these two together bc related

so basically you have to be a photographer…as in, you have to have something to show for. no one is gonna let some random person photograph an event or concert bc they just wanna do it. and believe me, i had so many people telling me no or just ignoring my emails altogether bc i just didnt have enough to show for in the beginning. also people will find out if youre serious about photographing the event and know how to act professional or if youre just trying to get close to the band/artist. as a photographer you stay in the background unless asked/told otherwise. so its not a way to get close to anyone. ive seen people try to take advantage of the position and it sucks. im just being honest here, i dont mean to sound mean. i started doing this in 2012 and i was lucky that MSI and Chantal gave me the opportunities to do this even tho i still had to learn. and then over the years you just learn and build a portfolio. and im not gonna lie but it also helps to know people. thats just the truth and i dont mean to sound condescending bc even tho i know a couple of people i still struggle sometimes with others. like i said if you happen to have ulterior motives then people will be able to tell so you have to be honest and professional. and, you have to be credible. you have to have good equipment bc if you show up with a point-and-shoot camera or your iphone no one is gonna take you seriously. and then you just ask. email people and ask. sometimes its the venue, sometimes its the promoter, sometimes its the press/PR person of the band/artist, sometimes the management. if its a smaller band its ok to contact the band directly if theres a way of doing that. and usually its easier to start out with local bands or events because they need people to take photos of their shows and if youre the person who photographs them then they will use those photos. and you also dont need a photo pass for that. and thats a good start. and again, im not trying to sound like an asshole im just being honest but it took me years. i didnt just wake up one morning and thought ‘i wanna photograph Gerard today’ and it happened. it was only possible bc i already had experience and i had something to show for and the people in charge took a look at my photos and saw that i was legit and so they said yes. and the more experience you have the more likely you get to do it again. and, like i said, it helps that Gerard knows who i am. not that he personally asks me to take photos, thats not the case. it also doesnt mean that if he doesnt know you you will never get to do it haha dont get me wrong. but all im saying is that it HELPS. and i guess bc ive done it a couple of times and he knows im legit and he trusts me now he is more comfortable with me being there for hours taking photos of him yknow? BUT honestly if youre serious about it and if you really wanna start photographing events or concerts, nothing should stop you. you just have to know that it doesnt happen overnight. you have to be prepared for a lot of no’s in the beginning but you have to keep trying. anyway…i hope that helps. like i said, if i sounded condescending or anything im SORRY its not my intention but im trying to be as honest as possible and also ive seen quite a lot of people being like ‘oh im just gonna call myself a photographer and that will get me close to Gerard’ and that really pisses me off (and like i said, people will always able to tell if you have motives - not saying you do!!!! not saying that at all! just…thats just the reality, a lot of people do)

I think a fundamental problem that people have when they think about online spaces is that they treat the entirety of the internet like its some special, different social domain from real life. It’s not. It’s still a place occupied by varying numbers of people in different spots, just like real life.

You can do and say unbelievably stupid shit in the privacy of your own home and expect few to no consequences because that’s how private personal spaces work. A racist is racist inside their own house or with their equally as racist family and they dont feel a thing. A racist is racist on their tiny blog or on an echo-chamber website and they don’t feel a thing either. Same shit.

But if you do and say unbelievably stupid shit in public, especially in mixed public with large groups of people, especially if you are a relatively prolific person with many admirers, you better fucking believe you’re gonna get backlash and punishment. People are gonna sneer at you or give you some words. If employers get word they could drop you. That’s just how people work. Being online does not absolve you from this in any way. This is because the internet is being used by more people globally than it ever has been so in many ways it is going to increasingly mirror IRL social dynamics and conventions whether you like that or not.

This idea of the internet as some safe homogenous haven where you can expect more people to agree with you and no consequences is both true and very not true depending on the size of the space you inhabit. But people tend to blanket that concept across the entire internet and ignore that it’s just not that simple anymore. 2017 Youtube does not have the same social dynamic as your favorite late 90s BBS forum but for some reason everybody thinks it does. Hell, 2017 youtube doesn’t even have the same dynamic as 2007 youtube. As 2011 youtube. It changes so rapidly because more and more people wake up to participate each day.

If you have such a problem with diversity and people disagreeing with you then maybe you should move yourself and your shitty opinions to a smaller platform. You would retreat to your house to grumble to yourself if people made fun of you as an anti-gay preacher, wouldn’t you? Same shit online, pal.

all this heavily directed @ jo/n jaf/ari btw

From the speakers, 50 Cent is still discussing his penis. 

“Prom magic,” says Grantaire. “Enjolras, were you aware that tonight is the most magical night of our lives?”

“Fuck that,” says Enjolras, pulling him closer. Grantaire doesn’t need to step back to know that Enjolras is grinning, which is good because Grantaire also never wants to move again. “Fuck that. Things are gonna get so much better,” he says with feeling, and Grantaire smiles, closes his eyes, and believes him.

-the very last sentences of World Ain’t Ready (several of them because I couldn’t choose)

I don’t know how many people have already drawn this in the two months and two days, apparently, what the hell, since it was published, but I have wanted to draw it since the moment I read it. I got there eventually. 

anonymous asked:

Tell me all you know secret squirrel. With all the coincidences, conflicting stories, the lack of any natural chemistry/affection and odd behaviour between all parties it's not a stretch of the imagination to draw logical conclusion that it's all hogwash. Unless you blindly believe what you are told and really think that people in the public eye never lie. Why aren't we allowed to discuss between fellow non believers what we see without the disciples spewing hate in our direction?

😂😂😂😂 I love everything about that nickname. Secret squirrel. Imma gonna keep it. It just made my day. Lol

folks need to understand. We are all selling ourselves to the hugest bidder. Not just those in the business. You do it in your regular life. Think about what is on your resume and how you behave at your job and at home. Compare them…. now… how many times have you lied to protect yourself at work??

i’m just sad that either a) the education system has failed us so badly, or b) that the trans movement has brainwashed enough people with bullshit pseudo-science rants written as mobile-crashingly-long tumblr posts written by someone who starts off by saying “i have a degree in biology” but if you scroll back five posts on their blog you find out they’re actually fifteen, that so many people honestly believe you can slap a uterus in a male body, pump it full of hormones, and a baby will pop out nine months later, like… that’s not… how that works… the person who’s saying all this is a fucking plastic surgeon… this is not gonna happen…

however it does reveal, for the millionth time, the unsurprising reality that the trans movement sees females as things that exist for the use of males.  there is already an illegal organ trade, poor and trafficked women are already used to carry babies for money, prostituted women’s skin is flayed off and sold for expensive cosmetic surgeries… so if this womb transplant thing was possible, is it truly not concerning at all that there is a distinct possibility that this could become the latest in a long line of medical torture conducted on poor and trafficked women for the benefit of mostly white, mostly upper-class males mostly living in rich countries?

And as it was also pointed out, as long as we’re attempting uterus transplants, why wouldn’t the first stop be women who already have the biology in place?  women who had to have hysterectomies for medical reasons but want to give birth to children?  even that isn’t currently viable, but it’s a hell of a lot closer than slapping a uterus in a male body and thinking it’ll work.  males are always the trans movement’s priority, females are always a second thought, a resource for males to exploit, a target for males to demonize.

when are people gonna wake the fuck up