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Do you have any suggestions as to how I find out authors with stories like yours? Because I've read all your stories, and I need more!

i will tag as many as i can think of for you right now lol! 

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wow okay, that should keep you going for a while lol! I haven’t read everything by all these but I’ve read most or am following them in hopes of finding some spare time so i can read one day! It will all be amazing though XD I’m sorry if i missed anyone out, i was there for ages scrolling through who i follow and my eyes got confused lol! 

Til’ Sunrise

Request; My request was Y/N was Ben’s wife and the next day he’s supposed to go to war and so they did stuff (skip the smut scene if you like) and then they’re just laying in bed together talking about anything and everything and make it cute and fluffy? Sorry if that’s too much ❤❤😊😊

Prompt; before returning to Georges Army, Ben spends some time with you

Pairing(s); Ben Tallmadge x reader 

Warning(s); fluff <3 , lots of kissessss 

A/N; okay had to skip the smut since I suck at writing it, maybe sometime in this blogs future it can become a thing , but not now I’m still new lolll

Setauket 1779

“Ben?” you spoke softly, while mindlessly tracing along the scars evident on his bare chest. Making sure to take your time to skim over the one on his shoulder, remembering the day he told you about it. How that fatal encounter made him the man he was today, why his idea of spies were what made the war bearable.

“Yes, NN” he hummed, turning a bit so you could see his face through the dim glow of candlelight. He was staring down at you, in all your bare skin before him, only hidden under the thick sheet. He smiled softly as you fiddled with the strings of the blanket, bitting your lip in nervousness.

“YNN” he teased, worried just slightly at your sudden shift in behavior. 

“Do you have to go?” you blurted out, wincing at how blunt you sounded and ducking your head to avoid his gaze. The room fell silent again, and you almost wanted to scream at him to stay, but your words fell short. You felt his hand under your chin urge you to look up at him, and when you did you saw how pained this also made him. 

If he could he’d trade in his command in Washingtons army to stay here in Setauket with you, he would. But he knew how important he was to the general, what you and Abe were doing here was crucial in order to winning this war.

“You know I’d drop everything to stay here with you” he whispered, stroking his thumb along your cheekbone. You sighed, holding his hand that laid on your face, squeezing it as if to reassure yourself more so than him.

“I-I know, but why? You’re so much better at all this spy stuff than me, I worry about you, for-” he silenced you with a kiss, deepening it when you kissed back with just as much vigor. He held you close by the waist before pulling away to lay his forehead against yours.

“I’ll be fine, the wars ending soon and then I’ll be with you again” he reassured, and it seemed enough to settle you for the time being.

“Fine, if not I’m just going to have to talk to General Washington my self” you scolded, earning a smile on his end.

“Oh yea?”

“Yup” you popped the ‘p’ at the end while propping yourself up on your shoulders so you didn’t have to look up at him.

“Thats a sight I’d love to see” he murmured, coming down to kiss your lips once more. You hummed in content, your lips moving lazily together as the sun slowly began to rise on the horizon line. When you pulled away you stared into his hazel eyes, his own boring into yours and familiarizing with ever speck of color there was.

“I love you YN” he whispered suddenly, the words wrapping around your heart and warming it with every beat. You blushed, pushing him over so you straddled his waist above him. His hands came down to rest on your waist, hands laid out on his chest.

“I love you more, Benjamin” the use of his full name going straight to his lower region. You smiled, the little rays of the rising sun shinning through the window and behind you, making you look godly of some sort.

“Impossible” he sat up, keeping you in place on his lap as he pressed delicate kisses along your collar. You laughed breathlessly as his hands trailed down to your bum, squeezing it in his hands as you squealed.

“Ben!” his laugh was the first thing you heard that morning.

meh not how I’d liked to end it but I didn’t want to make it tooooo long , and send some more TURN request in!<3

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Lisa can you rec me some harrie-larrie blogs please? I need more harry on my dash but every time I try to follow harries they end up being those kind of people who think Harry hated 1D/ot4 and was "plotting his solo career" all along and only stayed in 1D to get where he wanted 🙄 (I talked too much sorry lol *louis' voice* as you can see I'm very frustrated about this!) HELP A GIRL OUT!!!!! 🙏

Here are some sweet kind good harrie-larries!!! If you’re actually a louie…oops…I tried. Also, if you’re a non-problematic sweetpea harrie larrie, just like this ask. 

@jewelsfae @hazzardstyles @harrysgaytour @mlmharry @justlookatthehearteyes @dancerharry @dunkirks @hxrry @kiwihunny  @aquitecontentbum@harry-es @homemp3  @hazalmighty @fckharrystyles @lostjams @musicianharry @glossharry @lovesincerelyharry @urbancityharry 

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how many followers do you have? And how do you think i could get more? (i have 1 lol)

Right now my riverdale family has 3,278 members!!!

And that’s totally okay! We all start with a single follower. I don’t really have a guaranteed plan for increasing followers, but there are definitely a few things you can do. First, make sure to tag your posts. It takes you like five extra seconds with every reblog, but tumblr will recognize that your content is directed toward a certain topic (bughead, riverdale, sprousehart, etc) and start recommending it to people. Second, interact. You may not be super comfortable reaching out to people, but most of the Riverdale community is very welcoming! Introduce yourself with a post or a message, reblog and comment on people’s work with (heartfelt!) compliments, chime in on a conversation (keep it positive), whatever. The more people see your blog name around, the more likely they are to follow you. Third, and most important, create original content. Whether it be text posts, gifs, social media edits, fan art, fanfiction, whatever - original content is the quickest and best way to gain new followers. If you are the source of something, rather than a secondary reblog, more followers will come.

I hope this helps! Welcome to the community, nonnie :)

11 Questions


1.  Always post the rules
2.  Answer the questions given by the person who tagged you
3.  Write 11 questions of your own
4.  Tag 11 people (or however many you want)

I was tagged by @rememberwhiteknight, and this looked fun.  Thanks for thinking of me!  Let’s see how this goes.

My assigned questions:

1.  Dogs or cats? What’s your favorite breed?
Can I say both, LOL?  I used to be more of a dog person, but since I’ve moved a couple of years ago and gotten to play with my friends’ cats, cats have grown on me in a major way.  I don’t have a favorite cat breed, but my favorite dog breed are Boston Terriers.  I love them so much.

2.  What genre of music do you listen to the most?
It’s a toss up between pop and R&B.  I think they’re about what and what on my phone at the moment.

3.  What does your dream house look like?
I don’t have a mental picture on what my dream house looks like.  Honestly, I’m happy with living in an apartment.  I do a couple of wish list features:

  • ideally located in a cool, shady area
  • big kitchen to be able to cook and entertain people in one room
  • open living room with comfy furniture
  • soft carpet because I lie on the floor a lot
  • big bathtub
  • no more than 3 bedrooms
  • no walk-in closet required in the master suite

4.  Would you rather be taller or shorter than you are now?
LOL, definitely taller.  I’m already taller than my sister and my mom, so I’m not exactly short, but I’m not trying to downgrade myself either.

5.  What book do you always recommend to others?
I don’t recommend books to other people often, whoops.  I guess I can recommend you a book I’ve been thinking about lately though - Den Osynlige by Mats Wahl.  It’s a Swedish YA book, and I got turned on to it through an incredibly disappointing and shitty movie called The Invisible.  If you actually know that movie, I am so sorry because we were all fooled by that trailer weren’t we, but the book is waaaaaay better than the movie.  It’s been translated into English and is available digitally, but I’m not sure it’s still in physical print.

6.  What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Mmmmmmmmmmmm, Cookies and Cream especially by Bluebell Homemade Ice Cream (it’s better by a country smile).  I miss Bluebell so much y’all.  You can’t get it up here, and it kills me not so softly every time.  I make do with Baskin Robbins, but it doesn’t compare man.  *creys and sings the Bluebell jingle*

7.  If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?
I really want to say a willow tree, but it feels like I’m cheating a bit because it’s drumming up the mental images of sitting by the bayou and watching the water, and maybe that’s just what I want and not who I am, but I slept on it, and I keep coming back to the willow so I’m going to roll with that.

8.  How many blankets do you sleep with?
LOL, most of the time none because I run hot.  I’m usually good to go with just the sheet and the comforter at least to start.  A lot of the time I wind up kicking that off too in the middle of the night, whoops.

9.  What do you like more, Science Fiction or Fantasy?
Science fiction has grown on me, but I still prefer fantasy over scifi.

10.  Who was your childhood hero?
Weirdly enough, the weatherman at the closest ABC station.  I even used to make up fake weather reports and do them at home.  It turned out that my mom taught one of the assignment reporters at the station, and somehow she got in touch with him, and he ended up coming to my class in 4th grade.  Little!Kjiersti lost her shit, LOL.

11.   Is there something popular that you dislike?
Comic book movies/shows.  They are everywhere, and everyone loves them, and I really am happy that they do, but the idea of watching a comic book movie (especially in the theatre with those expensive ass tickets) legitimately has me like this:

Originally posted by jesslynnwilson

That being said, I will probably end up seeing Black Panther.  Maybe that will be my way back to comic book movies.  We’ll see.

As far as tags go, I’m going to tag @amalgamoffaces, @dragonofyang, @fluffy-moose, @ikiracake, @procrasimnation@super-vanilla-bear, @telekinesiskid, @thegeoffhershqueen, @xmonster-loverx, and @wildfire1187.  If you all are so kind/inclined to answer, I would love to hear what you have to say.  If you weren’t tagged and want to answer these, please do!

Here are my questions for you (dun dun dun):

1.  What’s your favorite childhood memory?
2.  When was the most inappropriate time you burst out laughing?
3.  What would make the best day ever in your eyes?
4.  Do you have a favorite/go-to joke, and can I hear it?
5.  What’s the oldest thing you own?
6.  If you discovered a magic lamp with a genie inside, what would your three wishes be?  Aladdin rules apply!  Meaning no wishing for more wishes, can’t kill anyone, can’t make anyone fall in love, and can’t bring people back from the dead.
7.  What’s the one dish in your culinary repertoire that you make the best?
8.  What’s your favorite useless trivia fact?
9.  If you could go back in time and witness any event in history, which one would you choose?
10.  Who in your life knows you the best?
11.  What’s the last thing you Googled?

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Can you possibly tell me a little more about camilas leak? Or is there somewhere I can find out? Xx

okay here’s a nice big masterpost breaking everything down for you.

so i was trying to be as diplomatic as possible about camila in my lauren post yesterday but imo she seems opportunistic in the worst way and i think she’s the type of person who’d have no issue with queerbaiting fans if it meant good things for her career. 

she’s frequently used racial slurs and doesn’t change her behaviour (even after being called out for it YEARS AGO the first time), trash talks her bandmates behind their backs, and is a giant het harry (yikes).

you can go through my fifth harmony tag if you want more examples of her bandmates’ reactions to her but here’s a prime example:

and this tweet from normani after camila tried to justify herself on twitter after the leak:

and here are emmie @worshippedlove‘s tags on my lauren post that i think are super on point and that i agree with (regarding camren and queerbaiting):

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Okay so i hope this isn't too weird, but I saw you reblogged that one NSFW picture with the "taron's slutty double" tag and I just wanted to let you know the porn actor Sebastian Kross exists, and he looks like Taron from many angles. It's uncanny.

Oh yeah, I can see the resemblence. More Eggsy than Taron, i think, due to how fit he is. Taron just isn’t that fit unless forced to be lol.

“There are still a lot of movies where women are dependent on the guy. We don’t always need a love interest. We can stand on our own. There are so many movies where guys are alone, doing their own thing, so I don’t see why we can’t have that too.” –Elle Fanning