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How about the RFA and their first fight with MC?

(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و Gotcha! I hope you enjoy em!


- Picking up studying and maintaining his LOLOL life was becoming increasingly difficult each day

-You always tried your best to support him, though! Unfortunately, it was starting to have a few downsides

-Sometimes you’d get roped into playing his game for him during an event, or having to help him study even though you were busy with your own

-Helping him study wasn’t too bad; it was just LOLOL at the most part. You’d never played an MMORPG before him. They looked way too difficult, and your assumptions were right! His guild had helped you, almost babied you at first, with the events. But this one was a big one-time event?

- Of course, you managed to screw it up. You only had a bit of practice as you were busy with your own schedule

-Annnd that is what led to your first argument.

-”What? How could you mess this up? The temple was such a low level!”

-He just wouldn’t stop yelling and fussing at you. Before long the shame ate you up too much, and you just outright started sobbing right there. Becoming a blubbering mess trying to explain that you just weren’t good enough at this game yet.

-As soon as you started crying, Yoosung stopped his yelling. He just stood there at first, in a bit of shock, and then carefully wrapped his arms around you- Fully hugging you tight when you leaned into him.

-He let you cry for a bit, him nearly tearing up as well, as he realized he was being a little too harsh on you. (Good job Yoosung)

-After a good bit, he pulled away so he could look you in the face and apologize. Nothing half-assed either! 

-You too had a long talk, full of hand holding, hugs, and small kisses. He was going to stop pressuring you so much with his game. And, well, he really should take a break on it if it was making the both of you stressed now, instead of just him. The weekends were always there to play!


- “What do you mean it’s not cute?”

-Zen looked confused at your worried over the drawing in his hand. His fan-letters were nothing new, but the increase in them after you two had started dating publicly were a little concerning.

-Especially with this one showing a high-leveled drawing of him and the fan from the letter. It was truly a great picture! But the fact that they were in a kissing embrace, and that it was sent to him, made you worry about how much these letters were disclosing.

-Especially after a few you had witnessed were shaming you.

- “It’s just something that happens when you get famous! You’ll understand, babe.”

- Instant frown, and Zen realized he maybe shouldn’t call you a pet name at this moment.

- “Can you at least stop shoving it in my face, or would you rather be with the girl in the picture that badly?” Oops.

- Shock was all over his face, and even though you were glaring, you felt immediately disgusted with yourself for being so petty. But, damnit! He started shoving those love letters in your face always!

- Pretty soon, one thing led to another and you guys landed in your first argument. Then everything started coming out- The jealously, the smoking, him kissing other girls on stage. You felt so petty, but in your anger you let everything off of your chest. And so did he.

- After the both of you cooling off for a bit, and you crying, you slowly made your way to the rooftop he was on. You didn’t know if he was cooled off yet, but you called out his name anyway. When he glanced at you, and offered a small smile, you immediately started spilling out apologies. And he did too, hugging you and countering all of your apologies with his own.

-Afterwards, you two calmly discussed some things the both of you were worried/jealous about, and made sure to have healthy discussions about it in the future rather than exploding on each other. 

-(He also promised to have a talk on his blog about the more NFSW letters)


-It was hard to stay mad at her for too long. Both of you were adults! You would even argue she was moreso of an adult than you were.

-But it seemed you were more adult than her in some aspects

-Like the fact she was literally running herself ragged with the coffee shop.

-You could tell her small cold had gotten worse due to how hard she would work and refuse to rest- Or to even close the shop early.

-Add that to the fact she refused to hire teens with no job experience, too worried that they wouldn’t be able to handle it, and you had the both of you exhausted before the shop was even closed.

-Knowing she wouldn’t listen to you much about her health- “I’m fine, I promise.”- You decided to ask Jumin for some help. Just a little- Because he knew her work persona much better than you did.

-After a few bad, horrible, suggestions from Jumin on how to get her to rest, you finally took matters into your own hands

-You hired one of the teens that had been rejected.

-He was great at his interview! Very passionate and already knew a bit of needed info about coffee shops.

-But when Jaehee saw him in a uniform, she took you to the back office for a discussion. 

-”Mc, do you not trust my opinion??”

“I do, but not when it’s biased and makes no sense!”

-Arguments for a long time. So long that the new hire ended up managing the cafe while the two of you bickered, and even though he wasn’t fully trained, he did a great job.

-When Jaehee huffed out of the back office, realizing how much time had passed, and saw how well he did. Well. She did start to feel a bit silly.

-Once the two of you calmed down through-out the day while working, you two walked home and talked the whole time in a much more civil and calm manner. You apologizing for going behind her back, and her apologizing for her stubbornness.

-of course you watched a Zen dvd when the two of you got home ya nerds


-The two of you lasted so long without an argument. So long!! But eventually, every couple has one.

-It wasn’t about work, or Elizabeth 3rd, or even you spending his money. In fact, it was about the lack of you spending his money. Even sometimes refusing gifts he bought you because they were so expensive and a bit unnecessary.

-You weren’t used to spending so much money. You grew up sometimes having to rely on neighbors for food, or grandparents. Not spending over 100 on one meal like the two of you did daily.

-Today, you rejected another one of his gifts. You never were harsh about it, just politely saying he didn’t have to and you were fine without it. 

-Slowly, he put the necklace back in the box. “Mc, are you wanting to continue our relationship?”

-You’ve never had your heart nearly rip out of your chest so fast. 


-He went on to explain. He was worried about this since you never accepted his gifts anymore, that he was a bit stressed about it now.

-You tried explaining how you just didn’t like spending money so uselessly, so excessively, but he kept interrupting you saying that money wasn’t an issue.

-”Damnit, Jumin! I’m saying it is an issue! Not all of us like throwing our money like some pompous rich asshole!”

-Well. You didn’t mean that he was an asshole, but he certainly took it that way. And you couldn’t really blame him.

-He just. Left. Picked up Elizabeth 3rd and excused himself to the bedroom to work.

-Oh god did the two of you just break up?

-He stayed in there for hours. You cried, got angry at yourself, cried again. Once you had finally calmed down, you saw Elizabeth 3rd trotting down the hall to join you on the couch.

-Thankful for some outside comfort, you shyly petted her while glancing up at Jumin.

-He looked very stressed and tired, but he sat down beside you anyway.

-Immediately you explained your reasoning in a better way, and he listened. You apologized many times for the indirect insult, trying to explain you weren’t trying to pull a Zen on him, and he stopped you.

-”I..Actually called Zen for a bit of advice.”

-Oh my god.

-After him explaining his side of things as well- His worries of you constantly rejecting his gifts meaning you were rejecting him- and how Zen explained a few things, you two slowly started cuddling on the couch.

-After a long discussion, you decided to learn to accept some expensive gifts, and he learned not to try to buy you something every single day.


-The two of you were bound to have an argument eventually.

-He was sweet and funny most of the time, but every now and then he’d slip into a very depressed mood. Especially if it was caused by another one of Saeran’s meltdowns.

-He was quick to blame himself for everything, and if you tried to cheer him up he’d actually lash out at you at times.

-Tonight wasn’t that different. It was just a matter of him lashing out and you losing your last straw. After a few bouts of yelling, you announced he could sleep by his damn self if he was going to continue pushing you away.

-The fact that he actually agreed made you even more pissed off.

-Though when you went to the spare bedroom, you ended up crying your eyes out. It really hurt that he kept pushing you away.

-After distracting yourself (Aka, funny videos and talking to Jaehee and Yoosung about the argument), you eventually fell asleep.

-In the morning, however, you woke up to find him cuddled up next to you- Holding you tight to his chest.

-(you nearly hit him because you werent expecting him in the morning)

-After scaring you a bit on accident, he calmly apologized. Trying his best to explain how he didn’t realize how badly his attitude was messing with the relationship, and how sleeping alone helped him notice.

-After a few stubborn hugs, you forgave him, and apologized for having a short temper as well.

-In the future, he always tried his best to never let it escalate to that nature again.

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romance headcanons for main 4 + goatparents+ mtt learning that their s/o is poly and which would try to set their s/o up with someone they'll both like?


- Hey, he’s chill. For the most part. Listen, he never thought he’d be able to have a singular successful relationship, so to add another partner to the mix is…well, a little bit stressful. He’s pretty cool about it, though.

- He’s gotta know how any potential partners you bring up sit with Papyrus. If they don’t get along with his brother he’s not gonna be very apt on giving them a chance.

- He might be okay with trying to set you guy’s up on a triple-date or whatever, though getting a three people booth at Grillby’s might be kinda hard. Don’t let him set up a date at Grillby’s. You’re trying to get this person to like you & having your boyfriend guzzle ketchup straight from the bottle on the first date might not be a real clincher.


- He’s confused at first, but definitely into it. More date-mates just means more love to share & take part in!! He’d be the one to try & set you up with another/more partners. Of course he has no worries that you’ll all get along in the long run, after all–he has good taste, & you have good taste (because you’re dating him, aren’t you?), so if this person is into your or him (or both) obviously they’ll have good taste too! & ultimately date you both!! Because you’re both good things…to taste?? You know what he means.

- He pulls the same moves on them that he used on you when he was first trying to figure out basic courtship rituals. Chocolates, bouquets of fancy roses, maybe a love poem or two. A lotta cheesy, silly stuff to try & test the waters/ease them into the idea of joining your relationship as another partner.

- He insists that the first date you all have together take place at home, where he can cook them a fancy dinner. He’s convinced that having a familiar setting around would ultimately increase his chances of a successful date, as he’d be used to the terrain & could use it to his advantage. He could show them his collection of MTT-Brand action figures!! Everyone loves sexy robots!!!


- She’s a little bit iffy about it. She was so pumped to be the one dating you, that having to share makes it feel like a competition. Not that she doesn’t love the chance to show chumps just how quickly she can kick their asses–but when it comes to dating, it’s just…different.

- If she met someone she thought you’d both like, she’d definitely try to introduce you all to each other. She’d go through all this trouble to pre-plan a surprise date for all three of you, but that fact that neither of you know each other would probably make the whole thing blow up in her face. It was a nice thought, though.

- After she gets more comfortable with the idea, she’s all for it. More than one date-mate means more people she can carry around & show off to! Don’t be surprised if she throws you onto her back for a piggy-ride, then sweeps your other partner into her arms before taking off at the speed of light. Her carrying you both around becomes the new norm pretty fast.


- The idea is kind of nerve-wracking for her. Finding out that you like her enough to date her was a definite plus, but finding out that you want to add another partner to your relationship makes her really nervous. What if they don’t like her? What if she doesn’t like them? What if you like them more than her? There’s a lot that she’s worried about.

- She’d offer to try to find a suitable partner for you both, but her way of “meeting” someone would probably be by putting up a profile on one of the UnderNet’s dating sites. It uh…doesn’t go well, to put it lightly. Think of a romcom montage where you go through a series of bad dates. Finally, she just gives up & leaves it all to you.

- Having more than one partner is actually really nice for her confidence. She adores having group anime nights with you both, having long, thought out talks about your interests & hopes for the future, going out on group dates–it all makes her feel like she really is worth having something good in her life, especially if you both like her as much as she likes you.


- It certainly is a new prospect for her. She’s very old-fashioned, but loves exploring new ideas & options, so she’s not opposed to it in the slightest. Besides, there are many new people that you could meet, surely there’s someone out there that you’d both like!

- Of course she’d love to try to introduce you to someone, but sometimes she accidentally jumps the gun & doesn’t think all of her options through. Plus, she can be really stubborn, so if you don’t like the person, or you two just don’t click, you’ll have to keep reminding her to get it through her thick skull. She keeps trying, though, which is the thing that counts the most.

- After you’ve found a partner suitable for the both of you, she does whatever she can to include you both in your day-to-day activities. Cooking, bug hunting, exploring, reading together, whatever you can imagine, she’ll find a way to get you both into it.


- Oh! He’s…unsure of how to handle it. He’s even more old-fashioned than Toriel, so having more than one partner is definitely an exciting experience for him. He’d need a lot of teaching & explanation on how to handle the relationship before you actually bring in a new partner, it’s just all so new to him.

- Even with his inexperience, he’s willing to give it a try. He’ll try to find you both a partner at least once or twice, though it’s not a very subtle tactic, as he’ll just point at someone fairly attractive & say “How about them?” Real smooth, Asgore. After a while, he just gives up & leaves it all to you.

- Dating you both is actually very nice for him. Having company is good for his lonely SOUL, so he tends to stick around at least one of you for most of the time. Sometimes he can get a little bit overworked nerve-wise though, as he’s spent so much time alone previously, so that’s when he needs some solitude. But other than those brief moments, he’ll keep you both as close as possible.


- It’s absolutely no problem for him. He’s got hoards of fans, darling, you really think having more than one partner would be a challenge for him? Nonsense, he’s all for it! He uh…kind of sees having more than one partner like having “groupies” hang around him while keeping one primary partner, so that’s something you’ll definitely have to explain.

- After he finally actually gets it, he’s very excited to try to find you both a partner or two to bring into the mix. He’d love to find someone you’d like too, so he actually sends out a call to all his fans to interview them. It’s…it’s a really bad, humiliating experience, & it’s not until you finally have to confront him & explain that what he’s doing is wrong & manipulative that he finally gives in & leaves it all to you. He just gets in over his head sometimes.

- Actually meeting & talking with the partner you introduce to him finally helps him understand what a poly relationship really is. He settles into it nicely, drowning you both in gifts & constant praise to show his appreciation for you both. Showing both of you off as his partners is his pride & joy, & it’s overall a very happy, loving relationship, despite the rocky start.

On The Road Again Pt. 1

Okay but an AU where Morty is The Flesh Curtains’ roadie.

He has no idea who the Flesh Curtains are and he doesn’t care, he just really needs a job and he’s majorly desperate. Rick and the band are stopping by on earth for a short period of time before taking off to another solar system for a tour when Morty shows up holding the flyer they put out.

The first time Rick sees him the rockstar just straight up laughs at him because Morty is this shrimpy seventeen-year-old kid who wants to be a roadie. He teases him mercilessly and asks him if he’s a fan who thought this was a good way to get backstage and why Morty wants to work for him as he teases the teen about having noodle arms.

And Morty tries to level with him.

He tells Rick that he really doesn’t care if he’s ‘famous’ and that he has no idea who the Flesh Curtains are. He just really needs this job, okay? He tells Rick he’s ready and willing to handle anything the fans OR the rockstar can throw his way. And really Morty’s trying not to sound desperate but he is, and the more Rick laughs at him the more desperate Morty gets. His dad bailed out years ago to become an actor and his mom wants to go through school and be a surgeon and his sister and him need to pitch in. They’re barely surviving as it is.

But Rick just laughs.

And Morty snaps.

He’s been turned down by literally everyone. Every position he’s applied for has been suddenly filled before he even gets an interview and he was almost molested by a manager at the one place that did hire him and he snaps ok, it’s been a long day of a long week of a long and hard life and he just punches Rick right in the face and leaves

A few hours later Morty gets a phone call and to his surprise, it’s Rick. He’s telling him how if he wants that job he needs to get down here ASAP because their gig is in 20 minutes. Morty doesn’t know how Rick even got his number but he doesn’t care, he’s grabbing his coat and dashing out the door in three minutes flat.

Morty fucking flipping his shit when he finds out Bird Person is an alien and that Rick is a part of some intergalactic weirdo band. Because he did NOT sign up for this ok? He just wanted a job not to have the fabric of his reality drastically altered.

Morty traveling all over the universe and having to beat off crazed fans and put up with Rick’s flirting 24/7 Morty being tired and overworked but he never stops.

And as time goes on, Morty becomes the only real person in Rick’s life.

Rick’s use to people kissing the ground he walks on because he’s famous. He’s used to people excusing everything. He does too many drugs and bitch slaps someone and stabs another. HAHA classic silly much loved rich person behavior but Morty is real with him. He doesn’t take Rick’s BS and he doesn’t worship him. He tells Rick when he’s being a fucking asshole and going too far and he slaps the drugs or bottle out of Rick’s hand because “S-Seriously you’re BRILLIANT. A-And you’re just gonna waste I-it like this? W-What’s wrong with you!”

At first, Rick tries to push him, just to see how far he could push the boy and if he could make Morty quit but no matter what he does, Morty just goes with it and knocks every single issue out of the park. There’ve been nights where Morty doesn’t sleep at all and you’d never know how hard he’s working. And like, Rick genuinely tries to get him to quit but he won’t and when Morty starts to put Rick in his place too, the more he stands up to him the more Rick starts to genuinely like his company.

Morty is the only person who’s ever stood chest to chest with him despite being so much smaller and refused to move. Even his own parents didn’t do that. They didn’t give a fuck what he did but for some reason this stupid curly haired kid from Earth is the one to be real with him, to tell him when he’s going too far or fucking up and there’s nothing Rick can do but respect him. The entire band has so much respect for Morty because nobody has ever put up with Rick this long. Rick doesn’t submit to anyone. He does what he wants when he wants, and absolutely nobody can stop him.

But this kid refuses to back down.

He makes their shows run smoothly, he keeps all the dates straight and keeps the crazier fans away and he’s a perfect addition to their family and to show him how grateful they are, to ease his mind, they make sure Morty’s family has everything they need.

Money? Done. Rick portals to a dimension where money literally grows on trees and comes back with more cash than they honestly know what to do with.

When they tell Morty, they kinda expect him to quit.

They’re all getting ready to say goodbye but they’re almost okay with it because Morty can go home and finish school, he can live his life and he now has the freedom to do whatever he wants. So they sit down and they’re all holding back tears and they have a ‘concert’ on Earth in a few days and so they just know Morty’s gonna bail. But when they tell him. He doesn’t quit.

He cries.

And it’s a little scary at first because they don’t understand but then he’s laughing and hugging them and telling them that they have no idea how happy he is and what this means to him and when they get back to Earth Morty insists that they come to dinner at his house because his mom wants to say thank you

Almost immediately, like as soon as they’re all seated around the table, Beth and Summer totally ask Rick if he’s dating Morty. Because why else would he give Morty money like that? And Morty is absolutely, 100% horrified by the teasing and is very happy when they head back into space because WOW.

But Rick can’t stop thinking about it.

I mean, he’s had moments where he looked at Morty and could admit that the kid was attractive or where he wondered what it would be like to fuck him. He’s flirted with the brunet too much not to have wondered at one point or another but after that dinner, with the boy’s family, he can’t stop thinking about dating Morty.

Not just fucking him like a groupie, but legitimately dating him.

After watching his own parents fight each other every step of the way, destroying each other as they destroyed their marriage, Rick vowed that he’d never do that, he’d rise above, he’d focus on science and music and whatever else was in his life that wasn’t romance, but Morty makes him want to risk it. The boy is just so fucking loyal and good hearted and made of such stronger stuff than anybody he’s ever met. Morty knows what it means to feel abandoned, to feel the world sitting on your shoulders, to dig your nails into the dirt and try to drag yourself out of the fucked up situations in your life and suddenly that’s all Rick can think about.

He realizes that, at some point and he doesn’t know when, Morty became his best friend and somebody he relied on and liked being around and it’s just like this… paradigm shift in his life, this epiphany that he suddenly can’t escape….

This is an AU collab with my baby girl @the-clairvoyant-rick she’ll be posting part 2 in a day or two so stay tuned~

Fuck It, Let’s Make a Porno!

I promised a few people, @skeletonhusbands included,  I’d make a MettatonxReader smut but since I can’t do PWP I’m splitting this up into chapters. Due to the nature of this entire plot device, and of course the eventual smut, this is gonna be in the Undertail tag, but otherwise it’s pretty SFW unless I say in the beginning that there’s (finally) smut.

Title: Fuck It, Let’s Make a Porno

Relationship: MettatonxReader

Reader Stats: Gender Neutral (AFAB), short and chubby

Is there smut in this chapter: No

Notes: I have no proofreaders or editors, I apologize for any and all mistakes. Also sorry if it’s not as IC as people would like. You can find the AO3 mirror of this here!

Chapter: 1) You, the Assistant

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How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days AU - Part 8 FINAL PART ( Bucky x Reader)

Synopsis: This is a fluffy AU based on the movie How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. This is part of @stories-from-stark-tower Stark Tower’s 3k Celebration Movie AU Challenge! You work at Radiance magazine and have been assigned the task to find a man to date and ‘lose him’ within the span of 10 days making the typical mistakes women tend to make, writing it up for your article. Easy right? Bucky Barnes is your ever so charming victim and it turns out he has his own 10 day task and may prove to be more of a challenge than you thought.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2318 
Warnings: Swearing. 
AH THIS WAS THE FINAL CHAPTER AND I AM SO SAD ITS THE END! Thank you for all your kind words I really appreciate it and a special shoutout to @poe-also-bucky who has shown me so much support and been my main motivator throughout writing this, seriously she is the greatest! If you haven’t watched the movie yet go watch it - its one of the funniest romcoms out there! (And if i had to cast anyone as the role of Ben in the movie I would cast Sebastian Stan, He’d be so great at the role!)


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Mean Queens Ch.3 (Group Fic) - NymphCAMP

Nymph’s A/N: Do we get too excited to write this and spend basically every evening doing just that? Yes, yes we do. But again, the feedback has been amazing, we’re so happy people are enjoying our little piece of shit and really getting at what we’re trying to do and we couldn’t be more thankful. It truly keeps the momentum going. In this chapter, we get to know the mean queens a little better, and find out if they truly are who they’re said to be. Toot it or boot it bitches, we’re real women standing by in real time waiting for your feedback.  

PureCAMP’s A/N: Today at school, the feedback made me gasp out loud and lifted my mood by 72943596%. Kinda feeling blessed that you guys are enjoying this, it’s really spurring us on (and the fact that we kinda love it too.) I can’t wait for you to delve deeper into the mean queen’s world and we hope you like what you see (read?) PURECAMP OUT

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Was it my work experience and ability to write gushy cover letters? Maybe. But I’m still convinced that I had been hired as an intern at Cult Records because of all my years of manifesting reality in the form of hardcore stalking the Strokes.

In high school, I read about how Cult Records hired interns off of its Street Art Team. I remember immediately signing up for the Street Art Team, slapping stickers on every street sign, handing them over to anyone who would listen to my elevator pitch for Julian Casablancas’ Phrazes for the Young, and adorning everything I owned with Cult Records swag. During my senior year, I sent an email to Cult Records asking if they had any high school internships, but I didn’t get a response. I just assumed that they received thousands of emails from fans asking the same thing, and that mine just got lost in a pool of other hopefuls.

I figured that there were a ton of people exactly like me. Tumblr crazies who walk down city streets in a Strokes T-shirt just because another fan reported meeting a member of the Strokes there. People who had gone so far down the rabbit hole that they brought up band members on a first-name basis because they see those faces on their Tumblr dashboard more than they see their IRL friends. There were a ton of people exactly like me, and a large portion of them had the work experience to back their interest in that internship. This is why I spilled coffee on myself and spelled my last name wrong when Cult Records contacted me to schedule a phone interview. For the first time in my life, I felt significant.

During my sophomore year of college, I was on a frantic search for a summer internship. I have this sense of impending doom whenever I have to discuss my life with relatives. As the “artsy” cousin, I still get a lot of low-key condescending comments about my music career. In my experience, my best clapbacks were reciting my resume. So I spent a few painstaking weeks telling companies how proficient in proficiency I am. Among the mix was Cult Records. But that was a “just for **** and giggles,” application, because I never thought that they would consider me, when so many other people stalk their Instagram looking for job opportunities.

Then of course, I got the job. By then, I had deleted my high school music blog off of Tumblr (because silly me thought my freshman roommate would think I’m creepy if I kept it). Without my 400+ followers to share my excitement with, I resorted to randomly squealing in the library whenever I thought about the job for the rest of my spring semester. But I didn’t realize how much a toll deleting my Tumblr had on my life until my first day on the job.

My aunt had bought me a new dress from H&M and I had my favorite gladiator sandals on. I stuffed my laptop in my leather drawstring backpack, and left two hours early from my sister’s apartment in Queens, because I had only a vague idea of how to take the subway to the Cult Records office. Unfortunately for me, it was pouring outside, and because my sister’s apartment door was fidgety, I could not get back inside to change. By the time I got to the office, I was half an hour too early, soaking wet, nervous about my wet laptop, and sobbing internally because of how dumb I looked. Thankfully, everyone at the office was very welcoming, and despite my nervousness throughout the day, I was excited to start working.

That summer was my chance to be the leather-wearing, New York City “cool girl” I had dreamed I’d be. However, going to school upstate without a Tumblr set me back a whole two years in the music industry. I first realized this while organizing our stock of promotional stickers, asking if I could throw out what I thought was a sticker-paper test, only to realize it was a sticker for the band COLOR (a revelation that made me want to hang my head in shame and escort myself off the premises).

Basically, that unhealthy high-school obsession with stalking bands online finally served a purpose. Of course, it was the one hobby I stopped doing, and so I had to make up for lost time. While the other interns seemed to have opinions on every band in existence, I just nodded and smiled, wrote band names down on my phone, and listened to their Spotify albums on the way home. I literally have a Spotify playlist titled “Learning How to Be Cool Again,” which is chock full of Blood Orange, Friends, and other artists I wish I had known about sooner.

If I had to summarize my experience at Cult Records, it was research, data entry, awkwardly kissing Diego from Rey Pila on the cheek (because that’s just how he greets people), and uncontrollably shaking whenever artists I used to blog about would stop by the office.  I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world. Leaving NYC at the end of the summer was rough.

Thankfully, I picked a helluva a day to be my last day at Cult Records, because that day, Julian Casablancas stopped by the office.

Julian Casablancas, the man who changed the way I wrote songs for the rest of my life. The frontman of a band whose music helped me through numerous traumatic experiences. The mind behind music that my friends and I would blast in the car on the way home from school. The man whose interviews covered my entire wall in my teenage bedroom for whenever I felt like a career in the music industry was impossible. That man was working at a desk just steps away from me wearing an oversized pullover, bracelets, and clunky brightly-colored sneakers, making phone calls.

For the love of God, Isabelle. DO NOT STARE.

When telling friends and family about that day, everyone says that I should’ve turned my flash off and snuck a pic by pretending to take a phone call. They say I should’ve slid him my music demo, or sang in front him unprovoked. But I think that that day was perfect, and I feel like a picture would’ve cheapened the experience.

As Julian was getting ready to leave the office, one of the record label associates asked him if he had met me. I spun around in my swivel chair so fast that I could’ve vomited. When I picture that moment, everything I said is on mute, but I remember his words loud and clear.

He stood up (Julian stood up to talk to ME?!?!), and shook my hand as I introduced myself. He greeted me (Julian said MY name?!?!), apologized that he’s only meeting me on my last day at Cult Records, and thanked me for all my hard work that summer, and assured me that I really was a big help (JULIAN F#!&ING CASABLANCAS JUST THANKED ME?!?!). I said it was my pleasure.

He left the office soon after, and everyone just looked back at their computer screens. I couldn’t contain myself. I just whispered “thank you,” to the associate who introduced me, and everyone laughed at how giddy I was.

So my words of advice:

  • Don’t ever let anyone tell you that your hobbies are stupid because they just might be what kick-start your career.
  • If you want to work in the music industry, know your stuff, and how to share your informed opinions on things.
  • Take baby steps and get office experience locally in order to really get noticed by recruiters for your dream internship. As much as I still believe the universe conspired to get me this job, what really gets you to where you want to be is an outstanding resume!

I hope everyone gets to meet their idols. Moreover, I hope everyone can form articulate sentences when they finally get to meet their idols.

Luke Imagine - Football Player

Requested: Yes! 
Word count: +3400
Pairing: Luke x reader
Note: Hope this is what you asked for. thank you so much for requesting. if other people wish to do so, you can message me or do it here

Request message:  “ Hello! Can you please write an imagine where I am the lead singer in a famous band and i start dating Luke Hemmings who is in the german national team? But also some other players of the german national team have feelings for me”


You hear your phone ring as you pick it up to answer.

“Is it Luke?” one of your bandmates asks you with an evil grin and then laughs. You show your tongue at her which only makes them all laugh her. You get up to leave the room, your phone ringing in your hand, Luke’s face on the screen.  The comfy room which you were standing was your favourite room for you and your band mates to write new songs, you could all just sit back and enjoy time together while doing your favourite thing in the world, your job. Being in a famous band was not really easy, you always had a schedule, concerts, interviews and an enormous amount of sleep. But there was a god point in your life. Something you knew would never change, Luke. Dating one of the most famous football players in Germany wasn’t easy has you barely see each other, but Luke was patient, and when you two found each other in the same city, you would always meet.

You pick up the phone to hear his voice into the receiver. The butterflies in your stomach grow with happiness of talking to him again, you haven’t talked in two days and even though it seemed so little time, the more you stayed without talking to him, the more you missed him

“Hi beautiful!” he greets an you smile “How’s my girl?”

“Good. How are you?”

“Tired” he sighs “Just came from practice for tomorrow’s game. We’re playing against Spain” he adds and you frown

“It will be alright. I’m sure you’ll win!” he chuckles “I’m going to get a plane and in a few hours I should be in Germany. We have an interview before a concert in two days” you sigh tired and he gasps “What?”

“Could you come to the game? We’re playing in Germany as well” the door to the room where you stand opens and one of your bandmates comes out, she smile at you

“I know you are talking to him, but we just finished the song as it would be great if you could come for us to give it a go…”

“I’ll be there in two” you tell her and she nods, leaving the room again. You go back to Luke “Game? Tomorrow?”

“Yeah. Is that alright? I understand if you’re busy, it’s just that I want to see you. I miss you” your chest tightens at his words. The time you spend together is never enough and as you know that tomorrow you won’t be doing anything, you say yes. “I love you for that. You know where it is, just come around the back door and say you’re with me, he’ll let you in” you hear some laughing and lots of noise in the background “I have to go now, I’m getting to the hotel and the boys are celebrating yesterday’s victory. I’ll call you tomorrow morning”

“Okay Lukey. I love you” you say mentioning his nickname. You earn a chuckle in response

“I love you too penguin” the nickname he gave you makes the butterflies in your stomach fly too high, trying to escape. You can never stop a silly smile from appearing on your lips when you talk to Luke, even all the little things that he says make you smile and wake the butterflies in your stomach. You’ve never loved someone like you love him.

You hang up the phone and head back to the previous room. Your bandmates holding guitars for you to give a try on the song.

“Finally!” one of the throws her hands up “I thought I’d have to go and drag you back inside”

“Sorry” you shrug and sit down

“They haven’t seen each other in a while, give her a break” you other bandmate defends you “whatever. Let’s stop wasting time and get on with the song” you all agree and they start playing, the melody of the new song filling the room as your voices harmonise to the song.


The next morning when you wake up, you jump out of your hotel bed, leaving the warm of the duvets behind you. You head of your bag and make out the outfit you had decided to wear. You put on your signature thigh black jeans and Luke’s football team shirt. He had left it once when visiting you and you hadn’t returned it. Whenever you felt down you would wear it, it still smells of him and it made you feel his warm embrace around you.

“Where you going?” your manager asks you when she sees you heading for the hotel door. The taxi that you requested last night is at the door, waiting for you to take you to where the game will be.

“To see Luke” you smile and she smiles back “I’ll see you later. Or not” you mutter the last part to yourself and open the hotel door. Fans sat on the outside get approach, asking for a picture with you. You smile walking up to them and signing some pictures of you and your bandmates, signing their phone casas or just taking a cheeky selfie with them. That was the best art of being in a band, you got to know so many people, all different, but all with the same interest for your music. You wouldn’t be where you are today if it wasn’t for your fans and you can never thank them for it.

You get in the taxi and show the driver the message with the address that Luke sent you. The journey is not big, as you look outside the window, every mile increasing your excitement to see Luke again. You thank the taxi driver once it stops outside the stadium, loads of football fans already on the outside ready to go in.

You do as Luke says and go around the back, looking for the door that says entrance above it. Once you see it, a smile pops in your lips and you head over to it.

“Do you need any help miss?” the guard asks you, his buffy arms crossed over his chest

“I’m with Luke Hemmings from the football team, he said he would tell you to let me in” the guy looks to his friend who shakes his head and you frown

“Sorry miss. We can’t let you in”

“But I’m his girlfriend!” you protest

“We’ve heard that one before” he answer rude “fans walk in through the front door” he adds pointing to where you came from

“y/n?” a voice is heard behind you and you turn to find one of Luke’s team players. You curse as Christoph approaches you. Christoph Kramer was a blonde guy with ocean blue eyes that would make any girl swoon. He was extremely talented with his foot and he was, really hot. But he was also very proud, a smirk was always playing on his lips and his personality wasn’t the best one. You had met him when you came to watch Luke once, and since then, every time he sees you something happens. Normally Luke and him end up fighting and the reason why was obvious, Chris had a crush on you as well, and he just wouldn’t give up.

“You look gorgeous” he kisses your cheek and you clean it afterwards “would be better with my shirt though” he smirks and winks at you, your cheeks turning pin. He turns to the guards “She’s with me” they nod and open the door, letting you both in. you follow him around the stadiums corridors while he rambles about their last game. Then you come to a large room, one of the doors says “Changing room”. Your stomach flutters at the thought of Luke being right behind the door and you head for it, an arm being crossed in front of your chest making you stop

“No girls, is a boy changing room. I’ll tell Luke you’re here” he winks and walks in, leaving you waiting outside for him. Minutes go by when a guy walks out, you expect it to be Luke, but its Mats. Mats Hummels was one of Luke’s best friends in the team. They were always hanging out. He had a crush on you as well, because you would hang out with Luke so you would hang out with him as well and he slowly feel for you. He admitted it, and you were still good friends with him, no awkward moments which was the best. He’d still flirt but he would keep it down. He could understand that you loved Luke and you were not going to change that

“y/n” he beams and kisses you cheek “So good you see you. How are you?”

“Alright, how are you?”

“Alright. Do you want me to call Luke for you?” you frown

“I though Christoph would…” he laughs

“He didn’t, Luke will be right out” he adds before going inside again. Not even one minute later, the door is open and Luke throws his arms around your waist, spinning you around in a hug while you laugh.

“I missed you” he says when he puts you down

“I missed you too” you look at his blue eyes, shimmering with happiness and a huge smile spread across his face. His hand reaches up and cups your face. His lips approach yours and you feel the cold feeling of his lip ring brushing against yours. His lips wrap around your and you melt in his arms.

“I missed your kisses” he chuckles when you tow break apart. He takes your hand interlocking your fingers and drives you through a wooden door “How’s tour?”

“It’s good. We stopped in Germany for a day but tomorrow we will be going to France for a concert”

“You leaving so early?” he lets go of your hand and approaches a ball standing in a little car with loads of them.

“Yeah” you mutter frowning. He balances the ball in his feet and starts kicking it up and down, not letting it touch the floor. Thee butterflies in your tummy rumble with this image. His left leg supports all his weight, his arms open to keep his balance. You gasp when he catches the ball in his forehead and balances it.

“Go Luke!” you cheer and the ball drops to the floor making you laugh

“You distracted me” he complains with a smile and approaches, leaving a peck on your lips. The door behind you opens and the coach smiles

“Sorry to interrupt. Hello y/n, how are you?” he smiles and you answer alright “good to know. Sorry to spoil it but Luke needs to go to the field, game is about to start” you nod “if you could follow Kayla, that would be great”

Kayla is her daughter and she was really sweet. You weren’t afraid of her and Luke even though she spent all her time with the boys because she was, well, seven years old. You kiss Luke’s cheek and mutter a good luck before leaving the room. Kayla is just outside, her dad’s football shirt dressed and the teams scarf around her. She runs up to you and hugs your waist

“Is really good o see you” she smiles and you kiss her cheek “c’mon c’mon, we have to hurry” she says pulling you by the hand through corridor and door you didn’t know. Five minutes later you are installed in your sit waiting for the game to start. The welcomes and handshakes at the beginning of every game had been done. The other team roars with excitement, the blue colour contrasting the green and white scarfs and shirt scattered across you side of the stadium. The ball is placed in the middle, the whistle is heard and the game begins.

The game goes on, oh’s and gasps heard from the crowds, protests and screams going back and forth between the players can be heard faintly on the grass. The crowd roars when Christoph scores a goal and you jump from your sit, clapping. He looks towards you and sends a kiss, making your roll your eyes. The game keeps on; corner from the other team, someone falling, ball going into the crowd. Normal football stuff. And then the other team scores just before the break. Great

You go down the stairs, Kayla behind you to see her dad. When you approach the players Luke and Christoph are fighting. You get closer to him and they stop

“Tired?” you ask him and he nods, he kisses your temple but when he lifts his arms to put it over your shoulder you step away “You’re all sweaty”

“Sorry penguin” you smile and kiss his cheek, stepping away again “we have to score again to win” he tells you and you nod “where do you want to go after the game? Dinner?”

“Yeah. We could go to McDonalds or something” you smile and he nods, taking a sip of his energy drink. He offers it but you refuse shaking your head no

“Okay everyone” coach says and you all look towards him “Let’s give it all now, half of the game is gone, just one more goal for the win. We are not playing here. This is your dream, your aspiration, put it all in. don’t be a punch of…” he trails of looking at Kayla

“Pussies” she says and then laughs

“Who’s taught you that?” coach asks and when she points at Luke you laugh “Hemmings” he warns and the team laughs. “Anyways. Let’s do this guys”

You look at Kayla and she grabs your hand, pulling you away once again to your sits. You kiss Luke on the cheek and follow her. The whistle sounds when you both sit down and the game restarts

After there’s only ten minutes left, the boys have tried to score but nothing. One of the players from the other team was sent out and that gave them an advantage. Luke’s got the ball, and he is running for the goal. His shirt is stuck by his sides like glue due to the sweat. He goes around a player and passes the ball over to Christoph who heads for the goal. You get up when they get really close. Christoph is going to try to score as he watches thee goal grow closer to him. Luke seems to be calling for his attention by putting his arm up to get the ball back. He is in a better position to score but Christoph doesn’t give him the ball

“He’s not going to score” someone says behind you “pass the fucking ball to Hemmings, you’re not going to do it “he screams but it’s useless, Christoph would never hear it. He kicks the ball and everyone watches it fly in the hair in direction to the goal. It goes almost, almost in, until it hits the goals post and there’s a painful roar from the audience. The ball hits back and the other players try to take it. Too late, Luke’s on it. The ball hits his chest and drops to his feet. He kicks it and it goes for the goal again, entering the goal and sending the audience into a roar. You jump up and down happy and Kayla curses next to you, surprising you with her language

“We won!” she says “we fucking won” she’s so happy that you start laughing. You look at the watch, there’s only two minutes left of the game and you join the rest of the audience, happy that they won. You look down to see Luke on his knees; he takes his shirt and kisses it, forming a ball with it and throwing it for you. He points to you and then runs off, the rest of the boys jumping over him to celebrate. You catch the shirt and you feel it’s wrenched with sweat.

The whistle is heard and the boys gather to receive medals for wining, you clap all along. Kisses are swapped between the girls on the field and the players. Luke refuses to kiss the girl handling the medal and send a kiss in your direction

“Cheesy” Kayla says next to you and you laugh at her cringed face. You take her hand and pull her to the back, to where you came from. The corridor where the players walk by to the changing room is full of photographers and you stay by the side, waiting for them to pass by. The other team walks by and the cameras flash non-stop, questions fired at them about losing the game

Luke’s team walks up and flashes are fired at them. The boys scream and sing their teams song excitedly, huge smiles in their faces. He spots you and heads over to you, kissing your temple.

“We won” he screams over all the noise and you nod laughing. He opens his arm to hug you but you push away his shirtless chest “oh. Sweat, right”

“Luke” someone says and you both look to see a photographer “who’s your girlfriend? Is she here to see you, are you happy that you won?” questions are fired and Luke puts his hand up

“c’mon” he pulls you by the hand, taking you away, following the rest of the team. You see the door to the changing rooms but Luke pulls you to other door to where you were when you first saw him “I’m going to change” he points to the door behind him “wait here” he kisses you a small peck on the lips and goes into the door

You look around and spot a bench, sitting down and waiting for him. One hour later Christoph comes out

“Hey gorgeous” he heads over and you get up “did you like the game?”

“Yes” you smirk at him “especially when Luke scored the goal you were trying to”  

“I let him” he approaches you and wraps his arms around your waist. You push his chest but he is much stronger than you “stop resisting. You love it” he leans in, looking at your lips and you bend your back in a downward position, trying to stay as away from him as possible and pushing his chest

“Let her go!” a loud voice sounds behind you tow and you look to see Luke, his bag on his shoulder, completely changed and refreshed. Christoph unwraps his arms from you and Luke at him

“Chill man, she’s alright” Luke approaches him and crosses his arms

“I fucking told you to stay away from her” he looks at you and then at Christoph again “Do I have to say again?” his voice is low and powerful, angry

“No, it’s alright” Christoph answer and walks away

“You didn’t have to be like that. I had it controlled” you scold him and he chuckles, pecking your lips

“I saw it” he takes your hand and heads out of the stadium, to his car for a night out.


“I’m going to miss you” Luke kisses you. You’re not ready to let him go yet. You had a wonderful night yesterday after the game, driving around town after McDonald and just talking about the last two weeks when you weren’t together. But now at the airport, your hear breaks with the feeling of the goodbyes

“I will miss you too” you say and his rubs his thumb against your cheeks cleaning the tear that fell from your eyes

“C’mon y/n! We have to go!” your band mate exclaims looking back at you and Luke. His arms are wrapped around you and tears fall from your eyes. Sadness is evident in his eyes. You never know how much time apart you will be and its always difficult

“I have to go” you mutter looking at him

“y/n now” you manager says and you nod towards her. You look back at luke and hug him tightly not wanting to let go. His hand strokes thee back of your head up and down soothing you

“Don’t cry penguin. Call me when you land yeah?”

“Okay” you nod with trembling lips “I love you”

“I love you too baby girl” he kisses your lips and hugs you again. Tears pool at his eyes and he blinks them away

“Bye Lukey”

“See ya later penguin” you walk away. The last thing you touch of is his hand and it pains in your heart to go away, but you know you’ll will be reunited again. You always find a way.


N/A: Hope this is what you asked for. sorry I took so long. If anyone wants to request anything, you can message me or ask. don’t forget you can always have a look at my Masterlist with other imagines that I wrote. Comment what you thought, I’d love to hear it xx

Imagine Jensen being your husband and your daughter saying she loves Mr. J, and getting excited whenever your best friend Jared comes to visit you. She certainly took after you though, in a way you don't realize.

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“Life- life must be pretty hectic for you these days huh?” Jimmy asked and Jensen turned the volume of the TV a littlelowder, a smile gracing his lips as his eyes fell on you.

“Well, yes you know between shooting and raising a kid and at the same time being a wife and singer it’s- it’s quiet a lot. But I love every moment of it, I am not going to lie.” you breathed out with a chuckle and Jensen’s eyes were glued to the TV as he moved around to sort out the mess said kid had made and find his things to get ready for his own shooting.

“Yes! Of course the new album, we’re all so excited for it to come out! Do you- do you guys know that she will also becollabing with many other artists like, like 30 Seconds to Mars. Am I right?” Jimmy turned to look at you and you nodded your head, tucking a few strands of hair behind your ear.

“Yes, yes I am. I’ve been planning on this with the guys for very long and I’m really glad I finally got the chance to. I really think it’s going to be one of my best albums because I’ve got so much help from friends, and- and my husband Jensen too!”

“He helped?” Jimmy raised an eyebrow “Will he be featuring? I think we’d all love to see that!”

“Unfortunately no, not in this one but I always have a couple singles in mind for him and I.” you chuckled, as the crowd cheered and Jensen himself smiled.

“I’m sure you will have lots of fun making a video for said song, right?” he laughed and with a giggle you nodded yourhead.

“I would certainly not say no!” you shrugged “But I already am having great fun! Not just with some of the videos we are preparing but also with writing the songs themselves. And I am not the only one enjoying this so much, I am telling you even my daughter is having a great time!”

Jensen nodded his head at the words, glancing at the piano the little girl had just a few hours left there “Taking after her mama.” he breathed out with a laugh, though he still glanced at the TV.

You looked great, that much he knew. But then again you always did to him. You were wearing a black dress that he just loved a little too much on you, paired with black high heels. Classy as it could be, yet somewhat casual. And you always had such an ease when in an interview that it almost surprised him, knowing how much you panicked before each and every one of them.

“Your daughter! Yes! Justice yeah?” Jimmy said with a grin “She was here- here a previous time if I remember correctly? First or second one?”

“Uh second yeah, second.” you nodded your head with a smile, recalling a previous time you’d been in the show and Justice had been backstage as well.

“She- she had taken me an interview you know!” he laughed.

“Oh really?”

“Yeah! Totally, and she was great! We even- we took a couple of selfies!” he breathed out a chuckle, as he glanced at the audience.

“Oh yeah I saw those! Jensen surely loved them! Duck face really- really suits you Jimmy!” you laughed and he nodded his head.

“You think? I mean I wanted some more of them but- but compared to her I thought I didn’t look cute enough.”he shrugged and you laughed, leaning back on the couch.

“Aw no, I think you looked great! Yeah totally! I- I still have them, since you used me phone then.” you grinned and he laughed.

“Well how is she? Hope she hasn’t forgotten all about me.”

“Oh well, don’t know what to tell you Jimmy. They sure grow up fast.” you shrugged and Jensen sighed softly.

“You tell me.” he mumbled, throwing yet another doll inside her box with toys.

“That’s great though!”

“I don’t know” you shrugged at Jimmy “But I mean- it’s so hard to explain. It feels like yesterday she was taking her first steps and saying her first words and here we are at her taking an interview of you, selfies with you, being picky when it comes to clothes, doing her make up, asking me to give her jewelry to wear… going through her first love. Just normal stuff, though right?”

The entire crowed cheered and laughed as Jimmy and Jensen himself did the same. Jensen shook his head as he worse his jacket.

“Her first- first love?” Jimmy asked and you nodded your head.

“That it is!” you said with a sigh and a smile.

“Who, who is it? Some kid at kindergarten or- or something?”

“It’s-” you rested your chin on your hand “It’s hard to explain and you won’t believe it but- but you wouldn’t imagine it’s that person.”

“Who do you mean?”

“It was a surprise when I found out but again, maybe I should expect it. Jared kept bringing posters, and visiting when he had some of his make up on and you know- so it happened.”

“Jared? What do you mean?”

“She’s in love. With Mr J!” you exclaimed and his mouth fell open as he laughed, and the entire crowd cheered.

W”ai- wait! The Mr J?!”

“Oh yeah, you betcha! She adores him! He’s her puddin, not Harley’s! Hell no!” you shook your head with a laugh.

“You’re kidding right?”

“Definitely not! I am telling you, we have seen Suicide Squad more times than I can count! And every time the is a Joker scene, Chuck help anyone who makes a sound!”

“But- but does she really? I mean with all the make up and- and the laugh? The laugh too?”

“Oh that! Gosh yes! She thinks it’s cute and that Mr J is a sweetheart! A total one!”

“Well I-” he laughed “I don’t know what to say… Should this be disturbing or not?” he shrugged “But- Then again she’s your daughter so…” he trailed off with a laugh and you pretended to be offended.

“Hey!” you exclaimed though still laughed.

“I would really like to know about Jared’s opi-”

The TV was shut and the sound stopped, which made Jensen look up. Only to lock eyes with yours.

“Still here?”

“Why?” he pretended to be offended “Wanna get rid of me already?”

You laughed “Don’t you know? I’m waiting for Jared. Can’t do wha Iw ant with you around.” you shrugged and although he didn’t let it show, or at least tried to, he felt a pang of not just hurt but also jealousy.

“Oh so it is?” he raised an eyebrow “You’re cheating on me with him?” he meant it playfully but part of him was incredibly envious of the connection you shared with the older actor.

You let a soft laugh, walking towards him and wrapping your arms around his neck “Don’t you already know?” you whispered resting your forehead against his “You are the only for me. Now and forever.”

“Silly me then.” he let a smile spread on his lips when he saw the love in your eyes. No matter how many times he doubted himself, no matter how conscious he got sometimes, no matter how he let his jealousy take over- all it took was one look at you and he felt everything vanish.

“Yes, but that is just one of the reasons I love you.” you said with a teasing smirk and he let out a deep chuckle, wrapping his arms around your wait.

“You were amazing.” he breathed out and you smiled sheepishly at him “The dress looked so great on you. You were gorgeous.” he almost let out in a deep growl, his eyes casting down for a moment although now you were only wearing a pair of his clothes, baggy and old but comfortable. And he still found you great.

“Gosh how did I ever get so lucky?” he breathed out, eyes locking with your and you only bit your lip, shaking your head before you buried it at the crook of his neck.

“Just stop.” you mumbled and he chuckled, tightening his hold on you.

“I’m only saying the truth.” he shrugged and you shook your head, pressing a soft kiss on his lips.

“Do you really have to leave this early?” you mumbled.

“Thought you wanted me gone already.” he tried to give you a smirk to lighten the mood but it soon fell.

“Jensen” you dragged his name and he gave you a soft grin.

“Kidding, just kidding.” he kissed your forehead before pulling away “Yeah, and I think I’m already late. Robert will give me the talk for sure.”

You giggled “Would it be the first time?”

“Yeah, probably not but who is to blame for that?” he raised an eyebrow at you and you shrugged.

“Not my fault you are such a temptation in those shorts.” you gave him a sly smile and pressed your lips to his “But I didn’t hear you complain, not even once!”

“Are you serious? I couldn’t even utter a word when you did that thing with… that thing.” he said with parted lips, his eyes glancing down for a moment.

“Stop quoting Supernatural.” you hit his chest and he snapped out of it, giving you a grin.

“Moments like this I wonder how we still have only one kid.” he chuckled, kissing your cheek and you giggled.

“Who knows maybe-”

“What?!” he exclaimed but you shook your head.

“Relax. Not yet. But- speaking about said kid upstairs-” you sighed, taking hold of one last toy that lay on the couch and Jensen had forgotten all about.

“What? Is everything alright?” a deep frown immediately set on his face and he was full father mode in an instant.

“Yeah, in a way I guess. Something at the kindergarten, with some kids. But Tom was there and- I guess Jared must know, you ask him. He’ll tell you, you don’t have to be any more late with this.”

“Are you sure though? You know that when it comes to her and you, I don’t put anything else in front-”

“Jensen” you breathed out a soft laugh “Don’t worry, everything is alright. She is alright, laughing and playing with her toys upstairs. But ask Jared anyway.”


“Yeah even if-” you stopped for a second as the doorbell rung “Even if she’s not I am most sure she’ll forget all about it with-”

“Hey!” a smile spread on Jared’s face as soon as he saw you.

“Hey you!” you grinned, giving him a short hug as he kissed your cheek.

“Oh hey Jensen! Still here bud? Don’t you have filming?” he asked with a smile Jensen who seemed to force a laugh out.

“You and my wife seem to be too eager to get me outta here. Plan on stealing her from me Leto?”

Jared laughed, wholeheartedly throwing an arm around your shoulders and kissing the top of your head “Might as well with how much of a wonderful person she is.”

“Most wonderful woman on Earth, and I’m the luckiest man to call her my wife.” he gazed at you and you huffed, still feeling your cheeks burn.

“Alright you two, stop it or else I’m gonna blush fifty shades of red. I’m the lucky one here to-”

“Uncle J!” a little overly excited voice was heard and Jared let go of you and turned to face the bubbly girl that ran down the stairs to him.

“Justice careful baby!’ you said the words in a motherly tone before you could realize it and Jensen chuckled at you. You glared at him and hit his shoulder with a laugh.

“There she is!” Jared grinned widely, bending down to pick her up and spin her around “How’s my little princess? Hm?” he kissed her cheek as she giggled up at him.

“I’m good puddin!” she exclaimed and you laughed, Jensen only letting a small smile form on his lips. Because there was something holding him back, especially as you felt his side and walked towards the other two.

“I missed you uncle J” she mumbled with a small pout, resting her head on his shoulder and he chuckled softly holding her like a loving father although he wasn’t.

“I missed you too bug, been busy lately. Sorry I couldn’t visit.” he gave her a small squeeze and she nodded her head.

“Uncle- uncle Shannon is here too?”

“Yes, uncle Tomo as well. Your mama and we are gonna make more music soon!” he grinned at her as she gave him a crooked grin as well.

“And I will listen to it too?” she asked looking between the two of you and you nodded your head with a chuckle.

“If you want to, then sure.”

“But wait-’ Jared spoke up again, giving the little girl a small smirk “What do I see here, new hairstyle?” he played with one of her two ponytails and she giggled.

“Yes! Mommy- mommy helped me!” she pointed at you as you came next to her and kissed her cheek.

‘She wanted to be even more of a Harley Quinn for her Puddin’ you chuckled and he did the same.

“I’m sure Mr J would love it! Oh and he told me to give you a big kiss when I see you so here!” he grinned and kissed her cheek which made her giggle all the more.

“Uncle J can we- can we play tea party and then- then Watch Suicide Squad again?”

“Alright but you know not all the scenes yeah? Mr J wouldn’t want his little princess being scared or crying, yeah?”

“Sure!” she exclaimed in his arms, wrapping her tiny arms around him to give him a small hug.

“Sweetie, why don’t you get your Mr J and we will watch the movie first huh?”

“Yes mommy!” she nodded her head and kissed you before Jared set her down and she ran upstairs, almost stumbling a few times. But before either you or even Jensen could say anything Jared was the one that spoke up.

“Justice careful!”

You chuckled, leaning next to Jared who wrapped an arm around your waist “She literally hasn’t let go of him ever since you brought it over.” you mumbled with laugh and he chuckled.

“Once I saw that stuffed Joker I knew she’d love it, and I was right!”

“She literally holds it even in her sleep J!’ you exclaimed and he laughed.

“Is that a bad thing?” he asked innocently and you gave him a hard look.

But in the end you shook your head and leaned even more to his side, resting your head on his shoulder for a moment “You know you’d be an amazing father one day, right?” you said in a soft voice and he tried to keep his smile.

He only shrugged, giving you a smile. He rubbed your back and let go of you to walk upstairs as you let out a small smile, without a single glance you made your way to the kitchen.

But being left completely unaware of the state Jensen was in. and it wasn’t just his usual jealous part, because he had long ago learned to live with it. But now he was even hurt. And not just because he was jealous of how close you were to him, no because he tried to convince himself that you were just friends and he knew that you really loved only him and not Jared (although he still couldn’t help but be self-conscious). But just because of the soft spot his daughter had on him. He knew he shouldn’t take it seriously, not in the way he did, but watching the three of you… some crazy part of him imagined just for a moment that the three of you were a family and not the him, JJ and you.

But he had to swallow down every feeling, every fear and leave. Hoping that work would keep his mind occupied and he’d stop worrying for… nothing, hopefully.

christmas miracles (pt. 2)

hey guys! this is way later than i promised i’d have it, but christmas celebrations got in the way of writing this chapter and the final one! i will hopefully have the third one by tomorrow or monday! in the meantime, i hope you like this!

shoutout to @taylordraws for being nice enough to letting me reference  marinette’s clothes, to @stroberis because this is still her christmas present and to my babies @bellamyward and @singinglikeapenguin for falling into this trashcan with me ;)

part i part ii

To Adrien’s utmost delight, Marinette wears her new brooches to school when winter break is over.

Rarely enough, she’s on time, which gives enough time for their classmates to compliment her on the absolutely amazing new outfit she’s wearing (grey sweater tucked into a red skirt with black tights, a gift from her parents), and notice the adornments on her hair. Beside him, Nino throws out a “Looking good, Marinette!” and high fives Alya, who looks nothing short of a proud mom.

It goes unnoticed by Adrien, who’s trying really hard to both not look smug as hell because Marinette is wearing the brooches he gave her and just plainly not stare at her.

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Okay so let me talk to you about the Russo Brothers

One of the things we were most excited about this con was that the Russo Brothers were going to be there!  Now, don’t get me wrong - Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner, Hayley Atwell, and (of course) Frank Grillo are HUGE draws and super cool - but really, when you get down to it, its the Russo Brothers who have a greater hand in making my favorite movie what it is.  

So yeah, my wife ( @araniaart​ ) and I were super stoked to be meeting them - we went directly to their table on Friday and waiting for them for a few hours because we were near the front and that excited to see them.  I do think the con might have underestimated the draw of these guys, because their line got filled up pretty fast.  Now, like in the most cases of signature tables at cons, I think most of the people there were there to just get their signature on some Civil War something or other to up its value, so I think by the time we actually got to meet them, we were the first fans to really just start gushing and fangirling.

“You’re work is a gift to mankind,” wifey said when we walked up (they seemed amused).  We didn’t have a TON of time with them, after all there were a lot of people waiting, but they were SO generous and nice and didn’t rush us at all.  We told them that CATWS was legitimately out favorite movie and all that jazz.  But the real highlight was when we brought up Stucky.

It started when @araniaart​ brought up how perfect their response in China was about the relationship between Bucky and Steve (if you’re not familiar with it, check out the relevant bits here).  Not only did they look pleased we were familiar with that interview, Joe (who by the way was more vocal and open than his brother, who seemed a bit more reserved, but they were both listening and contributing to the conversation) emphasized that they are completely supportive/comfortable with any interpretation of their characters and their relationships.  That’s why they make movies after all - like all art how the fans interpret the art is why they do it.  That’s what makes great storytelling.  It’s not really their job to tell us, as fans, how to interpret the stuff you can read between the lines.  

We were overjoyed with that, of course, and I joked, “We’re slight Stucky fans, if you couldn’t tell,” as we were obviously a couple and cosplaying Cap and Bucky.  Joe smiled and looked directly at me and said, “If you love Stucky, you’re going to love Civil War.”  

Well, there it is.  Proof that they know the term, used the term several times throughout the con, and seemed to indicate that the trailer is probably just a taste of the heart-wrenching stucky goodness we’re going to get out of this damned film which will probably kill me.

We were ecstatic with that answer of course - we told them as bisexual monogamous ladies ourselves how IMPORTANT that is to us.  Joe and Anthony were so nice and supportive.  Arania gave them a watercolor piece she did which they seemed really touched about (I have a feeling they don’t get as many ‘fan gifts’ as the actors do) and of course, without even asking for it, Joe wrote our inscription on the poster:

Lookit at these adorable fuckers.  They know exactly what they are doing here.  They know THE LINE.  They know what it sounds like, lol.  

Anyway, they let us take a picture with them, too, and just seemed pleased as punch to have met us.  

Not only were they generous enough to sign the poster, they also signed our CATWS poster (because, at least for now, that’s our favorite movie), and they got to pop the cherry on our new shield-for-signatures.

And that, my friends, was only day one.

The next day was super busy with photo ops and signatures of the headliners, but we did manage to swing by the Russo’s table again.  Sadly, they were just packing up to leave but when they walked by they recognized us and waved, and asked if we were going to their screening later that day (which of course, we were!)

Sadly, because of all the photo ops and such we missed most of their first panel, but we did catch the tail end of it.  Stucky got brought up again.  <3  I really need to dig up some videos from that panel, it sounded like fun.  But as I mentioned, we only caught the tail end, and both Joe and Anthony saw us before they left, and made a point to wave to us.

Screen Junkies and The Russo’s has a screening of CATWS that evening and… holy shit.  There was so much said and going on, I don’t know if I can recall all of it, but it was amazing.  Especially because Screen Junkies asked up to sit up front (they liked our costumes) and we ended up being virtually RIGHT next to the Russo’s during the screening.  

So close, that while a majority of the questions were fielded by the Screen Junkies, wifey and I were close enough to ask questions and personally comment with them as well.  And they were SUPER nice about it.  Actually - going back to the fact that Joe seems like the more extroverted of the two, he mostly spoke to the crowd/Screen Junkies but Anthony was closer and seemed to enjoy the more one-on-one interaction.

Unfortunately they couldn’t stay the whole time (they left after Steve’s escape from the Triskelion) but even for the amount they were there is was probably the Crown Jewel of the whole weekend.  

I mean, to sit in the same room with the DIRECTORS of your FAVORITE MOVIE was just something I don’t know I would ever have the honor of doing.  I’m going to try to list the most significant things I can remember them talking about / learning while watching:

- they had to fight to get Black Widow in as an important role as she did, eventually it seems Marvel wanted to focus on mostly Cap and Falcon, but they really wanted to delve into Black Widow and get a solid grasp of her character

- They definitely didn’t want to do a romance plot with Black Widow, instead, they seriously wanted to focus on the texture and depth a friendship could be. (I would say, “Sorry, Romongers,” but that would be silly considering their answers previously to Stucky.  So if you’re a Romongers shipper, you keep on doing you).

- The Screen Junkies pointed out that doing a romance with BW/Cap would be silly considering they already have a romance subplot with Cap/TWS.  Video here. Subtitled here.

- The Russos agonized over almost everything to make sure it was in-character for Steve.  Would he really throw a knife through someone’s hand?  Yes, he was about to set off an alarm.  Where would he keep his shield? In the bathroom? The bedroom? The hallway?  

- Was “It’s Been a Long, Long Time” a deliberate choice.  Yes.

- Anthony Russo referred to me as his friend ;)  I know he was just being polite but still, my fluttering heart.

- If you didn’t know already, Joe Russo is the surgeon (the very sexy surgeon, as he pointed out) who is operating on Nick Fury after he’s shot, and later treats Nat’s gsw in the underground bunker.

- They explained how The Winter Soldier was able to shoot Nick Fury though Steve’s Wall.

- They also explained the reason they used TWS to go after Nick Fury to  begin with - they actually based his car after what the President uses.  They researched its specs and features (like being able to take a bomb exploding underneath it, for example) and basically gave it a FULL SHIELD upgrade.  Nick Fury is harder to kill than the president, so that’s why they brought in the big gun.  And to also show, narratively, that a full squadron of HYDRA agents couldn’t take down Nick Fury but the Soldier shows up and immediately ends the fight.

- They also explained why everything seemed to happen NOW and so suddenly - basically just the completion of the Insight Hellicarriers.

- Why does Steve live in a crappy apartment?  He’s an everyman - he most likely wouldn’t choose to draw a salary from SHEILD (just ask to cover his modest living expenses).  He also most likely gave away most of his money he would have received as back-pay from the US Army to charity because he’s fucking Steve Rogers, guys.

- The cute kid from the Smithsonian exhibit is the Russo’s nephew. 

- The women speaking in Sam Wilson’s support group is their sister.

- Robert Redford only agreed to do the film because his grandchildren are huge fans of comic book movies - so the joke about Iron Man making a fly-by at Pierce’s granddaughter’s birthday wasn’t completely inaccurate. 

- Joe might have accidentally slipped who dies in Civil War.  Anthony looked a bit blanched when he did, and they tried to cover by joking about a Red Herring.  So either he slipped, or they were being purposely deceptive.  Only time will tell (and no, I’m not going to say who).

That’s all the highlights I can think of right this second… *taps chin*  I might add more later so feel free to check back.  I didn’t record the whole thing, but I did get the last couple of minutes if you want to see what the experience was like.

Everyday Lives 8: Game Day

Summary: Lucy, Erza, Levy, and Juvia spend a whole day shopping so the guys spend the day having a video game marathon

You can read all of my Every Lives fics here !!

On a normal work day, Natsu wakes up excited for his day. He feeds Happy and gives Lucy a kiss as she leaves for work before getting himself dressed.

On a normal Saturday, Natsu sleeps in as late as he can, and when he does wake up , he and his fiancee share a very slow love making session in bed, or a steamy shower together.

On a normal Saturday, Natsu loves his life.. but on this particular Saturday, he doesn’t..

Natsu sat on the bed wearing nothing but a frown as he watched as Lucy got dressed to go shopping with her friends.

He woke up a little earlier this morning and turned his head and and attempted to wrap his arms around her only to find an empty bed. He sat up and heard the shower running. Grinning, he stripped his shorts and went to join her.

He wrapped his arms around her slippery shoulders.

“Morning handsome,” she turned in his arms and snuggled into his chest.

The smirk on his face grew as he reached down to grope her round buttocks..

“Not today, Natsu.”

..only to be severely disappointed. She turned around and continued to wash herself as if he wasn’t even there, leaving him with his arms extended, blinking.

His Saturday morning routine was being rudely interrupted, oddly enough, by his Saturday morning treat.


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A little Sam and Cait sexy time. I wrote this out of love and mean no disrespect to the actors and their relationship or their relationships to others….Ok. Hopefully that covers it…..

Comic-Con 2014 - What Really Went on Behind The Scenes

We always talk about everything. Every hope for the future, every desire. My God, every desire. Every dirty, explicit thought our minds have ever thought up. I had never felt so comfortable with anyone before nor him either until it was us. Just us.

I remember telling Sam, just a few days ago as we waited for another interview to start, that I had always fantasized about getting paid for sex. Not a hooker. But an escort. A very high-priced escort. Me, sitting there with him in my girlie yellow dress and my hair done up, had just admitted to something I had never told anyone before. Of course, I would never actually pursue something like that as a career. It was just a fantasy, and comic con seemed the perfect place to step into someone else’s Louboutin’s. After all, if everyone else was pretending to be someone else, why couldn’t I? His response, as our interviewer walked through the door, was a sly grin and a simple, “I’m sure we can do something about that.”

I told Sam, my amazing Sam, where to meet me that night. “I want a quieter place to relax” I had said. He agreed. The craziness of the weekend was never-ending. And the desire to escape it for some privacy was much needed. What he didn’t know, as I arrived by taxi, was that I was planning on doing something not many girlfriends would do.  Give him a fantastic night with an escort.

Before entering the bar, I slid into the bathroom to double check my appearance and my nerves. I smoothed out the little black and very tight Versace dress over my curves. I’ve done my hair up in a tight bun and my skin is practically translucent next to the bright red lipstick on my lips. I smiled to myself remembering the mental image I had of the idea of this beautiful hue making a lovely ring around his cock when I go down on him. Normally I leave my legs bare, but is there anything sexier on a woman than slowly rolling up thigh high stockings and attaching them to your garter? I can feel myself getting slick at the very idea.

I give myself a devilish grin in the mirror, grab my YSL clutch and head out to my appointment.  Sam won’t know what hit him.

I walk out to the bar entrance and I can see him nursing a Scotch. I watch him for a moment and I know I’m smiling to myself. He makes me happy and I truly believe I make him happy as well. I’ve never felt this way before. We’re supposed to be keeping our love a secret from everyone. It’s exhausting. I mean, most days I just want to keep him for myself anyway, but some days I just want to shout it from the roof-tops and post silly photos of us in bed on a lazy Sunday morning. But we can’t.

I take a deep breath and head, slowly, over to the bar, sliding in to a spot just to the left of him. He hasn’t noticed me yet. Just continues to stare into his glass and casually glance up at the game on the TV.

Some team is playing something or other and the patrons of the bar get excited suddenly, as does Sam.

“I know nothing of football, was that a good play?” Finally, he turns at my voice and does a little hiccup at noticing me and my appearance but I don’t want the mystery broken, so I continue on. “You know,” I slide my hand over to his, touching it ever so softly, “if you buy me a drink, you can tell me all about it.”

He steadies himself and with a grin, leans ever so slightly toward me, “Well, I wouldn’t want to bore a beautiful woman such as yourself with sports trivia.”

“Hmm. Well, perhaps you can entertain me some other way.”

Sam signals to the bartender to bring me what he’s having and it’s promptly in front of me. I take a sip, gingerly, my eyes never leaving his. I make a small moaning sound and close my eyes as the Scotch warms my throat on the way down. I open them to see him staring back at me. No – into me. Sam can be shy, even with me. But at this moment, he is looking so far into me that I’m almost ready to abandon all my plans and just let him take me in the closest bathroom. It wouldn’t be the first time. I’m always amazed at him. In some moments he looks as innocent and giggly as a twelve-year-old boy getting his first hard-on. Then other moments, this moment, he looks every bit the King of Men that he is playing on television. Only the world doesn’t know this man. Only I do.

“Hmm. That’s very good,” motioning to the drink. “I love a man that knows what a real drink is.”

“And I love a woman that knows what she likes,” he admitted, “but I am wondering why you chose to come and talk to me. There are plenty of men in this bar. Surely they’d all be dying to entertain you for the evening.”

“I don’t need to be entertained. I need to be pleased.” There was a hitch in my voice when I spoke and he noticed. The slightest upward movement at the corner of his mouth told me he was more than willing to play along. I turned to face him a little closer, my right hand touching his leg, inching up to the apex of his thigh where I could feel movement under my hand. Even over the loud music and televisions I could hear his breathing increase and watch his eyes go glassy underneath the hoods.

“How many men does this work on?” he asks.  “I can see a man throwing away all he has to bury himself inside you while staring into those beautiful blue eyes.”

I smiled, “Would you give all you have to bury yourself inside me?”

“Not only would I give you my last penny, I would give you my last breath.”

I leaned in closer, my nail tracing over his growing bulge and whispered in his ear, “My beautiful red-haired man, I don’t need your last breath and I cost considerably more than a penny. If you’re interested,” I placed the hotel key-card on the bar, sliding it toward his right hand poised at his drink glass “room 1303.” I gave his cloth-covered cock a squeeze and slid off the stool. I barely looked back, I didn’t need to. I saw everything in the mirror as I walked by. From his slightly gaping mouth, to his adjustment of his pants and a man behind him saying something as he downed the last of his Scotch. 


I barely situated myself and got the music going in the hotel room before I heard the key-card in the door. I was leaning against the wall in the hallway, one leg bent back with my heel against the wall. Sam’s face was unreadable. First time for everything. He dropped the key on the hallway console and draped his suit jacket just beside it. Un-buttoning the first few buttons on his black shirt, he walked, no, sauntered, was he sauntering?… up to me, facing me. I could feel my breathing increase in anticipation. But he waited…

He stood, unmoving in front of me. His bright blue eyes were taking on a much darker hue in the dimly-lit room. I was just about to move when he grasped both of my hands in his, and pushed them high against the wall, spinning me so that I faced the wall. I let out a little shriek of surprise.

Sam leaned into my right ear and whispered, “Don’t move. Do you understand?” I nodded and he slowly moved back. His hands moved to my waist, first sliding up to the swell of my breasts, squeezing them gently with his large hands, making a noise of approval as my nipples hardened and he leaned into me again, “You see,” his deep accent tantalizing my ear, “if I am to pay for ya, I’m going to do as I please. But I promise,” he gave a sharp pinch to my nipples, “you’ll enjoy every bit of it. I mean to make you moan like no man ever has.”

I know I made a sound after he spoke those words. It wasn’t planned, but damn, he knows what words do to me. He abandoned my breasts and moved his large hands lower, all the way to my ankles, lowering himself to his knees and murmuring appreciation at my attire. Slowly his hands moved back up to the hem of my skirt. He waited just a few agonizing seconds before roughly pushing the skirt above my ass. I wore no panties underneath. Just the garter belt.

“My God, you have a beautiful round ass,” he said kneading my cheeks like a contented feline, “it looks good enough to eat.” And he did just that. He spread my cheeks and buried his tongue deep in my ass. Licking in between and coming up to nibble and bite my cheeks. I’m fairly certain I was grinding my ass into his face, but I was losing all rational thought as he worked my body. With his face buried behind me and his fingers crawling toward my front, teasing my outer lips, he brought me to the brink. I was swearing and panting like a bitch in heat. My hands lowered to brace myself against the wall and he abruptly pulled away and while still on his knees, turned my body to face him.

I was completely taken aback. First at the delicious assault on my ass, and second at the loss of that attention. I lowered my head to look at him. He almost looked…. angry?

He popped open the button on his trousers and slid the zipper lower, “Did I not tell you to keep your arms where they were. That I was going to do as I pleased with ya.”

“Yes,” the words coming out with unsteady breath, 

He released his cock from the confines of fabric and stroked slowly, not that it needed any encouragement. It was beautiful and fully erect with one long vein straining against the soft skin. “You see the lamps on either side of your head? Take hold of them. You are not to touch me; you understand?" 

Again I nodded.

"After all, it’s what the customer wants, is it not?”


Sam slowly moved his hands between my thighs, rubbing his thumb against my clit and lightly darting his tongue out to lick it.  He moaned with approval at the moistness of my lips. At the moistness of my everything. He then moved lower and buried himself in my wetness. His thumbs opening me up to him and my legs spread wider and wider to accommodate how deep he was trying to get his tongue. I moaned and writhed beneath his hungry mouth and the moment he inserted two fingers inside me, I lost it. I saw nothing but stars, and I’m certain I let out such a high-pitched groan, only dogs could hear it. But before the world could stop spinning, his stood up, pooling his trousers at his feet and lifted me, wrapping my legs around his waist as he quickly sunk himself inside me, his cock sending jolts of electricity through my body and out of my fingertips, extending my orgasm. 

Grunting and groaning himself, he ripped loose the bun atop my head and my hair cascaded around my shoulders, framing my breasts. I still held onto the wall sconces, as instructed, but I wanted so badly to wrap my arms around him. To clutch and claw at his skin and rake my nails down his back. He must have sensed this as a strangled “Touch me, woman” escaped his throat. I did. I tore open the remaining buttons on his shirt and I grasped his body to mine as if it were a life-vest and I was drowning in his ocean. My hands slid up around the inside of his shirt, clutching his back as I pulled him toward me with each thrust. The moment I knew I drew blood he thrusted himself inside me once, twice, then descended into preternatural bliss on the third drive.

We fell against the wall, our bodies’ heavy with excursion and our heavy pants that of a man dying of thirst. Gradually, he lowered my legs to the floor. I could barely stand. They felt like Jell-O. Sam pulled the front of my dress lower, my breasts popped free, “No bra. I knew it. I could see your nipples reaching for me at the bar,” he said before taking one in his mouth. His hands clutched and kneaded my breasts, my moans only enticing him on. He sucked hard and with a little pop, released one nipple to focus on the other.

After due attention, he released my breasts and moved in to kiss me, I turned my head away, “I don’t kiss.”

“Well,” he said bringing one hand under my chin and holding my face steady, “I do.” He kissed me long and hard and oh so good.  He never fails to make me weak when his tongue enters my mouth. He lightly licks my lips and delves in deeper, pulling my head closer to him. When he releases me, I’m a quivery mass of mush. His kisses as Jamie affect me the same way. I always have to bring myself back to Claire when he claims my mouth in a scene. I swear I said his name once during an intimate scene, but everyone tells me it cannot be heard. I certainly hope not.

I drop my hand between us and find his cock, almost fully hard again. The man has stamina. I give it a few strokes and he closes his eyes. “Time to earn my pay,” I say as I drop to my knees. I lick gently and teasingly around his balls, he loves it. He loves attention to every part of his body. While his penis rules all, he does not let the rest of his kingdom go unattended. Nor would I let it.

I take his testicles in my mouth, circling my tongue around them. The ends of his shirt tickle my face as I pull away to give a long, languid lick up his penis before engulfing him inside my mouth. He arches his back, but falls forward, his hands land heavily on the wall behind me. I suck him slowly, then quickly, bringing my hand up to play with his balls. I can hear his breath hitch and his moans become stronger as I know he’s nearing his second completion of the night. I let my right hand travel around his back-side, playing with the crease of his ass. I insert my thumb, just the tip, inside him and he explodes in my mouth. He comes hard and strong down my throat, nearly losing his balance. When he finally settles, I sit back, admiring the beautiful lipstick ring left behind. Mission accomplished.


We both came twice more that evening before succumbing to exhaustion. Not simply from the crazy sex, but also the chaos of the weekend and the nervous anticipation of what lay ahead of us in the world of Outlander. How many more nights would we get of this before people started asking too many questions? Before accusations would start flying of co-workers sleeping together. Certainly nothing new, and yet still taboo in some circles. But we aren’t just sleeping together. We are each other’s world. I can work with him for 15 hours a day and still smile at him when we get home as if I haven’t seen him all day. Because at home he’s just Sam.


I awoke to the sound of a flushing toilet. Sam stepped out of the bathroom, lightly scratching his chest. He stopped and surveyed the damage to his chest and snorted slightly at the red marks.

“Your back is worse, I’m afraid,” I say.

"Ah. No bother. I’ll just have to hide it from my girlfriend for a few days.”

“Hmmm….girlfriend, huh? Is she good to you?”

He smiled at that, “Not a person in this world is better,” he said as he pulled on his trousers.

I watch him dress. It was early morning now. The day was beginning and I knew we had to get back to our hotel. Back to the separate rooms of Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan. Co-workers. Friends. Nothing more. I watch as he pulls out his wallet from his back pocket. Pushing aside the British pounds, he pulls a bundle of American bills out, looking me in the eyes, walks to the night stand and places the money down.

Leaning over the bed, he takes my hand and gently places a kiss atop it, “I enjoyed myself very much," 

"Likewise. You are a true gentleman.”



I waited perhaps ten minutes after he left before stretching out like a cat and slowly escaping the confines of the hotel room duvet. I dressed quickly in my little black dress, shoving my undergarments into my clutch. There wasn’t much time to get back and the idea of walking in the harsh sunlight of San Diego with a bunch of cos-players watching, did not appeal to me.

I slipped out of the hotel room, silently closing the door behind me. I looked up to see Sam leaning against the wall a few feet away. “You didn’t think I was going to let you walk back alone, did you?”

I just smiled. Of course he wouldn’t. He unfolded his jacket from his arms where it was resting and placed it over my shoulders. It certainly wasn’t cold out, it was actually ridiculously humid, despite the early hour. But he was protecting me. Because that’s what he does.

We stepped into the elevator and started down to the lobby. Sam’s arm wrapped protectively around my shoulder, the doors opened on a lower floor for a man to get on. He looked startled, smiled nervously, then turned his back to us. I gave Sam an inquiring look as we all departed the elevator together on the main floor, the man walked quickly in the opposite direction.

 "Who was that?“

"That,” he said, “was a man at the bar last night that witnessed everything you did. And when you got up to leave, he came to me and said if I wasn’t going to take you up on your offer, he was.”

“And you responded with…?”

Sam turned to me, “I told him the price for having you would cost him his life.”

I laughed and snuggled closer to him as we walked, “Jealous?”

“Not at all. I know you know where you belong,” he said smiling. “Um, Cait, I don’t know about you, but I’m starving and I seem to have no money left in my wallet.”

“Oh. Not a problem. I’ve got about a grand burning a hole in my clutch.”




#130 You're blinding me, Darling

(Okay, in all honesty I don’t even know what this is. I just really wanted to write it, okay? Sorry if this isn’t your jive. But it’s set in the 60’s *of course* and it’s just Phil and basically he gets a camera and films everything ok )

“Honey, look what I picked up!” Phil called as he closed the door.

“Well, I’ll be!” I put my hands on my hips.

Phil’d brought home one of those new fangled video recorders. Wasn’t that neat? Normal everyday folks like us could have them!

“Isn’t it swell? Let’s open her up,” he took off his coat and his hat and hung them up.

We walked into the living room and set down the large white box on the coffee table. After opening it up, we positioned it on the table and sat in front of it.

“Is it rolling?” I asked.

“I think so.” Phil leaned back and sat next to me.

There was no sound on the camera, so we just waved and smiled. Phil picked up the large camera and started walking around the room. When he made it back to me, he held out his hand.

“This is the most beautiful thing in the room,” he smiled.

“Phillip, darling, you know the camera can’t hear you,” I titled my head and smirked. “That light is awful blinding.” I shielded my eyes.

A few days later, I had to go to the doctor. I hadn’t been feeling well, and we wanted to make sure I wasn’t sick. Turns out, I was knocked up!

After returning from the doctor, we sat down in front of the camera again. I put on my nicest pearls and neatest dress. We took a sheet of paper and wrote, “There’s a bun in the oven!” Phil got behind the camera and pressed the button, and I held up the sign.

The next day, we had Daniel over. We wanted him to see the camera. Phil picked it up and began interviewing Daniel.

“Heya, Dan,” Phil laughed.

Daniel grinned at the camera for a second before pulling a wacky face. He always was a big tickle! You could see me sitting on the sofa in the back.

“So is this like a Hollywood camera? Am I a flicker on the silver screen?” He laughed and pulled a movie star pose.

“No, it doesn’t have sound. So you look mighty silly,” Phil said.

A little while later, Phil sat on the love seat across the room, while Daniel and I were on the sofa. “I’m pregnant!” I cheered to him.

Dan looked at the camera, looking like he was on cloud nine. “Really?!” He exclaimed, throwing his arms out.

I nodded and smiled as he threw his arms around me. “Congrats!”

Daniel stood up and walked over to the camera. He got real close and said, “Well, Phil’s going fast!” He winked.

“Dan!” Phil laughed.

“No one who watches this will no what he’s blabbing about anyways,” i pointed out, chuckling. Little did we know that everyone could read Dan’s lips.

The next week, I was picking out a record to play when Phil got the camera. He just stood there filming me.

“What are you eyeballin’?” I raised my eyebrow to him.

“The most lovely sight,” he winked.

“Are you flirting with me, Mr. Lester?” I whacked his knee lightly with the record I had in my hand.

The night we noticed my baby bump was starting to show, we immediately scurried to film it. As usual, I stood in the living room. I rolled up my blouse and smiled at the camera. We did that every time we noticed I’d gotten bigger.

Then the day before I popped, we filmed me one last time before the baby. I held up a little sign again, this time reading, “The bun is ready!”

I went into labor during the night. Thankfully, he didn’t film that! But after I had the baby, Phil really burned rubber to get the camera.

He stood there filming me and little Rebecca for a while. Poor dear, I had to cover the baby’s eyes so she didn’t get blinded by the camera!

The day we first brought the baby home, Phil did a full tour of her nursery. I have to toot my own horn, it was pretty wild. I decorated well.

He showed himself in the mirror and he was pretty goopy. He didn’t catch many Z’s while I was in labor.

He loved filming Rebecca. He loved filming her in the bath, especially! She looked so cute, splashing around.

On Rebecca’s first birthday, we filmed her whole party. She sat on her stool and really dug into her cake. After the cake, phil set the camera on the table and went around to Rebecca. From behind his back, he pulled out a Mickey Mouse doll.

“Isn’t that nice, Becky?” I put my hands on her shoulders.

The girl took the doll and Phil kissed her head. He looked tired- that was just around the time he started to get sick.

Two years and lots of memories later, Phil got sick and had to go to the hospital. He told us to bring the camera, but still insisted on filming us! He didn’t want people to see how he looked.

He held the camera on his stomach. “Phillip, you’re blinding me again!” I laughed a little.

“Sorry, dear.” He smiled weakly.

A few months later, we taught Becky how to ride a bike. Phil held the camera on the porch while Rebecca and I were on the sidewalk. I pushed her for a little bit and let go, and after a few tries, she did it!

You could see Phil laughing and clapping- he shook the camera. That was one of the last times he had a good hard laugh.

He still filmed the entire year, even though he was slowly falling apart. He never showed himself; just me and Becky.

Then one day, Phil sat down in front of the camera, unknown to me. I was out. He smiled, but it was filled with sadness. He held up a sign.

“Dear honey bun.” The first one read. He flipped it over to reveal more.

“I love you, doll. I’m glad we got circled. I’m glad I knocked you up. I’m glad we have such a swell little ankle biter. You mean the world to me. This movie has been my favorite movie.” A tear ran down his pale face.

He held up one more sign. “Also, you were right. This light is pretty blinding.”

I let out a sad sigh as they turned the tv off. I miss Phil more than anything in the world. I wish he could’ve grown old with me. I wish he could’ve seen Becky grow up. I know Dan misses him. He visited me the other day, but he didn’t seem to be doing to well.

I wish Phil had recorded himself more. I’m glad Rebecca put all those old movies to where I could watch them back, but I wish he could’ve been in more of the film.

My chest has been feeling heavy all day. It’s hard to stay awake.. I know I’m dying. I just didn’t want to go yet.

My eyelids drooped. The heart monitor next to me slowed down quite a bit. Against my will, my eyelids closed.

“Hello, darling.” A familiar voice rang.

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please do #28 "Marry me?", and can it be a public proposal?

#28 “Marry me?”


It starts as soon as Nick and Louis dating becomes a public knowledge, Nick’s Twitter feed and Instagram photos have tons of comments about how Louis deserves better than that, how Louis will find someone better than him, how Louis probably already has ten other better-than-nicks. It’s not unexpected, neither are snarky journalist or pap remarks about how Louis is younger, prettier, richer, more successful and really, could do better than that. There is also a small handful of Nick’s fans who think he could do better than Louis, but their voices get swallowed by public’s general belief that Louis could and will dump Nick as soon as someone better shows up.

So Nick does what he does best, turns it into a joke. A few days after the first storm of 1D’S LOUIS TOMLINSON IS DATING NICK GRIMSHAW dies down and he gets another tweet during the show about how Louis is definitely hooking up with that girl in a photo some fans took, he tells his listeners that he has a problem.

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Reply 1988 - Lets Break Down

Red Herring….Yes the hints are all double sided. Which means, the writers did purposely throw all this clues with some can point strongly to one contender, while some favouring to the other hero. Or may be to both men since some clues are mutually exclusive. Allow me to just dissect each one:

Hint#1 Mr Husband overall vibe/character/even hairstyle. This scream Jung Hwan. One thing about Kdrama, they always make the young and adult character to have the same hairstyle. ALWAYS. I know i know people do change their hairstyle in the real world as they growing up. But this is not necessarily true in Kdrama world. 

Hint#2 Smoking. Yes this is leaning towards Taek since we don’t know if Junghwan pick up smoking or not after their school years. Well, being in army can easily make Jung Hwan pick up smoking yes may be?

Hint#3 Mr Husband awkward with grown up No Eul? I don’t know why but i feel like when mr husband said he was awkward with No Eul in the present day it sounded like a joke to me. Like he was trying to pull his leg by saying that since No Eul was looking so old than his age. (i.e. Mr Husband is someone that likes to pull jokes- so like JungHwan) The flash back in ep. 18 showed that JungHwan speak in banmal with No Eul when he passed the christmas gift. Also someone did posted that Teak speak banmal with No Eul too but I don’t remember when the two had any exchange in line before this.

Hint#4 The Sun Woo confession then rejection. The strongest hint leaning towards Jung Hwan. Yes Mr husband knows all about this. But of course, Writernim can always throw one flash back that Taek was just nearby and he saw the whole thing. Who knows?

Hint#5 The postcard sent to radio show- Crush on Sun Woo. This is another strong clue in Jung Hwan favours. Because the only way for Taek to know this is if Junghwan or Deuk Sun actually break the story to the gang. And we know that will be very unlikely. 

Hint#6 Their bickering. We saw how Mr husband and Deuk Sun exchange arguments, banters and bickers so much as well. That neon signs Jung Hwan. Also even in 1994 (ep. 18), when the five are together everytime they bullied Deuk Sun  (saying she’ll get dumped) notice it was always the other 3 guys that was all loud. And notice that Taek usually just all smile without actually joining them in bullying Deuk Sun. It shows that Taek won’t be in that kind character with Deuk Sun. He was and probably will always be nice and sweet towards Deuk Sun especially since he loves her even after years of marriage.

Hint#7 Interview Awkwardness. In ep 18. we were told by Deuk Sun that Mr Husband hates being interviewed. That is back leaning towards Taek. And notice how when Mr husband arrived he was all weird and awkward in front of the camera and all.  Much like Teak awkward character. But of course, we don’t know if Jung Hwan could be awkward in front of camera as well or not. After all Jung Hwan was not some famous baduk celebrity. Mr Husband also seemed to recognise someone in the crowd behind the camera. Could be a reporter from the past during Taek glory days? or may be just the interviweer from their house last time? who knows?

Hint#8 Mr husband being left-handed?. It was shown before that Mr Husband dominant hand seemed to be the left-hand side. The way he was holding his coffee or a cup of water. At a glance he seemed like a natural left-handed person. We know Taek is left-handed. But that is just from our general observation. Mr Husband nor Deuk Sun never claimed him being left-handed. So a right handed Jung Hwan can of course hold the coffee with his left hand with no problem.

Hint#9 Manhwa Fan. Mr Husband seemed to be an avid Manhwa fan including the weird kind. Well, we know Jung Hwan was one back in the school days, but i think Taek did share the same hobby as well. Not a surprise since the gang basically do everything together in Taek’s room.

Hint#10 Dressed down during winter. I think this is leaning towards Taek. And I remember Deuk Sun used to nag him about not wearing thick enough jacket or even not wearing socks when the weather was cold.

Hint#11 The Photo. Hard to say. Well both men smiled in the said photos. Mr husband also seemed to remember the event leading to the photo quite well at the back of his head. Think about it both Jung Hwan and Taek did treasure the photo with one keeping it close to him in his wallet and the later keep it safe in his diary. So hard to say.

Hint#12 Mr Husband is embarrassed with Deuk Sun’s weird dancing. LOL. With this one i can’t think of anything but Jung Hwan. While I’m sure he has a second hand embarrassment when Deuk Sun did something goofy and silly. But I’m sure he doesn’t hate it either. Remember when Deuk Sun was goofing with Jung Hwan’s dad. That was gold. Jung Hwan was forever smitten. 

Hint#13 Deuk Sun claimed Mr Husband dated a lot of girls (a lot can be very subjective) In episode 18 Dungryong did asked Junghwan why he never dated seriously. He went to a few matchmaking and did date for 1-2 months. That means Jung Hwan did meet up with other girls after their high school year but may be number wise not that many. For Taek, it was also mentioned in this episode that he went to many matchmaking (more than the other boys) but never actually successful. Sun Woo clarifies that all the girls found him boring after actually meeting him since he doesn’t talk much. So that means both of them are possible.

In conclusion, it was obvious that the writer did throw clues for both sides. The writer did mentioned that they still haven’t decide the husband in an article that was published at the end of Dec 2015. Only after the first week of Jan 2016, they clarified that they’ve picked one husband as the show continue filming episode 19 and 20.

Therefore, I’m sure they will end up throwing some flashback scenes to justify the clues so the puzzle will finally “fit” the story.

Unlike AM1994, where they filmed both possible endings (my personal opinion still think this was ridiculous since oppa was meant to be the husband no matter what and it doesn’t make sense otherwise), with AM1988, only one possible ending is being filmed. So Mr Husband is that one person. 

That aside, #teamjunghwan for the win #teamiloveyoutaek still!

Speculation on AoS 3x05

I’ve seen a lot of people on here worried about the fact that the cast list for ep 3x05 of AoS, which is about Simmons’ time on the alien planet, includes only one guest star, who as it turns out is a handsome man. This has led many people to jump to the conclusion that the reason that Jemma wants to go back to the planet is because she became romantically involved with someone while she was there and she wants to rescue him. I have to admit that this idea initially sent me into a momentary panic myself, until I thought about it for a while and realised that it is highly unlikely, for a number of reasons.

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JT Anon

everyone is open for crit. to say that women or one woman in particular is above crit and incapable of holding her own weight is insulting. if we want to see misogyny, we don’t need to look too hard in BC fandom/media coverage for that, but its not in the crit of SH.

any woman who has to lie repeatedly rather than stand on her own two feet and let her work speak for itself is not a woman to be admired.

any woman who is comfortable lying about an award, implying that she was awarded it personally, completely  erasing the hard work of her crew, some of whom im sure were hard working women in the industry, is not a woman to be admired.

crit a woman on her work,  public work, her art form that is placed in the public sphere is not misogyny. men put their work out there to be crit. women should be treated the same way

to suggest that weirdo is so weak, so sensitive, so childish, so babyish that she can’t handle crit. of her work is insulting to her. to suggest she can’t manage it because she is a woman is insulting women in general. why not just call us the weaker sex while you’re at it. don’t crit her work. she is a woman and women can’t take it.

she puts herself out as a pub figure. she could easily not do that. many celeb partners do not give interviews, attend media heavy parties, walk red carpets in designer dresses, use their more famous partners name on their own work to garner attention (i have yet to hear a reason why she had to have “wife of benedict cumberbatch” in her articles.) she chooses to do so.

she puts her art out there, we can be of the opinion that it lacks vision, talent, and substance (apparently hiring officials feel the same way since she has yrs gaps on her resume)

she promoted herself as a “fashion player” and chose to give interviews in fashion magazines, promote brands, show up at store opening, attend fashion shows, be interviewed in fashion magazines. therefore we can be of the opinion that her sartorial choices are poor. that all her new frocks do not look good on her. that there is a reason, and we can see it, why she has never broken into fashion before this, that no one hired her for spreads, that she was never  spotted at fashion events before this, that she is given last yrs fashions to wear, that she looks bad when not styled professionally, and even then she looks bad. she is choosing to tell us she is a fashionable person whose fashion choices should be noticed. so we are noticing them. we are not required to think they are positive.

you choose the action you choose the consequence. she chooses to behave like a petulant child on more than one ocassion on camera? people will notice. she chooses to throw hissy fits, stomp off, sigh, glare, grit her teeth, look frustrated, look near tears when she isn’t getting attention? when that behaviour is constantly caught on camera, people notice. when she is constantly shooting her husband death glares, looking like a toy has been taken away, storming off, looking mighty pissed, never happy. its noticed.

people notice when you look sour all the time. people notice when you are caught on camera looking like a spoiled stunted brat.

none of us are making her behave this way. we aren’t there telling her to behave in an humiliating way. no one is telling her to conduct herself like she hasn’t a graceful bone in her body. thats her. thats her choice. she can’t be caught on camera behaving like she was raised badly multiple times, on film looking sour and pissed all the time, then be mad when ppl don’t love her and find her endearing.

she can’t lie about her work and be mad when ppl laugh at how very silly it is that an adult woman has to lie about everything, even a fucking dress.

she can’t go yrs w/o being hired and be pissed when ppl ask why no one professional is interested in her work.

none of that has a lick to do w her being a woman. these are all her choices, her behaviours, things she chose to put out there for pub consumption. there is no law of the universe that what you put out must be received positively. sounds to me like she thinks there is and is now wailing that she is hard done by.

if she is truly upset? then she needs to think about what she is lacking in char. and self esteem that she cannot manage even the most simple cirt.

act weird, people call you weird

lie, people call you a liar

act like a brat, people think you’re a brat.

put out art and work, some people are going to think it sucks. don’t get mad when its a great many, and includes people who hire artists (hence no jobs)

choose the action, you choose the consequence. just don’t insult me and other women by saying “she is a woman, so dont crit. her, because women can’t handle it”.

i can handle crit as a woman just fine thank you very much. can weirdo?


Just putting this out there.  Oh, and before I forget…

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Day 4

Prompt: Val brings a date to an event and Z gets jealous

Note: I tried really hard not to make this shady or bitchy but you know me I just have to throw shade at every opportunity I’m so petty. I also made the prompt the underlying issue instead of the main one because I got really carried away writing about Z at an award show

Requested by: @madd09

18 days of Valdaya || Other Stuff

Enjoy xx Sabrina

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