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How Many Subs Do You Think You Will get in 2018?

Honestly I have no idea and I’m not really focused on that! More focused on making good videos that I’m really proud of :) 

It’s amazing seeing the community grow, but I try not to focus on numbers too much. It’s crazy seeing how big this community has already gotten!

guys did you stop to think about how crazy a hamilton movie would/will be? 

  • WE’LL HAVE MORE THAN ONE PERSON PLAYING THE DUAL ROLES, i mean there will be one person playing peggy and one playing maria, same for jefferson/lafayette and so on
  • talking about peggy she’ll probably be younger than eliza and angelica and IMAGINE A YOUNG AND NAIVE PEGGS WANDERING IN NYC also
  • we’ll have AN ACTUAL KID PLAYING PHILLIP and probably two people playing the main roles as they age, the story rolls over for many many decades and they’ll probably want one cast as the younger version and one as the oldest or at least age up and down the same cast
  • THE SCENARIOS, we’ll have actual cabinets and parties and houses and battlefields and harbours
  • blood. there will be blood and when people get shot they’ll actually bleed bc WE CAN DO THAT IN MOVIES
  • the OUTFITS because they’ll probably change way more often and we’ll see the characters in many diferent clothes and this makes me really excited

i’m just really into the idea of a hamilton movie

Sister's night plus Maggie
  • <p> <b>Kara:</b> *mentions casually* Lena bought me flowers. My office is full of them.<p/><b>Alex:</b> *is distracted, cuddles with Maggie* Flower, uh?<p/><b>Maggie:</b> And they are tiger lilies, right?<p/><b>Kara:</b> How do you know it?<p/><b>Alex:</b> *looks Maggie confused*<p/><b>Maggie:</b> The meaning. Come on, they means "I dare you to love me". Have you watched "Imagine Me and you"?<p/><b>Alex&Kara:</b> *more confused than ever*<p/><b>Maggie:</b> You are the worst queer girls I've ever met. We have to watch so many things, it's OUR culture!<p/></p>

it just pisses me off that USA Network did such a shitty job of advertising Eyewitness and then don’t seem to understand why it didn’t get more viewers? Like do you know how many more viewers the fans alone brought in just by telling people it existed? Maybe just renew it and properly advertise the next season and this show could become *insanely* popular because it is FUCKING AWESOME. Brilliant writing, brilliant cast. If anything deserves to get more episodes it’s Eyewitness.

You know like how in the Ptolemaic astronomy, you had to make a bunch of epicycles (or smaller circles) to have the planets orbit make any sense, and eventually there were so many it was a confusing mess, and that pointed to the insufficiency of the system and how maybe here was a more simple solution that wasn’t just ad hoc bullshit?

That’s like, the endless amount of reforms necessary for employment and economy in capitalism

Hey guys! I don’t think it’s any real secret I’m a bit overwhelmed by how many people are getting in touch about Elsewhere University - I’m having a lot of fun, but I’m also essentially running two blogs for it at once (my main and then the EU official), and it’s getting a bit tiring. So to make this is a little easier on my, from this point forward I will only be answering Elsewhere University Asks/submissions sent to Elsewhere University.

To break it down a little more -

  • If you’ve already sent something to charminglyantiquated, don’t worry! I’m still going to be chipping away at the backlog. But I won’t be answering any new ones sent there. Making sure everything was crossposted correctly was tedious both for me and probably for any followers who aren’t as into this as I am.
  • You can message me on either account; that hasn’t changed!
  • Thanks for the patience, guys. I genuinely am enjoying this and I’m floored by the creativity around it! I’m trying to make sure I don’t burn out on it, and having a much clearer line between Elsewhere stuff and the shit I think is funny on my main is pretty necessary.
competition (m)

pairings: yoongi x jin x reader

word count: 2,620

genre: smut

a/n: @jinxkook​ this is idk how many dates late, but here’s that threesome with Jin and Yoongi enjooy

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Another loud whimper escaped your gagged mouth as soon as Jin’s large hand came colliding with your ass. The tingling yet burning sensation remained for a few more seconds before his hand caressed your smooth skin.

You were currently lying naked on your bed with your ass held up high and your hands tied together behind your back. The reason for your current situation was because you’d stupidly joked about their penis sizes. And being the spiteful people they are, their main goal was just to prove you wrong. But so far, you were disappointed because they were still clothed and you most definitely could not see anything that would be proving you wrong.

You heard Jin shuffle on the bed before he entered your vision. Taking in your weakened state, he smiled approvingly to himself before leaning down beside your head, his head was facing your ear so when he spoke, you could feel his warm breath hit your skin and you’d be lying if you said you didn’t enjoy the electricity that erupted within your body because of him.

“That’s 10 from me, now it’s Yoongi’s turn. do you think you can handle it, babe?” His voice was husky in your ear, you could feel your juices run down your legs at the same time you felt Yoongi make his way behind you.

“Hyung, she’s full on dripping right now. God, whatever you’re saying to her, keep going.” He groans while running a finger up your legs, picking up the juices that had been running down the inside of your thighs before sticking his digit into his mouth. “You taste so fucking sweet, Y/N. wouldn’t you like my large dick inside of you, covered in your juices while I pound mercilessly into you?” he asked, leaning down to meet your ear as he spoke before he sat up again.

He bit down on his bottom lip as he admired the pretty view of you, your back was dipped downwards while your back gradually rose up so your ass was met with his hips.

“Are you ready?” he asked, smiling as he saw the smallest hint of a nod from you before he raised his left hand and slammed it down to your cheek, making you jerk forward but let out a cry of pleasure at the same time.

He smirked to himself as he watched your head fall forward limply before he raised his hand and brought it down so it came down on your skin once again. This continued until the eight more spanks were up and you were slowly getting used to the pain which turned to pleasure each time.

“Do you think she’s learned her lesson yet, Yoongi?” Jin asks and you almost dreaded whatever answer Yoongi was about to give in reply, “I don’t think so, hyung. I reckon we should put our dicks in her and see how she goes from there. how about that?”

There it is.

You let out a small whimper as Jin chuckles and nods approvingly and before you know it, both the males have stripped out of their clothes and are standing before you with their hard erections standing straight up proudly.

You sit yourself up on your knees as you watch them stare back at you. The silence is anything but awkward as the three of you lock heavy gazes with each other, the tension in the room is heavy and you feel yourself fidgeting in your position to create friction on your core and both the boys notice this, “We’ll give you a choice, Y/N. Me or Jin first?” Joongi asks, stepping forward and removed the gag from your mouth as he leaned in so his warm breath hit your face.

“Anyone, please. just fuck me, I don’t even care anymore at this point.” You beg, helplessly as you tug on the silky belt restraining your hands together.

Yoongi stares at you for a few seconds, his eyes holding near zero emotions while you’re pretty sure yours holds a mixture of hunger and lust. He breaks the contact and turns his head to look back at Jin, “I’ll let you go first hyung, it wouldn’t be fair for you if i went first.” He says, smirking at the elder, who scoffed in reply.

“Are you saying I won’t be able to fuck her hard? Are you challenging me, Min Yoongi?”

“If that’s what you want to call it, then sure.”

Jin keeps quiet but shakes his head in reply as he steps forward, pushing yoongi out of the way. “Fine then, we’ll see who can make her cum the hardest. I’m sure she’ll easily pick the winner.” he says before turning his attention to you.

“Are you ready, y/n?” jin asks, not giving you a chance to reply, he reaches around you and unties the belt around your hands before retreating to his original position.

His reaction was almost instant. He pushed you back against the mattress and pulled your legs out from underneath you before planting himself in between your thighs.

He reaches his hand forward towards your clit and immediately uses his thumb to brush along your sensitive bud, making you shiver with anticipation. He smirks at your reaction before turning his head to Yoongi who was silently watching the two of you in the corner and his hand wrapped tightly around the base of his shaft. “Pass me a condom. there should be one in my coat pocket.” He says there’s a few shuffling sounds in the background and you hear a few words exchange between both of them, but you’re too focused on Jin’s smooth finger rubbing against your clit to pay attention to their conversation.

Seconds later, you hear Yoongi shuffle back to his place and his finger disappearing from your clit- much to your dismay- the same time you heard the sound of the foil packaging being discarded before you feel the tip of Jin’s cock press against your your entrance. Your eyes lock with Jin’s and he gives you the slightest hint of a smirk before he pushes him deep into you.

“You’re so tight. Holy fuck, I don’t know if I’ll be able to last very long.” He groans as he slowly rolled his hips into yours. The pace is going unbearably slow so you slightly lift your hips up to meet with his thrusts but his hands clasp down on you before you can even reach his hips and by now, he’s stopped the roll of his hips and his gaze is trapped to yours in a lustful glare.

“Did I say you could take control? Is that what you want? Well no, not today. Maybe you can try again another day.” He growls and you do nothing but stare back at him with your bottom lips trapped in between your lips.

“Alright. I’m sorry, just please keep going.” You beg, and just for extra measure, you clench your walls around him and almost instantly, something snaps within him. He immediately pulled his hips back and slammed into you with a powerful force, had he not been holding onto your hips, you would’ve hit the headboard of the bed by now. Low grunts and a string of mumbled curse words file out of his mouth as he continuously thrusting into you, if possible, his pace was picking up with each thrust and within a few seconds, you felt the familiar feeling of your body lighting up with heat and electricity while the death defying squeeze in your stomach signalled your oncoming high.

You felt his hands leave your hips and move to your wrist grabbing on them and pinning them above your head - making him hover on top of you, while creating a new angle, which makes your eyes roll to the back of your head in pleasure.

“Are you gonna cum, babe? Cum for me- fuck- like I know you can.” He grunted as he pounded himself deeper into you, making you whimper weakly until you felt your body tense up and the knot in your stomach unravel before you clenched your walls around him and came all around him. Your breathing grew heavier as he continued reaching for his high in you, making the fucked out face he had on even more desirable for you.

Seconds later, you watched as his eyes scrunched tighter together as he brought his bottom lip in between his teeth before you felt his warm seed fill up the condom encasing him. He rolled his hips into a couple more times to ride out his high before pulling out of you and dropping down and rolling beside you. You shut your eyes as you took in the buzzing sensation that continued fizzling in your stomach before Jin’s voice broke the silence, “Do you think you can last another round? Because it’s Yoongi’s turn and I think he really needs some help.”

Your eyes snap open at the mention of Yoongi’s name. You’d completely forgotten that he was there watching the two of you. The thought made your face heat up into a flushed state.

You propped yourself up on your elbows just as Yoongi stood up from his seat and made his way to you- after slipping a condom down on his shaft, “Are you still willing to go again?” He asked, unwrapping his hand from his shaft and dropping it to his side. You could barely find the energy to nod, but seeing how hard and impatient he was getting, made you feel bad for even thinking of rejecting him so with a weak voice, you replied with a small, ‘Yeah.’

And that was all it took before he lay down on your bed and picked you up by your hips before positioning you so you were standing up on your thighs, which were planted on either side of his face, and your dripping core just centimetres above his lips.

By now, Jin had climbed off the bed and disposed off the condom and sat at the seat in the corner to watch the two of you with a hand wrapped around the base of his cock.

Dinner and a show.

“Since you seem pretty fucked out, I’ll do all the work first, how does that sound?” He asks and you nod in reply, not being to form any words as his warm breath hits you core. His voice is incredibly raw and husky that you wonder how many times is moans have been drowned out by the cries of pleasure from both you and Jin, but your thoughts are stopped once you feel him loop his arm around your thighs, pulling you down to meet with his awaiting mouth.

A small gasp escapes your mouth as your hands fly down to his scalp. Your fingers immediately tangle themselves in between his strands while you grind your clit against his flattened tongue.

Your back arched with your jaw falling slack while he uses his lips to suck in the folds of your clit while his tongue slips between his lips and pushes into your entrance. “Fuck, Yoongi.. Right there…” You trail off as your grip on his strands tighten and your body grow limp from the amount of pressure his tongue is pressing into you. You rolled your hips along his mouth, following the pace his tongue was going as it slipped in and out of you. Each thrust of his tongue brought you a step closer to the edge as you  found your other hand travel down your body to join his lips in the attack on your clit. Your thumb immediately finds the sensitive bud and you press the pad of your thumb down, making you unknowingly clench your walls around his tongue.

You feel your body begin to shake as you feel the knot in your stomach begin to form. You rack your brain to find the right words to tell of your close orgasm, but from the swirl of Yoongi’s tongue and his lips sucking ominously onto your clit clears all of the vocabulary you have in your mind and instead small whimpers and moans drop out of your mouth. Thankfully he catches on quickly and pulls his lips from you.

He quickly lifts you up from his face and changes your position so you’re on your knees and your pressed down on the bed, trapped in between the mattress and Yoongi’s warm body and with his hands linked with yours and sprawled out in front of you, “Are you ready to cum hard for me babe?” He growls into your ear, letting go of one your hands to reach for his painful erection, he aligns himself against your entrance and immediately pushes himself in.

You let out a small groan at the size him, the difference between him and Jin was that he was shorter but thicker, making the stretch in you expand. “Fuck, Yoongi. You’re so thick…” You breathe out as he lets out a chuckle in reply before landing a small kiss underneath your ear lobe before he lifts himself up, making him stand on his knees. He grabs your hips, holding them up on his waist before he pulling his hips back and snapping back into you, rolling his hips against yours before pulling out and repeating the process. With each thrust, his pace picks up and in a matter of snaps, his hips are pounding into you mercilessly, it isn’t long until the lingering feeling of your high returns, making you clench yourself around him.

“Yoongi, I can’t-” The words leave your mouth in a small whimper as tears brim your eyes from the roughness of his thrusts and the stinging sensation of his skin slapping onto yours. “Me too, babe. C’mon, cum for me Y/N.” He grunts out, moving one of his hands down to your clit as he presses his thumb against the sensitive bud, making you jolt forward from the sudden sensation, but pulls you in closer to your approaching orgasm. After a few more thrusts, you push your hips down against him before your release washes over you. At the same time, you feel Yoongi shoot his warm seed into his condom. He rolls his hips into a few times before pulling out of you.

Youngish crashes down beside you seconds later and the room is filled with soft pants and Jin’s low groans as he finishes himself off for what must’ve been the fifth time then from the erotic scene unravelling before him. After a few pumps, he stands up and makes his way to the two of you, with Yoongi getting up to dispose of his condom before returning to his spot on the bed.

“So, who won? And who do you think has the better dick?” Jin asks after a few seconds of silence.

You chuckle in reply before turning your head between the two boys as you come up with your answer, “I honestly don’t have an opinion on your penis sizes, but I think Jin won this one. Sorry Yoongi.” You say, turning your head to look over at him with a sorry look.

“That’s not fair, I just went easy on you, let me try again some other day, I’ll make you cum harder than you ever will.” He promises as he drapes his arm around your bare torso.

“Honestly, I don’t think he’ll be able to beat me.” Jin whispers into your ear. The comment was so shameless, you couldn’t help but snicker in reply, earning a strange look from Yoongi.

“Don’t worry about it, maybe I’ll take you up on that offer someday soon.”

I finally got some decent writing done today and might be able to update Winter Song soon? If not tomorrow, then definitely Tuesday. (Honestly, it’s going to depend on how work treats me tomorrow.)

This chapter gave me fits, you guys. I finally had to split it in two because of how lengthy it got, and what I’m left with is still almost 8k. Who knew Episode 12 would take this many words to cover?

Half of you wanted more angst, and the other half wanted fluff. It took me a while, but I think I found a good compromise that felt just right.

Thank you for your patience! You guys have been so incredibly sweet these last few weeks while I’ve been struggling to keep my head above water. I really appreciate that. *hugs*

Alternative Interpretations of Body Language, Part 1

So I found this cool table in one of my ‘how to be a therapist’ textbooks that seems like it’d be super helpful to writers. There’s a lot of lists out there of emotions are linked to certain expressions and gestures, but not many that go the other way around - providing alternative ways you (or other characters within your stories) can interpret body language.

I’ve adapted it to be a little more understandable. 

Under the jump because it’s long.

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I love your omegaverse! I want to know everything about it 😍 how do ruts work in this world? Can omegas of all genders become pregnant? I know you said bonding marks aren't permanent, but is there any way to permanently bond to a mate? Once yuuri's out of his heat haze, will he still be desperate for viktor? Or more calm? Sorry for so many questions, I just love this world you've built! Much love ❤️

I’m glad you’re enjoying my little a/b/o world! ❤️💕 I’ll see if I can answer these questions well enough for you:

1. Yes, there are ruts. But they’re not very regular. I know there was some interest in seeing Victor go into rut, which I might do at some point (any real interest in a side-story for this or something?). But it wouldn’t be until he’d been off suppressants for a while. They’re so irregular, you really can’t plan for them. 😂

2. Any Omega can become pregnant, as can anyone with a uterus. It makes for a large portion of the population that are able to reproduce (which is probably why natural selection allowed secondary genders). But I won’t be dealing with mpreg in YCPfE.

3. To my knowledge there is no way to make bonds permanent. It has to do with stimulation of the scent gland, so it’s impossible for a single bite to continually do that. HOWEVER, you can become habituated to it, so each bond bite lasts longer. Even to a point that between a long-term couple, a bond might last a week. But it would still need to be refreshed, and most couples enjoy the bonding enough it’s a more regular occurrence than that. 

4. Oh goodness, yes. While Yuuri is in heat, he’ll be desperate for Victor. The heat haze (the feverish blur) doesn’t last the whole thing (sometimes days, sometimes hours, depending). But the need for dick? That lasts the whole week. You’ll just have to see how calm/not-calm he gets once the haze is gone. 😜

If you have any other questions, or want clarification, just let me know. 

Insecurities [Yoongi]

Originally posted by ky-ngsoo

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 2,009

Spending your whole day cooped up in a classroom was never a good thing. 

It wasn’t a big deal though, you always managed to survive. You were always proud of your ability to keep your emotions in check and just channel all your energy into working. Your friends always commented on how that must be the reason why you were so good at dealing with Yoongi.

Not everyone understood how Yoongi and you clicked. No one would’ve thought the two of you would end up as couple, many continuously asking you if it was some stupid dare or prank. You could understand their confusion; Yoongi was a more laid back, ‘I don’t give a fuck’ kind of guy while you were a very orderly person. 

But there were traits that Yoongi and you had in common that made the whole relationship work. You both dreaded the cold, often opting to stay in and submerged in blankets then trudge through the snow outside. When you or Yoongi were passionate about something, the both of you could talk for hours and defend your opinions. Stubborn to the core and lovers of dark coffee, you two managed to work things out. 

You tiredly rubbed at your eyes, feeling a headache forming from the long lecture you had just gone through. Glancing at your watch, you cursed quietly under your breath, breaking into a sprint towards the train station. The next train was arriving in five minutes and you heard that the train times were spaced out today due to construction. If you missed this one, it would take at least half an hour before you got home. 

Pumping your legs to go faster, you slipped through the doors and into the station just in time to watch the train pull away. “Fuck…” You opened up your phone to see a couple messages from Yoongi.

Yoongi: Jin made some extra food for you since you have exams coming up and probably aren’t eating enough. I’ll be over in five minutes.

You groaned, he had sent that while you had still been in class. The professor had held the whole class back, launching into a long winded rant about tips to survive the exam season. It would’ve been helpful if they didn’t dwell on the same five tips, just reworded each time. Your eyes moved to the next few texts that had been sent a while after his first one.

Yoongi: I’m outside, forgot my keys. Can you let me in?

Yoongi: Jagi, it’s seriously cold out here. At least answer me.

Yoongi: Are you doing a project or something? Or are you just straight up ignoring me?

You quickly tapped out a vague reply, apologizing for the late reply and that you were on your way home but there were delays going on and you’d be late. As guilty as you felt, your whole body and mind was exhausted from the long day. 

Your classes were super early and a lot of them were back to back, leaving you little room to fit in time to take a breather. Your lunch time had been cut short since the leadership club you helped out was missing people for the fundraiser they were arranging at lunch time and begged you to fill in. While you didn’t mind helping out, it left you with no time to eat at all. 

Waiting for a reply from Yoongi, you watched the message change and alert you that Yoongi had read it. Receiving no reply, you guessed that he was probably upset with you. You rolled your eyes, you couldn’t be bothered with Yoongi’s little tantrum when you had a paper due tomorrow that you had barely even taken a crack at yet. Once the paper was finished, you would head to the dorm and make it up to him. 

You squeezed out of the overfilled train and started the walk towards your apartment. Your feet felt sore already from all the running around you did today and you just wanted to sleep. ‘Once I finish this paper and read the assigned textbook pages, then I can sleep.’

Climbing up the stairs to your apartment floor, which was luckily very close to the lobby, your eyebrows shot up at the sight of Yoongi crouched in front of your apartment door. Judging from his expression, he hadn’t moved since he arrived to your apartment. A part of you was worried for him and his health, but another part of you was too exhausted to care. He didn’t have to stay and be so reckless.

“Look who finally showed up,” Yoongi drawled, the venom in his voice quite obvious. You rolled your eyes at the jab, brushing past his crouched form to unlock the door. He followed you in, stomping his feet in an almost childlike manner that people usually didn’t associate with Yoongi. But Yoongi had always been more relaxed around you, more boyish than serious.

“You knew I had class today,” was your only reply to his biting comment. With everything you had on your plate right now, dealing with Yoongi’s tantrum was not on it. Countless assignments were waiting for you and you still had to tidy up your apartment for your parent’s visit this weekend. 

“Yeah, I knew your last class finished over an hour ago. Couldn’t have at least answered your phone earlier to tell me that you weren’t gonna bother coming home anytime soon?” Your brain understood that Yoongi was upset with waiting so long for you and rationalized that he was probably worried too, but you were just so irritated with how the day had went that you didn’t want to have to deal with this right now.

“Look Yoongi, I’m really busy right now and I’m sorry that you waited this long but I’ll make it up to you later, okay?” you grounded out, trying to hold back your anger. “So let’s just leave it at that for now and we’ll pick up once things are less hectic.”

“The classic; Y/N running away from her problems again, dropping them to the side like that will make them fade away,” Yoongi scoffed, glaring at you. 

You straightened your back, coming up to your full height as your whole body tensed from his comment. Yoongi knew you better than anyone else and to hear him using your weaknesses against you was a new and bitter experience. With him fueling your anger, you replied with, “Don’t act like you’re any different. It’s one of the few similarities we have.”

“But I do face my problems. I don’t blame them on others like you, I’m not a selfish and controlling, cold-hearted bitch like you. You couldn’t have thought about me for a second and sent me a text that you were going to be late? Even when you come home to find me waiting for you, you still blame it all on me,” he hissed, no longer restraining himself. “I’m fucking sick of your attitude. You make it so hard to love you and sometimes I wonder why I even bother.”

It was as if as soon as those words left Yoongi’s mouth that he realized the true weight they carried. Your strong demeanor crumpled as Yoongi’s words cut through you like knives. While you were known for being indifferent to people’s opinions about you, Yoongi’s opinions always mattered to you and to hear him openly admit that he didn’t know why he bothered loving you was a harsh blow.

Tears were pouring down your face before you even knew it and you stumbled back away from Yoongi as if he had physically struck you. ‘He might as well have,’ you mused to yourself bitterly. 

His mouth opened again as his eyes showed his regret. He hadn’t intended to say those words at all, confused as to where they even came from. “Wait, I didn’t mean that at all. I don’t know why I even said that-”

“Really, Yoongi?” you growled, voice shaky and higher than usual from how your throat was constricted by the tears. “Or did you just never expect to say them straight to my face? Well, thanks for informing me of all my faults. So sorry you had to deal with a bitch like me but consider yourself lucky cause you won’t have to anymore.”

“Wait Y/N, that’s not what I meant at all!” he cried out, reaching for your hands only for you to pull them away. He was growing more desperate and frantic, lunging forward to embrace you in his arms. “Please just listen to me, you know that I say things I don’t mean when I’m angry.”

“Are you sure you don’t mean them? Cause you sounded very sure when you said them,” you muttered, voice dull as you tried to contain your emotions and slip into an emotionless mask. It was normal for you to do this when you got too upset to handle the situation. It proved to be quite difficult with the tears still streaming down your cheeks.

“Y/N, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me and sometimes I just get so insecure that one day you’ll decide to leave me. You deserve so much better and yet you deal with my lazy ass and harsh personality. I’m not a fan favorite and everyone knows that, I say whatever is on my mind and I don’t sugar coat things at all. And, I don’t know, I got insecure about it and lashed out at you as if it would make you stay,” Yoongi mumbled into your hair and you were surprised to feel him shaking against you. This was the first time that Yoongi had ever admitted this to you and you were floored by the sincerity in his voice. He had honestly been scared and worried that you would leave him.

Taking your silence as encouragement to continue, he continued speaking. “We’re so different some times that I can’t help but wonder why you ever agreed to date me. Someone like Jungkook would fit you way better. He’s great at everything and confident, someone who would compliment you easily. Really there’s so many people that would be better for you but you chose me. I know you and Namjoon were hitting things off but you still chose me instead and that confuses me. 

“We’re polar opposites and I just get so nervous that one day you’ll realize that you could do better and leave. I’ve been so nervous the past few days with you being so busy with prepping for exams and I know you’re just irritated because of that but a part of me believes you’re just fed up with me. I guess today just kind of set me off and made me explode and take it out all on you. I just wanted to blame my insecurities on you when I know I should just calm down and I’m so sorry that I hurt you.” He reached out his fingers to brush your cheek, drawing your face closer to his. His lips lightly kissed your tears, feather-light touches that brushed away your tears until there were no more. 

You leaned into his touch, relaxing in his calming touch as the both of you calmed down. The tension slowly faded away until you were both basking in each other’s presence. 

“You know,” you started, voice still hoarse from all the crying and yelling. “You have nothing to worry about. I love you more than anything and I wouldn’t change that for anyone.”

“Really?” Yoongi shifted his head from its resting place in the crook of your neck, eyeing you down curiously. 

“Really.” You smiled at him, bringing your lips to his. “Don’t let your insecurities get to you cause you’re the only one I love.”

The both of you stayed like that, resting your foreheads against each other, completely forgetting about all the other worries you guys had because the only thing that mattered was that you guys had each other.

a/n: such a rough ending ahhh. i know i’ve been seriously neglecting my requests lately so here’s one that was requested a long time ago. i actually had quite a bit saved for it that just never got finished so here it is finally!

to anyone with requests that still haven’t been answered or wish to request, i apologize in advance for the long wait in getting them out. honestly i can only ever write for my requests when i’m inspired and that takes quite a while tbh. anyways, don’t feel afraid to request! they’ll be answered, though the time for each one varies so please be patient with me!

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*sdfbwrogoboiwrobg* starts playing. HELL YES, I CAN. I never knew how much i needed this until now. I love her, oh my god. (I imagined if Allura ever got short hair, it would be fluffy, big and all over the place.) 

My Kallura shipping ass has got some theories about how allura would get short hair below: 

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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH !!!! I got the prints today !!! They’re like SO PRETTY ! I’m happy how they turned out ! I can’t wait to ship those to their respective owner ! Thank you so much for your support so far I’m SO HAPPY and I’m SO excited to actually design more print ! I’ve SO MANY planned in my head omg !!! AGAIN THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!

DerpCraft: How Many Dates Does It Take?
  • Galm: You know one of the things I really love about Smarty? It's that you can completely shut him down by talking to him about sex.
  • Chilled: *calls Smarty while he's not streaming, but everyone else is*
  • Tom: Oh my <i>god</i>, Chilled
  • Smarty: *answering the phone* Oh hey, I was just about to call you. I'm escaping work.
  • Chilled: Oh, awesome, cool, I just had a quick question. Uh, we haven't started yet, we're just getting things together. This is more I guess for my own personal thing, so don't talk to the other guys about this, uh-
  • Smarty: I can <i>not</i> hear you, hold on one sec
  • Aphex: *cry-laughing*
  • Chilled: Ok, how was work bro?
  • Galm: He's gonna reveal a bunch of private details
  • Chilled: You there though?
  • Smarty: Yeah, what's up?
  • Chilled: So, serious question, and I need to kinda know- after how many dates you have sex with a woman? Like, is it two? Three?
  • Smarty: ... What?
  • Chilled: Like, I'm just- I'm in three years of dates, like, is it three dates? Did I get the numbers confused? How many-
  • Smarty: Can I just ask you a question? Are you currently on the livestream?
  • Chilled: NO! We haven't started yet- Aphex, being typical Aphex, didn't show up yet. I think we said 5pm-
  • Smarty: Hold on, wait, what?
  • Chilled: So, three dates? Alright, we'll talk about it more afterwards, get back safe buddy.
  • Smarty: ... I can tell you're on the livestream right now
  • Aphex: <i>*wheezing*</i>
  • Chilled: I'm not livestreaming, cross my heart. I am not live streaming.
  • Smarty: ... I just checked <i>Twitter</i>?
  • Chilled: ... Well, maybe <i>they're</i> livestreaming. Smarty, I gotta go something's going on, there's a creeper in my house, bye Smarty-
Music Monday - テンペスト(Tempest)

Hello Quotakus!! Today’s feature will be テンペスト(Tempest) by 宮野真守 (Miyano Mamoru)!!!

Alot of you may have known him for being a voice actor for many famous anime series such as Death NoteMobile Suit Gundam 00Ouran High School Host Club, AND MANY MORE!!!!! 

He began his career as a musician in 2007 & released his first album “Break” in 2009. And he also have great songs such as How Close You Are, SHOUT!The Birth, etc~~!

Do check him out! (b ~_^)b d(^_^ d) and have an awesome Monday!!

Like many people, I wasn’t really happy with what happened between Alec and Magnus in 2x07. They deserved more. More conversations, more intimacy, and more (screen)time. Magnus especially deserved to be heard more. 

Never fear, as usual fandom provided, and like many people, I’ve been reading coda, episode tags, and lots of fix-its.

Below, you can find my favorites, to tide you over until the new episode arrives. If you’re looking for even more fic recs, you can find all my shadowhunter bookmarks here and my tumblr fic rec tag here.


So Quite New by succor

Alec proposes sex. Magnus is emphatically on board with this plan.

Lapse by sailec | @sailec

Magnus trips a little over his own feet as Alec backs him further into the bedroom, making their hold on each other tighten. For a moment it’s impossible not to get lost in it, not to open his mouth for Alec’s tongue and grab at the back of his shirt, allowing Alec’s big hands to hold him steady while he kisses him deeper.

“Wait,” Magnus says and finally breaks away, the two of them still standing so close he can feel Alec’s breathing, the way it’s gone heavy. He closes his eyes, the tips of Alec’s fingers playing with the hair at the nape of his neck, and the want in his body curses the words that come next. “We should – wait.”

Of Laughter and Lima Beans by ACGfics | @ameliacgormley

This seems to have come out of nowhere. One moment they’re making their first tentative forays into heavy necking and light petting and suddenly Alec is talking about “the next step.”

‘I think we’re pole-vaulting over a few steps here, my dear.’

The sudden leap shows. The energy in these kisses is all wrong. Thoroughly pleasant and full of potential, yes. Absolutely. Without a doubt. But still wrong. Not since he charged the wrong way down the aisle at his own wedding has Alec kissed Magnus like this, as though afraid that if he doesn’t keep plunging ahead, he’ll falter and turn back.

Maybe that was necessary at the wedding. For Alec to stop his life mid-course and veer off in an entirely new direction took tremendous courage and one hell of a leap of faith. Magnus knows that. He’ll be eternally grateful that the leap carried Alexander in his direction.

But sex between them shouldn’t be something Alec needs to psyche himself up for.

shine a light by ithilien22 | @ithilien-writes

The last time Magnus let someone in, it nearly destroyed him. He’s not sure if he can do it again.

If It’s What You Want by oncethrown | @oncethrown

They both know that there’s something special between them. They both know that being vulnerable can open you up to amazing things some times.

Sex, though.

It never goes the way you imagined.

Magnus knows that. Alec doesn’t.

Warm In Your Light by RedOrchid | @actuallyredorchid

It’s far too easy, letting himself be swept away.

Anafase by rikke_leonhart | @rikkeleonhart

There are different kinds of want and they are learning them together. A conversation that should have been had.

A Rebel Without a Cause

This is my first ever imagine I just thought it would be a cute idea to write about Jughead especially since Cole Sprouse is such a babe. If anyone has any requests feel free to message me because I want to start writing more.

Words: 742

Today was the last night the Drive-In would be open before it was demolished. Your best friend Kevin had convinced you to go especially since Betty said she wasn’t feeling up to go. In the end it had ended up being Kevin, Veronica, and you at the Drive-In together. You remembered how every Friday you use to come to Twilight and hangout with Jughead and his little sister Jellybean. This place had so many great memories for you and it hurt to know that by this time tomorrow most of it will be gone forever, you couldn’t even begin to imagine how Jughead must be feeling. You two haven’t spoken in over five months, you had no idea why your friendship had an abrupt ending but you intended to finally confront him about it tonight. 

“Kevin get us a refill” Veronica asked. He groaned but Cheryl Blossom shoved the bucket into his hands and asked for a coke.

“I’ll go with you Kevin. I have to look for Jughead anyways.” Veronica raises her brow at me and opens her mouth to speak until Cheryl cuts her off. “Oh finally going to make up with your mysterious lover?” I rolled my eyes at her. “We aren’t lovers but yes I am going to go talk to him if you must know carrot top.” Cheryl and I have always had a tense relationship ever since you stated that Jason had been a player and was at fault for hurting Polly Cooper. Kevin pulled you away before Cheryl could say anything back to you. “I wouldn’t suggest you starting any problems with Cherry Bombshell especially now that the police are investigating anyone that hate the Blossom’s family.” I sighed as I asked the blonde kid at the counter if he knew where Jughead was. 

As I walk to the door of the small building I notice Alice Cooper rushing towards her car with Fred Andrews right behind her. Interesting.  I knock on the door to the projector building and wait a couple seconds until Jughead opens the door. His 6′0 frame towering over me. “Are you just going to stare at me all night?” he barks at me. Tears begin to fall down my cheeks as I tackle Juggy into a bear hug. “You don’t know how much I’ve missed you Juggy. It’s so weird without you. I’m so sorry if I did anything to hurt you, you know I would never want to hurt you.” 

I certainly caught him by surprised. “Y/N. I-It’s just- Look I don’t think Reggie will want to hear that you were with me.” I looked up at him with a puzzled look. “Reggie? Why would he care?” Jughead avoided my gaze and said nothing. “Juggy what did Reggie say to you? Is he the reason you stopped talking to me?” 


“For fucksake Forsythe Jones will you just tell me what he said to you?!” 

“He said that I stood in the way of him getting laid and if I didn’t back off he was going to get Chuck and some other guys to sticky maple you.” You stepped back slightly. “He wanted to sticky maple me?” you stepped back a little more and fell over and started crying again. Reggie had taken you to the formal and you thought his feelings were genuine. Jughead picks you up and places you on a bed. “I didn’t know what to do so I listened to Reggie and I left you alone. I’m sorry but I didn’t want to risk you getting slut shamed especially since I know the only guy you have ever kissed was Archie.”

 “I never kissed Archie. I’ve never kissed anyone. I waited because I wanted my first kiss to be special.” He laughed at me “Wow have you placed yourself in the Princess Diaries all of a sudden?” I pushed him off the bed. He grabbed my arm and pulled me down with him.



“Can I kiss you?” he simply nodded as I pressed my lips against his. Our lips fell in sync and I felt butterflies as I went to slip my tongue into his mouth. Our kiss had quickly turned into a heated make out session until Kevin walked in. 

“Are you guys trying to make Jughead Jones the fourth?!” He yelled from the door. “Of course not we’d name him Kevin Cockblock the second” Jughead responded before kissing you again.

I made and posted this edit on my Instagram (@/thepuggylover101) yesterday, but I’ve been seeing more posts and decided to put it here.

Like many others, I’m worried about Jack. He’s been absent on social media for an abnormally long time, and I know he’s trying to have some time to himself after the whole situation, but I still worry.

Hopefully he knows just how much we love him and hopefully this shows him just how much we’ve changed his life for the better. It’s hard right now, but we as a community will get out of it. I know we will. Just give it time.

Sean, if you happen to read this, thank you. You mean the world to us and we want to show how much we care. Take as much time as you need, but know we, the community, are always here for you if you need anything at all. We love you so much.