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Our Version of Okay

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MOC!Dean x Reader

Sometimes you have to make your own rules as you go.

A/N: Not quite sure where this came from, but I’ve been watching season 10 and I guess this is how I picture Dean being comforted with the Mark. Hope you like! (tags are under the cut)

Warnings: none…I don’t even think I swore (which is a miracle). Not beta’d so if there are mess ups they’re mine.

Words: 500 on the nose! (I drabbled again whaaaaat?!)


He was gone again, or more likely he’d never come to bed. You couldn’t remember how many times this had happened in the months since Dean had taken on the Mark. At first, you tried to push him to rest, to attempt taking care of himself even a little. With the Mark that worked even less than it did before. Now you just let him be, and took extra care of him while you were awake.

Still, after so long of being with him, sleeping without Dean was hard. Even moreso now that you had him back after he was cured. Throwing on Dean’s robe and a pair of slippers to protect your feet from the cold floors you snuck through the Bunker to check on him.

He was exactly where you expected to see him. Sitting at a library table surrounded by lore. The only light on was a single table lamp. The ever present glass of whiskey in his hand.

Staying quiet to not draw any attention to yourself, you made your to the kitchen.

Dean didn’t look up until you grabbed the whiskey out of his grip. You said nothing, just set a plate with a sandwich and slice of pie on top of one of the many books and held a bottle of water out to him.

Kissing his cheek when he grabbed it, you turned and went back to bed.

Dean came in just as you were drifting back to sleep. You didn’t need to turn and look, you felt his side of the bed dip when he sat to take his boots off. Once he was undressed he slid into the bed.

Molding himself to you, he placed his arm around your waist and a whisper of a kiss on your bare shoulder.

“I’m sorry,” he sighed.

You didn’t say anything at first, just pulled him impossibly closer to you. Once you felt his body relax a fraction you spoke.

“Don’t be sorry. I know finding a way to get rid of the Mark is important, but so are you.” guiding his hand to your lips you left a lingering kiss on his palm. “I just want you to be okay.”

“I don’t even know what okay is anymore.”

You let silence surround the two of you once again until his breathing evened out.

“Dean. What are you thinking about right now? Not five minutes ago, this exact moment.”

“How much I love this. Just being in bed, holding you. How when I’m this close I can smell the lotion you put on before bed when you’re at home. And how it’s different than the stuff you use when we’re on the road.”

His voice started getting heavy, and you smiled because you knew he was finally close to sleep.

“So, no Mark?”

Dean took a deep breath before answering you.

“No. No Mark.”

“Well for now at least, that’s going to be our okay. We’ll just figure out the rest as it comes.”

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‘How do you kill a monster without becoming one’ - Earth Two Harrison Wells

Note: Well, the picture instead of gif thing didn’t last long. I also as per usual don’t own the gif. 

Murder tended to be an easy thing to resort to, or at least that was what she had come to think. She had thought about murder on more than one occasion. She had thought about removing certain, dangerous Meta-humans from the world. Ridding it of the worst. She couldn’t though, not on those occasions.

She looked many times for a scenario where murder wasn’t an option. She calculated, predicted, she’d even changed the variables but nothing. She’d have to kill her. It was the only way, the only way she could protect everyone and everything she cared about. It was the only way she could keep Barry’s identity hidden, keep Harrison – even this version of him – safe.

“You should get some rest” The rough whispered tones of Harry entered her thoughts. Tearing her from her imaginary world as she turned her head. There he was stood in the doorway, his long sleeve t-shirt in his hands exposing his shoulders and black vest. He frowned at her as he pulled the grey material over his head and pushed his arms through.

“I will, just not right now” She sighed, as she turned back to the computer screen. The scan had been running for the best part of the day. She just needed an address. Something that told her where to go. Where they could be found.

“No” Harry grumbled, his voice low as he staggered closer towards her. “You should get some rest,” She rolled her eyes, he’d been like this ever since he saw the recognition in her eyes when the Meta first appeared. It had been a moment of weakness when the picture jumped on screen and the soft almost inaudible gasp escaped her.

With a shake of her head she stood, the scan would take ten more minutes. She ignored the look on his face as he tugged at the material of his long sleeve, smoothing it down with his hand. He was always interfering with her life, something in the way he was always following her around made her think he knew. He knew what she was prepared to do.

“I’m getting a coffee, do you want one?” She questioned, a feeble question. He always wanted a coffee or a Big Belly Burger. Whichever was being offered; she sometimes struggled to get around just how much he ate and drunk and how he stayed so slim. A grumble was all she had in response as she set on her quest for the ever calming and always needed bitter substance.

She returned shortly with the mugs filled with boiling liquid. He had perched himself in front of the computer; his arms folded and his eyebrow raised. She knew at that point that it would have been best to have gone home. Done the search at home or even in a less used room.

“I think we should talk.” He grumbled as he lifted the mug from her hands and sipped the liquid.

“No, I think you should go back to doing whatever you do and leave me to deal with my own problems” She snapped back nudging him out of the way and looking intently at the screen. He released a sigh.

“Killing them won’t help” He thrusted the information into the air as he sipped his coffee, she blinked. She hadn’t got that far.

“I have to do it, otherwise everyone will be in danger.” She countered. “How do you do it?”

“Do what?” He asked.

“How do you kill a monster without becoming one?” She hadn’t meant to ask. She just blurted it out without thinking. He shouldn’t have to bother himself with her idle thoughts and emotions. It wasn’t until she felt the hand on her shoulder that she turned to look at him.

“You let someone else pull the trigger” He commented idly. He set his coffee on the side and left the room. “You need to get some rest” His voice boomed down the corridor and she supposed she could get a little shut eye. Perhaps twenty minutes.

Huzzah and greetings my good patrons and singular Patreon-patron! It is I your host Carkinekros! This was going to be about a bed-and-breakfast, but SOMEBODY decided they couldn’t come up with a picture or a premise, so they left it to me!

So, I’ve decided to do what I do best! Commerce! Here we have a selection of items! And here is where I want to pitch to you these items, in a series that is probably going to be multiple parts. Maybe. No I don’t know how many. I don’t have to answer to you consarnit!

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What is Going On With Aria Montgomery in 5x23???

5x23“The Melody Lingers On”. The episode where Aria Montgomery turned weird…

Aria has been my first ever -A suspect. Even if she doesn`t turn out to be -A sometime in the future (although there are plenty of clues) she`s the one person I HOPE will be revealed as a villain of some kind. With so many new characters introduced in 5B, and characters from the past seasons coming back and acting all kinds of suspicious (Andrew and Mike, I`m looking at you), I completely overlooked Aria. Well, it`s 5x23 and Aria has never been more shady! 

Here are the shadiest “Aria” moments from 5x23


The girls keep calling the Varjak number, but he`s not an easy guy to reach. So, Spencer decides to communicate with him the way -A communicates with them. Via text. This is what happens —->

Emily says, “Holly Golightly or Holly Varjak” to which Aria replies - 


Your best friend is in jail. Your former best friend is also in jail. For a crime neither of them committed. Varjak is your only hope to get them out of jail and you should jump on that phone as soon as you see Varjak`s number calling. But that`s not what Aria does in this scene —->

Spencer says what the rest of us at home are thinking. “Answer it.” But Aria has a question.

Nope. Not just yet - 

And that`s when Caleb loses his patience and puts an end to this nonsense -


The girls decide to visit Mona`s house and see if there are any clues in her room. They don`t want to go all at once because they don`t want to freak out Mona`s mom who is dealing with a lot lately. So, Aria offer to be the one to go and this is her reason - 

First of all, why is she so willing to go, and second of all Aria actually killed a girl. So I`d say she`s pretty threatening. 


This is the strangest 5x23 Aria moment of them all. Emily and Aria visit Mona`s house but nobody answers the door. 

Emily is worried they won`t be able to find anything that can help Hanna and Ali. And this is what Aria has to say —-> 


I mean, this is weird, right? I`m going to repeat myself and say that I don`t think any of the four girls will be revealed as Big A in the season 5 finale. If what Marlene has been saying is true (that by the end of season 5 we as the audience will be able to figure out who -A is) I can see 6A being about the four girls + Ali catching up to us clues- wise, connecting the dots and finding out -A`s identity once and for all. I`m expecting to see how the reveal of this person will affect all of them. Aria included. 

However, I do think that there is more to Aria. Maybe a secret that hasn`t come out yet. Maybe a mental disorder which I, along with many other “Aria is A” believers have been suspecting for a long time. Marlene recently Instagram`ed a picture of Aria and her toy pig, Pigtunia. Apparently the pig is going to come into play again. Eddie Lamb remembers Aria from somewhere. Then he disappears after talking to her in the parking lot. That hasn`t been explained. 

So, despite all of the craziness that`s been going on leading up to the season 5 finale, and despite who Big A will be, I think we should watch Aria because there`s still a lot we need to find out about her in seasons 6/7.

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I always pictured OUAT ending back in the enchanted forest with Emma and Killian living in the kingdom raising a daughter, with Henry being able to live a royal life, his grandparents showing him around castles and villages, learning more about the stories that were their reality. I have no idea how it will end now, but I hope that we can trust everyone involved to make the right decisions.

there’s so many headcanons on how the show would end that now will *probably* never come true since we 1. don’t know if there is another season and 2. don’t know who is coming back IF there is another season. which is exactly why they should have just decided to end the show this season so we could all be prepared and ALL the characters would get the proper sendoff they deserved


Mikaela Hyakuya (formerly Shindo)


this is mean there are so many I love T^T


01  .  Mika’s hesitation in trusting the Shinoa squad is only minorly born from his distrust of people/humanity in general and comes more from his own personal fear of getting close to people again. Because of how the Hyakuyas were killed, something he still blames himself for, he fears that anyone else he gets close to will suffer the same fate, and he is afraid of losing someone he cares for again, so he tries not to care at all. He pushes people away but the Shinoa Squad won’t let him and have been able to slowly start to take down some of those walls. While he’s not at the point that he will ever admit it, he would fight to protect any one of them from anyone who tried to hurt them. 

02  .  Mika gets irrational when Ferid or Ferid’s plans are involved. Because it was Ferid’s trap that got the Hyakuya’s killed, now that he is reunited with Yu and his family, Mika automatically opposes getting involved in anything Ferid has planned or Ferid suggests even if it is the logical, only, and possibly correct course of action. His fear prevents him from objectively assessing that course of action. However he will follow Yu and his family regardless of how uncomfortable he may be with things and will do his utmost to protect them, meaning he will also be extra defensive about almost everything. 


01  . Spending time with Yu and his family

02  .  Reading. Though not the most avid bookworm, I imagine that whatever free time he had in Sanguinem he spent either reading or training- looking to pick up as much knowledge and/or skills as he could that would help him towards his goal of saving Yu 

03  .  Mika also enjoys just sitting back and taking in his surroundings, letting his thoughts wander and watching people in the distance without having to necessarily do anything in particular. Mostly stems from his habit of keeping people at a distance for fear of hurting (or getting too close to) them.


01  .  Yuichiro Hyakuya
02  .  Hyakuya siblings

Okay after this it gets complicated ™. 

Mika is still in the process of sorting out his feelings and learning the concept of forming relationships with people. Over the four years he spent in Sanguinem he shut himself off from an emotional standpoint and as such also never grew emotionally either, which is why Mika can be very awkward socially and tends to lash out or snap when he encounters situations he doesn’t know how to handle- his instinct to push people away kicks in. BUT I DIGRESS (I could talk about my interpretation of Mika’s psyche all day its so fascinating to me). Mika cares about every single member of the Shinoa Squad, whether he realizes it yet or not (see headcanon #1), Shinoa and Yoichi in particular who have protected him/called him family respectively he is trying to figure out. He respects Krul and is grateful to her for what she’s done for him but isn’t entirely sure of her motives and how much he can trust her, yet of all the vampire she would be the one he most likely to trust. 


01  .  Leading the Hyakuya orphans to their deaths and not being able to save them

02  .  Not being able to do more for Yu as he struggles with his demon and the growing burdens of everything going on. 


01. Losing his family again
02. Getting caught in Ferid’s schemes (resulting in fear #1)


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there’s a woman comes into the cafe periodically. she’s pregnant, i couldn’t guess how many months along. she’s of a certain Type that’s common to the area where i live–picture a living PTA mom meme. her head is always down and she is always looking at her phone. she doesn’t look up to place her order, not even when she has to scan an app to pay. it’s like you’re not even there. she asks for additions to her smoothie after everything’s already been rung up (additions cost more), and gives instructions to us as we’re trying to make the smoothie that are normally given at the register. that is to say, she makes our lives a bit more difficult. she’s not a problem customer, not at all, but nobody really likes her. she’s also always alone.

last week, after my shift, i went to the fast food place next to the cafe, and i saw her sitting inside. again, alone. as i walked past her, i leaned in and i cracked a joke. she looked up, smiled, and laughed. literally the first time i had ever seen or heard her smile or laugh. i don’t know why, but i decided after that that i was going to make her like me. i think maybe because that was my technique with Difficult People in college, primarily with men–if there was a guy in my class who was an asshole, i usually befriended him, because if you’re friends with the asshole you’re the one who can tell them to “shut up.” of course, you can’t tell a customer in your boss’ store to shut up… but i wanted to see if i could make her like me.

the next time she came in, i greeted her really cheerfully, and made a guess at what she was going to order (a specific smoothie, with the instructions she always gave to us when we were trying to make it). she smiled at me again. and today she came in a second time, and she smiled, and greeted me, and made eye contact a whole of two (2) times when ringing up her order. i even teased her when she tried to give me instructions over the smoothie bar again, and she laughed. if i could show you side-by-side footage of this interaction compared to how she was before, you’d be like, Wow! What Miracle Product Turned This Inanimate Mannequin Into A Real Woman? she was just that lifeless and disinterested before.

it honestly shocks me sometimes how little i have to do to get people to smile, or to respond to me in positive ways. it honestly shocks me how many people seem to be waiting for someone to offer them a chance to smile or respond positively. dude, it took so little! i made a joke once! if this were a fanfiction by one of my fellow Tumblr Homos, it would be our may/december truth-and-measure-by-telanu-(get-it-she’s-pregnant) meetcute! i barely had to do anything. i don’t know. this job is shitty in plenty of ways but being able to be good to people and brighten their day and see them genuinely smile is so fucking gratifying. that woman annoyed me for ages and will probably continue to annoy me (and give me instructions while i’m trying to make her damn smoothie) but i’m happy i could make her laugh.

Not a customer, but a coworker

(Sorry that posted early)

My GM hired a new girl (we’ll call her T) to be her new manager, but I don’t like T because she is so fake.

I’m talking to a coworker (we’ll call him N) while we are both on break, it’s Halloween night and our GM allowed us to dress up. I’m a cosplayer, and N is asking where I bought the moving cat ears and moving tail, I’m wearing. I’m telling him they’re from a Japanese store. He then asks me why I have so many items from Japan if I’m part Korean. T overhears us and then yells out “Don’t believe her, she’s a liar! She’s not Asian!,” in front of customers. So I tell N we should go talk in the back instead.
N then asks to see my new tattoo, so I show him a picture on my phone. T walks by and looks over and says “Tattoos are forbidden in this company,” while she proudly shows off the one on her forearm… Mine is hidden under my shirt…

Later on T gets mad at me for joking around with my manager (U), who is my best friend. I’m playing games on U’s phone while I’m waiting to start my shift. U asks me to text someone on her phone so I do, T is upset because “You shouldn’t have a personal relationship with your coworkers,” while she texts the GM likes they’re related…
U then finishes her shift and hands me some money to buy her something from a store I’m going to later that day. T is somehow offended by this and tells our GM. Nothing is done though because everyone at work knows me and U are best friends, T is told to ignore it.

T then later tries yelling at me about messing up an order, when she’s the one who grabbed the wrong bags and handed them out. I point out I do not leave the kitchen and I can not be at fault for it.
T then tries telling me I’m doing Kitchen wrong, when I have been doing kitchen for 2 years now… She also tells me not to clean until certain times, when again I’ve been a Closing Person for a year… I know how to do my job, I’ve done it long enough.

We have many regular customers who we know by name and talk to. One of them comes in and since it is slow I’m talking to him. He’s telling me about how his date went and showing me pictures. T acts like she knows the guy and asks if the girl was cute… The customer is a homosexual male, he proudly tells everyone. T just gets upset because she thought she knew him more than I do.

Tl;dr; My new coworker/manager-in-training is annoying and thinks I’m a horrible employee, but acts like a ray of sunshine to customers.

[trans] Taemin The Celebrity (May 2016) Interview

※ Please do not re-translate into another language

Out of the thoughts that flashed through your mind recently, what was the one that you couldn’t ignore?

T: Things like, the identity that I have to maintain from now on, directions in terms of music and album concepts. I make notes on my phone whenever I get new ideas. For albums, I think of many things for a long time. For example, I think about what it would be like to make an album using a particular instrument. I think it would be good to make a song that has an acoustic sound like Sting’s ‘Shape of My Heart’. I also want to try drawing up a plan on the whole concept of an album in unity like the jacket cover, image or music. Maybe making an album on the concept of the lapse of time from morning to night or a concept of moving from one place to another. But I might change my mind later on even if I’m thinking like this right now. (laughs)

If you were to dance to Sting’s ‘Shape of My Heart’, what kind of dance would you do?

T: How about drinking a little bit of alcohol? (laughs) For that song, rather than making choreography I think it might be better to just let your body move naturally to the music.

What is a song that you cannot help yourself from dancing or the best song to dance to?

T: Any song with a live groovy drum sound makes me move.

You have ended your promotion for your first solo regular album <Press It>. How do you feel?

T: I feel relieved. I learnt a lot from this promotion. Maybe because I’ve been doing album promotions as SHINee for a long time now, I’m familiar with the release of the album and feel comfortable in places like broadcast station’s waiting rooms. But since this is only my second album as a solo, everything seemed so new. It felt like I went back to my debut days.

What do you feel the most satisfied with from this album promotion?

T: I think I’ve strengthened my colour as a performer. Before releasing my album, the first direction that I set was ‘dancing and singing as a performer’. Rather than dancing mainly focusing on gestures, I wanted to do something very tightly planned like Michael Jackson’s old school performance. And I’m confident to say that I was the first one to try a future bass genre that’s very trendy right now like Drip Drop, etc.

If you were to describe your state using a line from your song?

T: It’s from ‘One by One’, the line ‘I take a step at a time into a place that’s only opened to me’. I think I’ve been taking a step at a time without anyone knowing.

Is there anything you practiced in particular to make a debut as a solo?

T: I practiced singing a lot because I felt I was not good enough. I’ve practiced really hard for 4~5 years after my debut. Fortunately I think my efforts were recognized and my company asked me to record a song that I can sing the best and bring it in. After practicing really hard on singing Ne-Yo’s ‘Sexy Love’, I worked hard in recording. I especially focused on trying to sing it very sophisticated. (laughs) A little while after that, I made a debut as a solo.

Your performance video was very impressive. There’s a video clip spreading around where you were begging to shoot just once more while taking the performance video. Is there anything you weren’t satisfied on?

T: There’s no end to a person’s greed. (laughs) There’s probably a limit in showing my ability. But there are times when something that’s above your limit comes out in videos. I know I tried my best but I asked to shoot once more because I wanted to make a better picture. Maybe something better can come out by chance.

How many times did you take when you were asking that?

T: I don’t remember how many times. I think I’ve filmed about 20 times. Out of that, I think 5 times of it were solo shoots. We were only going to take it once or twice at first, but I kept asking “Once more”, “Once more”.

I heard the songs that were in the album was a result of a very careful decision after hearing each song. What was the reason behind putting ‘Sexuality’ which is a song that’s the most sexy and sticky song you’ve ever sang.

T: It’s a remake song of Ultraviolet sound’s song and after hearing the guide version of the song I thought ‘This is something only I can do’. (laughs) It’s a style that no one in SM has ever tried and I like it because the music itself was unique. As a result, I put the song in the album saying “I have to do this song”. The reason why I released the rearranged version was I wanted to maintain the original version’s style unlike the one that was released first. I thought this song sounded better with the original song’s simple feeling than the version with lots of instruments. It’s a song that’s attractive for its roughness. There are times when guitar sounds that are just roughly played by hands sound better.

Do you feel sexy yourself when you sing that song?

T: I try to be. (laughs) You can just sing lightly taking out the breaths. When recording, I tried to sing sexy but not too over the top. I was ready to sing it over the top with no bounds but I resisted. (laughs) I think it’s better to sing that way when I’m more mature and my sincerity could be seen in midst of singing it over the top.

You personally wrote the lyrics for ‘Soldier’. The contents is very gloomy, what were your thoughts when writing that lyrics?

T: I wrote imagining what it would be like when someone I love disappears. If the person whom I love dies, it felt like I would have a part in the blame and that I would never be able to wash away that guilt. So I decided to write lyrics ‘If I could wash away my sin, I would bend down on my two knees’.

I heard you’ve been writing songs little by little. What kind of song would you like to make?

T: My brother is studying to become a songwriter. So I’ve been making together occasionally. Songs I want to make changes frequently depending on the trend and mood. After making a song roughly thinking ‘I want to make it in this kind of genre’ then I suddenly try making a song of a completely different style. I’m continuously trying.

Is there any song you wrote so far that you felt okay with?

T: The song that I wrote which I sang in the concert called ‘Cry for Me’ came out with a pretty good degree of completion not because I did well but because of good arrangement. It’s of a minor code and reflected my sensibility well of preferring dark things over bright. I like songs that are sad and a little realistic than positive songs.

What is the reason behind being attracted to sad songs?

T: I think I feel more immersed into it. I think it’s because it has a storytelling plot. I think for an exciting song I feel with my body but for sad songs, I concentrate emotionally.  

Is there anyone you would like to work with?

T: Many people tell me about featuring or collaboration but to be honest, I think my priority right now is making my own colour. After having my own colour, and a situation where if someone who needs that colour seek me comes, then I want to make various suggestions too. Right now, rather than completing a song by receiving help from others, I want to make a song with a good degree of completion on my own more.

I heard when you heard ‘Mystery Lover’, you instantly thought of the performance formation. What is it?

T: I thought it would be good to direct the performance in a contemporary dance style. There was a time when I was into contemporary dances and watched lots of related videos. Out of those videos, I watched a little kid who danced expressing a very dark song and it looked amazing. I thought of that video the moment I heard ‘Mystery Lover’.

You look like you have lots of things you want to do.

T: That’s right. I especially want to do things that no one else does. I have a thing like, if people like hip-hop these days, I don’t want to do hip-hop. (laughs) I think I was always like, when there was no one who listened to electronic I was the only one who was into it.

Who do you find cool these days?

T: Genius Nochang is cool. His style is good and his colour is expressed distinctly in the music. To put your thoughts into lyrics and convey that, I think that’s what music is.

What would you like to deliver with your performance and music?

T: I want people to watch it and have fun. I’m doing a song and a dance that I want to do, and if that gives strength to people I think it’s something meaningful. I think with my performance and music, I hope the prejudices that people have on idols disappear little by little.

Aren’t there less people with such prejudiced eyes now?

T: No. I don’t think there’s much I can do as much as I receive love. To be honest, they can think that way. But it’s also my role to satisfy that. Idol music is music too. I want to bring a change in understanding that idols can become artists too. I believe something that you can watch (t/n: performance) is part of music too. So I try harder. I feel good when my friends, families, or staffs feel proud because of me. I feel like I have really accomplished something then. But if I hear something not good about myself, I feel sorry to people and feel bad too.

Do you think you won’t be happy if you didn’t choose to dance?

T: No, I think I would have found something else that’s happy in my own way. Of course, I like dancing right now.

If there was a moment that you felt like you’ve achieved a step further of yourself after debut, when is it?

T: After releasing my album and making an appearance on <Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook>, I had great fears on singing live as a solo. The song ‘Danger’ was hard because the sound range is very low and it was a place to show ‘Press Your Number’ and ‘Drip Drop’ live for the first time. I made mistakes during rehearsals, and sang wrong notes so I was very nervous but I succeeded in the original airing. It was a big relief. It was a moment that I felt ‘Ah, I can finally do this, I’ve grown’.