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Sorry (Robert MacCready/Sole Survivor)

So I was prompted by @basementfestival to write some MacMae angst and damn you, Mercy, I did it. HOW DARE.

Robert MacCready felt the cuss on his tongue, but opted to throw a lamp across the room instead. The sound of glass breaking was a slight comfort. He didn’t want to break his promise to his son, but Mae was making it increasingly difficult. She was stubborn and foolish. He had told her not to go without him. Whenever she had a mission with another of her friends, he worried and feared the worst until she was safe back in his arms.

But this time was different. She was heading towards Quincy. Heading to where the Gunners were.

He had called her an idiot.

She’d said he was acting like a brat.

Then things had gotten heated.

The truth: he was terrified of what the Gunners could do. The thought of Mae facing them head on was a nightmare and now it was coming true.

Mae had stormed off, Piper on her heels, worried for other reasons than the upcoming battles. Nick and Hancock had had to hold him back. He would have chased after her given the chance. He should have… but then, they would have probably had another fight.

Her parting words scorched him. Take your cure and leave. I don’t want you to be here when I return.

MacCready wasn’t sure if she had meant them at all, but he was just as fucking stubborn as she was. He wasn’t going anywhere. She’d have to force him out. Gritting his teeth, the mercenary was close to throwing something else across the room when shouts from outside stopped him.

With a gun in his hands, he left the shack he slept in and watched as a crowd formed at the entrance to Sanctuary. Piper’s voice could be heard over the others.

“The ferals- I couldn’t stop them. I did my best.” A pause. “Where is Curie?”

Her voice was panicked, terror-stricken, and the words that left her mouth made his steps falter. Ferals. Those fucking things had ruined his life once. If it happened again…

His blood turned to ice when Curie gasped. A string of words in French followed and unable to handle the intensity of what he felt, MacCready sank to his knees in the dirt, the gun falling from his grip and hitting the ground with a soft thud. His hands met his eyes and he pushed his palms against them, trying to stop the tears that wanted to fall. If she died, if she was dead, their last words…

No. MacCready thought angrily. He wouldn’t do this. He had to be strong for Mae. She was pissed, maybe she even hated him, but god dammit he wasn’t going to let her do this alone.

Mae was lying in a bed covered in itchy sheets, the room’s only heat source a small fire burning in a fireplace. The warmth did little to stop the shivers that took her body. Her face was covered in scratches, a bruise forming below her right eye. Her lip was split down the middle. She held an arm over her chest, clutching her side tightly.

MacCready turned as Curie entered the room, bandages and other medical supplies in her hands. “How bad is the damage?”

His words were soft. He was scared of losing her forever and the scientist must have understood.

“She has many broken ribs, possibly a fracture in her arm. I won’t know until I do a more thorough examination.” Curie handed him a few of the bandages. “Would you mind helping?”

MacCready said nothing, but followed the synth to the bed. As she worked, he ran his hand softly over Mae’s blood spattered blonde hair, making sure he didn’t injure her further. As Curie began her examination, his worry grew. Wounds covered her body, not just scratches and bruises, but some deeper, more severe. He couldn’t imagine how she’d survived.

“That bad, huh?”

Mae’s voice was rough, nearly non-existent. Her eyes were opened very little, focused on his face. MacCready tried to smile, but found it difficult.

“It could be worse.” He admitted sadly. With feral ghouls, it could always be worse.

Mae coughed before groaning, pain making it hard for her to breath. “I’m sorry, RJ. I’m sorry I left angry and I’m sorry about this.”

“I am too.” He brushed a finger against her eyebrow, the only spot that didn’t appear injured. “I’m glad you’re back. We can work out the rest when you’re better.”

“I’m going to get better?” She asked, voice filled with fear. It hurt him to hear her sound so lost.

“You’re damned right. And when that happens, I’m going to kick your ass for running off like that.”

Her broken lips lifted in a pained smile. It wasn’t forgiveness, but it was a start.


Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Reader

Warning: (Here we go) Angst, violence, gore, death, fluff, smut, major character death

Rated M

Summary: Dean and Sam have know the reader forever. Sam and the reader share a plantonic relationship, however Dean sees her as more than just a friend. He can’t fight his feelings anymore, and he soon discovers what hides behind her smile.

A/N: This is my entry for @nichelle-my-belle angst challenge. It took forever for me to write but I feel like it was worth the hard work! I hope you all enjoy the story as much as I did writing it. 

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A long time ago, in a region far, far away.. I was wandering through the ole Hoenn Safari Zone in Pokemon Emerald when out of the blue, a pink little Wooper showed up. Well, me being the dumb 13 year old(at the time, this was 2007 wowie) that I was, I had no idea just the significance this Wooper in particular held. I had no clue what a shiny Pokemon was or that they even existed. But, I knew there was something about this Wooper that made me HAVE to catch it. But, being the Safari Zone and all, I knew there was a risk that I wouldn’t. I chucked the first ball. It broke out. I chucked the second ball. Guess what? It broke out. But, despite breaking out twice, it stayed. As they say, third time’s the charm and on the third Safari Ball, I managed to catch the little cutie. Fast forward 2 years, I hand off the then Quagsire to a friend to hold onto while I took a break from Pokemon. Well, long story short, he lost it somehow. It took many years for me to gather the heart to start a reclaim hunt for it, and I started just this May(2015), as what I believe to be the perfect 300 YouTube subscriber special. 

5,306 random encounters later, a brilliant, pink Wooper graced my screen again! I can’t even begin to explain how happy I am to have found this incredible shiny once again! And this time I won’t lose it, ever. I promise! Also, a shoutout to the 237 of you that follow this blog! I really appreciate your support more than anything! 

Until next time, best of luck on all of your endeavors!

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I've tried so hard to pretend i'm okay, that he has never hurt me. The seconds turned into minutes and they turned into hours and the hours became days they turned into weeks which turned into months. All these months I've been in hell and today i was pushed to my limit.. i can't keep going on. The hurt and pain will never go away.. until i make myself disappear. i wanted to say thank you for having this blog that keep me here this long.

It’s amazing how a blog as simple as this one can keep a life, and I will be grateful if you keep that up for me. My followers are more important to me than anybody can ever imagine, and even losing one would be heartbreaking. Don’t let anybody have a negative effect on your life, and only let in the people that love you, which is so many people, including myself. I believe that you can make yourself feel better with the support of others, I really do.